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Stories added 26 June 2006 (7)

The Mistake

Categories Fiction, Discipline, Domination/submission, Male Domination

Published: 26 June 2006

Authror: CrystalEyes

She laughed, feeling the tequila doing its job. Stubbing out her cigarette, she arose from her seat and made her way to the bar. She leant forward, displaying her ample cleavage at the young barman – new, she assumed - seductively. “Tequila. Double.” She commanded sexily,...


Views: 27813     Rated: +8.05 (101)

Events On A Cruise Ship Changes A Marriage Forever

Categories True Story, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission

Published: 26 June 2006

Authror: Jennifer

Chris and I were so happy together for a few years after getting married. His company grew fast, taking him out of the country for a few weeks at a time. Chris worked so hard, never complained about paying for everything as I finished my PHD; and through it all we had this great way of always...


Views: 83307     Rated: +7.92 (333)

Bizarre! part 3

Categories Fantastic, Bestiality, Interracial, Mind Control

Published: 26 June 2006

Authror: ZZZ

Ruggles fell asleep next to Wim, who was shaken about the whole issue concerning the mysterious man they had seen before. Ruggles assured him that everything would work out, but it wasn't working. "Come on Wim, it's alright! You know, I never knew my parents. I'm fine. I meanI...


Views: 40146     Rated: +3.94 (177)

My neighbourhood: Phoebe and Me

Categories Fiction, Boy, First Time, Teen

Published: 26 June 2006

Authror: Mr. Smith

Right, so my name’s Jason. I’m eighteen and about to graduate from high school and hopefully I’ll get to do some college time after, but all that’s not important right now. What you’re about to read is a little slice of my life; a few of the things I get up to....


Views: 417918     Rated: +8.29 (2830)

My first proper lesbian experience

Categories True Story, Female solo, First Time, Lesbian

Published: 26 June 2006

Authror: Suzy

I was talking to my boyfriend in bed last night and we got onto the subject of my first proper lesbian experience. I've always been honest with him about it but had never gone into too much detail with him about it as I was worried he would find it weird. Anyway, we were talking and he seemed...


Views: 44707     Rated: +8.53 (163)

The new pattio deck

Categories True Story, Blowjob

Published: 26 June 2006

Authror: Sandi

What a delightfuly fun day I have had today. For the last 2 weeks they have been replacing the pattio decks on all the apartments in the complex where I live, and today was my turn to get a new deck. As it turned out, today was 98 degrees, so to stay cool I only wore a pair of very...


Views: 11436     Rated: +8.02 (42)

wife with my brother

Categories True Story, Wife

Published: 26 June 2006

Authror: sunil

We are a typical Punjabi joint family. My wife is 27 years, 5.2' height with 34C 28 36 figure. We have been married for more than 8 years now. I am 34 yrs of age and little over busy in business. Our sex life was normal with once a week sex. My wife is a kind of shy and introvert person but...


Views: 46360     Rated: +5.53 (73)