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Stories added 22 March 2005 (11)


Categories Fiction, Asian, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 22 March 2005

Authror: NKL13

My name is Tamika, my father is Caucasian and my mother is Asian. I am 5' 4", 108 pounds, long black hair, dark eyes, my waist it 22.5", 34"hips and I have 34D tits. Some how I lucked and I got large tits. My mom's are smaller, about a 34C. I have always been proud of my...


Views: 154894     Rated: +6.64 (1042)


Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Published: 22 March 2005

Authror: NKL13

It is one thing to have your mom catch you jacking off but it is something total more embarrassing to have your mom find you and your friend both jacking off in your room while looking at porno magazines. It was one of those boring summer days, my friend had come over. We got bored with...


Views: 168244     Rated: +8.35 (707)

Great Mom

Categories Fiction, Incest, Masturbation

Published: 22 March 2005

Authror: NKL13

I am a divorced mom; I have three teenage kids, two sons and a daughter whom all live with me. I guess the seeds for my ....relationship were always around. When the kids were young I would always let them see me naked, whether I was in the tub or in my room changing. I never thought anything of...


Views: 328965     Rated: +8.84 (1314)

My Sister Kelly

Categories Fiction, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Teen

Published: 22 March 2005

Authror: NKL13

I was home only, my mom was at work and my sister, and Kelly, my sister, had not come home yet from collage for the summer. I was in my room laying on my bed naked jacking off to a magazine. I never heard my sister pull up into the driveway and come into the house. Kelly came walking into my...


Views: 302513     Rated: +7.97 (1528)


Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Incest

Published: 22 March 2005

Authror: NKL13

My brothers and I have an incredibly hot mom; she is definitely an M.I.L.F.! She is in her mid 40's, long blonde hair, a beautiful face and hot body and she is almost a nympho! Her body is that of a 20 year old, she works out, she is 5'11" maybe a 110 pounds a fantastic ass and she...


Views: 174705     Rated: +8.1 (570)


Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 22 March 2005

Authror: NKL13

It was my daughters 20th birthday. My daughter, Megan had to work a couple of hours at Hooters that night. My son and I decided to go in to see her and depending if she got early enough, we were going to take her out for a late dinner. It was the first time I and her brother Lex had ever gone...


Views: 148587     Rated: +8.17 (357)

threesome is awesome

Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Gay

Published: 22 March 2005

Authror: hungryheart

It happened not so long ago, i am still in my twenties and have a great shape body. all my relative male or female like me equally, maybe because of the unique face and deep eyes i have. i always thank them and ignore their comments. untill now i didn't pay much attention to myself that i can...


Views: 54285     Rated: +4.09 (153)

Three Girls

Categories Fiction, Lesbian

Published: 22 March 2005

Authror: dave_1

Three Girls. The girls spent the next few weeks trying to get to know Jenny. They were in only one class together so they tried to focus on getting to know her there. Jenny was a shy girl and very quiet. She didn’t play net ball, was an only child living with her mother and was quite...


Views: 17585     Rated: +8.46 (85)

Two boys two girls and two horses

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Group Sex

Published: 22 March 2005

Authror: dave_1

“We better call my mom,” Heather called to Tammi as she caught up with her in the hall. The call was made, and they disappeared into Tammi’s room. Tammi and Heather laughed and talked about their evening. Tammi was still hot and asked Heather if they could take a shower together...


Views: 100153     Rated: +7.27 (256)

The card game

Categories Fiction, Group Sex, Incest

Published: 22 March 2005

Authror: dave_1

The card game After gathering some things the girls set off home. Tammi insisted Heather and her walk as they were. Heather wanted to get changed but Tammi reminded her that if she was knickerless then so Heather would stay that way too! They walked home hand in hand and arm in arm enjoying...


Views: 48832     Rated: +6.88 (102)

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