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Stories author DavidHog (26)

Playing Dare with Sis Part 3

Categories Fiction, Ass to mouth, Blackmail, Blowjob

Published: 02 July 2018

Authror: DavidHog

I still couldn’t believe the events of the last two days. Our parents had left for the weekend because my grandma had fallen ill. They wanted my bitchy sister Kayleigh and I to spend the weekend together, much to Kayleigh’s dismay. On Friday, Vlad and I had coerced my bitchy but...


Views: 6931     Rated: +9.08 (65)

Truth or Dare with Sis 2 and 3

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Coercion, Male / Female

Published: 28 June 2018

Authror: DavidHog

Part 2 I was almost too excited to sleep that night. I had just cum deep in my sister’s pussy. She was now crunched up between me and Vlad. Vlad was sleeping like a baby. I groped my sister’s big tits from behind, I loved how soft they felt. I reflected on all that had happened that...


Views: 7184     Rated: +8.06 (36)

Playing Dare with Sis

Categories Fiction, Ass to mouth, Blackmail, Boy

Published: 28 June 2018

Authror: DavidHog

I know it’s creepy but honestly I think my sister Kayleigh is the hottest girl in the world. She is 18 and has an amazing body.   She has silky hair, golden tan skin, perfect round breasts that could fill up any top, a tiny stomach, long smooth legs and a juicy ass that always leaves a...


Views: 10813     Rated: +8.75 (88)

Claire's Big Break

Categories Fiction

Published: 15 June 2018

Authror: DavidHog

Claire excitedly jumped out of bed in the early warm Boston morning in May. This was the day she had been waiting for seemingly forever. She was interviewing for Dr. Lawson’s renowned summer scholarship for newly minted post-secondary women interested in pursuing a career in medicine....


Views: 8396     Rated: +8.07 (83)

Taming the Tease Ch 8

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob

Published: 10 February 2016

Authror: DavidHog

Taming the Tease Ch: 8 Bella stroked Alexandra’s cheek with her lips as her mouth made her way to the groin of the rich oil tycoon in front of her. This man was a premium client who had made his way to Jon’s establishment. And he was getting pleasured like one. He had paid...


Views: 8510     Rated: +7.69 (52)

Taming the Tease Ch: 7

Categories Fiction, Ass to mouth, Exhibitionism, Female solo

Published: 28 January 2016

Authror: DavidHog

Chapter 7 Dave had a tough life. He was in his sixties and still slaving away at his plumming job so that he could have enough money for retirement. All of this hard work had taken a toll on him physically. He was a big fellow with a muscular frame, standing in at 6’2”. He had...


Views: 16518     Rated: +8.56 (97)

Taming the Tease Ch 6

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM

Published: 28 January 2016

Authror: DavidHog

Chapter 6 Bella was in quite a predicament. The buxom beauty, barely 18 years old, was lying face down on a red satin covered mattress. Her round ass pointed straight in to the air, with a black studded plug inserted deep into her anus. Police grade handcuffs were tightly placed on her wrist...


Views: 17931     Rated: +8.36 (73)

Taming the Tease Ch: 5

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Exhibitionism, Female solo

Published: 06 July 2014

Authror: DavidHog

Ch 5 “Cheers to another great night of work ladies and gentlemen” Jon roared as he raised a glass of wine in front of his crew. He continued “Thanks you all. Everyone, from the dancers, to the cooks, to the waitresses. This restaurant, and my dream, could not thrive like it is...


Views: 19539     Rated: +8.62 (109)

Taming the Tease: Ch 4

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Coercion

Published: 06 July 2014

Authror: DavidHog

Ch 4 Despite the fact that his poor dad passed away, old Ron’s life was going pretty well. This was entirely thanks to his blackmail of Bella, making her his personal plaything for the past month. And what a month it had been. No more masturbating to women on the computer, now he could...


Views: 17049     Rated: +8.57 (91)

Taming the Tease: Ch 3

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Published: 06 July 2014

Authror: DavidHog

A couple weeks had passed since Ron got Bella to pleasure his old man. And safe to say, he was very pleased with her work. He watched the video of Bella pleasing his father many times, and it got him hard every time. He, of course, was still having a lot of fun of his own with the beautiful...


Views: 15410     Rated: +8.61 (122)

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