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Stories added 05 November 2019 (27)

Sister's Unite 2

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Bestiality, Bi-sexual

Published: 05 November 2019

Authror: Lokki_smiles

The next day Mike called me to help with a project in the backyard. Liz and Sara were in French bikinis and I my thumb three times trying to drive nails while looking at them. Each time Mike reminded me to watch my hammer not the sexy ladies on the chaise lounges on the patio. Mike knows my...


Views: 8726     Rated: +6.56 (61)

Hiring Is Hard Work

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Cheating, Cum Swallowing

Published: 05 November 2019

Authror: taletale

"Mr. Gibson, will you be taking lunch today? I just wanted to remind you of your job application meeting in 45 min." I said into the intercom. "No Venessa, I will be staying in the office. Bring me a sandwich from the deli across the street." He said. I had been Mr....


Views: 9905     Rated: +8.98 (128)

In the Sauna

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Published: 05 November 2019

Authror: JasmineFlowers

Warm sun beats down on your backs as you walk hand in hand down rough concrete steps through the tall pine trees towards the small wooden building. Taking off your shoes you open the door to a golden room with a log burner in one corner and two tiered wooden benches along the back wall. The sauna...


Views: 4895     Rated: +9 (30)

Morning Surprise

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Male / Female

Published: 05 November 2019

Authror: maria1

I’m now in my mid 50’s, full figured (chubby) woman who is divorced and single for over 5 years. I’m trying to get fitter and lose weight and my next door neighbours allow me to use their treadmill in their garage to walk for exercise every morning between 7-9 am. They leave a...


Views: 10747     Rated: +8.94 (94)

Sugar Rush, Chapter 2

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Cruelty, Death

Published: 05 November 2019

Authror: Dreams and Nightmares

Trish yawns and stretches her arms out. The credits to the movie she had just finished start rolling on her TV screen. She is lying on her couch in her living room. She has on her bathrobe but is completely naked underneath. It is relaxing Saturday night. She has opted to stay in tonight instead...


Views: 2300     Rated: +6.15 (13)

Sugar Rush, Chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Discipline, Humiliation, Reluctance

Published: 05 November 2019

Authror: Dreams and Nightmares

The doorbell rings. You sigh, “Can’t the world just leave me alone?” The doorbell rings again. “Damn it,” you mutter to yourself under your breath. You heave yourself out of your computer chair and start waddling to the front door. The doorbell rings...


Views: 2383     Rated: +8.75 (24)

we meet again chapter 2

Categories Fiction

Published: 05 November 2019

Authror: bob144333

I was surprised today when I received a phone call from Tammy,"happy birthday" she said with her perky voice.I thanked her for remembering "did you come up and bring me a present'I asked her hoping the answer would be yes. Unfortunately it wasn't"fuck no it is too...


Views: 2402     Rated: +8.86 (35)

Sister's Unite

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Published: 05 November 2019

Authror: Lokki_smiles

Liz and I were at a party with several work friends. One of the older firefighters was retiring and everyone was drinking heavily. Liz got a phone call from our babysitter that my older child was ill. She told me we had to leave when Sara, Liz's sister offered me a ride home so I could stay....


Views: 10073     Rated: +8.86 (114)

Ginny and Dad

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Teen, Voyeurism

Published: 05 November 2019

Authror: gunner77

Ginny was in her freshman year at the local community college. She had the grades to go to the state university, but her parents and her decided it best she stayed closer to home. It would be a lot cheaper, and since she would be staying at home, there would be no need to take on any unnecessary...


Views: 18851     Rated: +8.96 (201)

It all started with picking up my sister's panties part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Boy

Published: 05 November 2019

Authror: Twink Mike 420

I was caught up in the lustful moment. I wanted to be there to catch the cum she was shooting. The milky white cum. I needed it. I stuck my tongue down my chin and licked as much of it up as I could. Then I finally took my fingers of out my ass and could feel the somewhat emptiness. I knew two...


Views: 2781     Rated: +8.7 (23)

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