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School of Hard Cocks

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM

Author: slaveKimura

Published: 10 March 2009

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(As a prelude to this tale, it must be known that this
story is based on a roleplay done by my Master and
myself. We enjoyed it very much and He asked that I
write this to be shared. I love dressing up and playing
a victim for Him and enjoy every second. I hope you
enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed acting it out.)

Part 1 ---------

Friday morning and I was ready. Today was the day that
I would get that girl. I'd seen her and watched her for
some time now. She walked down my block everyday on her
way to a private school. The uniform was enough to tempt
me in a million ways. She wore the dark makeup of a rebel,
with the thick eyeliner and full blood red lips of a goth
girl. I estimated she was either 16 or 17. She'd be
fun to break. I set up my car to appear that I was changing
a tire next to the sidewalk. A chloroform soaked rag was in
a plastic bag in my pocket.

I heard her shoes on the sidewalk as she rounded the corner.
I let her get close enough and stood calmly as if done. She
moved to sidestep me, never saying a word. Neither did I as
I whipped out the rag and grabbed her from behind, putting
the rag over her mouth and nose, she struggled and kicked at
me for just a few seconds and then fell limp in my arms.

I quickly put her in the trunk. Wrapping an ace bandage around
her head over her mouth, separate ones around her wrists
and ankles. I then wrapped duct tape over the bandages with as
much speed as I could manage. I stood and looked down at her.
She was just perfect, bound and curled up in my trunk. It had
taken less than 3 minutes thanks to careful preparation.

Now to drive her home and get her inside. I parked the car in the
garage and made sure the door was shut all the way before
getting out and opening the trunk. Not a sound or a peep from
her as I lifted her out and carried her upstairs to a room in
the attic that I had prepared for this sort of thing.

Willing women were one thing, but I wanted a challenge. I wanted
to see how hard it would be to break a pretty young thing and make
her mine. I got her up to the attic and removed her shoes.
A cage in the corner was just right for her size, I'd lined it with
towels and a blanket. I cut the tape away from her ankles, then her
wrists and finally her mouth. I removed the bandages and shoved her
into the cage. Her limp body was fairly easy to move since she was
so small. I locked the door and checked the cameras I had set up
in the room. When she woke and started moving, they would start

Until then I would wait downstairs with a video feed that I could

She woke when she heard the camera flash. Disoriented and confused
I watched on the feed as she stirred and covered her eyes. The camera
got some excellent angles as she moved. Views up her short skirt
at the fresh white panties. I watched for a few minutes as she twisted
and turned, kicking in panic at the cage door after rattling it with
her hands. I started up the stairs when she started screaming.

"Let me out of here! AAAHHHH! Who are you? Where are you?
You sick fuckin' prick, let me out!" she cursed and kicked at the
cage, covering her face with her arms.

I opened the door. I'd removed my shirt and put on a mask that covered
most of my features. I stood just over 6 feet tall with broad shoulders
and a narrow waist. I didn't brag, but most women found me desirable.
I kept up a strict workout schedule to stay fit and keep my stamina
high. My jeans were tight fitting and seeing her struggle like that
and even her dirty little mouth were making my cock strain inside them.

She looked up at me and her eyes went wide, a perfect expression of
surprise and fear when the camera flashed again. Oh I was going to
love that one later. I silently approached the cage with a dog catcher's
pole. She grew still and stared up at me, terrified.

"What's that for? What are you gonna do to me?" she asked, curling her
legs against her chest, trying to keep her body as far from the door as
she could.

"Come to the door willingly or I will use it to pull you out." I said
with a deep growl in my voice.

She shook her head with a defiant look in her eyes, "no way you crazy
sick fuck!"

I shook my head and opened the cage door, she squealed and started kicking
with her sock clad feet at my arms and the pole as I poked it inside.

"You will behave little girl or you will be punished." I said as I managed
to get past her hands and looped the end over her head.

She grabbed at the loop with her hands and when I drew it tight and started
to pull her out, she let out a strangled scream. I had to reach in and
grab one of her feet to pull her out. I didn't want to hurt her badly
this early. But I had to admit I was smiling as she struggled. It was

"sick f-fucker,..ow! let go! You can't do this!" she protested as I drew
her out of the cage and started tugging her toward the center of the room.

"Crawl and shut your foul little mouth or I'll gag you." I said.

"No,..ugh.." she struggled to keep up, choking when she had to let go
of the loop, but I was pleased to see her start to crawl along now.

"Good girl." I smirked down at her.

"Fuck you." she growled. I tugged hard at the pole and it tightened
around her neck. Her eyes went wide and she rose up to grab at the pole.

I tugged at her with a growl, kicking at her legs to knock her flat. She
went down to the floor with a squeal and I straddled her, pulling a ball
gag from my pocket, I stuffed it in her mouth and managed to buckle it
behind her head.

"Now, get up. touch that gag and I will beat you." I growled a warning.

She looked up at me, wide eyed and whimpered. Finally scared good and
proper,..or at least on the way there. She stood up and I slipped the
pole off of her neck. She hugged her arms around herself and started to
back away from me as I put the pole away.

I turned and she tried to run for the door. I knew this was a stubborn
child and had a moment where I really hoped she was a virgin because if
so this would surely be the end of her rebellion. I lunged after her and
caught her by the hair, she turned, struggling and pushing at me. Her
muffled screams made me smile as I opened the door and pulled her down the
narrow attic steps to my bedroom.

"Fine, enough playing around." I growled. She tripped and stumbled on the
stairs, grabbing and scratching at my arms as I slung her into the room.I
She staggered against the bed and looked up at me with real fear in her
eyes now. OH yeah,..virgin. I locked the door behind me and advanced
toward her. Now she knew she was in trouble, no more games. She backed
into a corner and started clawing at the gag.

I grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head around and slapped her across
the face. Her eyes watered and she screamed, pinned in the corner by my
body, she wriggled. I slapped her again on the other cheek and she

"You are mine, little girl,..get used to it." I snarled and tugged the
gag free of her mouth to kiss her. She stiffened and squealed as I
invaded her mouth with my tongue, sucking at her lips and biting at
them while I used a free hand to start unbuttoning her shirt. I slid
a hand inside her shirt and groped at her breasts, nice and firm, warm
and perky young things. B cups I'd estimate by the way they filled my
palm perfectly. She groaned under my kiss and I yanked her shirt free
of the waistband of her skirt.

I broke the kiss to grab her and throw her down on the bed. She
screamed again and tried to turn and scramble away. I grabbed her by
the ankle and dug my fingers in painfully. She tried to kick with her
other foot and I leaned down, slapping her again.

"Be still." I snarled.

She froze for a few moments. Long enough for me to shuck my jeans down
off of my hips. My rock hard nearly 9 1/2 inch cock jutted out and she
saw it and let out a horrified scream.

"No! No, dear god! That thing is huge, it'll tear me apart!" she
tried to close her legs, but I would not allow it. I reached under her
skirt and pulled at her panties hard enough that they ripped.

"Never had a real dick before?" I laughed, she didn't have to answer I
saw it in her eyes and in the way she now fought to scoot away from me
and close her legs. I pulled her back and guided the head of my cock
to her tight virgin little fuckhole. Now she was crying and pleading,

"No! please god..no!! Let me go...please!" she pushed her hands at me
and then I wriggled my hips up and let my cock rub against her clit and
inside her plump lips. One day I'd have her begging for my cock, but
this was what it was going to take to make her mind and know that I
wasn't fooling around.

She was slick and hot and started to thrash when I pressed my cock
forward, it barely entered her tight hole and she panicked. I reached
up and covered her mouth with one hand, and held her throat with
the other, then plunged into her nice and easy. I felt her hymen break
and saw her eyes go wide, heard her cry out with pain under my hand.

Her crying got harder right away, I let her pussy stretch around me before
I started to work my hips. God she was tight and hot, a real virgin
schoolgirl pussy that after a few moments started to clench around my
cock, drawing me into her reluctant little body. I let go of her
mouth and throat, grasping at those perky little tits of hers while I
fucked her. She sobbed and moaned, the sounds of pleasure were undeniable.
This one was a hot little sex kitten, she just didn't know it yet.

She felt her body was betraying her, this was supposed to be wrong, it
hurt and yet she tingled and ached and it felt sooo good!

"M-Mister please...please stop. I'm not.." she cried.

Not on a pill..I might get her pregnant. The thought just made me laugh.
So be it, if I got that lucky. I pounded into her, thrusting as deep as
I could to spill spurt after spurt of hot seed into her.

She screamed and bucked under me, her first orgasm making her tremble and
shake. I stayed within her until she was done. Then pulled out and took
hold of her head, pushing my still mostly hard cock into her mouth.

"Clean it off little girl,..lick it clean." I rumbled down at her.

She gagged at first, the mixture of virgin blood and cum staining her lips
but she sagged and did as she was told. I left her in her disheveled state
and scooped her up off the bed, carrying her back to her cage and giving
her a nice little shove. She crawled in, still shaking and crying.

I let her rest a while. I had more in store for her later.

Part 2 ----------------------

The girl stirred again in the cage. I was back in the room watching her,
now naked except for my mask. She looked up at me and shuddered, pulling
her shirt closed over her breasts and clenching her legs tight together.

"You...you raped me." she whimpered.

I said nothing but leaned down and opened the cage. I gestured for her
to come out. She sniffled and shook her head, "no..you'll just do it

I turned to reach for the pole and she gasped, "No! please..I'll...I'll
be good. I'll come out. See? I'm comin' out." she whined as she
crawled out of the cage.

I pressed a foot against her back and made her lie flat down on her
stomach in the floor, I leaned down and latched a collar around her neck.
I locked it in place and clicked a leash to the collar, then gave a
little tug. She got up on her hands and knees at first, I leaned down
and pressed on her back. Letting her know that I didn't want her up
any farther.

She whimpered but stayed there on all fours. "Mister..why me?" she asked
as I tugged her along to the bathroom. I didn't answer but guided her
into the bathroom and gestured to the toilet. She glanced up at me and
bit at her lips, then got the idea and sat down. She turned her head
away from me, I listened as she relieved herself.

"Clean up and strip. When you're ready knock on the door." I unclipped
the leash and left her there, locking the door from the outside.

I leaned on the wall and listened for a few minutes. I heard water
running and stepped away. I looked at the shots from hours ago and smiled.
Every bit of it on camera. She looked so sweet and scared. I grew
hard just looking at them.

It was 20 minutes later when I heard the doorknob rattle, then a little
knock. I went back to the bathroom and unlocked the door. She was
standing there by the counter, naked, clean and shivering.

"down." I said and she looked confused for a moment, then got down on
her hands and knees again. I latched the leash on and tugged her along
back to the room where I planned on keeping her. I had a chair there
and a little table.

"Sit." I gestured at the chair. She got up and sat down on the chair
watching me with those big pretty eyes of hers. "Stay" I said and walked
around behind her. I picked up two lengths of rope.

"Until you learn to behave properly, this is how you must be treated." I
explained as I lifted her arms up. "keep them up." I said and wound the
rope around her stomach, tying her upper body to the chair. "Drop
your arms now." She did swallowing so hard that I heard her throat
click. I knelt by her feet and used the second length of rope to bind
her legs to the chair legs forcing her thighs to stay apart.

I then pushed the table up to her and patted her on the head. She watched
me mutely, I could tell she was in some degree of shock at this point.
I left the room and brought back a plate of sliced deli meat, cheese
a sliced pear and a bottle of ice cold water. I put it in front of her.

"You must be hungry, eat." I sat down on another chair across from her
and watched her as she ate.

"You asked why I chose you,..I chose you because you are young, pretty,
rebellious and convenient. You asked what I will do to you, well, that
is a very long list of things, but first and foremost I am going to
train you how to behave, and how to be a proper slave." I said with a
little smile.

She looked up at me and down at herself then back up, "a slave? like..a
sex slave?"

I nodded and brought my chair over to her side, she flinched away at first
then I saw a tear roll down her cheek and she got still. I gently touched
her inner thigh and leaned in to kiss her shoulder.

"You smell nice and clean slave,.." I rumbled in her ear. "Master likes

She trembled at my touch and her hands fell away from her food. I let one
hand linger there on her thigh, gently caressing her while I picked up a
piece of the pear and held it to her lips.

"eat it all, you'll need your strength little slave." I purred at her and
smiled when she opened her mouth. "Your Master will take very good care
of you as long as you behave, do you understand? You will be well fed,
warm, safe and cared for."

She shivered and glanced at me, "what..what do I have to do? Just,..
please don't hurt me anymore."

I smiled and probed my fingers between her thighs, parting her pussy lips
slowly I sought out her clit and stroked it slowly. "You must learn what
I teach you. First, do not speak in first person anymore. There is no
I or Me anymore. I own you, you are my slave and will refer to yourself
as such. If you do not, you will be punished."

"punished?" she squeaked and I pushed a piece of cheese in her mouth.

"You will address me as Master or Sir at all times. You will crawl in
my presence unless I instruct you to do otherwise."

She nods and chews as she watches me.

"Your body is mine to do with as I please, you are nothing without me
to give you purpose."

She shivers and lets out a sob. I can't help smiling and slide my fingers
slowly along her clit, feeling her get wet the longer I do it. I lean in
and nuzzle at her neck getting out of my chair to stand over and behind
her. I stroked her clit harder and faster as I grasped one of her soft
young breasts, squeezing it. She moaned and squirmed, rolling her head
back to look up at me. I liked that.

"Just as your body is mine, your orgasms are mine too. You must learn
when you are about to cum and ask permission. If I say no, you will
learn to hold it back. If I say yes, you will cum on command.

"oh god...Mister.." she groaned and I slapped her breast hard.

"ow!" she yelped.

"What did you call me slave?" I growled.

"sorry,..sorry,..Master, Master." she quickly corrected herself and I

"Good girl slave." I knew conditioning her speech would take time. I
pinched and rolled her nipple making her arch her back and cry out in
pleasure and pain. I teased her clit firm and fast and she began to
pant in rythmn, squirming her hips.

"M-Master..can I.." she started to speak and I slapped her breast hard

"Ow! Master can sl-slave cum please?" she blurted out.

"No." I growled and stopped touching her entirely. I walked back around
and pulled the chair back to the other side of the table. "finish your

She whined and ducked her head, putting her hands in her lap.

"Don't you dare slave. You are not to enjoy your own body unless I
tell you to do so. Hands on the table and finish your food or you will
be beaten." I snarled.

She returned her hands to the table quickly and blushed, she squirmed
and finished the plate. Afterwards, she hugged herself and hung her
head, waiting for me to speak again or let her up from the chair.
I stood from the table and went to a closet where I found what I needed.
I returned to the girl and slipped a pair of headphones over her ears.
I gently pulled her hands behind her and bound them to the chair as well.
I started the tape in the player and watched her reaction.

It was a woman's voice speaking. "Slave belongs to her Master, slave is
nothing without Master, slave exists only for Master's pleasure. To
serve Master is a slave's purpose, to please him and make him happy..."
I had a friend's slave record it for me since she had such a lovely
soothing voice. It played on and I wrapped a blindfold over my little
slave's eyes.

I pulled the table away and slipped a slim vibrator into her pussy,
it had a string around the end and I tied it off to the rope around
her stomach so it would stay in place. She immediately started to moan.

"slave will only address herself as such...your slave, slave, she, her.
slave is her only identity. slave must ask permission before she reaches
orgasm. Release is a gift from Master and must be earned." the voice
went on..and soon began to repeat in a loop.

I left her there for a few hours, the vibrator on a low speed. Not enough
to make her cum, but enough to keep her nice and wet for when I returned.
I closed the door grinning as I heard her whimpering already.


Part 3

After hours of the slow buzzing and the soft hypnotic voice in her ears
she was squirming and wet. I approached the chair and withdrew the
slim vibrator, she moaned and squirmed. I replaced my fingers in there
and rubbed two fingers against the tight walls of her pussy and then
pressed my thumb over her clit. I was very pleased when she parted her
lips to speak.

"Ohhhh Master,...that feels so good.." she cooed.

I reached up and removed the blindfold. I was still masked but she looked
at me with the beginnings of devotion in her eyes. The tapes worked so
well I would have to recommend them to other Masters who were training
new slaves. I then removed the headphones so she could hear me instead of
the voice.

"Yes slave I know,..would you like to get up now?" I asked.

"Y-yes Master,..please." she whimpered and gave a little twist of her
shoulders. It made her breasts jiggle nicely and I smiled, leaning in
to taste them, suck her nipples and bite at them until she cried out.
All the while never stopping sliding my fingers in and out of her, never
stopping teasing her clit.

"AAAHH! Master,..please! you will make slave cum,.." she whined.

"Then ask permission." I growled a warning.

"Please can I..can slave cum?" she sputtered, starting to twitch, she
wouldn't be able to hold back and I wanted her to know what it meant to
screw up.

"No." I shook my head and she screamed, twisting and bucking which only
made it worse. In moments she couldn't help herself and came on my

"UuuhhnnNNOOO!" she cried out, moaning as the orgasm ripped thru her.
Her eyes popping open and looking at me in horror.

I withdrew my fingers and thrust them in her mouth, "suck them clean
my naughty little slave."

She whimpered and sucked my fingers clean, her hot little tongue licking
away every trace of her cum. I then unbound her from the chair and hooked
a finger in her collar dragging her to my chair and bent her over my lap.

"I expect you to count slave. This is your first punishment for cumming
without permission." I didn't give her time to respond before bringing
my hand down hard on her left cheek.

"Ow! one." she squeaked and squirmed.

I spanked her 6 times and she counted each one, her ass was nice and pink
when I finished. She squirmed and blushed prettily. I slipped a finger
to her pussy again to see if she had responded and yes, she was still
wet and warm. It pleased me that she was staying wet for me.

"Now, I think my slave is ready for the next step of her training." I
helped her stand and then turned her to face the chair. "Put your hands
on the chair and part your legs."

She did so, her ass sticking out nice and pink. I patted her ass gently,
she was being so good now. "Stay right there, do not move, do not look

"yes Master." she replied softly and bowed her head. I could see that
she was scared again. Good. I went to the closet and pulled out a starter
anal plug. only 5 inches long and about 2 inches around, I lubed it up
and put my hand on her ass to keep her steady.

"relax and this will not hurt." I pressed the lubed tip of the plug
against her ass and she squealed trying to jerk away.

"Master! no please! please don't!" she whimpered.

I slapped her ass hard and growled, "do not tell me no little slave, this
will not hurt if you just take it. I mean to prepare your ass so that I
can enjoy it myself." I pushed the plug harder and it slid into her ass.
She let out a high moan and wriggled, I made sure it was all the way in
before giving it a little wiggle that made her squirm.

"oh god...you're gonna fuck my ass too?" she whimpered.

"Yes,..when you are ready. You've been a good girl today slave." I pulled
her up by her hair until she was standing. She shifted awkwardly with the
plug in her ass, it was clear she had never worn one before. I carressed
her breasts then cupped one in my hand giving it a little bounce before
bringing my other hand down on it hard. She gasped and turned her head.
I repeated this on the other breast and she whimpered.

"I did that because you tried to refuse me, and did not address me as
Master, do you understand that slave?" I asked grasping her chin and
bringing her face around to look at me.

"y-yes Master." she said with a defeated look in her eyes.

"Good slave. Now kneel,..I will teach you to enjoy cum, it will be a
reward for good behavior, getting to serve me this way." I said with a
grin as she knelt in front of me,..not the best posture but it was a nice

"There you go slave, now open your mouth, take my cock and suck it, real
nice, like you were sucking it clean. I want you to take as much as you
can." I put a hand on top of her head and petted her.

She had an inexperienced mouth but did a very good job considering this
was only her 2nd time that I knew of. She sucked and licked at me like
a popsicle and soon my balls were rumbling and churning. I gripped her
head and started slowly thrusting my cock in her mouth. She grabbed my
thighs and held on tightly, her breasts brushing my inner thighs as she
whimpered and moaned around my cock.

I let my head drop back with a groan of pleasure, dear god, fucking a
sweet little schoolgirl throat was heaven even if she wasn't the best
I'd ever had. I fucked her mouth nice and slow at first, then a little
faster and a little harder, I felt her squeeze my thighs and she squirmed.
She moaned around a mouthful of my cock and I didn't feel like holding
back, I shot off into her mouth and held her head there, daring her to
spill a drop.

I stayed there until I started to soften a little in her mouth, making
sure she had swallowed it all.

"Very good slave, Master is pleased with you." I said and pulled her
mouth away from my cock. Her lips were swollen from sucking and were
so full and tempting. I leaned down and kissed them, I was pleasantly
surprised when she kissed back a little. I straightened up and let
go of her, she dropped to her hands and knees.

"thank you Master." she murmured. I reached down and clipped a leash
to her collar again and led her to her cage.

"This is your cage, your own little space and it is here that you will
rest slave. Keep it clean and I will be proud of you." I said and
opened the door.

She crawled inside and curled up on her side. "Yes Master."

I left here there so she could get some rest. I had work to do and things
to plan.


Part 4

Several Days passed, the plug got larger each day and her sessions with
the tapes got longer. I added new twists each day as well, larger
vibrators, one directly over her clit, lastly one that delivered periodic
shocks. She screamed and twisted each time and I enjoyed getting
every session on camera.

As her training progressed, she became more and more docile. Her speech
patterns improved. She ate well and kept herself clean and shaven.
She began to enjoy my touch, purring softly when I washed her and
brushed her hair, twining it into pigtails again after each washing.

She took to kneeling easily by the 3rd day and each time I rewarded her
with a mouthful of cum, she swallowed every drop. I had to punish her
again for speaking out of turn and she took it like a good girl. I
was very pleased with how she was turning out. Today tho was the 5th day
and I would enjoy her ass for the first time.

I entered the room and she stirred in her cage. She'd taken to sleeping
there very well. She sat up as much as the cage would allow and watched
me with curious eyes.

"Good Morning slave." I said as I reached in to pet her.

"Good Morning Master." she replied, leaning against my hand.

"Today you get to be a treat for me, won't you like that?" I asked as I
opened the door.

She blinked up at me and nodded, "yes Master. slave likes it when you
are pleased."

Of course she did, when I was displeased she got spanked or paddled or
slapped. I grinned, the 3rd day I had removed the mask and she had
actually smiled seeing my face for the first time. She now found me
attractive and was more eager to please.

"Good girl,..come on out." I patted my thigh and she crawled out, rubbing
her head against my thigh like a possessive cat. I clipped her leash
to her collar and lead her towards the door. She crawled along with
surprising grace, looking up at me with a curious expression on her face.

"Master,..where are we going?" she asked softly as I led her out the door
and down the hall.

"to my bedroom slave. I want you in my bed today and if you perform well
you will get a nice new pillow for your cage." I said with a smile down
at her.

She nearly pounced with happiness, "Really Master? oooh thank you!" she
beamed up at me and slid happily along the carpet of my room.

I gave a little tug at her leash and gestured at the bed. "climb up like
a good girl, because when I'm done with you, you will be a dirty little
cock slut."

She blushed and whimpered as she climbed up on the bed. I tied her leash
to the headboard and climbed up with her.

"Master,..do you have to say those things?" she asked, hurt in her eyes.

"Slave,..I will speak to you however I please. You will be a dirty little
cock slut by the time I am done with you and you will be happy about it."
I gave her cheek a firm pat and she blushed harder.

"Now slave girl, make Master nice and hard." I reclined beside her, she
had just enough length on the leash to turn and take my cock in her mouth.
She sucked and licked, teased and gnawed lightly. I groaned happily as
my cock swelled and throbbed in her mouth. She tentatively touched my
balls and began to fondle them as she worked on my cock. I leaned my head
back and sighed, oh she was such a good girl when she wanted to be.
Her fear of me made her behave, she was as good as she could be in order
to escape my wrath. I'd introduced her to a flogger yesterday and she'd
looked so scared when she saw it. I couldn't wait to use it on her.
The thought had me stiff in her mouth and I pulled her away by her hair.

"Good girl slave,..now turn around and present your ass to me."

She turned in the bed, the leash tugging at her throat in this position.
Her ass turned towards me, the thick flange of the last plug seated firmly
against her pert round ass cheeks. I gave it a wriggle and she moaned.
then I reached between her legs and cupped her pussy, giving it a playful
little spank. She yelped and jumped a little, then I stroked her clit
and pushed my thumb into her pussy. She leaned forward, the collar pulled
tight on her neck and moaned harder.

"ohhhh Master,..yes." she groaned as I played with her pussy. Then I
started to work the plug in her ass, pulling it out slowly and pushing
it back in, she started to push back against it, whimpering.

"mmmm oh such a good little slut, getting so wet for your Master,
whimpering when her ass feels empty." I growled, wanting to mess with her
a little.

"Master,..oh god..Masterrr..uuhhnnn.." she bowed her head and I could see
that the leash was pulled tight. I yanked at her hips, pulling her closer
so she couldn't strangle herself. She whined and then shut up quickly
when I lifted my mouth to her pussy. I licked and lapped at her folds.
Tasting the sweet musk of her arousal, I breathed it in, sticking my
tongue into her fuckhole.

She quivered and gasped, clutching at the comforter, "ooohhhhh Master,
please,..fill slave's pussy please!"

"with what slave?" I leaned back to ask with a slick grin. It had been
days since I had fucked her, only tormented her and teased her. Allowing
her to cum only once a day.

"With your cock Master please!" she whimpered and wriggled.

"You really want my cock in your pussy slave?" I asked loving how she

"Yes! Yes Master, please..f..fuck me with your cock." she choked out.

How was I to deny her when I'd wanted her tight little pussy again for
days now? I got up and shoved her face down on the bed, It pulled the
leash tight and I grabbed her hips, lining my cock up and pushing it in
nice and hard. She lifted her head a little and groaned. I pushed
forward with my hips until it was buried to the hilt in her pussy.

"hungry little slut cunt took every inch,.." I mused aloud.

She sobbed and moaned, pushing her ass back against me with a full body
shudder. "Please...please..dear god please Master!" she begged and I
started to hump, pounding into her on each stroke. She writhed under me
and I reached forward to grab her pigtailed hair, pulling her head back
painfully as I lifted my hips and drove into her deeper and harder. I
knew her body and what she liked by now and knew this position would have
her screaming to cum any second.

She indeed started to twitch and whimper, "Master,..puh-please can slave
cum all over your cock?"

I loved how she talked now, "Yes slave, cum for your Master."

She gave a relieved groan and let loose with an orgasm that had her bucking
back against me, thick slick cum doused my cock and balls. I withdrew,
still very hard and now very slick. I pulled the plug out of her ass and
tossed it to the side. She moaned and shuddered.

"Oh god..Master.." she whimpered, knowing what I was going to do now.

"Shhh,..cock slut, soon you'll be begging for this too.." I held her
hips steady and pressed my slick cock head against her tight little
asshole. It tried to slip and then she wriggled her ass and it popped
right in. Just the head and she groaned.

"mmmph..god Master.." she moaned.

That was all I needed, I pushed in slow, gliding into her tight trained
ass. She shuddered and whimpered, I reached down under her and teased
her clit, she bucked at the touch to her sensitive clit accidentally
pushing her ass back and taking more.

"OH! Master! fuck.." she blurted out. I growled and shoved her head
down again. Pushing into her until my entire length was buried in her
ass. She moaned and squirmed, struggling with my hand on the back of
her neck.

"I only like it more when you struggle slavegirl." I rumbled and she
surprised me by struggling more. I growled low and after a few moments
of letting her ass adjust I started to slowly pump my hips. Her ass
held me tight and squeezed my cock like a vise. It was glorious!
She clutched at the comforter and bit at it, muffling her moans of

"Oh I hear that, my little slave likes that doesn't she?" I rumbled
and shoved my cock nice and deep inside her.

She moaned louder and panted, "Yes Master." she whined.

"Tell me then, tell me how you like my cock.." I commanded, still slowly
fucking her nice virgin ass. Plugs did not count of course.

"Master slave loves your cock, loves to taste it, loves it in her pussy
and likes it in her ass too." she moaned.

"mmm...you know what that makes you slave?" I asked with a smirk.

"what does that make your slave?" she asked, pushing her ass back
against me the slower I went.

"It makes you a dirty little cock slut, admit it." I growled and held
her hips, keeping her still.

She cried and moaned, her ass clenching around the few inches of my cock
that were still inside her.

"slave is a dirty little cock slut, slave is Master's little cock slut!
god,..Master fuck slave's ass please! please Master it feels good!"
she whimpers and moans.

I smiled hearing that and started to build a little speed, quick humping
her ass to work it up as I pushed farther in each time until I was
fucking every inch into her. She moaned and writhed like a bitch in
heat and was soon gasping and trembling.

"What is it my little cock slut slave?" I asked with a teasing note in
my voice.

"Master..slave needs to cum,..please..oh god please!" she begged,
surprised I think to learn that she could cum without having something
in her pussy.

"Wait,..you may cum when I do slave." I gripped her hips harder and
growled, groaning with pleasure as I felt my balls churn and tighten,
they slapped against her wet pussy as I humped harder and faster. She
started to sob against the comforter, it was a gorgeous sound and
pushed me over the edge!

"Cum now slave!" I groaned as I bucked against her ass, spurting seed
into her. She released with a scream and bucked hard against my cock,
fucking herself in a frenzy as she came and came. I felt her hot cum
gush over my balls as her ass squeezed and milked me dry. I didn't
stop fucking her until she was bucked out and slumped forward with
a weak little groan.

"Don't you dare pass out before I am clean slave.." I reminded her.

She rolled over, the leash keeping her collar pulled snug and opened
her mouth. I moved up to straddle her chest and she licked my cock
clean, not a gag or a face at where it had been. Oh I was so pleased
with her. I stroked her cheeks while they were full of my cock.

"Good little girl, very good girl. Master is proud of you." I purred
down at her. Her eyes looked up at me and she puffed thru her nose.
I pulled my now clean cock away from her mouth and leaned down to lick the
sweat from her breasts. She moaned softly.

"I have a present for my good little girl today." I smiled and pulled
the comforter from under her and laid it over her body. "don't move."

She sighed and nodded, closing her eyes as I left the room. I returned
with a set of wrist and ankle cuffs. She was almost dozing when I pulled
the cover away and took her wrists. Her eyes fluttered open and
watched me as I wrapped the soft black leather cuffs around her wrists.
She lay perfectly still as I put the ones on her ankles too.

"Now I think you are ready to really start learning." I said softly as
I caressed her tired young body. "You will wear these for me, take them
off only when you bathe and put them right back on again."

"Yes Master." she sighed and nodded.

I smiled at her, to think only a week ago she had been so rebellious and
disrespectful. Now she was a sweet pliant little slave that begged
for my cock and was eager to please me for the smallest scrap of affection.
I rolled her over just enough to put her plug back in. She moaned and
whimpered softly but did not object.

"Good girl. Now get some rest, after your lunch you'll need your
strength. I have much planned for you." I smiled wickedly.

She shivered and rolled to her side, drawing her legs up in a fetal
curl, she closed her eyes and folded her hands under her head. I
covered her again and left her there to enjoy my bed for a while.
I placed a nice soft pillow in her cage while I prepared her lunch.
It was such a proud thing for me to take care of my little darling.

Today we would start breast binding, flogging, pleasure from pain.
Anal sex being one of the best examples of that, I had started there
first. How much I looked forward to suspending her by her wrists from
the ceiling, tying a vibrator between her legs and flogging her until
she came. Oh yes..this was going to be a fun day.

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School of Hard Cocks

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Comments (21)
Anonymous reader — 06 January 2014 13:24
How do u get a wet pussy?
anonymous reader — 22 September 2011 00:15
OMG!! I came my pussy is soo wet
Anonymous reader — 13 September 2010 13:50
Loved this story.... made me squirt plenty of times!!
Anonymous reader — 08 July 2010 20:32
Loveddd Ittt .
Wherez Theee Resttt ???!!!
P.S I Sorta Wish Dis Would Happen 2 Meee Now :}
HornyGirl — 01 July 2010 20:51
I loved it!! <3 more please!!!
Anonymous reader — 27 June 2010 21:53
I'm a woman who has always fantasized about being a slave to someone, and this story is exactly what I would want to happen with my master.
Anonymous reader — 27 June 2010 21:51
I'm a woman who has always fantasized about being a slave to someone, and this story is exactly what I would want to happen with my master.
Anonymous reader — 06 September 2009 19:45
wow amazing
ClitCommander — 01 July 2009 08:25
A desire for "crap like this" needs to be satisfied, not justified. Those that care don't know, those that know don't care. Good story.

"play-act crap" & "false shit" is this like the rubber dog do-do you see at Spencers?
secretwriter — 16 June 2009 22:04
Amazing story. 10/10. I loved this.
Anonymous reader — 10 May 2009 23:11
What an amazing story. I've been in BDSM for almost a year and I must say you truly brought out the love and respect for a Master and slave.
PS Where does a slave find an amazing Master like? lol
Master C — 07 May 2009 12:40
to the first person to comment, shut up you faggot douchebag all 3 of my slaves love me entirely and would do anything i ask in second, if you dont wish to read about domination dont click a story that says domination in the categories, if you are a guy go get a dick to suck if you are a girl go sit on your sisters strap-on you dont understand this story and thus have no forthcoming right to comment on it in any way

to the author, amazing story keep it up
slaveKimura14 April 2009 21:39
This is the Author, thank you for your kind reviews. This was my 3rd story. to read others please look me up in the author list or do a search. if you would like to ask a question and get a personal answer feel free to message me in my inbox and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Anonymous reader — 07 April 2009 18:45
Well written and nicely paced. I shouldn't like it, but I did. ; )
Anonymous reader — 28 March 2009 20:11
No kidding, let's have more. Taken each step through her training. That would be awesome.
Anonymous reader — 19 March 2009 20:38
Anonymous reader — 17 March 2009 16:27
Very good work loved it!
Anonymous reader — 17 March 2009 04:05
For the person who does not understand Domination, this so called crap goes on every day of the week. And I would love to take your innocent ass and make it beg for the whip
Anonymous reader — 15 March 2009 22:25
Good story.
Irishpassion — 15 March 2009 18:04
Good story, perfect training...and to the reader below...just because it isnt to your taste doesnt make being either a master or slave shit...my master makes me feel things and takes me to heights of pleasure that no non-dominant man can ever bring forth with their tepid "lovemaking"
Anonymous reader — 15 March 2009 17:09
This whole master-mistress domination thing is just such false shit. Why would anyone want to play-act crap like this?
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