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  1. Myra's RL rapedate
  2. Myra's BDSM session on nov 13 2010
  3. Myra's RL rapedate Dec 4 2010

Myra's RL rapedate Dec 4 2010

Categories True Story, BDSM, Rape, Water Sports/Pissing

Author: MyraFoil

Published: 05 December 2010

  • Font:

This is not really a story but a short report about what happened to me on Dec 4 2010. The rape was consensual and I wanted him to treat me that way he did. It's all truly happened in real life.

Hope you enjoy, Myra Foil.

Myra's RL rapedate Dec 4 2010

Whole day I was feeling very horny. It's saturday Dec 4 and I had to do some RL groceries. It was cold outside and there was about 2 to 3 inches of snow so I had to put on warm clothes which isn't very sexy. After I got home I turned up the heating and took off most of my clothing. I needed pain so I put crocodile clamps on my nipples and shoved an inflatable dildo up my ass. I inflated the dildo to it's maximun size to stretch my ass painfully to the max. I felt nicely stuffed. An online Master ordered me to put aligator clips on my clit and outer pussy lips and I obeyed.

My God it hurts. The teeth of the clips were biting into the tender flesh of my nipples, pussylips and clit. And because there was a clip on my clit too I could not rub it. My pussy was leaking of honry pussy juices. geez, I was so fucking horny. I needed a cock to roughly abuse all my holes. I needed cum in my mouth, so I called my favorite rapist. He did had time and he'd come after dinner. I took a whip and beated my own back hard. Torturing my own whore body. I kept on beating myself, my back, innerlegs, ass and belly. As hard as I could. Tears welled up in my eyes as I was in great pain. I squezed my nipple clamps to make the teeth brake through my nipple skin and make them bleed. I cried in agony as blood drops fell on the floor. My body all red and welded from the whip.

I removed all the clips and made myself some food before my rapist would come to abuse me. I stayed completely naked. After dinner the doorbell rang. I looked through the small window and saw my Rapist standing at the door. I opened the door to let him in. As soon as the door was closed he slapped me hard in the face, making me fall to the floor. He grabbed my hair and dragged me to the livingroom. He jumped on top of my chest and slapped my face again and again. "You dirty fucking whore! I'm going to fuck your stupid holes, you filthy bitch!" He took his already hard cock out and rammed it in my mouth. He fucked my face only stopping to slap my face again. He tied my hands behind my back and dragged my to the couch. He forced his cock in my cunt.

He fucked me hard and deep. Then he rammed his cock in my ass with no other lube than the pussy juice on his cock. He grabbed my tits and forced his nails into them while he pulled my body towards him to get his cock in even deeper. He fucked my ass and cunt for a long time and then he pulled out. He took his belt off and started beating my ass and legs. It hurted so much that I started to make too much noise. I put a roll of ducktape for him to use on the side table as usual and he grabbed it. He shoved a piece of cloth in my mouth and taped it tightly around my head. He turned me on my back and ordered me to open my legs wide. He lashed my cunt with the belt hard and I closed my legs in pain. That made him furious and he screamed at me to open them again. He beated my cunt repeately "I'm making you sorry you have a cunt to whore around with you filthy whore bitch!" while he kept on beating my cunt.

Finally he stopped beating me and my face was wet from my tears. He looked down at me with total disrespect and spitted in my face. He removed my gag and fucked my face till he squirted his hot cum in my throat. He ordered me to clean his cock and I sucked it and licked it til it was clean. Then he dragged me to the bathroon and dropped me on the cold tiled floor. He pissed all over me and then he squatted above my face. "Open that whore mouth, bitch" while he pressed the shit out of his bowels. He shitted in my mouth and face and wiped his ass with toilet paper. He pressed the dirty toilet paper in the shit thatw as in my mouth and untied my hands.

"Now, make yourself cum you fucking cumwhore" he said and I started rubbing my sore clit. I swallowed his shit and spitted out the toilet paper while I cummed so fucking hard. After I cummed he got dressed and left, not giving me a single look. I smeared his shit over my tits, belly and pussy and decided not to wash it for now. I wanted to linger in the dirt, feeling like I was the firthy btich he said I was. I felt I needed to shit too and dropped a huge load on the bathroom floor. I rolled my body into it til every inch of my body was covered with shit. I rubbed my pussy again till I cummed again and then stood up to look myself in the mirror. I looked totally covered in shit. I scraped some shit off my belly and put it in my mouth. While I watched myself munching on the shit I made myself cum again. I could hardly stand on my feet while the orgasm rushed through my body.

I took a long shower to get myself clean and stayed naked the rest of the evening. The whole thing kept me slightly horny although I was sexually satisfied.

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Myra's RL rapedate Dec 4 2010

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Comments (2)
anonymous reader — 19 January 2012 08:53
Hey what's ur no. Bitch? I want to fuck u real hard!!.. Suck ur tits to dry and eat your pussy...
anonymous reader — 10 September 2011 07:22
can we have some adventures as i fully enjoyed this n want to hear more and hear how more dirty this whore can be
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