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Categories Fiction, Erotica, Hardcore, Interracial

Author: midniteblueflier

Published: 20 March 2004

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When the door bell rang I got up from the sofa. turned off the tv and VCR, as I past the board that held the keys I reached up and grab the keys for apt. 408, I didn’t have to look thru the peep hold but I did to look at Elsa, she was leaning against the wall, as usual for a Saturday night after 2a.m. she was a bit tipsy, she was wearing a black see through blouse and a black half bra from which a good potion of her large tits were pouring out, her light blue tight slacks showed off a very delightful bulge at her crotch, I knew that she kept herself shaven so what I was looking at was the contour of her body, it has always been a joy to watch her that’s why I always take the time to look thru the peephole, she was a bit on the plump side and had a great face, nice long black wavy hair, big blue eyes and thick pouty lips.
As she was about to press the button for the second time when I opened the door, had it been anyone else I would of hid my hard on behind the door, but I didn’t feel that I had to do it with her, there were times when she would open her door to me wearing less than she would if it was anyone else at her door. I saw her eyes drop to my crotch as I signal for her to lead the way, she was definitely a woman to walk behind for she had a great behind that had a unique rhythm when she walks, not to mention her panty line, most of the time they were just skimpy, full at her time of the month, tonight it was a thong.
According to her the club scene was a drag tonight. In other words she came home alone, she didn’t had a guy or two waiting in the stair well until I open the door and leave, I saw her looked down a few times at my crotch where my member hung indecently in my sweat pants and I guess she saw me looking down at her crotch or at her chest as we rode the elevator up.
Once again my eyes were on her rolling butt as she leads the way down the hall to her apartment. I unlocked her door, as was her habit she reached up with one hand to cup my cheek, I bend down to get the usual thank you kiss on the cheek, but something happened, our eyes met for a moment, just long enough for me to see a need in her eyes, I couldn’t turn my head enough to get the kiss on the cheek, so I got it on the lips.
I felt her lips press on mine like her lips never press on my cheeks, I felt in linger longer than it did on my cheek, I felt her tongue slide across my lips, I felt her hand on my back, I felt her press in against me, fully aware of her firm breasts against my lower chest, fully aware of her thigh pushing between mine until I felt the heat and form of her yoni against my thigh, aware that her thigh was rubbing against my member, aware that her tongue was in my mouth and I was sucking on it.
I felt her move back dragging me with her, I remember thinking that I had entered.........THE FORBIDDEN ZONE..... of her apartment, still I used my foot to closed the door then fumbled to find the lock and lock us in. Then I embraced her hard, as if I would never let her go, I responded to her kiss with fiery passion, I pressed myself into her, I grinded my member against he lower stomach and grinded her meaty yoni with my thigh.
With all that was going on I still searched my mind for the fantasy of how our first time should be, I found it so I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around me and carried her to the sofa, with her in my lap, I squeezed my hands between our bodies to undo her buttons, she eased away a little to facilitate the task, I felt her warm hands on my body as she pulled up the bottom of my sweat shirt, in a moment we were both topless.
For a moment I had a glance of the most magnificent tits I had ever seen, they were round and firm, evenly tanned and smooth, the nipples were erected in the center of her darker aureolas, sure I had seen them braless before but they were still hidden behind her flimsy baby dolls. What a turn on it was to feel them press against my chest.
I turned and laid her down on the sofa, as we kissed I unzipped her slacks, then I got on my knees to watch as I peeled off her tight slacks. Her thong of black satin was no more than a two inch triangle on her wide pubic mount, the rest, a one inch strip that joined the front to the back, had vanished between her thick yoni lips, it was a joy to peel it from her body. It was amazing to look down and see her yoni total naked, after so many time of seeing it as a bulge in her slacks and jeans, or seeing it thru the tinted fabric of her baby dolls or panties, I breath in deeply and found the faint scent of her pussy under her perfume.
I got up, took off my sweat pants and watched her as she gaped at my stiff hard member, I heard her soft gasp and a pleasing smile came to her thick sensual lips. I knelt between her thighs and taking the back of her knees in my hands I lift and spread them as wide as I could, I felt her hand on my yoni and watch as she guided it to her open hole.
I could of cum right then and there. I can’t say if it was the heat of her yoni, the moistness of it, it’s smooth texture or the fact that I was finally there, but I wanted to just let it all splash out. I found the strength to hold out when I felt her hands on my shoulders, she was pulling me down to her, I went down and our lips met, I pushed softly and felt the tight ring of her yoni slide over the head of my member.
I heard her moan and felt her fingers press into my back, I paused for a second then pushed in again, I sank deeper into her sweetness until the ridge of my member was in her.
There was no reason to go any deeper so slowly I withdrew until only the tip was in her then I went in again.
Neither of us lasted very long, there was no need for control, we didn’t have to for we were only satisfying our hunger, we were ravenous for the hunger had been building for months, it didn’t take much to satisfy that hunger.
We moved together and the tempo gradually increased, the kisses were hot and passionate, we held each other tightly, we moan and grunt, we screamed as one when we reach our climax, we sighed contentedly in the blissful aftermath, laughed in satisfaction.
A cigarette, a playful shower, a firm comfortable bed and we were ready to explore each other to our hearts desire, for the hunger has been satisfied.

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Comments (7)
READER — 11 November 2007 17:24
Did anyone get fucked ???????????
READER — 28 April 2006 12:37
WTF, I thought yoni was spelled Yanni!
READER — 11 November 2004 01:14
I want a man like this one to do me just like the above one. i can feel it already in my yoni making me wet and steamy
READER — 24 October 2004 00:09
Ever heard of details. I think you are a fucking idiot. You really don't need to write stories.
READER — 27 July 2004 00:54
How hard is it to proof read your stupid fuckin' stories? And do you think no one will ever get bored of the word: 'yoni'? This blew ass, I didn't finish it. Don't go into a career in writing.
READER — 08 June 2004 20:43
READER — 30 March 2004 19:28
i like it
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