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Stories author mathew elizabeth (17)

My Gay Marriage Cuckold Arrangement

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Cuckold, Gay

Published: 28 November 2017

Authror: mathew elizabeth

My Gay Marriage Cuckold Arrangement By Mathew Elizabeth Chapter 1: My Beautiful Husband and my Straight Best Friend I thought Blake and I were In love; I really did. He threw the divorce papers down on the table nevertheless. I was in complete shock and heartbreak when he came out and told...


Views: 1087     Rated: +1.43 (7)

Mommy's Love Denied 13

Categories Dark Fantasy, Cheating, Cuckold, Exhibitionism

Published: 16 March 2017

Authror: mathew elizabeth

Mommy's Love Denied By Mathew Elizabeth Chapter Thirteen **Michelle Bunda** I was driving down a highway and thinking about my teenage patients. The case between Scott, Ryan and Scott's mother Penny was an interesting one. After looking into the case for around a...


Views: 6027     Rated: +5.61 (41)

Ugly Me - Humiliation Chronicles

Categories Dark Fantasy, Cruelty, Cuckold, Exhibitionism

Published: 05 December 2016

Authror: mathew elizabeth

Ugly Me: Humiliation Chronicles By Mathew Elizabeth ***With seven-billion people in a world; full of imagination and exploitation through the possibility of money; then people like this young man most certainly exist*** I was ugly; and I liked it; eventually anyway. Having grown up being...


Views: 5122     Rated: +2.5 (8)

Mommy's Love Denied 11

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Boy, Cuckold

Published: 07 April 2016

Authror: mathew elizabeth

Mommy's Love Denied VOLUME TWO Chapter Eleven *Ryan is now a first person perspective character along with Scott and Penny. Also; this chapter has very mild scat elements. Don't be discouraged; you will find it's not a big deal at all and it will not go beyond this...


Views: 7340     Rated: +7.27 (22)

Mommy's Love Denied 8

Categories Dark Fantasy, Boy, Cuckold, Exhibitionism

Published: 23 June 2015

Authror: mathew elizabeth

Mommy's Love Denied By Mathew Elizabeth Chapter Eight *Scott and his mother remain as first-person-perspective characters. The three of us ate dinner in the Resort Restaurant not far from the cabin . It was a large open space with a red wooden glow to it. Many people were around...


Views: 10125     Rated: +6.38 (47)

Paralysed Faggot

Categories Dark Fantasy, Boy, Coercion, Cuckold

Published: 12 June 2015

Authror: mathew elizabeth

Paralysed Faggot By Mathew Elizabeth I lay in bed unable to ever move my entire body. After a tragic sports accident years ago I was left paralysed from the shoulders down. Years of therapy were able to get only my hands moving again and retrieve sexual sensation. At least I could...


Views: 13148     Rated: +5.71 (35)

Mommy's Love Denied 6

Categories Dark Fantasy, Boy, Cuckold, Humiliation

Published: 04 June 2015

Authror: mathew elizabeth

Mommy's Love Denied By Mathew Elizabeth Chapter Six *From this chapter onward we will be introduced to one more characters first-person-perspective. Scott's mother. I was sitting alone and naked on the kitchen table. Everything was a blur. I looked towards the kitchen bench...


Views: 11276     Rated: +6.84 (38)

Mommy's Love Denied

Categories Dark Fantasy, Boy, Humiliation, Incest

Published: 29 November 2014

Authror: mathew elizabeth

Mommy's Love Denied By Mathew Elizabeth Chapter One These strange feelings started when I was only 18-years-old. I always knew my 37-year-old mother was a beautiful woman; with her long blonde flowing hair, her blue shimmering eyes and her wonderful voluptuous figure. She was the...


Views: 3818     Rated: +4.62 (26)

Teenage Boy Denied his Fart Fetish 2

Categories Dark Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Exhibitionism

Published: 28 November 2014

Authror: mathew elizabeth

Teenage Boy is Denied his Fart Fetish part 2 By Mathew Elizabeth Something was strange. My friends didn't wait for me at the usual place while I walked to school. So I walked alone thinking I would meet up with them before the bell rang. When I arrived I was met with laughter from all my...


Views: 11353     Rated: +7.74 (31)

Netorare Mama: My Parents Betrayal 3

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Authoritarian, Cuckold

Published: 28 November 2014

Authror: mathew elizabeth

Netorare Mama: My Parents Betrayal 3 By Mathew Elizabeth "Oh my god, Scott's here!" I heard a girl from my grade say as I walked past, ignoring her and stride into the main door. The party was very crowded. Ear bursting music played and thudded throughout my two-story luxury...


Views: 13086     Rated: +5.76 (33)

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