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Sister-In-Law’s Pussy

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob

Author: fbailey

Published: 18 May 2009

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Fbailey story number 362

Sister-In-Law’s Pussy

My brother Tom was twenty-three years old at the time and he was getting married in a couple of months. I’m his younger brother, I’m eighteen, and I’m his best man.

Victoria his bride to be, was only nineteen. We were to graduate together in June and then they were getting married the following weekend. She never dated anyone in our grade because she only dated older boys. I guess that’s what attracted her to my brother instead of to me.

As I normally did, I dropped in to see them in their apartment and found them both drunk. They had been drinking pretty good long before I got there. Victoria was already passed out on the couch and Tom was in the only other chair, so I got one from the kitchen, it was hard and straight backed but at least it was a chair.

Tom said that he was going to put Victoria to bed, so he picked her up in his arms with one across her upper back and the other one under her knees. As he held her and talked to me all I could do was to stare at her pussy. She didn’t have any panties on and her miniskirt did nothing to hide that fact. I saw at least half of it from the rear. It was covered in short trimmed brown pubic hair that matched the hair on her head.

Tom was mumbling something about how strong he was and that he could hold her up for hours. As long as I was looking at her exposed pussy he could do or say anything that he wanted too. I noticed that her pussy lips were moist and glistening in the light in the room.

Just a minute or two later he stumbled, sat her on my lap facing me, and then he passed out on the couch.

There I was sitting on that chair with Victoria straddling my legs. Her pussy was just one layer of pants from touching my cock. I never wear any underwear. I could feel the heat that her pussy was generating and my cock was responding to it. I cupped one of her breasts in my hand and found that she was wearing a bra. Carefully I slipped my hand up under her blouse and then up under her bra to get a real feel. My other hand found her moist uncovered pussy. I let my fingers do the walking. Soon Victoria was moaning from the excitement that I was giving her. I carefully unzipped my pants, pulled my stiff cock out, and then managed to get it up inside her. All the time I had assumed that she was asleep.

Just then Victoria whispered in my ear, “You better not tell anyone about this, not even your brother, or I’ll never let you do it to me again. Do you understand?”

I whispered back “yes” and then I started thrusting up into her for real now that she was awake. Victoria made sure that Tom was really out first and then she started humping me back in earnest. I wasn’t a virgin but I wasn’t all that experienced either. Victoria was only the third girl and my third fuck. She was soon to be my sister-in-law too. Then I realized what she had said, that if I kept my mouth shut that I could fuck her again. Wow!

The excitement was too much for me and I started to cum in her. She felt it and picked up her pace. She must have reached her orgasm shortly because then she really picked up the pace.

She really was drunk and I had to help Victoria to the bedroom where I helped her remove her blouse, bra, and miniskirt. I helped her to the toilet too where she peed and washed herself with a wet washcloth. Then I helped her get in bed, kissed her goodnight, and left their apartment.

The next day Tom called me and asked why I had left the party so early. I told him that Victoria and he had both passed out cold and there was no sense in me staying any longer. He apologized and invited me over again that evening.

He then told me that Victoria had invited a girlfriend over for me…an easy one. He said that she was a sure thing after a couple of drinks and that he had fucked her himself a few times.

When I got there he was alone. Shortly Victoria arrived with Janice, the sexiest girl in our school, the head cheerleader, and the homecoming queen. I could not believe my eyes.

Janice took one look at me and rolled her eyes. Then Victoria said, “Let’s party.”

Tom had everything ready and waiting in the kitchen. He had a picture of frozen strawberry daiquiris. It was two blenders full because I had watched him make them. He told me that they were not very strong but that he would put extra shots of alcohol in the girl’s drinks to make them drunker faster. He suggested that I nurse my drink so that I would stay sober enough to fuck my date’s brains out. Little did I know that my date would be Janice Woods the most popular girl in high school.

The girls drank two glasses down like it was orange juice. I still had some left in my glass when Tom winked at me. At his suggestion Victoria took Janice into their bedroom to get ‘more comfortable.’

More comfortable hell, they came back out in the sexiest sets of bras and panties that I had ever seen. Victoria had on a black and purple lacy set that was absolutely beautiful. Janice really didn’t need anything to make her look more beautiful but her pink and brown set sure looked good. Her breasts were bigger than Victoria’s so the bra could hardly contain them. As they turned around for us we saw that they were thongs and that their bare asses showed. Victoria had a small bumblebee tattooed on her left ass cheek. Janice had a tattoo on her left ass cheek that read, “Born to be wild.”

Tom offered them another drink that he had fixed for them with the extra alcohol added. Victoria picked up her glass, clicked it against Janice’s glass then they drank them right down. Victoria put some music on and the two girls started dancing for us in the most provocative way possible. Soon Victoria was unhooking Janice’s bra and releasing her fabulous tits to our view. Janice didn’t even care in the slightest. Victoria looked at Tom and winked at him. Then she looked at me and smiled before releasing her own bra and exposing her tits to me. They were absolutely perfect, slightly smaller than Janice’s tits, but absolutely perfect nonetheless.

Victoria pushed Janice in my direction and told me to kiss her and feel her up for a while. Kissing her was nice but fondling her breasts and reaching down into her panties was even better. As I finger fucked Janice I looked over to see what Tom was doing to Victoria. He was doing the same thing that I was doing but with more force. Soon Victoria pulled Janice away from me and pushed her toward my brother. Then she stepped into me and started kissing me. She whispered in my ear, “Go ahead and do whatever you want to me. Janice was for him all along.”

I felt funny about it but Tom was completely occupied with Janice so I slipped my hand into her panties, my finger into her wet pussy, and her nipple into my mouth. Just as I was getting started Victoria pushed me away, backed up and removed her panties. Then she reached over and removed Janice’s panties as well. She got a hard wooden chair from the kitchen, dropped my pants, and then sat me down. Victoria looked over at Tom and asked, “Okay?” Tom smiled at her and nodded his head in approval.

Victoria leaned in and whispered, “This morning I made a deal with him to fuck my girlfriends if I could fuck his brother. We just have to do in front of one another. Otherwise it’s cheating.”

Then she grabbed my cock and held onto it as she sat down on it. I looked over and saw that Tom had put Janice on the couch and was fucking her like a man possessed. Janice was out of it but Victoria was in pretty good shape. To explain it Victoria whispered, “He only spiked Janice’s drink not mine. I told him that if I fucked you that I wanted to enjoy it as much as he would enjoy Janice. Oh yes, you get to fuck her later if you want too.”

I replied, “I only want you.”

Victoria smiled and whispered, “That’s cute and you can have me but I think you had better fuck Janice later anyway or Tom might get suspicious. Besides if I can let my future husband fuck my girlfriends then I can certainly let my boyfriend fuck them too.”

As I heard the word boyfriend my cock jumped inside her. She felt it too and whispered, “Hey, so you like being my boyfriend. Good, because I intend to keep you around as long as Tom, so get used to the idea.”

I sure liked the idea and I stood up with Victoria still sitting on my cock. I walked over to the stuffed chair, dropped her in it on her back, and continued to fuck her. However, that time I was in control. Besides that, I had jerked off just before coming to their apartment in anticipation of the ‘sure thing’ Only, I never thought that Victoria would be my sure thing.

As I fucked her I watched her eyes close, her lips part, and her breasts swell. I saw her breathing increase, her breasts swell up even more, and the tempo increased drastically. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, for her to thrust into me harder, and then for her first orgasm to occur. I was delirious to be fucking my future sister-in-law right in front of my brother as he fucked Victoria’s Maid of Honor. She was right I would have to fuck Janice later not just because I could or that my brother was fucking her, but because Victoria had asked me to. I realized for the very first time how much in love with her I really was. I would do anything for her and what she wanted from me that night was to fuck Janice, so I knew that I would. However, first I had to finish fucking Victoria. I was slipping my cock right out to the very entrance before slipping it all the way back into her. She was so wet that it dripping down her butt crack and making the cushion wet. Then just as we approached our mutual climaxes I pulled out for one last thrust into her as hard as I could before cumming into her.

Well I guess that I pulled out just a little bit too far. My cock twitched up and then bent down in a spasm, it aimed itself directly at her unsuspecting asshole, and then I shoved it in as far as I could before cumming in her. She never said a word but she certainly took in a deep breath before shuddering violently, clinching my cock tightly, and having spasms of her own in the best orgasm yet. I didn’t even know that I was in her asshole until she pulled me closer, kissed me very passionately, and whispered in my ear, “Oh God that felt so good. I’ve never let anyone fuck me in the ass before. It was so good that I think I’ll save it for you. Tom can fuck my pussy, my mouth, and my girlfriends, but my ass will always belong to you.”

I managed to whisper back, “Oh I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean too…”

Victoria stopped me with another fantastic kiss as she continued to butt fuck herself until I went soft and fell out.

Tom looked up from Janice and asked me, “How was she? I’m only marring her because she is the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

Victoria replied in her normal voice, “He means it too.” Then in a whisper in my ear, “But you are the best fuck that I’ve ever had. I guess fair is fair.”

Victoria pulled Janice out from under Tom and told her, “Go suck his cock.” Then she smiled at me and started sucking Tom’s cock. I just smiled at Tom and he smiled at me as Janice sucked my ass covered cock without even being aware of where it had been.

As soon as Victoria was done she pulled Janice off me, put her on her back, and sat on her face so that she could finish the job. I was half erect but when I watched Victoria suck her future husband’s cum out of her Maid of Honor’s pussy that did it. Victoria looked up, smiled, and pulled me down onto Janice. Victoria whispered in my ear, “Butt-fuck her too. She has actually let Tom do it a few times in the past.”

When I looked up Tom said, “Janice likes it in the ass but Victoria doesn’t. Try it while you can.”

Victoria said, “That’s right, so try it while you can.”

Janice was passed out but what to hell, it’s not like she didn’t know that I was going to fuck her before she agreed to come over, drink, and put on a bra and panties for us.

So I butt-fucked Janice the Maid of Honor, Tracy the Bride’s Maid, Debra the Bride’s Maid, and even Rachael the Bride’s Maid.

No matter what, fucking Victoria was and always would be the very best. Five years and two children later I still get excited whenever Tom calls me over to fuck one of Victoria’s new mommy friends…a sure thing.

The End
Sister-In-Law’s Pussy

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Sister-In-Law’s Pussy

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