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Stories author firstimewonder (26)


Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, First Time, Teen

Published: 10 January 2020

Authror: firstimewonder

NATASHA’S FIRST TIME What a Christmas this was going to be! Emily was coming home for the holidays and I would have to put up with her constant nagging at me. She would be on my case about two things, 1) I wasn’t a Vegan, and 2) I was a virgin and a senior in high school, which in...


Views: 7106     Rated: +8.94 (47)

The Fire Truck 2

Categories Fiction, First Time, Teen, Virginity

Published: 08 October 2019

Authror: firstimewonder

Ron and Don are fully involved and into their father’s avid hobby of collecting and restoring antique vehicles. They look for cars of any condition, restore those that are worthwhile and salvage those that are too far gone to be saved. Over the course of time, they became well known in the...


Views: 12901     Rated: +9.15 (93)


Categories Diary

Published: 05 October 2019

Authror: firstimewonder

Ronald and Donald are the upper teenage twin sons of Ray and Cathy, who live on a five acre lot surrounded by a dense row of evergreen trees which virtually block view from all four sides. The only exception is the driveway into the huge garage building where Ron and Don’s father stores his...


Views: 1699     Rated: +7.27 (22)

The Neighbor's Fire Hose

Categories Fiction, First Time, Teen, Virginity

Published: 06 September 2019

Authror: firstimewonder

WASHING THE NEIGHBOR’S FIRE TRUCK “Hey Rachel, Ray’s washing the fire truck,” I hollered down the stairs. Before I could turn around Rachel came bounding up the stairs and we both ran to the store room where the telescope was waiting. It took a few seconds to get it...


Views: 11967     Rated: +9.03 (90)

Ron and Irene Learn Together

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Teen

Published: 12 January 2015

Authror: firstimewonder

Ron and Irene Learn together I was a quiet young man who remained a virgin until well into my college years. Not that I wasn't interested, it was just that I was a shy lad who had been raised on a farm in a very sheltered way. I was a respectful boy, who would not hurt anyone's...


Views: 7277     Rated: +9.18 (49)

My First Time

Categories True Story, First Time

Published: 12 January 2015

Authror: firstimewonder

DEE: I knew that people had sex from mid high school days, but didn't experience it until a few years later. My mother had told me the basics, so I knew I could get pregnant, but the processes of accomplishing it were fairly vague. I entered a strict Church related college right after...


Views: 8782     Rated: +9.11 (45)

Sandy Gets Even

Categories Fiction, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Teen

Published: 01 March 2009

Authror: firstimewonder

SANDY GETS EVEN The summer I was fifteen, a neighbor asked if I would spend the school vacation time helping with the care of his terminally ill mother in Centerville, which was about fifty miles from my hometown. The pay was better than anything I could hope to get by being a lifeguard or...


Views: 20741     Rated: +7.83 (157)

Nudists have sex part 3

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, First Time, Teen

Published: 20 August 2008

Authror: firstimewonder

Nudists Have Sex – 3 Once again Ron awoke with a feeling of excitement. It was another beautiful day outside, and Julie had bought Ken home Friday evening, planning to take him to “Bare River Bend” nudist resort for a week of vacation before school started. Ron’s...


Views: 32143     Rated: +8.98 (295)

Nudists have sex 2

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, First Time, Teen

Published: 12 August 2008

Authror: firstimewonder

Nudists Have Sex – Part 2 Ron awoke early and sprang out of bed, eager for the events of the day. He couldn’t help but smile at the dramatic difference three years had made. He recalled with a smile how he had dreaded going to the “Bare River Bend Nudist Resort” that day...


Views: 57743     Rated: +8.84 (448)

Yes, Nudists do have sex!

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Teen, Virginity

Published: 19 July 2008

Authror: firstimewonder

I woke and quickly glanced out the window. Damn! It was a bright sunny morning and looked like it would be a beautiful day. That meant that we would be leaving right after breakfast for “Bare River Bend,” the nudist resort where our family had been members since before I was born. It...


Views: 177850     Rated: +9.07 (1264)

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