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The Hour of the Great Pumpkin - A Halloween Tale

Categories Fiction

Published: 18 October 2019

Author: Sadistic_Dominant

Halloween Night Linus sighed loudly, prepared once again for disappointment. Every year he waited for the Great Pumpkin to appear on Halloween night, but it had never happened. And this was the year that Sally, the girl he loved, had finally accompanied him to the pumpkin patch. He really wanted...


Views: 936     Rated: +6.9 (29)   

Me and Trace: Chapter One, Bro fucks Sis in Her Asshole

Categories Fiction, Anal, Consensual Sex, First Time

Published: 18 October 2019

Author: FucksBetterThanYourEx

I bend Trace over the washing machine in the bathroom, drop to my knees and pull her pants and panties around her ankles. I grab two handfuls of her bright, white ass cheeks. I'm 20 years old, 6 foot 2 inches tall, and 180 pounds. Trace is several inches shorter, and 18. We're both...


Views: 2158     Rated: +4.4 (25)   

Office fun with Lisa

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Job/Place-of-work

Published: 18 October 2019

Author: boobs_and_blowjobs

Lisa was a new employee at the office I worked at. She worked in a different department but, we saw each other all the time. Turns out she was loosely related to a friend of mine who also worked in the same department as I did in the office. Because of their relationship Lisa and I quickly became...


Views: 4487     Rated: +9.09 (77)   

Interstate 95

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Toys

Published: 18 October 2019

Author: taletale

We were about 4 hours out of Florida driving up 95. We had another 12 hours to go. We had been down there to visit a friend. This visit was good, and it was time to get back. Because of all the hanging out and catching up, we had some late nights out on the porch, and that made for not as many...


Views: 1348     Rated: +8.21 (28)   

Eve and James, a loving relationship

Categories True Story, Erotica, Teen, Young

Published: 18 October 2019

Author: y0uRpuppa

Context —————————————————— I am 18 I have been with my girlfriend Eve for 2 years now and I had just moved in with her and my family. She has 3 sisters, Charlie who is 3 years younger...


Views: 3166     Rated: +8.14 (43)   


Categories True Story, Bestiality

Published: 18 October 2019

Author: GaynorBlue

Hi, I am Gaynor. My friend has a dog called Paddy. He is an Irish Wolfhound. He is so big and strong but is also so very clumsy and soft. He would protect you with his life. Jenny my friend is only small and struggles to keep him under control. Her husband Mike usually takes him out but if he...


Views: 8281     Rated: +9.12 (137)   

Husband to the Fay - A Halloween Story

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Published: 18 October 2019

Author: The_Technician

After I wrote out what the Pixies gave me, I asked them if it were real and in that annoying unison they use when actually speaking out loud they answered, “As real as we are.” Then they mentally assured me that they had cast a spell on the story so people would not recognize...


Views: 1011     Rated: +8.67 (15)   

The Medallion Chapter One

Categories Fiction, Incest, Mind Control

Published: 18 October 2019

Author: Sadistic_Dominant

Saturday For Jack Winters, the day that changed everything began much like any other Saturday. The only thing that marked this day as different from any other was that this was the day his niece, Emily, turned eighteen. Jack sighed as he thought of his young niece. Her short, curly blonde hair...


Views: 3948     Rated: +9.12 (80)   

The Dead Zone chapter 06

Categories Fantastic, Authoritarian, Body modification, Cruelty

Published: 18 October 2019

Author: phenylalanine

As Cait entered the bridge after hastily wiping herself down and pulling her shorts and singlet back on, Rhys was hunched over the comms console arguing with someone. “You said I had six hours!” “I lied, Nichols.” It was unmistakeably the voice of Montague, the captain of...


Views: 812     Rated: +8.89 (27)    Comments: 1

The Dead Zone chapter 05

Categories Fantastic, Cum Swallowing, Job/Place-of-work, Oral Sex

Published: 18 October 2019

Author: phenylalanine

Cait and Rhys looked from the comms panel, to each other. “That’s a live signal. Source unknown.” Cait confirmed as she scanned the signal. There was no IFF metadata which meant either they didn’t have one or were choosing not to broadcast it. “That means...


Views: 791     Rated: +8.89 (18)   

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