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Stories added 03 December 2014 (20)

" I Love You, Mom! "

Categories True Story, Incest

Published: 03 December 2014

Authror: sextape1993

I steered my car into the drive and parked it beside my Mom's. Checked myself from the rear view mirror for one last time, to make sure I didn't look like the devil himself, took the little gift I've bought for Mom and started toward the house. My name is Kevin. I'm twenty...


Views: 47490     Rated: +5.73 (150)

"My First Threesome"

Categories True Story, Threesome

Published: 03 December 2014

Authror: sextape1993

Everything in my story is true, actual words spoken may drift from the truth, but facts are as near as memory allows. I will start my story when I was younger, I use to hang out with two brothers, one older by a year, the other younger by about nine months, I was very aware of them looking up...


Views: 14181     Rated: +8.68 (38)

Revenge, Pt 13: Insert Title Here

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Domination/submission, Male Domination

Published: 03 December 2014

Authror: superkev123

Chapter 13 I was sitting at the desk in my room with a picture of Jessica on my laptop screen. It was from her page on the school's news site. It had her listed as the founder, and the editor-in-chief. It went on to list about a dozen other groups she belonged to, including two book...


Views: 24420     Rated: +8.01 (186)

Bobby Jo

Categories Fiction, Fisting, Humiliation, Male / Female

Published: 03 December 2014

Authror: jimjr1945

Bobby Jo We first met just after I started junior high school. I had entered the seventh grade like many others, in that I was awkward, felt alone and out of place most of the time. Miss Bobby as she was called singled me out on my first trip to the library in search of a research book. Even...


Views: 11968     Rated: +9.05 (63)

" Big Sister Cindy Seduces Younger Brother "

Categories True Story

Published: 03 December 2014

Authror: sextape1993

I remember that night in August like it was yesterday. My older sister and her husband had separated a few months ago and I had been helping her with projects around the house like mowing the yard, painting and general household maintenance. Cindy was a 10 years older than me and I was 19. Our...


Views: 21600     Rated: +6.63 (169)

"Daddy and the Girl"

Categories True Story

Published: 03 December 2014

Authror: sextape1993

I was relaxing in front of the television when the front door bell rang. My wife and I were not expecting anyone. I was already naked under my robe, ready for a little action later. She was soaking in a bath. I peeked through the eyehole and saw a girl standing on the doorstep. I pulled my robe...


Views: 23955     Rated: +8.17 (82)

Dinner is Served

Categories Fiction, Black, Domination/submission, Extreme

Published: 03 December 2014

Authror: afroerotik

He arrived early for their scheduled meeting and sat in his car sweating profusely. He wasn’t sure he could go through with it; terrified at the thought of meeting the Ebony goddess of his dreams. Part of him wanted to turn around and leave and never look back but this was the opportunity of...


Views: 7776     Rated: +5 (8)

" THE student "

Categories True Story

Published: 03 December 2014

Authror: sextape1993

As a student I didn't have a lot of money. Neither did anyone. Apart from the trust fund kids, and there were a few of those at my uni, everyone was scrabbling for pennies. My poverty was becoming a big problem as the mid-term vacation rolled around and I went home with £50 to my name...


Views: 9836     Rated: +4.62 (26)

" Wife’s Photo Shoot "

Categories True Story, Wife

Published: 03 December 2014

Authror: sextape1993

I was attending a conference in L. A. and this time my wife Linda was accompanying me. Usually she preferred to stay at home, but this time she wanted to come along, and enjoy the sun and pool in late spring. It was delightful, and we enjoyed some great eating as well as some pool time when the...


Views: 26013     Rated: +8.4 (106)

" Giving a MILF a Ride Home "

Categories True Story

Published: 03 December 2014

Authror: sextape1993

The band was loud and the room was hot. A small out of the way bar in Cork city. A very tight fit. A long narrow room, the band platform was at the end of the long bar facing down the room. Tall round tables and bar stools scattered along the wall opposite the bar. The dance floor was pretty much...


Views: 15145     Rated: +8.04 (56)

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