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Categories Fiction

Author: Stephanie Sarg

Published: 30 January 2004

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Rachel Gimbel pulled into the church parking lot while glancing at her watch, it was early in the morning, about six a.m., so she should have the whole place all to herself. Rachel was a volunteer worker who once a week took a turn cleaning and vacuuming the offices and Sunday school rooms. Having never married, her time was her own, so she cold come and go as she pleased, not having to worry about getting children off to school and a husband off to work. Using her key, she entered the church by the side entrance and went directly to the janitor's closet where she picked up her cleaning supplies and then went off to work. Since this was Thursday, and the class rooms would be empty until Sunday, Rachel, following her usual routine, going directly to Pastor Hillman's office, to clean it before he arrived at about eight o'clock. She entered the office and quickly emptied the trash receptacles and ash trays, and then proceeded to vacuum the carpet. When finished, she dusted the desk, bookcase, and end tables, and then headed into the pastor's private bath room to clean the sink, toilet, and shower. She turned the handle on the heavy carved door, and pushed it open pushed it open with her butt and backed in, as her hands were full of cleaning supplies. When she got inside, she turned around, and much to her utter embarrassment, Pastor Hillman was stepping out of the shower, totally naked, and making matters worse, he had a huge erection sticking out over his abdomen!!!

For a few seconds both parties stood paralyzed, just staring at each other, with neither one of them knowing what to say! Finally Rachel stammered, "I, uh, uh, didn't know you were here, I'm so sorry, I'll leave right away!!!" Pastor John Hillman, while a little shaken, was far from embarrassed, and he could see that while Rachel was speaking to him, she was looking at his erect penis!!! "Wait a minute Rachel," he said softly, "do you like what you see!?!" With her eyes now glued to the floor, she replied quietly, "W-what do you mean?!?" Since she hadn't gone running from the room, John decided to get bolder, so slowly walking over to her, and standing only a foot or so from her, replied, "Rachel, this is my penis, do you like looking at it!?!" Rachel turned her head to the side, while trying in vain not to stare at the massive organ, she responded, "Oh my, pastor, I am so embarrassed!!!" Now throwing caution to the winds, he took Rachel's hand and placed it directly on the knob of his hardon while saying, "Look at it Rachel, it needs to be satisfied by a woman, have you ever seen a penis this big before!?!" If she was going to run, this was her last chance, but the feeling of a live cock in her hand, and one so huge, it was almost like a dream, and a wonderful one at that!!! "Well," John pressed on, "have you?!?" "No," she said in a soft voice, "it's beautiful!!!" "Will you help me," he asked?!? "Yes, pastor," what do you want me to do?!?"

Sensing that all of this was new to her, John Hillman asked Rachel if she had ever had a penis in her mouth. Looking for all the world as if she were ashamed, Rachel, still looking at the floor, replied, "No, I've never had a penis before in my life time!!!" "You mean that you're a virgin," asked the pastor quietly??? With tears forming in her eyes, she answered, "Yes, I'm a virgin, do you still want me?!?" Smiling kindly at her he replied, "My penis should give you that answer dear, is it still erect!?!" A small smile spread across her face and she answered quickly, "Yes, it's still hard as a rock!!!" "When you masturbate," he asked, "what do you think about, Rachel," he asked firmly!!! Her cheeks burst bright red at the mention of the word masturbate, but in a tiny voice she said, "I think about having it in my mouth and my vagina!" "You think about what in your mouth and vagina," he pressed on!?! With her cheeks burning even brighter, she answered, "A hard penis, pastor!!!" Continuing with his intimate questioning he asked, "How often do you masturbate, Rachel!?!" "About three times a week," she quickly shot back, obviously getting into the swing of things! "Do you always orgasm," he questioned her!?! "Yes, always," she replied! "Tell me the truth, Rachel, is your vagina wet right now," he wanted to know!?! Now, with her voice cracking a little she said, "Yes, it's very wet!!!" May I tell you something, dear," he asked?!? "What," she asked?!? "This morning, both of us are going to have orgasms together, okay," he said?!? With her hand now squeezing the head of his pecker harder, she replied, "Oh, yes, let's make each other cum!!!"

"Rachel," John said, "please take off your clothes for me, and let me see your body!!!" With her hands shaking, Rachel unbuttoned her house dress and pulled it over her head, leaving her in only her bra and panties! "My, my," John said softly, "you are all woman, Rachel, I think my penis loves you, now please, remove your bra and panties!!!" When they were both off, John ran his hands over Rachel's large drooping breasts and asked, "What is your bra size, dear?!?" "40D," she replied, "but they sag too much, I'm so out of shape!!!" John let his hand slide off the peaks of her chest and down across her nicely rounded tummy until he was met by an absolute forest of dark brown pubic hair! "Have you ever been finger fucked, Rachel," he asked, as his middle digit found its way to her wet crack!?! "No," she gasped, "never, I've never been......" "Been what, Rachel," John ordered, "what haven't you been!?!" "Finger fucked," she replied shyly, barely above a whisper! "Do you have trouble saying the word fuck, Rachel," he asked?!? "It's a little embarrassing, that's all," she replied quietly! "Do you like hearing me use the word fuck," he pressed on!?! She paused for a moment and then replied, "Very much, it sounds so dirty but very exciting!!!" "Rachel," he asked softly, "do you know what I want you to do next?!?" Looking down at the huge pecker in her tight fist, she replied in a low voice, "You want me to suck your penis, right!?!" "Very good, dear," he answered, "so down on your knees and take care of my pecker!!!"

For all her adult life Rachel had wondered what it would taste like, and now she was finding out, for the first time, Rachel had the head of a penis in her mouth, and it tasted wonderful!!! John Hillman stood silently, while allowing Rachel to familiarize herself with the art of cock sucking!!! "How is, dear," he asked?!? She reluctantly let the big head slip from her mouth and said, "It tastes so sweet, and it does things to my vagina I never thought possible!!!" "Of course," he continued, "you know what you are now, don't you?!?" "A cock sucker," she whispered softly!!! "That's right, you are a cock sucking bitch, aren't you?!?" "She was panting harder now, and just hearing him use such crude language made her pussy jump!!! "Rachel," he said softly, "I going to cum now, and I want you to swallow for me, okay?!?" She didn't answer in words, but a long low moan was all he needed to hear, and seconds later, Rachel Gimbel's mouth tasted hot cum for the first time!!!

Rachel couldn't believe she had wasted all these years without having a cock for her very own!!! They were incredible, these hard fleshy tubes of maleness, and how they made her knees go weak, well if she had only known!!! Her reverie was interrupted when John ordered, "All right, Rachel, lie back down on the floor and spread your legs, it's time you received the ultimate gift a man can give a woman, his erect penis!!! Rachel had always heard that the first time was painful, so she gritted her teeth in anticipation of some discomfort, but instead, she felt an overwhelming feeling of wholeness as John's penis entered her vagina!!! "Oh, god," she moaned loudly, "that feels so good, I never imagined......." "Take my gift, Rachel, a gift of love from my erection to your soft and wet vagina!!!" "Oh yes," she moaned louder, "my vagina needs to feel your gift going in and out of me!!!" John loved hearing Rachel talk, loved hearing her speak lovingly about his erection and how good it made her feel!!! "Rachel," he said, "you're a cock sucker and now you're a cock hound, you're pussy is now addicted to my penis, and when ever it calls, you will come and pay homage!!!" "Oh yes, I will come when you call, with my mouth open and my legs spread wide, exposing my most intimate parts to you," she moaned loudly!!! John's cock was now going in and out of Rachel's vagina at light speed, and the two lovers timed John's thrusts so that she was meeting him with each stroke!!! "It's time," John groaned, as the two of them were caught up in an unbelievable mutual orgasm!!!

After it was done, they lay in each other's arms with John's shrinking pecker still in Rachel's hot pussy!!! "I hope we can do it again soon," Rachel said hopefully!!! John looked at her and replied, "Call yourself a cock sucker!!!" "Mmmm, I'm a cock sucker," she said sweetly, "oh," she then stammered, as John's cock began growing inside of her cunt!!! "Say it again," he ordered, as he became harder and harder!!! It was then Rachel realized that the next time was now!!!


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Comments (4)
READER — 29 January 2004 10:36
ah ba oui je vois qu'on s'éclate ici!!!
READER — 29 January 2004 10:31
/agree ;)
READER — 29 January 2004 10:29
Merci il aura fallut un peu de patience mais finalement ca vaut la peine
READER — 29 January 2004 10:28
Tres joli ;) ca mérite un 10/10
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