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An Affair to Remember

Categories Fiction, Job/Place-of-work, Wife

Author: am man

Published: 04 May 2004

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My company is sending me to Dallas to train a new girl in the office.

I am an administrative assistant and have been with my company for

14 years and occasionally, when a new girl is hired elsewhere in the

country, I am sent to teach her "the ropes". This is only my third trip

out of town in the last two years.

I have been married to Bill for 16 years and have been completely

faithful to him. He is a loving husband and is very good to me. I know

he has had a few affairs, but it doesn't bother me too much since he is

so good in all other ways.

Our sex life is pretty good, although after 16 years, it has lost

some of the spark that it had in the beginning. Bill sees to it that I have

an orgasm most of the time. (Sometimes I have to fake it.) His main

problem is that he usually gets through too early. He will usually get

me off with his finger or mouth.

I am a little apprehensive about flying since I do it so rarely. I am

nervous as I take my seat on the plane. I sit next to the window so that

I can see the scenery go by during the flight. A nice looking man takes

the isle seat next to me. He looks about 40 with greying temples, very

distinguished. He is wearing a business suit and puts his brief case in

the rack above our seat.

After takeoff, he begins small talk and I enjoy talking with him.

His name is Jim. The time passes fast. We discuss our jobs, families,

and hobbies. I notice him looking at my legs and breasts. I also notice

that my blouse has gaped open and he can see right down to my bra

and the tops of my breasts. I can feel myself blush and hope he

doesn't notice. I discretely shift my position so that my blouse closes.

I glance at his lap. There is a slight bulge at his crotch. He asks where

I am staying in Dallas.

"Holiday Inn." "The one just south of the airport?" "Yes."

"So am I. Want to have dinner tonight?" "I am a happily

married woman." "It's just dinner at the hotel."

"Ok, remember, its just dinner. No more." "Ok, meet me in the

lobby at 7:30." "Ok"

When I check into the hotel, I go to my room and lay on the bed

and relax a few minutes before I have to get ready for dinner. In the

shower I pay special attention to my breasts and wash them very

carefully and tenderly, thinking back to this afternoon and thinking of

Jim looking at them. I am wondering if he would like to be here

washing them for me. I massage them and squeeze them. My soapy

right hand moves down to my pussy and begins to wash there as I

think about Jim and fantasizing about him in the shower with me.

"Settle down, girl, you're a married woman and thoughts like this

can get you into trouble", I thought to myself.

I finish my shower and dry off. I step out of the bathroom. There

is a full length mirror on the closet door and I stop to look at myself. I

don't look too bad for a 36 year old woman. My breasts sag very little

and I still have a small waist and my legs don't look bad either. My

short brown hair looks good tonight also. I think I look good tonight. I

feel good about myself.

As I carefully put on my makeup, looking at myself in the mirror, I

began to feel very sexy. I am looking forward to having a good time

tonight. It has been 16 years since I have had a "date". I decided to

dress sexy. Although there would be no sex tonight, it has been a long

time since I tried to turn a man on and I was going to try it tonight.

I put on a skirt and blouse. The skirt is charcoal mid-calf length

and the blouse is white silk. I sit on the bed with pantyhose in my hand

about to put them on decided not to wear them tonight. As I look at

myself in the mirror again, I give myself the final inspection, I can

barely see my bra through the thin blouse. A thought struck me! Why

not! I take off the blouse and bra and put the blouse back on. Back to

the mirror. My nipples showed just a little. Bill had tried to get me to

go braless several times during our marriage, and I did a few times, but

never with a blouse this thin. The times I did go braless, I felt very

uncomfortable. Tonight is different. I am in a strange city and will see

no one I knew. I leave the top two buttons unfastened. This is not like

me at all, but it is exciting.

I meet Jim in the lobby at 7:30. As I walk toward him, I can feel

my braless breasts bounce underneath my shear blouse with each

step I take. I can tell that he notices. He is wearing a dark suit, white

shirt, and red tie. He looks like the vice-president he is.

We have a glass of wine before dinner and another during and

another after. I usually don't drink more than two and am feeling a little

tipsy. Jim can't keep his eyes off my breasts. It makes me feel very


"They have a live band in the bar here at the hotel. Would you

like to go in for a drink?"

"No, I have to get up early and I have had more drinks than I need

already.", I answer.

"Just one drink and a dance or two."

"Ok, just one drink, then I must go to bed."

We leave the dining room and go to the bar and find a table in the

back of the room. The band is playing oldies. We order more wine and

Jim takes my hand and holds it. I feel like a teenage girl on my first

date. I am having fun. It is very romantic. The band begins to play a

slow song and Jim asks me to dance.

When we get to the dance floor, Jim takes me in his arms and

holds me close to him. My breast presses into his chest. I know he

can feel it. I lay my head against his. He can really dance good. In a

few minutes, I feel him beginning to get hard and pressing against my

thigh. His chest is massaging my breast. I am beginning to get turned

on. Suddenly I notice that I have pressed my pubic bone against his

thigh. I hadn't even noticed when I did it!

After the dance we return to our table and finish our wine and

have one more dance. This time while he holds me close, Jim's hand

finds its way all the way around my back, under my arm and presses

against the edge of my breast. His other hand begins to work it's way

to my ass.

"Jim", I say firmly. He moves the hand away from my ass, but

doesn't move the one near my breast. Again he is hard and my pubic

bone presses against his thigh. I feel wet between my legs. My head

is against his and I am breathing harder on his ear. He holds me

tighter and our bodies seem to melt together.

After the dance, we leave the bar. "I will walk you to your room",

he offers.

"Just to the door", I caution him. I can tell he is turned on and if I

let him into my room, it will become a wrestling match.

My room is on the fourth floor. When we get on the elevator, Jim

takes me in his arms and kisses me.

"Jim", I again say it firmly. "I like you and you are a very nice

man. I have had a wonderful time tonight, but I will not cheat on my


The elevator reaches the fourth floor and the doors open. We

walk hand in hand to my room. We get to the door. I turn to him.

"Thank you for dinner. It was a fun night."

He puts his arms around me and kisses me again. This time I

can't resist returning his kiss. His hand finds my braless left breast

and firmly squeezes it through my thin silk blouse. My breathing

accelerates. No man has put his hand on my breast in years. My

panties get wet again. It feels SO GOOD the way he caresses my

breast. I have not felt this way in a long time. His other hand lifts my

skirt and finds its way to my panties. He presses his finger against my

wet panties and begins tracing the outline of my hot tingling lips.

Without realizing it, I spread my legs slightly. He finds my throbbing

clit. My knees are trembling. I begin to pant.

"Oooohhhhh!.....Nooo.... Please stop......someone will see us."

"Let's go inside your room."

"I would love.......to make love to you........but I can't....I have

never made love.........to anyone but my husband." I can hardly talk, I

am so excited. I can't breathe.

He continues feeling my breast and rubbing my clit. I am loosing

control. His finger slips under my panties and finds my hot wet hole. It

gently slides inside and feels incredible. I think maybe I should take

him into my room.

At that moment a door opens down the hall and brings us back to

reality. He quickly removes his hands and I straighten my clothes. A

man comes out the door and walks down the hall in our direction. I

know I look flushed. I immediately unlock my door and step inside.

"Thanks again for a wonderful night, Jim." I close the door

before he can answer and before he can enter the room. Safe at last! I

dress for bed and turn out the light. As I lay in the bed, I think back

over the night.

"You dummy, why didn't you let him in! I'll bet he is a great lover!

You will probably never have a chance like this again!" I am really

giving myself a rough time.

The phone rings and shakes me out of my thoughts. Who could

be calling this time of night? I answer. It is Jim.

"Can I come to your room and talk?"

"Only talk?"


"I don't think so, Jim. I am too weak right now. It will just lead to

other things."

"Ok, sorry to bother you."

After he hangs, up I begin thinking to myself again. "You are a

super stupid now! That was your last chance! You will never see him


There is a knock on my door. I put on my robe and look though

the peep hole. It is Jim. I am glad to see him as I open the door.

"Let's talk."

"Ok, come on in."

We sit on the end of the bed and begin talking about my reasons

for not having sex. I have never had sex with anyone other than Bill. If

I did have sex, it would be someone I knew and cared for. I had only

known Jim less than 12 hours. If we have sex tonight, it would not be

"making love". It would only be FUCKING. Plain and simple. When I

was growing up, nice girls didn't FUCK. They petted with someone

they were "going steady with" and loved.

Jim said he understood my feelings completely. He then said

that I may never have another chance to have sex with anyone else and

that no one should go through life without experiencing sex with more

than one person. The more he talked, the more sense he made. He

reminds me that Bill has had affairs and I would be fair for me to

experience one also. It would not be cheating.

"But, Jim, it would still just be FUCKING."

"That's right."

He then puts his arm around me and kisses me. I kiss back. We

lay back on the bed. He unties the belt on my robe and pushes the

robe aside. His hand slides inside my gown and caresses my breast.

He squeezes it gently. We are both starting to breath deeper. He plays

with my nipple. I haven't felt this much like a woman in years! He pulls

my gown down over my shoulders, exposing my milk white breasts.

He looks at my breasts and I can tell he likes what he sees. My heart

begins to race. Breathing is difficult. I am laying on a bed in a hotel

room showing my naked breasts to a stranger. He takes a nipple in his

mouth and begins to suck. GOD, THAT FEELS GOOD! His tongue

runs circles around my hard pink nipple.

"Ooooohhhhhhh!", I moan out loud. I put my hand in the top of

his pants and find his hard dick. My fingers encircle it. It is huge. I

don't know if I will be able to take it inside me. His hips begin to move.

He stands up at the end of the bed and pulls me to a standing

position. He raises my arms up and pulls my gown over my head. He

then turns me around and backs me up to him and puts his arms

around me. Each hand finds a tit and squeezes. I look into the full

length mirror and see this strange man playing with my tits. The only

thing I have on is a pair of white bikini panties. WHAT A TURN ON! He

squeezes my tits, pulls and twists my nipples. I am tingling all over.

He turns me around again. He gets on his knees in front of me and

slides my white bikini panties to the floor. I step out of them.

He rubs my legs from my ankles, up to my calves, over my thighs

and then caresses pussy lips. He slides a finger into my very hot

pussy and moves it in and out. My heart is racing again! He then

slides another finger inside, then another. I can't get my breath! His

other hand finds my clit and begins massaging.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! oooooohhhhhhhhhhh!"

He kisses my hairy triangle. I put my hands on his head. His

tongue finds the crack between my wet pussy lips. I spread my legs to

give him easier access to my most private area. His tongue reaches

my clit and tweaks it. My knees get weak and begin to tremble. He

sucks my clit into his mouth. I look into the mirror to get a better view

of this strange man on his knees sucking my pussy.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!", I thrust my pussy into his face. I

loose all inhibition. "Stand up", I said.

When he stands up, I unbutton his shirt and slide if off his

shoulders. I kneel in front of him and unfasten his belt and unzip his

pants and let them fall to the floor. My hand rubs his hard dick through

his white briefs. I rub his hairy thighs. I slide my hand under the

elastic waste band and slide his briefs to the floor. His hard dick

stands straight out pointing at my face. It is magnificent. It must be 8

inches long and very big around. I have not seen many dicks, but this

must be the most beautiful dick in the world. I gently take it in my hand

and slide my hand up and down the length of his shaft.

I want to take it in my mouth, but I am afraid. I have only sucked

one dick in my life. Jim puts his hands on my head and moves my

head closer to this monster. I kiss the head lightly. I move my mouth

down the shaft and kiss the sides of this magnificent member. Jim

uses a little more force with his hands and moves my head back in

front of his dick and pushes it against my mouth. I open my mouth and

he slowly inches in inside. His taste is different than Bill's. He doesn't

taste bad at all. As a matter of fact, he tastes real good. I think my

heart will burst out of my chest. Soon the whole head is inside my

mouth and I suck and move my head back and forth. It feels strange

having someone else's dick in my mouth. Jim puts more pressure

on my head with his hands and his dick moves to the back of my

mouth. I have to fight not to gag. Now it is going in even deeper. I

move my head back some to get my breath. I suck hard, hoping he will

not want it to go in deeper. Jim is moaning.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh! Oooooohhhhhhh!"

He likes it! I take as much as I can into my mouth. I only manage

to get about half of it's length inside. I continue to move my head back

to the tip and then back as deep as I can go. I suck enthusiastically.

One time when I am going as deep as I can, Jim presses my head and

the entire length goes down my throat! I can't breath! I move my head

back to take a breath then he pushes it back down again. This time it

was easier. I didn't know I could take a dick so far down my throat. I

feel Jim's knees begin to tremble. I can tell he is about ready to cum. I

am not ready for this to happen so I quit sucking his dick and take one

of his hairy balls into my mouth and suck.

I stand up and walk over to the bed and lay down. He lays beside

me and we kiss again. I can feel his fingers probing around my pussy

lips. I reach down and take his still hard dick in my hand. I pump up

and down. I then move my hand to his balls and cup them and

squeeze gently. He sucks on my hard pink nipple. We are both now

out of control. It is very hot in the room. He moves down between my

legs and his tongue finds the opening of my pussy and he sticks it

inside and then licks between my inner lips. He sucks my clit into his

mouth and I go wild with excitement.

Jim then gets on all fours with his huge dick pointing straight

down. I lay under him and take that magnificent member into my

mouth and begin sucking the head once again. I play with his balls

and my hand finds it way to his ass hole. I know men like to have their

ass hole rubbed because Bill is trying to get me to do it all the time. I

usually don't do it with Bill, but I really want to please this new man.


He really likes me rubbing his ass hole. In a few minutes, I am on

all fours and Jim is under me sucking my tits. First one then the other.

I am just there on all fours, with my tits hanging down getting sucked

like a cow. It feels incredible! He begins to rub my pussy while he is

still sucking and I go crazy!

Jim stops and lays me on my back and gets over me. At last, We

are going to do it.

He straddles me on all fours and looks do †³at me. "What do

you want me to do now?", he asks.

"I want you to put it inside me."

"You mean that you want me to fuck you."

"Yes, I want you to fuck me."

"Well, you must ask me nice."

"Please don't tease me. Fuck me. Please, Jim, Please fuck me."

I spread my legs wide to make it easy for him to enter me. He

lowers himself on me and I take his hard dick in my hand and guide it

to my waiting pussy. It touches my opening and he stops.

"Please, Jim, I really want you to fuck me."

He slowly eases his huge cock into my very hot cunt and pumps

up and down. I just can't describe how good it feels to have this

strange cock pumping my cunt. My pussy has never been filled this

full before.

"Play with your tits."

I take a tit in each hand and massage them. I usually don't get a

thrill out of playing with my own tits, but this man watching me play

with them while he fucks me really turns me on!


I cum almost immediately. I didn't want to cum so fast because I didn't

want it to be over. Jim continues to pump my pussy. The excitement

returns after only a very few seconds. I begin to be turned on again.

Jim pulls his dick out of me.

"Please don't stop. I want to cum again!"

"Suck my dick for a little while."

I don't like to suck dicks after they have been inside me, but Jim

is now sitting on my chest with his knees on each side of my head.


When I open my mouth to say "no", he put his wet dick inside my

mouth. I suck. I can taste my pussy juice and suck it all off his dick.

He pulls out of my mouth and rolls me over on my stomach and

lifts my ass in the air. He slides his dick into my pussy and fucks me

doggie style. He reaches down with his hand and plays with my ass


"No, please don't do that."

Bill tries to play with my ass hole sometimes and I never let him.

I just don't like it. Jim continues to play with it. He slides his hand

down to my pussy to get his finger wet then slides this thumb into my

ass! I cum for the second time. I just know it will be over now. He

reaches around me and puts a hand on each tit and raises me upright

so that we are both on our knees. He is behind me fucking me and

playing with both tits. I am excited again already. I have never cum

two times in one night. And this night is still here and we are still


Jim stops and suggests we stand beside the bed. He stands

behind me and I bend over the bed and spread my legs. He enters me

from behind again. Jim is beginning to get tired. He stands still and I

do the pumping I look up at the mirror on the wall next to the bed and

watch myself fuck this man I didn't even know a few hours ago! This is

not at all like me. It is very exciting. I can't get my breath.

"I want....to get......on top."

Jim lays on the bed on his back and I straddle him and guide his

dick back home into my burning pussy. I pump as hard and fast as I

can. I again look in the mirror and watch myself fuck this man. Each

time I ram down on his cock, his pubic bone hits my clit. Jim reaches

up and plays with my tits. I bend over and let his suck on them. The

instant that he sucks a pink nipple into his mouth, I cum for the third


I lay on my back and Jim puts my legs on his shoulders and

fucks me again. I am too tired to move. I have cum three times and

Jim has been in my room 3 hours now.

"I want to cum in your mouth."

"Ok, let me suck your tired dick."

Jim again straddles my head and I can taste my pussy juice on

his dick. I suck it and he fucks my mouth, moving his huge dick in and

out. I get an idea. I put my fingers in my pussy to lubricate them good.

Then I put my finger in his ass hole. I have never done that to anyone

before and it feels strange inside. I slide it in and out....in and out. Jim

begins to tremble. I know he is about to cum. I feel his huge dick swell

even bigger than before. Now it is pumping a salty tasting liquid into

my mouth. I usually don't swallow, but my mouth is filling up and I

have to. I'm glad I did swallow. That means I don't have to get up to


We lay in each others arms, naked on my bed, too tired to move.

I drift off to sleep.


The phone. I answer it.

"Good morning, madam. This is your wake up call. It is 6 a.m."

I look around. Jim is gone. He slipped out during the night. I

don't even know his last name. I don't know his room number. I have

no way to get in touch with him again. It's just as well. WHAT A


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An Affair to Remember

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Comments (55)
anonymous reader — 06 September 2012 02:00
typical cheating pig of a wife............ goes away on a conference and fucks a complete stranger behind her husbands back and i bet she will nevere tell her husband what she did............ more than likely she will do the same thing the next time she goes out of town alone and leaves her poor husband at home.......... I hope he finds out somehow ands kicks the living shit out of her then throws her ass out on the street............. fucking women are all cheating fucking pigs
anonymous reader — 12 September 2011 07:24
I feel wet each time I read it, once I thought about calling my neibor and asking him to fuck me .Now I read it with my friend before going to bed ,it gets his cock hard.
Anonymous reader — 17 April 2009 18:02
It wasn't anything special. Just another cheating wife and a sexpredator fucking..I gave it a very negative
Anonymous reader — 05 January 2009 00:47
tell you the truth i cum 3 times from this story. i fantisize you being sucking my huge cock.10". my wife never let me cum in her mouth but i'm looking forward to find someone willing to do the job for her. just to think about you, clean educated woman travel for busness propose turn me on. knowing that your one of the big slutty wife in a strange place. just make sure you behave your self like a good wife when you get home...
Anonymous reader — 05 January 2009 00:37
what a night, perfect story. i love to read true story of a cheating wife from her self. post more story.
Anonymous reader — 10 July 2008 17:00
READER — 21 April 2008 17:47
The best story I have ever read. Wite more please.
READER — 09 October 2007 17:01
me too
READER — 24 June 2007 21:39
im horny
READER — 21 March 2007 23:12
Am Man
are you still alive?
Please write us more stories.
READER — 09 February 2007 12:50
Great story and would love to read more like it...
i just wish my wife would do the same since she also travels a lot and write a story about it that i could read and enjoy
READER — 06 July 2006 13:09
Wow...i orgasmed for u...my boyfriend is going to love it tonight!
READER — 12 March 2006 17:34
Very GOOD story great flow realistic
READER — 09 March 2006 14:03
This is Killer, and you wrote a 'killer' story. I love it when a married woman is reluctant to cheat on her man, because othewise they are just sluts! When a faithful wife just can'r resist temptation, or ends up getting pressured into having sex with another man just to please her husband's fantasy, or his boss to gain him a big promotion, I get so horny reading it that I cum in my pants before I can even make it to the company bathroom, which makes for a sticky situation! Write more please, I loved it!
READER — 20 December 2005 05:40
Wonderful story. I loved it. Very erotic, very hot!
READER — 28 November 2005 17:39
A very well written, first person style of prose. I loved reading this type of story from a married woman's perspective, something rare on this website. I throbbed everytime you came. Please write another.
READER — 22 November 2005 13:01
it was a great story line, i didn't really like the way it was written though.
READER — 13 November 2005 19:38
Oh hi, np.
READER — 13 November 2005 19:38
i thought it was shit lol
READER — 12 November 2005 16:47
great story i gave you a 20
READER — 07 November 2005 07:16
Wow! Best story I've ever read.
READER — 24 October 2005 17:58
I liked it alot it really turned me on! I became very horny after and me and my boyfriend fucked! Thanks ;)
READER — 11 October 2005 23:44
i came 3 times
READER — 02 September 2005 11:29
I am not a big fan of first person narratives, but I enjoyed the character a lot. You should send her on a few more business trips.
READER — 17 July 2005 00:54
love your story telling. write more please. would love you to describe some more ass play and asshole licking
READER — 14 July 2005 04:01
I just love the way it was presented. Totally natural way of having sex. I bet it was a real experience. Felt like manstrubating. But am in office so tried to control.
READER — 11 July 2005 03:44
i heet wife becose thit not love me
READER — 06 July 2005 02:22
READER — 03 July 2005 16:14
Gret!!! Written from a woman's viewpoint, which is unusual and exciting. It really spells out a woman's side of it. Most stories don't. Please write some more using this same type of format.
READER — 01 July 2005 19:38
i cummed
READER — 29 June 2005 11:23
Great story and told with good truism. Write some more!!! You have talent!!!
READER — 23 June 2005 18:29
i think the story was great except something about it seems kinda wrong........your name is am man....am MAN...uh kinda gross how you write as the woman but ur a dude.......not to piss you off Westy but he has a dick dripping all over your face wile you suck him.........what goat fuckers......
READER — 14 May 2005 07:19
my cats breath smells of cat food??
READER — 11 May 2005 07:41
Very nice story! Just one thing... After dinner in front of her door you said that he was pushing away her panties. I thought she did not wear some by going out?!
READER — 04 May 2005 15:44
I don't usually comment, but I liked this story. Well written.
READER — 25 April 2005 16:40
Memories. This brought back memories of my days of traveling. They were good!
READER — 22 April 2005 22:26
kool story man loved it!
READER — 19 April 2005 05:05
wonderful story straight and sexy i was almost cumming
READER — 12 April 2005 22:29
READER — 12 April 2005 19:43
I would love to have your pussy drippin all over my face as i eat u out!
READER — 06 April 2005 21:49
Go to Christ!
READER — 28 March 2005 13:46
Very descriptive story about a straight fuck! Any more episodes?
READER — 16 March 2005 23:22
What a GREAT FUCKING story!! Made me hot - suck my tits anytime.
READER — 15 March 2005 17:59
That was very good, just nstead saying i did this, i did that, makes it more boring, try to use different ways of saying what you did, make it sound better an less boring, but still very good story.
READER — 13 March 2005 21:48
fuck me.
READER — 15 September 2004 13:40
good story when will she take another trip i'm sure she will be looking for a big hard one can't wait to read it
READER — 31 August 2004 04:36
Good story, I liked it
READER — 28 August 2004 23:47
One hot story, I like it better when the man cums in her pussy and/or ass. But definitely a 9/10
READER — 27 August 2004 08:54
Now that you had another man now how about a woman with big tits who will you really cum withmy 9" dick.
READER — 24 August 2004 19:21
damn good story...write more soon
READER — 23 August 2004 11:26
let me tell you something you cheating whore you need a big 10 inch black vein popping salami in your pussy then you can say that you got got fucked
READER — 18 August 2004 06:47
Whaah its nice to experiment
READER — 31 July 2004 00:51
suck on girl! suck on.... nice fucking story!!!
READER — 19 May 2004 11:25
I loved this story!!!!
READER — 05 May 2004 01:27
holy crap, this was on cheesy story
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