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Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Wife

Author: am man

Published: 04 May 2004

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My wife Susan and I have a great relationship with five other couples. We ski, play cards, and usually vacation together at the Ocean. Recently, we planned a surprise birthday party for Tom, one of the husbands. The Thursday before the party, a group of us went over the last minute details and someone suggested that we should arrange for a Strip-O-Gram for Tom. Marcy, Tom's wife, laughed and said, "Tom would LOVE it! Especially if the dancer has great boobs. Tom is DEFINITELY a boob man." We called around, but with such short notice, only two agencies could even handle the request, and neither had a large-breasted dancer available for Saturday night. Resigned to the fact that we were too late to book the surprise dancer, we started discussing other items. But before long, one of the wives teased Susan about being the stripper. Susan is very beautiful and, at 26, is years younger than the rest of our "over 35" crowd. She has a flawless peaches'n'cream complexion, is 5'5" tall, a brunette, and she has a fantastic, and very firm 39(D)-24-35 figure, so the teasing was not really a surprise. Soon, Marcy was agreeing with the other women and Susan finally realized that they weren't just joking. Marcy took Susan's hand, "Susan, please say you'll do it. It would really make Tom's party a night to remember. Besides, it's just us. We've all seen you in your bikinis and it'll be fun! If I were built like you, I'd probably be making a living doing it!" I know Tom has always found my wife attractive (who wouldn't?), especially in her swimsuits at the beach or pool, and on more than one occasion I caught him trying to sneak a look down her blouse or dress. So, I was certain he'd really appreciate Susan being his "personal stripper." But Susan still hadn't agreed. The women were still coaxing and I smiled and agreed with them that I thought it was a great idea, too. Susan looked at each one of us seated around the now quiet table. She stopped at me and said, "Alright, I'll do it. If that's what you and Marcy really want, I'll do my best to make it fun." We all cheered and clapped her on the back and told her what a good sport she was being. After work on Friday, Susan bought a new set of sexy underwear for the party and showed it to me. The bra and panties were white and so sheer they were almost transparent. The panties were not really more than a tiny triangle of white in the front and a thin strap between her cheeks and on the hips. Susan had also purchased a white garterbelt and stockings. I was surprised that Susan had selected such revealing things, but I was glad she was getting into the spirit of it and I could feel my cock harden as I thought about my wife showing off her body to our friends in these very sexy undies. Saturday seemed to drag until it was finally time to get ready for the party. Susan took a bottle of wine and a glass and locked herself away in the bathroom for a long time. When she emerged, the wait had been well worth it. She looked beautiful. She had carefully applied her make-up and topped it off with a bright red lipstick. Her dress was a short white cocktail dress with thin red trim, and finally, very red, very high heeled shoes. She looked lovely. I stood at the door and whistled. "How about showing me what's under that dress?" I asked. Susan smiled, "No way! No previews. I'll see your reaction and either we won't get to the party at all, or I won't have the nerve to do this. I'm really very nervous, Dave." "Relax. This is supposed to be fun. You'll be terrific." Marcy and Tom's boss, Steve (one of the other husbands) had conspired to get Tom out of the house for the afternoon, playing golf and having a few drinks at the country club. The house was decorated when we got there, and we started getting the food ready. Everyone else had been there for a while, and the punch had everyone in a gay, partying mood, already. Marcy handed us each a drink and said to Susan, "You look absolutely fantastic, Suze. Are you still going through with the dance?" Susan drank down the potent punch and got a refill, "Well, as long as you haven't changed your mind and I don't pass out from a case of nerves, I'm going to do it." Marcy patted Susan on the shoulders, "I knew we could count on you. Tom will love it! And I know the rest of the husbands are looking forward to it, too!" Susan looked around the room at the other husbands and blushed. "How do you want me to go about this, Marcy?" "How about you hide in the utility room. When Tom and Steve walk in, we'll all yell 'Surprise!' and sit Tom in that chair in the middle of the room. I've made a tape of some songs with a strong beat, so I'll turn the stereo on real loud and you can do your thing." Susan nodded and I looked around at the other three smiling guys in the house. I couldn't wait for the party to start! Finally, we heard Tom's and Steve's cars pull into the driveway and we all took our places. Tom seemed genuinely surprised when he walked in and we all jumped out, yelling "SURPRISE!" Marcy snapped a few pictures and sat him down in a chair in the center of the room. Then, she started the stereo. Susan picked the beat up as she danced down the hall behind Tom's back. We all applauded as she danced into the room and up to Tom. Marcy had yelled to him to not turn around, so he had no idea what was going on until he felt Susan rub up against the chair and run her fingers through his hair. Tom still didn't know who the dancer was and his look when Susan bumped and grinded her way around in front of him was one of pure shock. Susan danced sensuously, humping to the beat, as Marcy taped the whole thing on her camcorder. A few voices yelled out to "Take it off!" and I could see that Susan was getting turned on. Of course, the whole room was charged up and feeling turned on. When Susan danced up to Tom, turned her back to him and pointed to her zipper, I thought my dick would burst. Tom looked at the zipper with pure lust in his eyes and then looked at me. He saw me smile and nod and he grinned. "I can't believe this!" he yelled as he reached for the zipper. Tom slowly unzipped Susan's dress until she could slip one shoulder and then the other out of it. She turned around to face Tom and allowed her dress to fall to her feet. She was magnificent! Susan stood there in her see-through underwear, garterbelt, stockings and high heels. Her beautiful dark-pink nipples stood erect and puckered against the thin material. The firm round globes of her ass were beautiful. But the biggest surprise was not just that her dark bush was clearly visible through the tiny panties, but that she had trimmed the hair short and into the shape of a heart! When I saw that, my cock got even harder. It was obvious that the rest of the people saw it, too, by their whistles, catcalls and cheers. Susan was really enjoying herself as she put one leg forward and her foot between Tom's legs so he could slip off her shoe and stocking. His trembling hands on her bare thigh made his crotch bulge. When he had the first leg bare, she offered her other leg to him. He quickly slipped the second stocking off as Susan danced away from him, dropping her garterbelt to the floor. Susan danced to the end of the song and stopped, and I thought it was the end of the show. But everyone, including Marcy, from behind her camera, shouted "Take it off!" as the next song started. Susan glanced at me and I shrugged and said it was her show and entirely up to her. She looked down at Tom and saw how excited she'd made him and began to dance again. At the same time I wanted her to continue, I couldn't believe it when Susan moved right up in front of Tom and reached behind her back to unhook her bra. She unhooked the bra and cupped her hands on her breasts while she slipped the brastraps off her shoulders and arms. Then on a beat, she pulled the cups away from her big boobs and handed the bra to Tom. The room went wild! Still dancing, she bent over Tom and shimmied with her huge, naked tits only inches from his face. Her nipples were hard and erect and aching to be kissed and sucked. It was fantastic seeing Susan's breasts bared to a man who had been trying to peek at them for so long. Everyone cheered Susan and encouraged her to take off the only remaining bit of clothing she had on. "Show us your heart!" they all began to chant. Her eyes were ablaze with excitement and she motioned to Tom to pull the coffeetable over in front of his chair. Susan stepped up onto the low table and guided Tom's hands to her panties and hooked his thumbs inside the elastic waistband. She then slowly pushed his hands down her thighs so her panties went down with his hands. Tom slid them down to her feet and she stepped out of them. Now, Susan was completely naked, dancing on the table in all her glory before the entire crowd, and especially Tom, whose face was level and close to her beautiful, trimmed pussy. Marcy moved closer to record this special, fantastic moment. Susan started to get down, but Marcy asked her to stay and pose for just a few more seconds. Tom put his arms around Susan's thighs and pulled her against him. She put her hands around his neck and pulled his head into her so that his nose and mouth were buried in her pussy. There wasn't a soft cock in the place! After a few more seconds, Marcy thanked Susan and Susan stepped down and picked up her dress. She told Tom to keep her bra and panties as a memento, along with the video. Flushed and still naked, Susan ran upstairs to dress in the dress, stockings, garterbelt and heels. The whole crowd cheered when she returned, and the party got underway. Tom thanked me again and again for letting Susan dance for him. We both have a copy of the video to remind us of how beautiful, sexy, and exciting my wife is. I loved having her dance for the party. It's such a thrill knowing our friends shared in seeing my beautiful, young wife's fantastic, sexy body.

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Comments (9)
anonymous reader — 27 August 2012 01:31
thinking Susans husband is sort of a wimp allowing her to strip for his friend.............. if itr went that far Susan and Tom should have gone off to the bedroom and fucked their asses off on camera then allow all of them to view the video and see how her husband felt about that
Anonymous reader — 17 April 2009 17:48
So what did Susans husband get out of it other than a hard dick at watching his wife naked in front of another man. Did the other wives offer him the chance to see them naked. No it was only Susan and for Tom. You have just joined the wimp husband writers. I gave it a negative
READER — 09 May 2007 20:05
good story .. bit hard to read though .. you need paragraphs
READER — 23 April 2007 08:42
It was alright. Agreed with one reader, while Susan was naked, looking over at her husband for approval, to rub against Tom hard on in his pants, even take out his cock with Marcy joining in. Would love to see Strip o gram 2 on that cast, with a different husband and or wife.
READER — 05 June 2006 17:02
Have you ever heard of paragraphs?

- Miss English teacher
READER — 18 March 2006 23:24
wow.....FUKN AWESOME!!
READER — 09 March 2006 14:29
Killer says Susan should have rubbed Tom's cock through his pants as she wiggled around on her knees totally naked in front of him, then she should have glaced over at her husband to see if it was okay as she held the tab of Tom's zipper ready to pull it down and take out his big cock to give it a good sucking for their cheering friends and the video camera. After blowing out the birthday boy's 'candle'' Susan could have taken him by the hand and led him upstairs, once more with a wink and nod of approval from her voyeuristic husband. Susan should be holding the video camera in her free hand so that she could set it up and record her fucking for Tom with both her pussy and her ass, and then led her hubby and the gang view the film afterwards, seeing her 1st letting go of inhibitions!
READER — 03 January 2006 19:50
Could have done with more, and with Marcy joining in
READER — 11 July 2005 01:42
Getting there. Good story needs a little, especially since Susan is pantyless and evertone at the party knows it.
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