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Stories author gothgreendaygirl (12)

Not So Innocent Anymore (BONUS)

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Gay

Published: 20 March 2013

Authror: gothgreendaygirl

"Dustin! Please, don't stop!" I moaned while Dustin basically tore at my asshole. "Fucking God. So... tight. Argh!" Dustin panted. I squirmed, accidentally finding a better position. It only intensified the pleasure Dustin was giving me. I shut my eyes tight as Dustin came...


Views: 13012     Rated: +6.82 (22)

Not So Innocent Anymore

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 19 February 2013

Authror: gothgreendaygirl

"Do you want to get a popsicle, Justin?" My twin brother asked me. His light green eyes stared back at me with the humour and love that always seemed to be there. We looked basically identical. Except for the fact that his green eyes were lighter than mine, my hair was longer, and he was...


Views: 18701     Rated: +7.83 (23)

Destiny is fucked up.

Categories Fiction

Published: 09 November 2012

Authror: gothgreendaygirl

My eyes stayed glued to my black converse covered feet as I trudged along the sidewalk. I looked up at the clear night sky and breathed in a huge breath. The smell of alcohol and smoke filled my lungs. I bent my head down again and hummed to Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides playing on my iPhone,...


Views: 8581     Rated: +7.81 (32)

A short, boredom caused story

Categories Fiction, Lesbian, Male / Female, Oral Sex

Published: 06 September 2012

Authror: gothgreendaygirl

I got bored. This story may or may not get a chapter or part next. So......


Views: 7577     Rated: +8.08 (26)

I never thought...: Chapter Two, The Mystery Person

Categories Fiction, Gothic, School, Teen

Published: 16 August 2012

Authror: gothgreendaygirl

I slipped the note into my skirt pocket and sighed. Alfie, Narae, and Modie all sat with us. I put my head in my hands and started to think who could've possibly written the note. "What's up with her?" Narae asked. I heard Vladimir shush her. "I know exactly what can take...


Views: 6467     Rated: +6.96 (23)

I never thought...: Chapter One, The Video

Categories Fiction, Gothic, Romance, School

Published: 15 August 2012

Authror: gothgreendaygirl

The bell indicating school was over rang. I ignored it because Vladimir had me pushed up against my locker. He trailed kisses up and down my neck while I ran my hands through his black hair. "Sierra Gutierrez, detention room. Sierra Gutierrez, detention room." Mr. Tibbal's voice...


Views: 9115     Rated: +8.57 (28)

My cousin, Chris Chapter Six

Categories Fiction, Gothic, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 02 August 2012

Authror: gothgreendaygirl

•A couple months later.First day of school.• I opened my eyes and stretched.I looked at the alarm clock. "7a.m. Okay, time to get up.Senior year!" I thought.I sat up and shook Ryan's shoulder violently. "Get up! Ot's the first day of senior year! Get started...


Views: 14112     Rated: +8.97 (29)

My cousin, Chris Chapter Five

Categories True Story, Gothic, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 23 July 2012

Authror: gothgreendaygirl

Oh shit.He... And the story continues: Oh shit.He still likes me.Before you get confused, let me explain.Last time me and Valentino sae each other was our last time together.I was saying our goodbyes at the airport.When I got to him, he wanted to talk.I still remember our exact...


Views: 9035     Rated: +8 (30)

My cousin, Chris Chapter Four

Categories Fiction, Gothic, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 21 July 2012

Authror: gothgreendaygirl

•The next morning…• I woke up to someone tickling me.Or at least, trying.I'm not very ticklish.I opened my eyes just a little bit.I saw Rory.Bastard was the first thought that came into my head.I punched him without looking.My fist connected his jaw.I heard an...


Views: 8254     Rated: +8.33 (18)

My cousin, Chris Chapter Three

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Incest, Masturbation

Published: 19 July 2012

Authror: gothgreendaygirl

"I'm listening, Rory" I said crossing my arms.His mouth opened and closed.Like he couldn't say something right.Okay, maybe he couldn't.It took us a long time to be over with it."Whatever." I said walking away.He grabbed my wrist."Wait." He said.I rolled...


Views: 9677     Rated: +8.82 (34)

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