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A Day In the Woods Chapt 5

Categories Fantasy, Ass to mouth, Bestiality, Blowjob

Author: Cybrgigolo

Published: 10 May 2009

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Chapter 5
I woke the next morning with Paul next to me. I quietly got up and got dressed and headed back to my place. I had to hurry and get cleaned up and ready for work. As I dashed out the door I ran into Anne going to work as well. She questioned me as to where I was the day before. She had looked forward to me coming over she said with a pouty look on her face. “No worries” she said. “I am sure we can catch up soon, maybe tonight?” I told her I actually had a date for once with a guy. Once again the pouty look on her face. I did reassure her that we would get together soon.

The day couldn’t go by fast enough for me. I talked to Paul over my lunch break and apologized on running out on him that morning. He understood completely and made mention that if I were going to be over more often that I should bring a few things over for just such an occasion. Lunch flew by entirely too quick and I found the afternoon dragging. After work I rushed home, threw a few things together in a bag and headed over to meet Paul and the others. Everybody was there sans Ray and Jake. Paul came over and hugged me, whispering in my ear everything that was happening. Jake and Ray came in shortly after and everyone sat down.

Eliot was in front of everyone. Being perfectly blunt as we all knew why we were there he asked what the decision was we came to. Mike stood up being the pack leader. There were a couple of questions that everyone had. How trustworthy was this person? How well did Eliot know her? Did he really think that she could be helpful and resolve the situation? Also there was another concern. If she wasn’t cooperative or sympathetic then what was to become of her. The information she would receive about them could compromise everything they had worked for. Eliot knew there would be risks and that the results could be dire for everyone. He also knew though that he needed help. Mike gave him permission to get the assistance he needed.

On a little more of a positive note Jessica and Paul announced their intentions of having Jessica become one with the pack. Everyone cheered for them and Susan and Jean gave Jessica a hug welcoming her. This also meant much preparation needed to be done. Everyone got together discussing who would do what. Jessica needed to plan on taking at least a week of vacation time after the event so her body would have time to condition itself to the changes and to give her the chance to learn how to control herself. “It is an extremely dangerous time afterwards if precautions aren’t taken.” they all told her. It isn’t something to be afraid of but you need to be aware of it though.

The next couple of weeks went by fast. Jessica had practically moved in with Paul. All of this made Anne a little more concerned for her friend. She never saw her anymore and she hadn’t been home for almost a week and even when she was at home, it was to pick up mail or a couple of other things and then she left again. Jessica wasn’t even there for their weekly run either. Anne had been back to the woods where they were two weeks before. She had been there each Saturday at the same time and in the same place hoping to find not only Jessica there, but the wolves as well. That day left an image etched in her mind that she couldn’t forget and that she didn’t want to forget. Never had she ever experienced anything like that before and didn’t even think she would have been interested. Now it was all that filled her mind, that and the time afterwards with Jessica. She knew there was something that Jessica hadn’t told her, something that she knew that she was keeping to herself. She couldn’t quite figure it out though and her being gone now just fueled the fire that was burning inside of Anne.

Eliot had called Beth the Tuesday after the meeting with everyone. Beth McAllister … he hadn’t spoken that name aloud for a few years. He almost felt guilty not telling Mike and everyone else the whole story. He didn’t want that to factor into their decision though. Their failed relationship so many years ago had nothing to do with the help he needed now; not with him being so close. Even afterwards they kept in touch, gradually drifting apart as their careers went in different directions. Beth had been nominated for a Nobel Prize once a few years back, something that would never happen to Eliot. Not that he wasn’t talented in what he did, it was just that he fell out of favor with the rest of the scientific community by not pushing as hard as everyone thought he could. By “settling” for positions and not staying long at them. Everyone else he had gone to college with had fairly prominent careers, but for reasons unknown to anyone except Doctor Crane, there was a reason he stayed in the shadows and worked the jobs that no one else wanted.

Eliot had also been busy with Jessica. He had taken some of her eggs before she became converted. Being alone with her and seeing her naked again made the tension between them build. He still remembered the night backstage and the times of seeing her and Anne as well. Jessica being a little flirtatious didn’t help things either. It was as if she knew he was struggling with his desires and she was making it more difficult for him. Jessica knew that he was serious about his work and he was trying to help everyone, but couldn’t resist teasing him either. Also Eliot was a wealth of information. He always had an answer for any question she had. For someone who hadn’t been converted, he knew an awful lot about everything. Even for studying them as long as he had, it was as if he inside information that you could only know if you were one of the pack. It was the question in the back of her mind that she always had when ever they spoke and yet she didn’t feel comfortable asking him about it.

There was a question she did ask him though. “When you said you were thinking in a different direction about what was wrong, why did you smile at me?” Eliot stopped dead in his tracks, caught off guard by the brashness of her question. They were finished, he had all the eggs he could possibly need from Jessica, and he hoped to get out of the lab before he had to answer. Jessica was relentless in her pursuit though, this was one question she was going to get an answer to if she wasn’t going to ask the other one. She slid from the table and took off the gown she had on, her body naked she walked up behind Doctor Crane. “What was it I did to get your mind going in a different direction Doctor?” She leaned into his body and whispered it into his ear. He could feel her breath on his skin and feel her body pressed against his. “Was it what we did backstage that inspired you so?” This time she flicked her tongue across his ear lobe as she asked.

Jessica moved her hands onto Eliot’s hips and started to slide them forward when he spun around. “No, it wasn’t that! It is everything you do. Backstage and on stage that got me thinking differently.” “Inspired you ask?! Well I guess you could call it that. What ever it is though it seems to have worked.” Eliot grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to him as he pressed his lips to hers. Jessica stood back, a look of astonishment on her face. “Doctor Crane! What has come over you? I am to be mated in a couple of days?!” Eliot wasn’t sure if she was playing or serious. His judgment clouded by his thoughts he almost stammered out a statement of explanation as Jessica put her finger on his lips before he could speak.

“I know you want the best for everyone here Eliot and I am so glad to have you here and to be able to talk with you. I wouldn’t say anything to anyone to change that for you.” She took a step towards him, “How about we do this one last time, our secret, as I see you are somewhat aroused.” Jessica dropped to her knees immediately after finishing her sentence. Her finger ran from his lips, down his chest to the top of his trousers as she dropped. Her other hand joined the first and she unfastened his pants allowing them to drop as she pulled his boxers down. Eliot’s hard erection stood out as Jessica licked at his shaft and then slowly sucked him into her mouth. Eliot’s mind was a blur. Jessica’s warm, wet mouth was a welcomed feeling but he also knew he was betraying Paul and the others. A betrayal that he knew wouldn’t go unpunished if anyone found out.

Just as he was going to have her stop, the phone rang. Jessica stopped and they both stared at the phone for what seemed an eternity. Ring after ring they watched until finally Eliot picked up the phone. “Oh hello Beth! Yes it has been a long time and thanks for returning my call I was hoping you would consider assisting me on a project I have going on.” As Eliot got into the conversation he focused more on that as his penis started to shrink. Jessica smiled and sucked his half hard shaft into her mouth and felt him swell again. His breathing a little erratic as he spoke with Beth. “Is everything alright with you Eliot, you don’t sound well?” He told her everything was fine he just had a couple of things going on at the moment. Beth said she didn’t want to keep him then. She agreed to meet him at a restaurant where they could talk and see what was going on. As usual she was very busy and didn’t know how much time Eliot was going to expect from her. She was also curious as to why now after all this time he was calling. It wasn’t like Doctor Crane to admit defeat.

As Eliot hung up the phone he sunk his fingers into Jessica’s hair pulling her completely onto his cock. As he did he held her there and unloaded everything that was built up inside of him into her mouth. Jessica swallowed every drop and sucked out whatever was remaining. As she stood licking her lips, she got dressed, “Hope that keeps your inspirations going Doctor Crane.” He smiled and they both agreed that nothing like this would happen between them again. He had no complaints, what man would, but his work meant too much to him to be compromised. “I can’t fail her.” He said. Jessica looked at him strangely, “Her who? You mean Jean or Susan?” Eliot quickly regained his composure, “Yes of course them. They would be disappointed in me.” Eliot turned and walked away, leaving Jessica with the distinct feeling that her, was someone else.

The following Friday couldn’t come quick enough. Finally this was it. Jessica had the whole next week off. That with two weekends gave her nine days, nine days to adjust to all she was about to experience. She was nervous, it was what she wanted but it was like getting scared before you walk down the aisle. It was as if she was getting married with a little extra added stress for good measure. She left work and went home, her home. She knew she wouldn’t be there much longer, she knew that she and Paul would start their life together. She told herself the groom isn’t supposed to see his bride before the wedding anyways. It also gave her some time alone that she hadn’t had in a few weeks.

Jessica got to her apartment door. As she fumbled for her keys she looked across the hall at Anne’s door. She took a step closer and thought about whether or not she should knock. Just as she was about to turn around Anne opened the door. “There you are sweetie! I haven’t seen you in 3 weeks.” Anne grabbed her and hugged her and Jessica returned the favor. Oh God how she wanted to tell her everything or some things just to have someone else to hear her thoughts. Susan and Jean had both been with her and had been so very supportive and answered her questions, but someone else, someone not affiliated to get their opinion would be nice. Anne asked all the normal questions, where you been, how have you been, how’s the boyfriend thing going? All Jessica could do was smile, a big smile. She was truly happy for the first time in a long time. She knew the fears she had would soon pass and they would be normal for anyone in her position.

She and Anne stood in the hall and spoke for half an hour. Then Jessica told her she had to get ready to go. She said she was going on vacation for a week and wouldn’t be back til the following weekend. Anne just looked at her, “What do you mean vacation? You have been gone for damn near a month already on what seems a vacation?” Anne smiled and gave her a hug again; and again Jessica returned the favor. Anne could feel her warm body on hers. The two kissed briefly and then went inside their apartments. Jessica went about getting ready for the rest of her life. As Anne closed the door she leaned her back against it. Her hands explored her body, under her blouse as she rubbed her breasts; sliding one hand down under her sweats and into her panties. Jessica smelled so good and felt even better. She thought back to the weekend, the weekend with the wolves and with Jessica. She massaged her clit harder, two fingers, one on either side. She rubbed it harder as she sank to the floor with her legs spread.

The more she thought the more aroused she was becoming, pinching at her nipples, twisting them. She wished Jessica would force the door open and see her laying there and take her. Take her with her mouth and body and take to where the wolves were. It was Jessica who had convinced her it was ok to let go when she came. That it was more of a turn on than a turn off. Anne had gotten used to that the last few weeks alone. Each time she masturbated thinking about that day she always came in a puddle of cum and urine. She plunged her fingers into her waiting vagina and rubbed the palm of her hand on her clit, pinching her nipple hard as the orgasm rocked her body. As she came her sweats became heavy. Heavy from her own cum and piss that flowed from her. She pulled her hand from her panties and licked them, tasting all of herself. It was going to be a long nine days but she was thinking of a way to get Jessica to come over to her place for more than just thirty minutes or less. She knew if she could get the door closed behind her that she would give into both of their desires.

Jessica left shortly after. Anne was still sitting by the door in the afterglow of her orgasm and thinking to herself on how she knows she should have went to the shower to get herself off and make cleaning up easier. Jessica bounded down the stairs smiling. Seeing and talking to Anne had helped, even if only for a short while and even if she didn’t get to tell her all she wanted to.

Jessica made it across town as quickly as possible. Paul had told her to not wear anything too dressy, it wouldn’t remain that way. She pulled into his driveway and he came out of the house to meet her, picking her up as they kissed. He looked at the sundress she had on, “I thought I said not to get too dressed up?” Jessica smiled, “I’ll take that as a compliment. I couldn’t see getting married in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This is an old dress, I won’t miss it.” Paul smiled as he took her into the house. Jessica was surprised that everyone else wasn’t there. Paul told her they were all waiting for them to arrive.

They got in his car and drove, drove to the woods that were so familiar to Jessica that she ran in. The place Paul drove to was a little further beyond the spot she ran in though. They got out and they hiked. Paul looked back at her, “I told you so.” He smiled at her as she struggled with the terrain and high heels. Finally Paul succumbed to Jessica falling behind and put her over his shoulders, carrying her with him. “It isn’t much farther now to where we are going.” Paul said. The woods got thicker and deeper and it was at least a quarter mile that Paul had carried her before sitting her down and breathing heavily. “Are we taking a break?” Jessica asked. Paul shook his head no, “This … is … the place.” still trying to catch his breath. Just then everyone appeared into the tiny clearing he had dropped her in. Mike laughed as he walked out, “Seems she already has him trained pretty well. Hell he carried her for half a mile!” Jean gave him a sharp poke in the ribs and told him to stop teasing. She said stop or she’d tell how they got together so many years ago. Mike suddenly stopped laughing and just smiled as they gathered around.

Eliot was there also. He said he had a dinner meeting that night with Beth but wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world. Jessica had already been told about the ceremony. It wasn’t much of one actually. Some things never change she was told. There was only one way to be transformed, she had to be bitten. Preferably by the one that was to be the one you stay with, but you had to be bitten. This wasn’t a nip either, it was a bite. It had to be close to the neck, close to the jugular. If it wasn’t done right though, if it was too far away you would just end up with a nasty wound and a scar and still be you. Then again, if it was done too close, if the bite hit and pierced the jugular, then your new life would be over before it began.

They had modified the ceremony a little. Both Mike and Jean and Tommy and Susan were also legally married as well and both couples suggested that they do the same when they were ready. But they had since added an exchanging of vows to each other. An impromptu marriage of sorts; as opposed to just a biting and then going home. This would be like no other wedding though. This wedding wasn’t going to be featured in next month’s issue of Brides’ magazine that’s for sure. Mike headed the ceremony. After exchanging the vows each had written, which sounded much as traditional wedding vows, Mike looked at Jessica, “It is time then.”

Jessica knew exactly what to do; Susan and Jean had been through this with her. She dropped to her hands and knees. Her heart raced as she did. She knew what was coming and she knew it would be painful, far more painful than the first knot she had shoved into her. Mike looked over at Paul, “Are you ready to make this woman your mate and make her one with the pack?” Paul nodded and stripped off his shirt, then his shoes and pants. He stood there naked before the pack, before his family. As he looked down at Jessica she looked up him and smiled. Paul relaxed a little and his heart slowed a little as well. Racing through his mind was the thought of what if. What if he missed his mark?

Everyone watched as Paul changed. Jessica watched in amazement still. Soon she would be able to do the exact same thing. She had asked what it felt like, and though Susan and Jean both tried to explain it to her they both agreed she would have to experience it for herself to adequately understand it. Before Jessica now stood a large, grey wolf, her lover and her mate. Paul circled around Jessica, one direction and then the other. He sniffed at her crotch, snorting as he did so. The others had said nothing of them having sex though. She felt herself becoming slightly aroused as he snorted and licked at her. Then he stopped as quickly as he started. He continued to circle her, his pace quickening. He felt his heart racing and his thoughts fleeting. As he continued the thoughts of Paul left his mind and the animal in him took more control over him.

He finally stopped in front of Jessica. His heart pounded as did hers. He could sense it. He could feel her apprehension, her fear. He lifted his head high and howled, loud and strong. The intensity of it hurt Jessica’s ears being only three feet from him. Paul then kneeled down, growling loudly. His tail was down and the hair on his back rose. It was if something had startled the animal and he was set to pounce, to attack. Jessica glanced over to Susan and Jean, both of them leaned their heads to one side and rubbed their necks. She knew it was time. Jessica brushed her hair to one side and then leaned her head to the same side. As she did her neck was completely exposed. She closed her eyes, she didn’t want to react to what was coming, didn’t to move and make Paul miss. She heard one last growl, deep from within Paul. His saliva poured from his mouth as he lurched forward. His mouth wide opened he closed it around Jessica’s neck. The weight of the animal hit her like a lead weight. He took her to the ground, his fangs sinking into her flesh and her blood pouring into his mouth.

He bit down harder and Jessica screamed in pain. As loud as Paul’s howl was, Jessica was louder. Paul shook his head slightly as his fangs rubbed against her collar bone. That was the last thing she remembered happening to her. A few minutes later Paul had settled down. He regained his human form only to see a circle of people gathered around Jessica. Her blood covered his face and he stumbled to his feet. The trail of blood was fresh on the ground, there seemed to be quart after quart of it every where he looked. His heart felt as if it were going to stop as he parted the crowd. “Is … is she alright? Did I … did I k…” Mike stopped him before he could finish. She’s fine he said. Well as fine as one could be after being ravaged by a wolf. He smiled and hugged his friend. Eliot told him she would be fine. He had just missed the jugular; it was a good thing she didn’t move. The gash on her neck was deep. Eliot brought everything necessary to stop the bleeding and help the wound heal. He gave Paul instructions on how to care for the wound and to make sure she drinks plenty of fluids. “Absolutely no alcohol is she to consume though.” He said sternly. He looked down at himself. I am going to have to go home and change now before I meet Beth! Everyone looked at the blood all over him and laughed a little. As he went to leave Mike told him to give him a call and let him know what her answer was and if she was going to help. Then he helped Paul carry Jessica back to his car and take her home. Susan agreed to stay with him through the night to help take care of her.

Hope you enjoy the latest. Check my profile for chapters 1 - 4 and for following chapters. Comments always welcome.

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A Day In the Woods Chapt 5

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Comments (10)
Larry55 — 15 June 2010 20:29
A well written story. A new type for me. Unlike anything I,ve read. having read from 1 to 5 I like it and will keep reading
Anonymous reader — 09 May 2010 23:42
This is truly a well written and interesting story. I will read all of it. By the way, I find the sex to be stimulating. I enjoying beastiality.
Precious1 — 01 June 2009 07:12
Wow. My heart is pounding too! More....(Precious)
Anonymous reader — 31 May 2009 21:52
You could make good money with this story! Bravo.
Anonymous reader — 14 May 2009 20:31
READER 5/14: this isn't a sex site?? jeez all those pictures really threw me there too. So I suppose that group sex at the start of the story strand wasn't erotic either?? I never said that i wanted it to be all sexual or that i wanted more, so why did you feel the need to unnecessarily comment when i was trying to communicate to the AUTHOR that i appreciated his work and enjoyed reading it. Keep your gripes to the story next time.
Anonymous reader — 14 May 2009 18:56
very well written can't wait to read what happens
Anonymous reader — 14 May 2009 18:00
i liked it alot. keep em coming. and for the reader at 5-13- 01:04:42 not all stories are about the sex. if you come here simply to get off, i sugest you find a good story and stick with it, otherwise you will find those like these that dont have much sex
Anonymous reader — 13 May 2009 20:24
Surprisingly this series has turned into a proper little story rather than an erotic story- but i'm actually interested as to what happens next! Well done!!
Anonymous reader — 13 May 2009 13:31
i liked it
it has!! a story!
so keep it up
Anonymous reader — 13 May 2009 01:05
You'd think that this was written by a woman. Well-written, but not quite enough action. It couldn't keep my attention.
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