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  1. Jail Force Part 1 thru 6
  3. Jail Force Part 16 thru 18
  4. Jail Force Parts 19 & 20

Jail Force Parts 19 & 20

Categories Fiction, Anal, Enema, Gay

Author: MaleFiles

Published: 31 July 2011

  • Font:

Jail Force

Parts 19-20

By Jimmy T Seay

(m+/t oral forced enema jail)


Bruno loved the feel of the boy's hot cum spraying on him, the air was
scented with the smell of the boy's fresh load of cream. As Brian's nuts had
jetted, Bruno felt the tight band of Brian's ass lips contract and expand.
The boy's fuck chute was still nice and tight, it was deep and made for a
good, powerful fucking. Bruno bent down, licking the sweat from Brian
McKee's forehead.

Ricky found himself now the victim, just minutes before he had been waiting
on his first piece of punk ass, now he had a finger in his own ass, and a
cock opening up his throat.

Steve look back and forth, these guys getting it on were all faggots, he
decided. No matter if your doing the sticking and getting it, it was still
fag sex. He'd never be made to do either the fucking or getting dick. Not

Will finally broke his stare at McKee and Bruno, he noticed with amazement
that the two cons had turned on the biggest guy. It must be a way of life to
these men, no sex except for other men. Will continued to wonder what it
would be like.

Ortez was running out of memory in his camera. He was now saving it for
after this Latino finished fucking. The man was really slamming the beef to
McKee now. Ortez caught a vague whiff of the smell of man sex. Ortez thought
of the screwing he would give his girlfriend tonight. He smiled, waited, and

Bruno took his pace to extreme high now, Brian grunted and groaned as the
dick moved rapidly in and out, it felt like it was punching him in the
stomach. In effect, the big hard cock was, Brian's stomach was resting on
the slab of meat moving under it.

A man can only fuck so long, even a man like Bruno. He kissed and licked the
boy as he reached the top of his sexual lust, his dick begin to expand
inside the very well stretched fuck chute, as his balls drew tight, the piss
tube contracted and then swelled.

As the large dick got thicker, Brian yelled out, "It's hurting too bad,
please hurry, please cum!"

Steve snickered as he heard Brian beg for the spic's cum. The dude was a
weak punk, that's for sure.

Bruno's nuts had produce a good size load, Brian felt it filling any space
inside not occupied by Bruno's piece. As his nuts unleashed, Bruno began to
pump Brian's cock. Even as his powerful load filled the golden boy to the
brim, he was making another load be produced in Brian's orbs.

Brian's dick was being hurt by Bruno's rough jacking, the man had finally
finished the long, exhausting fuck, but now was stroking the punks dick too
hard, and too fast.

Bruno looked at the punk, the feelings his sexual needs head built up about
the boy were fading, fading just like his erection. The kid was just another
pretty punk, Bruno didn't feel so protective of him now, but he'd be selfish
and keep the fuck boy for his own use during the remaining time.

Bruno told Brian "You better cum boy, or I'm gonna jack blisters on your
fucking dick!" Brian knew the man meant business and tried to reach orgasm.

Don was now sending freshly produced sperm into Ricky's mouth. The big guy
was drinking the first of what would be many loads. Keith waited for Don to
pull his dick out of Ricky's mouth, then Keith was gonna pop the big boy's

The jail's PA system sounded, Ortez was being paged. Right at that moment,
the furious cock stroking had it's effect on Brian McKee, Brian shot, not a
big strong load. but the boy's hormone filled body had made a fresh batch of
boy cream.

Ortez's final picture was of the boy's cum, he told the Will and Steve,
"Let's go!"

As they walked away, Steve turned for one last look, Bruno was still jacking
Brian's cock, even though the fag had just got a nut. Steve looked at them,
"You're all a bunch of sick, perverted faggots, every last one of you!"

Part 20 - Swollen Desires

Bruno shot a look of hate as he heard Steve's last words. He continued to
stroke the punks cock, lost in thought.

Brian's dick hurt, there was no more cum to shoot, nothing left in his balls
right now. Brian's dick got redder as the man jacked it with his rough
hands. Brian's dick begin to get puffy, swollen, like his well fucked ass

Don held Ricky's shoulders, Keith penetrated him on one sharp, pain filled
stroke. Ricky's scream bounced of the walls as he took part in this anal
rape, his own! Even an average sized cock like Keith's takes some getting
used to, and Ricky's scream would only stop once the pain faded.

Keith fucked Ricky with fast, violent motions, moving rapidly, jabbing the
walls of the big man's guts. Snot begin to drip from Ricky's nostrils as he
suffered through his rape.

Brian watched as Bruno kept this force milking up, Brian saw his dick
swelling, it was getting fatter and fatter from the abusive treatment. Brian
willed his empty nuts to get busy.

Ortez and his visitors walked into the control room of the jail. They
learned that Brian McKee's bond had been posted. An attorney stood in the
next room, waiting for the fucked out kid.

Steve laughed thinking of McKee, wait till he told everyone! Steve was going
to stick around to watch McKee leave, to remind him of how his life was

Will was ready to leave, he had a sticky, drying mess in his pants, he
wanted to go home and shower. Steve said he was sticking around, Will
shrugged and left. He was heading home, taking a long, hot shower and have a
nice jack session!

Bruno looked down at the punks dick, he had been thinking and jacking it. It
was irritated, and useless right now.

Bruno ignored the big guy getting raped and walked past the scene, heading
for the pay phone on the wall. Bruno dialed the collect call. His brother
answered on the second ring, as the call was accepted, Bruno made it quick,
letting his brother know what needed doing.

Brian stood at one of the sinks, he looked at his reflection in the
stainless steel mirror. His throat was covered in hickeys, his nipples, his
cock, even his ass hole swollen. His lips were chapped and bruised. His
manhood gone, his life forever changed. Brian washed his face, then sat on
the toilet and made his very sore ass lips open to let out the men's sperm.

Brian was carefully wiping his stretched fuck hole, even the toilet paper
hurt it. Ortez arrived, and told him "You're getting out." Ortez took a deep
breath. "Jeez, you faggot, at least jump in the shower, I can smell cum all
the way from here!"

Brian did not even think, he had gotten used to taking orders in his short
stay in jail, he climbed in the shower. Even the spray of water seem to make
his body ache. At least, the water was washing away some of the dried cum.

As soon as Bruno hung up the phone, his brother, Mario yelled, "Jose? Come
on, we got some shit to do!" Bruno's plan was already in action.

As Mario got some of the gang togther, his face showed the anger he felt.
He'd find the white boy named Steve that had called his big brother a

If you like my stories - you can read over 1040 of the stories I've written at MaleFiles.com - Malefiles has over 9750 gay sex stories and over 154,000 gay sex pictures THANKS - JIMMY

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Jail Force Parts 19 & 20

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Comments (10)
krazylegz — 21 May 2016 11:31
Awe Hell,you can't rape the willing!
Anonymous reader — 17 December 2013 13:29
‏_سكس مصر ÙŠ
anonymous reader — 16 March 2012 01:25
Rape is bad in every way shape and form. Im a women and yes I love reading rape stories expesically gay ones. It makes me horny as hell and never fails to make me cum but this is fantasy only. Anything beyond that is just wrong and people who do it should be shot.
anonymous reader — 07 December 2011 00:40
I want to know what is going to happen to steve!!
anonymous reader — 03 August 2011 22:13
Is rape all that bad?It changed my life from girls to boys.I think that was OK.
anonymous reader — 03 August 2011 22:11
Is rape all that bad?It changed my life from girls to boys.I think that was OK.
anonymous reader — 03 August 2011 22:07
Does the by think he is straight?Does he cum?
anonymous reader — 01 August 2011 00:46
Would like to know what Will is planning to do with Brian.
anonymous reader — 31 July 2011 22:34
great story hope steve gets it
anonymous reader — 31 July 2011 17:47
I have been waiting for you to post again! Thanks for your great stories.
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