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Miss Addiscombe's Virtue

Categories Fiction, First Time, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance

Author: abroadsword

Published: 28 July 2014

  • Font:

Miss Addiscombe's virtue

"Ah," said my father as I strode into the drawing room at Harthorpe Manor "Stephen, this is Miss Addiscombe."

I stared, she was dressed from head to toe in black, every single thing and although she might have been regarded generally as a great beauty the evil stare with which she regaled me dismissed any such notion of beauty instantly.

"Enchanted," I smiled, "Your reputation precedes you, and your beauty is indeed, ah," I paused and cast my eyes around the high ceilinged oak panelled room seeking inspiration, "Quite remarkable."

She near un nerved me with her icy stare, her anger clear in her brown eyes

"It was justice brought me Mr Darrowby," she retorted, with the air of someone used to compliments, "Not to seek meaningless platitudes but justice, my just deserts."

"Indeed?" I enquired, "And what injustice have I brought upon you?"

"Stephen!" my father scolded, "Why Mr Collin's estates of course."

"Oh, Castlefields!" I exclaimed, "But what injustice?"

"Sit down," my father ordered, "You have taken possession of Mr Collin's estate, the very estate Miss Addiscombe had hoped would be her matrimonial home."

"Yes, indeed," I agreed, "But I see no injustice."

"You intoxicate my poor Henry and cheat him of his properties by card sharpery and see no injustice." she snarled.

I stared, a wisp of stray chestnut brown hair straggled across her pale pink forehead, nothing in itself but somehow indicative that she cared not for anything but retribution and I was fortunate that I had taken note of my father's instruction to sit or I should have fallen, "Oh, I see," I agreed.

"You do not deny it?" she asked icily.

"No, I own Castlefields, there is no denying it." I admitted.

"Stephen!" my father exclaimed, "Why that's a thousand acres!"

"Nine hundred and eighty three," I corrected him.

"Well its nigh on a thousand acres!" he declared, "No wonder poor Miss Addiscombe is so discomfitted."

"And you stole it from poor Mr Collins." Miss Addiscombe snapped.

"Hardly stole!" I replied, "No, do you see," I tried to explain.

"Well I am ruined by your chicanery," Miss Addiscombe announced, "Poor Mr Collins is destitute and I am to become governess to the Misses Grayson, do you understand." she said angrily.

"Her poor papa has but recently departed this earth and his estates are entailed upon his Cousin Geoffrey, his uncle Robert's issue do you see," Mama interjected.

"Oh, my sincere condolences." I commiserated.

Mama continued "He has ordered poor Miss Addiscombe and her poor mama to the from the house and Miss Addiscombe must find a position since poor Mr Collins is now ruined and has withdrawn his offer of marriage!"

My mind clicked relentlessly, Miss Addisombe, only daughter of Hubert Addiscombe, clearly Collins once thought her an heiress, and worthy of wooing despite her foul demeanour, and had then cast her aside thoughtlessly.

"Oh!" I was about to protest but the anger in Miss Addiscombe was so fierce that I remained silent.

"And Mr Collins?" I enquired, trying to reconcile the saint I saw in Miss Addiscombe's mind with the cheating idle whore chaser I had lately had business dealings with.

"Desperate to regain his fortune." Miss Addiscombe averred, "As you well know."

"Shall you join us for Dinner?" my mother asked brightly.

"No, I thank you," Miss Addiscombe demurred, and she shuffled awkwardly in her chair.

"Miss Addiscombe wished to meet you Stephen, to put a face to the name," my father explained.

"Ah," I agreed, "Then if you will excuse me I have business to attend." I bowed to Miss Addiscombe and made my way to my room, which I retained from my childhood despite the fine town house I owned outright in Hepple Street and I set about my affairs.

The business of Collins perplexed me, it was true that I had acquired his estates, but through trade, Buntingthorpe had made Collins a proposition, Collins needed collateral and I offered a term loan of barely a fraction of the value of the property at a healthy interest which Collins accepted.

It was hardly my fault that the Manchester and Carlisle railway shares which Collins mortgaged himself to acquire and which were expected to increase prodigiously in value should have instead plunged to worthlessness, maybe I should have given Collins more time but business is business, and my own collateral is not limitless, though I had done splendidly from various of my investments, and my fathers five hundred pound loan offered when I came down from Cambridge to show I had no head for business had now be repaid and my worth grown greatly.

"Has Miss Addiscome gone?" I asked when I came down again.

"Such a sweet child." my mother said.

"She walked Stephen," Father said, "Walked from the Grayson's to meet us and shall walk back again."

"What?" I asked, "To see me?"

"Indeed," my father confirmed.

"Should have offered her the carriage." I suggested.

"She's Grayson's servant now Stephen." mother reminded me, "Propriety forbids."

"Tosh!" I snapped, and I bellowed, "Hodgkinson, my carriage if you please!"

"Sir?" Hodgkinson enquired as he emerged from the servants sitting room.

"My carriage, I shall return to town this evening." I informed him.

"Very good sir," he said as was his wont and he scuttled away to the carriage shed and the stables.

I collected my traps and he had the carriage at the door before I was ready and so I was able to swing aboard and set off with no delay.

I made a detour and I came across Miss Addiscombe near the barn at Fotherby farm, "Might I offer a ride?" I asked.

"No!" she said rudely "You may not!"

This was a shock indeed, night was falling, the evening train could be heard snorting along the railway, and at this rate she would not be home with the Graysons before darkness fell, more worryingly I would not be home or in town when night fell.

"Then if you shall not accept my hospitality I shall have to insist," I ordered, "Climb aboard I say;" but she defied me and when I climbed down she ran, which while unexpected did at least speed her journey.

"Walk on!" I ordered and as she ran so I followed and when she slowed I climbed down and spurred her on and just when she seemed exhausted so the Graysons' establishment hove into view and with her last reserves of energy she rushed to their sanctuary, and, seeing she was safe, I made my way to my house in Hepple Street.

My housekeeper Mrs Frape awaited me, "Oh sir, why we never expected," she blustered.

"Yes?" I asked, "So what have you to confess?"

"I have no dinner for you sir!" she admitted.

"And Sefton, where is Sefton?" I asked, Sefton my osler, a fine figure of a man.

"He is at the Flying Horse, sir." she said

"Then I shall stable the horses," I agreed, "While you prepare a repast."

"But Sir, I have no meat, nothing." she complained.

"Then I shall dine at the Colonial and Americas Club." I said and having stabled my own horses and changed into a suit suitable for the purpose I made my way there straightway.

There was a surly bunch present, Henry Collins among them, boasting of his latest venture, and his new love, "Lord Arkett's daughter Tiffany," he boasted, and proposed a toast to the ageing, tolerably ugly and undoubtedly fat noble woman.

"And what of Miss Addiscombe?" I asked.

"More interested in my house than me, old boy," he averred, "Scheming little trollop."

"What if she should sue for breach of promise?" I asked.

"She ended it." Mr Collins retorted, "Not I."

I dined at near eleven o'clock,and when I was finished "A room if you please," I requested.

"Indeed sir!" Thrumpsford the under manager agreed, "And a maid?"

"No!" I declared, "Certainly not!"

"A boy perhaps?" he leered.

"No, most certainly not!" I protested, "Do you take me for a sodomite?"

"I intended no offence Mr Darrowby," he squirmed, "Mr Collins suggested," he lapsed to silence as I considered a swift blow to his jaw,

"Then never suggest such a thing again." I insisted, but then my anger turned to more affluent targets but I had to reflect that at the age of twenty five summers I had yet to find time for matrimony, and as a passing knowledge of sea-mans diseases kept me far from brothels and courtesans, so one might logically infer that I took my pleasure from sodomy.

He found me a room and I slept fitfully a sodomite indeed, well I should show Mr Collins I decided, but how was a different problem indeed.

I breakfasted at the club, "Darrowby, old chap, might I borrow your coach do you think?" Mr Collins asked jovially and insolently as we ate our toast.

"No, for it is a sporting number and would surely break under your weight," I suggested and he looked so shocked that I relented immediately.

"Keep it for the week," I offered, "For I have business in Brighton." Business indeed, and for that the railway not the cart was required.

The train ride was tedious in the extreme, why oh why must locomotive engines pootle along southwards at no more than thirty miles in the hour when Mr Gooch's locomotive engines hurtle eastward and westward to and from Bristol at twice that velocity?

But for all that I struggled across London from Euston Gate to Blackfriars and behind a yellow hued Locomotive Engine of the Brighton line I made my way slowly south.

I had business, business indeed, a row of houses, hovels, worthless hovels beside the line near the Brighton station, and needed for expansion of the same if not immediately then in the fullness of time and I brokered the sale from a variety of owners to the railway company for a not immodest fee, and whilst there I sampled the season beside the sea as society enjoyed the season of dancing and bathing.

I saw the society beauties and the courtesans and worse the myriad whores that abounded but none caught my eye, and when the ink was dry and the promissory note safe in my valise I made my tedious way north once more.

I spent no more than one night at my home before I decided to inspect Mr Collins former estate Castlefields for myself, perhaps I should sell, perhaps retain it for my home, but first I must inspect it.

I took the train to Ousterby the nearest station to Castlefields, slowly and tediously behind a museum piece of a locomotive engine that should have restricted itself to hauling coal waggons, and on arrival at Castlefields I was unwelcome, news of my acquisition having failed to penetrate to these distant parts..

"The Mistress is away," I was informed,

"I am Master now!" I insisted.

"Well sir it is from Mr Collins and his bride to be Miss Addiscombe that I take my orders," the cook said, a great fat battleaxe of a crone, indeed precisely the sort of crone with whom one should give the most careful consideration before seeking battle.

"Then I shall bring papers and the bailiff," I declared.

"I would be obliged sir," she said and then added, "But come and see the terrace, oh and the view my Lord," the cook suggested as a way to mollify me, and I stood on the terrace and saw the view, "Ruined by the railway I am afraid," she said, but I disagreed.

"Framed by the railway," I said "Scarcely ruined," as old "Hebron" the last survivor of the Tallot class of locomotive engine smokily trundled south with a short train of waggons, making my assertion ridiculous.

"Miss Addiscombe has done wonders sir!" the cook avowed, "See her choices of colour and of furnishings." she ordered more than invited before taking me on an entire circumnavigation of the house.

It was very ordinary, I fear, and I left to catch the next train, however something possessed me to take instead the train away from town arriving instead at the station nearby to Mr Grayson's house or if not adjacent then a mere four miles away.

I walked across the moor easily enough, I had ridden the whole area with hunting and swiftly came to the Grayson house.

Children were playing noisily and there was no one to be seen, "Hello!" I called.

"Yes," a sweet female voice called, an voice which turned to ice when it's owner regaled me, "Oh Mr Darrowby." Miss Addiscombe addressed me, she wore an apron and hat less her brown hair swept into a tight bun she seemed hot and sweaty, and begrimed, no longer a haughty lady but a servant.

"The children are unattended?" I queried.

"I have to cook their meal, Mr Collins has taken Mrs Collins to town." she said as she fidgeted.

A haughty servant I realised, "And the cook?" I asked and her answer said all, she was no governess, she was cook / housekeeper, and not the first to have been so easily tricked into the purgatory of servitude.

"She is visiting her family," she lied.

"Liar," I said, "Tis a terrible shame Collins and you were not wed as you have this common disdain for the truth that would make, you union entirely perfect in every way." I didn't see the pan she was holding until it flashed and struck the side of my face.

"Argggh!" I cried, "You witch!" and I lunged at her and grasped her slender waist, she struggled but I subdued her until I was able to bend her over and raise her skirt to expose her buttocks, and as still thinking herself a lady she had petticoats where as servant would wear a simple skirt and pantaloons so when I bared her buttocks they were indeed bared, and more, her sweet conch and her tight round bottom both displayed.

The sight unnerved me, I felt inappropriate stirrings in my loins so I slapped her buttocks more as a token than in anger, yet she wailed as if I had whipped her soundly, and continued to wail as I unhanded her, set her down and stood back and even then she glared at me with tears running down her cheeks.

"I hate you, Mr Darrowby!" she snapped not unreasonably.

"Ah clearly, clearly," I agreed, "But why?"

"You stole Mr Collins estate and my happiness on the turn of a card." she charged again and the duplicity of Collins was revealed once more.

"Then the post of Housekeeper at Mr Collins house does not appeal?" I asked, after all I wanted his lands, I had already plans for a great junction of railways on his lands, he could have the house for all I cared.

"If it means being behoven to you then no!" she said, "Good day!"

I felt sorry for her suddenly, her hair looked uncared for and dirty where before it shone, and her fingernails were dirtied and cut short already and her dress and apron looked in need of a wash.

I decided to leave her to her drudgery yet a sense of injustice prevailed as I walked across the hills the six or so miles to my father's house where I arrived in good time for dinner.

I stayed overnight and borrowed a nag next morning to post to town where I sought out Mr Collins and there I had a brainstorm, "Collins." I said, "I would be obliged if you would inform Miss Addiscombe of the manner of the transaction whereby I acquired your property."

"Oh, developing a conscience are you?" he asked.

"Perhaps, but I would be obliged." I suggested.

"And what do I derive from this," he asked "Your carriage perhaps?" he asked, "As a token."

"Are you so desperate as that?" I asked, but I saw he was, "Desperate for a stake for a card school?" I asked. He nodded.

"Bad luck cannot continue indefinitely." he averred.

"Then we shall visit Mr Grayson," I insisted, "So you may set her straight on the matter."

"Hold hard Darrowby!" Collins demurred, "What benefit is there in it for me?"

"Mr Grayson enjoys a game of cards," I observed, "Twenty guineas, shall that be a sufficient stake with which to bribe you?"

"Indeed," Collins said his piggy little eyes bulging, "Perhaps Bulgersby and Farnsworth might join us?"

"In that case we shall invite Grayson and Miss Addiscombe here instead." I suggested.

"What, the club?" Collins asked, and I affirmed this was indeed my intention.

I had this notion to wager the Castlefields house against the twenty and then lose so Henry might still ask for Miss Addiscombe's hand, though why I felt this way I could not fathom.

It was not so straight forward, with Miss Addiscombe being constrained to servitude but her seeming standing as governess prevailed and on the Saturday as arranged Mr and Mrs Grayson and Miss Addiscombe joined me for Luncheon at the club, believing it to be at Mr Collins' invitation together with Thompson, Tommy, my older brother, father's heir, and of course Collins.

From somewhere Miss Addiscombe had brought out a gown in some hideous blue green colouring, which she wore with the air of a Duchess, an illusion heightened by the wearing of a white blouse beneath buttoned to her chin.

"Henry!" Miss Addiscombe simpered when she saw him, "Have you sent for me?"

"He wishes to see you yes," I said for him and we dined, dined very well at considerable expense, as I found when I paid my monthly account, and then having dined Mr Collins invited us to join him and we settled down to a game of chance, and skill, poker in fact.

Bulgersby, Farnsworth and Ensterby, friends and business partners of Collins's and mine also joined us while knowing I was paying Collins ordered only the finest wines

Henry Collins should have drunk only water, as it was lost twenty guineas in as many minutes, he had the card playing talents of a hedge-hog, I lent him another twenty but that soon frittered itself away as well.

"So Henry, how goes your railway investment?" I asked.

"Well, very well." he agreed.

"And Castlefields?" I asked, "Shall you yet repay me?"

"No, you won it fair and square," he lied.

"So win it back," I suggested, an idea forming in y mind, after all I only wanted the lands of Castlefields, not the house, "What will you wager against Castlefields?" I asked.

"Ugh?" he said drunkenly, "Miss Addiscombe."

"What?" I asked.

"Miss Addiscombe's virtue!" he said.

"What?" Miss Addiscombe asked in consternation, "My virtue, that is not yours to wager!"

"Oh Mary, how exciting!" Mrs Grayson exclaimed drunkenly, "Oh think of it, that great house!"

"Then will you wager it, Miss Addiscombe," I asked, "For Castlefields?"

She stared at Mr Collins uncertainly, shocked.

"For the house, not the estate, house and contents, is that clear?" I asked.

She paused for a considerable time and then, "Yes!" she said with a finality we all took for agreement.

We were dealt two cards each, Miss Addiscombe and I, I had ace and king of spades, then five more cards were dealt and turned face up upon the table, another ace, a king and three smaller cards.

I had resolved to fold do you see, to make her a gift of Castlefields to assuage my guilt but, before I could do so Miss Addiscombe declared, "No!" and she threw down her cards and whirled around and raged at Mr Collins, "A two and a three, you complete fool!" she stared at me, "And you?"

I showed the cards awkwardly.

"Shall you take my virtue here and now," she challenged.

"Indeed, not!" I retorted, but suddenly the way I might disabuse my friends of the notion I was sodomite was laid before me, after all she had wagered her virtue willingly enough.

"Better have it done then you may resume your duties." Ensterby suggested.

"Oh Miss Addiscombe!" Mrs Grayson cried.

"Leave us Muriel!" her husband ordered, "This is man's business," and as Mrs Grayson left us for the ladies sitting room he suggested "Miss Addiscombe, may I suggest the chaise longue in the withdrawing room."

"What!" she wailed, "Have you no compassion!" but we rose and made our way to the Gentlemans withdrawing room.

"No indeed," Farnsworth interjected, as we walked, "You wagered and lost, the sooner virtue is seen to be taken my dear, the sooner you may resume your duties."

"Oh yes indeed," Mr Grayson agreed, "I have great need of a governess who partakes of fleshy pleasures!"

"She is your skivvy man don't be so heartless!" Ensterby chided but Grayson was adamant.

"Then I shall obtain a comfortable whorehouse billet for you in town Miss Addiscombe," I suggested, "Shall we conjoin?"

"No!" she wailed her face flushed and her breast heaving but Bulgersby, Farnsworth and Ensterby were upon her and held her gently and began to disrobe her slowly and tenderly at first as the green gown was removed but as her undergarments were uncovered so she commenced her struggling, and my friends patience frayed until in a flurry of activity her lacings were undone or as was more convenient cut through with table knives and her copious undergarments were removed swiftly with no consideration to her comfort nor to their further use.

Finally just her stockings and black leather boots remained and so was Miss Addiscombe brought to the chaise longue.

For my part shock had overwhelmed me, I meant to give Miss Addiscombe the gift of Castlefields but instead I was ti take her virtue, my appendage shrank, I could no more perform than fly to the moon, until the last wisp of white cloth left her chest and her bosoms sprang free, high proud stiff bosoms with stiff pointing teats, urges once suppressed surged through my loins, swellings commenced until the constriction became too much to bear and I ripped at my fly buttons to release my member.

She stood bared to the waist a moment and then Bulgersby hauled down her under skirts while Farnsworth and Ensterby held her firm and she stood in just her black boots, stockings and her crucifix, and otherwise as entirely naked as the day she were born.

My appendage reared angrily, impatient for the moment, so as Ensterby held her left leg and Farnsworth her right and they held her thighs wide apart even as Bulgersby held her to the chaise longue so there displayed was her privateness and peeping from a forest of brown curls was the sweet pink as yet undefiled lips protecting the way to her womb.

I held myself in check, I could see she was chaste, I was in no danger from infection and soon I should establish firmly and before witnesses that I was no sodomite, and hopefully that I might be seen as a lusty young blade.

"Ugh," Grayson exclaimed, jolting me from my day dream, "Bring a razor," as he saw the mass of curls displayed but I had more urgent business as desire overcame me, desire and the burning resentment that any should think me a sodomite and in an instant I was upon her my breeches and underthings discarded, indeed everything below my waist discarded untidily even my feet bared.

I knelt, I aimed I thrusted, once, twice, she was most certainly chaste I had no doubt and then with a shrieking wail which chilled my very soul I claimed her, claimed the warmth and tightness that was her womb even in the moment that the first tears flowed down her cheeks.

It was finished as soon as started, a great pent up gout of seed shot from me to her in a frenzy of thrusting pumping ecstasy and I was still.

"My god Darrowby, your have abstained too long," Bulgersby observed, "Not good old chap, the prong needs regular exercise like a race horse don't cha know."

"Who's next?" Ensterby asked.

"Shave her first!" Grayson ordered, and already a servant had brought a bowl of hot waer , towels and a razor for the purpose.

"Shall I fetch a maid sir?" he asked.

"Indeed," I spoke up, "Three perhaps."

"Very good sir," he said and away went he in search of whores.

A maid attended swiftly and she deftly shaved away the innocent curls from Miss Addiscombe's belly to leave the perfect if swollen conch of a whore in place of the soft innocent curls of a lady.

"May I sample her next Darrowby?" Henry Collins asked to Miss Addiscombe's evident horror.

"No her virue is mine," I exclaimed, "I am afraid I shall have to reserve her for myself for the time being."

"You rotten spoil sport!" Ensterby laughed. "T'was worth a try."

"Then may I dress?" Miss Addiscombe asked.

"No, no, remain as you are," I said unkindly, "Let the sweat of your bosoms dry."

"It is tears not sweat Mr Darrowby," she said, "Salt tears of hatred!"

"Indeed?" I queried, "Then drink copiously that you may cry again for I own I am not sated and shall require your service anew before the evening is done!"

"No, you have taken my virtue, there is nothing left in this life for me now!" she wailed and as if in slow motion she lunged at the knife laid upon the table for opening correspondence and seizing it she went to stab her own heart.

"No." I cried in my turn and I too lunged and deflected the blade though not without feeling its sharpness across my hand, she stared is disbelief as the knife clattered to the floor and my blood welled and began to drip.

"Seize her," I ordered, "She is insane."

It was Collins who seized her, Ensterby who tied her hands firmly behind her and Farnsworth who handed me her underskirt to tie around my wound.

"I'm sorry," she said, "I did not mean to harm you."

"But you did," I said, "You shall remain tied until I can trust you, now come, let us resume our game sit with us, sit with me."

We played a few hands as we sat around the table but the excitement was gone yet with her naked upon my lap I found it calming to caress her, and in between rounds of cards to take the weight of her bosoms in the palm of my hands and tickle her teats until she gasped, "Mr Darrowby please!"

I felt the blood seeping through the makeshift bandage and called upon the maid who stood by to have it dressed properly, she attended me prettily as, if truth be known she was employed in the usual way as a whore, and as such was well used to wounds, and she bathed the wound and dressed it exquisitely.

"Stephen, this has got out of hand," My brother informed me, "It is late, we have a dinner engagement at home with Mr Jones at eight, we should repair to our lodgings, now take her to the whore house or have Mr Grayson or Mr Collins take her but, she will undoubtedly kill you if you do not take care."

"Indeed" I agreed, "Maid, are there whore's quarters here?" I enquired.

The poor girl blushed crimson, "Indeed sir, in the cellar sir." she explained, "But sir, she attacked you!"

"Ah, indeed," I agreed.

"She should be in irons sir, shall I fetch irons sir?" the maid asked, and I agreed.

I expected hand cuffs, but she returned with a great bar pierced in many places and several smaller pieces, "'Tis a leg spreader sir, but my mistress she suggests that her hands might be restrained therein." the girl suggested.

"A capital idea indeed assist me please Mr Ensterby!" I exclaimed, and though it took more than the two of us presently Miss Addiscombe was secured with her arms spread wide and wrists secured to the bar, quite helplessly as it seemed, though by spinning on her axis she could perhaps deliver a substantial whack with her hand.

She was distraught, crying and weeping like a spoilt child, but somehow we made her decent enough to take to my room, admittedly with considerable awkwardness as she had perforce to proceed sideways as her arms were spread more widely than the corridor and there I bade my companions "Good night!" and asked my brother to proffer my apologies before I turned my attentions to Miss Addiscombe once more.

I bared her once more, and delighted in suckling her teats which reared and stiffened delightfully, "No I beg of you!" she pleaded.

"Girl, you are undone, no further harm will come to you," I reassured her.

"No?" she said, "Do you say you shall not defile me once more?"

"Indeed not, I should think twice at the very least I should sample you before I allow any ordinary fellow to do so." I assured her.

"No!" she pleaded.

"Oh very well, I shall take you down now." I suggested.

"No, not that, not that, I can serve you," she said, "I can cook and clean and."

"Fornicate," I added for her, "Yes I don't doubt it," I told her, "But what am I to do if you find me so distasteful, if fornication is such a trial?"

"No 'tis too distasteful," she said, "You have taken my virtue let that be the end of it."

"You should welcome my attentions with welcome arms!" I insisted before I realised the irony of my instruction, and then I pounced.

My manhood was rampant, so I slipped off my breeches and speared her without warning, merely spread her knees as she lay abed and speared her, and this time I entered with no hiatus, the merest yelp from her lips and a surprised widening of the eyes and that peculiar tight slipperiess as I slid deep within her and she was mine once more.

"Does the iron hurt you?" I asked as I ploughed her.

"What do you care?" she asked icily.

"I care because I took a risk to acquire your favours," I explained, "And though I sought you to dispel the notion that I am a sodomite, I own I do rather enjoy sampling your charms."

"I should rather die than remain your whore," she said, though insincerely.

We took no dinner, we fornicated and dozed by turns, and the night was abominable, she took the whole bed, laid upon her back arms spread, so I took the chair for my slumber, then the floor, then the chair again, and then I sampled her again.

She attacked me in the night, or so I thought, I sprang from my chair to confront her, "Shall you never tire of seeking to wound me?" I demanded.

"No!" she said, "But I have need of the chamber pot."

I had no recourse but to release her arms and look away, and then, "Come to bed," she suggested,when her business was done "If I am allowed this freedom there is room enough for us both abed now."

I risked all as I lay beside her, and next instant I was fast asleep.

I woke to find her crying, "For heaven's sake woman, can you not bring me some joy?" I asked.

"No!" she said petulantly, "I shall not."

"Then I shall take my joy without your leave!" I retorted, and I grasped her shoulders and turned her, forced my knee between her knees to spread them and found her innards already sopping with eager anticipation.

"Please!" she said, "Have some consideration!" but the entry was sheer delight, her gossamer smooth lips and channel enticed me to the greatest of exertions and she struggled mightily to keep her icy demeanour.

"You shall be the death of me woman!" I chided, "All my efforts are as nought, I ride you like a whirlwind and yet not one gasp of pleasure do you utter, what must I do to sate you?"

"Sate me?" she asked.

"Indeed, a man cannot rest while his whore remains rampant and un sated." I explained.

"And if I wail and squeal like a she cat?" she asked.

"Then I shall know to release my cream and all is at peace." I explained.

"Oh, very well," she muttered, "Oh, is that it or is it ah or Ooooooohhhh, or is it Ahhhhh, or," she teased and tried me sorely but I knew she was reconciled now.

"Do not think, just allow yourself to wail or howl as you desire," I suggested.

"Wail, howl, I am no wolf and you no Lion!" she snapped unwisely perhaps as I was at that moment imbedded within her.

"No Lion indeed!" I retorted and I thrust hard within her.

"Mr Darrowby please," she gasped, "Why do you use me so crudely, Mr Darrowby," she said, "Some consideration if you please!" and then as I continued with undiminished vigour she shouted, "Mr Darrowby please Mr Darrowby I cannot bear it please, some consideration please, Mr Darrow." and she continued her complaining until my seed began to bubble and squirt and gush within her and finally she was silenced and went limp as she was sated.

"That," I said, "Was exquisite," and like a gentleman, I rolled off her and fell asleep.

I woke with small fingers teasing my manhood, Miss Addiscombe was wiping away the slime of our recent union from my shaft.

"Ah, you truly are insatiable." I exclaimed.

"No, but I wanted." she explained.

"My member within you once more?" I queried.

"Mr Darrowby, can we make an arrangement?" she asked, "If I apply myself diligently to your needs, will you use me and you alone?" she asked.

"And you will afford me whatever service I am desirous of?" I asked.

"I shall sir," she said contritely.

"Then kiss my lips." I insisted, "Like a lover."

"I cannot!" she protested, "I cannot pretend to love you!"

"There, so your plan falls, on the bed, legs astride, let me ride you anew." I insisted.

"No!" she protested but she had no other choice but to lie back, and when laid back it was simplicity to take her cheeks in my hands and kiss her mouth.

She kept her mouth tightly closed so I held her nose and as she gasped for breath so I claimed her though fearful that she might bite my tongue I used a modicum of care but she knew that I had prevailed.

"There," I exclaimed when I was satisfied, "Now was that so unpalatable?" I said meaning to offer her the chance to be mistress at Castlefields.

"Yes!" she complained, "But I shall bear it stoically."

"And are you ready to conjoin?" I asked, "To conjoin and fornicate at my pleasure?"

"Unwillingly!" she declared.

"You will never make a whore," I told her, "Too much spirit."

"I, I don't understand." she said, "Why do you take such pleasure in humiliating me?"

"I merely speak the truth," I explained, "Your body lacks curvaceousness and you have the tongue of a witch," I suggested, "Yet you please me."

"I am considered a great beauty!" she protested, "By many."

"Was," I reminded her, "You were, but put your cloak on and we shall take some sustenance."

She dressed in such clothing as we had allowed her the evening before and went to dine, though it were nearer luncheon than breakfast and there she ate ravenously, "Miss Addiscombe," I said, "Do you have a fist name that I may call you?"

"'Tis Mary," she answered, "And what should I call you?"

"Sir or master," I suggested, "But I have a notion as to how you might serve." I said, "But wait here a while as I arrange matters," and I slipped away to speak with the whores who inhabited the cellars of the club.

I had heard tales of how debauched the Club whores could contrive to be from other men and wondered if by training Miss Addiscombe thus she might fill all my needs and so I earnestly discussed my plan with a sort of queen whore named Michelle and agreed the length of time to be taken over the task and sum of money I was to pay.

Arrangements concluded Michelle and I returned to fetch Miss Addiscombe, "I have asked Michelle to show you the tricks of whoredom," I explained and though she railed against me Miss Addiscombe had no alternative but to follow Michelle down the servants stairs to the bowels of the Club to the lowest level of cellars wherein were dormitories where whores might sleep dry and warm in tiers of box beds and in another cellar were cages with irons where such might be imprisoned if that was the gentleman's pleasure.

"Now listen!" I instructed her, as we approached her, "I have arranged for Michelle to instruct you, so take heed of her that you may be my own singular whore."

"No, I'm no whore!" Miss Addiscombe protested.

"But you are Mary," I explained, "But I have in mind that you shall be my own whore, so if you learn well then that shall be your calling, otherwise you shall pleasure the many."

"No!" she protested but with a sweet reassuring smile Michelle approached and with gentle fingers stripped Miss Addiscombe to nakedness once more, and handing me the discarded gown and boots she called her sisters for assistance and so were iron manacles fastened around Miss Addiscombes wrists and ankles and a leather collar around her neck that she might be restrained.

"Once again you deceive and trick me," Miss Addiscombe complained as Michelle led her to a small cage wherein she could sit, or lie on the soft bedding but not stand.

She looked the epitome of suppressed rage as I left, anger such as would have struck me dead had I allowed it gleamed in her eyes as she regaled me by stuttering candle light.

Business compelled me to leave Miss Addiscombe at the club and it was two full days before I returned once more..

I awaited her in a bed room, Michelle led Miss Addiscombe in now attired in the simple servant's style with dress and apron yet manacled still and instructed her to "Commence!"

Miss Addiscombe disrobed unwillingly, but disrobe she did and then in annoyance she licked her big finger and as she sat nakedly upon the bed she inserted the finger between the her soft pink lower lips,

"Mary!" Michelle chided.

"Oh very well!" Miss Addiscombe agreed, and she commenced to caress her own breasts with her free hand, "Will this suffice?" she asked insolently.

"A second finger please Mary" Michelle ordered, "And more movement,"

"Oh really," she said in annoyance, but as ordered she inserted a second finger inside herself and she shuddered as she did so.

"I have an India Rubber Phallus I let her practise with, shall you prong her sir or shall I fetch it." Michelle asked.

"Neither, let her beg for my prong," I said.

Miss Addiscombe was now looking discomfited, "I am ready Mr Darrowby," she said.

"So I see, in need of me in fact," I observed, "Would you agree?

"Yes, no, oh why else would I be doing this?" she asked with inappropriate sarcasm.

"For your own debauched pleasure," I suggested.

"No, most definitely not!" she retorted.

"Then you may cease." I said "Thank you," but cease she did not or could not for something inside her was ignited and required to be quenched.

She stared at me and lowered her gaze, "But Mr Darrowby, I cannot," she said awkwardly as she had been taught, "I need a phallus."

"Mine?" I asked in amusement.

"It would suffice." she said.

"You are asking me to insert myself within you!" I exclaimed.

"No, yes, oh I don't know," she protested, "Please do not torment me, just do it!"

"Will you kiss me tenderly." I asked.

"No, just a phallus if you please, but hurry," she said, "For I am sorely in need." she uttered as she had been taught and so I once again lowered my breeches and sought her lower lips with my fingers and finding them awash nearly with moisture I had her lie back upon the bed and as she spread her legs wide so at one time she guided my manhood inside her and I rammed him home firmly so firmly that she cried out.

"Oh," she cried, "Ohhhh," and I expelled my pent up cream in a great gush which sated us both in an instant.

She lay back then and smiled at me for an instant before she remembered to scowl, I spoke first, "That was very pleasant, if a trifle rushed," I suggested, and I turned to Michelle, "You may leave us now." I declared, "Take the irons if you will."

It took more than a moment for the irons were secured with Pad-Locks but it was done and Michelle carried away the manacles as she left us.

I lay abed a moment and then on an impulse I undressed entirely as Miss Addiscombe watched me with a steady stare, "And how many more mistresses have you Mr Darrowby?" she asked.

"What care you of my affairs?" I asked,"But no, you are alone."

"And wives or sweethearts?" she asked.

"Neither, why?" I asked.

"Then how shall I have respite from your repeated lusts?" she asked.

"Madam," I declared, "I have but little by way of lustful needs."

"Then why does your appendage even now point to the heavens?" she asked.

"Perchance you are the great beauty you claimed." I declared.

"Michelle said a swollen appendage should be relieved at the earliest opportunity to diminish the gentleman's discomfort to its least." she explained.

"And you desire it within you?" I asked.

"Michelle said it was seemly to invite a gentleman thus," she explained.

"You are still not sated, are you?" I demanded, "No nor I."

"Michelle said I was to," she said, and stopped, "Please Mr Darrowby, can you not release me?"

"No, but tell me what troubles you, and no shyness I insist." I replied curiously.

"I have desires," she admitted, "Carnal desires which are quite improper, Mr Darrowby, Michelle has encouraged them and now," she paused, "They overwhelm me."ivvy man don't be so heartless!" Ensterby chided but Grayson was adamant.


"Poor Miss Addiscombe," I said before my lips sought her teats and she moaned softly.

"Why will you not listen?" she asked plaintively. I sensed something troubling her so I made do with kissing her teats until the time was right and she reached out to guide my manhood within her and as the velvet softness of her cavern engulfed me so I entered anew the dreamland of my mind, wherein I slumbered gently amid towering clouds of fluffy pink marsh-mallow from where I looked down at railway tracks, not the one or two but hundreds and the whole world was swirled with the smoke of factories, steam ships and manufactories.

The immediacy of my emission brought me to reality as the first pulses of my juices gushed out to sate Miss Addiscombe's needs and she smiled, a beautiful smile, but one of triumph which I found perplexing.

I left Miss Addiscombe in the hands of Michelle and her whorish clan with instructions that a trouseau of whorish garments should be prepared for her new life as my own sweet private whore, and that she might earn the art of face painting that gives the whore such allure.

I had business that afternoon but later on my return when I found the dinner places in the club dining rooms were all taken up it was to my own town house instead that my invited party repaired, Ensterby, Henry Collins, and his younger brother Filbert, Bulgersby, Farnsworth and indeed Grayson, all invited to see Miss Addiscombe's transformation form society beauty to rampant whore, and indeed to see that a sodomite I was not!

I paid Michelle the whore from my club and she brought with her a cohort of street girls each freshly bathed and perfumed and attired in freshly laundered things that my friends might be sated also, and so we sat down a pleasant meal brought from the kitchens of the club served by the maids Miss Addiscombe included, who tended us as waitresses.

Michelle had prevailed upon me for a sufficiency of funds that the girls might be dressed as French maids, all in black with crisp white aprons, and Miss Addiscombe was likewise attired, and, it must be admitted, with great reluctance did Miss Addiscombe assist with the serving of the meal, in fact after the soup a commotion was heard such that I had to attend.

"I shall not do it!" Miss Addisombe insisted.

"What?" I asked.

"Carry a large carrot thus," she said, "Thus, thrust inside."

"Michelle!" I chided.

"Tis the mode sir!" she cried, "And most exceptionally pleasant for the gentleman so served."

"Thrust?" I asked, "Inside?"

"Inside sir, indeed sir," Michele said and seeing my concern she insisted, "In front sir, not behind that would never do, the carrot might be soiled."

"Oh my lord!" I gasped.

"Tis not funny!" Miss Addiscombe sapped at me insolently. I bridled, all this and still she did not know her place.

"No, it is not, still you do not know your place madam, you speak as if we are equals, we are not madam, now disrobe and insert the carrots, soiled or not both passages shall be plugged and in nakedness shall you serve the meat course, do you understand?"

"Indeed I shall not!" she protested.

"Then I shall allow my friends to sample you." I promised.

"Then, I shall steel myself, for I am sure their lusts outstrip yours tenfold." she retorted, and she shuddered involuntarily.

"And having sullied you with their filth I shall afford you the consideration of joining Michelle and the ladies in whoredom at the Colonial and Americas club and in the back streets and alleyways that abound that you may serve ostlers and servants when you belly swells and your looks fade." I said jocularly for I was sure she knew I held her in some esteem.

"I should rather die!" she said and she grabbed for the large knife used for carving the meat, she beat me by a whisker but before she could thrust it through her heart I deflected it with my arm in an instant of rending fabric and shocked agony of blood letting as again she wounded me.

I stared at my blood oozing forth, "Don't just stand there fetch bandages you stupid woman!" I chided.

"I'm sorry," Miss Addiscombe said, "I meant to harm myself."

"And you are my property so by so doing you would hurt me, so it was intended." I snapped back, "Get bandages someone, and help me disrobe."

It was an ugly flesh wound, too severe for mere bandages so Dr Higgins, our family physician was summoned and he came directly within the hour at the latest.

Higgins was a portly but kindly man, of father's age maybe, and he arrived dressed soberly and in a surprising degree of sobriety given due regard to the hour.

"Why Miss Addiscombe!" Dr Higgins declaimed on arrival, as he found her dressed again soberly in maids attire, "What a pleasant surprise, what brings you here?"

"I" she replied at a loss for explanation.

"She has fallen on hard times Doctor," I explained, "She is variously a servant and a whore."

"Then she must come and live with us." he replied heedless of my wounds as I stood before him bared but for my breeches and undershirt.

"Mr Darrowby and I have an arrangement Doctor," she said, "I am his mistress, he would offer marriage but for my situation," she continued.

"You are a common whore, look at your attire!" I replied.

"You really are impossible!" Miss Addiscombe snapped, "I try to accommodate you and just humiliate me, should have tried the knife upon you!"

"Did she not?" Higgins asked.

"No, she turned it on herself when I jokingly offered her to my friends carnally." I explained.

"Then shame in you sir!" Higgins snapped, "I have known Miss Addiscombe from a child there is no sweeter nor more beautiful girl in the county I'll wager and yet you treat her so?"

"So what should I do?" I asked.

"Make her an offer," he said "Or die of loss of blood or gangrene for I shall not treat your wounds if you decline."

"Then the offer is made." I agreed.

"And accepted." Miss Addiscombe agreed, "Am I still to deliver the carrots as you require in nakedness?"

"Indeed, but only I shall sample you." I insisted.

"I hate you." she said, "I shall make your every waking hour a torment."

"Oh a pretty gown, a ring, a necklace, a half dozen children running around the gardens at Castlefields, no you shall love me soon enough." I explained, "And no, forget the Carrots, let the doctor do his business and we shall tell our friends our news."

"Oh no," she said, "I have your command," and she smiled, and slipped off her maids gown, and by standing upon one leg, to the doctors consternation she slipped a large carrot up her bottom and another in her slot and went through to the Dining room where my friends were drinking port and nibbling biscuits in complete nakedness.

Mr Collins I am reliably informed went red of the face and choked upon his biscuit at Miss Addiscombes lewd nakedness and all were agreed nothing so unseemly had they ever witnessed, "Carrot Mr Collins?" Miss Addiscombe offered as she pulled the slippery wet vegetable from her most private place and offered it to him, and his knees buckled as he tried to stand and he crashed to the floor.

"I am to be Mrs Darrowby," she said as she pulled the other carrot fromm her behind to leave it stinking beside the biscuits, "Shall you all attend the church or shall you crowd around the bed while we fornicate."

"Darrowby!" Mr Collins cried, "Miss Addiscombe is surely insane!"

"A moment!" I cried and as the doctor released me I went to seek them out, "No Mr Collins, 'tis you who is insane." I charged, "You cast aside Miss Addiscombe, she was yours for the taking and so you are the imbecile."

"She is a whore sir, I am well rid of her," Collins said.

"Indeed?" I enquired, "Bend over the end of the table please my dear," I asked pleasantly enough, "For I shall seal out union anew if you have left me enough blood."

She bent over the table as requested and reached around and spread the soft pink lips which led to her womb even as I dropped my breeches and drove deeply inside her once more.

"Do you find it pleasing to watch us fornicate, have you no homes to go to?" she demanded as I ploughed her.

Collins for one rose to leave so I challenged him, "Oh hold hard Mr Collins," I requested, "For we have business to transact," and then I was lost in her, I withdrew briefly whilst we repaired to the floor and then I speared her anew, her legs wrapped around me this time, and softly she drew the cream from me in the way that Michelle had taught her.

Then it was done, I was sated indeed and I climbed from her, wiped my appendage on a napkin, and drew up my breeches, "So Mr Collins, regale us with the tale of how I swindled you of Castlefields."

"It was the cards," he said.

"But brother," Mr Filbert Collins spoke up, "Surely Mr Darrowby advanced money on the surety of Castefields for your railway venture?" he asked, "I cautioned you against it."

"I, ah, that may well be but I was intoxicated." he blustered.

"You made me believe Mr Darrowby swindled you!" Miss Addiscombe snapped at him, "You made me hate Mr Darrowby,"

"For which I thank you," I averred, "For hate is so easily changed to love, and I do believe when three or more of our children run free Miss Addiscombe I do believe you may come to love me."

"Had you not debauched me so sorely that would surely be the case." she said quietly, "But for now I shall tolerate you."

"Love me or I shall lay you on that table and plough you anew." I threatened.

"No, I shall not!" she replied, but with a smile, so I did not press the matter.

"It was said," Miss Addiscombe reminded me a few moments later when she sat nakedly upon my lap, "The offer was made and accepted, in jest but made it was."

"Yes," I agreed, "And I shall hold you to it!" and then I said "See yourselves out gentlemen we shall repair to my bed."

I took her hand and we rushed upstairs, but it was not for pleasure, rather weakness for my wounding and fornication had weakened me completely.

We lay together nakedly until morning, "Did you mean what you said about children and gowns?" she asked as I woke.

"Indeed, I think we shall take Castlefields as our home." I suggested.

"Yes," she agreed, "Stephen," she said, "I shall be the best wife ever." she agreed.

"My whore," I corrected her, "Wife in name only for you have beauty, and spirit, and the training and appetites of a whore, and it is as a whore that you are truly perfection," I said and she slapped my face, so I rolled her onto her back and pronged her anew.

It was two days later at Castlefields that she sold her soul to me, I ordered simple garments for her, sufficient for a governess or such and took her to Castefields by carriage and showed the agent and housekeeper the deeds I held and then ordered the entire household to assemble at the garden steps.

"I am Stephen Darrowby your new master and this my Mistress Miss Darrowby, not wife, mistress, mark you," I said loudly, "And you shall obey her commands as if they were mine."

"Yes sir!" the housekeeper agreed.

"There are some who think me a sodomite, one who takes pleasure with men, so I shall disprove that instantly, Mary!" I ordered, "If you please."

"Must I Stephen?" she asked.

"Yes!" I ordered so she sank to her knees and drew up her dress baring her bottom before bending over a box bush.

The servants gasped, and then I lowered my breeches and as her slot glistened in anticipation I sank my rampant manhood deep within her.

Suddenly all was forgotten, servants, business, everything, just Miss Addiscombe and I conjoined in bliss as I pounded her, and then the cheering commenced, I heard it as a mere background to my pleasure but in truth it was there, as if we performed for the amusement of our servants like animals at the circus, but such cognisance as I gave it was subsumed completely by the bliss of conjoining with Miss Addiscombe in the warm sunlight outside the house she desired more than anything.

"Mr Darrowby," Miss Addiscombe whispered, "Stephen, the bush, it prickles."

"A moment more if you please," I requested and then as if by command a great spurt of cream did I emit and sated Miss Addiscombe entirely.

Then did we hear the clapping, "Shall we take a bow Stephen?" Miss Addiscombe taunted me.

"Indeed, let us hold hands and bow together, on the count of three," I suggested.

"Three!" she giggled and she curtsied as I bowed, and she looked at me and I at her and she smiled and I smiled back and we enjoyed the joke together and then as we made ourselves respectable I dismissed the servants and we sat on the steps together.

"Miss Addiscombe," I said, "When I offered matrimony it was under duress."

"I shall not hold you to it," she assured me.

"But I wish to reaffirm it," I said, "You desire this house, I need a whore."

"No," she said, "No I need you," she said, "I am ruined, you are my only chance of happiness."

"Then it is settled," I agreed, "We shall be married, and you shall be mistress of Castlefields by day and my mistress by night."

"And bear you children?" she asked.

"Indeed, indeed, perhaps we should endeavour?" I suggested.

"In our soft bed, for that bush has an excess of spikes, so in our bed or." she paused.

"Or?" I asked.

She blushed and smiled nervously, "Michelle said standing up, or indeed standing on one leg with the other raised high and sideways was most exciting for a man." she suggested.

"Then lead on!" I agreed and forth we went to experiment and indeed standing had it's own allure, standing on one leg an unpleasant asymmetry, but upon the bed ploughing her was my favoured practice.

And by degrees she became a lady once more, her gowns reappeared from where she had hidden them away, her nails grew, her hair cleaned and styled now shone, and that April we walked down the Aisle at the church in Todmorden road as man and wife, her white dress barely disguising her swelling belly in expectation of our child.

But our marriage is another chapter, to be told later if there

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Miss Addiscombe's Virtue

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