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Stories added 15 April 2012 (10)

The Perfect Robbery

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Published: 15 April 2012

Authror: LoveLustSex

NOTES: No plagiarism at all. Hope you enjoy the story. Thanks. [/i] It took a decade and a few prison sentences, but eventually, Joey learned that the key to success as a thief – or any kind of criminal, for that matter – was repetition. And so when he planned the Edmund heist (his...


Views: 38090     Rated: +8.65 (170)

MODERN FAMILY SEX PARODY - Phil and Claire Dunfy Teach Haley a lesson

Categories Fiction, Anal, Cum Swallowing, Discipline

Published: 15 April 2012

Authror: shakespearofsex

Its 3:00 am, and Phil and Clair Dunfy are sitting at home worried sick about their 16 year old daughter Haley. She went out earlier in the night with one of her friends that everyone knows is a slut, named Jenna. Clair was wearing her wooly nightgown pants, and a white tank top. Her ass was so...


Views: 99668     Rated: +8.76 (482)

A Not-So-Simple Life: Part 2

Categories Fiction, School, Teen, Virginity

Published: 15 April 2012

Authror: SomeStory

Turns out I was wrong…again. Work was no longer a sanctuary for me, and I knew that the instant I arrived and walked into the locker room to find Missy K tapping her foot in furious anticipation. “Tucker James Kingly,” her nostrils were flaring. Now, I knew that Missy K was...


Views: 303350     Rated: +9.54 (1766)

Help! - Part 12

Categories Fiction, Gay, Romance, Teen

Published: 15 April 2012

Authror: WebCam

Welcome to part 12 of “Help!”. *** Back at Danny’s house, everything was great as Danny turned the cold silver key, locking his front door as Jake made himself comfortable on the soft, black, leather sofa. Jake had been to Danny’s house hundreds of times in the past,...


Views: 16118     Rated: +5 (8)

Those Laces - Chapter I - The Coming of Rebecca

Categories Dark Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Boy, Female solo

Published: 15 April 2012

Authror: incognita7

Chapter I - The Coming of Rebecca I It was still a little dark outside. The pretty lace curtains gave way to the glass paned window. The blinds were pulled away just a little so that he could look outside and know how the light of the day...


Views: 9286     Rated: +6.79 (28)

And then there were two

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual

Published: 15 April 2012

Authror: Virtuous Poizyn

We were dirt poor. Simple as that. We had five people living in a two bedroom house. It was cluttered, nasty, and loud. My mom had parties almost every other night. I had just started a new job at the local convenient store and I needed rest. Thankfully tonight I was going to Roger's to...


Views: 12959     Rated: +8.47 (59)

Forbidden Fruit

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Gothic, Male / Female

Published: 15 April 2012

Authror: vampchick95

He pushed me up against the brick wall. His left hand on my lower back and the right one on the back of my neck; pulling my face closer to his. My heart pounding in my ears louder than the roar of the ocean. I was consumed by feelings and desires that were not entirely new to me, but the intensity...


Views: 13021     Rated: +6.67 (12)

Using Christy

Categories Fiction, Interracial, Non-consensual sex, Rape

Published: 15 April 2012

Authror: mistressrenee

Christy is 40, brunette, 5’6”, with a 34B bust. She is the mother of 2 children and happily married. She returned home ill this morning after working only an hour. Her fireman husband was gone until tomorrow on a 24 hour shift. Her children were at school where Christy’s mother...


Views: 10826     Rated: +6.41 (39)

Family Secrets: Beth's Story

Categories Fiction, First Time, Incest, Teen

Published: 15 April 2012

Authror: Virtuous Poizyn

I sat there fingering my ring, trying to think but couldn't stay focused. I had taken the oath. True love waits. Love waits. Lust doesn't. Those were my thoughts. I wasn't sure I believed that Adam and Eve were thrown into a mystical garden and conned by a serpent. No, I was...


Views: 34046     Rated: +9.26 (202)

Hunger games with a little extra;)

Categories Fiction, Female Domination, Teen, Virginity

Published: 15 April 2012

Authror: parodystoties

It was cold day in District 12. All the boys and girls in District 12 were in the squre for the Reaping. When the Capitol woman arrived she wore a large ammount of make up and her clothses were very strange. "Hello everyone welcome to the 74th Reaping for The Hunger Games. I am Effie...


Views: 17583     Rated: +4.38 (89)