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Never Say Never

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Domination/submission, Erotica

Author: Marion Watson

Published: 11 June 2004

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"Shit" I said quietly to myself, as the cars engine quit again on me miles from nowhere. I put the flashers on, hoping a cop may drive by and offer me help. My husband said there was nothing the matter with my car, even though when he was home, he would never take it out for a drive. I said I want a new or newer car, but he said I didn't need one. When we got married, I gave him the right to handle the money and I had to admit he did it very well. We had a beautiful house on a hill overlooking the ocean. Servants. I was given an allowance of $3000 a month to do what I liked, except buy a new car. We took trips anywhere in the world,when he could get time off work. I was what some may say a spoiled brat wife. I was a brat I must admit. Never satisfied with anything. Even our sex life. It had been great when we met and up till the time he became a vice president of a large loan company.
As I sat there wondering what to do, I heard a car pull up behind me. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a woman about my age, 28, get out of the rear door of a white cadillac and walk towards my car. She was a slim, well dressed redhead. I couldn't take my eyes off her, as she wiggled her hips as she walked. A flash of excitment went through my body.
"Need any help" she asked with a big smile, as I open my door. "Yes" I replied, adding I sure could. "Where you heading" she asked. "Into the city" I replied. "So are we, so this is you lucky day" she replied, still with that smile that would melt anyones heart. I got out of my car and walked back with her to her car.
"Slide into the middle seat" she said. She slipped into beside me. I could not help but notice how beautiful and well dressed the other three women were. Two were blonde and the third a brunette.They introduced themselves. Betty was the driver. Susan with her in the front seat, Irma on my right and Joanna, the one that came up to my car, on my left. "I'm Samantha" I said. We all smiled at each other. I felt comfortable.
"Going to meet your husband in the city" Susan asked, while she was looking me up and down. "No" I replied, adding that he was away. "So what is sweety going to do in the city" Irma asked. "Do what most women like to do" I said with a smile. "Shop." "Well that is why we are going into the city too" Joanna added. "Oh" I asked. "Which store do you like to shop at" I asked. "We are not doing that kind of shopping" Betty said, while she turned to look at me. "What are you going shopping for" I asked quite innocently. "Someone like you" Joanna said, as she put her hand on my thigh and start to slowly rub it. "What would you want of someone like me" I asked somewhat nervously. "For sex" Irma said, as she grabbed my hair from behind, pulling my head backwards. "Now spread you legs so Joanna can get a good feel of your pussy and unbutton you blouse and pull your bra up over your tits, so I can have a good go at them" Irma added. "PLease don't hurt me and let me out" I pleaded. "When we are finished with you slut" Susan said, as she began to laugh. "We're always on the lookout for virgins like you or have you had sex with other women before" she stated and asked. "No" I replied. "I bet you have thought about it" Irma said as she started to roughly play with my tits and Joanna rubbing my pussy through my panties, that were now getting wet. I had to say yes, as I had thought about it when I was at college.
Even though Irma was rough on my tits, I seemed to like the roughness. I even started to let out littls moans of pleasure. Joanna slipped my panties down around my knees and proceeded to put one, then two, then three fingers in my pussy. I let out a loud moan, as she finger fucked me. "Like that do you" Joanna asked. "Yes" I moaned. "What do you like about it" Susan asked, as she watched Joanna fuck me with her fingers. "The way my pussy is being streched" I said. "Well your pussy will be stretched lots by the time we are finished with you" Betty said, while looking over her shoulder at me. "When we get to the place" Irma asked Susan, "can I do something with these tiny nipples of hers." "Sure" Susan said. I wondered what she would do and if it would be painful. I had never liked my small nipples and even after playing with them, they never seemed to stay thicked and longer.
I was blindfolded and soon after I felt the car turn off the highway. There was no let-up on the roughness on my tits by Irma, or the finger fucking of my pussy by Joanna. I had cum once and was getting closer to cuming again. They had all licked some of the cum off Joanna's fingers and told me I tasted good and that I would like the taste of their cum. I wondered if it would taste differently from my husbands. I hoped so. His tasted awful.
All of a sudden the car stopped. I was helped out of the car, still blindfolded, my panties around my knees, my blouse open and my bra up over my tits. I heard a door open and I was led inside and the door closed behind me. When the blinfold was removed, I was told to strip. I quickly looked around the room and it looked like most living rooms. Couch, chairs, TV, stero, coffee and end tables, lamps. Nothing out of the ordinary. As I stripped, the other girls did except for Susan. I looked at their naked bodies and became excited at the thought of having sex with them.
"Now take a look at the girls" Susan said and decide which one whose pussy you want to eat first. There was no way it was going to be Irma's, cause she was so rough with me. Joanna looked edible, but I chose Betty because she had nice long, thick nipples like I wish I had. Also the hood of her clit was sticking out slightly from between her pussy lips "Have you chosen which one" Susan asked. "Betty" I said, looking at her. "Why Betty" Susan asked."Cause she has nice long, thick nipples and I have a fetish for nipples and wondered what it would be like to lick and suck on them. Also she has the cutest clit, whick looks very wanting of licking and sucking till she cums." "How do you feel about that" she asked Betty. "She has me very excited about being the one to have this virgin service my pussy first" Betty replied. Before anything started to happen, Irma asked if she could do something with my nipples. "Sure" Susan said. I got the feeling Susan was the leader of the group. Irma left the room and reappeared shortly after with her hands behind her back.
"Get the handcuffs out of the coffee table Betty and cuff her hands behind her back, so she can't remove what I put on her nipples " Irma ordered. She looked at me with contempt. Betty quickly got the handcuffs, took me by the wrists, pulled my arms behind my back and put the cuffs on. "Now you slutty bitch" Irma said while walking towards me, "pain you are going to feel, for not chosing me first." When standing in front of me, she took her arms out from behind her back and held her hands up to my face, in what looked like to glass tubes with pink rubber suction balls on one end. "Now watch as I put these on you" Irma said in a menacing voice." I watched as she pushed the tubes over my nipples and squeezed the suction balls until the tubes were tight againsy my skin and the let go of the balls. It was instant pain, as I felt my nipples being sucked up into the glass tubes. I let out a scream from the pain. "Shes all yours now Betty" Irma said.
Betty sat on the couch, with her legs spread and feet up on the edge of the cushions. I was helped to my knees and made to crawl on them, till my face was up against Betty's pussy. "Can she lick and suck on my nipples first Susan" Betty asked. "It's up to you Betty" she said. Betty slipped off the couch and took me by the side of my head and placed my face over one of her nipples and then the other. I was getting so wet and horny while I licked and sucked on one nipple, then the other and back again. Betty started to moan with delight. "Lick and suck them hard baby" she moaned louder. I had no trouble doing that. I was in my glory at that moment. My first time having my lips on another womans nipples.
She got back up on the couch and placed my face over her now very swollen clit and pussy lips. I licked and sucked till she moaned she was going to cum. As her juice of total ecstasy flowed from her pussy, I licked it up as fast as I could. Her cum tasted much better then my husband's. "Fuck Samantha", Betty said, adding that I was the first of all the other girls they had picked up to chose her first and give her the most wonderful oral climax she had ever had. I felt delighted.
"Can she do me again please Susan" Betty asked. "What will you do for me Betty" Susan asked back. "Whatever you want me too" Betty said with a big smile. "Ok" Susan said. I could not see the look on Susan's face, but the one on Betty's was one of happiness. "Do me again Samantha, but this time slower, so when I cum, you'll have lots of my nice creamy cum juice to lick. I smiled at her and started slowly to bring her to that moment.
"Now spread you legs Samantha" I heard Susan say from behind me. I did as she said. Then I felt something oily being spread on and in my pussy. It felt warm. "Now hold her head steady Betty" Susan said, "while I penetrate Samantha's nice tight pussy with my dildo-cock." I felt the head of something spread my outer pussy lips and then my inner ones. It felt hugh. It was slowly pushed in. I could feel my pussy being stretched, like it had never been stretched before. In and in it went, till I felt Susan's abdoment against my ass. I estimated in my mind her dildo-cock had to be three inches in diameter and at least ten inches long. It did not take many strokes to bring me to a climax I had only dreamt of till now. By the the time that day and night were over, I could care less if I was ever fucked by my husband or any other man again. I spent the rest of the of the weekend with them. Tasting each of their's cum. Having my pussy fucked by each of their dildo-cocks. Irma became gentler with me. I phone my home to see if there were any messages on the answering machine from my husband about when he may be home. There was none. I asked if I could be their sex slave for a few more day and was happy when Susan said yes. Most of the day I feasted on one or another of their pussy. I was aquiring a real taste for another woimans cum. At night, I spent it with any two of them. Not the same two each night. I was in my glory. Sex, sex, sex. With girls, girls, girls.
I was totally submitted to lesbianism, in any way shape or form. Womens cum is so nice, creamy white and delightfully tasteful. A womans dildo-cock will give you more and longer climaxes then any mans. Never say never if one of your girlfriends would like to have sex with you

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Never Say Never

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Comments (13)
READER — 04 February 2007 16:59
my maid licked my cunny to two orgasms as i read this. need more!!
READER — 23 May 2005 20:11
Mature Male, I think it's interesting that you are reading and than ragging on a story meant soley for female pleasure. Honestly, Woman who enjoy other woman is not a crime! Your basically saying a woman who enojoies other woman should not have sex, because they can not have kids. Yes I want kids, but I'm willing to enjoy myself before I do. Mature male, don't you enjoy your no strings attached sex? Don't you love fucking your woman or any woman of your choice? Just for the sake of having sex, not having kids? I really am starting to think the human race is becoming pathetic. Think before you say something.

Marion, awsome story, I got hot and wet, enjoied it lots! Keep up the awsome writes, and don't let dumbasses ruin your talent!
READER — 03 April 2005 16:26
mature guy you are a dick, a bastard, and sexest, they can what ever the fuck they want its thier bodies, you can't own them any more then you can the sun, you can't control them any more then the ocean so shut up and get with the times OLD MAN (OLD DICK)
READER — 23 February 2005 11:14
My cunt is on fire.
READER — 29 November 2004 14:25
good story, good job Marion, unlike some people who consider girls are tools, they arn't. just chill and realize that girls are human beigns like us, NOT tools, NOT toys, people like us, here's a qoute of mine "Don't judge me by my gender, judge me by who I really am" you all should follow that, we all have freedom girls can do what they want and so can men, girls know how to pleasure eachother more than we know how to pleasure them and men know how to pleasure eachother more than they know how to pleasure us, it's simple math, anyways, if you need help with stories or want tips just e-mail me, I'll be happy to help you, I am a writer with currently unpublished books as of now, I say this again, good job Marion!
READER — 06 September 2004 07:24
what the fuck is everyone over-analizing for?!?! It;s a fucking porn story!!! Just shut up and enjoy!
READER — 02 August 2004 16:40
I, personally, enjoyed it. There are a lot of women on this earth who are unsatisfied with men, and who are curious about sex with women.
And by the way, Mature Male, we can choose to do whatever we want to with our "genitilia", and if that so happens to be just sex, then just remember that men have been that way since the beginning of time, and it's about time we started looking out for number one too. The world is not lacking humans, there is no chance of our extinction, and sex with other women just means that we don't have to screw up our bodies with the birth control that we have to take because of people like you!!!!
READER — 18 July 2004 12:45
Dumb-ass stright men. It's a lesbian story. What did you expect? If you don't want to feel inadequate, don't read lesbian erotica. The intire point of it is to appeal to women that are into women. And just for the record, women do know how to please women better then men do, just like men are usually better at pleasing men. Just as you know what you need to do to get yourself off, you are also able to feel where your same sex partner is at and therefore when they need more/harder/faster.
Beside... the average strap-on is 9 inches in length with a 2 inch circumference.
READER — 18 June 2004 00:07
Once again, higher rating than mine, and it truly suckt. dammit.
0/10 just cause i'm mad.
READER — 16 June 2004 16:49
its alright but what the fuck there should have been more dialog
READER — 16 June 2004 02:38
man y would love too be part of that story ill give it 10/10
READER — 15 June 2004 07:33
That is not good at all What are the boys and men for that women do this to eachother Men may do that better in all ways You see negative and negative brings nothing but when you have negative and positive then that is very enjoyable!!!!!That is my advice Slut Women!!!!
READER — 14 June 2004 13:59
Women will be women, after all the womb is the birth place of us all. But Viva La difference.

If you want to have a next generation it's female & male. Girls remember your genatilia is the birthing place a more import funtion. Not just for Sex.
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