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  1. Forced to be a Fuck Doll
  2. Forced to be a Fuck Doll II
  3. Forced to be a Fuck Doll III
  4. Forced to be a Fuck Doll IV

Forced to be a Fuck Doll IV

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Enema, Humiliation

Author: pin-upScripture

Published: 28 September 2011

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The men who came and retrieved Ashlynn from the penthouse after the party laughed at the plug in her pussy that was keep in all of the men's cum that was funneled into her. They demanded that she leave it in until her bath time the next morning. After she was bathed she was taken to a place where her legs and pussy were waxed thoroughly then she was put in something not unlike a hospital gown and made to wait in a room. Ashlynn was beyond the point of crying and she was just hoping that things didn't get any worse.

Finally one of the attendant men came in and said "Get up, let's go...I've got to deliver you out to the country."
Once inside the van Ashlynn dared to ask the driver where she was being taken.
The man laughed and said, "Some rich dude is in town for a couple weeks and wants a slave."
Amazingly Ashlynn was glad to hear that it was only one man...but and then grew worried about the length of time and all that could happen in two weeks.

"Oh, yeah, we chose you because he requested one of the fresher sluts and one with a virgin ass. Haha...so, I'm guessing it won't be unused for long." The man taunted her.

Ashlynn hoped to herself that it wasn't true and that the attendant was just being cruel as usual.

After about 45 minutes the van stopped and Ashlynn was led out and unblindfolded. She saw a beautiful country house with a large landscaped yard. She was led inside the house and into a a hunter's lodge like decorated livingroom. There was a huge fireplace and large bear skin rug in front of it. The attendant told her to get on her knees and he sat on a couch to wait.

After a minute or two a man entered the room and greeted the worker. He looked to be about 40 and had dark brown hair with some slight grey peppered here and there. Ashlynn had to admit that he was quite handsome.

"So, here's my slave...Stand her up and let's have a look" The man nonchalantly ordered.

The worker jumped up off the couch and roughly pulled Ashlynn off the floor before she could do so by herself. He quickly ripped off her hospital gown leaving her completely naked and exposed...by default she tried to cover her tits and and pussy with her hands. The older man strode over and slapped her hands down.

"You have a lot to learn, slave, but I love breaking them in. You will only speak when spoken to and you will always address me as 'Master'. You will only refer to yourself in third person as the 'the slut' or whatever...feel free to get creative!" The man said to her with a huge smile on his face. His eyes were scanning her entire body and his hands grazing her tits, pinching at her nipples, and prodding at various parts of her.

"Alright, slut, turn around...let's look at that ass."
She began to turn around and was was immediately backhanded in the face by the man,
"I gave you an order and you didn't respond! you're already breaking the rules, stupid."

After the shock of the blow wore off she manged to whisper "Yes, master." and then turned around.
The man who will now be referred to as Master began slapping her ass a couple times and then turned back to the attendant.
"Alright, she'll do. You can leave now."

"Well, first things first...on your knees, cunt. You're my fucking pet while I'm visiting and you'll be crawling the whole time."

"Yes, master." Ashlynn said as she quickly dropped her knees, not wanting to be hit again.

"Good, slut...Now here's a reward." He picked up a case from a nearby coffee table and pulled out what seemed to be a black dog collar. He placed it around her neck. "Now you're a proper pet. And you're in luck because I'm done with work for the day and can give your training my full attention." He pick up a small cat o'nine tails whip and lashed her ass with it making her whimper.
"Let's go downstairs." He led her down some stairs, kind of difficult to do while crawling, and once she was down she saw kind of a makeshift dungeon set up. The floors were cement, there was a large cage in the corner, a wooden table, various ropes, toys, and devices hanging on the walls. Ashlynn immediately began to grow more fearful.

"Now, let's have a more detailed inspection." He grapped a length of rope that fell down from the ceiling across a rafter and tied both her wrists with it. He then began pulling on the other end which hoisted her up to her feet. Much to Ashlynn's dismay he kept pulling until only a few of her toes could touch the ground, causing her extreme discomfort.
"Spread those legs, you cow." Master yelled and he hit her inner thighs with the whip. She immediately spread them. He began pressing her exposed cunt with the whip, almost shoving it up inside her. "Alright, it seems like a decent cunt...but I'll have to spread it out to get a better look."

He walked over to one of the racks on the wall and began sorting through some things, and then brought back a box. He pulled out 2 metal clamps that were kinda similar to jumper cables...each had a couple inches of chain with two clamps on each end.
He pinched one clamp onto one of her pussy lips and Ashlynn let out a squeak as the dull metal teeth of the clamp bit into her tender pussy lip. He then pulled on it and clamped the other end to some soft inner thigh skin pulling the chain taut and opening her pussy up. He then repeated this with the other pussy lip and Ashlynn was starting to tear up. Her feet were in pain at the awkward stance and her pussy lips and inner thighs were throbbing and stinging at the pressure of the clamps. Strangely though, the cool air on her spread pussy felt good to Ashlynn.
Master examined her open cunt more thoroughly and nodded his approval. He began lightly whipping it at with his whip, and then slowly increased the harshness. She winced as she felt the leather straps lashing at her clit and inner pussy. He was also lashing at her inner thighs and Ashlynn could see that her pussy and thighs were quickly turning red.
"Okay, good. Now I'm going to start training you to love pain...then you'll be begging me to torture your dirty little cunt." He reached in the box and pulled out a small vibrator bud that was attached to a cord and could be controlled by him. "Now listen, I'm going to shove this up your little pussy and I'm going to keep whipping you...it's your choice if you want to hold your pussy tight to keep it...but I'll whip you regardless."

He shoved the vibrator inside easily and immediately turned it on, the sensation was a pleasurable change from all the pain and Ashlynn found herself immediately tightening to keep it inside. He began using the ship on her spread cunt again, the lashes going up her ass crack as well as almost inside her pussy hole. The vibrator was making her wet and she soon began to notice she was dripping on the floor...but it wasn't enough to put her over the edge. However, each time she felt one of the lashes, especially on her clit, she was brought a littler nearer to climax. She blocked out the pain and only focused on the pressure building inside her pussy...she desperately wanted to explode. She was awakened from her pleasure trance by a slap in the face.
"Hey, cunt, you will not cum without permission."
"Yes, Master."
He began using the whip on her tits and her nipples grew hard and eventually raw. She looked down to see them red and striped with marks. She began smacking her open pussy with the palm of hand...spanking her clit. The pain was so intense that she was actually unsure whether it was pain or actually pleasure she began gyrating her hips, awkwardly in her stance, and was trying to hold back on climaxing. Finally he said,
"Alright, you may cum, slave." And then began whipping her its even faster and harder while still furiously spanking her drenched slit. That put her over the edge and she immediately orgasmd, the vibrator slid out the floor with a slurping noise, and her whole body shuddered and she moaned with pain and delight. In that moment of bliss, Ashlynn did feel like a pet for a second...just an animal to be used. However, that was quickly over he slapped one of her tits with an extremely forceful blow...she lost her balance for a moment and the rope dug painfully into her wrists before she regained balance.
"You're supposed to thank me right away you ungrateful little slut." He spit on her face.

"Thank you, Master. Thank you for making me cum." She could feel the glob of his saliva run down her cheek and she was instantly embarrassed at having orgasmed. How I could I actually like this? She let her head hang down.

"Well, that's better...still though, I don't think I'll let you cum for the rest of the day. I don't put up with spoiled little fuck pets." Instead of letting her down as Ashlynn has hoped he began rummaging through the box again, and brought out another two little clamps but this time with little weights on the end of them connected with chain. He attached them to her nipples which were already swollen and raw from the whip. The pain made Ashlynn bite down on her lip.
"I think we'll leave on the clamps on your cunt...let you dry out. Tell me how fucking wet and dirty you are, slut. Tell me how much you loved to be whipped."

"The slut loves to be whipped, Master...her dirty cunt is dripping from being tortured. The little fuck pet can't get enough." Ashlynn whimpered with her eyes closed...it was so hard to say aloud, but she didn't want to be hit again. Her sore nipples were pulled down by the weights and Ashlynn couldn't help but think about how ridiculous she looked. Her sloppy pussy spread wide, her thighs red and covered with welts, her breasts red and striped with marks as well, her nipples being pulled down, and dried spit on her face. She didn't know how she could handle two weeks of this.
"Well, slimy, I'm hungry and going upstairs to eat so you won't ruin my appetite. Just have fun hanging out here." As soon as he said it he began to laugh, "hahahaha, 'hanging'! Get it?" Ashlynn didn't say anything.
"Ah, it's probably way over your head, you dumb piece of fuck meat."
He then turned his back to her and walked upstairs leaving Ashlynn in tears.


After what seemed like at least and hour Ashlynn heard the door open and was actually happy for it, she was in immense pain and had been praying for unconsciousness. Once he was down the stairs he gave her a big smile. "Alright, kitty, it's time for you to come down." He untied her wrists and unable to keep her balance on her cramped toes she feel flat on her face. He laughed at her a tossed a doggy bowl on to the floor filled with scraps of pizza. "Hurry up and eat so we can get back to training, slut."
By default Ashlynn reached out to grab a crust with her hand and he immediately kicked her in the ribs.
"No! What part of being a fuck pet don't you understand? No hands, stupid."
"Yes, master." Ashlynn said and lowered her head to the bowl and began eating. It wasn't much food so it didn't take long. He then directed her to get up on the wooden table and lay on her back.

"Alright, we'll take these off now" He said gesturing to the clamps on her pussy and nipples. Surprisingly, taking them off was extremely painful and and Ashlynn saw the indentations left on her pussy lips which were still kind of hanging agape, and that her nipples were completely red, swollen, and hard.
"Turn over on your stomach...it's time to inspect that virgin ass."
Ashlynn turned over on her stomach, just relieved to be able to lie down after so long.
"Hey, stupid, reach your hands back her and spread these ass cheeks...you're the fucking slave here." He ordered.

She reached back and spread her ass for him. She was so humiliated.
"Oh yeah, nice. It's closed up tight. Now, we have to get it ready...if I'm going to do you the favor of fucking your ass, it's definitely not going to be a dirty one." He said. Ashlynn wanted to protest and beg him to not violate her there...but she knew it was futile.

He brought around a metal stand with a IV bag attached to it, just like at hospitals, and filled with a what seemed to be a couple gallons of water. He began messing around with some tubes from what she could tell, it was hard to see her laying on her stomach and trying to keep her ass cheeks held open.
"Alright, here we go." He said cheerfully and harshly pushed in a nozzle into her asshole. Her ass immediately tightenend and she felt extreme discomfort. She had had an enema earlier in the week...but it wasn't with as near as much water as it seemed Master wanted to use.
She began whimpering as she could feel her insides cramping and her belly swell.
"Raise up on your knees so your ass is pointing up in the air." He said as he slapped her ass. Ashlynn obeyed and the pressure of the hard table was relieved but as more water filled her she saw her stomach expand even more. The sensation was so strange and she began to cry and just when she felt like her insides her going to explode he stopped and Ashlynn saw that the IV bag was empty. She let out a tearful sigh of relief. He ordered her to tighten her ass and switched the tub with a plug and yelled at her to get off the table.
"Careful, don't let the plug pop out and get the nasty shit water all over my floor. If you do then you can guarantee that you'll be sleeping in it tonight. Now, walk around...we want it to get you all cleaned out."

Ashlynn began awkwardly walking around, the pressure on her stomach and asshole were unbearable and made it difficult to move. Master just laughed, "Come on, slut, give me a little dance!"
Ashlynn hung her head down with shame and began dancing around...hardly dancing...just kind of moving her hips around. "Come on! Shake those tits and ass!"
Ashlynn was shaking her tits and wiggling her ass with tears streaming down her face. She almost looked like she was pregnant...a collared and swollen red fuck pet stupidly dancing around with a plug shoved up her ass.
"Alright, knock it off...now come over here." He led her over to the other side of the basement where there was a large metal trough and ordered her to get in and get on her hands and knees. He walked back to the other side, opened up a closet, and brought out a video camera already on a tripod. He was smiling as he brought it over to her and positioned it behind her facing her ass.
"Alright, you dirty cunt, I want you to try as hard as you can to blow that plug out and spray the enema out. Do it!"
Not really needing any encouragement, despite the video camera, she was just so uncomfortable she squeezed and tightened her ass passage in an attempt to shoot the plug out. Surprisingly it didn't pop out right away and she tried harder, making little grunting noises for her efforts.
"Come on, try harder, little piggy." He taunted, imitating her grunts.
Finally with one final and hard push, the plug popped out of her and she felt a stream of water begin to gush and spray out of her. It was such relief but the stream seemed endless and she imagined how gross she looked, on her hands and knees with enema water wildly spraying out of her ass. Finally it all trickled out and Master walked over to shut off the camera.
"Not bad, pig slut, I guess you were pretty clean too." He grabs a hose and sprays her ass off, and then decides to just spray her all down...focusing mainly on pussy and face with ice cold and extremely pressurized water.

"Alright...now time to dirty it up again!" He yelled and dragged her out of the trough. Ashylnn could sense all this activity since she arrived had been exciting him and he was ready to release all those pent up urges. He viciously dragged her to the table, threw her upper body onto it so she was bent over it, spread her legs and pulled his hard dick out his pants. It was about 7 inches long with pretty girthy and when Ashlynn saw it out of the corner of her eye she began to panic. She immediately started to resist and was trying to claw her way out his grasp...the first time she had to tried to physically fight since her capture. He wasn't having any of it and grabbed her hair on the back of her head and slammed her face down onto the table.
"You'll pay for this disobedience, cunt!" He growled as he shoved her hard cock inside her pussy, he thrust it in a couple times just to get it wet and then rammed in right into her asshole. Ashlynn screamed bloddy murder as the pain shot through her. She was sure that she was being torn in half and she feel her ass contracting uncomfortably.
"You are my fucking property, cow. A pet...literally just like a fucking up blow up fuck doll...your ass is mine." He snarled into her ear as he rammed his dick inside her over and over again, shoving her hips into the table...she could feel them bruise. Ashlynn was still screaming over an dover again but was so delirious with pain that she didn't even realize it. Finally she felt a hot burst as he came and her ass filled up with his semen. He screams trailed off and she was just moaning and whimpering incoherently, she expected him to pull out but he didnt.

" Just so you get the point, I'll also be using you as a toilet for awhile, piggy." Before she could even understand what he meant she felt another hot stream in her asshole, but more powerful and wet. She realized he was pissing inside her ass.
"Now if you know what's good for you, you'll hold that ass tight and keep that piss inside you." He demanded. She was way beyond the point of disobeying and just did as he asked. He pulled out and there a little popping noise from the vaccuum of her ass when he pulled out. He reached for another anal plug was pushed it inside her.
"There...you dirty little slut, you can just be a fucking piss bucket for tonight. You love it! Don't you?" He asked.

Still bent over the table, with her cheek up against the wood, completely defeated she whimpered, " I love it, Master. I love being your little fuck pet and piss holder."

He laughed, "I knew it! You're so dirty...you love being a fuck slave...you're useless for anything else and you know it." He grabbed her off the table by pulling on her hair and led her to the large cage in the corner. He cuffed her ankles and hands together and set her on top of a thin blanket in the cage.
"Alright, piglet, goodnight. Hopefully, tomorrow you'll behave better and I won't have to punish you so harshly." He pat her on the head, locked up the cage, and started to walk up the stairs. Not even caring that piss was plugged up her ass, Ashlynn closed her eyes and welcomed sleep.

*Let me know if you guys want something specifically in the next installments of Ashlynn being slave for two weeks. Thanks for reading!*

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Forced to be a Fuck Doll IV

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Comments (18)
Anonymous reader — 10 July 2016 21:18
Looking forward to part five and 6. I know that the rest of the fans of this story can't wait to see what mysterious Masters have in store for her . And what ever became of other Lady ? Have a good day you all .
Anonymous reader — 19 November 2015 17:00
I wnna read more......plz write more parts
Anonymous reader — 18 December 2013 04:23
I loved the name calling. Was a real turn on when he pissed in her asshole. Should have him skull fuck her, cum down her throat, then feed her his piss. Fill her dog dish with piss and cum. Make lap at it while he fucks her ass and tortures her nipples.
anonymous reader — 04 August 2013 15:36
Super awesome maybe have it with her getting pregnant and something else
anonymous reader — 23 July 2013 16:49
Loving it! Maybe not next time but later on in the story show it a few years later when the guys changed her personality, got her to fight and got her to like being f****d.
anonymous reader — 19 July 2013 17:37
that was amazing!!!! maybe make her deepthroat his cock or fuck her ass more. i love the story. please more details!
anonymous reader — 08 March 2013 18:54
The piss part was gross, and the comments about animals.. Is just wierd and way too wrong.
anonymous reader — 02 November 2012 17:37
piss drinking, humiliated in public and a gangbang maybe with a live recording?
Temptress223 — 02 April 2012 02:00
i love it when he pisses in her asshole.
and mmmmmmm
i love enemas.
perseus200 — 29 February 2012 11:42
dude that rocks!!! what if to futher turn Ashlynn into a willing Slave her new Master brought in another Slave girl and forced Ashlynn to help him torure the new slut and despite her self Ashlynn starts to like training the new girl?
anonymous reader — 29 February 2012 04:48
piecings.. LOVE LOVE the piss! maybe have more men piss inside her. have her drink it. and yes piercings. I LOVE THIS.
anonymous reader — 13 February 2012 06:50
Piercing and gang bang and branding or tattoo
anonymous reader — 28 December 2011 23:20
Make her get fucked an. Animal
anonymous reader — 28 December 2011 23:20
Make her get fucked an. Animal
anonymous reader — 28 October 2011 09:24
Take her to a party and tie her bent over for any cock,cunt or dildo but keep her ass full.
anonymous reader — 02 October 2011 21:37
make get fucked by an animale
papaprv — 28 September 2011 13:20
Make her drink and swalow his piss
anonymous reader — 28 September 2011 03:31
proofread please!! Your spelling and grammar were really good in the first three, please don't get lazy on us. It ruins the illusion
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