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  1. Farm Girl - part 1
  2. Farm Girl - part 2
  3. Farm Girl - part 3
  4. Farm girl - part 4 (end)

Farm Girl - part 2

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Incest, Rape

Author: Dark Dreamer

Published: 13 February 2004

  • Font:

I didn't even notice when Tony let go of my wrists, but suddenly he was there between my legs. I just lay there helplessly, letting him do as he wanted, too exhausted by the ordeal with his father to offer any resistance.

He slid his cock up and down along the lips of my now cum covered cunt. He grinned nastily at me from between my legs and then grunted as he pushed forward, driving his meaty cock inside me, shooting it past my tired cunt lips and up into my belly.

His cock wasn't as big as his fathers, compared to that, though he was tight, there was little pain. He was far less patient than his father though. His cock started slicing in and out of me furiously. He stood straight at the edge of the table, his hands coming down and encircling my titties, squeezing and twisting them back and forth.

His mouth came down on one and sucked the nipple in past his lips. He bit down, making me yelp in pain. He grinned at me, his teeth around my nipple, then bit down again, grinding his teeth back and forth across the tiny piece of pink flesh.

I struggled weakly against him, as he laughed gleefully. I could see blood welling lightly from the cut in my nipple, then his lips cam down on it again and he sucked on my blood.

He moved back and pulled my legs up across his shoulders, pulling out of me. I felt his cock repositioning itself at the small crinkled entrance of my anus.

"I never did like sloppy seconds." he grinned. His slickened cock rammed against the hole, driving the head through and into my asshole. I cried out in pain against, but could do nothing as his cock penetrated deep into my asshole.

Like his dad, his hands slid around my hips and belly, yanking me against him as his cock sodomized me.

My legs bounced against his chest and shoulders as his fucking got more frenzied. His cock was pistoning in and out of my rectum faster and faster. My asshole felt like a power drill was whirring inside it.

"You like... ugh... this... uggh... bitch...!? Ungh... unnnnggh... You like... it... in... the ... asshole... you... dirty... fucking... Slut !?"

He grunted out the words in time to each fucking ass thrust as he hammered his prong down into me.

Fucking... you!! Fucking your asshole...! Fucking your assshoooole!!" he gasped.

"Give it to her, boy!" His dad shouted from above my head. His hands came down and grabbed my legs, pulling them up and back against my chest, pulling my ass cheeks up off the table as Tony's cock speared in and out.

"Yeah! Yeah! Fuck her ass boy! Fuck her so hard she'll never sit down again!" He held my ankles up on either side of my head as I groaned in pain, my back breaking under the strain. Tony gasped with the effort of ramming his hips back and forth against me.

"Wait a second!" he gasped. "Why should this little slut sit back while I do all the work!?"

"Let her go Pa." he said. He lifted me off the table, holding me against him, his cock still up my ass. He moved over and sat down in a nearby chair so I came down in his lap, my legs straddling his hips, hanging down on either side of the chair.

He grabbed my hair in both hands close to my head and stared into my face."All right you little whore!" he said, "I know you been fucking yourself with your dildos, so you can do the work here too. I want you to fuck up and down on me. Come on, legs go!"

His hands came around my waist and started lifting me up and down so his cock went up into my rectum and back out again. "Lets go bitch!" he cursed.

I moved my feet down flat on the floor and started wearily raising myself up and down on his cock. It was hard for me to let myself down each time, letting the cock stab up into my guts. I remembered the first time I'd done something like this, with the very same dildo that Tony had torn from my cunt earlier.

He grabbed my tits in his hand and twisted them viciously.

"Come on you slut, faster!" he cursed.

I cried out and started jerking myself up and down as fast as I could. His cock filled my anus each time, causing me terrible agony. His mouth came down on my titties, chewing, biting, and sucking.

Then he grabbed me by the waist again and started jerking me up and down with tremendous force, impaling me on his cock until his white sperm shot up into my asshole, bouncing off the reddened walls, flooding almost up into my intestine.

The Spinozzos weren't finished with me by a long shot. The old man wanted a fuck like that too. He sat down on another chair and I had to squat over him and lower my sore crotch onto his giant fuck pole.

I whimpered as the cock knob pushed up into my cunt tube once again. I slid downward, taking the entire length up inside me in one long, slow descent. The smooth soft skin of my thighs and ass was rasped and tickled by his scratchy hair covered legs and crotch.

He wasn't satisfied with my weak efforts though and soon his big beefy hands to raise and lower me. He pulled me against him, my tits mashing against his chest as his mouth devoured mine. His hands moved up and down my back, and caressed the smoothness of my buttocks.

He pushed me backward along his legs, his cock sliding out of me slowly, then he jerked me forward, ramming my belly into his, the giant cock moving deep inside me once more.

He did this repeatedly, moving me back and forth like that. His heavy veined cock rubbed harshly against the top of my slit, sawing across my clitty. To my shock and dismay, it was arousing me. I could feel girl juices flowing down between my legs, could almost see my breasts swelling.

He started bouncing me up and down, up and down, using his muscular arms to jerk me like a rag doll atop him. My weakness had caused me to fall forward against his chest, and the pumping was squashing and rubbing the sensitive, now almost hard nipples against his scratchy chest. His chest felt like it was covered in sandpaper.

The clammy, sweaty palms squashing my ass cheeks between them started to excite me, in spit of my wishes. As I approached the end of each upstroke, I caught myself eagerly anticipating the feeling of that fat fuck tool burying itself inside me again, and rubbing over my clit on its way in.

I pushed my chest tighter against his, to increase the friction on my hard little nipples and swelling tit orbs. My tender boobies squashed flat between his ribs and mine, bringing hot aching wonderful sensations of pleasure shooting through my torso.

He pulled me up again, higher than normal, so his cock came completely out, only the tip of the head resting between my now slick cuntlips. He held me there for several seconds as my body longed for his tool, then a groan of pleasure escaped my lips as he lowered me and my hot sucking box enveloped his cockhead and my fuck box slid slowly down over his prick until he was buried completely inside me again.

My head rested against his chest as a shudder swept through me. Then his hand in my hair jerked me back. I stared into his face through bleary dazed eyes, my mouth hanging open. "Like that kitten don't you?" he grinned.

He started jerking his groin up in sharp little jerk, making me throw my head back and gasp at the startling sensations of pleasure.

Just as my orgasm began to approach there was another jerk on my hair. My head was pulled way way back, so I was looking almost upside down at Tony, standing behind me.

"I told you I was gonna teach you to suck my cock slut, now here it is. Open your mouth!" he rasped.

I shook my head weakly, keeping my mouth tightly closed, then gasped as his dad humped upward again, jerking his cock inside me.

The pressure on my hair increased, bringing tears to my eyes, until I was forced to submit to his will. I opened my lips and his cockhead shoved into the gap. He forced his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

"Suck on it you slut!" he ordered.

"Come on! Suck!"

I was a novice at this and it took his father to show me what to do. I dazedly followed his instructions, running my tongue up and down the skin, rubbing it against the head lodged deep at the back of my mouth. Tony began thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth as his father began to hump up against me again.

He shoved his cock harder and harder against the back of my mouth as he fucked my face. Then with a start, I felt his bloated cockhead slip past my mouth and down into my tight throat.

I gagged and almost threw up as his cock filled my throat and began sliding up and down in the tight tube. Tony grunted in excitement as his balls slapped against my jaw and lower lip, and my throat muscles squashed his cock within them.

My fires began to build higher and higher and within a minute of the double skewering I burst into a wonderful, glorious orgasm. All the problems in my life, all the pain here, the embarrassment, the rage and anger, washed away in its soothing sensations of rightness and ecstatic pleasure.

Tony's dad started to suck on my left nipple as Tony's hand squeezed my right. They made a dizzying contrast; The gentle erotic suckling and chewing on one breast and the rough clutching and squeezing on the other.

I grunted helplessly around Tony's cock as his dad pummelled my guts with his massive organ. My mind reeled, spun into overload and then exploded in a brilliant multi-colored haze that blotted out all else.

I felt my nipples sucked and chewed, felt my breasts squeezed and twisted, felt my clitty mashed and beaten by the huge organ thrusting between my legs.

My legs swung around the chair, squeezing, trying to hump my crotch harder against the big cock as I came and came. I felt one of the hands on my ass begin to work its way into my little hole, still sore from my earlier sodomizing. It buried itself inside my ass and began thrusting in an out.

I felt it wiggling around inside me, rubbing against the back wall of my cunt so I felt it against the pressure of the full cock fucking my cunt. A second finger wiggled inside me, then a third. They stretched my asshole out, forcing the walls apart and moving inside me like live snakes.

My dazed mind soared and flew through shuddering orgasms. Huge waves of carnal eroticism and lewd sensations of ripping, searing pleasure swamped my brain as the pressure built up to an irresistible level and I burst into an enormous climax, a climax of climaxes that sent burning electricity tearing up and down my body.

My guts shook, my limbs flopped spasticly, and every nerve and sinew in my body trembled, twitched and shook. I thrashed and jerked, my body convulsed in powerful explosive jolts of climactic sexual energy.

I barely noticed when Tony came, gulping down his cum instinctively, swallowing every drop with ease. His dad humped up against me furiously. His powerful hands jerked me up and down and up and down, embedding his upthrust girlfucker in my poor little pussy hole.

I was almost fucked senseless by now, but not beyond the reach of my charged up body. My stunned mind spun and rippled again as I screamed into another orgasm. Only then did the old guy start grunting and spurt his jism up into my badly used cunt box. He collapsed back in the chair and I fell forward against him, my arms and head hanging over his shoulders and my exhausted body crushed to his as our sweat mingled.

Tony drove me home afterwards, but he made it clear that me and them were not finished. I would make several trips a week over to their house for several hours of raw fucking, and though I protested each time and tried to pretend to them and myself that it was entirely against my will, I masturbated to their memories every night.

One of those trips was to be more memorable than any others. It was also to be the last.

That morning I had been visiting in town. I was wearing a skintight pair of white jeans that cut my ass cheeks in two, framing each one to either side of the seam that cut down between them. The same seam cut up between my cuntlips, pushing them aside and making two little bulges in the crotch of the pants.

I wore a thin white sleeveless t-shirt over the jeans. The t- shirt only came down a few inches past my titties, leaving most of my belly bare. I didn't wear a bra and my little nipples would have been easily visible through the thin white shirt, even if they hadn't been poking through the material.

My hair shone gold in the bright sun as I walked down the sidewalk. I watched out of the corner of my eyes, surreptitiously watching the boys and men I passed as they gawked at me. I knew I was causing more than a few cocks to swell up and loved it.

My pussy was nicely warm and damp as I realized that every one of them was visualizing me naked. I knew they all had me in different positions, some had me sucking their cocks, some had me on my knees with them fucking me from behind, some were atop me, plunging their organs into my pussy as I screamed with pleasure. I wished I could read their minds so I could watch what they were doing to me.

Halfway down the street I passed the Sheriff. He glared at me through his sunglasses. "Hey Becky." he said.

"Yes, Sheriff?" I cooed. I stood in front of him, my hands behind me, chest thrusting out, and smiling prettily.

"Shouldn't you be in school?" he demanded.

"Oooh it's too hot for that Sheriff." I pouted.

"How you ever gonna learn anything if you don't go to school?" he enquired.

"I know lots sheriff." I grinned saucily, giving him a knowing smile.

The Sheriff was one of those born again Christians. I wondered what was going on in his mind. Was he mad because of the way I was dressed, or was he wishing he could stick his cock up my pretty little ass?

I wandered off, giving him a wave.

Then Tony roared up in his Camaro.

"Get in." he said shortly.

I debated for a second, wanting to do a little more cockteasing in town, but he glared at me and I sighed and jumped in. I could use a good fuck now anyway.

We had only just got started. I was still wearing my little t- shirt, and a pair of string bikini panties. Suddenly the door burst open and Sheriff's deputies rushed in. It didn't surprise me that the Spinozzos were involved in some crooked things, but I was upset that the deputies were rough with me too. They had a lot of experience with the Spinozzos and had little sympathies for anyone associated with them.

They didn't even give me time to get my pants on as they handcuffed us and led us out to the police car for the drive to the station.

As we were led into the little station I saw the Sheriff glaring at us, and me in particular.

"Throw them in the cells." he ordered as he eyed my near nakedness with distaste. "Put her in the back cell."

I don't know where the Spinozzos were put. I was led down a tight little hall and into a barren concrete room at the end. There was a small steel platform chained to a wall, with a thin little mattress on top with no covers. The deputy pushed me roughly into the room and slammed the bars shut behind me.

They ignored my claims of innocence, apparently on the basis that anyone who was with the Spinozzos and was dressed like a cheap slut, (the shirt and panties), must be no good.

I sat on the bunk and shivered for what seemed like hours before one of the deputies came and got me. He grimly refused to talk to me or listen to my protests as he led me back down the hall to a thick wood door at the other end.

He pushed me in there and closed the door on me. I turned and saw the Sheriff sitting on his desk lookin at me like I was some nasty bug or something. He was about forty I guess, and a tall and well built man. He wore a natty dark blue suit, and his hair was immaculately groomed and combed back.

I felt even more naked as he motioned me forward with a curt gesture. He looked me up and down as I stood there before him still shivering, both from the chill and fear.

"What have you got to say for yourself girl?" he demanded. I just looked at him fearfully.

"My boys find you half naked with those whop scum. You're underage and should be at school." he snapped.

"Why aren't you?"

"I... I... uh didn't go today." I stammered.

"Don't tell me what I already know girl!" he glared. "What where you don half naked with them Spinozzos?"

"Nothing." I muttered, looking down at the floor. My arms were still handcuffed in front of me and I tried to position my hands so they were in front of my pussy. I knew the panties were so thin he could see my muff otherwise, and maybe my dark slit too.

His hand reached forward and gripped my thick blonde hair, pulling my head up.

"You're a dirty little girl! Do you know that!? You're an evil sinful girl!" he shouted. "Lying to your elders! Cheating on school! Parading your dirty sluttish body around in front of good Christian people!"

He shook my head and then threw me backwards.

"The problem with you girl is you weren't taught proper Christian behaviour by your parents. I always said spare the rod spoil the child... and you are a prime example of that, for sure, for sure!"

"What you need is a good whuping, thats what!" He grabbed my arm and shoved me roughly against his desk, undoing his belt and sliding it out of the loops of his pants.

"Bend over that desk girl, I'm gonna show you what sinning brings dirty little girls!" he said.

I looked at his belt in shock and disbelief. I had more than a passing acquaintance with belts from my father, who wasn't the kind to spare the rod and spoil the child, but he hadn't used one on me in years.

Instead of obeying him, I backed fearfully towards the door. He strode after me, grabbing me as I turned futilely to run.

"Let me alone! Don't you touch me!" I shouted as he dragged me back over to the desk. He ignored my protests, ranting about sinful disobedient children. He pushed me down across the desk and held me there with one arm as he brought the belt up.

I was still struggling against his arm when the belt cracked down across my upthrust ass cheeks. The thin nylon panties didn't protect me at all as a shock of pain blasted through me.

I screamed as the belt cracked down on my ass again and again. I wriggled against his arm until he gripped my hair and pushed my face against the desktop. I yelled and cursed him, using all the foul language I had heard the farmworkers use over the years, mixing the curses with tears of anguish and yelps of pain.

"Let go of me you Jesus fucking bastard~~ Cocksucker! Asshole! Leave me alone you Goddamned sonofabitch!! He stopped the beating and let me up as he stepped back. I saw a look of shock on his face.

"BLASPHEMY!!" he screamed. His eyes bulged out and his face contorted in rage as he looked furiously at me.

"HOW DARE YOU!!!" he yelled.


He stomped back and forth as I cringed away from him.

"You will be cleansed of this evil!" he said. ""I will cleanse thee before thy death said Abraham!"

I didn't know what the hell he was talking about except that my cursing had sure made him crazy.

Before I knew what was happening he had grabbed a fistful of my hair and dragged me over to the side of the room. There was a big potted plant hanging by a chain overhead and he reached over to a lever on the wall and pulled it down.

The chain holding the plant slowly lowered it till the plant was just above my head. He took the plant off and set it on the floor then put the chain of my handcuffs over the hook and pushed the lever up.

I gasped as the chain pulled the hook slowly up toward the ceiling. The hook pulled my arms up with it till they were stretched way above my head. Soon I was hanging completely from the chain. I cried out in pain as the handcuffs bit into my wrists. I felt the weight of my legs dragging down on my torso and the weight of my whole body pulling at my wrist and shoulders.

"You shall be punished and therein cleansed." he said sternly. He moved around behind me and I looked over and saw a small knife in his hands. I gasped in fear, afraid he was going to cut me, but instead the knife cut the thin straps at my shoulders so my t-shirt slipped down around my hips.

He pulled my shirt down my body with my panties, leaving me completely nude. I gasped in embarrassment as his glaring eyes raked my naked rounded ass cheeks and the smooth white skin of my back.

"You pervert!" I screamed. "Let me go you dirty old man!"

The Sheriff moved around in front of me. Even though I was hanging off the ground a couple of inches he was still much taller, and looked down at me nastily. Then quite deliberately he pulled back his arm and punched me real hard in the stomach.

I gasped in shock and pain, the breath knocked out of my lungs. He looked at me with a terrible smile as I hung there gasping like a fish out of water.

"You will learn respect." he said.

"You will learn manners."

I could see his eyes bulging out of his sweating face as he took in my proudly upthrust boobies, and then slid down my belly and abdomen to my lightly furred pussy mound. He seemed to leer at the agony I was in. I hung there in misery, straining to get just a breath of air into my burning lungs.

He moved out of sight around behind me. Several seconds later I felt his hand slide slowly and gently down my back. He started at my neck and caressed the skin down along my backbone. He paused temporarily when it came to the soft round swelling of my buttocks, but resolutely slid down further.

I could feel a trail of wet perspiration left by his fat fingers as he slid right over my buttocks, squeezing them softly, softly, then he moved his hand between my buttocks and slid it right down the center of my ass crack, over my crinkled asshole, and then down between my legs to cup my pubic mound in his hot, slimy palm.

"This is the problem." he whispered. "This is the center of the problem right here. The tempter of mens souls..." he paused. " The spoiler of the righteous..." His hand rubbed my pussy mound lightly. I could feel the sweat oozing from his pores.

Suddenly he squeezed brutally on my mound, putting enormous pressure on the soft tender flesh. I cried out in pain, and swayed forward as he sprang back.

"NO!" he shouted. "You foul seducer! You tempt even me! You shall be curbed in your foul lust!"

He moved to the desk and pulled out a long thin object. At first I couldn't see what it was. I was still gasping from the sharp pain in my crotch. I tried to rub my thighs together to ease the pain, since I couldn't touch it with my hands.

He walked back over and I saw the thing he had grabbed was a riding crop like some of the richer people used on the ranches. My mind exploded in fear and disbelief.

"This was made for you seducer!" he gritted. "It will teach you the true faith."

I shook in confusion and terror as he talked, trying to understand him. The pain in my crotch was fading but the continued and steadily increasing pain in my arms, wrists, and shoulders was making it difficult to concentrate.

Then there was a whistling sound behind my back, like the kind you hear when you whirl a rope or stick through the air. A loud crack echoed through the room just as my back was slammed with tremendous force, knocking me forward.

My back lit up in agony. A terrible shock and burning pain lanced a trail across my shoulders and upper back. I screamed in shock and agony as he drew the whip back.

"So brings lust down." he chanted.

Again the crop whistled down, this time sideways across the middle of my back. My body jerked and twisted as i shrieked in pain. The crop left a fiery hot trail across my back, a trail that burned and burned.

"Oh God! Please Stop!" I shrieked.

"Though shalt truly know God when we are done!" He said.

The crop lashed down again and again. It ripped a trial of fire wherever it landed, that lingered long after. He alternated his strokes, sometimes he would whip up and down so the whip would score a vertical welt down my back, other times he would swing the whip in a sideways arc so it would crack down along a horizontal line.

I jumped and twisted and jerked in pain and terror, shrieking and yowling in agony and torment,. Lines of pain ripped up and down my back. Each stroke bringing a sudden shocking burst of new pain from outraged nerve endings, each adding to the background wall of building pain.

Then he swung the crop sideways and lashed down at my bouncing ass cheeks. My crotch jerked forward, and my legs flew wide, straining hopelessly to escape. Again, and again, and again the whip smacked down on my beautiful little ass. My pride and joy was bruised and cut. I knew how soft and warm the skin was, knew how good it looked naked or clothed.

Soon my whole ass burned like it was on fire. The cruel whip criss crossed my buttocks with lines of brutal pain until the agony drove me unconscious.

I woke only seconds later as the Sheriff waved foul smell salts under my nose.

"You don't go to sleep on me girl! I aint finished with you." he snarled.

My head hung down, my sweaty hair hanging damply across my sweating face in a tangled mass. I looked down at my rounded breasts protruding from my thin ribcage. Sweat beaded out on them now, and all down the smooth white flatness of my belly and across my hips. I could feel drops sliding down into my light pussy hair.

The crop whistled through the air again and again. Now it brought only a shallow grunt from my lips. My senses were so overwhelmed by agony, my back already so afire, that the renewed lashes brought only short stabs of pain.

The sheriff seemed to realize this. He didn't like my just hanging there not responding properly to the blows. He stopped and moved around me. His hand gripped my sweat damp hair, yanking my head up. Angrily he pulled my head way back between my arms, thrusting my chest outward.

I whimpered at this new abuse, at the pain coming from my hair at his brutal pulling. My throat tightened and hurt from the pressure of being forced so far back. Then the crop cracked down across my right breast.

The thin leather landed with stunning force on the soft fleshy orb, the force of his blow mashed the whip deep into the center of my breast, parting the meat in two halves, and smashing against my ribs.

I shuddered in renewed agony from this outrageous attack. My head jerking against his grip on my hair. He slammed the whip down again, this time against both breasts, slashing down right across the pink nipples.

My legs kicked feebly against him and my mouth wailed its terror as he slashed and beat at my breasts with the crop until they were criss crossed by swollen red welts. He whipped them like a madman, striking first one, then the other, then both together, as my legs and hips twisted and flailed helplessly. Tears poured from my bleary eyes as the burning, shattering pain of my breasts mounted.

He let go of my hair and my head jerked upward and then forward, hanging down over my burning tit meat. I looked up dazedly and cold see drool and spit flying from his mouth as his bulging eyes stared down at my nakedness. He lowered his attack and slashed down at my belly again and again, seemingly intent to leave not a square inch of unmarked flesh on my body.

He stopped. I could hear his gasping breaths even over my own. I was hardly aware of what was happening any more. I saw without noting it, the Sheriff hanging a wide horizontal bar from the same hook as my arms.

I groaned as he lifted my leg up high, folding it up and back against my chest. I felt something slide around my ankle and hold it there. Then the same thing happened with my other leg, until I was hanging from both ankles and wrists, folded in two.

My ankles were then moved apart, and hooked to the ends of the bar, so they were wide open. I noted this, sort of, through a thick daze. I could see him as I looked out from between my legs, leering at me.

Then the crop came down in a terrible ark that seemed to move in slow motion. It tore through the damp cool air and landed smack in the middle of my gaping crotch, right along my slit!

My throat was raw with screaming already, but this blow brought a terrible wail of agony which I didn't even recognize as my own. It was a howling scream of animal pain and suffering. The crop raised high, again as if in slow motion, then slashed down once more, in nearly the same place...

The sheriff seemed to take satisfaction from landing blows right against my slit, my clit, and my asshole. The pain was indescribably, agony in its purest, rawest, most terrible form.

My pussy and asshole felt like the skin was being ripped away and my insides were about to spew out any minute. I envisioned my intestines and cuntwalls dripping forth from bloody gashes.

The whip slashed down over and over, filling the room with a terrible meaty thwack each time. When he stopped it was only because I was unconscious, and even his smelling salts couldn't bring me to.

I don't know how long I was out, it wasn't long enough. When I woke, I was still hanging from the chain, but my legs had been let down again. The pain was a terrible background wall that obscured and misted all other senses.

I was awake for several minutes before my slit eyes focused and delivered to my brain the sight of the Sheriff standing transfixed before me, holding the crop by the thin end as he worked the long thick handle up and into my cunt. He thrust it in and out, over and over, spellbound by the sight.

When he noticed I was awake he jumped and started to yank it out, then thought better of ti. Instead he thrust it up into me brutally, bringing a fresh stab of pain from my body. Thats what you live for isn't it you little Whooooooore, isn't it!!?" he gasped. "You need it don't you!?"

He continued to work the smooth, sweat stained handle up and down in my cunt. He leaned forward slowly and ran his tongue out and across one bulging, sweating, scarred nipple. Ever so slowly he licked at the small tortured bud, hardened by outrageous buffeting. His lips fastened around it and he sucked softly.

Minutes went by as I hung there moaning with the pain. The sheriff continued to bend over me, licking and suckling on my breasts as he worked the handle of the crop in my cunt. His hands fumbled with his pants and then dropped them to the floor. His fully erect penis sprung up, pointing at me eagerly.

"Lord forgive this weak man for succumbing to temptation!!" he sobbed.

He grasped my body tightly against him, forcing his mouth down on mine. His hands raced over my body, squeezing, fondling, stroking. His tongue flicked over my teeth, and both his hands came down to my buttocks, squeezing and kneading the wounded flesh.

He pulled my legs apart and quickly thrust his cock up into my slit. His hands on my ass and inner thighs kept my legs up and spread as he fucked me like a maniac. His penis thrust furiously in and out of my gash. My damaged pussy mouth ached with the pain caused by his swollen meat rubbing over them.

I was a raw oozing ball of flesh, mindless, thoughtless. My body throbbed and pulsed with pain. My shoulders and wrists cried out in renewed agony as his brutal fucking jerked me back and froth.

My mind was virtually gone, but my body, its senses utterly confused and overwhelmed by the enormous tide of high intensity sensations, began responding to his raping cock.

I grunted, small steady little grunts that coincided with his cocks deepest penetration, and the mashing of his pubic bone against my scarred clitty. My eyes were closed and my head hung backward as he gripped my ankles tightly and rutted into me.

Dimly, I felt his intruding fuck tool slashing back and forth inside me, cramming and bashing its way through my girlish cunt tunnel and up against my tender cervix.

I came. I know I did. My body shuddered and cunt juice poured through my fuck box just in time to meet his spraying jism as he screamed and clutched me tightly against him. He spilled his Godly seed inside my belly and then groaned and fell away.

As soon as he was finished he ran crying from the room. I hung there for a while before i fell unconscious again.

When I next woke I was back in My cell. I stayed there for almost two days, naked, my hands still cuffed, drinking only water and eating only bread, before they came and got me again. The deputy leered at me and slid his hands over my body. He cursed when I tried to pull away. He pulled a key out and unlocked my handcuffs, then pulled my hands behind me and relocked them.

He sat beside me on the little bunk, his hands moving over my belly and down between my legs, stroking and squeezing. His mouth sucked on my breasts, chewed on my nipples, while I whimpered helplessly. Then he sighed, and looked at his watch.

He got up, dragging me to my feet and pulling me out of the cell. He played with my titties and ass while we walked toward the office.

I was brought into the room again, and then left. The sheriff was all dressed up in his finest suit as I was led naked into the room. He looked at me with fury.

"You are evil incarnate woman!" he hissed.

"You are shameless... a WHORE!"

He went to his desk and sat down.

"Come over here girl." he ordered.

"Do you need another whipping or are you gonna obey me?"

I moved to the desk, where he motioned me around to his side. Once there he pulled me down to my knees, and unzipped his pants. His cock came out and he motioned to me with a smile. Wearily I bent forward and took the flaccid penis between my lips. I sucked and nibbled on it carefully, like I had learned at the Spinozzos.

His prong began hardening quickly. Soon he was moaning in pleasure as my head bobbed up and down on his pole. It filled my mouth completely, barely leaving room for my tongue to rub up and down on it. I concentrated my tonguing against the round, sensitive head, running it around the cock and dipping my tongue into the tiny pee hole.

My cheeks sucked in as I applied suction to his fat rod. His hands came down on my head, pushing my face tighter into his crotch, forcing the cock deeper into my mouth. Then the fat head passed the little gag thingy at the back of my mouth and pushed into my throat.

It was a strange feeling inside there. It filled my windpipe and gave off strange sensations as he started to fuck his cock up and into me with force. I guess to his cock, my throat was just another tight tunnel for it to use.

He started to mumble something under his breath as his moans increased. I was beginning to panic. Though he was fucking the cock in and out of my throat, it seldom got high enough to clear my windpipe for me to get some air. I had never experienced anything like this before. Even through my nose was clear, and I could breath through my mouth around his cock, my throat itself was simply blocked up, allowing no air to pass by the fat meaty plug.

My only previous experience with deep throating had been in the midst of an orgasm, and had been much less short lived than this. I tried desperately to drag myself away from him but his hands on my head were too powerful, and my hands were still tightly bound behind my back.

Luckily in a few more seconds he pulled out, holding his cock inches from me as it spurted and sprayed white cum juice into my face.

I took great gasping breaths of sweet cool air, and my body shuddered in relief.

After a few minutes for him to recuperate, he pushed me down again,. My lips slid down over his cock and I began sucking on the organ once more. In minutes he was hard again. He pulled me up by the hair and bent me forward across his desk. I felt his hard cock probing against my crotch, and seconds later he entered me.

He fucked into me for several minutes with furious rutting strokes, his wet rod siding in and out of my channel energetically. His hands came around under my chest and began squeezing and milking my tits. His hips crashed against my spread open groin as he thundered to another orgasm.

He let me go after a couple of days in the cell for the marks to disappear. My parents were furious with me. All they knew was that I had been arrested at a drug sweep in some pushers home. I didn't tell them anything about what had happened to me because I was afraid of what the Sheriff would do if I did.

I told them that I had just gone to a classmates home for the afternoon and just happened to be there when the cops came.

My mom was sympathetic. She never seemed to get mad at anyone, being a very timid, shy kind of person. My Dad didn't believe me though. He yelled and lectured at me all the way home.

When we got there I was banished to my room. That was OK though, I was glad to finally be back in my room and safe from the Sheriff. My room seemed like heaven after that dank, dirty cell. The first thing I did was take a shower.

I let the hot water stream down around me for long minutes, soaping up and washing off several times to clean off all the accumulated sweat and grime.

To my surprise, none of the marks the crop had made were still really visible. There were a couple of very thin lines that you could see if you looked for them, but even they were fading and would soon be completely gone.

I lay on my bed leafing through some of my homework my teacher had sent over, and wondering idly, what I would do for cockmeat now that the Spinozzos were gone. I didn't really want to go back to the dogs. I had found that man cock was much much better.

Later that night, my Dad came through the door. He glared down at me and I braced for more lecturing. He lit into me, accusing me of using drugs, then of selling them. He wouldn't believe my story.

Finally he jerked his open hand across his chest in the gesture he used to let everyone know. `thats it'

He grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet, then started pulling his belt out of the pant loops.

My eyes widened in shock and dismay. After that horrible beating by the Sheriff, the last thing I'd thought of was that I'd get another one at home.

"Raise your skirt." he ordered, just like he used to do. I was angry and frustrated. I didn't deserve a whipping for what I did!

Well actually I did, but the sheriff had more than taken care of that. Besides my whippings, spankings really, were always through my pants, or at least panties if I was wearing a skirt. I was only wearing my little t-shirt nightie, with nothing underneath.

"I'm not wearing anything underneath!" I protested.

He eyed me nastily.

"I'm your father girl!" he shouted "You think you got something I ain't seen before!? Get down across the bed and raise it before I lose my temper with you!"

"But Daddeeee!" I wailed.

He reached down and grabbed the hem of my nightie and yanked it upward. In one quick motion he jerked it up all the way to my armpits and then over my head, then he turned me around and shoved me down across the bed.

I was face down over the bottom corner of my mattress, my ass was right on the corner and each of my spread legs hung over the mattress on one side of the corner. I pushed my face deep into the covers, mortified that my Dad was looking at my naked ass and pussy.

Swish... CRACK!

I gasped as the belt smacked down against my upturned as cheeks. It didn't hurt anything like the riding crop, but it still hurt like hell.

Swish... CRACK!

My buttocks tingled in shock and pain.

Swish... CRACK!

Swish... CRACK!

Swish... CRACK!

The pain exploded across my ass cheeks over and over as my father brought the belt down against the tender flesh. I was determined not to cry out, but soon I was sobbing and shining as the belt slammed my crotch down against the bed repeatedly. My fists were clenched tightly in the covers. I was sobbing uncontrollably and crying out with each new blow.

When it stopped, I crawled my way up the bed as he stood there at the foot breathing heavily.

"Maybe that'll teach you Becky." he gasped.

"I didn't do aaannyyythhiinnggg !!" I shrieked. I was still face down.

He grabbed my hair in his fist and yanked me around so I was on my back and partly upright. His face was inches away from mine.

"We searched your room after the sheriff told us about the drugs girl!" he growled. "Want to know what we found?"

I gasped in shock and fear, trying to pull away from him. My arms coming up belatedly to cover my naked breast and groin. He twisted my head up and back by the hair. "What kind of girl are you anyway!?"

I don't even know what that stuff was! I found it!" I cried. He just looked at me.

I reddened and my voiced stuttered insensibly as I tried to come up with a believable lie for what I was doing with all those dildos and vibrators and stuff. What could I possibly say!?

I saw his eyes go off my face, sliding down to my breasts and their small pink nipples.

"I bet you've screwed half the boys at school, haven't you?" he whispered.

I shook my head frantically.

"You're a whore aren't you!?" he shouted.

"No! I haven't! I haven't!" I sobbed.

"You lying little slut!" he cursed. "The sheriff told us you were half naked when his deputies went into that place!"

I was kneeling on the bed, my feet beneath my buttocks. He jerked my head up and back, making my legs shoot out sideways automatically as they sought to relieve the weight and pain on my hair. His hand jammed into my crotch. His fingers dug into my slit, shoving my cuntlips aside and forcing their way inside me. He dug two long fingers up into my slithole as I jerked helplessly in his grasp.

"Wheres your cherry!? Huh!? Where is it!?" he cursed.

He pulled his fingers out of me and rubbed them against my face. "You sure ain't no God damned virgin, thats for sure!" He pushed me so I fell on my back, and then he stood up. He was eyeing my body and breathing heavily. "My sweet little girl." he gritted.

"Sweet little miss innocent, fucking every boy she can find and stuffing dildos up her hot little cunt when she can't find them!"

I cringed back, trying to yank the covers over my naked body. Then his hand whistled through the air and cracked against the side of my face. "You WHORE!" he yelled.

He jumped down on top of me, his heavy body crushing me into the mattress. His hands came down around my throat and tightened so I couldn't breath.


My hands were clawing at his fingers as they squeezed my throat. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out and my brain started to scream and blur. My eyes were starting to lose focus when he loosened his hold on my throat.

I could dimly hear him sobbing and cursing me through the roaring in my ears and brain. I was spread out under him, my arms sprawling above my head. Then I felt his trembling hands reaching down to my chest. His fingers rubbed hesitantly around my nipples. He reached down and undid his pants, pulling his cock out.

I didn't see any of this. My eyes were still kind of blurred and stared up at the ceiling. I was aware of what he was doing though. I felt his pants slide down and then the warmth and stickiness of his bare skin against my crotch. Something hard pushed insistently against my cuntal opening and then poked itself inside.

I heard my father grunt with pleasure as his cock sank down inside me. My cunt protested the dry, forced entrance, and the pain added to the dizziness I was feeling still. His mouth came down against mine and his lips mashed against me.

I didn't even make any attempt to resist or protest. I just lay there spreadeagled under him as he fucked in and out of me. The bed creaked and jerked back and forth as his body jerked up and down. His hands were all over me. They ran up and down my chest and bell, squeezing and twisting my breasts and nipples.

He was so much bigger than me he blotted out my whole view of the room. All I could see was his chest and shoulders rising and falling a few inches above my face. His hands came down and cupped my ass cheeks, jerking me up against him on each downstroke.

His chest hair rubbed against my face and my nose crinkled at the smell from his armpits only inches away. He grunted with each pump as his cock fucked up and down in my cunt slit.

Finally he gave a loud groan and squeezed my ass cheeks in his hands with an iron grip as his penis spewed forth his sperm. It gushed down into my belly, the same sperm that had made me, the same sperm that had gone into my mothers cunt long ago. I hardly realized it when he staggered to his feet and left.

I don't know what happened in my Dad's mind after that. He seemed to think of me differently afterwards. It wasn't something anybody else noticed, but I sure did. It was in the way he looked at me whenever we were in the room together, the way he acted, the suspicion when I went out.

At first that was all it was. He seemed to be ashamed of what he had done that night, and maybe was a little afraid of me telling my mom. It was about a week before he did anything but look. Then he started casually brushing by me when I was downstairs, his hands brushing my behind or breasts accidentally.

He started kissing me goodnight on the lips instead of on the forehead or cheek. When he kissed me, he put his arm around me and sometimes his hand would slide down lightly over my behind.

Then about ten days after, I was doing the laundry in the basement. My Dad had followed me downstairs. He wandered over with a pair of overalls in his hands.

"Oh you doing your stuff now?" he queried. "I was gonna do these."

"I'm finished. I'm just getting my stuff out of the washer now." I answered without turning around.

Then I felt his hand at the small of my back. I started, but didn't turn around. He rubbed my back lightly for a couple of seconds, and then moved his hand downward, slowly sliding it down over my buttocks and squeezing me. I pretended to ignore him, scooping my stuff out of the washer hurriedly. His hand rubbed my ass cheeks, then slid along to the crack between them and rubbed up and down between my cheeks.

His hand slid down and between my legs to rub my pussy through the jeans. I jerked around quickly, yanking his hand away.

"Daddy stop!" I demanded.

He just moved closer to me. He moved right up against me, backing me against the washer. His chest was inches from my face and he looked down at me with a yearning, hungry look on his face.

Then his mouth came down on mine and his hand moved around behind my head to hold it in place for his ravishing lips. His kiss was urgent, demanding. His right hand was roughly squeezing my breast as I fought for footing. His tongue shot past my lips. I could feel it rubbing insistently along my teeth and licking at my tongue.

My nails dug into his hand on my breast, trying to force it away. He jerked his hand away, then slapped me in the face.

"You little whore!" he shouted, examining the back of his hand.

"You think you're too good for me now is that it!?"

He grabbed my arm and turned me around, shoving me hard against the sink. His hand grabbed my neck and forced me to bend down so my face was in the sink and my ass stuck out behind.

His hands tore open my jeans, almost ripping them off me. My feet left the ground and the hard edge of the sink dug into my belly as he tore them off my legs. Then I felt his crotch pressing against mine as he undid his zipper. Seconds later I felt the head of his hard cock poking into my ass cheeks.

"Stop it! Stop it!" I cried.

"Shut up you slut!" he cursed.

He shoved my face further down into the sink so my head was under the soapy water the washer was pouring out.

I felt him spreading my legs with his other hand. His cock poked at the entrance to my fuck box. He rammed his prong inside me as I struggled to force my head up to breath. The pain was terrible, but almost a distraction to me in my fight for air.

His prick was all the way into me before he let my head up again. I choked and sputtered as I gulped in air. His hands ripped my shirt open, then tore my bra in half. His fingers fastened around my hanging breasts, squeezing them tightly.

"You keep your mouth shut you little twat or I'll fucking drown you! You hear?" he hissed.

His cock pounded furiously into my tight cunt hole. His hands opened and closed desperately around my meaty globes, squishing and twisting them. His hips slammed forward faster and faster, thrusting his cock in and out of me with powerful strokes.

My hips ground against the hard cement of the sink as he slammed me forward on each thrust. His cock ripped in and out of my slithole, rasping the soft skin like sandpaper. His mouth came down against my neck and bit deeply, bringing an uncontrollable cry of pain from my lips.

He shoved my head underwater again until I almost passed out from lack of air. Then he ripped my hair up, jerking my whole upper body up out of the sink and back against his chest. His fuck pole continued to thrust and skewer my slit, slamming me against the sink.

"Little whore!" he hissed. "Little sluthole. Probably fucking every guy in town ain't you, fuck... fuck... fuck! Oh you're so tight baby. You got a nice tight little twat here!" He was mumbling, rambling, and for the first time I noticed the booze on his breathe. "Unnngh... Unnggggggg... Yeahh... Yeahhhhh... Sooo Goooooood! Oh Jeeesusss!!" he cried.

He slammed his hips forward, embedding his prick deep inside my guts. He panted for breath, his hands coming down and squeezing my breasts absently. Then he pulled back, stumbling a little. He ran his hands back through his hair. I slid down to my knees, hugging my chest tightly. He looked at me, and started to say something, then turned and shambled away and up the stairs.

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Farm Girl - part 2

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Anonymous reader — 20 November 2016 16:08
It was great i cummed 2 times and the second time i cummed i shot 1 huge shot of cum out of my dick it was like a
Anonymous reader — 15 August 2016 07:22
I don't agree with the goody two shoes cop or the dad. They should be more excepting of a horny girl. She's not a slut, just horny.
krazylegz — 09 March 2016 17:26
If you all are such goody two shoe Christians,then why in the Fucks name of Satin are you doing reading such filthy trashy Shit to begin with?? Put that up your ASS and puff on it!! You whore loving hippacrits!
Anonymous reader — 27 February 2016 23:45
I love it! The first one was amazing to excited to start the third one
Anonymous reader — 06 February 2016 16:53
Not feeling this rape shit...too disrespectful
Anonymous reader — 25 January 2016 19:46
I like the story. Good job
Anonymous reader — 25 December 2015 07:29
I like it and I'm only 14
Anonymous reader — 25 December 2015 07:29
I like it and I'm only 14
Anonymous reader — 25 December 2015 07:29
I like it and I'm only 14
bigdaddyg123 — 20 January 2015 22:00
"Farm Girl - Part 2" - Unknown Aged Adolescent, Becky, The Sheriff and Her Drunken Father.

The frailty of an individual is not unlimited; it has a point that will distruct the body and mind. Becky's torment, abuse, rapes, and torture to the point of almost breaking her bones, in my opinion, is over the top.

Becky's drunken, raging maniacal father stopped just short of committing first-degree murder, holding her head under water in the washing machine drain tub!! The son-of-a-bitch should be outed by Becky for the lunatic that he is and have him convicted for forcible rape and attempted first-degree murder. Father and daughter incest is high on my lists of preferred reading, but rape and sodomy and attempted murder is not by bag, not even one iota of the disrespect for any human is not worthy of or to anyone!!
Anonymous reader — 24 December 2014 20:50
Some of the Christian iknow would kill her or rape her. No real reason at all
Anonymous reader — 01 December 2014 02:58
What kind of self-respecting christian would fucking whip the shit out of anyone for any reason?! We are taught to love and show kindness and mercy.
Anonymous reader — 13 November 2014 04:51
Enninhteligg the world, one helpful article at a time.
Anonymous reader — 21 October 2014 08:53
Love Lo e love beating by the shrff. Really. Hot
Anonymous reader — 14 October 2014 10:22
My pussy is hot
Anonymous reader — 11 January 2014 08:10
what kind of fantacy world is the auther living in?
Anonymous reader — 02 January 2014 12:13
I fucked my neighbor's eleven year old daughter last night. I've been working on her for a while and I finally popped her cherry and pumped the first of three loads of cum into her very tight, peach fuzz covered pussy. She squealed and cried while I worked it into her but she still got all 8'' of it and at least five minute break before I started fucking her.
My cum made a great lubricant when I slid my cock into her to fuck her the second and third times. After fucking her for a few minutes, the second time, she adjusted and actually started fucking me back.. pushing her pussy up to get me into her deeper. When I came in her, the last time, she held her pussy up tight against me and made an ''mmmmmmnnnn'' sound. Before she went home, she asked if we could do it again after her pussy stops being sore, on nights when her mom is out drinking beer and playing cards with the neighbors. I told her to come over tonight so I could check her pussy. I'll teach her to suck, savor & swallow.
anonymous reader — 24 October 2013 11:05
anonymous reader — 24 October 2013 11:05
anonymous reader — 24 October 2013 11:05
anonymous reader — 24 October 2013 11:04
anonymous reader — 24 October 2013 11:04
anonymous reader — 24 October 2013 11:04
anonymous reader — 24 October 2013 11:04
^(#[email protected]#$)(()))******
anonymous reader — 24 October 2013 11:04
anonymous reader — 23 July 2013 12:51
are you guys completely retarded? Or do you not comprehend the english language? this is a classic forbidden fantasy story by darkdreamer. He has written several other stories revolving around rape and forced pleasure. I dont think this is his real account because he stopped writing several years back. It has been turned into an ebook and is a favourite of many. I myself am female and I get off to this and I'm not offended. This is a fantasy. Please think like mature people before posting ludicrous remarks based on close mindedness. If you don't like stuff like this why would you be in this section. Dont embarass yourself. ~ScarletBlush♥
noretreat — 09 June 2013 07:18
What a terrible father, being fucked my a hard dog cock sounds like heaven from reports but its your choice. Your father need a red hot poker shoved up his ass!
anonymous reader — 25 February 2013 17:47
Ok, if the author wrote this because of a trauma, let him say it. Otherwise it's just his imagination.
anonymous reader — 23 January 2013 00:29
Superbly illuminating data here, tahkns!
anonymous reader — 20 December 2012 12:29
"the weird thing about him (and the reason for my eocnunter) is that he has some idea that the only form of acceptable speech is glowing praise it's this creepy kind of happy fascism. it doesn't seem to be the site's general policy, but he's in a position of power of sorts."BINGO! that's absolutely it. "if you can't say anything nice WE'LL BAN YOU!" if absolute power corrupts absolutely, meagre power just chains you the machine. what a bloated, self-appointed egomaniacal cunt HMA is.
anonymous reader — 19 July 2012 19:42
I love everything about it, I'm female and I get off on rape stories where bitches are brutalized, makes my cunt drip. Its all fantasy right? Don't deny a person their own kinks cause they don't mesh with yours. Hypocrites, kink is kink, every fetish is not for everybody, pay attention to the tags.
anonymous reader — 18 July 2012 13:59
I love everything about it, I'm female and I get off on rape stories where bitches are brutalized, makes my cunt drip. Its all fantasy right? Don't deny a person their own kinks cause they don't mesh with yours. Hypocrites, kink is kink, every fetish is not for everybody, pay attention to the tags.
anonymous reader — 15 July 2012 19:01
Ok i like beseality rape not human rape this is so wrong beyond belief i come for bestiality and get this u r one fucked up bastard to think this did daddy not hug u enough did mommy beat u alot ? Wht happened in ur life to make u think and write this?
anonymous reader — 17 June 2012 09:55
This was a great story until you brought in the Sheriff beating her for whoring around. It would have been better if you would have just punished her by having the Sheriff and all of his deputies taking their turns fucking the shit out of her. Next time, leave the abuse out.
anonymous reader — 07 January 2012 18:56
love it,wish i was that girl mmmmm
anonymous reader — 29 October 2011 22:25
These topics are so cnofusnig but this helped me get the job done.
anonymous reader — 18 July 2011 04:57
Yes I agre with you the only thing I don't like is that is kind of two separt storeys
anonymous reader — 19 June 2011 22:23
Read the tags before you read the story,don't like it?Don't read it and don't comment either you idiots.
anonymous reader — 11 June 2011 12:34
plz no stories like this .....this was meant to be for pleasure and fun not for this hitleristic ideas .....even though rape and everything was mentioned but still its too much.....
anonymous reader — 11 June 2011 12:28
this is not a sex story this is a sad story........the first part was wonderful except the ending.......but this one .....oh my god it made me cry at such brutality and dishonour to a women .......if it had been been a true story i would have loved to kill the girl's father, the sherrif and the fucken rapper tony and his father.....this story was meant for pleasure not for winning a sad story award ...Ah i just made me cry and feel so sorry for that girl in the second part......i wish any thing near this hasnot happened in reality
anonymous reader — 13 February 2011 23:43
in response to this comment
To the people who are saying this story was such a turn off because of the subject matter...don't act like you didnt know what you were getting into before you started reading the story. It says right there "rape, incest, etc." I think you are just trying to make yourselves feel better about the fact that you get off to stuff like this....just admit your perverts like the rest of us and you'll feel better!!!
first off this stry did suck and frankly half of it was complete monotous
if you comment something like this actualy do it on a good story
Anonymous reader — 04 July 2010 02:36
too long and yes she needs too get revenge ,this is only my siGn "Two Bloody Thumbs Up"
Holley — 03 September 2009 08:52
I just wanted to say, well done guys! Lovely!.
I am from Monaco and bad know English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "There have been later emerges that type of the scale-dependent points known on the eddington source gave the weak wormwood to be greek to the mathematical anisotropy as the computer eddington appeared to have stacked, and that a 1962 ferromagnetic process appeared that the phase was however violent."

With best wishes :), Holley.
re — 25 July 2009 10:59
what's this story have to do with a farm?
READER — 30 March 2008 02:57
I stay wet all the way thru the story. Even thou I was hoping for move beast in it.
READER — 27 March 2008 05:18
i fuked my daughter and she is pregnant i love her she is only 16 an m 45
READER — 03 March 2008 15:51
Just a Idea for the next one,
Have the Girl kill her father and the sherrif,
Or atleast get some crazy good revenge,
you know, torture and pain and agony like they put her through
but some sexy parts too!!!
READER — 27 February 2008 01:07
To the people who are saying this story was such a turn off because of the subject matter...don't act like you didnt know what you were getting into before you started reading the story. It says right there "rape, incest, etc." I think you are just trying to make yourselves feel better about the fact that you get off to stuff like this....just admit your perverts like the rest of us and you'll feel better!!!
READER — 17 January 2008 01:50
This story was stupid and way too long. Not erotic at all!!! Lost interest very quickly, same old shit over and over again.
READER — 16 January 2008 04:14
Yeah this is suppose to be a story about a girl being raped so why are you all complaining that it is turn-off?

Anyways, I've came many times on this story.

Way to go!
READER — 16 January 2008 04:14
Yeah this is suppose to be a story about a girl being raped so why are you all complaining that it is turn-off?

Anyways, I've came many times on this story.

Way to go!
READER — 31 December 2007 09:22
Happy New Year!!! (Australia)
READER — 12 December 2007 14:23
th g g g g g h g g g g g g G g g i
READER — 06 December 2007 22:58
somebodey should have busted in and saved her from the sherif and then fucked her latter lol
READER — 01 December 2007 01:34
if your going to read a story that has 'rape and insest ' in big blue letters across the top all the way through, dont bitch and moan about how much of a "yurn off" itis. youre not fooling anyone dumbass
READER — 17 November 2007 23:54
teaching her to fuck by fucking her wasnt right. the dad went a little far though. the mom should have found out. and where was the mom during the dad fuck and her yelling?
READER — 14 November 2007 03:49
I, on the other hand enjoy a good rape story, what I dont like is when the girl starts enjoying it, it defeats the whole purpose of rape. For the most part, the story was really good, I just didnt like the parts where she enjoyed it.
READER — 06 November 2007 21:21
i doo't mind the story as such but the fact that there is no emphases on the girl cuming showing that she enjoys it kind of put moe off. I like when a girl would come and urge the guy to fuck even harder. she must cum all the time through to show that she enjoys it. I'm sure no girl enjoys being raped so this story is shitty.
READER — 28 October 2007 02:20
A lot of people can get off while reading about a woman getting raped, but this story I think could easily bring a lot of people to tears. Forget the sick and twisted part, I mean is this your way of getting what happened to you (maybe not exaclty this way) out to other people? Im rather confused.
READER — 16 October 2007 21:11
I agree with the some people. I do feel sympathy for the girl
READER — 27 September 2007 14:07
I bet! one who wrote this story isn't a girl but a pure perverted man with weirdest fantasies.
But wow! a great story teller. Nice narration! He has covered all the types of perverted sex in one story.
But the core theme is the girl in the story rather likes brutal sex.
READER — 24 September 2007 13:37
READER — 23 September 2007 14:48
Top Storey, Just a shame the Dad didnt have a heart attack while he was riping his daughter apart!
READER — 03 September 2007 02:14
READER — 27 August 2007 11:43
Both your stories are fucked up! seriously her dad was going a little to far> YOu now what everything went a little to far. I hate the whole rape and insest so NOT a turn on!
READER — 08 August 2007 09:55
READER — 17 July 2007 14:42
marie c sterna
READER — 09 July 2007 03:39
wow ! nice story!
READER — 06 July 2007 22:15
way to fucken gruesome
READER — 06 July 2007 18:14
i rlly dont like rape stories im the type of person that feels sympathy for the girl
READER — 27 June 2007 01:05
FUCKING worst story ive ever read
READER — 22 June 2007 20:16
i think it was wonderful. 10/10
READER — 15 June 2007 01:32
it was just to much
READER — 08 June 2007 21:55
Dark Dreamer, don't stop. The story line was very good, I think it would have been a little better had you been even more descriptive, It might help to write your stories in a number of settings, each time reading what you have already written and make improvements where you see the need.
READER — 29 May 2007 15:59
I'm curious.....Are the only people that comment on all of these stories illiterate, or just stupid? Great story line, if a little rushed, and a little repetative with some of the slang names for a vagina. 9/10!
READER — 03 May 2007 08:36
FOR SPARTA!!!!! oh who saw that movie with richard gear.. Oh and storey i mark it "F"
READER — 27 April 2007 20:05
i am 11 years old and i got a lot of good and ture storys like when and my dad was fucking ever sncie i was 5
READER — 02 April 2007 14:17
there wasnt any bestiality thogh, so u should check ure desacriptions
READER — 02 April 2007 10:59
i lved every line of this story that fucking bitch is nothing but a cum receptacle for men to use at their leisure. every small town needs a whore like her. youre a freaking pervert so keep writing stories that get the rest of us perverts off. i know for a fact im one.
READER — 24 March 2007 16:15

READER — 17 March 2007 10:09
Ok i've read stories b4 and this one was just discusting. Like if she lives in a farm she should be strong enough to push the guy away and when she was i8n her home getting fucked by her dad, someone would have heard her like seriously this was just a sick mentally retarded storie and you are very pervertd to even think up a storie like this. I give you a -100/10
READER — 15 March 2007 06:03
i had a bull mastif up my ass, that cock is huge! if he had gotten his knot in me, i think that would have ripped my ass. his cock was about 14 inches long,it was wonderful!
READER — 28 February 2007 22:02
this stories awesome all of my college is reading this stuff were almost getting 2 part 3 keep going we want a year full of this here mannn
READER — 07 February 2007 05:07
this is weird, most girls dont get raped once in ther whole lfetime, and in under a year shes raped by a horse armed wit dildos, a chair, 3 dogs, a father an son, most policemen and her own dad?? tht jus pushes the imagination
gr8 story though otha thn the beatings, an the sherrif was a freak, if he lived any wer ner me an was real, he wudnt be livin 4 much longer...
but who cares bout tht? those r my probs stick wit ure own
(im expectin a lot of comments tellin me to fuk off so dont u dare disapoint me fools!)
READER — 24 January 2007 23:40
omfg i feel so sry 4 u may god be helping u thru everything u been thru n ur life
READER — 11 January 2007 02:02
it still amazes methe kind of sicko shit thats lurking out on the web just when you think the human beings cant get anymore vile or souless, ... may GOD have mercy on your lost soul
READER — 08 January 2007 23:11
im not into rape stories but it had good detail.
READER — 04 January 2007 17:10
The Word of God; Leviticus 18:23
READER — 04 January 2007 17:09
The Word of God; Leviticus 18:23
READER — 29 December 2006 05:42
I forced my self to read, because I had never read anything like this before. NO THANKS never again.
READER — 17 December 2006 15:19
Part 1 was better. In this part, her getting whipped between her legs was just plain gross.
READER — 02 December 2006 10:21
merhaba aşkım kendini göster
READER — 01 December 2006 03:06
I agree with a previous reader in saying to shut the fuck up about rape stories, if they offend you so much, dont read them. It clearly states what the story has in it and it comes under the category of rape. So really if it offends you, just dont fucking read it and give it a good review when you dont even like the idea of it.
READER — 27 November 2006 11:20
i find it funny that women seemed to like the story more then the guys lol read the comments and you'll see. It's not that bad but there was a bit much in it. keep it comming it would be cool to see the next chapter.
READER — 27 November 2006 03:53
This was pretty psychotic
READER — 13 November 2006 17:55
What the Hell is with you you had a god fuck be nice and she will give you all the fucking you can handle
READER — 21 October 2006 22:47
i like it a little bit but im not into rape storys. the story was good
READER — 18 October 2006 13:09
Now WHAT the FUCK was that about. Stupid, idiotic story with no sex in it. & the fucks who think it was koool should go see a psychologist.
READER — 15 October 2006 14:37
this is the most sickenig and disgusting dtory i have read. Rape? Those of you who get off on rape are sicke rthan the writer. Men this world has a lot of sick people.
READER — 14 October 2006 10:22
Worst story i have ever read in my life, the story made me so angry, i sometimes wished that the character would have just died.
READER — 08 October 2006 09:10
I'm an erotic writer so i have to say.... this work disappointed me a lot. i've read better and written better. the first part was okay for a quick jerk off until the end but this... is disgusting. rape is not erotic and anyone who gets off to it needs to be put in jail. those that write about it in a good light are no better.
READER — 07 October 2006 02:32
hot! theres nothing wrong with having a rape fantasy, id love to be daddys little slut
READER — 03 October 2006 17:24
One more thing... all the people who wrote bad reviews can fuck off. If you aren't into rape stories, why the fuck are you in this forum? And if you've got a problem with it, leave, don't bitch about it. Just get the fuck out of here!
READER — 03 October 2006 17:04
To all those who said this was sick, fuck you... and oh yeah, it's spelled 'psycho', not sycho you dumb fuck. But to the writer... you are wonderful. This story was hot. I rubbed my clit raw reading this one, bravo! My pussy got even wetter toward the end when daddy decided to fuck the little bitch. Again, BRAVO!!
READER — 27 September 2006 17:00
i know i'm a hypocrite having just read BOTH episodes. But if the purpose of these stories is to get people to jerk off, then I'm sadly disappointed. Sick dude, really fucking sick shit.
READER — 09 September 2006 12:41
Excelent work keep it comin'
READER — 03 September 2006 20:18
sick fucuk long live hitler
READER — 30 August 2006 18:08
Omg , That was horrible! And sick! The Prison bit and the Tony and his Dad bit made me feel sorry for her even though she is fiction ... -10/10 ...
READER — 22 August 2006 07:04
WTF IS WRong with u ur sick fucks
READER — 17 August 2006 18:58
I'm an erotic writer so I have to say.... this work disappointed me a lot. I've read better and written better. The first part was okay for a quick jerk off until the end but this... is disgusting. Rape is not erotic and anyone who gets off to it needs to be put in jail. Those that write about it in a good light are no better
READER — 08 August 2006 01:14
Example of sycho: YOU !
READER — 31 July 2006 09:48
Dude, that story was messed up. I thought part 1 was pretty good, but part 2 is screwed up. It was very detailed but I was very disappointed with all the rape and incest. -Lance
READER — 25 July 2006 17:56
sick story man
READER — 19 July 2006 20:48
it was a little scary with the whole dad goin crazy but it was ok
READER — 18 July 2006 01:31
I love this one..I think It's better then the first part..Something awesome about daddy fucking his little girl..You are a wicked writer!! More!!
And of course 10/10!!
READER — 27 June 2006 11:29
I liked it alot!!! It makes me want to go and get fucked!! u can fuck me!!!! keep writing PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
READER — 26 June 2006 13:17
I liked it. It makes me want to go out and get fucked!!
keep writing!! please!
READER — 25 June 2006 16:56
READER — 12 June 2006 12:16
You are a sick, sick person...actually person is too nice of a name for you! You must hate yourself a lot to make us this kind of crap.
READER — 23 May 2006 21:53
The first story was really hot. I could really feel the dog sex . . . you little pervert :-). But, here's what I think is wrong with this chapter: why does your character have to be involved in rape fantasies all the time? Rape is about control, and it's terrifying. Would you write about snuffing in such glowing terms? imo it was better when your character had some control.
READER — 23 May 2006 19:30
yes im fucking wetter than hell
READER — 22 May 2006 17:41
m'kay? the first one made me wet.. this one just made me worried.. i hope you don't live in Kentucky.. and you write really good and very descriptive but its just freaky shit you write about like for example instead of an old guy and his son fucking her it should be like to hot football players lol.. anyways keep writing.
READER — 20 May 2006 00:33
you duchy fucking bastard dont you have respect for weman its guys like you who give good guys bad names if i ever see you on the streets i will beat the fuck out of you.
READER — 10 May 2006 20:56
i didnt like it
READER — 02 May 2006 02:45
jesus hates u and kills your first born son.
READER — 30 April 2006 21:21
READER — 24 April 2006 00:38
youre a flower child
READER — 16 April 2006 20:04
thats gay!!!they went uh uh uh uh with each other!!!!!!YOU GUYS ARE GAPHERS AND SICKOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... a boy to.a girl going bump bump with a boy??!!!!!shame on all ya who wrote this story!!!!!!lol
READER — 11 April 2006 20:56
frist story better because she was alone young and dirty but still innocent
READER — 07 April 2006 14:44
I was almost waiting for Tony to come and help you during the sherriff attack.. that would have been hot, Liked the first story better, but keep it up.
READER — 31 March 2006 00:40
Someone needs a shrink
READER — 20 March 2006 02:19
Wow... Those guys were insane... I think you kind of went a bit overboard with the whole psycho, devout Christian sherriff thing... But overall, it was alright. I liked the first story alot better... Maybe you'll have some more normal-seeming characters in the next parts... Keep up the good work.
READER — 14 March 2006 14:06
jesus loves u
READER — 08 March 2006 17:41
uh did someone piss u off when u wrote this cuz its really intense
READER — 06 March 2006 04:18
I liked the first one, but this is getting tedious. Both the father and the Sherif sound like they come from the same bloodline, maybe they're one in the same. But they're too insane, too similar, and in doing so, the point, if there was one, you were trying to convey with the personality fell flat on it's face.

You started it off with a lot of potential...it's a damn shame you couldn't follow through with that.
READER — 19 February 2006 20:19
i liked it it was good
READER — 30 January 2006 12:37
This story was pretty good. Not as good as the first one though. Don't let that get you down, alot of writers can't write their other books as well as thefirst. And don't any of you dare call me a flower child or something just because i'm showing sympathy!
READER — 12 January 2006 16:41
why do people report negative on these stories? they are all sick stories but there all fantasies if you dont like the stories dont read them. your the pervert if you read them. I dislike negative people. It was a good story keep up the good work.
READER — 11 January 2006 00:05
god man i hate u ur a fuckin asshole and should die fuck ill see u in hell mother fucker
READER — 04 January 2006 08:14
Pure perversion, the persom who wrote this should seek proffesional help....
READER — 21 December 2005 21:59
Liked the first story much better than the second. I would have dropped the sheriff/jail part (just a little to much for the story) and concentrated more on parents punishment. One last point, Max was the only thing that was ridden hard that didn't get any of that tight cunt. Keep trying, I'll be reading your next story.
READER — 18 December 2005 12:08
the first part was awesome the second part pissed me off the two guys didn't have to be so mean. stick to the animals and it'll be a good story.
READER — 28 November 2005 21:12
I dont think the way they treated you was fair cool
story though 10/10 on both
READER — 16 November 2005 20:48
first one was better not so good this time round 5/10
READER — 11 November 2005 23:05
the first and second half was very nice but slowly this series began to deteriate into some demented story. number one of the problems with this story is like someone before said, "how does the girl still have a tight cunt after so many rapes?" #2) is this still story still in the beast section of sex?
#3) whoever writes this needs some goddamn help.
but still for some odd reason it still kind of turns me on in a weird and demented way. im scared of myself.
READER — 03 November 2005 20:33
This is just pure pornographic art! Bravo
READER — 24 September 2005 09:52
im giving this story a negative rep
it suck badly becasue how come her mom didnt hear her the 1st time her dad this ?
btw @§§h0l3 who wrote this did it ever occur to u that u shouldnt write rape stories becasue thay could be true and u need to tell someone who u can trust
READER — 04 September 2005 07:42
the first story was good because it kept going further .these one stands still.
where's the hourse?
READER — 03 September 2005 20:56
it sucked
READER — 12 August 2005 14:32
It started as beleivable then quickly degenerated into page filler......i mean come on! even after 20 rapes or so "she STILL had a tight girly virginal hole?" really this sucks!
READER — 10 August 2005 22:40
Uh hello, does she have a MOM? Did her parents not think to visit her in jail. Dude this story started off as medeocre(sp) but with potential. It has decayed into a mysogenistic rant. I have no problem morally with these stories, these sites are were we work this stuff out of the subconscience, but there should be a story in here somewhere. I am not seeing it.
READER — 08 August 2005 14:21
really bad
READER — 08 August 2005 12:29
SURREAL dude.U better get a fukin love life u fuckin pervert.this fuckin story made me SICK to the fuckin core.I HOPE U DIE A MOST HORRIBLE & PAINFUL DEATH
READER — 02 August 2005 19:52
ive never read sumthing lyk this..its disturbing on so many levels. god bless u ..u could use it
READER — 30 July 2005 12:05
this story was so fucked up!
READER — 20 July 2005 05:55
Posted : 02-13-04 20:49

Over a year later and still getting reviews. And there are worse things on this site than this story, if you don't believe me, try looking.
READER — 03 July 2005 02:15
okay okay okay, that had to be the wrongest story i've ever read. Any other time i would keep quiet but come on.. I'm assuming in part 1 she fucked her dogs? now this is to fucking messed up. I mean comone you should be fucking hung for this shit! i hope you die in fucking hell and then get sadamized by fucking satan himself! Then get beat and whipped like she did you fucking disgusting pervert as mother fucker!!! yeah bitch what now what now what now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... i hope you fucking drownd bitch! yeah or get fucking beat by your sherif or somthing you dirty fucking little hoe slut ass mother fucking god damn dog sucking horse sucking bitch!!!!!! yeahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god damnit i actually liked the story!!! lol write another!!!!!
READER — 02 July 2005 15:47
you my friend ,have a talent... i cant quit jerking off to your stuff. i have a few ideas for a story i was working on i thing it mayby right in line 4 your character. write me if your interested
READER — 30 June 2005 15:22
great story ..not really my thing but damn u dirty basterd !

as fer all u twats that say it sucks .. i guess u all read til the end eh? if ya dont like rape stories then fuck off and read mills and boone dude
READER — 24 June 2005 12:42
I feel so sorry for Becky, She must have been raped like 20 times. It started of kinda good but there was way to much rape.
READER — 17 June 2005 05:07
I would have to shoot myself between the eyes if anything like this ever happened to me. "Becky" was raped like a million times, whipped, and then all that other shit, wtf man? You need to be hung with barbed wire.
READER — 03 June 2005 22:12
That was THE MOST FUCKING SICK AND PERVERTED THING I HAVE EVER READ!!!GODDAMN< U SHOULD BURN IN HELL U FUCKING BASTARD!!! just rite another 1 but least make sure she kills those bastards or she kills herself
READER — 25 May 2005 21:50
What the fuck did I just read? This story was sick, wrong, and disgusting. You seriously have something wrong with you if you write shit like this. You seriously have something terribly wrong with you. You need to visit some psychiatrist or something. That was fucking terrible!!! TORTURE?? WHAT THE HELL? GET SOME FUCKING HELP?
READER — 05 May 2005 22:14
DIZZAM BOY!!! How many redneck fetishes can you fit into a story...
READER — 21 April 2005 10:25
i like this story but i ain't to crazy about the father fucking his own daughter.
READER — 21 April 2005 01:35
ughh... this story was the most horrible thing i have ever had the misfortune to read!!!! you are a sicko and a perverted dumbass... who likes to read stories about torture?!?! would u like that to happen to you?? lots of people agree with me and i say that u should really reconsider writing another story like this
READER — 11 April 2005 21:14
OK, I need to tell you you sick asswhol, WHAT THE [email protected]!# IS YOUR PROBLEM!!! This is BY FAR the most insulting story a girl can read and makes me wanna puke. PLUS, I think you seriously need some help
READER — 05 April 2005 22:03
I think you should write a story of how you enjoyed all the fucking not being abused as you were that is just fucking disgusting. Write a story of you cumming and fucking and sucking it and enjoying it............
READER — 17 March 2005 15:53
what the fuck ii thoyught i would find porno or something and i find this gay shit a letter who wants to read we want to see it u fags fuck jesus fuck dammmit fuckers god w/e
READER — 08 March 2005 19:25
~~~~this story was fucking good man write more!!!!!!!~~~
READER — 30 January 2005 22:52
i have a 3 inch penis
READER — 26 January 2005 21:04
loved it! please, please write more rape stories! Better yet, come over to my house and we can do run-thrus until you've worked your plots out...lol!
READER — 24 January 2005 04:14
I liked this story, but Punky_Girl you are fucking stupid. This story was posted first of all in 2004, and I quote "Posted : 02-13-04 20:49" and this site isn't even 9 years old, you ucking moron. Great story, and I loved every bit of it.
READER — 20 January 2005 15:52
omg wtf this story makes my sickened and i never want to read another rape story ever again
READER — 11 January 2005 15:21
You guys do know that Dark Dreamer hasn't been around in over nine years? He posted this story a long, loooong time ago...!
READER — 10 January 2005 16:27
I dont know wat the hell is going thru ur hed but u r one sick son of a bitch. Who the hell thinks that torture is hot? U have problems buddy.
READER — 10 January 2005 13:53
this one is bad fuck this mean shit fuck your daddy and the sheriff to rough for me.....get a life and right something about some good tender copulation suck a dick til it comes in your mouth but get off this cruel shit pissed me off
READER — 10 January 2005 04:07
READER — 07 January 2005 18:59
ok i just have to say to dear dark, y the fuck does he have to lose his virginity to a girl, homophobic twat
READER — 02 January 2005 19:57
Fucking sick man
READER — 02 January 2005 03:34
made me want to kill you cops and her dad and talk her somewere to be safe suck fuck story you need help you suck son of a bitch
READER — 28 December 2004 01:35
dude...i feel damn sorry for this girl. shit. i didnt like it....made me want to go give my gf a hug and tell her how great she is...
READER — 23 December 2004 12:54
Awesome story!
READER — 18 December 2004 13:14
ok #1 first one was muuuuch better #2 i want my bf to fuck me like that but without the whole drowning whoreish shit come on now you can do better then this! and fucking her dad pssh this shit was just plain stupid
READER — 15 December 2004 06:57
READER — 12 December 2004 18:02
what kind of freak are you? you have some issues man. even the dogs were better than this.
READER — 12 December 2004 05:37
this is beyond isues, you got some fucked up shit here, you need to get laid, i can't say much for my self, for cheking this out but fuck, and that anonymous guy thats one fucked up person, no woman should eve be killed you idiot, hope one day you loose your virginiy.... to a girl i mean
READER — 02 December 2004 15:27
Sick fucker. u all got issues
READER — 25 November 2004 00:04
what the hell, i mean, the first was absolutly great, and then this. come on, you can do better than this.
READER — 14 November 2004 15:38
same commenit as the guys UR A SICK FUCK ASS HOLE enogh of this well the first was fukingood good job for it but wat went wrong onthe second 1 huh wat went wrong
READER — 14 November 2004 11:54
"There should be no seducive girls in the world. They are harmful to males peaceful lives. If there are such girls, they have to be eliminated from society. They won't change themselves. They are after all bitches. We have to kill them. Why to kill them without any advantage for us? Rape and kil them. Enjoy fully while raping them. " - This is the motive of the story. IF all seducive girls are killed, the world will become pure. Before killing, don't forget to rape them. Killing is sin. Raping and killing is not more than sin. Do it.
READER — 12 November 2004 20:49
1st story was better... 2nd was okay tho
READER — 11 November 2004 12:20
This story was wicked sick. All the beating and raping, I mean shit. I really don't want to hear/read about a some right wing neo nazi sherrif whipping a girl with his belt while calling her a whore. I mean that's some really fucked up shit.
READER — 09 November 2004 06:23
The first was much better - the second trailing to a let down -
It seemed to have a much weaker plot with the constant sex , as opposed to a story. Also the bondage was a bit simplistic - as in only beating.
READER — 08 November 2004 10:55
no that really didnt do it......... 1st 1 top notch
READER — 05 November 2004 22:10
It was good in the first but got sketchy on the second one. It was alittle long on both
READER — 03 November 2004 14:27
first story good. second story bad. betty's now being fucked every time she turns around. at lest give some time for her pussy to heal.
READER — 03 November 2004 11:58
CAPTAINDANGELOW, I'm a sick fuck.
READER — 31 October 2004 14:58
Damn......guess I'm sick. I absolutely loved it.
READER — 30 October 2004 05:28
you should get the shit noked out of you u sick fuck! if i knew were you were id kick ur ass. but nice job on the first one, u did good
READER — 24 October 2004 11:34
I loved every line but i guess im just i little sick . Maybe someday ill send one of mine in or you can just ask me yourself . ttfn and may the creatures of the night keep you well
READER — 18 October 2004 01:36
good story
READER — 14 October 2004 18:06
this is sick i loved the first one but this is just scary i hink im gna go back to bi stories cuz this one mad me physically sick
READER — 14 October 2004 15:07
This shit is sick who gets off on someone being raped by there father. If that shit turns you on you are a sick fuck.
READER — 14 October 2004 03:31
READER — 10 October 2004 01:31
ok man first story was a masterpiece a truely good story. but dude this is wrong the girl is getting fucked by literally every male that sees her. u need to slow it down a bit. put in some action or something good. other then that good work and try to make other stories not so brutual.
READER — 18 September 2004 02:35
"guts...guts...guts...guts.... if i had 10 bucks for every bloody time u say the word guts, id have enough money to buy a shotgun and shoot the guts out of your vagina. apparantly thats where yours reside, eh wot? the sheriff i right in some areas, such as u being a slut. you could have at least told him u were blackmailed and raped, ya priss. its as if u wanted it to happen. oh wait, sorry, i forgot. U DID! bloody hell youve got problems. "i dont feel like dogs anymore" oh so now you're too good for animals. hangon, im gonna go sodomize my cat now. nevermind, ill go infiltrate the confines of that broad's pants. taking steps to learn your lessons, thats for bloody sure. thats it. Piss off!
READER — 09 September 2004 00:47
that was absolutely horrifying. my God. you are seriously disturbed. I think im gonna have nightmares. But from one writer to another, you have a good way of showing detail, but try not to be so damn scary next time. damn.
READER — 07 September 2004 17:47
Dude, more animals..PLEASE!!!
There are so few
READER — 06 September 2004 23:02
you are all fucking sick
READER — 04 September 2004 18:50
nice but scene with sheriff where prolonged.
READER — 04 September 2004 13:13
Ok, i only read five paragraphs because it was boring. I wanted somthing more like the first one. this kinda sucked.
READER — 04 September 2004 02:35
Strictly boy on girl sex. Nothing "gay" about it? The story does cover seduction, rape, jail house and incest fantasy.
READER — 24 August 2004 20:40
The first story was sexy but this one was just sick and wrong. I want her to go on a rampage in the next story and kill all those men. Then find a nice woman to love. :
READER — 24 August 2004 11:01
Real good
READER — 23 August 2004 01:16
this shit was sick who ever wrote this need they
ass kicked
READER — 16 August 2004 02:40
this story didnt capture my interset as the first. There was just so much going on and her getting fucked one right after the other it never gave me time to breath and catch my breath...
READER — 04 August 2004 10:17
READER — 03 August 2004 14:58
Rape scares me, maybe you could lay-off a little, liked the beastality in the first story, fuck the horse!! Dad is a creap- she should tell mommy! Hope the next one is better. :(
READER — 31 July 2004 01:11
This one was good but the sheriff part was a turn-off but overall good stuff!!
READER — 29 July 2004 09:36
This story was okey but, you steched mostly every thing out. You took too long to get though the police beating. And the whole thing about you need the meat thats bull you have fingers. if you write again make sure it dosent fallow this cause it was very good. sorry 3/10.
READER — 29 July 2004 02:38
How dare you take something that a lot of women painfully suffer through and try to make it erotic. You are a disgrace.
READER — 27 July 2004 15:27
this wasn't as good as the 1st and it got a lil fucked up but overall it was ok
READER — 27 July 2004 02:22
youre one sick sumabitch... i was cringing during the beating part... that shit is sick... if you think ass sex is so great, you probably are gay... i agree with Jack Sprat, take your god damn medication...
READER — 19 July 2004 19:17
if you put the effort you have into this story, into a story with a "normal" sex story you would be onto a winner! No doubt this is a great story for those that enjoy the bondage and stuff, but its not to my taste. If this is the only kinda sex you can write then keep it up, it's great; but let it be known that many would enjoy just some normal sex practise swritten in your excellent writing style!
READER — 18 July 2004 12:41
This being the second installment, I think it (the story) is developing it's own momentum and the author needs to get control of it again. For those of you with negative things to say, simply, DON'T READ THE STORIES! To the author, watch typos, be patient, and ignore the negativitiy of others. Your work is certainly talented, and there are those that do indeed "get off" on these types of things happening. This story is obviously intended for those deviant individuals. To all others, if you don't like it simply don't read it.
READER — 16 July 2004 14:08
i love that she actually gets off on all the pain
an di love the conflict between temptation, lust and decency
READER — 15 July 2004 00:42
what the fuck! the story needs a better ending
READER — 13 July 2004 15:13
hummmm.......did someone chew through the leather straps and get to a computer again?
READER — 12 July 2004 07:43
uh....like....i have no idea what to say. think about it. She should have just said she was raped the first time in the school to a teacher. it might help. and it would help with the story too and people won't hate what you wrote.
READER — 11 July 2004 16:27
sick as hell start thinking of better stories than that crap
READER — 10 July 2004 23:47
You need help. This story was not sexy, not erotic. It was total horseshit. You can improve it by replacing the girl with a sheep, maybe ?! You are intelligent have some great writing talent - so why do you waste it on such seriously sick content ? I'm all for freedom of speech but all rights need to have limits and this crosses the line. Take your medication dude.
READER — 08 July 2004 18:09
Dude seriously WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Call the men in white coats smoke a bong jesus just do something, No wonder everyone says the internet needs censorship
READER — 07 July 2004 20:03
Hell I loved it.... I love the way you write and make it feel so damned real. keep up the kick ass work man....
READER — 06 July 2004 13:48
at the end it got interesting - fuck !
READER — 06 July 2004 07:19
this shit was fucking weired....i felt sorry for her at first but the freeky bitch enjoyed it.....she deserved it .but dude you are one sick fuck....get some fucking help b4 you really do something to fuck someone else up
READER — 05 July 2004 20:41
I want you
READER — 05 July 2004 11:04
you are one sick individul and u need help seriously the first story was good till the part about tonys dad this was really really really sick i dont really care that the sherrif was a crazy religious guy but he is still an officer of the law and he was on duty he could be put in his jail for up to i think 10 years
READER — 30 June 2004 08:50
This shit isnt cool, got issues, get help you gimp.
READER — 28 June 2004 23:20
You got real issues. This part two is psychotic compared to part one. you seem to be into either be into stereotypes or had a bad day at sunday school.
READER — 28 June 2004 01:52
That was pretty good. i liked the dog fuck from the first one though- and ive tried it b4-it actually works- u got a sick mind though man
READER — 27 June 2004 20:39
Damn ,you need to do something dont let them do this to you.....please get help
READER — 26 June 2004 12:33
The first story was good in its own weird sort of way. But the second one went over the line. Not only did you have her getting raped but liking it too. Hey rape is not to be liked or enjoyed. And to those who like it. Don't dis those who don't. We have just as much a right as you do to report our comments on this story. Yes I did see the descriptions of the story. I already knew it had rape in it among other things. But the writing itself, not concerning the plotline or content, was good in the beginning but became more dry and repeditive like you ran out of adjectives or something like that. For freakiness, on a scale of 1 to 10, lets just say ten's not high enough.
READER — 26 June 2004 03:53
Let me guess. You've been abused, probably sexually. I hope this is your only outlet, instead of abusing a real person. You aren't "crazy" - this is a common problem and you can get support if you want.
READER — 22 June 2004 14:07
Nice, whats the fucking problem with allt hese people complaing and shit. Im guessing they read the entire fucking story then commeted on how bad it was. Listen, no one is forcing you to read it dipshits, so if somthing offends you then STOP READING IT
READER — 22 June 2004 11:23
you might as well hav brutilly stabbed her 2 death. sick freak.GET A REAL JOB YA LOSER.the dad and the sheriff... that was sick. YOU ARE AN INSANE SCREWED UP PERSON........................
READER — 19 June 2004 09:27
you were so cold to the girl! the sherrif and the dad was too damned much!!!
READER — 18 June 2004 21:31
that was cool...
READER — 16 June 2004 18:45
what the fuck was that you ned help you insane shithole. it was aight then the sheriff and the drunk dad that was too much the surrizonoas or whatever were okay but htat was sick ............ill say something else after i go hurl!
READER — 16 June 2004 15:14
ok, u r one sick fuck! jesus christ wot the hell is rong wid u!? and wots with da comment on raping 4 women?? u fuckin discusting shitheaded pencil dick
READER — 16 June 2004 04:34
I liked all of it. I came three times.
READER — 11 June 2004 13:53
What the fuck you killed it you had it going good but the entire sherrif thing was just to fucked up and you shouldnt have used the dad some othe rfamily memeber not the dad that was a little to twisted hopefully you can redeem yourself
READER — 09 June 2004 23:29
christians always using religion to hide behind so they dont have to face there own weaknesses
she should kill the sheriff later in life or have him sent to jail by framing him so he is raped dayly
READER — 09 June 2004 02:56
i raped 4 wemon last week
READER — 06 June 2004 15:16
u are one sick twisted loser! u really took it too far. u need help!!
READER — 05 June 2004 22:20
man who ever wrote this story has serious problems get a life how would you like it if someone did all that to you?
READER — 04 June 2004 18:53
Good God, talk about overkill. I got to the point of wondering who else in the world would come by and rape her. Frankly the story got boring with so many repeated sexual descriptions. You are one sick puppy and this is your second effort!!!!!
READER — 01 June 2004 07:41
What are you thinking when you write this?!
Are you totaly mad?!
Geez... Hope you stay in a gay cell in the est of your life... Get raped and raped all the time!
READER — 31 May 2004 01:06
READER — 28 May 2004 23:26
#1 was way better
READER — 26 May 2004 18:10
sickos.. a innocent girl? how can you guys even think of it.. go home and try too fuck your daughters if you can....
you should all die.. if i found a rapist i will smach his head into a wall and cut him into pieces
READER — 26 May 2004 11:49
I didn't like it...something about raping a girl is just wrong, and for the person who wrote this, they need to find something better to do than making rape stories. Not cool.
READER — 25 May 2004 21:27
All of you hating on this story, stop, it very plainly said all the topics listed and if you don't like rape or beastilaty or incest don't read the goddamned story, dumbasses. keep writing what works for you man don't listen to anyone who can't compliment your work.
READER — 15 May 2004 10:40
i don't understand all the negative comments abou this story. ilike all the people who read this knew before hand the content within. the problem is not with the author's words but the sexual hang-ups of some of the unimaginative "wankers" reading. all that aside well written deeply expressive Rock Out With Your Cock Out!
READER — 10 May 2004 17:44
i enjoy reading erotic stories but damn u reallly crossed the line man i cant even emagine my self in her place thank u guys for saing what a bitchy story it is because im not laughting eighter. i hope there are guys that understand how a woman fells when she is getting raped cause it doesnt feel good
READER — 04 May 2004 23:39
BOOOO-FUCKING-RIINNNGGG Jesus fucking christ that sucked. made me angry more than horny, just wanted kill that religious mother fucker, take a spiked dildo an shove it up his fucking ass, attach it to a power drill and maim him. this seriously sucked fucking donkey balls dude. shit like that is not funny, they should take this story down off the ste coz its just plain fucked up. anyone who can write about this sorta stuff and expect people to enjoy it is majorly fucked up in the head. how about we put you in her place an see if you want people writing about it an jacking off over it? fucking asshole. your first story was good until the rape bit but to write a whole story about it? you are just fucked up in the head man. get some serious help before someone like me comes along and shuts u u
READER — 18 April 2004 23:52
Spice it up a bit more mate-it's a little flat
READER — 12 April 2004 00:33
This is a pretty fucked up story m8!
READER — 07 April 2004 09:08
u know that shit really aint cooll man i cant stand that rape shit they should burn this sgit and ur ass
READER — 14 March 2004 21:43
hot made me horneey
READER — 06 March 2004 21:04
I´m a zoogirl, I mean, a really bicth, so I prefer the zoo stories, fiction or real, this second part got all kinds of resourses and the main ingredient (best sex) has lost.
READER — 26 February 2004 17:38
Phyre r u talkin bout my aunts house at least thats wat my parents call it i am forced to go there all the time my parents dont trust me
READER — 24 February 2004 22:32
Dude you need some serious help
i know this nice little place you could go
white padded walls
and if your good you may even get the little cadies stuffed with medicine
READER — 23 February 2004 12:54
Dude...you need some SERIOUS help...i could recommend a fella who could show you a nice selection of white long sleeved shirts...and a nice white room...
READER — 22 February 2004 19:02
READER — 21 February 2004 21:34
that shit is gay
READER — 14 February 2004 09:27
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