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Freaky Mother Daughter Fuck

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Author: Calvinator

Published: 06 June 2004

  • Font:

I can’t take it anymore bitch! You are always fucking other men!
Shut up John, you know I blow your dick better than anyone else.
You do not. You suck the tip of my dick worse than a guy.
I love your round head John and I love tenderly licking the head. Then I use a mound of spit from my mouth and make a circle around your head with it. I love licking you the right way
Bitch you couldn’t suck off our dog.
Let me show you. I am going to make you cum all over my warm, white, blond face. I will lick your hot sticky cum off my face and then suck your dick dry. I will deep throat your 10 inch cock and choke myself.
You better bitch because my dick hasn’t gotten any loving since 1982.
Oh John, you can be so funny.
Sandy took off John’s clothes and she took off her clothes.
Ooooh John, I love when your 10 inch dick is half limp and half hard, and you know I can make you as hard as ice. Let me touch your dick softly.
Yes, that feels awesome, lick the top of my penis and call me big daddy.
Mmmmm, slurp. You are so big. Slurp.
I love it when you suck my dick fast and deep throat it while looking up at me.
John, I want your hard penis. I want you to make me cream on your rod. Fuck my pussy John, and make me scream so loud my mother can hear us.
Your mother is downstairs.
Yes, I want her to walk in on you fucking me with your huge dick.
Okay, I am going to put on a condom first, ahhh, now slip it in there, awww that feels awesome. Your pussy is so inviting.
Uhhh Uhhh Uhhhhhh. You fuck me sooo good. Fuck me! Fuck me! Ahhh yea! Cum all in my pussy. Fuck me harder. Ahhhhh. Pick me up and hold me against your body then we can fuck each other while bouncing.
There, now I’m holding you and now,,....yeaah! Fuck you are a tight fuck.
What is going on here!!! Your fucking my daughter!!!
Yes I am Ms. Banks. I will fuck your sexy ass with my 10 inch cock too if you want.
Well, Mr. Banks hasn’t really fucked me good in a while, he has Viagra.
Mom!!! John is my boyfriend.
John’s mom stripped real slow while John and Sandy fucked each other like rabbits.
Ms. Banks, your boobs are huge, they must be double D’s. Come here and let me suck the shit out of them. Mmmm, slurp, that is good nipple.
John got out of Sandy’s pussy and swung his dick around.
I’m gonna make you cum like you’ve never came before
Ms. Banks, that is a weird comment coming from you.
Shut up boy, slurp, yum, I love cum.
Mom, share with me, mmmmmm.
They were both licking his dick from two sides.
Ahhhh! This is so fucking sexy....I love you two bitches! Hold still while I cum all over both your faces. That’s it stay with your pretty smiles in front of me. Slap slap, ughhh, here it comes, I’m gonna cum all on your face, uggghhhhh ughhhhh, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The cum flew everywhere, all in their hair and all in there eyes and mouth. They made out and just as they did, Mr. Banks came in.
What the fuck is going on
Mr. Banks, you missed my huge cum shot, said John and ran away and out their front door.

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Freaky Mother Daughter Fuck

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Comments (55)
Anonymous reader — 30 January 2014 17:46
IDmYe6 Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.
Anonymous reader — 07 January 2014 23:28
9KetqH Awesome blog. Really Cool.
anonymous reader — 25 October 2013 21:56
7ayQ2Z Thanks so much for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.
anonymous reader — 01 February 2013 06:00
Free knolwegde like this doesn't just help, it promote democracy. Thank you.
anonymous reader — 01 February 2013 06:00
Calling all cars, clalnig all cars, we're ready to make a deal.
anonymous reader — 04 January 2013 12:37
I know children who write better than this!!
Try speech marks (thats the "" marks)

Crap writing. Don't quit the day job.
Anonymous reader — 23 October 2008 04:52
wow a second grader with down syndrom could write somethign with more taste.
nhawk700s — 11 May 2008 11:49
well this story truly sucked !!!!
READER — 24 January 2008 01:51
got hard, then a boring story
READER — 16 January 2008 05:57
Terrible writing - just the pits. The story reads as if you're a teenager who's never had sex or an english lesson.
READER — 04 July 2007 04:10
uhhh uhhhh uhhhhh fucking shit slurp yum your a fucking homo
READER — 27 May 2007 23:09
I'm gonna kick your ass for making me waste my precious time reading that junior high school shit MUTHERFUCKER!!! 1/10.
READER — 18 November 2006 18:20
great title mind.. gives me ideas
READER — 08 October 2006 10:11
load of complete and utter crap. 1/10. if i could give 0 i would
READER — 23 September 2006 12:29
that was the shittiest story Dont ever fuckin write another fuckin story -10/10
READER — 31 August 2006 09:21
lol if you can't write don't and read how you should do it
READER — 23 August 2006 21:54
10/10 . . . i haven't laughed so hard in days!
READER — 19 August 2006 20:57
The story made me laugh so hard :D
READER — 06 August 2006 19:05
This story was terrible. You should try something else because obviously writing isn't one of your talents.
READER — 21 June 2006 11:44
You need help asap
READER — 16 January 2006 01:28
wtf was that gay ass shit. u suck ass at writing. stick with your day job i mean honestly you dont even give details come on u suck ass at this
READER — 24 November 2005 19:59
buwahahhahahahahha!!!!...th... shyt wack..im laughin ma mahfukkin latin ass off
READER — 03 August 2005 08:36
that was the worst story i have read
READER — 13 January 2005 19:16
READER — 07 January 2005 19:20
that was fuckin gay
READER — 01 January 2005 01:27
That sucked. Big fucking waste of time.
READER — 31 December 2004 22:20
how the fuck was that funny?
READER — 13 December 2004 04:30
Well, this story gave me a good hard - on , but was not a very well writen story. I am going to finish my jack-off and try another story.
READER — 24 September 2004 19:30
lol yea that guys right...funny stuff man lol i seriously laughed alot
READER — 17 September 2004 05:02
wish u would have set the scenario first, kinda hard understanding what the scene was about
READER — 18 August 2004 08:13
wack to the max!
READER — 17 August 2004 18:01
the mother and daughter eat each other out then mr banks walks in and puts his cock up johns ass john begs for more and mr banks blasts a load in johns mouth thats the way this boring story should ot ended
READER — 11 August 2004 17:11
Pleeeeease don't write another......
READER — 06 August 2004 23:42
funniest thing i ever red thank u very much i know where to come to get my laughs
READER — 27 July 2004 15:53
This is a shitty story, sucks ass, also how come it's ms.banks if shes married to mr.banks that would make her mrs.banks dumbass
READER — 23 July 2004 16:30
It would be inaccurate to call this writing. Someone cut a lot of classes.
READER — 09 July 2004 18:11
a piece of shittt !!!
READER — 07 July 2004 13:05
this story blows...i dont know why anyone would put this filth on their site
READER — 29 June 2004 01:32
Vulger, but not very discriptive.
READER — 28 June 2004 07:17
Seriously the worst thing I've ever read. I feel violated... and not in a good way. Calvinator (lol) go home and read some novels, you might learn something about storytelling!
READER — 23 June 2004 15:02
after reading the comments, i believe that jackspratisfat is actually the 7-year-old author!
READER — 17 June 2004 09:03
Poor Guy. Does it hurt to suck so much at writing?
READER — 14 June 2004 01:18
Rusty, I know some people a few years younger then me who can write some damn good erotic stories and they are only ... um...14-17 years old...a few of them are virgins and they write stories like pros...holy shit its unbelievable some of the crazy shit they come up with, don't blame his non-existant sex life for his incompetence, blame the idiot writer, because he is the only one at fault
READER — 12 June 2004 15:41
You are still young, maybe when you get a sex life you will write about it better!
READER — 12 June 2004 06:04
this sucks
READER — 12 June 2004 02:59
third class & shame on website for publishing this
READER — 12 June 2004 00:48
READER — 11 June 2004 17:51
good story fuck em all they're gay fat fuck's that sit at home all day and read these things, i don't
READER — 11 June 2004 17:02
This was more funny than sexy. I found myself laughing at the author's incompetence.
READER — 10 June 2004 17:06
Needs work. Try a more even match between dialogue and conversation. Otherwise totally unbelievable. Are you still a virgin ?
READER — 09 June 2004 08:59
shit, absolute bullshit! 1 of the very worst stories i have ever heard in the whole of my life
READER — 08 June 2004 20:00
dint even give it a 1, was really naf
READER — 08 June 2004 10:36
.......crap.........you have to write it better.....I don't know where the talking starts and when it stops!
READER — 07 June 2004 18:31
awesome story dripping pussy is a fucking chod muncher
READER — 07 June 2004 17:18
that was crap....you need to learn how to write stories, and give LOTS of detail.
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