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Stories author abroadsword (188)

The Reluctant Princess

Categories Fiction, First Time, Reluctance, Romance

Published: 07 September 2019

Authror: abroadsword

The reluctant Princess. “I hear Ekaterina von Clausenberg-Epstein is getting married,” King Harald said one morning at breakfast. “Right,” his eldest son Crown Prince Boris agreed as he pored over his scientific journal. “To Count Prizen von Wuttenberg.”...


Views: 3371     Rated: +7.31 (26)

Lady Rochester Ravished

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Reluctance, Romance

Published: 17 August 2019

Authror: abroadsword

Lady Rochester - Ravished I had been in South America for a bit making a few quid doing a bit of surveying like, but I got homesick and when I heard of this estate and mansion up for grabs at a knock down price I couldn’t resist. Time to put me feet up an enjoy some peace and quiet or so I...


Views: 6165     Rated: +9.24 (66)

Ravished by a Mob?

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Reluctance, Teen

Published: 11 August 2019

Authror: abroadsword

Ravished by a Mob? The night was still. The breeze barely rustled the leaves on the trees. The sound of the stream trickling between the rocks 500 metres away was clearly audible. The sky was clear and the moon shone its silvery light far across the meadows and hills. Suddenly I heard a cry,...


Views: 3795     Rated: +8.1 (21)

Miss Rochester

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex

Published: 09 August 2019

Authror: abroadsword

Miss Rochester “But Geoffrey she has a dowry of twenty thousand a year, we need the money.” Father insisted as they tried once more to marry me off to some dull sickly ugly wench with a fortune in search of a title. Its no fun being Lord this or that with not sufficient funds to...


Views: 3604     Rated: +9.34 (61)


Categories Fiction, First Time, Male / Female

Published: 03 August 2019

Authror: abroadsword

It is 1879 and my search for a chaste wench leads me to my own doorstep with Maria my serving maid. Maria . The last crumbs of supper lay silent on my platter. The last dregs of port had long since passed my lips. The serving wench waited to clear the table. “Maria?” I asked the...


Views: 1723     Rated: +8.18 (22)


Categories Fiction, Cuckold, Group Sex, Male / Female

Published: 03 August 2019

Authror: abroadsword

Cuckolded by Jessica When one finds oneself alone in one’s home with just one’s butler, footman, cook, scullery maid, chamber maids, ostler and gardener’s for company one’s thoughts turn to the fairer sex. My darling wife Jessica to be precise. I do not declaim to be the...


Views: 1828     Rated: +6.32 (19)

Miss Hastings debauched

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Blackmail, Coercion

Published: 25 July 2019

Authror: abroadsword

Miss Hastings debauched It was one week since I delivered Miss Hastings to the Bordello in Hythe known as the “Green Room.” Her father had pleaded with me to spare her from the workhouse when I had them thrown out of the property in Brighton Road which he had forfeit on failure to...


Views: 3757     Rated: +8.82 (17)

Janet P Trained

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Lesbian

Published: 24 July 2019

Authror: abroadsword

Janet was not happy, in fact she was absolutely furious. She really needed to work on her sales pitch to the Japanese buyers she was due to meet on Monday morning, but instead she was in the back of a Lincoln Town Car, heading towards a weekend at a stress management clinic she had been ordered...


Views: 4708     Rated: +8.16 (38)

Seduced by a Nun

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex

Published: 21 July 2019

Authror: abroadsword

Seduced by a Nun. “Ah there is a Nun to see you my lord,” Carruthers my butler intoned one morning while I was reading quietly in my library. “A Nun Carruthers, A Nun?” I queried. “Quite so sir, dressed in a black habit as is their habit, with a white...


Views: 1800     Rated: +8.37 (13)

Not exactly Cinderella

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Coercion, First Time

Published: 20 July 2019

Authror: abroadsword

Not exactly Cinderella It was just a chance encounter. I was at the autumn ball, the last one before Christmas. The palace ball room was decorated with a dazzling array of glittering, shimmering crystal set off by a thousand candles. The orchestra played beautifully, and the guests danced...


Views: 3162     Rated: +9.09 (22)

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