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  1. the afair
  2. the afair2

the afair

Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Cheating

Author: arnold

Published: 13 May 2004

  • Font:

When I arrived home i was surprised to see her car in my drive. Her husband is off this week for vacation and she was going to spend it with him. She meet me at the door with a kiss and grab my ass and winked turned and moved away. AS she turns she flashes her bra less chest. have breast feed 4 children her small beast sag but are very cute and i love to suck on them the nipple will stretch about 3 inchs and it turns her on. i can tell shes in a teasing mood she wants a spanking. I walk to her she backed up against the wall i grab her hair on the back of her head and pull her lips to me
we kiss hard and long are tongues dance together as we suck there air out of are bodies i place my hand on her left nipple i pull it gently to me she moans and breaks are kiss. she pushes me away saying no i want to be incharge i want to make you come when i want you to. I remind her that she lost the last bet and she has to do what i want, but she refuses, I go into my bedroom and get my hand cuffs these are police issue she wont get out of these unit i let her. I ask her one more time to honor her bet but she refuses again, i tell her it ok you will one way or another she asks what does that mean. i tell her she can do it on her own or i will make her and it ok with me either way. walking at her she now sees the cuffs which she knows means she going to have to do things she doesnt want to she moves quickly trying to get by me but i got her waste and pulled her aginst me, whispering in her ear dont fight it will only be worse. she struggles but falls to the floor she 5'5" tall 115 lbs im 6' 2' 240lbs i fell with her she is pinned on her side to the floor i pushed her on to her stomack putting her hands behind her back she is still fighting i get her left hand and snap the cuff on it her tee shirt is still on i ask her to remove it she said fu so i pulled her right hand out from under her and got it in the cuff i lead her to the bedroom where have a brass head board with slats in it so you can hook the hand cuff to it easy. i took her to the bed had her stand next to the bed and grab a small pair of sissors off the night stand she started to yell do you cut my shirt you bastard there was a a look of fear in her i we had never gone here before i grab her nipple and pulled hard she gasped i let go of the nipple and kept hold of the shirt and cut where the nipple was i grad that right nipple again but this time with my teeth and pulled it into my mouth sucking it in and out until her breathing was changing i let it fall from my mouth and push her on to the bed face down she was half and the bed and half off i was standing over her so she was between my legs and couldnt move i removed the right hand cuff and hooked it to the head board i gradded a tie and tied her right hand to the head board lifted the rest of her on the bed on her knees i unbuttoned her shorts pulled them down just of the cheeks as the air toughed her sink she moaned i put some oil on my hand and smacked her left cheek she screamed i dont think she was ready. I spanked each cheek 20 times
her ass was bright red. i asked her if she was ready to be good and do what she was told i figured she was therewas juice flowing out of her hairy pussy.she said yes i said good girl now im going to put some oil in your ass then your going to get your ass filled with come.

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the afair

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Comments (8)
READER — 29 April 2007 04:34
dumb asss bully
READER — 17 February 2006 17:42
that sucked
READER — 13 June 2005 19:01
you dog fucking bastard ............your story sucked.i figuer you never got laid by a person. you dont know how to make parragraphs or Punctuation i would say spelling but i cant ether. and i just wanted to add not only did you have an end but the you finish of with a hairy pussy.......you god damned crazy......
READER — 29 January 2005 21:37
Afair? What in hell's name is an afair? it is the first line of an idiot's venture into the world of public embarrassment.
READER — 28 January 2005 16:45
"She meet me at the door?" Why insult the readers with such a poor effort?
READER — 02 July 2004 11:29
Punctuation, spelling, paragraphs.........where are they??
READER — 30 June 2004 09:13
Could have got a better rating if you knew how to make a sentence Fucker. 3/10
READER — 14 May 2004 15:13
Idiot, write all or nothing. Stupid end
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