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The truck stop slave

Categories True Story, BDSM, Black, BDSM

Authror: LJC

Published: 22 April 2004

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Dear readers

It all happened on my 21st birthday; while i was driving a 18-wheeler 94 peter built i was pulling a flat bed for a big company as owner operator. i will not give the name of the company though, as it will hurt their rep as a good clean company to work for. The fact is they set the whole thing up. I was driving from Dallas Texas to blythe Ca. i pulled in a truck stop for the night because after All it was my birthday and i had been driving for 10 hours that day, i had to make a drop near the truck stop, i got to the truck stop and turned on my cobra am/fm single sideband radio And the first thing i Heard was every fucking truck driver out there singing happy birthday. i was in shock because i did not know everyone at the truck stop. Then i heard,” well its time to get the present out” i was hoping for a new base-station but it turned out that i was about to be the present. 1 guy came to my truck and wished me a happy birthday, then i saw a crowd of guys come to the truck. it really scared me. i thought i was about to be raped, but in fact i was about to have the best time in my life, The guys pulled their truck’s in front of mine so no one can see what was going on as far as the D.O.T goes, every one would have went to jail that night if the D.O.T would have seen what went on. However, the truck stop owner and the company both worked together to set this up. The drivers found out that i am submissive, but that my MASTER has just died in a traffic accident, and i was depressed because of the death, and did not have a MASTER any more. Therefore, they planned to make me the truck stop slave for the rest of the year. i first was approached by a guy who look to be about 21 or so with long blonde hair and green eyes and a big bulge in his blue jeans he was the first one to DOM me that night i in fact fell in love with HIM and became HIS slave for about 6 years but i will explain that later. The DOMS name was CHRIS. HE was the one to put my collar on me HE demanded me to kneel before HIM in my slave position. In the gorean lifestyle it’s called nadu, where the slave lie’s face down with her hands in front of her and her butt in the air. i did as i was told. MASTER CHRIS then proceeded to get HIS rope then HE told me to raise my hands so HE can tie them in the spread eagle position, HE said to go into the spread eagle position so HE tie can my hands and feet to the truck bed. HE tied me in this way so every one out near the truck can see everything; my wet cunt was even wetter just at that thought of being exposed this way. HE then grabbed HIS cat of nine tails out of HIS bag of toys, i knew what was about to happen right than. HE swung one time across my exposed cunt i let out a very loud scream i am sure every one there heard it, it was as if i felt fire in my cunt. “HE said that’s MY good slave, the next time is going to be worse so I want you to count the ones that are very painful so I know how much pleasure I AM giving to MY little cunt slave” as HE began to swing the whip i began to count the strokes. i counted 300 lashes that left me with welts as big as the whip. Then HE pulled out HIS big dick and shoved it into my open and eager mouth. MASTER was humping slow then HE was about to cum, HE started moving faster and faster until HE came MASTER shot HIS load right down my throat, i felt the heat and the taste was very salty and gooey i loved it. MASTER then told this other DOM HE could have me for only an hour. The other DOM was about 20 In addition, some what cute, but i had already fallen for MASTER C. The new DOM knew this, that is why HE did not pressure me to be HIS slave anyway HE began by whipping me some more and left more welts. Mmmm i loved it but i was thinking of MASTER CHRIS the whole time this DOM was using my cunt and ass for HIS own pleasure. The DOM fucked my ass and my cunt about 10 times in an hour W/we both came all 10 times with multiple orgasms. i was used to having about close to 100 orgasms that night i had 2000 to 2100 orgasms. This went on for 4 days non-stop i had in total 21 DOM’S i finely said i need to get my ass back on the road and see what other trouble i can get into Every one there was high and wet including me but i had to get going. MASTER CHRIS and i went to O/our trucks and pulled out rings to give each other. W/we had a D/s marriage at the very next truck stop W/we invited all the DOM’S who were at the T/A and everyone who had witnessed this freaky birthday gift W/we had a big wedding But MASTER CHRIS has died in a truck accident HE was hauling some explosives for the GOVERNMENT the truck over turned and blew up. HE died instantly. But before HE died HE called to me on the CB radio I love you MY slave, but before i could tell HIM i love YOU too MASTER CHRIS it all happened that’s when the crash took place. i got to the crash sight and all i saw was the ring i just gave my MASTER. The D.O.T asked if i wanted the ring and i told him Yes of course and that the guy in the truck who has just died is my husband, the cop said he is sorry but he had to see who the ring belong to and he says he found out the hard way.
i ran to my truck screaming. i drove for what seemed like 3 weeks non stop just to get back to my MASTERS home town i was lost and pissed off and depressed, and hurting. i loved being on my CB but since MASTER died i did not turn it on even if i saw the d.o.t or weigh station open or what ever, in fact every time i went to blythe i never went in that truck stop again, it just hurt to bad. Now i have a sub in training to be my MASTER, HE is very cute, HE is almost 40 years old, HE is 5 foot 7 inches tall, HE is built very well, HE is well hung HIS cock is 7-8 inches long and thick he is black i love him very much he is doing great as a sub but i am letting him DOM me when ever posible

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The truck stop slave

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Comments (21)
Anonymous reader — 23 September 2009 13:39
this was a waste of my time, and it sucked... ur a dissapointment.

this was depressing. go see a counselor.
READER — 30 April 2007 09:37
The basic premise of the story was fine, but it was poorly presented. You need to understand basic physiology, because there is no way a man can cum 10 times in one hour. Also your capitalization, and punctuation were terrible. Before you post another story, have a proofreader or editor take a look at it. Please don't inflict another sucj story upon the unsuspecting readers of this site.
READER — 18 November 2006 15:20
very poorly written, and no fucking way is that true.
READER — 14 May 2006 12:02
Good story.. But learn the Gorean Lifestyle before using it. The only Gorean thing in the story was the word Nadu. And that was used in the wrong position. It's insulting to those of us that do live it when it's done wrong like that. But, all in all, a decent story.
READER — 25 February 2006 00:43
umm that is not possible i mean come on..
READER — 03 September 2005 21:57
woooooo that was some seruous shit i read motherfucking 3 sentances
READER — 21 July 2005 16:09
plz if this is part 1 out of 10 then plz dont post the other 9 and waste ur time coz all ur gonna get r complaints :(
READER — 21 July 2005 15:59
dis is the most booring story ive ever read and i wouldnt believe it even if i saw it with my own eyes... ur typing sucks and ur not that good with details...so plz dont write this crap anymore and keep ur trucking job
READER — 29 January 2005 23:19
Let's see, a truck driver and a Texan. Which of the two would explain why this is so bad?
READER — 04 August 2004 13:33
Biggest load of shite ive eva read! eva herd of the enta key???
READER — 04 August 2004 05:29
its NOT his FAULT. HIS keyboard was SIMPLY BRoKEN.
READER — 01 August 2004 14:09
That slave shit wack..and so are your thoughts, Keep your day job!!!
READER — 26 July 2004 08:48
You wack wanker
READER — 23 July 2004 11:59
hey, Ummmm, the caps were there for a reason! Any submissive capitalizes certain words to show their respect. It's like capitalizing the first letter of God. Know what you're talking about before you post
READER — 18 July 2004 21:59
omg could that have been just a little more boring? It helps if you use the "return" key to form paragraphs too. Please don't write anymore...save us the boredom.
READER — 16 July 2004 14:55
Suiwer perde kak.
READER — 01 June 2004 20:28
Yeah.. Kinda Crappy, lay off the caps PLZ in CERTIAN places IN the story it MAKES it boring....
READER — 27 May 2004 21:15
Okay..... Could have been better,
I need a MASTER.
READER — 21 May 2004 12:46
What a load of shite
READER — 15 May 2004 18:50
this sux!!
READER — 09 May 2004 01:23
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