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Family Fun Begins 3 By Darklord

Categories Fantasy, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing

Author: darklord9895

Published: 21 June 2009

  • Font:

As his children fucked for the second time, Paul was eating his lunch in his office doing what he enjoy most at lunch, reading from Literotica. A story caught his eye on the local page.

In the story a women confessed to her husband that their two children weren't his but her father. They had been fucking for years. The story had a twist in that the husband confessed to fucking his mother. with these confessions the husband and wife arranged a foursomes. afterwards the Parents fell in love and married and the four of them went on a honeymoon together. Paul was hard as a rock as he thought again of Samantha face down on his bed taking his cock into her pussy. Her rubbed his cock and read the story again.

Nancy had returned home from shopping. She didn't know where the kids were. she figured Harry was out running and Sam was still in bed. Nancy started down the hall to get Samantha to help her unload the car. But she step back and hide when she saw Harry come out of Samantha's room naked. A moment later out came a equally naked Samantha. Nancy was shocked. Harry and Samantha fucking each other? She knew that it happened she had lost her cherry to her uncle and even sucked her brother's cock. When Nancy heard the water come on, she moved to the bathroom door and listen. Her pussy grew damp as she heard moans over the shower. "why should Samantha be the only one to have Harry?" Nancy thought as her finger found there way into her panties.

Nancy, her heart racing and her mouth dry had decided to take matters into her own hands with Harry...That evening before Paul got home, Nancy set her plan into work, She wore a thin shirt and skirt with no panties underneath, the outline of her hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. She felt a thrill of joy race through her body as she noticed the way Harry fixed his eyes slyly on her breasts. "Harry, I have just remembered something I need. Would you like to drive me to the store. Between the fact that he never got to travel his mother Jag and sight of his mother hard nipples poking though her top, Harry could not say No. Nancy purposely, adjusted herself to allow Harry a clearer view of her large breasts temptingly visible through her top.

"Where to mom?" Harry asked as they stopped at a signal. His cock throbbed in his slacks at the sight of his mother's boobs. Amazingly, despite fucking Samantha earlier that morning, he was still very hot... He had planned to sneak into Samantha's room after dinner and fuck her again. Harry, unsure where they were going, drove down the streets that his mother told him to. Then she had him pull into a little motel. Nancy suddenly put her hand on his thigh and looked at him, as her hand moved over his thigh, to the bulge in his trousers. " I saw you and Samantha together, and decide why should Samantha have all the fun."

Harry looked at her and smiled "Mom. You sure you want this?" He pressed her hand hard against the bulge in his trousers. Nancy nodded and licked her lips.

Quickly they walked to the room that Nancy had rented earlier. Once in the room, Harry boldly reached and squeezed his mother's full breasts. Harry nodded his hand playing over the cup of her bra and pressing on the nipple.

Nancy's hands stroked his cock through the bulge of his trousers and kissed him on the mouth. She suddenly thought that the lips she was kissing had kissed and tasted Samantha... She did not understand why but it turned her on...

Harry unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his trousers, and unzipped them, he brought his throbbing cock into the open and taking his mother by the back of the neck, eased her head down to his cock. Nancy co-operated fully. Her fingers went between his legs to feel the full balls between as her mouth opened and took his cock inside. It stretched her mouth just like his father's. They were almost similar in size; Nancy could tell after years of sucking Paul's cock that Harry was a carbon copy of his father.

Her nostrils smelt the aroma of his balls and crotch and she tasted the faint tang of his cock head. Her head bobbed up and down as Harry moaned and moved his hands over her head and back. Nancy's fingers pressed deeper between his legs and pushed into the hairy crack of his butt. Harry moved a bit to allow her fingers free access to his butt crack.

He felt his mother's fingers move along his split to the tight anal opening between his hard slim buttocks. Fuck! Aunt Patty never touched him there. As his mother's mouth drowned his cock in spit and bobbed up and down his long fat shaft. He felt her finger brutally pierce and enter his anus. Her long sharp nails scratching the sensitive skin inside as she forced her index finger in and teased his prostrate.

The feeling was unimaginable; he came in a hot wet violent orgasm, his cum blasting in wave after wave of sticky white juice into her mouth.

Nancy swallowed it all, her saliva mixing with the thick salty sweet juice of her son and filling her stomach as her finger slide deeper into his ass.

As she pulled her finger gently out of his butt, and Harry lifted her from her knees, Harry pulled her hard against him and sucked on her mouth, before sending a saliva mixture of his cum, her spit and his spit back into her mouth. Nancy felt her pussy cum as she swallowed. Harry was just as hot as his father Paul was. What a lucky woman she was. When they broke their kiss Nancy moved to the bed and hiked up skirt revealing her naked ass. Watching his mother wriggling ass Harry moved behind her, his still hard cock in his hand.
---by Darklord
Do u wanna continue.......

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Family Fun Begins 3 By Darklord

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Comments (4)
anonymous reader — 07 January 2012 18:03
awesome.... need more
Lembeck — 19 August 2009 20:46
Darklord is a horse's ass!!
hardonscored — 30 June 2009 22:06
Wow so he did his sister and mother what a combination, to do there family, so I hope you come out with a squal for this story,
Anonymous reader — 29 June 2009 16:35
Excekkent story.
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