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  1. Farm Girl - part 1
  2. Farm Girl - part 2
  3. Farm Girl - part 3
  4. Farm girl - part 4 (end)

Farm Girl - part 1

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Incest, Rape

Author: Dark Dreamer

Published: 13 February 2004

  • Font:

Riding had always seemed to me to be a very erotic experience. The repeated thumping of the hard saddle against my crotch stimulated my clit and my imagination. With my legs spread wide apart across the thick body of Max, my stallion, I could close my eyes and imagine the hips of a gorgeous blonde adonis crashing into me.

I had a small, but really well developed body, which made grown men look twice and get that look on their face, the one that meant `Boy I'd like to Fuck her!'

I was only about five feet tall and kind of skinny, I thought, but my titties were a good size, and perfectly rounded. They were only a little too big for my small frame. They were the size that made men look real carefully at me, but not so large that they made me look really chesty. Right in the center of each round tit, was a tiny pink nipple, which got hard very very easily.

My ass was really good too. I had the kind of perfectly rounded and firm ass that only young girls had, and the men would all turn and watch when I walked down the sidewalk in town.

My face was not the kind you would find in the fashion magazines. It was cutesy pie sweet. The kind of face that made people maternal or paternal around me, thinking what a sweet innocent little thing I must be. When I wore my strawberry blonde hair in loose pigtails, people of all ages would smile sweetly at me when I looked at them. None of them would guess or even believe the kind of things that went on behind my wide blue eyes.

I was still technically a virgin then, but only because I was afraid that if I fucked anyone, the whole town would find out within hours. I satisfied my erotic desires by masturbation and daydreaming. I used a variety of tools to help me, including two big rubber dildos I had gotten from a mail order company.

The first time I tried to put one inside my tight little pussy hole, I almost fainted from the pain/pleasure. I had long since busted my cherry with my fingers and hair brushes and the like, but the dildo was thicker and longer than anything I had ever used before.

The day the first one arrived, my dad was out mending a fence half a mile away, and my mom was visiting friends in town. I took the package and rushed up to my room. Once inside I locked the door and ripped open the brown package to stare in awe at the huge rubber cock I held in my hands.

I tore off my clothes to stand naked with the dildo. My pussy was already starting to spurt juices as I slid the rubber all across my body, paying particular attention to my titties which were extremely sensitive.

It had a suction cup on the end which I stuck to the seat of a wooden chair. I straddled the chair backwards and lowered myself onto the dildo. My legs strained with the effort of holding my squatting body up. An electric shock seemed to shoot through me when my soft, moist cuntlips made contact with the rubbery head of the fake cock.

Slowly I shifted my groin backwards and forwards, bending my knees a little more each time. Slowly I worked the head of the dildo into my pussy hole, grunting with the effort, and suppressing the slight pain I felt as my pussy lips were pushed hard apart.

The first inch was the hardest. My virgin pussy lips spread and spread to accommodate its thickness. I crouched there for several minutes, my legs spread around the chair and my arms holding the back, as my pussy got used to the size of the rubber prick.

Again I lowered myself. The feeling of the big rubber cock inching its way up into my hole was mind blowing! I could feel the inside walls of my cuntslit being pushed aside as the cock forced a channel for itself inside me. When it was half way up me, I pulled back up, my knees straining. The soft rubber sucking my pussy outwards as it came out of me.

When only the first inch was inside, I slid back down, loving the erotic stimulation of the soft rubber sliding against my pussy walls. up and down I went, the dildo working its way deeper inside me with each passing minute. My knees and leg muscles were killing me, but I ignored them.

Faster and faster I pumped, trying to make the plunges as long and deep as possible. On one of the downward plunges my foot slid on the carpet and my crotch slapped down all the way to the chair seat. A startled yelp issued from my mouth as I fell and was impaled on the rigid rubber prong. I just sat there, my cunt lips and asshole squashed against the chair seat, the cock buried in my belly and my entire cunt pit burning with astonishment.

I realized I had the whole thing up inside me then. I felt stuffed and bloated by the monster fuck piece. Slowly I began to rub my crotch back and froth on the chair, delighting in the stimulation of my clit and the way the cock was jolted around inside me.

I rubbed my swollen breasts against the back of the chair, crushing my rock hard nipples against the hard wooden slats. One hand slid down over my belly and pushed my clit against the dildo as I wiggled my ass back and forth.

My other hand moved behind me and slid over my smooth ass cheeks, delighting and exciting me by how taut and stretched out they were.

I rose up, my pulpy wet cunt mound coming free from the chair, the hot rubber cock sliding out of my cunny. As the last inch of rubber cock came free, I felt my cunt tingle with a kind of hungry longing.

I squatted poised inches above the dildo for a few seconds. Then I lowered myself, groaning as I felt the moistened dildo head make contact with the soft sensitive entrance to my fuck hole. I lowered still, so the pressure mounted against my cunt.

Again the dildo pushed past my cunt entrance and slid up into me. I delighted in the feeling of being penetrated. I lowered myself, sliding back down the rigid pole of rubber, letting my cunt envelope the fuck tool until it's end mashed against the back wall of my cunt once again.

It hurt there. My cunt wasn't really deep enough for something that size. But it had forced it's way in a couple of minutes ago, and I was determined to swallow the whole thing again. I just let my legs go further and further apart, letting my body down despite the pain.

I winced as the cockhead pushed up into me, jamming against something up in my belly and then pushing it aside to enter me fully.

I rose again, feeling the rubber rasping across my clitty as it slid out of me. Once again I let it exit my fuck channel and then dropped down to let it penetrate me again, let it fuck up into the deepest part of my cunt hole.

I started to speed up, ignoring the screaming protests from my legs as lust and sexual excitement overwhelmed me. My belly was burning and twitching and fluttering as I started riding the dildo. I was jerking my groin up and down and up and down with a terrible, relentless speed that skewered my cunt on the long thick cock.

My room seemed to spin around me as I erupted in a tremendous series of orgasms. My head lolled back and I shuddered through them one by one. As if through a mist I felt drool coming out of the corner of my mouth and I heard the soft grunts and sighs I was making. My eyes seemed blinded as my body shook and twitched, still pumping mindlessly up and down until my legs simply wouldn't raise me anymore.

Finally I just collapsed forward against the chair back, my chest heaving as I tried to regain my breath.

Using the dildo like that certainly helped make my leg muscles strong, but it left me longing for the more realistic feeling I was certain I could get if the dildo would somehow move in and out of me without my assistance.

One day as I was out riding in the empty outer fields, the stimulation of the bouncing around on horseback started giving me erotic ideas. Daringly I took off my shirt top and bra. Riding around topless, my boobs were jiggled up and down by the slow trotting and my nipples rapidly hardened.

I knew suddenly that I had to go all the way. I stopped and slid off Max. I quickly pulled off my sneakers and pants and stuffed them into a saddlebag with my shirt. I jumped back onto Max's back, my wet pussy slapping down on the leather saddle.

I urged Max into a faster trot, and I began to bounce up and down on the saddle. I was not very big and straddling Max's back left my crotch incredibly wide open. My soft crotch and rounded ass cheeks made smacking noises as they slapped the tough leather with each downstride Max made.

I leaned forward as we trotted across the meadow, my hard little clit rubbing against the saddle, my ass cheeks wide and open so I could feel air blowing into my slightly spread asshole each time Max threw me into the air. Within minutes I shuddered through a massive orgasm as my crotch slapped and pounded against the saddle.

I did this several times before I got the bright idea of using the dildos to help my pleasure. I liked the feeling of being completely full and had used the dildos anally several times before. The idea I had was to stick them on the saddle and I would be bounced up and down on them by Max's bouncing gait. The problem was they wouldn't stick to the saddle.

I solved this by using crazy glue. Once out in the fields I dismounted and stripped naked, putting the shorts and halter I had worn into the saddlebags., I glued the dildos onto the middle of the saddle and then wandered around the fields for a few minutes while the glue set.

I rolled around in the tall grass, loving the feel of the stalks brushing against my tits and ass and cunt. I was so excited that I knelt there in the blowing grasses, watching the clouds blow by overhead, and rubbed my little cunny to orgasm.

Mounting Max was an awkward exercise with the two dildos occupying the saddle. I squatted in the saddle, lowering myself gingerly onto the upright phalluses. I knelt on top of Max, my legs drawn up under my ass cheeks, my crotch open wide, and the dildos already half way up me, shoving four inches deep into my pussy and asshole.

When at last I could feel the leather of the saddle against my crotch, I groaned aloud with pain and relief. The two of them together stretched me apart like I wouldn't have believed possible. I thought my belly must bulge outward with the fullness and was surprised that I couldn't feel either of them when I caressed my abdomen with my hand.

I could feel them rubbing together deep inside my guts, only a thin layer of skin holding them apart. Gasping, i urged Max into a slow walk. His first steps made me squeal and cry out in pain. My ass never left the saddle, but the movement made the cocks twist inside me, producing a variety of sensations, ranging from agony to ecstasy.

I desperately fought to minimize the movement inside me, pushing upward against the stirrups to lessen the pressure against the back of my slithole and asshole. The pain retreated and I began to wiggle around a little on the cocks.

Sensations began to build up in my body, and I rapidly approached an orgasm. Then it was upon me, and I allowed myself to drop back all the way to the saddle, throwing my orgasm into deeper and deeper waves of furious ecstatic pleasure.

I gasped for breath as the sensations rode over me. When the retreated, I swayed in the saddle with weakness. The mental stimulation of the situation, combined with the physical stimulation on my body from the cocks and the shaking of my tits by the horses bouncing, overawed my senses.

My legs, weakened by my orgasm, hardly supported me at all, and I bounced slightly on Max's back. The cocks thrust in and out of my holes in small but vicious stabs which quickly began dragging me upwards into another climax.

A part of my mind which still functioned on a thinking level, realized that there was nobody around now to hear the gasps and cries I had always had to suppress at home. As I tumbled forward into another shuddering orgasm, my mouth opened and I abandoned myself to glorious pleasure.

I squealed and grunted loudly, my body swaying back and forth, and my legs slapping against Max's sides as waves of fiery orgasmic lust ripped through my body.

Max however, took my slapping and bouncing legs as an order to speed up. As I shivered through my orgasm, he began trotting across the field. My weak kneed legs were unable to support me as his fait deepened and the cocks began to pound in and out of me in deeper and faster strokes.

I cried out in shocked pain as they slammed up into my guts. Max's gait would throw my shuddering body upwards as his back rose, and then he would drop away beneath me, yanking the cocks halfway down the length of my cuntslit and ass tube.

Then I would drop back down just as his back rose again. The cocks slammed deep into my guts with terrible force, hammering deep into my guts. The front cock sawed away at my clit as I was thrown around weakly on Max's back, and the orgasms began washing over me in a sharp, fast series of wrenching quakes.

My little holes were skewered repeatedly and my mind wallowed in the ecstatic feelings shivering up and down my spine. The pain was a distant thing, only serving to intensify the pleasure. I began losing all control of my body as I shook and trembled through orgasm after orgasm.

My head smashed forward and down against Max, further dazing me. First one, then the other foot slipped free of the stirrups, and I began bouncing freely on Max's back without any control at all.

My entire being was focused around the aching, squashing, mashing, pounding of the rubber cocks slamming in and out of my poor holes. My cit slapped down onto the saddle with each downward bounce and made me cry out as if punched.

The jouncing made Max uneasy and he began to lengthen his stride. I was thrown about helplessly on his back. Only the two rods embedded in my groin, and churning my guts into a pulpy mass, kept me from flying from the saddle.

My body was thrown up out of the saddle almost to the full length of the cocks, and then immediately slammed back down, my tits screamed with pleasure and pain each time my chest smashed forward onto Max's back or neck. They were bouncing up and down on my chest with wild abandon as Max ran across the field.

I was thrown forward and back and sideways, my arms and head flopping about with no guidance or control at all. My legs slapped against the side of the horse as I screamed in mindless sobbing pleasure. My tits were so swollen I thought they would explode.


We raced across the prairie like that, drool spilling out of my mouth, and dribbling down my chest and breasts as I flopped helplessly around on his back. I could hardly breath through the continuous orgasms and my vision began falling away into sparkling bright lights.

I don't know how long after I lost consciousness, that I was finally thrown from his back. Probably not long, or I wouldn't have survived. My cunt and asshole would have been torn apart.

When I woke up, I was lying on my back in the close cropped grass of the north pasture. My arms and legs were spread wide. It took me many minutes to groan and shudder my way back to life. The pain in my crotch helped me come back down to earth.

My cunt felt like I had just given birth, and my asshole was still partly open as the sphincter muscle had been so abused it hadn't yet fully recovered. My ass and thighs were smarting from the slapping they had taken against the leather saddle, and i rolled over onto my stomach to ease the pain.

I was extremely weakened by my experience and I began feeling increasingly hopeless. It was starting to get dark, and I was having difficulty even standing on my rubbery legs. When I finally managed to heave myself upright and take a few tentative steps, I noticed that I was walking instinctively bow legged.

Closing my legs brought tears of pain to my eyes. I didn't know how I was going to get back home without Max. I groaned again at the thought of him wandering back into the farmyard with those dildos glued upright on his saddles, and my clothes in his saddle bag.

Fortunately I only had to walk for about twenty minutes before I came across Max grazing on the short dry grass. I dressed and rode home with some difficulty. Riding was agony on my tender crotch and skin. I had to lay off the dildos for several days until my raw pussy flesh had healed somewhat.

My next wild experience occurred several weeks later. I was lying nude on my bed watching television and snacking on muffins. Tom, one of our dogs, was lying on the bed beside me watching every move the muffins made in their journey from the plate to my mouth. I tossed him pieces occasionally, and he would gulp them down and then slurp and lick all around the area the buttery muffin piece had landed.

Anyway, one of the pieces I had casually tossed, had failed to clear my thigh, and had fallen back onto my crotch, where Tom had quickly grabbed it before I could move it away.

I didn't pay much attention to this at first because of the TV program I was watching. Then Tom stuck his nose in my crotch, the way dogs do sometimes, and began licking around there for any trace of the buttery muffin that might be left behind.

The rasping trace of his tongue as it slipped just past my clitty shocked me and I pushed him away abruptly. But then I started thinking about how soft and nice his tongue had felt down there.

I placed another piece right over my cunt and made sure to rub some of it along my tight little slit. Tom gulped down the muffin and then like always, nosed around for more. He smelled the tracings on my pussy and began licking it up energetically. I gasped in delight and spread my legs wide as his tongue slid up and down my cunt slit, licking inside my pussy lips now and then.

This was fantastic, I thought! The house was empty and I had an idea. I jumped out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen. I had an idea that I thought would work even better than the muffins. Tom loved jam more than anything else in the world.

I got the jar from the cupboard and ran back upstairs. Tom was still on the bed licking up the last of the muffins I had left him. I lay down and pulled my knees up to my chest, then began to spoon the jam into my cunthole. I pushed half a dozen spoonloads into my tight little cunt and then liberally applied it around the outside as Tom looked on interestedly.

Then I urged him over. He moved between my spread legs and sniffed lightly around my slit for a few seconds, then his long tongue came out and began to lick me. His tongue rasped over and over my bulging clit, sending waves of pleasure racing through my blood.

I sighed as his tongue slid into my cunny hole and began probing around for more jam. My body began writhing around on the bed as he drove me into a shattering climax with his licking.

His tongue went deep inside me, his nose rubbing against my clit continuously. I began humping up against his face as I built for another orgasm. My head shook back and forth and I pulled and squeezed my titties as I sailed through it.

As I was regaining my breath after coming down, I noticed Tom was humping against my bare leg as he licked. I think the smell of girl cum had excited him. I could feel his hard cock against the soft smooth skin of my knee, and a shock ran through me as I realized what else I might be able to get him to do.

I had seen him and the other dogs in the yard of course, along with the horses and cows. I knew how they did it, though I had never heard of them doing it with a person before.

I remembered how sometimes him and the other dogs would jump up on my or the other kids back when we crawled on the floor. His cock was pretty big, but not as big as the dildos I had used, and I had no worries that it would fit if I could get him to fuck me.

I got up and then went down on my knees on the carpet, waving my ass in Toms face. Sure enough he loped over and began nosing around my slit hole again. Seconds later, he jumped up onto me. His paws came around my waist and i could feel his hard dick poking around against my crotch.

I reached back and grabbed it. Shock ran through me as I actually held the male organ in my hand. Then I fitted it against the opening of my slit and pushed back against him with my ass.

His cock slid deep inside me and he immediately began humping me. I groaned as it slid over my clit on each pump. He fucked me so hard and fast, I rocketed quickly into another orgasm. The idea of me getting fucked by a dog was so degenerate and perverted! I was intensely excited and stimulated even without his plunging, pistoning doggie cock.

I couldn'T believe how fast he was fucking me. His furry doggie body ground into my as and crotch furiously. I had seen porno movies of people doing it and the men never pumped near this fast. His cock was pistoning in and out of my little slithole with tremendously deep strokes. I began humping my ass back at him and this increased the force of the strokes even more.

My mind was spinning as I was fucked for the first time ever. I could feel Tom's prick slicing up and down my tight buttery cunt sheath, pumping and plunging inside me as he sought to spill his see. I couldn't support my weight any more, and my head and shoulders dropped to the carpet.

Tom continued to pump wildly into me. His pounding body smashed into my crotch, propelling me back and forth with each stroke, rubbing my face and titties against the carpet. The nails on his paws were rasping and scratching the skin of my belly as he locked himself tightly to me, and I felt his drool dribbling onto my shoulders and back as his hot breath blew around my hair.

I could feel this hard bulge in the middle of his cock, deep inside me. It was like there was a rock in the middle of his cock. The bulge seemed to be getting bigger as he went on and it began to hurt my cunt with its size. It felt like a baseball or something inside me, and spread my cunt canal wide apart as it churned its way up and down.

I was weak from several orgasms, but I raised myself up and tried to get him off me. I crawled forward across the room, but Tom was just dragged along with me by his tight leghold around my belly, and he kept humping the whole time.

I tried to get up, but I was too weak to rise with his hundred and some pounds of doggy weight on top of me. I tried and tried, managing to almost rise, before falling again. Then he growled and nipped me lightly on the neck, making me cry out in shock and sudden pain.

I fell back to my knees and he stopped growling. I saw a pair of paws besides me on the ground and looked up to see Jack, and beside him, Rex and King. They were the other three German Shepherds we kept around the farm. As Tom hammered away at my cunt, they nosed around me and humped against my sides and head. I could see from my position on the ground that they all had erect cocks hanging beneath them.

Tom intensified his hammering fuck, and then I felt a gush of hot juice shooting down into my guts as that big bulge in his cock exploded inside me. I realized Tom had just cum, had just sprayed a load of doggie sperm into my womb. The idea gave me a weird, twisted kind of thrill.

He rested atop me for a few seconds, his tongue lolling out of his mouth from the exertion, then he jumped off. I tried to get up then, but King immediately humped up on top of me, his front legs sliding around underneath my body and hooking around my belly.

He ignored my feeble protests and his hard cock began poking against my crotch. I tried to rise only to be nipped back into place by his sharp teeth. His cock found my warm wet slit and slid down into me. Again my crotch was pummelled by a hammering pounding body.

In spite of myself I began getting excited by the situation and the rubbing of his cock against my hardened little clit. I was practically being raped by a fucking dog! I thought I must be the dirtiest, sluttiest girl in the world, and the idea filled me with carnal lust. I came twice before he finished and filled up my fuck hole with his doggy juice.

Jack came after him. His cock was longer than the others and seemed to crash into the end of my slithole on each downward thrust. When he finished REx too his place. All the while I shivered and shuddered, and trembled as I knelt beneath them.

Their pounding cocks were driving my spinning mind into blasting, blossoming orgasms that drove the thoughts from my head, that made me as much an animal as they. My eyes were closed and my body jerked to their driving cock thrusts. I felt like a bitch in heat being serviced by the dogs of a pack.

My cunt was squeezing and clutching at Rex's fuck tool as I groaned and trembled. My body shook through yet another orgasm as Rex rutted against me, his spiky prick sliding up and down my little cunt tunnel and deep into the center of my soul.

As I knelt there in a semi-delirious state, Rex's poking cock came out and then rammed into my asshole by mistake. It was slightly open due to my position and loss of muscular control. His cock slid down into my asshole easily.

It came to me through a daze that I should get him out of there before his bulge built up like the others. I couldn't do anything though, and soon it would have been impossible to get him out of there without cutting off his cock, as his bulge sealed him into my clenching anus until the end.

He didn't seem to know the difference, or care for that matter, as his cock thrust in and out of my rectum. The other dogs had left and I gasped and moaned to myself there in the middle of the floor.

An occasional cry issued from my mouth as his thick round bulge smashed back and forth in my guts. I knew I would never be able to get that thing out of my little asshole as it was. I wondered how many girls had been sodomized by a dog anyway.

At last I felt the sloshing wetness in my asshole as his wad of spunky white jism gushed down into my belly. He dismounted and I crawled tiredly into the bathroom to wash off. Dog cum dribbled from my asshole and cuntslit as I walked

Screwing the dogs got to be a habit with me for a while. They fucked me good and I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant or catching anything worse than fleas. I also didn't have to worry about them blabbing to anyone in town or school about me.

After I clipped their nails, I didn't have to worry about getting scratched all over either. I didn't neglect my dildos during this time of course. I stuffed them up my cunt and asshole at every opportunity. Several times I pushed one deep inside my cunt and wore it to school. It would be forced part way out by my cunt muscles, not to mention gravity, but my panties kept it from falling out at my feet.

It would still protrude an inch or two, which made a fantastic time of sitting down. During boring lectures at school, I would raise my little bottom up a little off the chair, and then press back again, pushing it deeper into my cunt tube. Several times I brought myself to orgasm during class without anyone knowing.

One time though, as I was squirming around, trying to cum, Tony Spinozzo, the school creep, had his eyes glued on me. Tony was older than anyone else in my class, and was only there because he kept skipping class all the time and couldn't pass the tests. He only showed up when the social worker threatened to send him to reform school.

Anyway, while I was busy, Tony's boredom, combined with his dirty and suspicious mind, decided that I was a horny girl rubbing herself against the chair to get off. He didn't know the half of it.

After I had cum, I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom to clean myself off. I walked down the deserted hallway and went into the empty girls room. I cleaned myself off in the stall, and then slid the delicious dildo back up into my cunt. When I came out, there was Tony leaning against the wall, leering at me.

"What the hell are you doing in here Spinozzo?" I demanded.

"Hey take it easy baby." he grinned nastily. "I know what you were doing in class little girl." he sneered. My heart sipped a beat at the thought that he might actually know.

"Feeling horny in Prockman's class huh?" "I don't know what the hell you're talking about." I snapped, trying to jerk away from his arms which had encircled me.

"Leave me alone and get out of here!" I demanded, as his hands reached down and cupped my ass through my short skirt. My further words were muffled as his hand gripped my hair and forced my face towards his. His lips crushed mine, his tongue invading my mouth as I struggled angrily against him.

Then his hand slid under my skirt in back and slid down my ass crack to my furry mound. His eyes opened in surprise as he felt the tip of the protruding dildo. "What the hell is that?" he demanded. He pushed me against a sink and bent me forward, throwing up my skirt as I squirmed helplessly. Then he yanked my panties down and I heard him gasp in shock as the dildo pushed out a couple of more inches.

"Holy fucking shit!!" he yelled. "What a hot little slut!! Wait till everyone hears about this!"

My whole body reddened in humiliation as I felt his fingers on the dildo. I yelped and squirmed as he slid the dildo in and out of my fuck box. I struggled uselessly against him, tears coming to my eyes. Then he slapped the side of my head sharply. "Just shut up and do what I tell you, you little slut." he gritted. "You keep quiet and so will I."

With that the last of the dildo came free of my clutching cunt sheath, and he tossed it into the sink. Then I felt another object against my cunt slit. It was even bigger than the dildo, but seemed at the same time to be both harder and softer.

"You like cocks little girl?" he sneered. "I'll give you a real cock for your little cunt to hold onto!" Then he rammed his cock into me, cramming every inch of his male organ into my tiny slit with one mighty thrust. I gasped in pain as my slit went from empty to full in a second. His hands gripped my sides as he pumped his long cock into me from behind.

"Tight little bitch aren't you?!... Fuuckh... Fuuuckkk... Take it pussy... Take it up your fucking little cunt hole!... ughg... ughgh... you little SLUT!... Goooood... ughg... ughhg!

My face was mashed against the mirror in back of the sink, his hand on the back of my neck forcing me flat across the sink as he fucked into me with fast brutal strokes. My toes barely touched the floor and each time he fucked deep against me, my hips ground against the edge of the counter and my toes left the floor.

His hands ran up and down my sides and fastened around my hanging titties, squeezing them over and over through my thin blouse, like he was milking a cow. His balls slapped against my crotch and I could feel his pubic hair against mine as his blood filled slab of meat thrust in and out of my slick little box.

My beleaguered mind tried to cope with the outrage and humiliation of his brutal assault, at the same time as a flood of wondrous sexual passion seared through my belly at the realization that I was finally being FUCKED! "Fuuuckkhhh... Fuccccchhkkk... ughghhhhh!" he groaned. His hands came down to my thighs and he pulled them wide apart so his cock could go even deeper inside me. My feet left the floor and my entire weight came down on my hips mashing against the side of the sink, and my shoulders and face pressing into the mirror.

His cock was really skewering me now as my legs were held far apart for his furious rutting thrusts. His prong was ripping in and out of my pussy, rasping viciously across my clitty, sending jagged bolts of sexual heat up through my pulsing organs.

He grunted each time his cock rammed inside me. Then suddenly my eyes, staring dazedly at my own close reflection in the mirror, were blinded by a deep white light. It was like a tiny pinhole in the center of my vision, but soon expanded, blossoming outward like an explosion to fill my head with a hot throbbing pain.

At the same time my body shivered, and trembled. I could feel my tiny pink nipples almost sparkling with sheer carnal electricity. My breasts felt swollen to twice their normal size, and almost hurt with the need to be squeezed, mashed, and sucked.

I shuddered, and groaned low in my throat as I felt my lower body pulse and shake in the tortuous onslaught of burning orgasmic waves. My eyes rolled back in my head and my muscles locked as the orgasm rolled over me, crushing my mind and body in its all encompassing grasp.

Then suddenly I felt a flood of hot liquids bubbling down into my belly as Spinozzo jammed his cockpole into my furnace of a cunt and sprayed his seed into me.

"Oh Wow!" He groaned, as he pulled loose and did up his pants. He slapped me on the bare ass.

"Nice fuck, bitch!" he grinned. "I'll see you later.

I cleaned the stickiness out of my crotch and pulled my panties up. When I went back into class he was sitting there leering evilly at me.

After school, as I feared, he was waiting for me outside.

"Come on sweety, my cars waiting." he grinned.

"I'm not going anywhere with you, you bastard!" I gritted. He grabbed my arm and swung me around until his face was only inches away from mine.

"Look cunt, you walk around with a rubber cock up your twat because you like fucking. Now you and me are goin to my place and I'm gonna give you just what you been lookin' for, else I'm gonna call everyone over here and show em what you got in that purse of yours."

I started, and glanced guiltily at my purse. I had thought of dumping it somewhere, but couldn't. With that he led me over to a red Camaro parked against the wall and shoved me inside. The engine caught with a roar and we squealed out of the parking lot.

His hand rubbed up and down my bare leg as he grinned at me.

"When we get to my place, I'm gonna strip you down and fuck you till you scream for mercy baby!" he said.

"You ever sucked a cock before? A real cock?"

My face reddened and I shook my head.

"You're gonna find out today." I gasped as his hand slid up under my skirt to my panties. He squeezed my cunt through the thin material, then pushed his hand under them and shoved a long finger up my cunt.

I began trembling as we raced down the street, frightened of what he would do to me. But anything was better than having everyone find out what I had been doing with the dildo. It would have been less of a scandal if I'd gotten pregnant.

We turned off the road onto a narrow drive and pulled up in front of a ratty looking house. He flicked his tongue out at me.

"Ready to get fucked, cunt?"

I scrunched down in the seat looking away from him. "Answer me you whore!" he yelled in my face.

"Y...l yes." I squeaked.

He glared at me, then he grabbed my hair and jerked me around to face him."Yes what!"

"Y... yes I'm ready to be f... fucked... arghhh! Stop pulling my hair! That hurts!"

"Ha!" he laughed.

He jumped out of the car and came around to my side. He yanked me out and led me up to the front door. Just as we got there, it opened and an older man stood there glaring at Tony.

"What the fuck took you so long boy?" he demanded.

"Don't worry pa." Tony said "I got a good reason."

Relief started to rise in me, thinking I would escape Tony's clutches with his Dad here.

But then my breath caught with Tony's next words.

"I brought home a little cunt meat for us!"

The man looked at me, his face all scrunched up.

"This looks kinda underripe ta me." he said.

Tony laughed. He pulled the dildo out of my purse and held it up. "When I bent her over this afternoon she had this up her little cunt. She was jerking off right in class."

Tony's dad looked at me with renewed interest, as I closed my eyes in embarrassment. "She's a tight fit Pa, I tried her out today."

The man grinned and reached his hand up to my boob. He clutched his fingers around it and squeezed, bruising the tender flesh, until I cried out in pain.

"Take her inside afore someone sees her." he ordered.

Tony pushed me inside and he and his Dad came in after. It was a dark dirty little house, and I curled my lip as I looked around in disgust. Tony and his dad pushed me into the middle f the room and then stood back. "Take your clothes off honey." the man said, not unkindly.

I looked up at the two of them and shook my head, folding my arms over my chest as my face reddened further. Tony glared at me and started to move forward, but the old man held his arm.

"Look honey," he admonished, "You either take off that dress of yourn or me and Tony are gonna rip it off and then give you a little wuppin to teach you manners, then you kin walk home neked." I looked at the two of them, they were sweating and had hardons that bulged out the front of their pants.

"What's it gonna be honey?" the old man demanded.

Slowly my trembling fingers began to unbutton the front of my dress. It only had a few buttons down the front. When they were done, the whole dress would just slip down off me. The last button was opened and I looked up at them hesitantly.

"Come on cunt!" Tony yelled.

My eyes blurred with tears as I pulled the front aside and lowered the dress down. First past my rounded tit orbs, partially hidden behind my pink bikini bra, then down over my smooth flat belly, and finally over my rounded hips and dow past my thighs, dropping finally to the floor.

The two of them whistled as I stood there shivering, clad only in my underwear.

"She's small but all the parts are there all right!" the old man grinned. Tony licked his lips and nodded. "Yum Yum!" he said.

I realized that though he had fucked me earlier, Tony had never seen me, except for my upturned ass and cunt.

"The rest honey. We don't got all day."

I breathed shakily and fumbled with the catch of my bra, turning around to do so. Then Tony grabbed me from behind. His hands encircled my wrists, and yanked them up above my head as he whirled me around to face his father.

The old guy shook his head and stepped forward, his hands grabbing the material. Then he ripped the flimsy bra apart, so my round boobs sprang free. A second later my panties were sliding down my legs ad I was standing there naked. Behind me Tony smacked his lips, he held both my wrist in one hand above me while his other hand slid up my belly and cupped one tit, squeezing harshly.

"Nice huh Pa?" he said. He pushed against my back, shoving my chest outward as he pulled back on my wrists. My body bowed out toward the old man, whos eyes gleamed as they raced over my small white frame.

"Nice indeed." he said.

They put me on my back on a table. Tony went to one side and held my arms above me. His father stepped to the other, between my legs. He pulled me down till my ass was right on the edge.

"Move your legs apart honey." he ordered. I shakingly spread them wide.

"Wider!" he said.


The muscles and tendons in my groin strained and protested as he pulled my legs almost parallel with the table edge. I was split worse than when I did the split at ballet. I was spread out wide as the two of them slobbered over me, stroking, squeezing, fondling, and pinching me all over.

Tony held my wrists with one hand and ran the other over my tit mounds and belly. He took great delight in the smoothness and softness of my skin, and squeezed and pinched my upthrust titties and small pink nipples relentlessly. He seized one nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twisted and rolled it, pulling it upward, distending my tit flesh into a giant meaty cone.

His father slid his hands over my inner thighs and rubbed up and down my crotch, marvelling at the sparseness of the fleecy golden fur and the tightness of my little slit. His hands came under me and clutched my buttocks, pulling my lower body off the table. His thumb rubbed away at the entrance to my cunt, pushing down with more and more pressure until it was buried to the knuckle.

His mouth came down and his tongue slid up and down my slit, then burrowed away at the top, searching for my clitty. Tears started to slid down my cheeks as I trembled in fear, and worried what they would do to me. I was mortified at being so used, never having been naked in front of anyone else, except a doctor.

The old man stepped back and lowered me back to the table. He rapidly undressed. When he stood there naked, I tried to avert my face, but my eyes were held by a huge erect cock sprouting forth from beneath his fat belly. It was huge, bigger and fatter than the dildos I had used. Bigger even, I thought, than Tony's was, though I had never actually seen his.

"You like it honey?" he grinned. He stroked his cock with his hand and leered at me.

"It's gonna feel real good when I shove it inside your tight little fuck hole.". He leaned forward over me, his face inches from mine. I could feel his hot breath on my cheek, as his hand slid ever so lightly over the soft warm flesh of my upturned breast.

His hand slid down over my skin, leaving a tingle of heat in its trail. It moved over my belly and slid around in slow gentle circles, then downward, over my abdomen until his palm rubbed across my pubic mound and cupped me there, firmly but gently.

Then his finger stiffened. I thought he was going to push it inside me, but instead he slid it up along my slit, over my pussy hair, and onto my abdomen and belly. It stopped, about a foot above my cuntslit, and he grinned again.

"See there honey?" he pushed the tip of his finger into my belly, making a deep indentation in the flesh as it pressed inward.

"This... right here, is where my cock is going to go." he twisted his finger in my belly as his breathing increased.

My own breathing was getting heavier as well. I stared down at his finger as if mesmerized. Unbidden to my mind came the image of that mighty organ of his churning away inside me.

"Right up here inside your belly." he breathed. "I'm gonna fuck my cock up inside you so high, you won't be able to stand it."

I looked at the smooth flesh of my belly and it turned see- through. In my mind I imagined a wide window showing the inside of my belly, and there beneath the skin was his huge fuckwand, sliding back and forth inside me.

I blinked and it disappeared, replaced by his caressing fingers. Again he spoke, in an almost hypnotic voice. "Small, and tight you are. I'll ride you like no one else ever has little one." Then he kissed me, his tongue thrusting between lips parted in surprise.

He stepped back, and moved between my still parted legs. I watched his cock, my breath locked inside me, a he positioned the fat thing at the center of my crotch. I felt his cockhead touch me there. He ran it up and down my small slit several times.

Then the fat head, greased with his pre-cum, was pushing aside my cuntlips. I felt them pried apart, felt the entrance to my body opening wide, wider, wider still. I gasped in pain, my fingers digging into my palm as my pussy was forced open further than ever before.

I felt his thing going into me. It felt like a hard round ball right at the top of my cunt channel. My breath was coming in great heaving gasps as it forced its way deeper, moving two full inches, then three, then four. My eyes were wide and staring as I watched inch after inch of the fat ugly thing moving inside me, disappearing into the tiny slit between my legs.

I cried out as his fuck tool moved deeper into my body, five full inches it looked like,then six, seven, eight... My vaginal tunnel was forced to accommodate a cock wider than it was. My cunt tunnel bulged outward around his piercing organ, bulged aside into my intestines and colon, bulged wide, shoving aside other organs as it tried to hold the giant cock without tearing.

The elastic walls of my pussy gave under his relentless attack, moved wider still. I gritted my teeth, closing my eyes against the pain as he moved deeper still; nine inches, then ten. My eyes snapped open as I felt it touch the deepest part of my pussy.

I pulled my head off the table and stared downward, and cried in despair to see there was still cockmeat yet to come. Nothing had ever moved this deep inside me and he was going to go deeper still. My guts cramped and ached as he forced his meat further still, unwilling to accept that there was an end to my pussy.

A sob burst from my throat, and a short cry of pain. Tony's hand came down on my chin, pulling my head back against the table, holding me there. His father slammed his hips forward, thrusting his spear like cock against the back of my cunt.

My legs jerked up and aside, heels flopping and pounding on the table top. My back arched as I sought mindlessly to rise from the table. He grabbed my thighs, his fingers digging painfully hard into my flesh. He pushed my legs wider, then his hands slid around my waist. My waist was so tiny that his hands completely encircled me, fingers joined together at my back, his thumbs overlapped across my belly.

He slammed his hips forward again, jamming another full inch inside me. He was panting hard, but not as hard as I was. I writhed against their hold, my lower body screaming in pain as his humongous thing stabbed deep into my belly.

Then he gave a savage grunt. He jerked my body back against him. My ass and legs came up off the table as he jerked me against him. At the same time he hammered his hips forward, and drove the final inch of cockmeat into my tortured cunt tunnel.

My head twisted frantically from side to side and I screamed as his big cock mashed against something and then broke through. I could barely endure the pain. His cockhead must be up in my womb, up in my stomach itself, I thought.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" he groaned. "You got it now Honey! You got all of it! Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" His fat hairy belly came down on mine, crushing my stomach as he ground himself against me. He squeezed my belly, his hands now sweaty and leaving an oily trail behind.

"Fuck her Pa. Ram it up her hole!" Tony laughed.

The old man's pubic bone was against my crotch, his balls hanging down against my buttocks. He stayed there, his organ deep inside me. Hot... Throbbing... Alive.

"Holy FUCK she's tight!" he whispered.

His hands rubbed softly over my skin as he rested there, moving up over my breasts to my face, caressing my cheek.

He bent forward, his mouth coming down on my right nipple. His lips closed around it, soft, and wet. I felt him suckling me there, his tongue dancing lightly across my nipple. He rolled it in his mouth, rubbing it between his tongue and lips.

His hands came down under me, clutched my straining buttocks, squeezed tightly, lifted me upwards, holding my groin locked against his. He twisted me around in circles, working his hips back and forth, tearing a channel to pump his cock into.

His ugly face came down again, his mouth covering my gasping lips. He sucked and bit at my mouth, his tongue ramming inside. I felt his spittle and drool dripping into my mouth as he yanked my whole lower body up in sharp vicious jerks.

Then he thrust forward, yanking me against him so my body lurched downward on the table and his cock hammered against my guts. He slowly pulled back, tearing a few inches out of the hot vice like grip of my clutching fuck box.

He hammered himself forward again, smashing his hips into my crotch and buttocks, driving his hot spike up my belly once again. He ignored my pain filled cries, pulled slowly back again, inch by inch, until he was half out, then pounded forward.

He fucked me with longer and longer strokes, each one hard, brutal, irresistible. His cock pulled all the way out except the tip, and then drove back inside me until his balls slapped my ass and his rock hard girl-fucker was buried to the hilt inside me, the blood engorged head crammed high inside my belly like he'd promised.

The sounds of desperate fucking filled the small rom. My moaning and sobs, his grunts of enjoyment, the slurping of his fat meat thrusting and rutting in and out of my agonized cunt chamber, and his hips and belly cracking and slapping against the soft skin of my wide open crotch.

The inside of my cunt hole was sore and rubbed raw by his thrusting cock before he finally gasped and threw his head back.

"YESSSSSSSSSSS !!" he exulted.

I felt his come pouring down into my cunt and womb, racing deep into my guts as his hands on my hips lifted me off the table and ground my crotch harshly against his, before collapsing onto me.

He lay atop me for several moments as we both caught our breath, then he pushed himself up, pulled his cock out of my now gaping fuck tunnel. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and gave a little laugh, then stumbled away from the table.

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Farm Girl - part 1

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anonymous reader — 12 January 2011 11:09
My girlfriend likes the story. When we had sex last night I held her arms fast, rammed my cock into her and said "Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" It got her so turned on that she wanted her little butt hole "raped" too afterwards.
anonymous reader — 12 January 2011 11:09
My girlfriend likes the story. When we had sex last night I held her arms fast, rammed my cock into her and said "Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" It got her so turned on that she wanted her little butt hole "raped" too afterwards.
anonymous reader — 12 January 2011 11:09
My girlfriend likes the story. When we had sex last night I held her arms fast, rammed my cock into her and said "Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" It got her so turned on that she wanted her little butt hole "raped" too afterwards.
anonymous reader — 12 January 2011 11:09
My girlfriend likes the story. When we had sex last night I held her arms fast, rammed my cock into her and said "Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" It got her so turned on that she wanted her little butt hole "raped" too afterwards.
anonymous reader — 12 January 2011 11:08
My girlfriend likes the story. When we had sex last night I held her arms fast, rammed my cock into her and said "Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" It got her so turned on that she wanted her little butt hole "raped" too afterwards.
anonymous reader — 12 January 2011 11:08
My girlfriend likes the story. When we had sex last night I held her arms fast, rammed my cock into her and said "Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" It got her so turned on that she wanted her little butt hole "raped" too afterwards.
anonymous reader — 12 January 2011 11:06
My girlfriend likes the story. When we had sex last night I held her arms fast, rammed my cock into her and said "Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" It got her so turned on that she wanted her little butt hole "raped" too afterwards.
seladang — 09 January 2011 12:46
Oh so very good one of the best stories I have read I will now read all of your other parts please keep writing
anonymous reader — 04 December 2010 08:13
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anonymous reader — 14 November 2010 00:51
This story is FUCKING WRONG!!!! If anyone gets off by reading this, then you are a sick FUCK that needs to be locked away in a cold dark little bitty hole in the ground forever.. RAPE AND BLACKMALE ARE NOT COOL. Why in the hell would you bring this poor girl home to your father for him to RAPE!!!! i hope everyone who thinks this story is good and great, etc i hope you all ROT IN HELL YOU SICK FUCKS
anonymous reader — 14 November 2010 00:47
This story was horse shit. It literally made me want to find these fuckers and kill them, why in the hell would you bring home a girl for your father and you.. this poor girl is being raped and blackmaled. If anyone gets off by reading this story they should be locked up in a cold dark hole forever because you are a sick mother fucker
anonymous reader — 14 November 2010 00:47
This story was horse shit. It literally made me want to find these fuckers and kill them, why in the hell would you bring home a girl for your father and you.. this poor girl is being raped and blackmaled. If anyone gets off by reading this story they should be locked up in a cold dark hole forever because you are a sick mother fucker
anonymous reader — 14 November 2010 00:47
This story was horse shit. It literally made me want to find these fuckers and kill them, why in the hell would you bring home a girl for your father and you.. this poor girl is being raped and blackmaled. If anyone gets off by reading this story they should be locked up in a cold dark hole forever because you are a sick mother fucker
anonymous reader — 12 November 2010 11:08
Absolutely love it.Great job!
1labelho — 30 September 2010 09:44
Okay...ah where did that come from. Thanks I owe you one. Only turn off was you could have produced two amazing stories but you crammed both her farm life with the school rape. Y?
Anonymous reader — 04 July 2010 02:07
this is good and all but i just dont like the douches getting the girl try afterwards she pleads rape , part 2 should be the tables turned one of them get raped, so good beastility "two bloody thumbs up"
Anonymous reader — 04 July 2010 02:07
sorry ment to say in prison they get raped XD
Anonymous reader — 22 June 2010 04:09
to the guy 8 posts below this one
fuck off
read the tags of a story before you read it and don't complain abot it when you are warned what the story contains before hand,
Anonymous reader — 15 June 2010 00:44
to the person who has qualms with rape, its tagged as so, so fuck off. Dont take this the wrong way, Im not defending it, but Im not condemning it either. I knew exactly what I would be reading eventually, because it was tagged as so.
Anonymous reader — 20 April 2010 03:38
well written but fucking disgusting seriously man come on
Anonymous reader — 11 April 2010 17:42
Anonymous reader — 04 April 2010 09:14
jaketheman — 03 April 2010 20:59
holy shit that was so funking hot i came and then fucked my gf.keep writing your amazing!
daddy — 30 October 2009 14:22
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tinya [email protected]02 October 2009 17:25
This is a story and not a real.If this is a story ok.And if it is reality should be reported SPCA.
Anonymous reader — 26 September 2009 18:56
first of all it was good till the rape part. that was sick and rape is something that should be despised because as any women that was really raped would tell you it is a horrifying experience that will scar you for life. I loked everythign but the rape and down. people need to learn how to understand what rape is and how it is not soemthign they should enjoy seeign happen to others even fictional characters cause it influences them!
Anonymous reader — 11 September 2009 19:08
Anonymous reader — 18 April 2009 20:09
Anonymous reader — 06 April 2009 18:10
KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous reader — 15 March 2009 14:22
holy shit that was so good the rape coulda been less brutal but over all it was so good, i got so damn horny, i wish i had a guy that would fuck me.
Harken — 15 February 2009 01:04
Frito-Lay — 10 November 2008 14:05
I've read this one a lot of times and love it more each time. It should be marked as one of the best ever.
anonymous — 10 November 2008 13:52
I think the story was fantastic , it had a very good wording, the taste was well taken,she was wanting this, but not as brutal as it happened,I could tell,,a fine story, but the ending was dead, you run out of ideas? ha good work, you need more practice but fine work for Playboy
Anonymous reader — 01 November 2008 22:03
The story was great, but as far as the text, using terms like "fuck box" seem kinda stupid, tho i can understand not wanting to use the same phrase again and again, but i don't think you balenced it quite right.
Godscum — 01 November 2008 06:36
I can only hope that my daughter is as horny and kinky as you are. Your story made me want to be a little slut too. I would love to read more of your work and maybe even follow your footsteps. Thanx for the best adventure i could imagine. Keep up the good sex.
jubalee111 — 21 September 2008 23:34
09-21-2008 Hey 'Dreamer', Dream on! It was good, but it was long. And, I am not too sure if I could go with that rape scene in the end. Keep writing! -Bill-
Anonymous reader — 13 September 2008 20:11
why read a story which states at the start it contains rape and then complain about it you can all obvisouly read to get to the end of the story so if you dont like rape scenes dont read the bloody thing
Anonymous reader — 22 August 2008 00:56
Yeah, I enjoyed the story up until the rape part.
Anonymous reader — 30 July 2008 09:02
anon — 29 June 2008 20:51
Brutal Rape is bad very bad,and no real credabilty to the story.
jdstoryteller — 27 June 2008 05:38
Hot story alright. It illustrates that deep down so many females like to be mastered. Personally I find nothing wrong in that. If both partners enjoy something then nothing should be the limit
Anonymous reader — 24 June 2008 03:12
Alil messed up for me. Just can't.. *shudders*.. picture a 13' inch ugly old man rammin into a young girl like that. *rubs face*
HOTPUSSY GIRL — 27 May 2008 01:27
READER — 21 April 2008 17:22
"I was a perfect-bodied little whore that got exactly what I wanted."
READER — 19 April 2008 01:22
crazy dats all i got to say
READER — 15 April 2008 04:25
too bad if rape is involved,,,,
READER — 14 April 2008 19:56
Best story when I first came here and still the best now. For those who are bitching about the rape scenes, stfu. Next time you read a story check the topics first or don't complain.
READER — 10 April 2008 21:59
good but too much rape
READER — 07 April 2008 23:46
good read i would of liked it if they were a bit cleaner though =
READER — 29 March 2008 02:04
I agree with those that say the rape could have been ommitted...both rapes...Rape is wrong. Period. No matter how erotic. But nice descriptions...
READER — 18 March 2008 20:33
Made me cum!!! Rape was exciting, vivid pictures in mind were outstandingly intricate!!! A genuine 9/10!!!
READER — 12 March 2008 14:15
loved it, the rape was the best
READER — 11 March 2008 23:47
This is what stories on this site should be scaled to. Still the best since I read it years ago.
READER — 09 March 2008 09:58
Was good but sick. Could've did without the rape.
READER — 04 March 2008 23:30
Good. little much on the rape. 6/10
READER — 02 March 2008 08:55
great dildo scene, both on the chair and on the saddle!
READER — 29 February 2008 19:03
READER — 22 February 2008 16:41
wow what a story best ever, my wife will now let our dog have her tonight. We loved the whole thing, maybe daughter beth may join us hope so.
READER — 20 February 2008 09:22
it was good. but could have done without the rape.
READER — 18 February 2008 15:02
it was awesome, but it could of done without the rape
READER — 16 February 2008 13:54
bla sens
READER — 14 February 2008 00:44
ok o right
READER — 13 February 2008 10:00
that was fuckin' sick! who the hell posted that shit!!?
READER — 12 February 2008 20:07
Damn that was mother fucking HOT!! The intire time i was reading it my husbend was fucking me then my two German Sheperds mounted me and cummed inside of me.
READER — 02 February 2008 16:00
love the monster cock rape. Dont call anyone sicko, yet you read the strory yourself. You are sick and a hypocrtite to top it.
READER — 26 January 2008 03:34
i loved the start- especially the horse and the dog. but when she got cought at school, thats when the story started to really suck. you spoiled a good story with gross rape. sorry.
READER — 25 January 2008 17:38
to anybody about to yell at everybody else...

Why are you even reading this if you are just gonna come here and insult people? Why are you even on this site? If you dislike this stuff so much then why not go back to a nonsexual site? Leave the other people and their fantasies alone. They aren't doing anything wrong by getting off to someone's story. Be openminded or get out. Seriously I am tired of you guys trying to tell the rest of the world that they are sick. Chances are you are pretty sick for coming to this site in the first place.

The Voice Of Reason
READER — 23 January 2008 13:55
hell that was good!!!!
READER — 17 January 2008 15:07
READER — 13 January 2008 18:04
the whole rape thing kinda pissed me off... it has potential tho i guess
READER — 07 January 2008 22:08
just open your eyes
READER — 04 January 2008 10:05
Wow dude that is fucking sick, seriously why the fuck would you talk about fucking fucking animals you fucking sick fucking fucks, that shit is way to fucking exagerated to, holy fucking shit get real.
READER — 02 January 2008 23:48
damn can i come over plz
READER — 31 December 2007 02:25
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READER — 24 December 2007 22:57
sweet ass story
READER — 21 December 2007 02:50
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READER — 19 December 2007 04:19
Sick basterds
READER — 17 December 2007 23:07
this is probably the best story on the whole damn site. god, it's hot
READER — 14 December 2007 10:45
13" no way,these stories are always spoiled by such
READER — 04 December 2007 12:04
wat the fuck..
READER — 01 December 2007 23:12
13" holy crap
READER — 01 December 2007 13:18
stop complaining you read the story
READER — 01 December 2007 04:53
her choice to fuck the dog then if u dont like dot read the stories
READER — 29 November 2007 18:59
if it was wrong then why the hell did you read it
READER — 28 November 2007 10:39
i beg to differ
READER — 26 November 2007 00:34
wat the hell, a dog wouldnt fuck a person this is the biggest truckload of crap ever
READER — 20 November 2007 15:19
i loved the part about the dogs
but the rape was waaay to much,
READER — 19 November 2007 22:34
bite me
READER — 19 November 2007 19:35
sex with a dog is sick, pervert
READER — 15 November 2007 23:04
This is wrong.
READER — 07 November 2007 03:58
What is rong with u people u need a bullet
READER — 03 November 2007 10:23
Sick fuckers. How can you get off on this?
READER — 03 November 2007 09:22
liked the first part, HATED the rest!
READER — 29 October 2007 19:29
what is rong with u people u need a bullet
READER — 22 October 2007 01:44
Fuck I need a wank so bad
READER — 20 October 2007 07:07
nice, real good jerk off material
READER — 11 October 2007 01:32
You know what? fuck you asshole. if its sick why did you bloody read it, and why are you on a porn site. it fuckheads like you that make me feel pissed. go back to mama.
READER — 07 October 2007 21:32
Sick, 1/10
READER — 04 October 2007 13:02
I would have liked that she would suck off the dogs, also some piss would improve the story. You know something for everyone.
READER — 02 October 2007 00:40
READER — 28 September 2007 23:00
oh my god i am soooo horney now
READER — 28 September 2007 16:15
Ok first of all someone said that she wouldn't be tight after the whole horse incident because it was like giving birth. I know from experience that even after you give birth your birth canal and everything shrink back to pre-pregnancy size. Get your facts before talking out your ass. My girlfriend is just as tight now as she was before she had my baby 6 weeks ago, if not tighter.
READER — 25 September 2007 10:21
First thing, it's only fiction. But, it's obvious that the girl enjoyed all the violence both by animals & by men. It was a feast. However, I feel girls especially in my country desrve a brutal rape only. They have become too choosy, proud & arrogant. They are bitches.........
READER — 25 September 2007 04:06
wow!!it made me cum ...
READER — 25 September 2007 04:02
mmmm, sexy
READER — 12 September 2007 04:49
cool bur unjust
READER — 12 September 2007 00:38
All that's left is for her to kill them and claim rape.
READER — 09 September 2007 12:26
She wouldn't be so tight after riding that horse, you even said yourself it was like giving birth.
It would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

Though, you said she was tight like 20 times.
And after awhile it got really boring, specially with the whole rape shit, it was a really boring rape.
READER — 08 September 2007 04:51
i loved the rape
READER — 07 September 2007 04:11
why dont u try your horse?
READER — 06 September 2007 01:14

The rape takes place after she's fucked by a bunch of dogs...which is also a crime..and they dont seem to mind that >.>; I mean, yeah rape is bad, but it's a story x_X grow up.
READER — 05 September 2007 22:23
i luv cum in my ass
READER — 19 August 2007 14:32
Rape bothers me as well. If somehow the girl got turned on by the son in the washroom when he kissed her would have been good and when she saw the dad's cock she went crazy and had to have his 13" inside her would have been hot. The rape I don't like.
READER — 13 August 2007 23:57
Bill Clinton LOVES this story especially for the rape.
READER — 08 August 2007 19:21
rape=bad if she was smart she would have put the dildo in some1 els's possesion and left it there so there would be no second rape
READER — 06 August 2007 22:09
i liked the story, all except for the rape!
READER — 05 August 2007 23:26
READER — 04 August 2007 03:15
You seem confused on the location of the clit.
READER — 03 August 2007 13:58
dog always favours this kind of jam!
READER — 03 August 2007 08:48
Leave her alone she wants to be fucked like that and be forced to have sex everyday. 10/10
READER — 31 July 2007 19:47
Damn, I thought the horse was gonna fuck her too.
READER — 31 July 2007 13:19
Rape owns you
READER — 31 July 2007 00:24
i agree with the ppl bout the rape it ruined the story it was good up to that n then i couldnt read because rape bothers me alot cuz of course its bad
READER — 30 July 2007 02:34
Good story
READER — 29 July 2007 14:40
The begining was good and made me very wet but all the rape didn't help me very much
READER — 27 July 2007 09:43
i could not take my eyes of the story what a read a bit for everyone in there 9/10 the ending was cut short i think but still amazing
READER — 24 July 2007 02:40
OH MY GOD. That story was freaking fantastic...the rape was OK, but it shouldn't have been at the end...it killed it. Otherwise, got me off a few times, for sure...such a great story. 10/10. No joke.
READER — 23 July 2007 14:06
abdkrim levo
READER — 19 July 2007 17:47
good story
rape=very bad
READER — 16 July 2007 09:06
READER — 11 July 2007 15:47
rapes a crime it was good 10/10 at first then the rape lowered it to like a 3/10
READER — 09 July 2007 02:43
Good story
READER — 08 July 2007 01:02
interesting ...... well atleast the first part was ..... the rape part didn't really turn me on. but i think 6/10 is fair.
READER — 06 July 2007 18:08
i hate rape stories
READER — 06 July 2007 05:12
good fuck but kinda boring.
READER — 30 June 2007 03:22
fuck the story dept. I'm clicking over to the movies.
READER — 29 June 2007 18:00
good story but comon the rape scene kinda killed it,
READER — 20 June 2007 10:19
This is nice but I found the same story till the dogs fuck her and go at alt.sex stories. Is it the same writer or someone else?
READER — 14 June 2007 22:51
I love this story. Very well written and I like the character. And the fucking ;)
READER — 14 June 2007 18:58
Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab Blab .
It sucks big times, lol.
READER — 06 June 2007 19:41
READER — 01 June 2007 12:03
this story wazs the worst i've ever read
READER — 31 May 2007 06:47
good story. she was a busy little girl. didn't leave out much,just incest left to try. maybe next story?
READER — 27 May 2007 15:48
Im so horny! The dog part is such a fuckin turn on! I want that doggy cock in me too. Gr8 story!
READER — 23 May 2007 18:12
READER — 21 May 2007 12:26
The first part of the story was great; all up till she got up to go to the bathroom, and then got raped, and then raped again by his dad? What a load of crap! It's like the rest of the stories here....they all start out interesting but they all quickly turn crappy as hell. Get rid of the rape scenes by Dumb and Dumber and you'll have a great story.
READER — 14 May 2007 21:26
I love it!
READER — 06 May 2007 03:35
I have to say, this was well-written but one of the cheesiest, adolescent pieces I have ever read here. Non-stop action with no real plot or buildup. No character development, just sex scene to sex scene. 5/10.
READER — 05 May 2007 00:51
Great story cant wait to read the rest.
READER — 30 April 2007 20:24
Start of your story does a boy really have a clit ??
READER — 27 April 2007 18:49
why would his pa want to fuck her to this stories suck and i know more about sex stories and i' only 11 me and dad was fucking me snice i was 4
READER — 19 April 2007 12:59
shite !! us are all fucking loser thats sick !!!!
READER — 17 April 2007 02:56
great story much better than some of the others props!!
READER — 16 April 2007 02:09
incest? must have missed it
READER — 12 April 2007 20:38
I did it - I tried it myself and it really hurt. :( But it was sooooooo cool!
READER — 12 April 2007 14:11
this srorie sucks XD just kiding but it could be beter eg.if the girl fucked the horse and if she was 16 yo
READER — 08 April 2007 01:08
fuck that had me cumming with out even touching my dick
READER — 07 April 2007 13:31
aawwsome...im blowing into orgasms lyk tom did
READER — 01 April 2007 21:39
THAt was the all time best story ive ever read!!!!!!!! I THINK SHE SHOULD HAVE FUCKED MAX THOUGH
READER — 01 April 2007 13:10
on the hosrse that was good would of been better if someone found her riding it...and they made her play wiht the horse or idk....ppl i need sum ideas im dumb...lol
READER — 01 April 2007 08:53
would have been better witha pre tenn girl
READER — 22 March 2007 22:20
FUCK, that was the best thing i've ever read
READER — 22 March 2007 14:24
READER — 05 March 2007 21:25
Nice, even hotter if someone found her riding naked and made her play with the horse
READER — 05 March 2007 00:21
rape is wrong but good story. 10/10
READER — 23 February 2007 03:51
READER — 23 February 2007 02:44
This is racist, where's all the nig's and jews.

Great story, needs nig's and jews, but good story


... Reader



READER — 21 February 2007 02:47
This is racist, there's no nig's
READER — 15 February 2007 18:30
This was great. It made me horny.
READER — 09 February 2007 01:26
she should have fucked the horse
READER — 07 February 2007 05:12
wht is eveyones obseesion wit god? it clearly says wht this site is an wht this story is so y be on here if ure tht religious? U mite prefer this little book called 'the bible'. I believe uit will suit u betta and if it doesnt i suggest u get a betta god
READER — 05 February 2007 11:31
phew gd job i went bak up an double checked it was fiction lol
READER — 03 February 2007 23:47
READER — 01 February 2007 22:20
READER — 30 January 2007 07:00
Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! NAx8EEk3OOOQuy
READER — 26 January 2007 23:53
yeah she should have fucked the horse
READER — 23 January 2007 00:40
Im sorry, but from dogs to the man doing that, this stuff in moderation is good, but thats dang near too much.
READER — 18 January 2007 20:38
you could have said that she liked it or something.. but the dildo on the horse that was a good idea:P
READER — 18 January 2007 03:15
u guys are all a bunch of sasauge feast loving sick fucks.
READER — 17 January 2007 19:13
great story, wish i had been there to get my share also
READER — 17 January 2007 18:56
Sooooo hot......would love to have father and son do a d/p on her.
READER — 04 January 2007 17:07
The Word of God; Leviticus 18:23
READER — 03 January 2007 06:49
Well written as are all of this author's stories. Very exciting sexually if you can be excited sexually.
READER — 02 January 2007 01:14
Excellent story! I just had the best orgasm in years!
READER — 26 December 2006 19:19
u sick fuck!!!! how could u do that to.....!!!! wait...sorry wrong story, i loved yours tho, but the kid could have fucked her again.
READER — 18 December 2006 20:19
she should have got fucked from the horse
READER — 05 December 2006 13:11
definetley kinky :P
READER — 02 December 2006 04:53
OFFF ߀nde Siksem
READER — 01 December 2006 02:36
me likey :D wish that had happened to me at school..lol
READER — 24 November 2006 06:01
READER — 21 November 2006 03:49
how i wish the guy fuck his dad too
READER — 20 November 2006 17:13
God...I'm bisexual, and wish I could have had the slutty little girl lick at my pussy.
READER — 17 November 2006 12:45
ohhhhhhhhh! i had sex after i read it
READER — 13 November 2006 17:32
Fuck I jut came a largest load now I got to get fuckrd
READER — 13 November 2006 00:54
it was soo mean but kinky!
READER — 27 October 2006 14:14
great writing, very hot and kinky story. made me extra hard. i love seeing a cute girl spreading her legs in a saddle... it just shows off her pussy perfectly if her pants r revealingly tight.... i am gonna read it again and cum thinking of your story, lol
READER — 26 October 2006 17:00
great story....loved reading it. my panties are nice and wet now mmm
READER — 21 October 2006 22:42
it was great i like it alot
READER — 21 October 2006 21:44
i have lost count of how many times ive "read" that now and it still gets me every timt.

Awesome work/
READER — 21 October 2006 20:12
i tried it without stirrups or reins and it was really scary but kinda cool. it was so hard trying to steer while impaled on a horse's back!
READER — 15 October 2006 20:46
Great story but the last section with the guy at school n blackmail and everything after that wasnt great, but thats maybe just my tastes. Everything before that was great
READER — 07 October 2006 02:31
why is everyone bothered by the rape? it was sexy! and plus it clearly states rape in the content before you even openthe story.
READER — 07 October 2006 01:38
Oh yum! that was such a perverted story, i love all of it! i had to rub cunt to it, and had a very strong orgasm! I loved the dog part!
READER — 05 October 2006 21:45
READER — 05 October 2006 00:15
Oh wow I have to try that horse dildo thing! It sounds so cool not being in control!

READER — 24 September 2006 20:40
its only a bloody story. and a good one a that. oooo i am a satanist get a life. baby ur an awesome writer dont listen to them half wit idiots. ur story was great. still lovin ya baby. Steve
READER — 15 September 2006 01:05
I loved the part about the dogs gang banging her! I gave it a 10/10
READER — 13 September 2006 07:32
well done
READER — 10 September 2006 19:21
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm........made me get fucking wetter then fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
READER — 21 August 2006 14:06
hello fuckin dummys it says RAPE at the top...if you dont like it, dont read it
READER — 21 August 2006 12:32
Hey It is just a god damn story chill out people no one said you had to read it okay
READER — 18 August 2006 10:18
Need I remind some of these fuckheads that this is just a fuckin' story?!? And, if you find these types of stories so goddamn disgusting, why in the fuckin HELL are you READING THEM?

10/10 for Creativity, but the rape part didn't do much for me.
READER — 17 August 2006 13:11
meh i liked ur story it was a lil weird when the rape part came around but meh it was awsome otherwise ... but for some advice dont put people rape with bestiality... im a satanist and i dunno but rape just isnt right,,,, but other than that and the typos i dont care what the other people say that story was amazing i blew 3 times from it!
READER — 15 August 2006 22:00
It was a long story, so ill give u som leway, but you overused the same phrases alot, and there were a lot of typos, cum is spelled cum, not come, u did tht at least 3 times 7/10
READER — 15 August 2006 15:32
Total crap,get a real life.
READER — 13 August 2006 08:02
hello i want to fuck
READER — 12 August 2006 01:34
Hey, its me...Super Rebel, this was hot, but the 13 inch dick was kinda fake!!! And the going into her pussy and hittin her guts, and stomach, that was kinda bad, but the rest was good :) 9/10
READER — 10 August 2006 10:10
I'm still jacking off!! Please do a horse story !!
READER — 08 August 2006 02:12
Hi I'm a first time reader and probably the only other female commenter her so far *grinns mischeviously* and I found that although strange in the whole concept your work is very well written and extremely realistic. I loved how you actually brought this less told of yet actually occuring concept to light here. I can't wait to read the second part and whatever you write after that..=)
READER — 08 August 2006 00:52
you are such a loser
READER — 05 August 2006 02:40
Dont listen to wat these ass holes say that was amazing i cant wait for the 2 one
READER — 01 August 2006 20:23
You are a true piece of shit, this story was fucking disgusting and you should be fuckin takin out and have some rapist fuck your asshole and see how you like it yous miserable piece of shit. i hope you rot in hell you sick dog fucking piece of shit.
READER — 01 August 2006 14:40
am ur story sucked
READER — 27 July 2006 22:32
The two junkies at the end was sick... don't add fat old guys in your stories. Also all the stomach, guts, ripping, etc. was super retarted.
READER — 20 July 2006 16:28
the story is good as long as it deals with ur sex n passion, rest the scene ofdogs n then the rape scene is all bullshit
READER — 18 July 2006 00:13
Omg...Dude..Fuck what those dumbshit's say..that story Was awesome..But too..Painful like,ramming in her stomach and guts and shit, it was just too crazy for me, but perfect writing, 10/10 Of course!!!
READER — 11 July 2006 16:59
Fuck you , you fucking sick ass dick. If I ever see you I'll kill you. My wife was raped. And I spent 20 years in the state pin for murder. That's not something to joke around about.
READER — 11 July 2006 03:54
I thought the rape ruined it for me. only came once. Expected to come during the rest of the story but the rape left me completely limp.
READER — 09 July 2006 18:37
eh i've read better
READER — 08 July 2006 19:30
I hate rapists so why does this stuff turn me on?
READER — 06 July 2006 06:50
U ARE ARE ONE TWISTED CREEP!!!!! the end of this sucked stick with dog fucking(wich in itself is wrong as it is) and masterbation. RAPE IS NOT FUN AND ALL WHO ENJOY SOMTHING LIKE THIS SHOULD DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
READER — 05 July 2006 22:50
YOU SUCK DUDE! try to stab the bitch or cut the fingers or even chop her tits off the feed on her dead corpse...mr snuff
READER — 01 July 2006 18:09
rapists should be shot
READER — 28 June 2006 12:16
I liked it!! keep writing. (and u should make movies!!)
READER — 27 June 2006 17:39
your story sucked. you should have stopped after the dogs, or at least explaining about the dildo during school
READER — 25 June 2006 16:04
the end sucked. fuck rapeists. they should all go to hell.
READER — 21 June 2006 15:16
READER — 20 June 2006 21:24
ashley barbie is absolutely right:
women who enjoy rape do not exist!
so fucking stop making stories with this kind of plot! i think the reason peoplewrite this stuff simply try to deal with their conscience...
READER — 17 June 2006 06:25
READER — 11 June 2006 23:57
the beginnig was prety good but the ending fucking sucked!
READER — 10 June 2006 00:11
it is a piece of crap !!!!
READER — 09 June 2006 04:35
the ending was terrible you should have stopped at the dildo
READER — 07 June 2006 16:17
piece of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
READER — 03 June 2006 21:23
I'm surprised a bestiality/rape story is the most-read story on this site... especially one as unrealistic and disturbing as this. However, everyone likes farm girls.
READER — 03 June 2006 06:23
Wher is the end of the story? And Did she get nocked up? That was some sick shit but it was tight like her pussy :) 13 inches is a bit big too 8====> a little hard to believe. Well nice story make a part two and give it an ending.
READER — 03 June 2006 04:44
Loved it all. It kept me hard all the way through.
READER — 30 May 2006 17:15
great story..tho you should have had Tony face fuck her as soon as the dad left..and since i personally have no taste for rape....somehow the father's ass should be put in jail...just for kicks you should have thrown that in..but id gie it a 9.7/10
READER — 24 May 2006 18:00
the problem with this story is that rape is not being described! she is loving it! that is not rape! a female being rape would be terrified about losing her life. also, forced entry is painful and not erotic. the writer doesn't understand all that, and it makes for a frustrating read!
READER — 23 May 2006 17:40
The beginning was unbelievable. I've never had sex with a dog, but obviously you have, and I lived vicariously through you . . . you little slut :-) Regarding the rape -- not realistic. Rape is awful and violent, not erotic and pleasurable. There's confusion there. I read a story where the female was initially raped by her father by ultimately enjoyed it. IMO, your rape scenes should go something like that.
READER — 20 May 2006 06:58
funckin love this story and it still gets 10/10

and thats 8 time now
READER — 19 May 2006 20:43
Very well written and true to life. Good presentation!
READER — 19 May 2006 14:00
READER — 15 May 2006 18:36
READER — 13 May 2006 20:30
holy shit that was a crazy story. i liked that alot. It was so hot. Shit, write a sequel. You know everybody wants too read the next one.
READER — 12 May 2006 15:20
Dear morons.

Fiction, Bestiality, Incest, Rape

those are the tags on this story. if you don't like rape, don't read it.
READER — 12 May 2006 07:53
is that it?
READER — 10 May 2006 20:40
This story you written was fantastic. Not only was it fantastic but very orginal. This was the best story I had ever read. Please continue your great writting talent.
READER — 09 May 2006 02:36
the 13 inches cock u get its nice but me i have 15 inches cock if u want to try me call me or save my ID only_elvis2003 thats ok i cumm her
READER — 07 May 2006 03:34
The end was really crappy but the rest was HOT
READER — 29 April 2006 07:40
alittle long ....perhaps a sequal?
READER — 28 April 2006 19:30
The rape pary was terrible i skipped like all of it but up tll then it was sweet....
READER — 21 April 2006 20:47
its was good.but i don't like the hairy fat man rape part.
READER — 31 March 2006 19:26
dildos on a horse ok thats was kool the dogs was ish but the rape scence should have been saved for the sequel hunny
GothBoy ur local gothic superhero better than batman
READER — 29 March 2006 15:51
A good story, but I didn't like the ending much. I'm not really into rape. But the other stuff was great.
READER — 25 March 2006 10:42
READER — 22 March 2006 17:36
being raped by a big cocked old man is my fanasy too. i loved it . Sally
READER — 15 March 2006 00:09
I'm a bizarre bitch myself and really liked this story. The length didn't bother me. I found the story line pretty damn creative! Dildos on the saddle...cool! Doggy gang bang, Cool! I've had a dog lick my twat and know that doggies are very "eager and aggressive". The rape and dirty old man scene fuckin turned me on! I masterbate to that kind of fantasy all the time. Excellent story! Just don't forget to run spell check.
READER — 11 March 2006 02:32
I loved this story. It's right up my alley. Hell I cummed great just reading it
READER — 06 March 2006 14:15
To long and could've stopped at the dogs, the rape wasn't necessary
READER — 05 March 2006 03:29
it was bullshit!!!
dog raping a gal
oh c'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jess kapoor
READER — 26 February 2006 23:49
crap crap crap crap crap. in other words shit
READER — 20 February 2006 00:32
Decent story. I'm not a dog rape person I guess though?
READER — 19 February 2006 02:25
not bad she sounds hot i'd fuck her
READER — 17 February 2006 23:54
needs to be juicier
READER — 11 February 2006 16:47
READER — 07 February 2006 02:35
ok story, good up until the rape, im not one for rape...7/10
READER — 03 February 2006 02:55
That was a drag race. No nitro. Where was that blojob. Good material though.
READER — 12 January 2006 21:31
Good Story ... a bit too long tho, nice work, keep it up, just shorten it a little bit
READER — 10 January 2006 22:57
this is the worst story i've ever read. It never ended. over horribly bad. sorry
READER — 01 January 2006 04:27
8/10 -- the story was good, but then it began to drag on.
READER — 25 December 2005 04:09
nice one
READER — 09 December 2005 15:36
My dog is in waiting you horney fucking bitch..Grt story!!!
READER — 02 December 2005 13:12
worst story i've ever read
READER — 02 December 2005 12:22
Did she give the a BJ
READER — 22 November 2005 20:16
u sick mofo that was my sister ill kill u =P
READER — 21 November 2005 19:20
good story
READER — 17 November 2005 13:05
tank you i am iranian can nat speak engelish by
READER — 08 November 2005 06:02
I want to try a 13inch cock meat! like the story though.
READER — 07 November 2005 19:36
Hey everyone,
I really get off on guys (and girls) reading my shit, so check out my stories (look in "authors" under "leslie")

For every posted comment I promise to fuck myself with my favorite virbator. Can't wait to hear from you!!!!

READER — 02 November 2005 11:42
READER — 25 October 2005 08:37
Damn that was good. I want todoit.
READER — 23 October 2005 03:48
the dog part really turned me on but the last part was gay...did u ever fuck max?
READER — 09 October 2005 02:23
im a girl and have live the last part and im sorry to say but totaly unrealistic sorry but i did feel for it but then again sounded like a movie and the diffrent wording for the same thing kind of stupid nice grafics and try a little bit harder next time and it will be the best story ever or i hope so
READER — 06 October 2005 12:03
hahahahahahahhahahahahahhha... that was shit u fucked a dog u dirty little slag u shud be ashamed of yourself.
READER — 05 October 2005 22:16
This story definitly started out really good, i was really turned on, but near the end, the whole 13 inch cock, that was a liuttle unrealistic. the entire ending part was a little stupid, it coul have been donw so better, it was just so bloody predictable. but yeah, anyways good story as they, go, but try and keep it within the realm of reality just a little bit, like 13 inches, bullshit, every story I have read has a guy with a dick thats 10 or more inches, and I think its pretty impossible for all guys to have such big dicks..........
READER — 05 October 2005 13:25
did you ever do the horse
READER — 28 September 2005 09:33
i havent writen a comment in ages but b4 i read this story it sed incest....i read it..and read it and where the fuck iz the incest ??!!!??? hu where the fuck is it/?!!!!!??? som1 fucken tell me bloody hell! this shit i asted my fucken time readin this and there was no fucken incest!! shit load of crap!!!
READER — 26 September 2005 15:20
I climaxed 2 times reading it, for me thats a great feat.. Loved it.
READER — 24 September 2005 14:26
READER — 21 September 2005 08:07
awesome story. no doubt one of the best written story among da lot. no wonder its one of da most read story. ignore the lot who says its unrealistic , dats wat most stories are. keep up da good work n hope to see more of ur work in near future.
READER — 09 September 2005 08:12
10/10-nothing more to say!!!!
READER — 08 September 2005 01:26
i like the whole story, the dogs where a turn on
READER — 04 September 2005 03:54
It was like a fairy tail in the beginning, but towards the end was horriable. 4/10
READER — 02 September 2005 21:11
i also liked the begining but did not like the end but put the horse fuck in the next one
READER — 30 August 2005 04:43
i don't get the rape part not the dogs, the guy with the 13 inch long dick (creepy and weird)
READER — 26 August 2005 13:49
READER — 23 August 2005 00:27
the beginning was good but the rape part was just a littie werid
READER — 21 August 2005 09:35
This story may not be the highest rated story but, with as many people who've looked it over. It most likely has to be the best. At this point it's not that far off of 600,000. I'd like to see any of you nit-pickers beat that. I wish I could.
READER — 20 August 2005 22:24
Way to long. Highly unlikely. Your use of language is a little clumsy. But again way to long!!! If your story is this crazy then i agree: let the horse have a go, and now your at it what about a bull or an elefant?.. or not. BUT practice makes perfect so keep it up!!! You'll get it right eventually. =) 4/10
READER — 10 August 2005 22:24
Kind of unrealistic. 13 inches? Super glued dildos on the saddle? 'Doggy' style gang bang? As with most stories written about girls by men, the anatomy is kinda shakey. On the up side it was very readable, cohesive, and clear. Flesh out her character a little, and either tone down the wild stuff, or go ahead and let the horse fuck her too.
READER — 10 August 2005 00:09
I would have to say that it was a very good story but seemed a little too jumbled. Too many things going on at once. I would have to give it a 9/10 though for amazing use of imagination!
READER — 08 August 2005 16:50
u have puppys yet?
READER — 01 August 2005 04:57
wut the fuck was u smokin when u wrote this pile of shit get a life and find a real hobbie i give this story a -20/10
READER — 27 July 2005 01:47
nice story i liked the begining. i didnt really like the rape part but it was detailed nicely
READER — 17 July 2005 19:48
awesum stury 10/10
READER — 14 July 2005 13:24
damn it was a little confusing but it was good though
READER — 13 July 2005 02:30
the part about her getting raped was a little over the top but the rest was amazing good work!
READER — 12 July 2005 00:57
i came 4 times
READER — 10 July 2005 22:56
jesus fucking crist "God" if you dont like this story then leave you fucking asshole. i agree wit Athiest
hes right. u need to shut da fuck up!!!!!!!!! its a fantasy ok?!?!?!?!?!? anyway,besides these fucking assholes!, it was a good story jst a little long fo me. i give it a 9/10
READER — 09 July 2005 13:44
what a really falacious story .At least try to construct your falacies . Who would believe al this bullshit. Good sense of imagination but please get a life ok?
sick shit
READER — 08 July 2005 04:59
i liked it but the dogs were too much the rape was definitely nicely detailed and I did enjoy reading it kthx
READER — 02 July 2005 15:43
well done i look forward to hearing from your character again on other adventures
READER — 01 July 2005 09:31
I loved it! Maybe u can take my dick now?
READER — 22 June 2005 03:26
i love this story, all of u asshole that don't like it needs to shut the fuck up andwrite your own gotdamn stories, i will read all of your stories and anything u send me. including anything u assholes send me too! 20/10!!! bitches!!!!!!
READER — 21 June 2005 03:07
god/devil if u dont like the story dont read it, also ITS A FUCKING FANTASY NOT REAL NOT REAL NOT REAL!!!!!!!!
READER — 20 June 2005 11:53
..A truly fucking sick story..git a life writer
READER — 18 June 2005 01:24
READER — 16 June 2005 14:23
For once i agree with you God, what a sick story.

FUCK you writer!!

p.s. 1/10
READER — 14 June 2005 13:44
How the fuck do you sick bitches have sex with dogs. Hop you all die and rot in hell. Sick bitches
READER — 13 June 2005 19:06
loved the dogs.......10/10
READER — 13 June 2005 05:45
bellybuttons are kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ye haa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
READER — 09 June 2005 08:24
free sexy
READER — 08 June 2005 19:17
wow i wish i had that many doggs fuck me i only have one damn i should go find the neighbors doggs now oh by the way 10/10
READER — 08 June 2005 00:15
i lost my fucking hardon after this rape sux if your going to have a storie leave out the rapeing parts what the fuck u think that shits cool fucking retartds
READER — 06 June 2005 17:14
Standard rape scene. Always a freak sized cock. 13 inches. She would have probably bled for quite a while. The rest was good.
READER — 01 June 2005 13:38
rape section was shite but otherwise a good story
READER — 28 May 2005 23:42
still nice even if it was my 5th or 6th time reading this. still do not like the 3rd and 4th story of this series but this one and 2nd one are still high on the 10 pts list.
READER — 26 May 2005 12:51
ok the rape part sucked i mean really sucked u shouldnt have put that part in there but everything esle is good just get rid of the rape part ok rest was good tho. 6/10
READER — 25 May 2005 21:19
i love fucking dogs in their ass holes and cunts i also suck their cocks and let them lick my balls and dick and suck my dick i also let them lick my ass hole and fuck me up hte ass and in my mouth i have had doggy cum all in my mouth and ass hole before...... o yea.... 10/10..... im goin to go fuck my dog after that one
READER — 11 May 2005 00:05
bow-wow-wow !!!yippy-yo-yippy-ya!!! Them doggs bustin' nutts in your guts! Oh hey!! We've got a sult that willin' to take a nut in her butt! Oh hey! Know whose the dirty dog!?!?! Wanna Play??? Licky-Licky!!!!
READER — 10 May 2005 14:20
READER — 09 May 2005 20:44
( | ) ~
READER — 30 April 2005 19:31
READER — 23 April 2005 17:41
Bow wow bitches.
READER — 12 April 2005 01:12
loved the whole thing

10 out of 10
READER — 11 April 2005 19:25
13 inches? NNoooo thank you... Your a circus freak then... Anyway, it was a little long, and Im not a fan of the rape part, but it was pretty good. 7/10.
READER — 07 April 2005 00:30
Its a lovely story. I am giving u 10/10.
READER — 05 April 2005 08:01
13 inches huh? still littler then mine... it was a great story.. almost made me blow my load... but it takes something SPECTACULAR to make me blow my load... keep up the gd work
READER — 24 March 2005 10:06
Very nice story. I would love to have a 13 inch cock
READER — 11 March 2005 03:41
great! simply great. keep it up
READER — 05 March 2005 01:24
forget "J", Yiiieeee your story was great 10/10 just keep it up, the only reason people critizise is because they can't do any better and their jealous.
READER — 04 March 2005 16:53
id love 2 have a 13 inch cock up inside me gtr8 story man!!!
READER — 01 March 2005 22:10
yiiieeee dont be an asshole if it was to long then dont read it
READER — 28 February 2005 22:44
sweet mate read some good stories in my time but this had to be one of the better ones
READER — 27 February 2005 14:23
Meh, the start was dead sexy, but the rape wasn't very well executed. I give it a 7.
READER — 23 February 2005 20:09
it is just too fucking long, damn, not wanting to read a book on this site, 1/10
READER — 16 February 2005 11:33
Great story. I'd love to have a 13 inch cock rammed inside of me. I give it a 10/10.
READER — 13 February 2005 21:30
it was good but i agree with shawn if you dont like to read about rape read the damn title and see if you would like to read it you dont need to say the story is gay or fucked up if you didnt like it its your own fault for reading it dont blam the writer some people might like it
READER — 06 February 2005 22:48
All i have to say is wow, That was hott. That was a great jerker. I hope you write somemore i would look forward to it.
READER — 01 February 2005 22:24
i'm with R, you did fuck up sicko!
READER — 31 January 2005 22:03
ehh....it got me off
READER — 27 January 2005 22:48
wholey shit i have never read a story like this and ive read over a thousand of them
READER — 26 January 2005 20:42
awesome end! i would love to have a man talk to me like that while he fucks me hard! you should write more rape stories
READER — 25 January 2005 04:28
My male miniature Daschund likes to lick the cum from my dick when I read your stories. My female English bulldog likes to lick and suck on my cock until I cum in her mouth.
READER — 25 January 2005 04:27
Susie, you should tape yourself being fucked doggie-style by Max. Possibly while sucking off your boyfriend. That's something that I would pay to see.
READER — 24 January 2005 02:55
For all people that don't like this story, READ THE FUCKING TITLE! It says and I quote "Fiction, Bestiality, Incest, Rape" Then what do you expect but Fiction, Bestiality, Incest, Rape? If you don't like stories about rape, then don't even bother clicking on a story with RAPE in it's fucking catagory! You people must not be very smart for giving a story on RAPE and BESTIALITY a bad review for having RAPE and BESTIALITY in it? I loved this story and give it a 10/10
READER — 22 January 2005 16:10
this story is gay as hell
READER — 17 January 2005 23:55
well the rape thing was not to fun to read cuz thats just not right, the dog thing eh, but the bathroom thing is alright with me and the dildo to im alright with that too.
READER — 16 January 2005 03:00
you guys r real fucking good at writing stories.
you guy kick ass!!!!
READER — 15 January 2005 17:22
You are a gay ass bitch respect a lady treat her right The Fuck her NO RAPE
READER — 14 January 2005 15:21
Sicko....you are fucked up
READER — 10 January 2005 21:11
READER — 07 January 2005 11:03
Not my type of story. I didn't mind the dogs but the rape isn;t my thing
READER — 07 January 2005 08:45
Real good! liked the dog part really much, I've tried it out with my doggie and it was great!
READER — 02 January 2005 00:36
Dogs, dildos, slobs, what next? Horses, pigs, maybe a bull or a donkey??
READER — 27 December 2004 02:32
If people dont like these stories, WHY THE HELL DO YOU READ THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE? (lowerclassdroog especially)

I thought the story was good
READER — 26 December 2004 15:58
That was one of the better stories I've read on here, dogs and all. It's nice to see someone with such a free kinky way of writing. Expertly done :-)
READER — 23 December 2004 02:10
bravo , the story was not so bad after all. but i think the dog has to go.
READER — 21 December 2004 16:01
TI was good up until the rape you need to really cut that shit out
READER — 21 December 2004 05:24
i loved the story...the rape was so good
and the big long cock amazing
READER — 21 December 2004 00:28
This story was pretty pethic i thought that i could have been better and as for Lower Class Droog tell us to get a life what the hell are you doing on this site you fuckin moron.
READER — 20 December 2004 14:32
That was a fucked up story you fucking pervs this site sucks you all need a life and get some real pussy and not fuck a condom or your hands
READER — 18 December 2004 20:50
honestly John, if you AREN'T a "geek" why are you reading this shit? are you not getting any?

good story, blends a lot of different genres
READER — 18 December 2004 02:06
This was retarded. This is entirely impossible. Think about it; no girl at that age could handle 13 inches of cock. For God's sake, the author needs to get a real fucking life. It's always the geeks who write this retarded shit; hence they can't get any pussy.
READER — 17 December 2004 16:50
I loved the rape part! u people r dumb as hell ;therefore, you need to inherit a life! and i want someone to rape me!! uh yummyy
READER — 15 December 2004 01:56
Stick with the dildo...atleast you know where thats been.
READER — 12 December 2004 17:43
the rape was sick. why dammit, why?!
READER — 11 December 2004 16:50
Its all fake fags make believe just a story so fuck off and get a life , this shit is for entertainment what you do is your deal
READER — 11 December 2004 15:18
Thought it was awesome. 10/10
READER — 10 December 2004 09:21
this is like a day in my life very kool liked sum of the content but.... think the farther and son should have haad a spit roast
READER — 08 December 2004 20:21
wow that story was sweet 10/10
READER — 06 December 2004 21:12
sick. just plane sick. i hope that anybody who gets off to this decides to turn their life around and get some reall pussy, because, this is just too damn messed up. the author should get a fuckin' life.
READER — 04 December 2004 18:15
it was great up until the rape. the girl was dumb anyway, so she kind of had it coming to her. You still don have to write about it.
READER — 04 December 2004 15:10
wow..the rape part was really sad. what if that happened to me? that put really scared thoughts in my head..but idk..the differentness of the dog part made me come like 3 times i guess just because of how strange but true it is. 9/10
READER — 01 December 2004 22:52
This story is sick. I liked it up until the dog part. Whoever writes this is disgusting. I voted 1/10.
READER — 01 December 2004 05:35
READER — 01 December 2004 04:06
only got to the first part with the horse before ii blew, though i read another before so...its not totally just that. :-) still, great story so far.
READER — 30 November 2004 18:48
Was ok. hated the rape part
READER — 28 November 2004 20:12
im so fucking wet omg 9/10
READER — 27 November 2004 15:31
story was awsome but the ending could have been better 10/10
READER — 26 November 2004 16:48
hate this itz fukin stupid and gay
READER — 19 November 2004 01:04
she fucked everybody but the horse
READER — 15 November 2004 12:50
ithu enthu kathaya???
vaanam adichi marikkam
READER — 12 November 2004 22:05
sooo hot i came 6 times
READER — 08 November 2004 10:27
words can not express how hot that stories is............ youve done well.
READER — 06 November 2004 00:15
that was awsome...i came three times and still haven't finished it!!!!!
READER — 05 November 2004 09:30
Amazing story - nothing wrong with rape is a story,
Animals was a bit wild but thats all in good taste. The one part that bother'd me a touch was the fact of the father/son duo, but that was s minor factor. 10/10
READER — 04 November 2004 16:04
A+ until the dog part from there D
Animals and rape aint right
READER — 03 November 2004 11:40
1 word:


READER — 02 November 2004 10:57
like a lot of great porn, this one is a circle of increasing degradation -- and a real turn-on
READER — 29 October 2004 21:35
i'm with joker a few more twisted minds in the world wouldn't hurt
READER — 26 October 2004 21:15
this is the song that reminds me of my trucker hat
the one i used to wear not to block out the sun,
with the john deere logo and the stain on the back,
from where you laid me out flat,
one look i was done.
and all these things mean nothing to me
when i'm with you i've got everything
i could want and I could need
even God he would agree
you and I were meant to be
it's easy to see......
i'll never go out of style on you
and nothing really feels the way you do
nothing in the world
could ever make me look as good
when you fit me like you do:-P

so how about those plumer butts? hahahah:-P dance dance revolution all the way!!!8-) OLE OLE OLE!


love you:-)
READER — 16 October 2004 11:30
Pity about the lack of photos :-)
READER — 16 October 2004 02:16
I'm with Grog, lighten up already, I'm over chicks masturbating, but the rest was great... the dialogue was a bit pedestrian, but other than that this was an A+ story... Great job...
READER — 13 October 2004 22:17
that was nasty she got fucked by dogs and got raped thats not right
READER — 12 October 2004 19:35
i have stories
READER — 11 October 2004 13:20
Personally I don't give a monkey's ass about what anyone thinks, this was a fucking great story!
READER — 10 October 2004 15:52
story started great, shame it got sad, rape is not something that should be used to turn people on. next time write what turns you on not what you think turns other people on.
READER — 09 October 2004 22:26
Lighten up guys, it is a good story and got me rock hard in no time. Great fantasy or incredible reality, who cares?
READER — 09 October 2004 17:18
The World needs a few more twisted minds.
Good Story
READER — 07 October 2004 18:56
Hope you were on the pill.
READER — 06 October 2004 10:28
Let me get this straight. Lokai, who commented in February is bothered by rape, but the animal sex according to her/him is ok!
READER — 04 October 2004 15:06
that shit is sick
READER — 30 September 2004 10:46
u all suck ,,hey stud u fuck a horse by urself
READER — 29 September 2004 15:46
Who the fuck gets turned on by rape? That is just plain sick!!!!!
READER — 24 September 2004 00:50
was that story real or fake if it was reak u r one sick demented person mwhahahahahaha!!!!!!
READER — 21 September 2004 01:21
good story
READER — 18 September 2004 02:24
hmmm afraid of getting pregnate eh? *tosses condoms wildly through the air* go on! take a few hunred. God knows i dont need em. getting your release from dogs? pitiful. why not hump a branch while you're at it!? scandalous to find a dildo in your arse at school? ha! i dont need a 30 year old crip held back a decade to tell me you lodge sausages in you bumhole. thats it. Piss off!
READER — 13 September 2004 11:45
it was a ok story..... i still did not like the part with dogs and getting raped.... i also agree with fishstick on the dildo thing....good story though!
READER — 12 September 2004 20:25
why the fuck would you rape a little girl!?!?!?!?!? One question i had though...was did she get home? But anyways you're lucky i wasnt there i would've cut the two guys throat for raping you!
READER — 11 September 2004 12:05
Did ya get pregnant?
READER — 10 September 2004 00:57
Fuck, Who the fuck gets turned on by dog rape. Fucking sick, good story tho, I hated one thing about it, TOO LONG. (not that long is bad, just it went on and on) SUX0RS!!
READER — 07 September 2004 11:27
james, you only wish you had a 17 inch dick, when you actually ment 17 cm nub....hahaha
READER — 04 September 2004 12:47
I pre-came while reading this ( good sign), but the rape was a bit much. I would have liked to see her fuck the horse. still, 9/10.
(sorry for two post had somthing else to add)
READER — 04 September 2004 12:42
I liked it, especaly the horse and dog parts. Shame that some old asshole had to be the first (human) to fuck her.
READER — 03 September 2004 20:00
Weak story fucking came a beaut dog part was weird though and i have a 17 inch dick
READER — 02 September 2004 22:20
Being raped by dogs...then by some nerd, then his dad? You might wanna check for STD's now...stick with the dildo...atleast it's clean.
READER — 01 September 2004 07:38
Who ever wrote this stoy has problems!! and that thing with the dog was nasty
READER — 31 August 2004 18:06
i love when her cervix stretching and her pain as he gets into her womb make her cry as he fucks her too deep after he finished he should force something up into her womb so she remembers him something big that she cant get out ever haha
READER — 27 August 2004 23:15
lol raped by dogs.. thats new was jus a but sick but gud story
READER — 27 August 2004 19:43
that was sickening. BLAHHHHH gag me with a spoon
READER — 27 August 2004 10:42
it was gr8 until the skool, it seemed to jsy go on and on
READER — 24 August 2004 08:14
i liked it alot up in tell the girl and the guy have sex in the bathroom..and after that it seemed to drag on...but it sure got me off..
READER — 23 August 2004 23:26
Wow, that glue held really well!
READER — 23 August 2004 01:04
that was sick
READER — 20 August 2004 16:52
Great story... but 13 inches my ass. Not unless he's on some kind of penis enlargement shit. Loved the story, write more!
READER — 20 August 2004 16:29
I have to just laugh at how many who comment here just have to mention that there cock is huge lol guess having a big one sucks why else would they spend so much time writing about their size here LOLOLOL..

Good story though
READER — 19 August 2004 22:08
wow that was a kick ass stroy it keeped me cuming all the way thruogh so good story man!!!!!! =)
READER — 18 August 2004 17:43
That wuz fucking sick i hate rape stories
READER — 15 August 2004 10:38
any one have a rape story of a young housewife being raped
READER — 14 August 2004 07:18
I've got a horse she can borrow...... and 11 inches too....
READER — 10 August 2004 18:43
Absolutely astonishing story!!!! anyone who thinks otherwise doesnt know how to read
Best story on the site
READER — 10 August 2004 14:31
READER — 06 August 2004 22:14
Both wife and self thought this was a fantastic story
The dog pasrt was best I wanked while reading it and wife just about rubbed her cunt off
READER — 05 August 2004 23:01
thankyou for the experience of reading your story, i was great i loved the idea that us girls can use other things instead of a guys cock, but the fucking of a 13inch cockwho could complain, please write more storys i was so turned on i want more. thinkyou again :)
READER — 05 August 2004 12:25
I liked it! I cummed all the way through! Does it make meh seem bad if I like rape storiez? o.O I hope not because I love them!!! Well keep up the good work!!! XD
READER — 05 August 2004 10:45
I don't like this one, so much hint of corniness
READER — 04 August 2004 23:40
this shit sucked ass
READER — 04 August 2004 09:47
good good 1 of the best rape-stories!
READER — 31 July 2004 05:28
this story made me chuckle out loud
READER — 31 July 2004 04:53
really rad story
READER — 31 July 2004 00:50
holy shit best fucking story i have ever read keep em cummin!!
READER — 29 July 2004 09:15
This is a great story! keep up the good work! The whole glueing the dildos down and letting your dogs fuck you and then gettng raped twice. 10/10! you should really write more storys!!!
READER — 27 July 2004 15:33
i loved this shit 1st the dildos then the horse and the dogs and finally the 13in dude that raped her i loved this shit
READER — 26 July 2004 01:50
i thought the story was great although i had to ski through sum parts sadly because i live with my girlfriend in an apartment and i wanted to finish b4 she came home. but the dog part was awsome and the dildos and the story line i just dont care for rape but it definatly turned me on when i read it. o and her in school haha i wish i could jack in school without bein cought *sigh* o well. loved the story a deffinate 10/10 please write more please ur an amazing author. great job
READER — 23 July 2004 05:02
hell yea, that shit was tight, i fuckin liked that thing with the dogs, baby ill fuck you the same way, in the floor with your ass in the air, lol
READER — 20 July 2004 12:24
fuck it wasn't even a turn on it was a gay . i hated it
READER — 19 July 2004 18:48
un-fucking-believable! great story keep it up; love all that stuff with the two dildos glued to a saddle...
READER — 19 July 2004 12:33
First my panties were wet, then my fingers were in my cunt, finally my dildo. When my husband got home with the kids, I took him into the bathroomand had him analize me to two cums. Wow
READER — 18 July 2004 19:56
great story hope to see more
READER — 18 July 2004 12:41
I found this story HOT. I am glad to read it is fictional. The author has a wonderful way of describing each incident with wonderful clarity that one can almost feel these things happening to themselves. For anyone who had negative comments, why read these stories then? For the length, this is precisely what I look for in a story, Long, HOT, and lots of sex. This story had all that. Great Job. I look forward to reading your other installments.
READER — 17 July 2004 02:29
fucking dogs ! you are fucking sick! & it was way too long.
READER — 16 July 2004 10:09
Yo this fucking story was great dildos on horses a gang of dogs fucking her yo it had it all keep writing stories like this and i'll keep comin back
READER — 16 July 2004 09:04
That was sick. (In a good way). It gave me a huge hardon and i went and fucked my GF and came in her asshole
READER — 14 July 2004 15:55
I can't even think of how part 2 will be. Will she get physcological help? Will she get pregnant from the man that raped her?! OMG THIS STORY IS DISGUSTING!
READER — 12 July 2004 04:39
Well written.
READER — 07 July 2004 04:13
THE STORY is entertaining FICTION,,, HIGHLY Perverse, and disturbing, seek proffessional help, I enjoyed it thou so whats that tell ya?
READER — 06 July 2004 13:37
except for the dogs i got wet while reading it
good was the part where the father shoved his dick in inch by inch
READER — 06 July 2004 07:36
I think that it should have been Tony fucking her and I dont think the rape thing is right and the dog sex was just plain nasty. The dildo part rocked though
READER — 05 July 2004 00:10
ure 1 sick sob
READER — 03 July 2004 01:28
Too long & complicated. It should have ended with Tony's cock
in her mouth as his father was fucking her. Maybe that comes in Part 2?
READER — 28 June 2004 18:32
Bastardo!! Muerte!!
READER — 27 June 2004 20:16
it was ok,but man ......rape is terribly wrong
READER — 23 June 2004 17:04
Wow, that was intense! I don't know how much of that I'd actually do or let happen, but I loved every word ;)
READER — 17 June 2004 13:22
fucking sick bastard, rape is terrible, dont glorify it
READER — 16 June 2004 18:05
jeez i thought that story was never going to end it would of been better if the son just fucked her again and not the dad that was vile. But i actually i dont know how i felt about the dogs it was okay. but terribly long ive been reading this story for like and hour and im a very fast reader.!
READER — 14 June 2004 07:56
good story, i felt obliged to ram things into my ass as i rubbed my cock, i came right up the computor screen
READER — 14 June 2004 01:14
This story was good until the dogs and the rape
READER — 13 June 2004 14:05
I could have done without the dog sex!
READER — 13 June 2004 08:37
The dildo part worked. Due to my personal preferences the rape part did not work for me, but who am I to deny others the right to get their rocks off over it. As a general comment I need to discuss the psychological profile of persons who write and enjoy this type of story. Socially stunted persons who have a total fear of human interaction find that animals are the only outlet for their pent-up desires. The rape by the greasy father and son combination is consistent with this mind set. Due to their total inability to communicate normally and negotiate with persons of the same species they become frustrated and turn to violence or unintelligent defenseless beings such as animals. Such people need help.

Furthermore the story was a bit too long.
READER — 11 June 2004 13:17
One of the best i"ve ever seen a little more could have been done with it though like she could have done somthing with her horse and some incset perhaps with an uncle visiting or somthing but still brillance
READER — 09 June 2004 08:37
nice story but u should sell your body to a hitman as payment for having that guy and his father brutally killed for that
READER — 09 June 2004 02:32
READER — 02 June 2004 23:42
Hi Mandy, At age 16 you must be nice and tight. My love tool is not a monster like in the story, but it has had some experience. It is how you use it, not just how big it is, that counts! How about posting an answer to a guy who could probably give us some nice vibes from very slow, intense foreplay and then a nice long fuck! Sweet dreams.
READER — 02 June 2004 21:45
i have read this before. i read this story about 2 maybe years ago. i'm sure i still have the story on my computer some where going to look for it to make sure its the same person who wrote it. if it was written by someone else i'll make sure to tell you all.
READER — 02 June 2004 17:01
Good fuck story. 5 dogs, ha...... Sounds more like 7 dogs to me. More......
READER — 25 May 2004 18:37
Very nice story. I think it could of used more incest, like it said it had, like her dad raping her or something like that.
READER — 24 May 2004 10:09
Me and my bf acted this one, and boy was it good!
READER — 23 May 2004 18:01
i thought this was brilliant 10 out of 10
READER — 23 May 2004 07:37
READER — 18 May 2004 15:50
Heh. Fantastic. Love this kinda story, and this is one of the better ones.
READER — 17 May 2004 17:17
rightous.. read half of it and came....cantwait to read the rest keep it up
READER — 17 May 2004 15:29
loved it, keep cumming back to it. May have to try some of it,like the dog part and the thing with the dildos on horse back.
READER — 16 May 2004 12:26
Any Aussie ppl wanna get together and re-enact the whole story???? My fave aprts to re-enact would be with the dogs and the 'rape' from the creep and his dad. Got the hint? I sure hope so. ;) By the way I'm 16 years old. ;)
READER — 11 May 2004 01:31
one of the best i've read. lots of variety to get you of all in one.
READER — 07 May 2004 03:22
i find it really interesting that at the moment of writing this the farm girl #1 is on the top five most read stories where as the other parts dont even make the top ten
READER — 04 May 2004 13:40
a very well written story. anyone bitching about the typos needs to shut up. there aren't really that many, and who pays attention to that shit anyway? beautifuly written and painted an awsome picture in my mind. i give it 9 out of 10!
READER — 03 May 2004 21:08
I really extreamly liked this 1
READER — 03 May 2004 10:01
o my days! this made me frigg my pussy and want 2 try out the whole dildo at school -i loved the dog bit what do cats really like???? brillliant story!
READER — 01 May 2004 17:06
Hey great story, some imagination I must say. I always wanted to know what those little country bitches were up to, now I know.
READER — 28 April 2004 12:03
Yeah, taht person is right. it was excellently written, but your grammer/punctiation could have been better. Try to use correct capitalization rules when writing the non-dailogue parts.
READER — 19 April 2004 20:21
Wow that was a great story i read it many times and i read the rest of them too. The rest are great if you like this one you should read the rest.
READER — 19 April 2004 05:11
my gods people...you should really look to the side of the title of the story...don't like beastiality...don't go to stories with BEASTIALITY by it's name...don't like rape, then do likewise...I'm just stunned and amazed at the human race right now...now please, just don't read things like this if you don't like them, that simple folks, now I'm gonna disapper before yall start getting POed, posting return comments, etc etc, good story by the way
READER — 18 April 2004 23:36
This is a fucking great story, if you don't like it, go look at a Britney Spears bikini picture you sorry arses
READER — 18 April 2004 23:13
This is an old one thats been on the net for a long time. This and other Dark Dreamer stories are posted at one website.

I beleive he is now writing as Argus and has a website of his own. He specializes in NC BD SM and Rape stories.

My personal favorite is his Island of Terror which I have seen publshed as a book as well as being on the net.
READER — 18 April 2004 23:05
you are fucking sick, you are so fucking sick its unbelievable.... omg, i can't even describe how fucked up in the head you are... WOW are you on meds you psychotic animal abuser???
READER — 15 April 2004 18:19
rape is fucking wrong, that s why they have laws against it..... the dog part was ok......
READER — 13 April 2004 11:55
HOW CAN U ALL like the dogs? the dogs raped her to better human than animals I like though intresting were is part two
READER — 13 April 2004 03:17
Any Aussies want to get together and re-enact this story??? ;)
READER — 12 April 2004 05:13
Rape makes this story great. How can you like the dog rape, but not the human rape? Worthless no fucks.
READER — 11 April 2004 12:02
Good Story all around. You other whinners shut up and go home to your mommy. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen!
READER — 11 April 2004 03:24
Yeah the rape part was severely uncool and the dogs .......that wasnt cool either.
READER — 10 April 2004 18:52
the rape part was really uncool and the dogs well it was ok
READER — 10 April 2004 00:09
you started off ok.But the dog fucking and the rape was sick
READER — 08 April 2004 17:33
Um, it seems like EVERYONE hated the rape part. i dont know, didnt read the whole thing. People to do things to see, you know? but its written well.
READER — 01 April 2004 14:30
I would love to be this girl. I have a very lonely cunt.
READER — 01 April 2004 14:07
rape? why? what a.... i dont like violence... its not sexy at all
READER — 31 March 2004 20:46
i agree with them that rape was pretty fucked up and shit but the dogs and dildo were cool just delete the raping
READER — 27 March 2004 11:50
this story was fucked up u should all get ur heads sorted
READER — 25 March 2004 06:30
The whole story was alright but i hate the rape part.. it sucks... :(
READER — 21 March 2004 02:16
Loved the whole thing, except for the rape part. Other than that I thought it was good and you some interesting ideas. ie:the two dildos on the horse saddle.
READER — 20 March 2004 02:15
took me 30 minutes lol, how could it take you 3 days? it took me prolly less then 30 minutes...
READER — 19 March 2004 20:16
You could cut out the rape part. Really poor taste
READER — 19 March 2004 09:41
READER — 17 March 2004 03:27
hotttttttt stuff can'wait to read another
READER — 16 March 2004 14:57
the sex with the dogs was terrific. i want to hear sexybitch's story about the horse and dogs and see it!
READER — 15 March 2004 22:54
very weird........ ok dildo's was fine but the rape shit... who likes rape... really....? and the author has probs....
READER — 15 March 2004 17:38
i can say that i cummed 3times when reading this it was so hot mmmmmmmmmmm
READER — 12 March 2004 00:09
Loved the story although it was a bit long.
READER — 06 March 2004 20:38
is a very good tale, the idea about the two dildos in the top´s horse is good, even I was get fucked with my dog, I was thinking in to have sex with a stallion, ¿it will posible?
READER — 04 March 2004 22:11
may have been long but very enjoyable indeed. Loved it very much
READER — 04 March 2004 14:59
That was great, too long should have been 3 stories, took me three days to read it, when will you do another one
READER — 03 March 2004 18:00
man if that wasn't the BEST story i've read...I don't know what the fuck is!!! i do agree that it is waaaay to long...but still GREAT!!
READER — 03 March 2004 00:33
This story was pretty good but the author has real problems if they have to write about rape
READER — 02 March 2004 22:09
This was the best until the old man fucking her
READER — 02 March 2004 22:00
READER — 01 March 2004 23:14
It was pretty hot upto the dogs bit, then after it, the story just sucked ass. I mean, Rape isnt a thing to rite about an expect people to enjoy. anyone who writes rape stories an expects people to get off on them should be shot. along with anyone who gets off over them
READER — 01 March 2004 13:10
good but to long
READER — 29 February 2004 20:29
that was fucking hilarious. seriously though dildo's stuck to horses with crazy glue, well fuck me side ways. the rape wasn't a good rape story. but the dogs, oh the dogs had me in stiches, gang banged by dogs. well it's a story for the whole family disney should by the rights
READER — 29 February 2004 17:46
wish I was her hot hot hot
READER — 29 February 2004 05:33
It was a little long. You could of made 3 different stories out of this. And as for the other coments, if you can't handle hard core porn, then don't read it. Except for the length, it had my juices flowing.
READER — 28 February 2004 03:19
It's a great story, I have played my cock durring the reading of the story.
READER — 27 February 2004 19:24
READER — 27 February 2004 14:56
i agree also great then the rape... shame really..
READER — 27 February 2004 10:25
it started off well. i didnt like it that much because it was too long, maybe make it abit shorter and it would be good. take off the raping part, its sick
READER — 26 February 2004 22:38
normally i can stand rape stories but this one sucked. the story should have stopped right after the dogs, up untill then it was hot but afterwards...

i give it a 3
READER — 26 February 2004 08:49
that story was crap from the dogs onward im not sure if its true but you should of got those assholes arrested or removed their genitalia in a brutal manner. From me it gets a 1
READER — 25 February 2004 23:07
Eww.. the rape part is disgusting! Why would anyone normal want to read about that? Seriously? Yuck. Whoever wrote this needs help. The story was good till I got to that. Out of ten I'd give it -15. Rape isn't something to take lightly, or write a disgusting story about. Same with the part about the dogs. Get a life!
READER — 25 February 2004 17:12
wow that was a good stroy until the rape part at the guys house i would have gone back and fuckin cut his dick off
READER — 25 February 2004 09:15
That was not so bad!
READER — 25 February 2004 06:06
that shit was sick between the rape or the dogs i am not sure what was more gross...
READER — 25 February 2004 00:48
this is a disgusting story, i can just picture those nasty greasy guys, if i was her bf i would probably kill her dogs and the dad and son team.... nasty fucking hicks
READER — 24 February 2004 04:15
I agree with most of you..The start was AWESOME..then it came to the rape part which really threw it off for me. Over all I give it a 9..would have been 10 if not for the rape =
READER — 24 February 2004 04:10
I loved it up untill the rape parts..I cant stand reading about rapes and shit..that just turns me off..The dog part was wonderful *chuckles* but the rape was just crap..
READER — 24 February 2004 03:32
this stiry had a good begining but i didnt like the dog part or the rape that part just made it too long snd was sick the author should of stop after the boy fucked her in the school.3/10sry
READER — 24 February 2004 03:20
ouch, it makes me hurt inside, not in a good way
READER — 24 February 2004 00:26
That was good until the rape. then it was just wrong. go get help
READER — 24 February 2004 00:23
it turned me on, nice one loved the rape bit
READER — 23 February 2004 17:56
It was ok untill the school aftre that this srory fucking sucked dick
READER — 23 February 2004 16:25
that was the sickesr story i hve ever fucking read in my ebtier life. The person thatwrote this is sick and neeeds a lot of fucking help. The dildo part was interesting, but the whole animal and rape thing wasjust plain fucking sick.
READER — 23 February 2004 14:45
WOW! If i was that girl i would of went back to that guys house, shoot him and his son.
READER — 23 February 2004 10:30
Dude...that was ok till you got to that part with the d*mned rape scene *shuders* that totally fugging ruined it if you'd just left that out...it'd been a half-way decent story for crying out loud...try again but suggestion...try sticking with the character(s) with animals...that was perhaps what (in my opinion) made it good...
READER — 22 February 2004 04:05
thats the sickest fucking thing i have ever heard in my life! i thought i was perverted, but whoever the hell thought up this story needs a lot of proffesional help! i need therapy just after reading this nasty-ass story!
READER — 22 February 2004 01:53
it sucked i dident even hard
READER — 22 February 2004 01:09
what the fuck that farm girl is a sick little pervert she should be punbished and that kid and his dad should be thorwn in jail for rapeing that little girl
READER — 21 February 2004 16:41
READER — 20 February 2004 16:33
uhm..that story was odd... like when you first described her in the beginning of the story i estimated her age to be around 20? and then all of a sudden shes at school?! im like wtf?...yea...overall itz pretty gud...just kinda all over the place...
READER — 19 February 2004 06:01
what was the rape for? it bothers me, the whole story was kinda weird, it wasnt all tied together, one minute your riding a horse, then your gluing a dildo to the saddle then your getting licked and f*cked by dogs then you get raped, some ppl might find this intresting i find it confusing and disturbing
READER — 19 February 2004 03:31
Whoa! Great story but big the rape was too much. Way better than most though others though.
READER — 19 February 2004 03:22
WTF was the rape for? I don't know how it can exite some. The story had a good start, but eneded really bad. Sorry, but this story bothers me. 1/10
READER — 19 February 2004 01:56
omg... best story ever. IT WAS GREAT! i gave it a 10
READER — 19 February 2004 01:52
scary scary people ahe shoulda done the horse woulda been more intersting
READER — 18 February 2004 20:21
some of you guys r strange
READER — 18 February 2004 15:43
i think the voilent portion was a bit much but grade A story all around,i'v also read 2 and 3 of this story this is the best it get in my opinion
READER — 18 February 2004 13:48
I loved the sexual excitment it caused. Came three times.
READER — 18 February 2004 12:52
I like to have my dog lick my pussy . It was doin it as i was reading. i am goin to fuck him now
READER — 17 February 2004 16:14
Rape is repugnant, particularly of underage, children. For that reason I give it the lowest available!
READER — 17 February 2004 11:36
one of the best stories i ever read.
READER — 14 February 2004 15:14
I love the idea of animal sex. It is great to read. The story got a 9 from me because of the rape. Many will like the rape but it bothers me. sorry.
READER — 14 February 2004 08:41
Anonymous reader — 03 January 2017 10:09
It started out pretty good but it went south in a hurry.
Anonymous reader — 01 January 2017 11:05
You stole this, you even favourited the story from which you stole it.
Anonymous reader — 31 December 2016 22:28
Loved it
Anonymous reader — 31 December 2016 15:30
Damn I want to fuck the shit out of this girl !
Anonymous reader — 31 December 2016 02:59
Seriously yo u wrote that? Then had the balls to post it? Fucked up.
Anonymous reader — 30 December 2016 13:31
Very, very sick and nasty. Yeah, I guess there are animals around like that, but to write about them? Sick, revolting and just plain aweful.
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