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  1. The Best Plan In My Life
  2. The Best Plan in My Life part 2
  3. The Best Plan In My Life part 3
  4. The Best PLan In my life part 4

The Best Plan In My Life part 3

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, Blackmail

Author: the_raper

Published: 10 August 2009

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I stopped. I got off the bed. Gina was still blindfolded so she had no clue what was going on. I thought to myself
My mom is gone for the whole night. I have a girl who has to do whatever I want. Lets have some fun with it. I hadn't eaten anything for dinner tonight so I thought lets have some fun. I started walking towards the kitchen passing through the living room when I turned around and headed towards my mom's room again. I assume Gina knew I left but I came back in and walked over towards the bed. I put the vibrator in her pussy. I clicked it on. *BUZZ*. She started breathing heavily. I left the room and walked into the kitchen. I went to my fridge. I grabbed the Hershey's chocolate syrup and some whipped cream (in a can). Then I went in the freezer and grabbed a tray of ice cubes and popped them out and put them in a cup. Then I opened the cupboard. I grabbed the peanut butter and then I grabbed all of my other things and walked into the room dropping all of the miscellaneous food items on the dresser. A great idea came into my head. 2 great ideas came into my head. Man this night was just going to get better and better and better!!!. I ran to my room and found my old video camera. I went back into my mom's room and set it up so it was pointing right at Gina's cunt. I ran to the living room to get 2 things. A big memory card for my camera so that I could record this whole nights adventure and my cell phone. I went back to the room. I inserted the memory card and started recording. Then I pulled out my phone and dialed the local "Round Table Pizza". My mom did say I could get some food......
" I would live to make a delivery order."
"What the fuck are you doing!?!?! Fuck the Pizza and Fuck Me!!!"
"Yes, that is the correct address, And I would like to order....one second"
I covered the phone and asked Gina, "What type of pizza toppings do you want?"
"Is cock a pizza topping?!?!? Just hurry up and have sex with me already!!!!"
I looked at her. I slammed the vibrator deep up inside her pussy.
Then I pulled out the vibrator and threw it on the ground.
"Okay Smart Ass, A cock you'll be getting"
Back into the phone, "Okay, we'll get a large MEAT LOVER"S pizza... Yeah MEAT LOVER...yeah that's it....Yes I have a MasterCard....okay....Thank you!"
I hung up the phone. It looks like we have 50 minutes Gina. Just you and me... and an appetizer!!!
I was going to suck tonight for everything its worth. I walked over to the dresser, and grab the ice cubes. I brought them to the bed. Her nipples had already been abused all night by these sturdy chip clips. But I wasn't done. I removed the clips and grabbed an ice cube. I brought it first up to her mouth. I pressed it against her lips. And she shook a little bit.
"Ahh that's fucking cold!!!"
"You think its cold now!? Just Wait!"
I ran the cube down her chin and then down her neck and I drove it right in between her boobs. I ran it down her stomach and let it sit on her belly button. I waited about 8 seconds and then I pulled it off and put it in the cup and grabbed 2 brand new cubes. I put one in each hand and I moved them right above her nipples I pushed each one firmly down caused her to flinch a little. I started moving them around her nipples in circles. I did that until the melted down about halfway.
Then I put them in the cup and grabbed a new one. I took this one and put it on her left nipple and then I slide it over to her right and then I slide it down her chest and I kept going till I reached her pubic hair. Her shuddering was unbelievable now. I moved the ice cube right to her clit. She clinched up and started to bite her tongue. Then in one swift move I shoved the ice cube deep her pussy and then covered the entrance with my hand. She yelped and squealed, as if she was being killed. This just made me all the hornier. As the ice cube melted and melted away her screaming got louder and louder. I removed my hand from her pussy and I let the now jellybean sized baby ice cube fall out. Then I instantly shoved my hand back into her pussy in attempt to warm her vagina back up but this just made her yell louder, So I stopped. I pulled my hand out and I backed away to the dresser. Then I grabbed the whipped cream. I walked back to my naked and tied up Gina. I shook the bottle a little then I Squirt some on each nipple then I put the nozzle in her mouth to give her a taste of what I was going to be having. That calmed her down from the ice. Then I took the tip of the bottle and slipped it only a little bit into her cunt. I squirted out a lot since that was my main area of focus. She wiggled. I put the bottle down and I started to slowly lick it off her nipples. Slowly but surely I finished both nipples and God was Gina hornier then hell now. Then I moved down to her snatch. I pushed my face deep into the whipped cream so my lips were smashed against her pussy. I was getting it all over my face, but it didn't matter cause this was fucking amazing. I worked her crotch area for almost 2 minutes cleaning up the tasty white stuff I placed all over. Then I grabbed the chocolate syrup and did the same exact thing except for this time when I was done I grabbed it and squirted some on Gina's mouth and face. She didn't like that very much cause I started to lick it off her face. A minute later when I was done I backed away and set the chocolate down. Then I grabbed the peanut butter and I went over to the bed.
"Do you want my dick now Gina?"
I got on top of her and I left my balls rest on her chest and then I scooted up and my balls slapped her chin. I stood up a little.
"You ready?"
I dunked my dick in the peanut butter then I said
"Open up!"
She did just that. then I slammed my dick straight down her throat. She gagged. I pulled my dick back and I let her lick at her mouth like a dog does trying to get the peanut butter out. I waited for only a mere second and then I put my dick back in her mouth. She wasn't sucking me so I started to do the work. I slammed my dick in and out of her mouth. I could hear her choking. I stopped for a moment and let her catch her breath, but then I started right back up. I did this until all of the peanut butter was gone. That was one of the best blowjobs of gotten in a while. I stopped and smiled for a second. This was amazing. I turned to Gina and asked "so which one do you want, Ice cubes, Chocolate, whipped cream, or peanut butter."
She said, "I want to go home! I'm tired of this shit"
She started to tear up.
A minute passed by.
"If I fucked you, would you feel better?" I said
"Really...No funny shit?"
"No funny Shit."
"Just like...sex... like two normal teenagers?"
"Not being tied up?"
"Not being tied up."
"No blindfold?"
"Well.... You have to keep that on."
"That's it though?"
"Okay well I can deal with the blindfold... Okay lets do this."
I got on top of her and I kissed her very sensually in attempts to calm her down. She seemed very calm now. I made out with her for a minute while I untied the ties from the bedposts. I left the ties on her arms for later tonight and got off the bed and untied the ties from the feet of the bedposts again leaving them attached to her legs. She stretched out a little bit enjoying her newfound freedom. I climbed up on the bed and I pulled her towards me and I pushed my lips towards hers. We were making out and god it felt so good! She was the girl I had always dreamed about and now I was about to fuck her in my mom's bed! Oh god life is good! I moved one of my hands from her back straight to her pussy and I started warming her up. I skipped second base but that didn't matter cause I had already violated her in every way possible tonight so I'm pretty sure she was comfortable with me now. She kept kissing and kissing me, sucking the life that I had so earlier sucked from her. We laid down on our side. And I aimed my cock for her pussy and I moved forward t push it in, but right before I did she rolled on top of me. This was her one chance tonight to be in control and she took it. I inserted my dick into her so softly. We made love like two normal people. It was going on for a while and things started to get heated and as we got closer and closer to climaxing. We exchanged grunts, groans, and moans back and forth to each other. I was about to cum when she said
"Here it cuuuuuuuuums!"
We were both breathing very heavy.
"Fuck! Shit! Oh My God!"
Then I Heard a car pull up to my house. The pizza guy was here. Fuck! WE kept fucking the shit out of each other and a second later, BAM!!! We both climaxed. I shot my loud deep into her pussy. And she shot her juices right back at me. Our crouches were covered in white sticky fluid.
The doorbell rang. I jumped up and said
"Lay on your stomach!"
She did and I tied her arms and legs to the posts as fast as I could. I ran out slamming the door and I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. I ran to the door. I opened it.
"Hello?", said the pizza guy obviously confused to see me in just a towel. He was a studly young man, well built like myself, His name tag said MIKE and he looked about 19.
"Hey....ugh Mike"
"Hey...Okay that'll be $18.75, It says here MasterCard?"
"Yes sir, One second" I ran over to the kitchen table and grabbed the ATM card
"Here you go"
He grabbed the card and started to scratch it into his receipt.
"And can you sign here?" I took the paper and I started to sign in
"Would you like some parmesan or peppers?"
"No thank you"
"Alright well there is your pizza. Enjoy. Goodnight."
He started to walk away, "Would you like a tip?", I said.
He turned around and said, "Sure."
"It's not money though."
"Well then never mind."
"It's better then money."
"Do you want to have sex?"
He gave me an awkward look. "Sorry, I'm not gay."
I laughed a little, "No man. Look! Follow me but don't say a single word. I stepped in the house and started heading down the hallway. Mike hesitantly followed. I arrived at the door to my mom's bedroom. I opened the door.
"Is the Pizza guy gone?"
"Yup, but give me a second"
I closed the door and I pointed towards the front door. Mike walked there. Then I asked him. "So do you want to? It would just be a quickie and then your gone."
"Wait but why is she tied up in there?"
"Well it's a long story but basically I blackmailed her and she has to do whatever I want all night long. So are you in?"
"uhmm.....She doesn't have any diseases does she?
"Nope. She's totally clean. And she's on the pill."
"Alright fine, But I got to go fast"
"You can go as fast as you want." I chuckled, "But here's the deal. You have to go in there naked and she has to think you're me. So no talking or anything. Just get in there get yourself some fresh jailbait pussy and then get out. No questions asked. Okay?"
"Sounds good"
He stepped inside and started stripping off his clothes. I led him to the room and I opened the door. Gina was lying there. Not like she could go anywhere! Ha! But yes, She was laying there on her chest, Ass up, almost begging to be fucked mercilessly. So he walked in and I put my arm across his chest stopping him. Then I said to Gina, "Round 2"
"She shuffled around a little bit like she was getting ready. Then I put my arm down and let mike go for her. He hopped on the bed and positioned himself right above her ass. He got on his knees behind her and stroked his cock for like 15 seconds and got it hard. He was smaller then me but only by a little and I don't think Gina would notice. He put his dick in between her legs and pushed it forward just getting the head in the entrance. Then he pushed his cock in all the way in, as deep as possible, till his pubic hair was slammed against her perfect ass. Then he pulled it out. Then he slide it back
"OH YESSS!!!!", She moaned.
This encouraged him. He started moving back and forth slamming his cock in and out and in and out. He got going faster and faster, ravaging her twat with his cock.
He kept his momentum going. And then all of the sudden he slowed down. His movements become very slow but very strong, rocking the whole bed.
"UHHHHH! That's Feels SO Good!!!"
I came to the conclusion that he must have been Cumming because 10 seconds later he got off of her and the bed and his cock with glistening with her juices and his mixed up. He exited the room and headed to the living room and started putting his clothes back on.
"Be right back", I said as I left the room.
"Thanks a lot bro" He gave me a stern handshake. "Anything I could ever do to repay you just call me at this number."
He wrote in down on the back of the receipt and handed it to me
"Thanks again man"
"No problem."
"Peace out"
I closed the front door. And I walked back to the bathroom and dropped my towel. Then I headed back to the living room. I grabbed the pizza and then brought it to the room. I pushed the door open.
"Pizza's here!"
"Finally. I'm so hungry"
"Your hungry? After all the cock your mouth and pussy have devoured and your still hungry?"
"Ha Ha.... Very funny. Now just give me some fucking pizza."
"Oh its not that easy." I pulled out a piece of pizza and walked over the bed. I sat down on the side and placed the greasy pizza right on her back. This way she could feel it but had no way of getting to it.
"Here's the deal. If you want to eat some pizza your going to have to do it the hard way"
"What the Fuck is that supposed to mean?"
"You'll see"
"I fucking hate you Brandon"
I stood up on the bed and I walked over to her head and got on my knees in front of her face. I brought the pizza in front of her nose so she could smell it. Then I moved the pizza towards her mouth and she took a bite. While she was chewing I said,
"If you bite me dick ill beat the shit out of you"
"ghuh?", She grunted while still chewing
Then I slammed my dick into her mouth forcing the pizza deep down her throat causing her to choke.
I pulled my cock out and then shoved it right back in. If she wanted to eat some food she was going to have to eat my cock as well. I ripped off a bite of pizza and I shoved it into her mouth while I was still ramming her mouth with my cock. The pizza and my dick meshed around in her mouth and it felt very different. A minute and a half later she finally got both bites of pizza down.
"Do you want some more pizza?"
"Alright here you go."
I ripped off a bite and put it in her mouth. She started to chew and enjoy it. Then I said
"Here's the price you have to pay for that bite."
I reached my right hand down to her ass and I used my thumb and pointer finger to spread hr ass cheeks apart. Then I took my left hand and I pointed out my thumb and pressed t on the entrance on her ass
"mmmmmmm" she tried to yell but she was still munching on pizza.
I slowly pushed my thumb directly up into her asshole. Then I took my right hand and I slapped her ass very hard
"AMHAMHMHmhmhm" She was still eating but I could kind of hear her moan.
She kept chewing and then she finished her bite.
"Get your thumb out of my fucking ass!"
I obliged. A moment passed then I asked, "Do you want some more pizza?"
"Nope", I replied
"Then yes hurry the fuck up!"
I grabbed a new slice of pizza and I placed it in front of her face. I said, "Here you go. It might be hard to eat since you can't use your hands but enjoy!"
As soon as she pushed her face down and grabbed some pizza with her mouth I got behind her and stuck my dick in her tight, yet, now stretched pussy. I start to slowly push it back and forth. I was getting it lubricated. While I was doing this I asked Gina, "So where did the pizza begin its journey in your body?"
She was silent. So I answered,
"Your mouth, And I already put my cock there right?, RIGHT?"
"mmhmm" She mumbled.
"So I put my cock at the start of the pizza's journey, but now I want to put my dick at the end of the journey?"
"What the Fuck are you thi.....HOLY SHIT YOU BETTER NOT!!!!"
Just that second I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I took my hands and I spread her ass cheeks open so I could see her tight fucking asshole staring me in the eyes. I had already put my thumb in there so I figured it was a little bit ready for me. I pressed my head into the entrance. She started moving around.
"What!? Fucking Do it?... Okay!!!"
I pushed the head of my cock inside her asshole. Holy shit it was so tight.
Then I forcefully pushed my cock in until half of the shaft was jammed in her assshole. Her pussy juice was really helping me get my dick in.
Her crys were nothing to me.. I pulled dick out a little to get some momentum. I spit on her asshole to get some more lubricant. I got ready and then I pushed as hard as I could. My dick slipped and slid in all the way
I let my dick sit there. I noticed she stopped eating, and I wouldn't blame her.
"Why the fuck did you stop eating!?!?! Do you want the pizza or not?"
She went but to eating the pizza. I could see a tear roll down the side of her cheek. But nothing could stop me. I wanted some ass and I wanted it now.... But maybe I could pleasure her a little. I pulled my dick out of her ass and I reached down to the floor and I grabbed the vibrator. I got back up on top of her. I plunged my dick into her cunt to get it wet again so that the trip in her asshole would be more pleasant. I quickly withdrew it and turned the vibrator on and pushed it in her vagina. She exhaled. Then I pushed my dick back into her asshole. There was a lot less struggle this time. I forced it all the way in and then waited a second for the vibrator to start doing its work. I could hear her moaning while she was still trying to swallow pizza. That was my cue to go. I started thrusting my cock in and out of her. I had dreamed about ramming this beautiful ass and now I was finally doing it. I kept going full speed. She started to get worked up and her moaning got louder and louder. She was still trying to eat the pizza though cause she thought this would be the last chance she got to have some. I kept slamming her harder then ever. I wanted to cum in her ass. Then I said, "
"It must be hard to eat food while getting rammed in the ass!"
I felt it coming. I was ready. Here it comes
"AHHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed
I started squirting my juices into her ass. That was probably the second biggest load in my life. About 8 shots deep into her ass canal. Then I stopped and pulled my dick out. When it came out my cum started strolling out of her ass. The vibrator was still going and it sounded like she was about ready to blow
"Ugh Ugh UGH AHHH!! Fuck!!!"
I ran over and grabbed a 2 piece's of pizza. One for her and one for me. I used her slice to wipe up my streaming cum from her asshole. Then I took my piece and put it right in front of her pussy as she was orgasming. Then I pulled out the vibrator and turned it off. I took our 2 pieces and set them on the dresser. I got back on the bed in front of her face and I pushed my dick with her ass juices on it in her mouth. She instantly noticed it. And she made a sourpuss face. I kept pushing my cock in and I said, "Clean it bitch and you'll get a reward!" She eased up a little and she started sucking me clean. As soon as I felt like my dick was clean I pulled out and got off the bed.
"Do you want a break?"
"YES!!! Please!"
I walked over to her arms and untied the ties from the bedposts. I left her legs tied up. She naturally pulled her arms in under her chest and then I said, "Here" I handed her the pizza with my cum and her ass juices on it. Not being able to see any of the "extra toppings" she just started to eat away. I went and grabbed my piece with her cum on it and I sat down on the bed next to her ass. I started fondling her ass with one hand as I ate the pizza with the other. There were so many things that were going through my mind. She was eating my cum covered pizza. And I was eating hers and it tasted fucking amazing. And god this ass is so fucking amazing. And holy Fuck I caught all this shit on video. And this beautiful girl that I had dreamed about fucking for the last three years is now under my complete control. I slapped her ass just for fun.
She turned her head to me. Then I started massaging the area I just slapped and she turned back and kept working on that pizza. I had finished my pizza before her and so then I got up. I turned the camera off and I put it away. I came back into the room. I asked her," You're going to do whatever I want right?"
"I have to don't I? Since you have a video of my naked and giving you a blowjob?"
"I guess so. So you won't runaway if I untie you right?"
"No....Please untie me. Please."
I went over and untied the ties from the bedposts. Then I got on the bed and gave her a big hug. Naked hugs are so fucking amazing. My dick was pressing against her pussy but I wasn't trying to put it in. I moved my lips to her mouth and we started to kiss so tenderly. We started to lie down but before we completely laid down I turned her around so we were in a spooning position. I reached my hands around and grabbed her tits and I started playing with them. Then I left one hand on her tits and the other went to her pussy. I was fondling away. We laid there for like 5 minutes just enjoying it..
Then I stopped and asked her
"What would you like to do next?"
"You're giving me a choice?"
"Yeah. Well...sort of. You can choose want you want us to do together since we have all night."
"uhm...okay...uhm...well...ughh...Do you want to go for a swim?"


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The Best Plan In My Life part 3

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Comments (3)
the_raper20 August 2009 03:12
yeah sorry about that. I wrote this on a red eye flight home from Europe, so my mind was a little...uhm...lacking in the creative area
Anonymous reader — 19 August 2009 14:17
The details were good, but the dialogue was fucking terrible. The story got me off, don't get me wrong, but the dialogue was severely lacking.
Anonymous reader — 19 August 2009 00:53
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