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Categories Fiction, Coercion, Job/Place-of-work, Non-consensual sex

Published: 20 July 2004

Authror: kind

Debra was summoned by Roland, the Director of her organization, to his office. There had been rumours of job movements and Debra had expressed an interest in moving on. She thought that this might be her big moment. She strutted down the hallway to his offce. When she arrived she told Jessica and...


Views: 38423     Rated: +6.26 (172)    Comments: 4

Master Ken

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Domination/submission, Gay

Published: 30 August 2016

Authror: Randy Horn

I've been having a relationship with Ken for about six months now. We met on the internet at one of those sites where you advertise for romance. We spoke on the phone for over an hour the first time we talked. He said he was strictly a top and that he likes his sex hard and forceful. I...


Views: 43124     Rated: +5.18 (160)    Comments: 18


Categories Fiction, BDSM, Coercion, Domination/submission

Published: 20 July 2004

Authror: Rick_1

The room is dimly lit, sparsely furnished, and did nothing to alleviate the knot of fear forming in your stomach. You stand there quietly, letting your eyes grow accustomed to the lesser light, as the still-dark forms begin slowly to take form. The first thing that you notice is the walls, the...


Views: 50295     Rated: +7.12 (170)    Comments: 17

one fine day

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Published: 20 July 2004

Authror: NAE

The day was quite warm, the bright sunshine beating down as the red convertible zipped along the country road. Steve watched her out of the corner of his eye, appreciating the short skirt Dawn was wearing. He always got a twinge in the pit of his stomach when he thought of her; the way her legs...


Views: 11246     Rated: +7 (33)    Comments: 3

My Brother's Wife

Categories Diary, Anal, Consensual Sex, Incest

Published: 06 November 2004

Authror: Otis

--------------------------------------------------------------------- My Brother's Wife --------------------------------------------------------------------- It's funny that anyone should think me a hero, especially my brother and his wife just because I fucked her a...


Views: 23246     Rated: +9.04 (146)    Comments: 14

An encounter with Enoch

Categories Sex Joke

Published: 20 July 2004

Authror: Da Frequent Masturbator

Sam has been a stock broker for 25 years and is finally sick of the stress. He quits his job and buys 10 acres of land in Vermont as far from humanity as possible. After six months or so of almost total isolation, he's finishing dinner when someone knocks on his door. He opens it and...


Views: 189584     Rated: +4.91 (6560)    Comments: 23

Learning the lifestyle - a sideline story

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, First Time

Published: 20 May 2005

Authror: Mystress_Carlie

Michael asked Silk to tell him about her first time one night and this is the story she gave. This shows that Reed wasn’t always the asshole that people think him to...


Views: 18265     Rated: +7.78 (68)    Comments: 10

Death by Fucking Chapter 23

Categories Fiction, Romance, Threesome

Published: 19 July 2004

Authror: Andrew Wiggin_1

Death by Fucking © 2004 by Andrew Wiggin Chapter 23 A Lifetime of Love The Year 50 Donnie’s Story Old. I used to complain that I was getting old. But now I’ve been old seemingly forever. I sometimes feel very tired. Nowadays I often sit remembering. I’ve seen...


Views: 18898     Rated: +8.33 (138)    Comments: 23

They cum back

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Group Sex, Humiliation

Published: 19 July 2004

Authror: kind

Debbie was sitting at a table nursing a drink in the Halfway House Bar when she heard "Cripes Deb, its been a long time." The owner of the voice dropped into the seat next to her. He was someone Debbie had not seen or heard in a long time, nor had she wanted to. His name was Mick and he...


Views: 41719     Rated: +7.61 (215)    Comments: 7


Categories True Story, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Published: 19 July 2004

Authror: Jen

When we were kids growing up,my litle sister and I played together all the time. I was seven and she was five.Lisa was cute and I adoredher.We always saw each other nude and ran around the house naked.We took baths together and felt each others body.I like the feel of her little pussy and she...


Views: 36085     Rated: +5.87 (141)    Comments: 12

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