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Stories added 07 February 2011 (10)

Trapped in the Darkness

Categories Fiction, Non-Erotic

Published: 07 February 2011

Authror: wantsomefun

This is one of the first stories I ever wrote. As the tag says, there is no overt eroticism in this one. There is no sex scene. It is the semi-lucid stream-of-consciousness account of a man's ordeal after a building collapse. Parts of it are disturbing, either for their visual images or for...


Views: 15328     Rated: +9.25 (133)

The Night Me and Jackie Won't Forget

Categories Fiction, Black, Domination/submission, Female Domination

Published: 07 February 2011

Authror: myronlong

(The Scenery) It was a Friday night. The rain was pouring fast and hard. It was pitch black at the park. We, Jackie and I, just came from the bar and decided to go park at the park. We were super drunk. From what I can remember, I had three Bacardi Rum and Coke, one shot of Patron (tequilla)...


Views: 12118     Rated: +6 (15)

understand what it means to be a bi-sexual male: chatper 4

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Gay

Published: 07 February 2011

Authror: darkestbooks

The rape and beating changed me. I soon started pulling away from the world. David saw this more than anyone being the only one I would let near me. This story happened six months later. Around two in the morning I was watching the rain pounding the yard outside the only window in David’s...


Views: 6865     Rated: +8.33 (12)

First Time In Shiny Pantyhose

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Boy, Erotica

Published: 07 February 2011

Authror: silkslipsandhose

My first true pantyhose/tights experience with someone else happened at the young age of 14. I had been jerking off in my mom and sister's pantyhose, panties, tights, and slips, since I was young. I had accidentally read porn magazines, and even watched some of my dad's porn tapes he had...


Views: 38100     Rated: +8.73 (126)


Categories Fantastic, Anal, Domination/submission, Extreme

Published: 07 February 2011

Authror: Homealone_447

Clones By Homealone_447 Edited by Silverman Danika arrived at the entrance of one of the caves that spread across the hills of Montana. She was an amateur geologist and knew that there were plenty of pictographs inside the caves of the area. She had walked all day and it was getting dark....


Views: 55451     Rated: +9 (120)

Changing room part 2

Categories Diary, Oral Sex, Teen, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 07 February 2011

Authror: PornPiggy

...I was dragged into the girls changing room by two of the girls. I still had my trousers round my ankles, my cock started going stiff as the dripping wet girls in bikinis pulled me along. I was sat in the corner with my hands tied behind my back with loads of hairbands. The girls lined...


Views: 21648     Rated: +7.95 (78)

Changing room part 1

Categories Diary, Oral Sex, Teen, Water Sports/Pissing

Published: 07 February 2011

Authror: PornPiggy

12/6/2010 Dear diary, Today was the best day of my life! I woke up late and had to skip breakfast so that I could catch the bus for school. It was going to be a long day. I had double math to start with, then chemistry, then French and finally swimming, SHIT, I had forgotten my Swimming...


Views: 39961     Rated: +8.9 (109)

Daughter Debbie part 2

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Incest, Young

Published: 07 February 2011

Authror: climaxdad

Daughter Debbie pt2 incest fantasty tale. First a bit more background information / Debbie's mother left home shortly after i lost my job the spoilt witch could not deal with having to cut back on spending , after lots of legal wrangling and to my surprise i got custody of my Daughter. A...


Views: 88513     Rated: +9.23 (234)

My friend Ben

Categories Fiction

Published: 07 February 2011

Authror: boys in the hood

Written by Boys in the hood Part one Contact me at madmax_001@rocketmail.com Copyright 2011: not to be copied or changed without owner's permission Not for view if you are not over 18 years It's up to you if you want to read this fictional story and that this never happened to...


Views: 10326     Rated: +8.89 (18)

A night for your pleasure

Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Masturbation, Romance

Published: 07 February 2011

Authror: NomadicSpirit

It's about 9:30 in the evening, you just come home from somewhere..... all the lights are off in the house, you can see flickering lights playing across the walls, casting eerie and flickering shadows throughout the house.... you park your car in the driveway and walk to your front door, as...


Views: 7549     Rated: +6.25 (8)