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Orc Guardians: Prologue

Categories Fantasy, Male / Female, Mature, Monster

Published: 04 April 2020

Author: OrcishTendencies

"Away, you ugly beasts!" The frail, white-haired man shouted while pointing a sword towards me just a few feet away. He was backed up by four other men, each around the same age and wearing thin metal armor. Elderly humans, usually used as a last resort, if at all. "We're...


Views: 1002     Rated: +8.18 (11)   

Jacqueline Fernandez and her Adventures Pt 02

Categories Fantasy, Body modification, Hardcore, Male / Female

Published: 04 April 2020

Author: Mysteryguy2107

The next morning when Jacqueline woke up with her new body, she first couldn’t believe herself that she can have so much muscle mass and yet still she looked proportionate but she noticed one thing. Her calves weren’t as tight and hard as they were in the past. Maybe she just got his...


Views: 1239     Rated: +3.33 (6)   


Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Published: 04 April 2020

Author: CecilBCK

I am Barb, an attractive brunette woman in professional employment, with a good body and a strong sex drive, though in hindsight my earlier sex life could be described as mainly vanilla sex. After our first innocuous, though very flirtatious date he invited me for dinner at his inner-city...


Views: 4657     Rated: +8.62 (29)   


Categories Fiction, Boy, Gay, Cruelty

Published: 04 April 2020

Author: ThaKid15

Not many city kids are especially eager to move out into little towns, but in my case, I was extremely anxious about. Not for the usual reasons about being bored with nothing to do though. I was afraid because from what I’ve heard about small towns, they aren’t especially progressive...


Views: 2728     Rated: +5.29 (17)   

Aunt Aisha

Categories Fantasy, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Group Sex

Published: 04 April 2020

Author: ICEEE

A few days ago, I remembered that My mom's sister, Aisha, and I have been flirting a lot more together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all very innocent aunt - nephew relationship; a longer-than-normal touch as we pass something across the table, a slight foot brush underneath said...


Views: 6946     Rated: +8.92 (74)   

So Different From Now On, Part 1

Categories True Story, BDSM, Domination/submission, Female Domination

Published: 04 April 2020

Author: Pilot-mark

Mark and Jamie had a pretty normal sex life. Both in their late 30s, they were an active, fit, hot couple, Jamie especially. The sex was good; Jamie was somewhat submissive and Mark was slightly dominating and they both seemed satisfied. But there was one very curious aspect: Mark would sometimes...


Views: 2073     Rated: +8.5 (20)   

Porsha Diaries Part 1

Categories Diary, Authoritarian, Coercion, Domination/submission

Published: 04 April 2020

Author: Porsha

I used to keep a diary , and still do in actual fact . It was when I was up in the attic very recently I found all my old ones , the earlier ones being rather boring but as I got older I clearly from my entries started to get more interested in my body and thinking about sex. I would like to...


Views: 2871     Rated: +8 (25)   

New Jock Tales--Freshman Year--Pt 4

Categories Diary, Blowjob, Gay, Group Sex

Published: 04 April 2020

Author: DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales—The Beginning PT 4 Countdown The forth week of pre-season training had now begun. All the coaches and staff were now present, and this week we would began learning and running plays, and more section training. Of course there was an important item to take care of right off...


Views: 3081     Rated: +8 (30)   

New Jock Tales--Freshman Year--Pt 3

Categories Diary, Blackmail, Gay, Incest

Published: 04 April 2020

Author: DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales---Freshman Year--The Beginning PT 3 I woke the next morning exhausted. I felt like I had been jumped in the streets and r a p e d. Basically, that's pretty much what had happened. With just a bit of stirring, I discovered that my assailants had finally untied me. At least...


Views: 1495     Rated: +6.88 (16)   

New Jock Tales Freshman Year PT 2

Categories Diary, BDSM, Domination/submission, Hardcore

Published: 04 April 2020

Author: DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales---The Beginning, Pt 2 It was now Thursday of week one of pre-season training. Coach asked me how it was going, to which I told him I think it's good. It's a slow process at first, but by the third week, it will pick up really fast. “They just think Im wearin them...


Views: 1464     Rated: +8.67 (15)   

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