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A Polish Encounter

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Group Sex, Water Sports/Pissing

Author: jon47m

Published: 23 July 2010

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A Polish Encounter
We walked home from work together. On arriving at her house, she invited me in. I followed her into her room. It was small, with just a sofa bed, table, an armchair, and a door leading to her bathroom and kitchen. I sat down and accepted the beer she offered me and waited for her to return from the bathroom.
My hopes aroused and my cock stiffened in my jeans on her return.
She had transformed herself from a rather plain and quite frankly, unattractive woman, into a thing of beauty. The white tee-shirt hugged her small but ample breasts making it obvious she had no bra on underneath, and the short, white Lycra skirt, clung to her like a second skin, showing her shapely body to perfection.
She sat with me. I smiled as she looked into my eyes, following my gaze, slowly, down the entire length of her body. Very nice, I said, although neither of us spoke the others language. She seemed to understand. I ran the tip of my finger from the hem line of her skirt, down her fleshy thigh to her knee. Very very nice, I said again.
She parted her legs slightly, my hand sliding over her knee to her inside leg. I moved my hand up, resting only an inch from her crotch. She edged forward, my index finger now lying beside her labia. Using my finger tip, I traced the inside of her piss flap. Her hole was moist and warm. She turned to kiss me, her tongue probing my lips as my finger probed deeper inside her fanny.
                    I felt her hand on my now erect cock, firmly squeezing the outline of my meat through my jeans. She purred softly as my finger found her stiff clitoris. Suddenly she pulled away, in a frenzy, she was on her knees in front of me, hurriedly undoing my jeans and hooking her fingers inside the waistband, pulling both them and my boxers down past my knees.
 She started to pull off my shoes as her lips encased my bell end and had the entire length of my cock in her throat as she threw them to the side. She gagged slightly as I started to face fuck her. She was forcing herself on me, enjoying the reaching sensation as my dick pushed hard in her throat.
                I pulled off my tee-shirt and looked at my slime covered cock as she teased the eye with her tongue. Then saw the look of wild excitement in her eyes as she dropped again, my whole cock disappearing completely in her mouth.
I grabbed two handfuls of her black hair and wanked myself with her head.
She started to moan loudly. It was then I noticed both her hands were between her legs, rubbing furiously at her cunt. She was cumming!!
I wanted her juice hole, I wanted to taste her. My mind raced. We had just finished a hard day’s work, and neither of us had showered. I imagined how she would smell. Strong, pungent, dirty, sexy.
I reluctantly pulled her head from my cock. Lying back on the sofa, I reached out, my hand hooking her inner thigh, pulling it towards me. She understood. Within seconds, she had pulled off her tee-shirt, removed her skirt and straddled my face.
Her cunt lips were swollen and red and un-obscured by hair. Her arsehole looked delicious. Dark brown. Her shithole already open enough to accept the tip of my little finger. She lowered herself onto me as she resumed eating my penis. I could smell her cum and stale piss and sweat. Then I could taste it as I scooped her cunt with my tongue and sucked at her slit slush. I breathed deeply through my nose as her arsehole pushed against it.
 Fuck she was a dirty bitch!
                     She had probably tried to clean herself well with toilet paper, but it was still dirty. Not that you could see, but that smell, that delicious smell, still lingered.
           I pushed my nose hard into her, still licking and sucking on her pisshole.
Slurping sounds filled the room as we fed greedily on each other I knew she must be tasting my pre-cum.
 It felt as though it were pissing out of me like her juice was pouring out of her. I heard her mouth leave my cock with a plop, and then felt my balls being sucked. I pulled my legs up, feeling her nose on my arse as both balls were sucked into her mouth. I could hear her sniffing me.
 Moaning and sniffing.
            I could feel wetness on my shitter as her spit ran down from my balls. She sucked harder, then followed the spit down with her tongue. I parted my legs further as her tongue entered my arse.
I breathed in deeply just before she positioned her arse on my mouth. This bitch was my fucking dream.
        A fucking horny dirty arse lover.
 She tasted so good. So fucking dirty. I pulled her arse open more with my fingers. I wanted my tongue as far inside her as possible.
 I spat inside her.
 She did the same to me.
 I wondered if there was anything this dirty Polish whore wouldn’t do.
              I began fucking her bum hole with the index fingers of my hands. First one then the other. First up to the knuckle, then as deep as each would go. Oh my God. The slut copied my every move. My man-cunt was being poked and stretched too. After every two or three pokes I licked my fingers, tasting her dirty arse and covering them with spit for re-entry.
              She was so good. Anything I would do, she would do better. Her hole (and mine) was getting bigger. Easily stretching open. I put both fingers in, pulling slightly, opening her hole still further.
I wanted to see her arse in action. My mind racing with the dirtiest of thoughts.
I wanted everything I could get from the bitch.
                         I worked my fingers harder in her dirt hole, fucking her with both together. Pulling outwards on every probe, pausing occasionally to suck and wet my fingers and admire her ever wider open hole. Sometimes lifting my head to taste it with my tongue or fill it with my spit. Then a thought struck me. Something I wanted her to do. Something that I could make her do.
             I stretched her arse with my fingers then, pulled them out, still holding her arse open by tugging on her bum cheeks, I raised my head, my mouth open, encircling her dirty mess hole with my lips I breathed deeply through my nose then blew into her shitter.
                  Pushing my lips hard against her to stop the air escaping I blew as hard as my lungs would allow me, filling her shit box with air. I blew and blew until I could feel the pressure equalising between her arse and my mouth.
               I blew and blew until I could blow no more. My lips parted company with her arse and she began to fart. The first “blast” so powerful it splattered my face with the spit I had been injecting her with. I sniffed, feeling the wind in my face, smelling that musky smell, but most of all, hearing that sound. The sound that most people are embarrassed about making, but the sound that I find signifies all that is delicious and dirty about real dirty animal sex.
She stopped tonguing my ass and turned to me to say something in Polish.
Of course I didn’t understand her, but I could tell by the tone of her voice it was more of an encouragement than a reprimand.
 I lifted my head to re-fill her with air, but before my lips could reach her, she strained and farted once more. I sucked it in, breathed it in. It was stronger, louder, dirtier, tastier and so, so much  better than before. I put my tongue on her ring but her real fart had finished. Her arse opened once more as she strained. She grunted as she tried so hard to give me more of her arse treasure. I put my tongue inside, then felt a warm trickle on my neck. She was pushing so hard she had peed.
 I wanted to lick it straight away, but was glad I stayed with my tongue in her shitter as she farted again. A real wet juicy one.
                     She once again said something incomprehensible to me before she had placed her mouth on my arse. I knew she wanted me to do the same to her, but I also knew that if I did, I would piss all over myself, and I thought that would be a waste.
I lightly slapped her bum, she sighed an approving sigh, and I slapped it again before placing my hands under her thighs and pushing her up and away from me.
She jumped up and quickly knelt on the floor, looking up at me like a scalded puppy that had just been told off for shitting on the carpet.
                     I smiled at her, then pointed to my arse, miming the action of straining to fart, then pointing at my cock, I made a hissing sound.
 O.K. she said.
 I stood up, and took a step towards the bathroom. She grabbed my legs.
 O.K, she said, then pointed to her mouth.
 I pushed my cock down towards her, she took it in her hand and held it against her lips, then opened her mouth and began tonguing my pisshole.
I pushed. A spurt of piss splashed her tongue. She opened her mouth and I sprayed inside it. The piss splashed her face as she momentarily closed her lips to swallow.
Another spray wet her hair and ran down her face as I pushed again. I could see her nipples were hard as rock as my piss ran over her small firm tits.
  She was a thirsty slut. She took more splashes on her face and swallowed more before taking my cock deep and taking my piss straight in her throat. She stuck a finger in my arse and used it to pull me onto her as she gagged, coughed and spluttered on my pissing cock. I pulled out and filled her open mouth then drove my cock in to the hilt, fucking her as she puked piss and spit over my bollocks. Then, still holding me by the cock, she got up onto the sofa on all fours. I got behind her. Her ample bum ready for me. I put my cock head on her arsehole and peed a little, trying to save what I had left. I pushed my cock against her. Her arse opened easily. I stretched it more by circling my cock head as I entered her. As I pushed further inside, her hole tightened, sucking firmly on my cock before my balls were hanging against her cunt. She pushed back into me as I started to fuck her. She was talking in Polish as I shafted her shitter. I didn’t understand but my translation was, “ fuck my tight arse, please fuck my tight arse, I want you inside me, I need your cock, I need your piss. Please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”
 I fucked her hard, I fucked her rough. I pulled out to see her gape, then drove back in, hard and fast. Then pulling out after every stroke I began pumping her. The air escaping with a juicy, pissy fart each time I pushed back inside. I could see her fingers rubbing her soaking cunt as I drilled her. She laughed as I farted when I started to piss in her. First on the outside, splashing her cheeks. Then right inside her. Deep inside her. Her arse loosening and getting even easier to fuck as I filled it with piss. I slowly pulled out as her arse filled. I wanted to leave it in there for a while. The last drips of pee left me as my cock left her. I was expecting to see her arse piss right away, but she was holding it. I pushed three fingers into her cunt and her arse dribbled a little.
I bent down to lick it up.
She got up, pushed me back and grabbed my legs from under me, forcing me to lie back on the sofa. Within seconds she was once more on top of me. Her arse now dripping with my piss. My mouth opened as she sat on me. I had tasted my own piss before. Even from other girl’s cunts and arses. But this one was special. This one was the best it had ever tasted. It had just washed out her dirty hole. I savoured every single drop she gave me. Washing it around my mouth as a wine connoisseur tastes fine wine. I licked up and swallowed every last dropped. She pushed as hard as she could to help me, but there was no more. She pushed again and I was rewarded with a glorious dirty wet fart in my mouth, and a squirt from her cunt. I moved down, my lips now around her fanny. I swallowed gush after gush of her glorious piss as she squirted into my mouth. Her hand was rubbing and squeezing my cock as her tongue probed my arse.
 My stomach muscles tightened as I pushed and pushed, harder and harder to give her what she wanted. I felt it building inside me, then triumph of triumphs, we both farted together. I smelled, felt and tasted her shitty wind as I let one rip for her.
She was ecstatic, and so was I. She sucked me so hard I could feel the cum rising from my balls. I worked on her clit. Tonguing, sucking and biting it for all I was worth. She pushed hard down on me and started to grind my face as my cum spurted into her mouth. My whole face was soaked with her juice. I could hear her moaning and slurping as my cock continued to pump spunk into her. The frenzy seemed to last for ages but finally we slowed down and started to relax.
It was then that she got off me and turned around to sit astride me. My cum was dripping from her mouth. She opened it to show me she had not yet swallowed it, and then lent forward to kiss me. We played with my cum. Sharing it as our tongues played together. I swallowed some, but she got the lions share. Showing me her empty mouth after she had devoured it. We kissed again, her tongue searching my mouth for any final drops. I pushed spit into her mouth, watching her eyes sparkle as she gratefully accepted it.
My still half hard cock was lying under her wet cunt, I was sure it would not be long before it gained more vigour, but for the moment I was in need of a drink.
 I reached over to the table next to the sofa, and grabbed the bottle of beer.
She stood in front of me as I downed what was left of the pint of beer.
Her black hair straggled and wet. Her face shining with piss and cum. Her cute pert tits, with those beautiful stiff nipples still glistening with my juices and her cunt, with those swollen piss flaps, still dripping slightly. I played with the bottle, as if it was a stiff cock, but she turned and went to the kitchen. I admired her slim shapely body as she walked away. From behind she could easily be mistaken for a much younger girl.
She returned with two large glasses of water. Setting one glass on the table, she began drinking, occasionally letting it run from her mouth and dribble over her. I was with her in an instant. The more we drink, the more we piss!!!
Still holding the bottle as if it were my cock, I reached over for the other glass of water, and drained it in seconds. I enjoyed another view of her from behind as she went back to the kitchen to refill them. She passed the glass to me then pointed at the bottle, raising her eyebrows as if asking if she would take it from me. I offered it to her, but missing her hand, I rubbed the neck of it between her legs. She moved closer, opening her legs wider as she stood in front of me. I drunk the rest of my water and put the glass down.
As I rubbed her cunt with the bottle, I noticed the neck getting wet. I parted her cunt lips with it and began to push it inside. She shivered a little as it was still quite cold. I started to fuck her with it, pushing further with each stroke. She fucking loved it. She closed her eyes and trembled as she came. Her juices running down the bottle.
She pulled away, went to one end of the sofa and pulled a lever. The back dropped down, and it was transformed into a small double bed. She went to the bathroom and returned with two large towels, one of which she spread on the bed, next to me. I stood up, fingering her arse as she bent over to lay out the second towel.
She threw a pillow on the bed and then lay down so it was supporting her bum, raising it up. Bringing her feet up towards her thighs, she opened her legs, offering herself to me. I knelt between her feet and once more began fucking her with the bottle. This time I had a good view, I could see her pink wet insides through the clear glass.
 I pushed the neck in up to the shoulder of the bottle, then turning it, one way then the other, I pushed harder, stretching her beautiful pussy wider and wider.
She was moaning with pleasure.
 She stretched her legs open as wide as they would go and suddenly! The fat part of the bottle was inside her. My cock was now almost completely erect. The sight in front of me was something to be treasured. Although the bottle did not give a crystal clear view, I could still see that fucking sexy pink wetness. I continued turning it as it went in still further.
Then, unexpectedly, I felt a resistance. She screamed. I pulled it out slightly. She grabbed my wrist with one hand, the other she used to hold the bottle with me. Under her guidance, we started to push it in once more. She altered her position until she found what must have been comfortable for her to take it. I wondered to myself.
 Has it hit her cervix?
 I guessed that the top of the bottle must have been around six or seven inches inside her when she screamed. My cock is eight inches long and she had taken it all in her arse. Surely her cunt can’t be less deep than her poop hole? I was eager to find out.
She came again as I turned the bottle deep inside her. I waited until she had finished and as she relaxed and sighed I withdrew the bottle. It was wonderful. I could see deep inside her gaping hole. I stroked my now fully hard and throbbing cock as I watched it slowly contract, then using three fingers, opened it up again. When I pulled it out, my hand was replaced by hers. Her thumb cradled by her four fingers. She gradually eased it in until it was up to her wrist. I was wanking myself. Pre-cum oozing from the eye of my cock.
 She was shagging herself. Slit slush oozing from her pisser. I put a finger in beside her hand. Wetting it in her hole I took it out and pushed it up her arsehole. She pushed towards me. This girl really loved it up the bum!!!
I thought about shagging her arse as she fisted herself, but I was really curious about the depth of her cunt and there was plenty of time to do that later.
I raised myself on my haunches and showed her my stiff dick. She pulled her hand out of her cunt and wrapped it round my shaft, covering it with the pussy puke that dripped from her hand. She wanked me, then took a firm grip and tugged me towards her.
 I jumped on her. She guided my cock into her slit. I had to control myself, my instinct told me to ram her hard, but I was concerned about the depth of her hole.
             Inch by inch I moved in until, sure enough, her hole tightened. She dug her nails into my back. I supposed it was to encourage me, but also to warn me to take care in what could be a painful experience. Slowly I felt her cervix stretch open as my bell end pushed inside. Fuck she was tight. I looked at her, she was biting her bottom lip, and then I looked down between us.
 There was still over an inch of me to go. I played with her for a while, edging the head of my cock in and out of that tight little hole. Slowly going just a fraction of an inch further, until finally, our pubic bones were together and I was fully in.
She was still biting her lips occasionally, but also licking them and the look of trepidation had disappeared from her face.
 She dug her nails harder into my back, scratching me as I began to fuck her with increasingly longer strokes. Then she started to move with me, clawing at my butt cheeks and running her fingernails up and down my back. Then, without warning, she looked straight in my eyes and spat in my face.
 I filled my mouth with spit and spat back, hitting her nose, cheeks and mouth. Her long tongue licked it up before she spat back. We kissed, our tongues entwined in our spit filled mouths, my cock still shafting her tight hole.
 If I hadn’t have already cum earlier my cream would have already been deep inside her womb. This was the hottest, tightest fuck I had had for a long long time. She clawed once again at my bum cheeks, pulling them apart, and then let her fingers crawl to my arsehole. Forcing two fingers inside me, she started finger fucking me. Muttering to me in Polish, she sounded as if she were pleading me, begging me.
I pulled out my cock, put my right arm under her grabbing her left hip and spun her round, then with both arms round her belly, pulled her up to me. I spat on her arsehole, wiped it with my cock, and entered her, so fast and hard it made her yelp. Her dirt box had dried a little and felt slightly rough on my prick. I withdrew and tried to piss.
 The water was beginning to work. My pee spurted in her hole, followed quickly by my cock. It felt better, sounded better and looked magnificent as my pee once again farted out as my cock pushed in. My body slapped against her wet butt, my bollocks banging against her cunt as I rammed her shitter.
 She was enjoying it so much as she moaned and sometimes screamed as her arse took my full length. I spanked her, she moaned and screamed more. She was slapping her clit with her hand, sometimes ramming her fingers inside her soaking cunt. Then she reached for the bottle, passing it to me from beneath her. I pulled out and pushed it into her piss hole, stretching it open until the neck reached her cervix.
 I pushed my cock back into her arse, but it was tighter, so much tighter.
                  It felt as if my cock was breaking in a virgin arse, or a cute tight virgin cunt. I have always enjoyed rough treatment of my cock. The harder it is squeezed the more I like it, and her arse was squeezing it so so hard.
I pulled my cock out to look at her holes, the clear bottle showing the inside of her fuck hole, and her open arse showing the slimy spit and piss filled passage of poo.
 My cock was covered with her arse juice. I got off the sofa and stood at her face. Lifting her head up by the chin, then holding my cock against her lips I cupped my hand around the back of her head and pulled the bitch onto me.
 The dirty whore loved the taste of arse. The thought of her eating my cock, covered in the muck from her back passage almost made me cum. It was pure filth. She sucked and swallowed until my cock was clean and only covered with her saliva.
 I stuck two fingers up my arsehole, pulled them out and smelled them. They smelled strongly of my shit. I pushed her head back and stuck them in her mouth.
         She licked and sucked at them as if it were her last meal. I held my cock and started to piss. She flinched as the first gush hit her eyes.
 My piss was soaking her. All over her face and hair .She tried to swallow every drop that hit her mouth.
She moved to squat on the end of the bed, the bottom of the bottle still poking out of her arse. She pissed a little as she strained. The bottle moved and after three more pushes she shat it out of her. It was covered in goo.
 She started to lick it clean, and then offered it to me. I pushed her over on the bed, and then dragged her to sit on the end of the bed with her knees pushed back on her shoulders. Her shithole was still gaping open. I dived in and had my fill of her dirt box delights with my tongue.
                      Then she had her revenge. She pushed and pissed right in my eyes. I started to laugh, but her piss hit my mouth and my laughter turned into gurgling.
 Her piss was clear now, due to the water, and extremely tasty. She forced her cunt onto my face, knocking me backwards onto the floor, and then she stood up, her legs astride me and resumed giving me a shower. There wasn’t much of me that didn’t get a soaking. Her meaty piss flaps made it spray in all directions, including over her own thighs. The feeling of her piss hitting my cock was fantastic.
 She paused for a few seconds, parting her cunt lips with her fingers, and then directed a hard, fast, jet of urine onto my cock. I pulled my foreskin back and pointed my cock at her cunt. For a moment she was pissing straight in my pisshole. She stepped forward to give the same treatment to my face. I opened my mouth, thirsty for her pee.
 The hard stream gradually lessened as I lapped it up. She squatted so my lips were touching hers and I savoured the last drops. I have to thank her for trying so hard to squeeze out every drop. In fact, I have to give even more thanks, because as she started to move away from my face, she put her bum hole on my mouth and gave me a nice long juicy wet fart.
 My nose, tongue and mouth worked overtime savouring the smell and taste of her.
The spit, the piss and that incredibly pungent filthy gas that this truly perverted dirty slut provided for me was absolutely out of this world.
 I closed my eyes, licking and sucking her. Holding her thighs. Holding her down on me. Hoping she would stay there forever.
 I don’t know how long it lasted, but eventually my thoughts concentrated on my cock. It was so hard it was hurting. Feeling like it was about to explode. I needed to shoot my load in her. I hade already done her mouth so now I had two choices.
 Her arse was the first to spring to mind, but then I remembered the tightness in the depths of her cunt and the thoughts and feelings that I had when I plundered that sweet little hole. I released my grip on her thighs, she rubbed her cunt and arse on my nose and mouth a few times, then got up. I stood up with her.
 She grabbed my dick and wanked it as I hooked two fingers in her cunt and pleasured her clitoris. I kissed her, our mouths smelt and tasted like two whores fannies. Our saliva covered tongues wrestled with each over. I bit her neck and tongued her ear, she stuck her tongue in my nose. I looked down at her small firm tits and bent down to suck and nibble her stiff little nipples. She had the body of a girl I had known in my schooldays.
                      I moved her towards the bed and pushed her onto it. I couldn’t resist having another taste of her pee hole before I ran my tongue from her bald pubic bone across her belly between her little titties and up to her mouth. My cock tip was knocking at her front door. She sucked my tongue into her mouth as she deftly guided me into her hot wet slit. I drove straight in. She yelped as I ploughed into her cervix. I pulled out then drove in again. She yelped again. Her cries were telling me it was hurting her but her fingernails digging, once more, into my back told me she wanted it.
Her cunt was wet and sloppy, but her tight little hole was giving me more pleasure than I ever imagined and her yelps and clawing fingers were adding to the sensation and spurring me on to shag the arse off her. I ploughed into her again and again. Each time feeling like I had taken her cherry as my cock burst through her cervix. I pulled upwards with every thrust so my cock was grinding into her clit as hard as possible. She was panting, I was puffing, we were both grunting and sweating profusely.
         I licked some salty sweat from her forehead, sharing it with her. I had developed a pulsating rhythm.
 I was panting like a dog, desperately trying to increase my speed. She was panting,”yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh” each time my cock ripped into her.
 I started saying,”Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck”
 Quicker and quicker. I put my feet on hers, using them as pedals to push myself harder into her as my spunk rose up through my cock. Spasms like electric shocks pulsed through me as my sperm pumped so deep inside her.
 I lunged forward with every spurt, a third a forth a fifth, and then gradually easing until I collapsed in a heap on top of her.
 Our bodies were slippery with sweat. The whole room smelt like a brothel on a busy night. She pecked small kisses all over my face and neck. Slowly I regained my breath. My cock was going to sleep inside her.
 I wriggled on top of her but all the useful stiffness had gone. Slowly but surely it began to shrink, and finally, plopped out of her. We lay there for several minutes, both too knackered to move, and then I got up from her. I stood looking down at her. Her eyes closed, her breasts still rising and falling heavily. A wet patch on the towel beneath her crotch. I held my cock…. I wonder if I could……….?
I put one foot on the bed, tried to relax, then pushed.
 A single burst of piss splashed onto her tits and face.
 She opened her eyes. I let a huge gob of spit fall onto her lips, then turned, picking up the glasses, and went to the kitchen.
When I got back with the water she was sitting on the edge of the bed fingering herself.
 I sat in the armchair opposite her and watched as she poked her twat then licked her fingers. My cock was limp but I played with it just the same, it still made me feel horny just watching her. I was feeling hungry so I motion eating to her, she licked her fingers and nodded. I laughed.
She laughed and nodded. I got my mobile phone from my jacket pocket and dialled the number before passing the phone to her. I knew the guy at the pizza place was Polish and I often had trouble ordering so I let her decide what to have.
 She kept one hand on her cunt as she gave the order, then passed the phone back to me and continued feeding from her fanny.
 The next finger full had my cum on it. She looked over at me and smiled. She had got what she had been fishing for. I moved in closer, kneeling on the floor at her feet. I pushed her legs open wider and then parted her piss flaps with my fingers. I could see my cum just inside her hole about to drip out. I licked it out of her, then shared a cum kiss with her.
 Luckily she had her hand ready as the next blob dripped out. She offered it to me and I sucked it off her hand, washed it around my mouth and spat it into hers. It looked like that was all there was, but to make sure she poked herself again. A small amount was on her finger and she put it straight in her mouth then we kissed again, sharing it until it had disappeared.
 I picked up my boxers and tee-shirt and put them on. She looked at me questioningly. I pointed to the door and said,” Pizza” she held up and hand saying, “OK” and went into the bathroom. She re-appeared wearing an extremely short almost see-through baby doll nighty. It was barely long enough to cover her cunt and you could see her nipples through it, but if she thought that was respectable enough for the pizza boy, I wasn’t going to complain. She then laid the table with plates and cutlery and we sat drinking water awaiting our food.
In due course there was a knock at the door. She answered it, and paying the lad with the money I had given her, brought the pizza over to the table.
                           She took off her nighty before sitting with me on the bed, I got naked too, then we started to eat. It was kinda sexy being naked sharing a pizza. She washed the dishes when we were done and then brought in bed linen. She signed to me an invitation to sleep with her and I jumped into bed, she turned off the light and got in with me.
I think we were both too knackered for anything much, but as we lay there and cuddled my cock got stiff again so I slipped it into her cunt and we both slowly went to sleep.                                                   
I had a somewhat restless night. The water I had drunk had taken its effect and given rise to two trips to the bathroom. I was vaguely conscious of her need to go too, but neither of us disturbed the other before paying a visit.
 It was now 7am and my need was more serious.
 I once again climbed carefully over her and made my way to the toilet.
 I know that I am a fully signed up member to the perverts club, but there is something deeply satisfying about taking a dump. Besides the sexy sensation of your arsehole being pushed open, there is the glorious feeling of having evacuated something unnecessary from your body.
 It was by my standards a fairly big one, about the size of an average penis, just thick enough to give a slight, but very welcomed pain. It plopped into the toilet bowl and I relaxed savouring the moment as my cock dribbled.
 I was mid-way through my second push as the door opened. She stood for a moment in the doorway, her exquisite figure silhouetted by the brighter light from the living room. My second little lump splashed into the water as she stepped towards me, bending to kiss me passionately on the lips. My cock instantly engaged early morning hard-on mode. She took it in her hand and gave it a firm tug, then straddled me and sat with my erection held between our bellies.
 I cupped her firm breasts in my hands tweaking her hard nipples between my fingers and thumbs as she started to pee over my balls. She started to breathe deeply and sigh slightly as I sucked on her tits, rubbing her clit on my shaft as she pissed.
 I pushed for my third lump but farted. A really wet dirty sounding fart that reverberated around the toilet bowl. She raised herself a little to spurt the last gush of pee over my cock head then kneeled down at my feet to take my cock in her mouth.
 I was in heaven. She was a divine cocksucker, her warm wet mouth constantly changing, emulating the tightest hole you could imagine and then her lips relaxing to provide you with the biggest deepest cavity you could experience. Her saliva flowing freely and her tongue constantly flicking and probing
. My third small lump plopped out. She pushed my legs wide open and, cupping my balls in her hand, put a finger up my dirty hole.
 I had dreamed of, but had never met quite such a filthy cunt as her before. In fact I almost had to pinch myself to ensure that I was not just dreaming. I was having a shit and this beautiful slut was fingering my shitter while my cock was tickling her tonsils. She pulled her mouth off my cock as she slipped her finger out of my arse and wiped it over my bell end. Then looking up at me she cleaned her finger with her lips and tongue before replacing it in my poo hole and cleaning the mess she had made on my helmet
. What the hell would she have done if she had come in before I laid my first turd?
  Her mouth was working its magic on my dick and her finger was working not only in and out but also round and round in my bum, I pissed as I pushed for more but I had finished. She carried on with her dirt cleaning using her tongue and mouth to clean my cock and her finger, looking up at me to show me how good she was at her job and how pleased she was to be doing it, until there was very little left to lick.
 Partly in courtesy and partly in wicked curiosity I tore off a sheet of toilet paper and passed it to her. She looked at me with her tongue out as she brushed it aside.
  I stood, turning around and bent over. At once she had her tongue in my shitter, sucking and licking it clean. I have enjoyed being rimmed on many occasions but this was the acme of delight; knowing my bumhole was as filthy as it could get and this Polish whore was licking, eating and loving every bit of it.
  My arse must now be as clean as a whistle. I turned to face her as she got up to kneel beside me, showing me her open mouth. Her tongue and lips were clean. She kissed me. I could still taste my poo in her mouth as I tongued it.
 She stood up, pointing at her arse and then at the toilet, I moved and she went to sit down. I used my hands on her hips to ask her to turn around. She straddled the toilet bowl facing the cistern, crouching slightly, pulling her bum cheeks open with her hands.
 Her hole opened slightly as she pushed. Pee dribbled from her twat as her arse opened more and began to fill with poo. I was wanking, my jaw dropped in amazement as the turd showed its head and slowly slid out of her. It dropped out of her arse like a long brown cock.
 It was big. Well over 6 inches came out before her poo hole closed around it, cutting it off and letting it splash into the water. Her hole opened again letting another lump pass through its rim. It stayed open to allow a long slow almost noiseless fart take the same passage.
 The smell was unbelievable. Not obnoxious like the smell that often lingers in public toilets, but more like the dirty, but somehow extremely pleasing smell that you would produce yourself. I had seen many porn movies of similar situations, but this was my first real life encounter, and I was fucking loving it.
 She pooped more, each piece being progressively smaller than the last, sometimes accompanied by a blast of gas, until her shitter opened and emitted nothing. Her hand appeared under her piss wet cunt and her finger poked her dirt hole. When she withdrew it to taste it, I stood up and pushed my cock on her ring. She said something I imagined was particularly filthy in Polish as I pushed into her.
I love fucking arse but had never experience a feeling such as this.
 The dirt in her hole acted like a lubricant but was also kind of sticky, giving a slight resistance to my invading cock and making her hole feel smaller and tighter. I pushed it all the way and then withdrew leaving the head just inside as I looked down at my shit streaked shaft. Now I had cleared her passage I start to bang her with force. The sounds she made and the way she pushed back into me convinced me that this slut liked it hard. My cock was experiencing the brand new sensation of fucking a dirty poop hole and I knew I would not last long before I came. Her head banged against the wall as I pounded her. Her fingers now working vigorously at her cunt as I banged her still harder.
 The more I banged her, the louder her moans and the harder she slapped her fanny.
 I spanked her bum, feeling under her to pull at her nipples with my other hand.
I grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked her head back as I thrust so forcefully into her shitter.
 She was panting, she was puffing, she was moaning, she was cumming. I was grunting, I was cumming too. I didn’t cum really deep in her as I knew she would fucking love to eat it out of herself, so I kept my cock within the first 3 inches of her chute while my spunk shot into her.
 I pulled out and stepped forward to her side grabbing her hair and pulling her onto my dick to allow her to suck it clean for me. She relished it. I was looking at her arse for any signs of a cumfart but she was holding it in well so I returned my gaze to my cock.
 The shit streak was getting fainter as it disappeared in, and then out of her fuck face. My need for penile satisfaction had diminished so when I was satisfied that my cock was clean I pulled out and stepped into the kitchen. She was still in the same position when I returned with a small bowl.
She knew what to do and as I passed her the bowl she squatted on the floor and placed it under her arsehole.
 Within seconds my cum was farting out of her and dripping into the bowl. Her twat dribbled too, she must have been really trying!! It didn’t take long before she had collected all of it in the bowl but she made sure by pushing her finger inside, licking it when she pulled it out. Then she lifted the bowl to her lips to enjoy her filthy feast. She drunk down every drop, cleaning the bowl with her tongue. I don’t know if she learnt it from watching porn movies, but she showed me her full, and then empty mouth after each gulp.
 She was such a good girl.                                                   
I flushed the toilet and then opened the shower door.
 I waited until the water was nice and warm and then stepped in beckoning her to join me. We stood for a while enjoying the water running over our bodies as we kissed and caressed each other. Then I thought it was time we had a thorough clean up.
I unscrewed the shower head and passed the hose to her holding her hand in mine as she took it, I then guide her to my bum. She was either a quick learner or she had done it before because she knelt behind me and fed the pipe into my arse.
I started to feel pressure in my gut as it filled me, then; unable to hold it anymore I ejected it, all over her. I looked round to see it had covered her hair and face and was running over her boobs and stomach.
 She looked a picture.
 When I had finished spraying her, she dutifully replaced the hose in my arse, refilling me and taking another shower from me. She repeated the process 5 or 6 times until she was showering under clean water.
We changed places. My first shower was really quite dirty. She looked pleased as she turned to see me covered in her dirty water, I even noticed a little blob of cum make its way over my belly and slide down between my leg and bollocks. I repeated it, but this time pushed the hose up her cunt after I had filled her arse.
When she was full, I moved under her, taking both barrels full in the face.
 After a few more kinky showers I was satisfied she was clean and replaced the shower head.
She grabbed some shower gel and a sponge and started to wash me. I grabbed the shampoo and started to massage it into her hair. We continued to wash each other paying more than ample attention to the parts between our legs.
 After we had dried each other we went to sit on the bed.
 I do like stinky cunts, arses and even cocks, but it is also nice to be fresh and clean. It’s like having someone brand new to play with. So we lay on the bed and began playing with each other.
                           There was a knock on the door. She got up, threw me my tee-shirt and boxers and hurriedly dressed in her skirt and top. She opened the door and invited the people in. It seemed everyone was talking at once.
 The group comprised of two guys and an Asian girl. I hoped they didn’t mind the sight of me in my boxers, but nobody seemed to bother. They talked for several minutes. Mostly she spoke to the older of the two guys. Then he came over, I stood up, and taking his hand, he introduced himself.
 “Hello Jon, I am Ali, Lisa tells me you have spent an enjoyable night together”
I nodded in agreement. “Yes, we have enjoyed each others company”
He smiled. “She tells me she has enjoyed you too”
 The others came over.
 “Let me introduce you to my wife, her name is Atina, she is from Thailand.”
 I offered my hand, she took it but also kissed me on each cheek.
 Atina was an exceptionally pretty girl, small and slim with long blue/black hair and dark eyes. She was wearing a leather jacket but I could see from the low cut top underneath that she was very flat chested and her black leggings did very little to hide her petite figure.
” And this is Mal; He is Polish, like me and my sister, and a very good friend”.
 I shook Mals hand and returned the cheek to cheek greeting that seems to be their custom.
 Mal looked very un-Polish; he was clean shaven and had longish blonde hair. A very attractive and physically fit person. Ali on the other hand, had dark hair and a bushy moustache, a bigger frame, and a slight paunch.
 Ali sat on the bed, patting it beside him. I sat next to him. Mal relaxed in the armchair and the two girls settled in next to Ali, but behind him, with their backs against the wall and their feet on the bed.
“So, Jon, Lisa tells me you have a lovely cock”
I was shocked, stunned, I felt my face going red.
 “There is no need to be embarrassed Jon, Lisa and I have no secrets from each other”
 He patted me on my leg.
He did not remove his hand. I felt a sense of insecure disbelief as I looked him in the eye. He smiled then looked over at Mal. I followed his gaze and saw that Mal was rubbing himself through his jeans. He was looking at the bed, but not at us.
 I turned and saw that Lisa and Atina were lying together, kissing. I looked back at Ali.
” Don’t worry” he said, “we are all very good friends”
His hand began stroking my inner thigh.
I was totally bemused. I felt as if I had dropped into a dream. A magnificent dream. Ali ran his hand beneath my boxers, stroking between my balls and my leg. I was instantly aroused.
 “Let me see what Lisa has told me about”
 I lifted myself up to allow him to swiftly remove my boxers. My cock now standing proud for all to see.
He grabbed it and gave it a firm squeeze, then said something in Polish, before saying it was just how Lisa had described it. He started to wank me. He knew exactly what to do. He had a firm grip and I liked that.
 He bent over and licked the tip. His lips were soft, his mouth, warm and wet as it enveloped my cock.
 Mals shirt was undone, showing the toned muscles of his six pack. His jeans open and his cock in his hand. I beckoned him to come over and he stood, taking off his shirt, his jeans dropping to the floor as he stepped out of them. I grabbed his cock as he stood next to me and pulled the foreskin back revealing the plump purple head of his seven inches of meat.
 He lifted one leg onto the bed as I lent over to lick the pre-cum that was already leaking from the eye of his cock. He pushed himself into me and started fucking my mouth.
His cock was perfect for me and I swallowed it whole. His neatly trimmed pubic hair brushing my top lip. Ali had my balls in his mouth. His spit trickling down over my arsehole. I could feel him probing it with his finger. I edged forward making it easier for his finger to enter me; Mals cock still raping my mouth.
 Ali stood up, saying something to Mal and then asking if I would like to be fucked.
“Yes please”, I whispered as Mals cock left my mouth,
 “Oh fuck, Yes”
 He helped me up and led me to the armchair, where I sat. In no time he was naked. His cock was the shortest of the three of us, but also the fattest. In fact, his cut manhood was extremely fat. It somehow suited his portly frame and hairy body. I could see the girls were both now naked and had utilised the free space on the bed to enjoy a 69.
Atina’s small tanned body on top of Lisa’s, her tiny bum in the air. I have known women with larger breasts than her bum cheeks.
 I am sure she could fit her butt into a 38dd cup bra.
 I hooked my hands beneath my knees and pulled my legs up. I love the feeling of exposing myself to my sex partners. Offering myself to be taken. He spat in my bumhole then fingered me once again.
 “I have some lube if you want it” he said.
 I said that I think it would be best and he went to his jacket, returning with a tube which he squirted in my hole and worked in with his finger. Mals cock was once more in my mouth as Ali’s fat dome pushed on my ring. Fucking hell it was fat.
 He must have felt my tightness as he picked up the lube and rubbed it over his cock. This time it was a little easier. His bell end tore my hole apart as it gradually eased into me, but once inside the rest of him followed easily.
 Mal was on his knees beside the chair, now sucking on my cock, getting a close-up view of his friend’ fat dick attacking my shitter.
 “Are you having fun Mr Jon?” Atina asked.
 “Oh fuck, yes”, I replied.
 The girls had come over to join us. Atina’s boobs were barely any bigger than mine, her nipples too were quite small but encircled by a large brown aureole. Her shaven pussy revealed no cunt lips. Just a beautiful puffy little slit. I later found that she was 22 years old but she could easily have been taken for a girl of fourteen, or even younger.
I have heard stories of Thai brides and how obedient they can be, but I was still a little surprised when Ali ordered her to fuck me. She let go of Lisa and tried to climb on top of me. With his cock pushed fully inside me Ali put his hands under Atina’s armpits, his fingertips on her nipples, and lifted her onto me. With her feet on the chair by my waist and her hands cupped around my neck for support, she eased herself onto me. Squatting down no my cock.
 I felt Ali’s hand grab it before it entered her. I imagined her cunt to be quite loose after Ali had been fucking her, but I was surprised at just how tight it was. Her sweet little pisser may have been tight, but it was deep, much deeper than her sister-in-laws.
 I felt Ali spurt in my arse. Surely he had not cum already? If he had it was a massive load. He spurted more then pulled out and stood at my side.
 Lisa was there, kneeling on the floor, cleaning my poo hole out. Ali said that Lisa was thirsty as I took his cock to suck off my gooey arse slime.
 Atina leaned forward and whispered in my ear,
” Your cock feels so good in my hole Mr Jon”
Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!  She put her cheek against mine and her husband fed her hungry mouth with his cock. She choked a little and some of Ali’s piss dribbled from her mouth into mine. Ali must also have peed in my bum. He pushed his cock back between my lips and pissed again.
 I swallowed. He had a huge smile on his face. He pulled out and pissed on both our faces and open mouths. I took a gob full then spat it out at Atina’s face.
 “I think my little baby likes you Jon”
 “Oh yes I do” cried Atina, “thank you for letting me share him with you”
 Ali’s piss slowed to a trickle and then stopped after a last big burst. Atina and I licked and sucked at each others faces, kissing and sharing Ali’s dirty water. She was still bobbing up and down on my erection.
She sat down on me, grinding her clit on my pubic bone. Lisa’s tongue left my arse to give attention to Atina’s. Mal was behind her feeding his cock into one of her holes while Ali fed his cock into his mouth.
 These were all very good friends indeed.
Atina’s tight little pussy felt so good on my cock, but I was getting hungry and thirsty. I wondered if she could possibly be a good little girl like Lisa. In courtesy I asked Ali if I could lick her out.
 “Just tell her what you want from her Jon, I am sure she will satisfy your needs”
I didn’t think my cock could get any harder, but it did. Just the thought of this sweet little thing performing dirty acts with me almost made me shoot my load.
 Lisa stood up and came to kiss me; I could taste Atina’s shitter in her mouth.
Lisa rolled saliva around in her mouth, a huge mouthful which she then dribbled into my eager mouth. Atina climbed off me and went to sit obediently on the bed. I looked down at my cunt juice covered cock to see Mal and Ali licking it clean. I poked my finger in Lisa’s wet and slimy cunt and arse and sniffed and licked it before getting up to join the patiently waiting Atina on the bed.
My God she was a beautiful girl. Barely five feet tall and probably weighing no more than 80 pounds.
 “How do you want me Mr Jon?”
I actually wanted her at home with me to keep as my very own,
 “I want you to feed me your cunt and arse”
“Mr Jon, I can do whatever you want of me”
 I lay back on the bed, looking to the floor where Lisa was climbing onto her brother’s fat dick.
“Sit on my face Atina”
She questioned me, “Can I sit so I can also suck your lovely cock Mr Jon?”
 “Atina, you are my little bitch for a little while and I wouldn’t have it any other way”
 Quickly she got on top of me, pausing with her gorgeous tiny butt above my face so that I could enjoy the view. I held each butt cheek with my hands, completely covering them, and then prised them apart with my thumbs to see her dark brown rosebud ringpiece still wet with Lisa’s saliva.
 Her slit was still nicely parted from the shagging I had just given her showing a little of the wet pinkness inside.
“I hope you like me Mr Jon?” she said, before starting to suck on my bell end.
 “You are very sweet Atina” I said as I pulled her down onto me.
 I don’t know if it was wishful thinking or just my imagination, but her little fuck hole did taste really sweet and her arsehole didn’t smell of poo, (I guess Lisa had already licked that away), but it had that awesome musky aroma that only an arse can provide.
 She must have learned her sucking technique from her husband, as she could easily take me into her throat and she sucked so hard as she pulled up on it.
Her tiny hands were caressing my balls and occasionally she would dip a finger into my arse. At which point she would momentarily stop sucking me and make an “mmmmmmmmm” sound, as she, presumably, licked her finger.
 Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter as I licked at it and her clit.
 From the corner of my eye, I could see that Ali was still under his sister, but they had now been joined by Mal who was screwing her arse.
 It’s a shame really, I thought, as Ali will never experience the delight of entering his sister’s tight cervix and I am sure she would just love his thick cock stretching it for her.
Just then, quite unexpectedly, I farted.
I pulled my face from Atina’s pisser and said,” sorry” But it was pointless as she had immediately dived onto my dirt hole, tonguing and sucking and slurping in it. A loud cheer went up from the other three as Atina turned to me,
” Thank you Mr Jon. Please tell me if there is more”
 “I will Atina, and please feel free to do the same to me” “Yes Mr Jon, I will try very very hard for you”
Her little hand barely wrapped around my cock, wanking it as she fed more on my shitter.
I was now feeling totally comfortable and relaxed. I was in the company of four fellow perverts and was sure that absolutely anything imaginable was a distinct possibility!!!!!
I resumed tonguing Atina but swapped from her delightful pussy to her gloriously musky poop chute. As soon as my tongue touched her hole she pushed making it open for me. I was thinking about how fantastically filthy it was to be licking the hole that she actually shits through when Ali appeared at my side.
“Have you tried these?” he asked.
 I looked at the small bottle he handed me. The label read “liquid gold”
They were poppers.
 They are used medically to stimulate the heart, but in social circles they are used to get a fairly short but extremely strong buzz that has a tendency to eliminate all inhibitions. I told him I had enjoyed using them on many occasions.
 I unscrewed the top and took three long sniffs as he told me that Atina goes really wild with them. My head was instantly in a whirl, all my senses concentrated on my cock. I wanted everything and was prepared to give everything. Atina stopped sucking me momentarily but when she resumed it was with gusto like a thing possessed.
 Her mouth suddenly became wetter and she coughed and spluttered as she forced herself down on me. She sucked my cock, sucked my balls and tongued wildly at my arse, trying to suck the insides out of me. I could feel her shit hole pulsating on my tongue as she pushed and pushed.
 “Oh Mr Jon I think it is coming”
 I was unsure of her meaning until her arsehole vibrated and sent a lovely long blast of stinky wind over my tongue and into my throat.
 Fuck it tasted so good. I tried to push to give her some of mine but pissed in her mouth instead. She sucked even harder.
 “Oh thank you Mr Jon, thank you so much, please give to me”
I tried and tried, feeling piss trickling over my balls as she lost some when she swallowed. My stomach rumbled. This cute little girl was trying so hard she was peeing too. I slurped it up.
 “Atina, quickly, my arse”
 Her mouth was on my ring in a flash as I let it rip and her wet tongue was inside me before it stopped. She was still pissing in my mouth when she said,” It comes again Jon”
 This time I took it straight in my nose.
I was enjoying the smell from her beautiful shitter when I was aware of serious grunting sound coming from one of the other guys. I looked over to see Lisa propped upside down against the chair, her shoulders on the floor, with Mal feeding his cock into her arse. I slapped Atina on her bum and lifted her off me, pointing at the scene.
 “Oh Mr John, it is good”
 I had to agree; we both got up and went for a closer look, sitting beside the chair.
 “Good girl Atina” Ali said, “I was about to call you”
My rigid shaft was in Atina’s tiny hand and my finger was rubbing her clit as we watched Mal dump his load in Lisa’s pooper. Ali was rubbing his cock to ready himself for his shot. I turned to him and took him in my mouth to help speed him on his way.
 Mal’s body was in spasm as he shot his seed, his muscles rippling as he came in her glorious shithole. He pulled out letting the last drops spurt into her gaping hole then stepped off her and put his cock into Atina’s grateful mouth. She sucked his spunky arse juice covered cock as Ali removed his cock from my mouth and prepared to enter his sister.
I put my foot over Lisa’s mouth as Ali plunged his fat cock into her. She was licking between my toes when Atina started to rub her clit hard against my finger.
 Her juices were flowing; I put another finger inside her and rubbed her harder as she orgasmed.
 Ali started to grunt and puff as his cock slurped in Lisa’s arse. His belly wobbling as he took shorter but faster strokes in her.
 Mal had put a finger in Ali’s arse. Something I later found that he enjoys when he cums. After what seemed like a long time, he pulled out his cock and squeezed it, as if trying to wring out the last few drops. Atina let Mal’s now flaccid cock slip from her mouth as Ali stepped off his sister, and replaced it with his.
 Ali asked if I was ready to cum. I hated to disappoint him but said that I wasn’t.
 “Then it is time for these two lovely sluts to enjoy the fruits of our labour”
 Atina at once lay on her back on the floor and Lisa positioned herself on all fours over her. A huge blob of spunk dribbled from her still gaping hole, running over her cunt and dropping into Atina’s mouth. Atina didn’t lick or swallow she remained still, her cum covered tongue sticking out of her wide open hungry mouth. A round of applause ensued as Lisa done a wonderful cumfart, blowing spunk bubbles with her arse as Atina raised her head to catch it with her tongue.
 Lisa repositioned herself so that her poop chute was a couple of inches from Atina’s lips before farting another load out. Atina’s mouth was almost full. Lisa pushed again, her arse widened, and a small dribble plopped out.
 A small dribble also came out of her pisshole.
 Atina looked as if she was trying desperately hard not to shut her mouth or swallow.
 “I think it is time for you to share” Ali said.
 Lisa rolled over on her back and Atina knelt at her side as she let the arse cum dribble slowly into Lisa’s mouth. Lisa closed her lips and swallowed, the cum still falling onto her face.
 “Jon” Ali pointed at Lisa’s bum.
 I went down to stick my tongue in her arse to lick another few drops that had just appeared. It tasted so good. Mal and Ali went to sit on the bed to enjoy the show.
Feeling my tongue in her arse Lisa pushed to help me, she managed a short spurt of piss from her cunt which I quickly slurped up, but her well of cum had sadly run dry. I was beginning to feel a bit of a gooseberry and decided to let the girls have some fun, so I went to sit between Mal and Ali.
These two guys were something else. Both their dicks were beginning to get hard again. I pointed this out to them and Ali said they had taken Viagra. I have used it myself but feel that I only really need it in situations where I am not over keen on my partners. In this company my cock had no trouble getting, and staying hard.
The girls were now in a sixty nine. I couldn’t help thinking how much it looked like a mother and daughter scenario, although they both had fine young looking bodies.
Mal had begun sucking my cock and Ali was caressing my balls and occasionally probing my arse.
 I took the opportunity to ask him about himself and his sister.
“I hope you don’t mind me asking Ali, but I am curious about you and Lisa. I think it is wonderful that you have such a good relationship, but it is unusual and I would be very interested if you wouldn’t mind telling me about it?”
 He smiled, and then flattened his moustache with his thumb and finger.
 “Not at all Jon. I consider myself very fortunate and am pleased to share my fortune with you. We come from a very poor background in Poland. From our earliest days we lived in a very humble flat not much bigger than this. It had one proper bedroom that our parents used and a very small room for me and Lisa.
 There was only room for a small bed which we shared. The winters would get very cold and we cuddled each other to keep warm. Of course, when I reached puberty I would get aroused and Lisa would sometimes feel it against her but she said nothing about it.
 The first time she took any notice was one summer time.
 Our Mamma and Papa were both out of the house and Lisa was out playing with her friends in the park.
 Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed playing with myself and on this hot afternoon I was lying on the bed naked, masturbating. Lisa just came into the room; she looked but didn’t say anything as she had seen me naked many many times before, we even used to share baths together.
 We have never been embarrassed about each others naked bodies.
 I know with your uncut cock Jon, it is easier for you to wank, but for me I need some sort of lubrication to enjoy it more so I would spit on my hand and use that.
 Lisa watched me. She was sitting on the end of the bed in her pretty little summer frock and just staring at me. I noticed that she was pressing her hands down between her legs, but I also said nothing.
 After a little while she slid up the bed and spat on the end of my cock. I thanked her and she spat again. She was enjoying this funny game. Now she had her hand under her frock. She was moving it slowly back and forth. I went to wet my hand with more spit but she done it again for me, but this time she put her hand on it.
 Lisa was very small and skinny then. I am four years older than her and although my cock was not as big as it is now, it was more than her tiny hand could get around. But she tried to copy what I had been doing and I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it. She was still rubbing her panties;
 I lifted her dress up and could see there was dampness coming through the white cotton. I put my finger on the damp spot; it made her wriggle and giggle. I thought that mama would not be pleased if she had wet her panties so I told her to take them off.
 She done as I asked and I used my finger on her once more.
I still get excited remembering the first time I touched her. She looked so sweet and innocent, her cunt was just a puffy slit and she didn’t need to shave or wax to have that soft smooth feel.
I noticed that she seemed to enjoy it more if I tickled her at the top of her slit, but sometimes, completely by accident of course, my fingertip would slip inside her where it was wet. My mind was then much the same as it is today and I thought it would be good to use her wetness on my cock. Without a moments hesitation she got on top of me and started to rub her pussy along the length of my cock.
 I was worried that her frock would get spoilt if my milk went on it so I advised her to take it off. She quickly slipped it over her head.”
 I interrupted him,
“I bet the picture of her sitting on you is forever etched in your mind? I can imagine how she must have looked. So sweet and skinny. She has very small boobs now so then they must have been no more than puffy little nipples?”
 “You are quite right Jon, she looked so beautiful.
Looking down and seeing her little slit sliding on my cock is also a lovely memory. The more she slid the wetter she got. And the moment I shot my spunk. In those days it spurted like a fountain, all over my chest and belly. She put her fingers in it and played with it, and then tasted it. She enjoyed it then just as she enjoys it now.”
“Were you not tempted to put your cock inside her?” I asked.
 “It was all new to both of us and for the moment we were enjoying just what we were doing, but it wasn’t long before we had our first fuck. From that day to this we have always satisfied each other. We used to play together every night when we were in bed and I soon discovered that she enjoyed me pushing my finger in and out of her slit.
 It took many times of trying before I could get my cock into her, you can imagine she was extremely tight, and I didn’t want to hurt her, but eventually we succeeded. It was all a learning process for us; we had no experience of anything like it. All I did know was that when a man shoots his seed into a woman she will have a baby, so I always made sure I didn’t do that.
 We did discover the joy of oral sex. She always liked the taste of my cum right from that very first day, so it was not long before she took my cock into her sweet mouth as I started to cum, then she started to suck it to get it out. Of course I enjoyed the experience and soon she was sucking me to make me cum. Sometimes I would wake in the morning to find her under the bed clothes with my cock in her mouth.”
 My cock was throbbing with his account of his past.
 “Ali? I think I will cum pretty soon”
 “Then you should cum in my wife. I know she wants you to and her small body and beautiful slit is just what you need I think.”
 He called Atina over and told her my needs.
 “May I request that you first shag my wife’s cunt, but deposit your cum in her arsehole as we did with Lisa?”
Atina jumped up on the bed and lay on her back with her legs wide open. I knelt between her legs looking down at her small frame, imagining it was little Lisa. Ali said something to her which I didn’t understand and then Atina said,
 “Oh Mr Jon, please be gentle with your big willy in your baby’s tight little pussy “
“Sweet thing, you know daddy won’t hurt you”
 I joined in with the role-play. The tip of my cock was on her smooth slit, she brought her legs together as I pushed, she really was tight, her little pisshole pulling my foreskin back as I eased into her.
 Mal and Ali were now standing beside the bed with Lisa between them, a cock in each hand.
 I started to shag my beautiful little girl, knowing that I wouldn’t last long. Atina all the time asking if she was a good little girl and telling me how much she liked daddy inside her.
 She was also expert at using her groin muscles to squeeze my cock harder. I was kissing her, sucking at her sweet little puffies.
 Ali was encouraging me to “Fuck the little bitch” as she cupped her small hand behind my neck and pulled me to her.
 She whispered in my ear, telling me how young she was. It forced the semen to rise from my balls.
 “Oh sweet baby, daddies gonna cum”
She opened her legs, lifting them, so that her thighs rested on my shoulders.
 “Cum in my bum, Daddy, Please cum in my little dirt hole”
 I pushed my cock head inside her little rosebud as my seed began to spurt. Using just the first couple of inches to shag her tightest dirtiest hole.
 Daddies cum pumping into his baby girl.
 I felt Ali’s finger enter my arse as my strokes started to slow, Atina’s arse sucking at my cock, straining the last drops out of me.
My cock slid from her arse and I pulled away from her, sitting on the bed, looking at her, admiring my work. Lisa was lying on the floor. Within seconds Atina was squatting over her, feeding her with my cum. Ali and Mal were standing over them, slowly stroking their semi-hard cocks as Atina farted cum into Lisa’s mouth.
 I looked at my arse-juice covered cock, wiping it with my hand and then tasting it.
 It is at times like this that I wish I could suck myself.
 Mal was quick to seize the opportunity, and soon had his lips round it. He sucked it clean and then pulled me to my feet. Ali had begun pissing on the girls. His hot stream flowing from my little girls face and down her body to drip from her bald twat onto Lisa. Mal was quick to join in, directing his flow straight into Atina’s mouth. I pushed Lisa’s legs apart with my feet and aimed my spurt at her cunt, trying to hit her clit.
 I moved forward, my feet either side of her waist, and pushed another strong squirt into Atina’s slit; it splashed into Lisa’s mouth in the process. Piss was flowing onto them from all angles. Atina lent forward to suck it from Lisa’s body, her greedy mouth slurping the piss from her tits down to her fanny. One by one our piss supply ran dry and we went back to sit on the bed to watch the girls enjoy their pee soaked bodies.
 They really were the horniest couple of bitches I have ever seen, fingering and tonguing their cunts, arses and every other part of their bodies as they writhed in the pool of piss on the wooden floor. I felt so excited, although my cock was at half mast, unlike the two guys sitting next to me. They were really up for it! I wondered how they would relieve themselves this time.
 I was soon to find out.
I told Ali that he was fortunate to have two such lovely girls and that I counted myself lucky that I was able to share them with him.
 He said that he never considered them as his, as if they were a possession.
 “I know that sex is always on their minds and that they enjoy it so much and I feel that it would be a shame if I were the only one to provide it for them. Lisa is my sister and, of course, she has her own life, but Atina is my wife because I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her, but I also know her desires and I am more than pleased when others enjoy what she has to offer.
 In fact my biggest turn on is to see her being used by people such as yourself.
 It is also what she wants and nothing pleases me more than seeing her getting it.
 It fills me with joy when I watch a nice cock slide into her holes”
 I looked at his stiff cock as he stroked it.
 “Do you think they are ready for you again?”
 “Jon, I was wondering if maybe you were ready for me.”
I thought of how good it had felt when he fucked me and as my cock was too soft for penetration, but I was still feeling horny as hell, I gladly said yes.
“Just tell me how you want me Ali; I am yours to do with as you wish.”
His eyes twinkled as he brushed the moustache above his broad grin.
 “I’m sure you won’t mind if Mal joins in too.”
“No problem” I said, “the more the merrier”
Ali was a forceful kisser, his moustache tickled a bit, but bushy as it was, it was actually quite soft. We shared tongues and saliva then Ali pulled away.
“I think you may enjoy it even more if we have some poppers handy”
 The joyous expression on my face would give away my answer.
 “I hope you will take full advantage of me whilst I am under the influence?”
 He went to get them while Mal had me on all fours on the bed sucking his cock.
 “I think you should be the other end Mal, you haven’t had the pleasure of his man-cunt yet” Ali said, as he placed the poppers on the table next to the bed, within easy reach of us all.
 Mal was licking my arse, getting it wet and ready with his spit while Ali got in front of me, lifting my chin and telling me to open my mouth before spitting in it and then kissing me once more.
My impression of Ali had changed. He was now a competent dominator and not the easy going, carefree, anything goes person I had begun to know.
  Mals fingers were opening my bum. I say “fingers” because it certainly felt like more than one that was opening my hole.
 Ali brushed his cock on my lips covering them with pre-cum which I licked off before sucking on his bell end .He lifted himself up,
 “Suck my balls Jon”
 I sucked them into my mouth as Ali slapped my face with his dick. My arse was now being stretched more. I pushed back onto the fingers inside me and reached out for the poppers on the table. Ali unscrewed the bottle for me and I took several deep sniffs.
I was instantly a complete slut to be used for their pleasure. I wanted them to treat me like dirt.
 Ali must have known how I was feeling as he turned around and offered his hairy arse to me.
 Immediately my tongue was inside his dirt hole and it tasted so good. I was hoping and preying that he would fart into my mouth as I licked out his shitter.
 I felt Mals cock inside me, his seven inches the perfect size to hit all the right spots. He fucked me deep and hard as I clawed at Ali’s bum cheeks desperately trying to open his hole further for my tongue.
 Ali groaned as his gas blew into my mouth. I sucked it in pushing my lips hard against his ring as my tongue probed deep in his shit pipe.
 My arse too was farting as Mal pumped me. I heard the girls moaning and looked over to see them in the scissors position pushing their cunts hard into each other as they both came together.
 Ali turned around and held the poppers to my nose before plunging his cock into my hungry slut mouth. I gagged as it hit my throat. He held my nose making me reach, my slimy puke covering his cock as I opened my mouth further to gasp for air.
 Mals strokes were getting harder and faster.
 I enjoyed the pain that his cock gave me each time it was deep inside me.
 They worked as a team, pushing into me in unison. My cock now beginning to stiffen instead of swinging limply under me.
 Mal started to grunt. I used my arse muscles to squeeze him harder.
 I wanted his cum.
 His balls banged against mine as he fucked me harder and deeper than ever before. Then I could feel his cream inside me, my arse so much wetter and sloppier as he pumped his spunk in me.
 Ali was fucking my face harder and faster as Mals pace slowed; His balls dripping with the gag juice I had covered his cock with. Suddenly they both pulled out, changing ends. I eagerly accepted Mal’s cock in my mouth; tasting his arse flavoured cum as Ali drove his cock into my sperm filled shitter.
 Ali’s cock hurt me as he shagged me; stretching my arse. I fucking loved it!
 I sucked harder on Mals cock, cleaning it for him, enjoying it like a delicious meal; trying to suck him dry.
The girls had come over, Lisa had her hand wrapped around my now rock hard cock, gripping me tightly as she wanked it. Ali announced he was about to cum. I could feel he was as his pace quickened. My arse making dirty wet farts in gratitude as his semen shot into it.
 Mal had removed his dick from my mouth and Atina was kissing me; enjoying the arse flavoured cum and spit.
 Ali had deposited his seed in me and left my hole gaping as his sister cleaned his poo-hole poker.
 Atina stopped kissing me and asked,
 “Please will you feed us from your bottom Mr Jon; we need more cums to eat?”
 I positioned myself on the edge of the bed; Atina was there ready to lap up the first cumfart. Lisa was soon beside her to eagerly accept the second. I had a further sniff from the poppers and my mind drifted once more into that wonderful world of filthy perverted unrestrained sex, as my arse shat spunk into their slutty whore mouths. Their greedy gobs were full but they still searched for more with their fingers. Tonguing and sucking me for the very last drops.
Ali pushed me from behind and I slid onto the floor. The girls took a leg each and lifted them to gain access to my pooper. The first splash of hot piss hit my face, then a second hit my cock. I looked up at Mal and Ali as they pissed on me; moving their cocks from side to side to give me a thorough soaking. I opened my mouth and was rewarded with a gob full of piss.
 I swallowed then opened again for more.
 Mal stopped briefly to come and squat over my face. I stuck out my tongue to lick his shaved ringpiece as it opened and let out a tasty fart for me.
 He got up and with his face only inches from mine, he spat on me, and then stood up to resume peeing.
 The next arsehole to greet my eyes was Lisa’s. I remembered with pleasure how I had watched her shitting that morning, as her piss started to flow from her twat to my mouth.
 I could now feel a hot stream going into my arse as Lisa moved to make way for Atina.
 I think Atina had read my thoughts as her little bum favoured me with a delightful squeaky sounding trump.
 I loved my role as their toilet. My cock was rigid, and now inside a hot wet mouth, I was being sprayed inside and out with urine and the hottest little bum that I had come to adore was treating me to farts as she peed on me.
 All good things, sadly, must come to an end, and eventually the piss ran no more.
 My cum however, had started rising from my ball bag, and as Atina lifted herself from my face I could see that it was Mals lips that were around my shaft. He let my spunk run out of his mouth and slide down my cock as I shot my load; dribbling onto my balls and getting matted in the tiny v-shaped “designer stubble” that was my pubic hair.
 He  continued sucking when I had finished, using his tongue to poke my pisshole.
Making me wriggle uncontrollably as he probed that most sensitive spot in search of my cum. He sucked so hard before leaving it that it made a plopping sound as it fell from his mouth. Each of them took turns licking it up, washing it around in their mouths and then spitting it onto my belly. Ali was the last to take his turn. He sucked it all into his mouth, washed it around, and then with his lips an inch above mine, let it slowly dribble into my mouth.
I lay on the floor fully satisfied, enjoying the taste of cum and spit in my mouth, but also enjoying the smell of the room.
 It stank of sex.
 The others were sitting or lying on the bed, not having sex, but just enjoying the closeness of their naked bodies. Sometimes sharing a kiss or a lick; sometimes laughing when someone farted. I went to join them, taking my place next to Ali, with Lisa on my other side. Lisa gently rubbed my inner thigh, occasionally giving my balls a squeeze or rubbing her finger tip on my arsehole. Ali kissed me and then said,
 “I trust you enjoyed that Jon”
 I didn’t answer. I cupped my hand on his balls, poking his bum with my finger and sucked his tongue into my mouth, then smiled.
 “Will you tell me more about you and Lisa please Ali?”
“As I have already said Jon, we shared our bed and our baths so we had plenty of time to discover each other”
 I really wanted to know how these two kids discovered they were such dirty fuckers.
 Ali continued,
 “ We both new from the start that we enjoyed reaching a climax and cumming, although Lisa was a little disappointed that she did not squirt anything out when she came.
 She has always been fascinated by the white stuff a male produces.”
 He laughed.
 “Of course I was very happy to provide her with as much of that as I could. We would play with each other every day, sometimes just once, but mostly it was several times.”
 I interrupted him.
 “You said it took a little while before you fucked her”
 “Yes Jon, it did. She is four years younger than me, as I have told you, and although my cock was not fully grown it was still quite big for her, but we were in no hurry.
 Just having her sit on me and sliding her wet pussy lips up and down my cock was enough to satisfy us both at the time, but the first time that just the end of my cock pushed through her cunt lips it was so tight and felt so good that I had to take it out within a few seconds so that my cum didn’t enter her.
 It took several months of trying before I could overcome that feeling and fuck her properly and even then it did not last for very long.
 Of course, in those days, it was also only a few minutes before I had recovered to do her again.
 I was pleased that I could not shoot into her because I enjoyed watching her scoop it from her belly or her puffy nipples and eat it or take it straight from my cock to her mouth then show me it on her tongue and kiss me to share it with me.
 And as you know Jon I do like the taste of cum myself.”
 He cupped my limp cock in his hand and gave it a squeeze.
“I have to admit Jon that, I too, was a little disappointed that Lisa didn’t squirt cum. I did enjoy squeezing my tongue into her and tasting her juices but I had a craving for her to squirt into my mouth as I squirted my cum into hers.
One evening we were preparing to have a bath. We had both removed our clothes and I was about to get in when Lisa sat on the toilet and started to pee.
    I had never thought much about peeing or pooing until then. It was just a thing that everybody does and I almost ignored it apart from when one of us would complain about the smell the other had made, and of course, nobody wanted to use the bathroom after Dad had been in there. But now I was watching Lisa peeing in a different way.
 It didn’t come out in a straight jet like mine did and she was pissing in short bursts. I got closer, pushing her legs open for a closer look. She giggled as I listened to the hissing sound she made as it came through her little lips and sprayed out into the toilet.
 I put my finger in, touching her wet slit when she sprayed again then lifted it to my lips and tasted it.
 I was delighted it did not taste foul like I thought it would so I asked her to do it into my mouth.
 She stood up, but she could not reach my mouth although I was kneeling in front of her so I lay back on the floor and she squatted on top of me. From that day to this it has been one of my favourite pleasures.
 Her soft bald pubic area was only an inch from my nose and I watched as her pussy lips quivered as the pee hissed between them and squirted into my mouth. I washed it around in my mouth, enjoying the flavour my little sister had produced, before swallowing it.
 I was hooked;
 I had found something to satisfy my craving for her to cum in my mouth. She tried to squirt again but this time it was just a little dribble. Some of it went into my mouth but some trickled onto Lisa’s fingers for her to taste. She said that she too enjoyed it. I put my lips around her fanny sucking it and licking it and then I kissed it;
 And then I asked her if she would like to taste mine.
 She said she would so I told her to sit back on the toilet.
My cock was stiff and I didn’t know if I could pee but I tried.
 My pisshole was near her open mouth and I pushed as hard as I could, I could feel something, but it was difficult.
 I tried and tried until eventually a burst of piss went into her mouth. She washed it around and also enjoyed it, so she swallowed. My next squirt followed before she had opened her lips and splashed on her face then made its way down her body to dribble out from her cunt into the toilet. It looked as if she was pissing again.
I directed my flow to her chest and belly; we both laughed as it ran over her pussy then I lifted it up to give her another taste.
 This was another one of the many pleasures we have discovered.”
 I put my hand on Lisa’s inner thigh and moved it up to her cunt gently fingering her hole and imagining how it must have been all those years ago with Ali.
I asked Ali if their liking for scat had developed in a similar way.
 He explained,
 “Yes Jon, I suppose it did, but it was many years before we went all the way with it. We were often in the bathroom together when one or other of us were having a poo but like I said, we ignored it except maybe to pass comment on the smell. We used to laugh in the bath if one of us farted and made bubbles but we found it comical, rather than sexy.
 I sometimes held Lisa’s head under the bed sheets after I passed wind, but it was just a bit of a joke. She would smack me for doing it and then we would both giggle about it. I was in my early twenties before we started to use it as a kinky form of sex, although I do remember getting more interested in watching her shitting before then.”
I remembered how I had watched her that morning as I ran my finger from Lisa’s cunt to her arse. Then I noticed that Mal and Atina were starting to have a little fun together.
 Mal’s cock was erect and her small hand was gently stroking it as he circled his finger on her clit. I dipped my finger in Lisa’s cunt and found it was extremely wet. I was tempted to go down on her and sample her juices again but before I could move Ali announced something in Polish and Lisa and Mal swapped places.
The rest had done us all good and the chat with Ali had left me truly inspired.
 All three of us guys were playing with our dicks which were now hard again. Atina and Ali were having a chat about something before Ali turned to me and told me Atina was going to give us a show.
 I didn’t know what it was going to be but I knew it was going to be good.
The two girls got up, Atina got on all fours on the floor in front of us showing her cute slit and arsehole and Lisa went to the kitchen and returned with the large bowl from the kitchen sink and placed it on the floor between Atina’s thighs.
 She was quite still for a few moments, and then her rosebud started to open and close.
 My cock was stiff as fuck as I watched this gorgeous little girl pushing her arse open; Lisa was quick to take it in her hand and rub it for me.
  Atina continued pushing, her puffy little slit dribbled slightly.
 “Mr Jon; It is coming”
 I knew exactly what she meant and was down on her in a flash. Her shitty wind filled my mouth as I sealed my lips around her ring, my tongue inside her dirt hole.
 Ali slapped my bum and I went back to my seat to carry on watching. She farted again, but as she did so, a turd appeared in her hole. Slowly it emerged from her, getting showered as it fell against her cunt and finally dropped into the bowl.
 It was soft and slim.
 She farted again, leaving flecks of wet shit clinging to her bum cheeks before another piece plopped out.
 Lisa had my cock in her mouth and Ali’s fingers were playing in my arsehole as Mal sucked Ali’s cock and wanked himself.
 Atina’s shit was getting really wet now, farting and dribbling from her. Running over her cunt and getting sprayed by the frequent spurts of piddle. She was pushing so hard her arse prolapsed, showing the deliciously dirty insides.
 Lisa went to kneel at her side and pushed a finger into her shitty hole to help her. Atina squealed as she searched inside her and then removed her finger to lick it. Mal went over and removed the bowl then rubbed his cock in the specks of poo that decorated her bum then drove his cock into her, pumping her a few times before pulling out and feeding Lisa’s dirt hungry mouth.
 Ali lifted me up using his fingers in my arse and said,
 “Now you Jon”
I copied Mal but fucked her for just a little longer while Lisa finished her cleaning duties on Mal’s cock.
 Before my encounter with Lisa I had never experienced the pleasure of fucking a dirty arse but I was beginning to really enjoy the sensation.
 The feeling is unlike any other kind of fuck, but the thought of being so outrageously filthy is really the icing on the cake (or more appropriately, the chocolate on the pudding).
 I held my cock ready for the cleaning lady as Ali entered his wife. It was covered in a translucent sheen of dark brown with speckles on my helmet and a slightly larger fleck enmeshed in my pisshole. Lisa noticed it too and took it on the tip of her tongue and proudly displayed it to me before flicking her tongue backwards and eating it.
 She opened her mouth wide, taking my entire length into her throat before closing her lips tightly around it and slowly withdrawing. Her tongue and saliva washing and scrubbing at my shaft before her lips squeegeed it clean.
I looked round at Ali and Atina; he was giving her a piss enema, his fat cock really stretching her littlest hole as he piss fucked her.
 The sight and sound was absolutely amazing.
 Dirty wet farts squeezing between her ring piece and his cock as he washed the last of her poop from her shithole. Lisa was watching too; I know we didn’t speak each others languages but I could still read her thoughts.
 My prick looked clean as new when Ali pulled his cock out of his wife’s bumhole, Lisa stretched forward to take him in her mouth.
 I moved out of the way, but the sight of Atina’s arse, pouting and dribbling dirty piss was too much for me. I dived in; getting a mouthful of dirty water.
 I held it as I turned to Lisa. She let go of her brother’s cock for a moment while I spat it into her mouth, and then I went back for a refill. I sealed my lips around her ring ready for another dirt squirt as Mal thrust his shaft up my anus.
 It pushed me forward. It gave Atina the impetus to push harder back at me, filling my mouth with a gush of dirty water and wind.
 Before I grasped what had happened I had swallowed it. I was amazed. I loved it!!!  Mal was fucking me deep and hard, his balls banging against mine as I licked and sucked at Atina’s poo hole.
 Ali left his sister and positioned himself underneath his wife. I took his fat uncut cock full in my throat and sucked before feeding it into Atina’s pussy.
 His cock was soon covered in her slit slush as he shagged her beautiful little slit; my tongue darting between her shitter and his cunt juice covered cock. Lisa kneeled beside me, kissing me, tasting Atina’s arse and Ali’s cock on my tongue.
 Mal took his cock from my bum and allowed me to move forward to fuck Atina’s arse while Ali fucked her cunt. It felt so tight as her ring stretched to swallow my prick. I was full into her, feeling Ali’s cock pumping her pussy, and then Mal was once more inside me.
 Lisa was cocksucker. Moving from cock to cock; tasting the arse and cunt juice that covered them.
 Ali called for Mal; he wanted his wife full of cock. Mal went to fuck Atina’s face, giving her another taste of my dirtbox.
 Lisa momentarily left the room but came back to take her place behind me. I felt her tongue and then her spit in my hole before it was stretched open by the dildo she had been to fetch.
 It was fat and long, extremely long. I yelled at the pain it gave me as she pushed as far as it would go.
 She lubricated it with her cunt juice; a trick she learnt long ago for Ali’s cock. Spitting in my open hole before plunging it in again. The more she done it the better it felt. Every once in a while she offered it to my lips for me to taste.
Ali grabbed my cock. I looked at Atina’s lovely gaping arsehole as he held it against his and slowly both of them disappeared inside her cunt. Her cries were muffled by Mal’s cock as we opened her pisser wide. Lisa leaned forward and tongued her gaping hole as she plunged the dildo back into me.
 “Fuck, I’m gonna cum” I shouted.
 Ali said, “Me too”
 My cock exploded my seed into her. Her cunt seemed to tighten further as our cocks bulged, and then gradually loosen as we filled her with spunk.
 Lisa pulled the dildo from my arse and sucked on it as she watched us. Both our cocks were slimy with sperm as we pulled out of her. She quickly rolled over onto her back with her legs in the air and we could see some of our juice in her gaping cunt before Mal got on top of her to deposit his seed.
 Lisa cleaned the slime from our cocks as Mal pumped into Atina, her cunt farting as he fucked it. He pulled out and Lisa sucked him clean as Atina began blowing cum bubbles.
 We took it in turns to eat out her cunt as she cumfarted. Sometimes having to suck up what had dribbled over her arse, making it even tastier.
 I wish I could describe how fucking incredibly dirty it sounded as she farted from her cunt, and sometimes her arse, in an effort to push out the sperm inside her; sometimes adding a little piss to the mixture.
 We all enjoyed a feast of bodily fluids. A cocktail of cum, poo, piss and spit. Of course we didn’t leave Atina to just lay there and feed us. She was supplied with plenty of fucking filthy slop sharing kisses.
 “I think we have had all there is”, Ali said as he finished sucking her holes.
 He stood up and declared,
” It’s time for a shower.”
 He stood as if he were standing at a public urinal, covering his pretty little wife’s body, from head to toe as he peed. Atina was smiling, sometimes laughing and often gurgling as more of us joined in; drinking what sprayed in her mouth, scooping up the pee from her belly and massaging it into her tits and holding her pussy wide open every time somebody aimed for her hole. Lisa was the last of us to pee.
 She squatted over her mouth and filled it before handing Atina the dildo and asking her to fill her cunt while she sucked at hers. I sat with Ali and Mal to enjoy the lesbian finale of the show.                                                                 
    I asked Ali how he first started to share Lisa.
 “It was one afternoon in the park. We had been swimming and I had met up with some of my friends.
 It was a warm summer day and Lisa was wearing a short white cotton dress and sandals. My friends made lots of comments about her saying how sexy she looked so I told them how sexy she was and that she would probably like to have some fun with them.
 They were all about my age and very horny so we went to a secluded spot.
 In the park there were the swimming pool and tennis courts.
 At the back of the park the stream meandered its way through trees and bushes to the lake. Nobody ever walks through this part of the park as it is quite a way from the footpath, so we found a grassy patch surrounded by bushes with the sunlight filtering its way through the trees.
 Lisa lifted her dress up so my five friends could see her smooth little slit and I got my cock out and started to rub it.
 The boys followed my lead and soon they too had their cocks in hand.
 Lisa played with herself at first until one of my friends stepped forward to finger her.
 It was then that Lisa removed her dress and lay down on the grass.
 I remember how beautiful she looked, so small and slim. The sunlight showing her soft bald little cunt and her puffy little nipples and all the boys standing around her with there stiff cocks aching to shoot for her. She parted her sweet little lips with her finger exposing the wetness inside and then started to rub at her clitty.
 I asked Lisa to tell them it was O.K. because they seemed nervous about touching her at first, and then one of the boys pulled his shorts down around his ankles and got on top of her.
 He looked as if he was fucking her but his cock was not inside her pussy but just rubbing between her lips and over her pubic mound. Lisa helped him to find her hole but he still had great difficult getting inside her.
 It was not that he was big, he was just inexperienced.
 It was probably his first time.
 I was so excited when his cock finaly parted her slit and disappeared inside her. He started to move up and down on her, the muscles in his small tight white bum clenching as he pumped into her, but in only a very short time he had pulled out and was kneeling between her legs, wanking his cock as he shot his spunk onto her belly.
 Of course Lisa was quick to scoop it up and eat it. I could see by the look on her face that she was really enjoying the new taste from another cock.
  He stood up and the next one took his place. This one found it a little easier to enter her but was just as quick to spurt his seed, but as soon as he pulled out Lisa told him to shoot it in her mouth.
  The first spurt was, unfortunately, lost to the grass as he moved, and some of the rest missed its mark and sprayed on her face but she did manage to take his cock in her mouth for some of what she wanted.
 She need not have worried because the third boy was cumming at the excitement of watching and knelt at her head to feed his entire load straight into her hungry little mouth. As the fourth boy got on top of her I noticed that the other lad was watching me.
 I gave him a questioning look and he asked if it was all right if he didn’t do it.
 I told him that he should only do what he wanted to do.
 He looked into my eyes and then at my cock. I just nodded.
 I watched Lisa take what were to be the last drops of spunk on her chest as he dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth.
 He sucked me with great passion, wanking his cock furiously as I spunked in his mouth. He must have cum at the same time because when he let my cock fall from his mouth I saw that his cock was no longer hard and his semen was on his hand. Lisa was quickly there. She gave him a kiss on his lips and then took his hand and licked it.”

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A Polish Encounter

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Comments (3)
anonymous reader — 21 May 2011 11:38
well written loved it all. loved the pising.
anonymous reader — 21 November 2010 19:18
Lots of fucking but a well written story. not sure about the section titles, it's a bit of a hard way to divide up the piece.
Anonymous reader — 23 September 2010 11:42
Not my style but good long story. They fucked like they were battery operated.
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