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Colorado camping trip

Categories True Story, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Gay

Author: tommy love

Published: 26 February 2004

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I have a story of the very first time I sucked a dick. I actually sucked four dicks my first time, but never the less, it still was the first time I ever done that. It was back when I was a 15 year old boy and I was on a family camping trip up in the mountains of Colorado. At that age, I was really big into playing Army and all that, and I had all the gear because my dad owned a used Army surplus store.

It happened on the second day of our trip, I got all dressed up and went out into the woods to recon the area. I was pretty deep into the forest when I heard voices and laughter. So I snuck up on the campsite and observed three men drinking around a camp fire and having a good time. All of them were white men around 30 years of age, give or take a year or two, and they all had beer and were passing around a bottle of hard liquor and talking about some girl they knew who gave really good head.

I stayed hidden, watching them and listening to their conversation about getting their dick’s sucked. After a few minutes of hanging out and thinking about trying to sneak up on the ice chest to snag a beer for myself, I had decided not to try that and I turned around to sneak off when a fourth man grabbed me. He said, "what the fuck you think your doing?" The other three men heard him and came over us. I was surrounded by them and I was feeling a bit scared when I said, "I was just passing by." The man who had caught me said, "BULLSHIT! I caught him ease dropping on you guys." One of the other men said, "Is that right? You like conversations about sucking dick boy?" Another man said, "Ya he does, and I think he wants to suck some dick now. What do you think Mike?" Mike said, "I think your right, so lets not disappoint him and give him what he wants." I was really scared now, and I said, "I don't want to do that. Please let me go" He turned to me and said, "When your done sucking dick, now get on your knees and open your mouth." I said again, "I don't want to." He grabbed me by the shirt, pulled me to him, put his face in mine, and aggressively said, "Listen! and listen good. Your going to suck my cock you little bitch, and your going to eat my cum. Then, when your done with me, your going to suck his cock, and then his cock, and then his, and you better swallow every drop. You got that?" I just shook my head "yes" in silence and he let go of me.

I was still feeling scared as he put his hand on my head and pushed me down onto my knees. He said, "You better suck it like you love it." I have to admit that even though I was scared, I was also feeling a little bit excited from being forced to suck dick, and that I couldn’t do anything to stop it. As he started to undo his pants, one of the other men said, "Just relax and enjoy it kid. You might like it.” When he dropped his pants, his dick popped out right in front of my face. I just stared at it and thought about what he said about enjoying it. His cock was mostly hard and it was a fairly big dick, with a nice big mushroom cap on it. His balls were nice and tight and seemed perfectly round. I actually thought they were sexy. He held my head and moved it to his dick. I grabbed it and put it into my mouth and began sucking it.

I felt his dick get rock hard in my mouth as I tried to suck it the best I could. Sucking his cock was making me really horny. I was enjoying it. A short time into it, he began to give me instructions on how he wanted me to suck it. He told me how to use my tongue while sucking it like a straw. He explained how he wanted me to caress his balls with one hand, as I took my other hand and stroked his dick at the base as I continued to suck on it. After a little bit of practice, I was doing it pretty good. He told me I was a natural dick sucker, and the thing about it was, I was really looking forward to sucking the other three dick’s that were in my face as well. I continued to suck his dick for a good half hour or so before he grabbed my head and held it tight as he fucked my mouth really fast. All of a sudden, he let out a loud moan and a whole bunch of hot cum began shooting into my mouth and down my throat. It startled me at first, being my first time, I wasn't expecting it. Half of the first squirt was already down my throat before I knew he even came. but after I got the first taste of it, I loved it. Squirt after squirt kept shooting into my mouth, and with every squirt, I swallowed. I managed to swallow all of it without losing a drop. Pretty good for my first time. He milked the last of his cum onto my tongue and watched as I slurped it up. He said, "you like that, don't you?" I looked up at him with a big smile and said, "I love it, and I want more."

One of the other men grabbed my head and said, "here you go. I'll give you more." He put his cock in my face and said, “take your time girlfriend.” His dick was as beautiful as his buddy's was, but a bit larger. I buried my face in his balls and began licking them as I started stroking his dick. He was hard as a rock and was eager to get his dick sucked. He grabbed my head and put his cock into my mouth and said, "suck my fucking dick." I sucked his cock for a good long while before he finally shot his load down my throat. I became addicted to eating cum. I licked up every drop I could milk out of his prick. Then I said, "Who's next?" I was eager to keep sucking dick.

The third guy put his cock in my mouth and I sucked him off. Then the fourth guy. I was a dick sucking fool. I loved it and wanted to suck every dick I could find. I asked them if I could come back the next day and suck their dicks again. Of course they said "yes". But when I went back the next day, they were gone. They had packed up camp and left. I was so disappointed. I really wanted to suck their dick's again. As a matter of fact, I had been looking forward to it all night long. But what could I do?

When I got home, I told my best-friend about what happened and asked him if he would let me suck his dick, and I couldn't believe it when he said "yes". That was great. I spent the next few years sucking his dick, not to mention a bunch of other dicks. I have been sucking dick now for over twenty years. Hopefully I have another twenty years of dick sucking. It's the greatest!!!!

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Colorado camping trip

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Comments (53)
READER — 19 February 2008 15:08
This brings some memories, my first time was semi forced and made to swallow every drop.It had me looking forward to the next time.
READER — 24 January 2008 00:38
READER — 04 April 2007 18:52
Not bad! I think you should put in bit of anal sex. I would sucked them all without hesitation so I think its very belivable!
READER — 05 April 2006 16:50

That was horrible.

READER — 06 February 2006 02:52
wow woud anyone here like a bj? i really want to suck another mans dick!
READER — 16 January 2006 22:56
HMmmm, i need some cock too, I've only sucked cock once(I swallowed too) and it tasted sooo good, but I loved it so much I eat my cum every time i jack off fantasizing a harrd fat cock in my mouth, hey Dreamer, I'll do you if you do me :)
READER — 23 September 2005 13:18
Like "loving it" I've dreamed of sucking cock for years, but have never acted on it. I want to taste a man's semen and swallow. It would be so hot! I hope it happens some day.
READER — 30 July 2005 19:38
Wow, this stiry makes me really hot to suck some cocks. I wish someone would fuck my ass while i'm sucking another's cock.
READER — 12 January 2005 13:13
love your story. i am a 56 year old male and i have dreamed of sucking cock and swallowing sweet cum for many years. i have been married and all through my marriage i dreamed of sucking cock but have never acted on it. hopefully my day will come soon. i need to taste a hard cock and swallow a huge load of cum.
READER — 09 January 2005 18:06
READER — 09 January 2005 17:45
READER — 03 January 2005 02:42
I wish that would happen to me and then they could take my pink virgin ass too.
READER — 27 December 2004 01:38
I'd love to run into four hard cocks in the woods
READER — 20 November 2004 04:17
i love cock so much. i am going to go suck my boyfriend off right now. He just got done with me.
READER — 26 October 2004 07:33
i love this story this defferent from other stories thst i read
READER — 21 September 2004 09:30
I'd like to try it but I would like a long one with a nice head for my first time. I keep looking.
READER — 17 September 2004 18:12
Really great. I wish I lived next door to you. Only I too would return the favor. Everyday ;)
READER — 12 September 2004 19:47
All the people who want a cock in their mouth, leave an e-mail address, maybe I can help:)
READER — 29 August 2004 21:50
READER — 22 August 2004 20:34
READER — 16 August 2004 18:42
great storyI
am a female who gets off by watching men suck other men's dicks. I wish my husband would suck dick and take all that cum in his mouth.
READER — 11 August 2004 03:53
i loved this story. I had a great feeling while I was reading it! I want also take a cock in my mouth, i haven't done it before and I also want to feel the stcky cum on my face and to shallow! But I am afraid! i want to have a bukkake expierence too! Does anybody knows how it looks like?
READER — 13 July 2004 15:56
this story got me craving cock and jizz all in me, I sucked my friends cock and swallowed his load. I love cock! I also dream of being bukkaked one day, just sucking cock and eating cum and being facialed, I want to suck all your cocks!!!
READER — 29 June 2004 08:53
Just goes to show-don't knock it til you try it !
READER — 20 June 2004 05:59
The first time I sucked cock I was 18, My father had had a heart attack, I had just found out that the girl that I was in love with was fucking around, so I went to a rest area where I knew that I could get someone to give me a blowjob. The first guy I ran into had his cock hanging out and I thought well maybe you have to give some to get some, so I droped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He came pretty quickly and it was the most shocking experiance of my life. But I liked the taste of his come, so I went on to others...I sucked 5 cocks that night and loved every minute of it. I have always thought of myself as straight, have been married and have kids but I will never forget how good it feels to have a man come in my mouth.
READER — 14 June 2004 04:11
i just want to say i love this story.
i really want to suck a dick so bad.
i think i could suck my best friends dick if i asked but he has a girlfriend.
that bitch.
i just want to suck a dick sooooooooo bad and get fuck up the ass too.
READER — 29 May 2004 00:02
READER — 28 May 2004 23:51
fuck me that's all, just fuck me
READER — 17 May 2004 07:31
I had a similar experiance. I am mostly straight today, but once you have sucked cock you never firget and it is great.
READER — 10 April 2004 08:56
My dad was reading this article to me this morning at breakfast. I wondered why he made me his oldest son listen to the whole story without saying a word. I noticed that my father's pulsating cock was showing through his tight dockers. My dad has the thickest pillar and ever since I was a boy I dreamed of one day mounting that fucking cock. I was so jealous of my mother and she felt the same way about me after finding me on several occasions smelling my father's BVD's in the hamper. I would hide in that basket for hours and bury my innocent little face in a pile of his sweaty shorts. Anyway, I digress. Back to my old man's fuck-stick...
READER — 09 April 2004 06:26
the story got me hard as rock
I love sucking cock and swallowing cum
READER — 08 April 2004 17:22
My first time i met a east indian guy at this porn shop while i was shopping he asked me if i was gay and i said no but i'm bi so we went back to his house and little did i know there was 12 other east indian guys waiting there and i was expected to service them all.I didnt want to but they made me they used and abused me like a slut all night and i found that i loved it,each guy dumped at least 4 loads in my mouth ,they all took turns in my ass came in my ass ,then made me drip the cum out of my ass into a glass then drink it . they used my mouth as a urinal everything imaginable was done to me .i still continue to see the group on a regular basis about 5 or 6 times a month but the group of guys has grown to about 16 to 17 guys a night on average ,Happy banging
READER — 05 April 2004 09:47
ur al fukin weirdos i dnt like gays men r made 4 women not uva blokes try sukin my dik il eat u alive
READER — 03 April 2004 20:37
I too am hard as a rock.
I want to suck cock too. I have tasted my cum and it's a bit salty. I would love to taste the cum of another man. I also have a desire to lick balls.
READER — 27 March 2004 17:33
Loved the story and it made me get a hardon that had to be taken care of. Had a youngman who lived near me come over and I sucked his cock until he shot his load down my throat. It helped but I want more.
READER — 27 March 2004 05:34
my cock is rock hard now.i'm going to have to jack off.wish i had a cock to suck now
READER — 26 March 2004 01:16
me and my girlfriend are married now but we still john come over everymonth and have a bisexual sex night. we dicided we will stop once we have kids.
READER — 26 March 2004 01:10
my first time was when i was 16. me and my girlfreind went to her friends pary one night. we started taking shots of vodka till we were pretty drunk. me and my girlfriend started making out so we went to a bedroom to have sex, but her friend came with us. I started my girlfriend was giving me head but when i looked down it was her friend john
sucking me with her, i was scared so i pulled away but then i said why not. my girlfriend and him got up and had a makeout session. i started sucking him till he came in my mouth and i spit it into my girlfriends mouth and made out with her. i was horny so i started fucking my girlfriend when john stuck his dick up my ass. we fucked till i shot my load into my girlfriend and he pulled out and shot it on me and my girlfriends mouth and face.
READER — 25 March 2004 05:50
this story has me so hot to suck a thick cock,i could suck cock all nite,taking loads after loads. i love thick hot stickey gooie cumm...yummy
READER — 23 March 2004 12:36
i was put on earth to eat loads
READER — 22 March 2004 02:42
My cock is rock hard from reading this story. I love sucking cock and taking a load, love glory holes too!
READER — 22 March 2004 02:07
love to suck and waiting
READER — 12 March 2004 22:35
I have never sucked a dick. What does cum really taste like?
READER — 12 March 2004 01:39
My first time was when i had a party at my house and got dunk and my friend came on to me and kissed me and grabbed my dick. I liked it so we went to my room and fucked. I sucked him of till he cummed in my mouth and he fucked me until he came. ever since then iv gone bolth ways.
READER — 07 March 2004 21:50
i long to suck cock
READER — 06 March 2004 22:15
mmmmmm..i love to suck big cocks my self..and i really like making men cum and cum hard..im so hot now this story got me going
READER — 03 March 2004 11:39
ass. His instructions on speed of entry were appreciated. I didn`t cum again just then. We were lying on the couch after. He got dressed to go home. I was still nude and hard again. He sucked me again. Near cumming I jerked myself off into his mouth for the second time that night. I hope to get his cum in my mouth soon. He was great in making sure I got the Royal treatment.
READER — 03 March 2004 11:34
my first time was with my neighbour. After a shower, hottub, steamroom and massage at a massage parlour...we were shootin the breeze at my apartment. We were talking about sex (we did just see each other nude). I made a sly remark about his cock and when I saw his reaction as favourable I was on a roll. He went to the john and when he returned i was in my briefs on the couch. Big smile from him. I took off his pants and played with his big cock through his skivvies. Then I took out his dick and sucked it. He was stroking my cock and pulling it free while I did this. Then he sucked my dick until I came and he swallowed the whole load. WOW!! I was still hard. I asked if I could fuck his ass and to my surprise he said yes. I put on a condom and with no lube slowly entered his
READER — 29 February 2004 02:53
My first time was when my girlfriend and I were at afriends house who we new was bi. We caught a buzz and decided to stay there for the night. She said she wanted to see if I was bi, so she asked our friend to take off his clothes and for me to do the same. I was to stare at his cock and if I got hard I would have to suck him off and drink his cum. I was hard as rock in ten seconds. I not only sucked his big beautiful hard cock and drank his cum twice but I rode him too and my girlfriend played with herself till I was done. Then she made me cum. I've been a cum drinker ever since.
READER — 28 February 2004 22:15
great story, i got so horny
READER — 27 February 2004 18:55
Thats rape but he can suck my dick
READER — 27 February 2004 12:53
wow..great story..i would of liked to be him at that time.. sucking off 4 men with big cocks and getting lots of cum...mmmmmmmmm
READER — 27 February 2004 00:32
Im like him I love to suck cock. Cum just tasts to good
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