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Week-end with Co-worker & bi Hubby

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Author: G. Snave

Published: 23 February 2005

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A Weekend With My Co-Worker & Her bi-Husband

I have known Judy for about 5 years now as we work at the same company and have become very good friends. She is in her late 30's as I am and she is a very sexy woman. She has red hair and a very nice figure and likes to show it off for all the guys at work. She wears tight skirts and low cut tops to reveal her cleavage. All of the guys, including me think that she is by far one of the sexiest woman at work. We work in the same department and frequently take our breaks together and sometimes even lunch. I have been over to her house for dinner a few times with a girl friend and met her husband Tom. He is a very nice guy and we get along very well. One day at work out of the blue Judy starts talking about her and her husband Tom and says that they are looking to spice up their sex life and are thinking about a threesome with another man. We talk about sex from time to time but nothing very deep. She asked me what I thought of this idea and I tell her it is between her and Tom what they do regarding sex. But she continues to talk about it and asks me if I have ever been in a threesome before. I tell her once in collage my room mate and I had sex with this sexy woman that was hot for both of us.

One night after several drinks we decided to take her on together. Judy asked me how it felt and I said it was very nice and we drove the woman crazy as there were two of us trying to please her at all times. She found this very interesting and asked me if I would like to try it again. I said it was very nice and if the opportunity presented itself that I would probably not turn it down. She said thanks for the info and went back to work and I did not hear any more about it until the next week. Judy and I were on one of our breaks and she asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner on Friday night that she was making something special. Judy knew that I did not have a girlfriend for the last three months but I asked her anyway if it was ok if I came solo. She said yes of course it would be ok and also said she would be looking for a nice girl for me as three months was too long for a handsome guy like me to be without a girlfriend.

Friday night I went over to Judy and Tom’s house and brought over a nice bottle of Merlot for dinner. Tom and I talked as Judy finished dinner and then Judy said it was ready and we had a nice Prime Rib dinner one of my favorites. During dinner we talked about all kinds of things and also about me not having a girl friend and what was I doing for sex. I thought this was kind of a personal question but as we had finished tow bottles of wine I gave them an answer. I said that I had a few regular women that I could go to if all I wanted was sex and not a relationship. Judy looked at me and smiled devilishly and said ‘oh sure, I bet you haven’t had any good sex for the last three months, that is unless you consider masturbating good sex’. She and Tom both laughed as I turned a bright shade of red. I said ok, ok, you are right but sometimes it’s ok not to have sex for a while and that it makes you appreciate it more when you do get it. Judy agreed with me but said it is time for me to get back in the saddle and that she would find me a sexy woman. We all talked for a while and then Judy said she was going to change as her work clothes were killing her and would be right back. She said you boys have yourself some man talk until I get back. Tom and I talked for a while and then to my surprise Tom mentioned that he knew Judy had talked to me about them wanting to have a threesome with another man. I said yes that we talked about it briefly at work last week. He then said that they had been trying to find another man to have a threesome with and that Judy mentioned me as a possible candidate for doing that.

I was astonished that she had mentioned our conversation to Tom but also that she had considered me as the other man for their threesome. Well Tom said that they both liked me very much and decided to have me over for dinner and find out if I would be agreeable to having sex with the two of them. He asked me what I thought of the idea. I drank down the rest of my wine and after a long pause I said I don’t think I would mind that at all, as I liked both of them very much and thought Judy was a very sexy and desirable woman. Tom said that’s fine and that he and Judy agreed that I should be the first one they asked. I told Tom that I was very flattered that they considered me first. I didn't know what to say next but all kinds of things were going through my head as I had yet another glass of wine and thought of having sex with my sexy coworker and her husband. Tom then asked me if I was straight or BI and I said I was straight of course. Tom then proceeded to tell me that he was Bisexual and that he and Judy have an open marriage for the most part and that Judy was Bisexual as well. Well I was learning all kinds of things about Judy and her husband that I thought I would never hear. I guess you just don’t know about people and what they like or don’t like from outward appearances. I guess I would have never thought that Judy and her husband were both Bisexual.

Wow what a shock. I wondered how I was going to react to Judy when we got back to work on Monday. Well Tom and I talked for a while and then to my surprise again, Judy came into the room with a very sexy shear robe on. I could see her black bra and panties under it and she was also wearing a garter belt that connected to lacy black stockings. She also had on high heels when she walked in and I almost fell off the couch when I saw her. Tom looked at me and said isn’t she sexy in that outfit. I said very sexy indeed. Judy asked Tom if he had asked me and he said he did and that I was agreeable to joining the two of them for sex. Judy then gave me a big smile and said that’s fantastic, then looked at Tom and said ‘see I told you he would do it’. She then proceeded to turn down the lights and also lit some candles and then put on some sexy music. She then came back in front of Tom and I and started to do a very sexy dance. Judy was very sexy and danced very nice for us. She let the shear robe fall to the ground and then turned her back to us and as she looked over her shoulder with a smile undid her bra. She took it off and let it fall to the ground and then turned around still swaying to the music and I could now see her tits.

I knew that she had nice tits but this was an understatement. They were two of the best I have ever seen, nice and firm and round and the nipples pointing straight up and out. She then came over to the couch and sat between Tom and I and started to rub our crotch with each hand. She said it was going to be nice to have two cocks to play with tonight. She then moved over to Tom and knelt down in front of him and started to unzip his pants very slowly as she looked up at him and smiled. She then pulled them down and off of him as I watched with great enthusiasm. She began to rub his cock through his shorts and I could see that he was getting hard. Judy then came over to me and did the same thing. Then she was on her knees between us and began rubbing our cocks with each hand as she gazed back and forth from Tom back to me. She then moved both hands under our shorts and began to pump our bare cocks until they were both very hard and ready to pop out of our shorts. She moved over to Tom and slid his shorts down and off of him and his cock was now standing straight up in front of him. She then moved closer to him and began to suck his cock in her mouth. She was moving up and down his stiff member and then let it slide out of her mouth and begin to lick the head with her flicking tongue. As she was doing this she reached over to me with her other hand and again slid under my shorts and was stroking my cock up and down and also continued to suck and lick Tom’s cock.

She then looked at me and gave me a smile as she came over and removed my shorts and then began to lick and suck my cock as she had done with Tom. Then I saw her reach over to Tom with her free hand and was pumping his cock as she was sucking on mine. I could not believe that Judy my coworker was sucking my cock right in front of her husband. She sucked my cock for a while and then told both of us to stand up so it would be easier for her to suck both of our cocks. We stood up and she took Tom in her mouth first as she pumped my cock and then took my cock in her mouth as she pumped Tom’s cock. She did this for a while going back and forth and then to my surprise Tom knelt down in front of me with Judy as she continued to suck my cock. He looked at my cock as it slid in and out of Judy’s mouth and said ‘that sure looks good honey can I help you suck on it’ I could not believe what I was hearing and Judy said ‘aha’ with my cock still in her mouth. She then slid my cock out of her mouth and as she was holding the base turned it towards Tom and Tom immediately sucked it into his mouth. Oh my God, my cock was being sucked by Judy’s husband as she watched. I was too drunk and to horny to give a dam at this point and I surrendered to this man sucking on my cock.

I could not watch and moved my head back and closed my eyes. Judy could feel I was tense about her husband sucking on my cock and told me to just relax and enjoy it. I tried to do that but it was difficult. Tom took my cock out of his mouth and turned it towards Judy and she sucked it deep into her mouth again as Tom played with my balls. They alternated sucking on my cock for a while and it was difficult to tell who was doing a better job of sucking my cock Tom or Judy. Then they held my cock straight out and with both of their lips on either side of my cock moved their lips back and forth along the shaft of my very hard cock. At times they would stop at the head and my cock head would disappear between their lips as they both licked the head with their tongues. I thought I was going to die with pleasure and did not care who was sucking my cock now, all I could feel was the pleasure that they were both giving me. After this they went back to alternating my cock inside their mouth as they each had a hand between my ass cheeks and were also taking turns rubbing my ass hole with their fingers. I thought I was going to explode and Judy said ‘we better stop as we don’t want him to cum just yet’.

With that they stopped and Tom moved back onto the couch. Judy then began to suck on Tom’s cock again and I had a chance to settle down a bit. I moved over to Judy and slid under her and began to suck her wet pussy as she continued to suck on Tom’s cock. She tasted very good and she began to move her pussy back and forth over my mouth and tongue and lips as I continued to suck and lick her hot wet pussy. After a while she said she needed to be fucked and wanted a hard cock inside her. With that she turned with her back towards Tom and began to slowly lower herself onto Tom’s rock hard cock. I was looking right at her pussy and as she came down I could see Tom’s cock part her pussy lips and enter her dripping wet pussy. As she went lower and lower Tom’s cock went deeper and deeper inside her pussy until all I could see were Tom’s balls as they hit the opening of Judy’s pussy. Judy stopped there for a while and moaned with delight as Tom’s cock filled her tight pussy. Then Judy began to move slowly up and down on Tom’s cock and I could see his cock as it slid in and out of her wet pussy.

They fucked like this for a while and then Tom pulled Judy back towards him so she was lying on top of him and then his cock continued again to slide in and out of her pussy. I watched Tom as he fucked Judy and I pumped my own cock as I sat on the floor. Judy told me to move onto the couch so she could suck my cock. I moved up onto the couch and I was standing up on the couch with my legs on either side of them as I lowered my cock to Judy’s lips. She sucked my cock into her mouth as she reached around behind me and grabbed both my ass cheeks and pulled me into her warm wet mouth. We did this for a while. Judy sucking my cock as Tom was fucking her pussy, then Judy slid my cock out of her mouth and asked me to go down and suck on her clit and I did as she asked. I moved back down to the floor between her legs and could see Toms cock as it slid in and out of Judy’s Pussy. I could see Judy’s pussy juice on the shaft of Tom’s cock as I moved into position and began to suck the top of Judy’s pussy. I made sure to stay away from Tom’s cock moving in and out of her pussy. Judy was getting very hot now and was bouncing up and down on Tom’s cock as I licked and sucked on her clit. She then moved up too far and Tom’s cock popped out of her pussy and as she moved down I moved down with her and before I knew what was going on, Tom’s cock parted my lips and slid my mouth. I was shocked and did not move but Tom was continuing his pumping motion and I could feel the head of Tom’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

OH my God!!!! could this be true, is another mans cock inside my mouth?? I could taste Judy’s pussy juice as Tom’s cock was in my mouth and it tasted good to me. Tom felt his cock in my mouth and said ‘oh yes that feels good suck on my cock’. I don’t know if I was drunk or if it was because I was so horny at this point but I did not do anything and let Tom pump his cock into my mouth. Tom had a rather thick cock and as much as I tried not to let my lips relax around his shaft I could still feel his cock rubbing on my lips. Judy looked down and saw her husbands cock sliding in and out of my mouth and told me to go ahead and suck on it, that it was ok and that Tom liked it. I don’t know what it was but when she told me that I began to suck on Tom’s cock and also lick the head as he pumped into me. He said ‘yes, yes, that feels real good keep sucking on it’. I don’t know if it was Judy or Tom’s encouragement, or if I really wanted to suck his cock but I kept going. After a while it seamed to feel very good to have Tom’s cock inside my mouth and to know that he was staying hard because of me and that he liked it. OH MY GOD! I thought am I a Bisexual like Tom? Could this be true? Judy must have seen the look in my eyes and said ‘that’s enough for now, put Tom’s cock back into my pussy I need to be fucked some more’.

With that I let Toms cock slide out of my mouth and guided it back to Judy’s waiting pussy. Tom continued to fuck Judy’s pussy and as I watched I saw it sliding in and out of her slippery juicy hole. I pondered Tom’s cock in my mouth sliding in and out of me as I watched it disappear inside Judy’s pussy. Did I really have his cock in my mouth sliding in and out of me? The next question hit me like a ton of bricks. Did I really like it??? Then Tom asked me to change places with him and I did as he asked. I lay on the couch as Judy came down on top of my cock and now I was pumping into her pussy as she lay back against me as Tom had done before. My cock was very hard again and sliding in and out of that nice juicy pussy that had been well lubricated by her husband Tom a short time ago. I was pumping into Judy’s pussy when I felt Toms hand around the base of my cock and as my cock moved down and Judy moved up I felt Tom pull on my cock and it popped out of Judy’s pussy and he quickly sucked it into his mouth. Tom began moving his head up and down with my cock in his mouth as he sucked and licked on it. It felt very good and I wondered if Tom felt the same way when I was sucking on his cock. He then let my cock slide out of his mouth and inserted it back into Judy’s pussy and I continued to fuck her sweet wet pussy.

Tom continued to pull my cock out of his wife’s pussy over and over again to suck and lick it and I could tell that he really like sucking on my cock because it seamed like he could not get enough of it. In a very short time I was very hot and felt I could not hold on much longer. I told them both that I was going to cum soon and Tom pulled my cock out of Judy’s pussy and began to suck on my cock faster and faster and then quickly slid it back into her pussy as I kept pumping my hips up and down. As I got closer and closer I did not know if I was pumping my cock into her pussy or into Tom’s mouth. It was time and I said I’m cumming I’m cumming and with that Tom again pulled my cock out of Judy’s pussy and began to suck hard on my cock as he moved his head up and down very fast. I felt the first contraction of my body and the first load of cum as it came up from my balls, up the shaft and explode out the head and into Toms mouth. Oh my God I thought !! I was cuming in another man’s mouth. At this point I did not care as I just wanted the release and to cum and cum and I did cum hard. I exploded again and again and again into Tom’s mouth and he took all my man juice as it came out the head of my cock. and Tom sucked it all up. My hips finally stopped pumping into his mouth but his head kept moving up and down my shaft and finally slowed down as he kept sucking on my cock. He moved down one last time and as he came up he sucked hard and I could feel the last drop of my man juice leave my cock and enter his mouth. I had nothing left in me as he had sucked it all up.

He then let my cock slide out of his mouth and moved up to Judy’s lips and she said smiling ‘I was wondering if you were going to give me a taste or hog it all for yourself you cum hound’. With that he kissed her and I could tell that he gave her some of my cum, as she moaned with pleasure. When she had finished swallowing she said ‘yummy his cum tastes like honey doesn't it Tom?’, and Tom said yes he does taste good doesn't he. I could not believe I just got fucked and sucked by my coworker and her husband. I was wondering to myself what it would be like to taste another man’s cum as I had never sucked another man off before. Well Tom went back to fucking Judy and it was not long before he was ready to cum as well. I heard him breathing heavy and pumping fast into Judy’s wet pussy. I was watching Tom’s cock as it slid deep into Judy’s pussy faster and faster and then he said ‘I’m cumming baby are you ready’, and Judy said ‘yes let me have it honey, I want you to cum in my mouth right now’. With that Tom pulled out of Judy’s pussy and moved quickly up to her mouth and began to pump into her mouth. He stood on the couch and she sucked and lick at his thrusting cock until he exploded into her mouth again and again and again. Then he stopped and fell onto the couch and he lay there breathing heavy and I could see his cock still pulsing as if it were still cumming. Judy motioned for me to come over to her and as I did she leaned over to kiss me. As she kissed me I felt her tongue part my lips and as my mouth opened. I could feel a warm liquid enter my mouth. Oh my God! I just realized that the warm liquid was Tom’s cum and that Judy had kept it in her mouth to share with me. She held my mouth tight against hers so none of the creamy liquid would spill out and I could now taste her husbands cum inside my mouth. I was a bit shocked but it did not taste bad at all. Not at all what I had expected it to taste like.

I had tasted my own cum but Tom’s was different then mine. Oh my God! I was comparing the taste of men’s cum. What was happening to me. Judy took her mouth off of mine and I swallowed as I could not breath and Tom’s cum slid down my throat. Judy asked me how it tasted and I surprisingly said not to bad and tried to force a smile. We rested for a while on the couch as Tom and I took turns fingering Judy’s wet pussy. Then Judy said it was her turn and she began to suck on Tom and I again until she had both of our cocks standing at attention and ready to satisfy her pussy. Tom moved back onto the couch and Judy again came down on him but this time she put his cock slowly into her ass. Tom then began to pump into her faster and faster until she was very hot and then Judy looked at me and told me to put my cock into her pussy. I moved in and felt my cock sliding into her pussy and when it was all the way in I could feel Tom’s cock pumping into her ass and rubbing against my cock inside her pussy. I started to pump my cock into Judy’s pussy and we both had our cocks inside her pumping away like wild animals. Well it did not take long for Judy to cum as Tom was pumping into her tight ass and I was pumping into her wet pussy and she came long and hard. Tom was not far behind her and I could hear and feel him cumming inside her ass. I was ready as well and I began to pump furiously into her pussy. I filled her pussy and Tom filled her ass with hot man juice again and again and again and as we were cumming into Judy she said she was cumming again and had yet another orgasm and we all three came together.

‘Unbelievable’ I said to myself!!! as we all lay there stuck together and trying to breath normally again. It was now very early Saturday morning as we rested on the couch and Judy said it was to late for me to drive home now and that I should stay the night and that she did not want to hear me say no. Well what could I do? I said I would stay and we all went to sleep in the master bedroom same king size bed, Judy in between Tom and I. Later that morning I was pleasantly awakened as I felt a warm mouth and lips on my cock sucking and licking me up and down. I looked down and all I could see was a head bobbing up and down under the covers. I thought it was Judy at first but as I pulled the covers back to my surprise it was Tom sucking away on my stiff cock. He looked up at me, smiled and said he saw my morning erection and did not want to let it go to waste so he decided to suck on it for me. What could I do? I decided to lay back down and let him have his fun. Just about then Judy came into the room drying herself off from a shower and said scolding ‘Now Tom, you save some of that morning cock for me. you know how much I love to suck cock in the morning’. She then came onto the bed and they again both took turns sucking on my cock until I came again and again in their mouths. Then Judy noticed when Tom turned over that Tom’s cock was now hard and standing straight up like a flag pole. She turned to me and smiled devilishly and asked me if I would help suck her husband cock. I said what the hell and as Tom lay back on the bed Judy and I took turns sucking his big thick cock until he came in our mouths. Then it was Judy’s turn again and Tom and I licked and sucked her pussy and her nipples and fingered her tight little ass hole until she exploded and Tom and I licked and sucked her cum out of her dripping pussy.

This was turning out to be a most wonderful weekend and it was only just beginning. I won’t go into all the details of what we did the rest of the weekend but I did decide after that weekend, and after Tom sucking on my cock and me sucking on his cock to orgasm again on Sunday and swallowing his cum. Then again Sunday night, Tom and I in a 69 position sucking on each other’s cock while Judy had a finger up each of our ass holes pumping in and out until we both came again that I am . Bisexual . after all. WOW I thought, What a big surprise huh! Judy and I remain friends of course and from time to time we would all get together for a threesome, and sometimes Judy and I would get together without Tom and just fuck our brains out, and sometimes Tom and I would get together without Judy and suck cock. It was a nice arrangement for sure. Tom said someday, he wanted to fuck me in the ass, while Judy sucked my cock or while I was fucking her, and I said I would be willing to try that. Judy is diligently working on finding me a Bisexual girlfriend so that someday we can have a foursome and then things will really heat up she says. I laughed and said as if things were not hot enough right now?. Judy looked over at Tom with one of those devilish smiles of hers and said there is always room for improvement right Tom? And Tom winked and then smiled back at her.

The End

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Week-end with Co-worker & bi Hubby

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Anonymous reader — 04 September 2008 22:14
My fantasy come true I had to stop jacking off or I would have cum to soon Would love to lick a cock as it was fucking a pussy
reader — 08 July 2008 10:42
sweet mmmm best of both worlds,i need to get my beautifull wife to agree to try something like this story.
Anonymous reader — 05 July 2008 19:22
MMMMMI,m Cummmmmiiinnnggggg This is awsome. I have got to figure out how to get my old lady to let me try this
READER — 25 March 2008 13:23
wow! i came so hard. my clit is still swollen and throbbing
READER — 15 February 2008 22:33
can we please fuck
READER — 10 February 2008 20:22
Great story. I've been active bi for two years. My wife loves watching me suck and swallow.
READER — 21 September 2007 21:34
Loved it. This is one of my fantasies (with 2 men). And to have a man eat my pussy while he's being fucked by another man.
Maybe in the next story...?
READER — 10 September 2007 08:59
READER — 29 July 2007 14:19
Damn...that was hot!!!!!
READER — 13 July 2007 01:06
what a great story. That is a fantasy of mine. I would love to have hot sex with two guys and watch them suck each others cocks. Next story should have them fucking each other.
READER — 25 May 2007 14:48
Mmmmm My husband is bi and loves to suck cock and eat pussy and be fucked I think this weekend I need to find us a man :)
READER — 26 February 2007 06:02
Now that is my desire. MMF is my thoughts for years. Great story and one I have been hoping someone would put on here. I would love doing all that. Sounds so exciting and wonderful. Need more true tales on this type sex. Love it.
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I got so hot while reading can't wait for Part 2 . Fantastic .hope to enjoy that fantasy soon.
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Great story. I'm a bi curious male and I would love to help a hot girl suck on a big cock. Would love to smell and taste another guy's cum. And watch a hot guy suck on my cock. I'm so hard right now. Mmmmmmmmm.
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READER — 07 January 2007 08:25
I loved it wouldn't mind a big load of cum right now
It is realy good having a girl there when your sucking
a big cock and having her help. Love It a 10
READER — 17 November 2006 09:02
I am a straight male but my wife is a bi-sexual and often we have had sex with each other, with me taking turns to satisfy two pussies at one go. She also has birthday surprises for me. On a particular year, she got for us a lactating friend of hers and after a good three rounds of sex, we spent the rest of the night sucking off her breast milk.
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good tale i am bi married male and i love to suck cock and get fucked my wife knows i am bi but she is not yet willing to do this wish she was would love to suck a big fat cock now the biger the better
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READER — 07 September 2006 00:21
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mmmmm wonderful story! I would love to be with two bisexual men. Watching them fuck and having them dp me would be amazing. Great story, keep up the good work. A part two would be nice where Judy finds a sexy bi female to join. Perhaps me!
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slt ca va
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great story. wished i could have joined in. i would love to suck on their cock. i love to eat pussy also.
READER — 04 August 2005 09:39
Fucking hell! My pussy is dripping after reading this... time for some clit fiddling I think...!
READER — 24 July 2005 00:15
Guuuud stuff!! Threesomes and foursomes are some of the best sex I ever had. If you want your wife/girlfriend to be bi, you gotta do it too even if its only to be fair and find out what its like. You might just like it.
READER — 11 July 2005 00:10
Great stuff please continue the great writing 10/10
READER — 14 June 2005 15:19
Great story . keep writing more of the same quality . 9/10
READER — 09 June 2005 09:57
One of the best I've read in a long time. I've had a similar experience. I came twice reading this
READER — 08 June 2005 15:55
Knock out stuff matey
READER — 05 June 2005 10:01
Very good story 10/10. i am straight and i still came.
READER — 04 June 2005 20:50
this one of the best storys i read ty 10/10
READER — 07 May 2005 15:13
three somes sound so wicked fun i'd do one before you knew it ,if i had to suck acock ya do what ya gotta do, part 2 would be cool
READER — 07 May 2005 01:57
I agree with Laura.. If you don't like it, don't read it. There's a reason they give you the little words that tell you what is what. I'm a guy - I'm bisexual.. I'd love to try this. Previously it's only been me and one other (guy or girl..) before.. so.. I think it'll be fun to try something new. Anyways.. People who dissin' on this story, go jerk off elsewhere. Obviously, yer just assholes, who enjoy raggin' on other people's stories.. sigh.. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, WRITE YOUR OWN. -_-'
READER — 07 May 2005 00:11
Hot story, sounds like u'v been reading my mind. I think a 3 or 4 some would be really hot. I'd love to be fucking a pussy and have a cock pushing up my ass. As in totally hot.
U gotta 10.
READER — 05 May 2005 17:37
no quotations! very confusing
READER — 05 May 2005 14:02
I am stright but I would like to have that kind of experance, I can just imagen how wonderful it would be.
READER — 29 April 2005 05:36
that was B-O-R-I-N-G!!! but it was kind of a turn on. i am gonna fuck my 2 girlfriends soon - any ideas?
READER — 28 April 2005 10:47
What is sick and twisted about a threesome? If it;'s not your thing then you should have chosen something else to read about - this is a porn site therefore contains pornographic and graphic content, if you don't like it then you should maybe think about looking elsewhwhere. I personally thought this story was very good - a huge turn on! I just wish my husband was as adventurous in the bedroom! Well done!!
READER — 28 April 2005 10:30
I wish I had a cock and pussy to suck on.I can eat up some cum.Drss me like a slut in panties and fuck me please.
READER — 27 April 2005 21:34
Don't knock it if you have not tried it. Besides the sweetest juices cum fom deep up in her pleasure hole. Cream pie anyone ??
READER — 26 April 2005 15:44
"OH MY GOD!' what crap..
READER — 25 April 2005 12:40
This is hot! Wish I could have joined in.Everything is betterd bi
READER — 17 April 2005 15:13
That is just sick and twisted
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