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Camping with my step-daughter’s (Week One )

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, First Time, Interracial

Published: 10 May 2019

Author: Dave.Trudy2

I was enjoying the single life when l met Sylvia who had 2 daughter’s, Elisabeth and Stephanie, we often spent days together as Sylvia was a work acholic. I got on well with the girls, we were out one day having lunch when they asked if we could go away during the summer holidays and l...


Views: 2370     Rated: +7.89 (19)    Comments: 1

Bonnie (1)

Categories Fiction, Anal, Authoritarian, Blackmail

Published: 10 May 2019

Author: Mikro

Bonnie (1) The Bonnie stories are a collaboration between myself and Bonnie (her real name) who is a fan of my stories. They are part fantasy and part fact. Enjoy ******************************************************************* ? I would say I don’t know how it all started but that...


Views: 3443     Rated: +8.4 (25)   

Theresa Part 3

Categories True Story, Authoritarian, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism

Published: 10 May 2019

Author: Pg69x

I had now seen Theresa several times. She still had a very superior attitude at times and I still found her rude and arrogant but at least she had learn to curb that side of her behaviour around me. She had arranged to take the afternoon off after I had called her and told her I was passing by her...


Views: 1713     Rated: +9.33 (15)   

Theresa Part 2

Categories True Story, Authoritarian, Coercion, Domination/submission

Published: 10 May 2019

Author: Pg69x

Since we had met at the hotel I had corresponded with Theresa several times. We had met when she had booked me at a hotel for a massage. Thirty eight and single, with a large voluptuous figure, huge breasts and I discovered, a huge capacity for alcohol, she had also turned out to be one of the...


Views: 1484     Rated: +8.82 (17)   

Futa Naked In School 08 - Naughty Futa Bake Sale 1: Leann's Big Futa Mistake

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 10 May 2019

Author: mypenname3000

Futa Naked In School – Naughty Futa Bake Sale Chapter One: Leann's Big Futa Mistake By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Ji-Min Song's Week, Friday After a week of going naked at my college, I was relaxed. It was the first week back from Spring Break, and I had a great time being...


Views: 2433     Rated: +7.86 (14)   

Teen Summer Time Fever- Episode II

Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Published: 10 May 2019

Author: stifflittlepoints

Imagine the surprise Carl felt when he arrived home early from work and heard the moans and groans of his 16-year-old son and two teen girls sexually experimenting in his basement. Having fantasized about girls this age for years, his son may have provided the opportunity to gain some first hand ....


Views: 3497     Rated: +8.81 (42)    Comments: 1

A new teacher has a hard life.

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bestiality, Blackmail

Published: 10 May 2019

Author: Barry Gregor

It was her first teaching job after graduating from college. Her name is Alyssa Anne Alvarez and she is twenty four years old. A very attractive Latina with dark skin long legs and a toned , fit body with small b-cup breasts. She had been assigned to teach phys ed at the local high school. It was...


Views: 5403     Rated: +4.47 (47)   

The Master of the Kollar

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Blackmail

Published: 10 May 2019

Author: The_Technician

This is primarily an erotic bdsm detective story / murder mystery though it probably belongs best in reluctant or non-consent. It might be a bit heavy or extreme for some tastes, so be warned before you start. If The Redhead in the Killer Kollar was at your limits, this is beyond them. There is NO...


Views: 4368     Rated: +9.38 (16)   

Andy and Me - Part 3

Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 10 May 2019

Author: *****

Part 3 In the few months after our first night together, me and Andy continued to have fun every few days afterwards. I had stopped masturbating on our ‘days off’ so when it came to our sexual encounters, I was always full and ready. When I told Andy this, he started to do the same...


Views: 856     Rated: +9 (10)   


Categories True Story, Asian, Bestiality, Fiction

Published: 10 May 2019

Author: altaff143

PROLOGUE This is the story of a mature woman, Deepti Sinha. She lives in the greater metropolitan region of Mumbai, India. She comes from a conservative Indian family and married to a troubled businessman through an arranged marriage, still a common custom in India and other countries in the...


Views: 2880     Rated: +6.25 (8)   

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