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Sadistic Beth

Categories Fiction, BDSM

Published: 21 May 2004

Author: FK_1

Copyright 2002 FK Publications At eight thirty in the morning, dark-haired Beth stepped out of her old rusted Topaz holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. When her thigh high black leather stiletto boots struck the concrete, the super attractive twenty five year...


Views: 11653     Rated: +4.32 (31)    Comments: 1


Categories Fiction

Published: 21 May 2004

Author: FK_1

Copyright 2003 FK Publications “ Mmmmm..., yea, Lisa...yea...keep it up...yea..., lick..., lick me!” Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Her hairs short and dark, Lisa licked away at her blond friend’s cunt, both twenty one year old girls all naked and alone in the motel room,...


Views: 16172     Rated: +4.84 (44)    Comments: 7

House Guest (part 1)

Categories Fiction, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex

Published: 21 May 2004

Author: licks69

Joe took a week off of work to visit with Linda at her home. They had been dating for three months and it was good to spend some time together. Linda and Joe became pretty hot after their second date and he liked keeping it that way. She shared this house with Melissa, which was paid for by...


Views: 36580     Rated: +7.2 (205)    Comments: 7

The Rush

Categories Fiction, Hardcore

Published: 19 May 2004

Author: BlueHat

Marcie was quite nervous; this was her first big fraternity party. It was the end of her freshman year, and she had been through a lot in her efforts to initiate into a sorority, Kappa Mu Upsilon. Marcie had already moved into the sorority house, as required of all initiates, and she had spent...


Views: 16384     Rated: +5.94 (33)    Comments: 3

The Voltaire

Categories Fiction, Hardcore

Published: 19 May 2004

Author: BlueHat

Dr. Louis van Haugh rode alone in the backseat of his personal limousine. It was nightfall, and he stared out of the window to watch the lights of the big city whiz by. Louis had seen and done quite a bit in his day; he was a bit over 50 years of age. He had always been a hard worker, and...


Views: 12590     Rated: +5.72 (32)    Comments: 4


Categories Fiction, Incest, Teen

Published: 19 May 2004

Author: Alcimedes

I suppose I write this in an effort to understand the events of the last few weeks. To justify my actions to myself, and no one else really, or perhaps to find if there is someone that can understand my motivations, and excuse my shortcomings. I have always felt myself to be a good person,...


Views: 158160     Rated: +7.71 (1083)    Comments: 81


Categories Fiction, Incest, Teen

Published: 19 May 2004

Author: Alcimedes

It was a typical Saturday morning, Dad out playing his weekly golf game with his friends, Mom gone early to run her usual errands and do a little shopping, leaving my older sister Laurie and myself in the house. It was mid morning before I woke up, finding a small list to chores taped to my door...


Views: 210571     Rated: +7.66 (1326)    Comments: 109


Categories Fiction, Voyeurism

Published: 19 May 2004

Author: Alcimedes

It was the summer of 1948, a strange but exciting time in my life, in more ways than one. I lived with my mother and brother in the house I was born in, along the tree lined streets of Mayfield, Connecticut. Mayfield was a typical New England town, old and rich in history, but also left behind in...


Views: 18660     Rated: +7 (64)    Comments: 4

The Yellow Rose

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Romance

Published: 19 May 2004

Author: Alcimedes

I took another tension filled drag from my cigarette, filling my lungs with it's comforting warmth, staring in disbelief at the message on the glowing screen. "RE: INVISIBLE MAN", it read. The email header alone sent my heart pounding with anticipation... and anxiety. It had...


Views: 15562     Rated: +4.91 (56)    Comments: 9

Sara, part 2

Categories Fiction, Masturbation, Teen

Published: 19 May 2004

Author: Alcimedes

The following morning proved to be remarkably normal. Too normal, in light of what had happened between Sara and Mark; and it worried him. It was a Saturday, and Mark's parents were up early as usual, laying out the weekend work chores for everyone. Mark noticed the conspicuous absence of...


Views: 82523     Rated: +7.57 (668)    Comments: 70

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