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The first Loving kiss

Categories True Story, First Time, Gay, School

Author: Mithradeates Kkyani

Published: 09 February 2004

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Imtiaz had just completed his 14th birthday , all the Boys around him in School wanted to check him out . he had grown quite used to showing his penis to his class mates .some of whom had pubic hair some had no hair but their penis was filling out .. it had become routine for all boys to feel each other thru thier shorts . imtiaz had become aware that he liked boys as well as girls . all of them had grown up to love girls opnly in India .... he felt diffrent since he was 5 .. when he had seen a man piss in the corner of the Car park where Imtiaz lived .. The cock had been full and thick it haunted Imitiazes senses . he had searched for the Thick veined joyfull love stick to suck to caress and to love . but he had not found it . his freinds in scool had cock but usually very small and barely erect . one boy vicky had shown him his ass hole .. Vicky was strictly in to boy love only ..his dream was to let the whole class screw him in his soft bum

when Imitaz came home he saw the Coconut seller from Kerala Jamal Dark skinned and gorgeous . all black and in his lungi ..and shirt with one hand he carressed his chest and another his own thigh " so how are you jama " said carresing his penis thru the Lungi , Jamal eyes were full of laughter he was dark and tanned .."Imtiaz .You are so fair and sweet Jamal said i want to kiss you ...." Jamal once againooked at him " ..Imtiaz Blushed perhaps later ... Jamal Laughed caressing his cock

that evening all the boys came down to play Imtaz had brought Down his criket bat and Ball which had been a gift from his uncle ,The Criket bat had signatures from the ewntire criket team ... as the sun went down the boys played Jamal also joined in when he was not working selling coconuts or peeling them

One of the older boys kept on practicing batting and later hit the Ball hard it dispappeared betwen the Cars parked in the Darkness . some where towards the end

Imtiaz Tried searching the ball he was in tears later he asked Jamal do you have a flash light I need to find the Ball ..jamal said " wait I shall come with you "

Jamal took a Match Boc and went Imtiaz ,m he put his lungi up ... as he lit the match Imtiazes eyes went to Jamal's huge black cut cock.the Glans glowed in the match light delicious like a strawberry ., Imtiaz felt a thrill of cool breeze ..his cock began getting hard so hard he could hardly think .. he kept on seeing Vickys well fucked anus .he wanted to be vicky with Jamal .... slwoly they searched Jamal was very through ... slowly they went to the end of the Car park where it was Pitch dark ".. see the Ball is here" Jamal said ...he reached underneath and took the red criket ball out ...

Imtiaz began crying ...as he held the Ball .. "why are you crying " Jamal asked ..hey what happen....? Imitaz reached and began caressing Jamal
s thigh .. slowly he put his hand higher and began caressing the Huge black cock ..Imtiazes hands were trembling

Jamal let him caress Imtiaz leaned forward and kissed Jamal .. bending down Imitiaz swllowed the Black cock it tasted delicious of tender coconuts .cream . the Glans was thick and smooth ..Jamal burst in his mouth the cream gushed down Imtiazes throat ...like a blessing

Imtiaz kept on sucking .. Jamal now mooved behind Imtiaz ..slwoly he parted Imitqaz white bum .."Relax " .he felt the small anus waiting like a expectant bride."Relax "jamal said as he pushed saying "Relax Realx ...pretend you are shitting ...."he entered slowly the hard ass .. roughly he mooved a few times and gushed in . holding Imitaz tight

I have waited for many many months for you oh sweet golden balls ..i have seen you and longed and paryed ..

Imitaz whispered i knew where the ball was ...I wanted to be with you ...today as you smiled my sould flipped overturned ..i wanted to join in the nigh of your blackness .....

Imitaz was crying ..I wanted you oh how i wanted you .. Jamal began kissing Imitaz and caressing him .Imtiaz was sore after half an hour wne jamal once again got behind him ....They rutted in siolence broken only with sigh ..Imtiaz pulled Jamal deeper later they left the dark car park whihc had illumiated their life .

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The first Loving kiss

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Comments (16)
READER — 10 January 2008 07:10
load of shit
READER — 17 April 2006 23:43
READER — 19 December 2005 03:36
But haven't even read it XD
READER — 24 March 2005 01:37
READER — 07 February 2005 15:07
it was o.k. if he could not find the dick he was looking for he should have gaped his ass with a giant dildo!!
READER — 30 December 2004 19:49
It was crap-tastic...very bad.
READER — 03 October 2004 01:29
can u sucka a coconut sellers cock.its horrible the auther sucks.
READER — 24 September 2004 08:50
y isnt there a negative 50 0n the rating scale cousethats what i give it
READER — 21 September 2004 00:22
That fucking sucked!
READER — 20 May 2004 22:44
The grammar was horrid, no I have awful imagines of what those bored Indian people do......
READER — 18 April 2004 22:22
LOVELY STORY; horrible grammar and spelling mistakes.
READER — 15 April 2004 20:38
sry punctuation good story tho
READER — 31 March 2004 15:56
Big daddy- only the good ones

it is indeciferable though
READER — 17 March 2004 13:41
This story sucked. Gay people suck.
READER — 17 March 2004 10:03
you cant evenread it for christ sake punjab
READER — 07 March 2004 01:48
this story sucked
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