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Stories added 12 February 2020 (12)

The Mind Control Device Chapter 10: Daughter Mind-Controls Herself

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Female solo

Published: 12 February 2020

Authror: mypenname3000

The Mind Control Device Chapter Ten: Daughter Mind-Controls Herself By mypenname3000 Copyright 2020 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this! Eve “Dusk” Michaels I had the best day at church. It was something I never thought I would think. Fun? At church? Those were places...


Views: 8797     Rated: +8.81 (59)

Afternoon spitroast for my wife

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Male / Female

Published: 12 February 2020

Authror: xxxstoryteller69xxx

Dear Readers, It was a nice day out, my wife and I hanging out, preparing for company. My wife Rachel, sexy and extremely turned on that her friend was coming too see her. I remember heading out to the store so I could pick Terry up, leaving Rachel at home alone for a brief amount of time....


Views: 12236     Rated: +8.45 (97)

Dabbing with Red

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Published: 12 February 2020

Authror: xxxstoryteller69xxx

Dabbing with Red I remember walking into the room, seeing her for the first time in person. We had only chatted online and on the phone, but had yet too meet face to face. Now there she was, so beautiful, her long red hair flowing down her shoulders, her creamy white skin against her black shit....


Views: 2731     Rated: +6.84 (19)

Sneaky Panty Smeller pt2

Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Cheating

Published: 12 February 2020

Authror: xxxstoryteller69xxx

Dear Readers,       A couple days had passed and it was time for work at my mother in laws place again. I was anxious and excited in hopes of what I would find this time in Becky's dirty laundry. Wondering if she had seen the mess I had made in her panties from the other...


Views: 9502     Rated: +8.8 (100)

Movie Night 8

Categories Fiction, Female solo, Incest, Male / Female

Published: 12 February 2020

Authror: UndeniableUrges

Movie Night 8 (MF, Ff, MFf, incest, exhibitionist) Summary – Mom and Samantha. Dad and Samantha. Isn’t it time for the whole family to have some fun together? Previous Chapter Summary – It was daddy’s turn to spend some quality time with horny, young, Samantha. Note -...


Views: 26105     Rated: +8.9 (163)

Our First Time Together

Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, First Time, Virginity

Published: 12 February 2020

Authror: Exploring@50

As Ashleigh and her friends disappeared into the crowd at the mall, my buddy walked up with his girlfriend, April, and her friend that they introduced as Michelle. The first thing I noticed about her was her breasts, it was everything I could do not to just stare at them. She was about...


Views: 12664     Rated: +8.86 (132)

Van Trip 2

Categories Fiction, Drug, Exhibitionism, Male / Female

Published: 12 February 2020

Authror: teenpantyfan

We’re still travelling in the van, Gemma’s smoking another spliff. “Right, I've thought about what you have to do for me.” she says. “So what is it?”. “You have to be my submissive for the weekend”. “Ha ha...you sound like Madam...


Views: 2720     Rated: +8.67 (15)

Aunt Kate part 3

Categories Fantasy, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Incest

Published: 12 February 2020

Authror: Robbam55

I woke up on a cloudy Friday morning. The bright sunshine I had been used to was covered with dark clouds. As I got up I heard talking downstairs so I put on my pajama pants and a tshirt to go see what was going on. I had been dropped of at my aunt Kate’s and uncle Jim’s house a few...


Views: 36535     Rated: +8.93 (495)


Categories Fantasy, Mind Control

Published: 12 February 2020

Authror: Lacuna

“And stay out!” I was thrown out of the one place I call home. This time, I probably won’t come crawling back to Rebecca. I know full well that I fucked up choosing her, and there is no coming back from it. “Can I at least get my clothes?” I called from the...


Views: 3143     Rated: +8.8 (25)

The Cult

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Authoritarian, Cruelty

Published: 12 February 2020

Authror: xgior

This story involves death, execution, homosexuality and gay sex, and a religious cult. It is entirely a work of fiction/fantasy. If that is not your thing, then don't read on. My name is David Christianson and I am a homosexual. That is what I must report to the pastor every month during...


Views: 721     Rated: +1.67 (6)

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