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Ryan and the Red Heads

Categories Fiction, Anal, Enema, Incest

Author: moongoddess1963

Published: 29 May 2012

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Just a word before you start, it's long, ninety pages. You may want to take a chapter at a time.

Ryan and the Red Heads (Chapter one)

I got home to learn that we are getting a visitor, a visitor that will be with us for two months over the summer taking in the big city sights with my wife as her tour guide; museums, galleries, plays; in the evenings we’ll be visiting a variety of restaurants so she can sample the exotic cuisines of the world available here, all of the highlights of big city life.

My wife, Suzette has a twin sister Annette, identical twin, her fourteen year old daughter will be our guest. Annette lives in a bucolic rural setting with her doctor husband and wants her daughter to experience big city life.

Annie, our niece is a cutie, cut from the same mold as Suzette and Annette, just a smaller version and it’s hard to be much smaller. The twins are petite, both are 4’11”, both weigh maybe 95 pounds soaking wet, they have red hair, emerald green eyes with a spray of freckles over their cute pug noses. Their bodies are trim and compact; their breasts are small but perfectly shaped, they ride high and have an upturn so their nipples point nearly skyward. Both have tiny waists and delightful little bubble butts. Annie comes in the 80 pound model. Suz and I both love Annie to death but we both also imagine that her presence will adversely affect our active and exotic sex life.

Since she is to arrive the following day, Sunday, Suzette suggested we make an evening of it tonight. I was game. We thought dinner and then a club for a little dancing and maybe just a line or two of coke.

Suz had already showered and put on her lipstick when I got home. She wanted me to give her a little help and I had a gift for her so that worked out swimmingly.

“You want to get a shower then give me a hand,” she asked.

I caressed her tight little bottom then gave her a light whack, replying, “I’d love to help and I have a little something for you, too.”

Suz could be like a kid, “You got me a gift, what did you get me Ryan, come on, tell what, what.”

“Patience my child,” I replied, let me shower then I’ll show you.

She was in the bedroom nearly bouncing in anticipation when I came out. I really was in the mood for sex but our reservations wouldn’t allow it, it would have to wait until we got home.

She danced around the room, “Show me, show me, show me.”

“God Suz, settle down.”

She stuck her tongue out at me, twirled and shook her bootie at me and told me she didn’t have to, then she started again, “Show me.”

I knew what she was doing, I was happy to oblige. I snatched up her little body and put her belly down over my lap telling her, “Sassy little girls get a spanking.”

“Is the mean Daddy going to spank his sweet little girl?” She teased.

I lifted off the tee shirt and rolled off the panties she was wearing, she then I whacked her milk white, freckled cheeks. Not hard, just enough to sting, five swats.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?”

She pouted a moue at me and didn’t answer.

“Do you want me to help you get dressed,” I asked.

“I want my gift,” she pouted.

“Okay, pick out the panties you’re going to wear while I get things.”

I got my gift and another of our toys and took then back to the bedroom.

She’d picked out a light lavender pair of bikini panties, they lay on the bed, the only thing she had on were her freckles.

I opened the gift box and took out her gift.

“Come here,” I told her.

She stood between my legs, I turned her so she was facing away then told her to put her leg through the twin straps I was holding. First one then other went through the twin straps and I pulled the device into place, cinching first the waist strap then the thigh straps. After checking that it was positioned properly I used the remote and turned it on.

“Oh wow,” she exclaimed as the butterfly vibrator stimulated her clit. I put it through its paces, slow speed to high speed and pulse. I thought she was going to cum right there.

“Do you like it?”

“Phantasmagoric, I love it, can I wear it tonight?”

“I hoped you would.”

“You’re going to tease me in the restaurant, aren’t you.”

“With it and the other, too.”

“Do I have to wear the other Daddy?”

“Yes, now be a good girl for me.”

She tossed herself face down on the bed and opened her legs.

I spread her cheeks, added a little Astroglide and slipped her small butt plug in then I hit the remote for it. She started to pump a little, I added the butterfly.

“God, I won’t have to put any effort in dancing tonight, just turn these things on; they’ll bounce me around the floor.”

I turned them off and helped her into her panties.

I was massaging her bottom when she asked, “I’m going to get it tonight, aren’t I?”

“Are you clean?” I asked.

“Always,” she replied.

I knew that was true, my Suz was fastidious about cleanliness, both inside and out.

While I dressed so did she. I wore slacks with a pull over shirt and a jacket. She had on a pale pink shell top, a red mini-skirt and high heeled sandals.

We took a taxi to our destination.

While we dined on Japanese I gave Suz a charge every few minutes, first one then the other then both together. She was having a little trouble eating, finally I set her butt plug on low and let her ride it as she finished her meal.

She looked across the table and mouthed, “Mean Daddy.”

“Careful or they both go up to high,” I mouthed back.

I finished before she did. We were in a booth; I joined her on her side, “Lift your bottom a little,” I asked.

I slid my hand under her then told her she could sit back down.

I was pressing the plug deeper into her.

She moaned, “Oh bad Daddy, bad, bad Daddy.”

Then I let her feel the butterfly and told her, “I want you to cum for me, right here.”

In just a few minutes she gripped my arm and, trembling, climaxed there at the table.

“That’s my good Baby Girl,” I told her.

I knew her panties were wet, I could smell her.

We’d finished, I’d called for the check when she whispered, “I need to pee, could you turn these damned things off, I don’t want to take then off, out, whatever and I don’t want the distraction either.”

I switched them off.

I met her at the front of the restaurant, as we walked out to hail a taxi she muttered, “Well that was an experience, I had to hold the plug in with one hand while I balanced myself with the other, I thought I’d pee on myself or fall in.”

“You survived.”

I took her hand and put a small amount of a cream on her right index finger, it was an L-Arginine cream with a little menthol.

“When we’re in the cab I want you to slip your hand inside your panties and rub this on your clitoral hood.”

“What is it?” She asked.

“A sexual arousal cream.”

“Do you really think I need it?” She sarcastically asked.

She was right of course, she was hotter than a two dollar pistol, I replied, “I just want to find out if it works.”

“OK Daddy but it’s you that need to take care of your Baby Girl later, you just remember that.”

By the time we got to the club she told me what she was feeling.

“When I put it on it was cool but then it got warm and my genitals are swollen like when I’m really aroused.”

“It didn’t deaden you or anything like that did it?”

“No, if anything I feel more sensitive.”

We hung at the club a couple of hours, had a few drinks, danced a few dances, I played with my toys, she cursed at me, I seemed to use them at the most inopportune times, like when she was dancing hip-hop and I juiced her so it looks like she was trying to dance the Watusi.

We had a couple lines of coke and she told me she needed to get home, she was going to be a bad girl if she didn’t get out of there.

Outside, I hailed a cab. At home I mixed each of us a night cap, she came and sat on my lap.

I knew the symptoms, I asked if her twin was like her.

“Un hunh,” she said. Her doctor husband has to give her a Xanax and a spanking about every two weeks, it seems to work for her.”

“I don’t have any Xanax,” I told her.

“Well we’ll just have to work around that won’t we.”

As we walked to the bedroom I mused, “I wonder if Annie needs help, too, she’s so much like you two.”

“I don’t think so, Annette has never said anything to me,” she replied.

In the bedroom I undressed, she took off everything but her panties; that and her toys were my job.

She lay on the bed, I rolled her panties off then loosened the straps on her butterfly and took it off. She rolled over on her stomach and I removed her little anal plug and put the appliances in the bathroom sink, I’d wash them later.

I patted her bottom, “Come on Daddy’s Bad Girl,” and led her to my spanking chair.

I had to make her cry, that’s what she wanted. I bent her over my lap.

“Ready, here goes.”

Alternating, cheek to cheek I spanked her. She turned a hot pink then began to redden. It took about twenty-five whacks before I heard the sniffling and then the tears.

I held her, still across my lap and rubbed her until she’d stopped crying.

“What would you like next,” I asked.

Timidly she said, “Well, you could eat me.”

“But I just had dinner,” I teased her.

“Well then have dessert,” she countered, “The special tonight is soft red muff.”

I picked her up, carried her to the bed and started on my dessert.

My tongue laved her vulva, tasting her slickness then I moved down over her perineum to her anus, I reamed her until she started to wiggle then worked up, each of her labium were licked, I tugged gently on her inner lips, I could feel her orgasm building, I stopped.

“Mean Daddy,” she hissed at me.

I repeated bringing her to the verge then stopping several times.

She wasn’t happy, she wanted hers and she wanted hers now but I knew from experience, if I could take her right to the edge several times I could make her squirt when she climaxed. I loved to see it, she could erupt like Old Faithful.

Finally I deemed her ready, I took her clit between my lips then sucked into my mouth, I used the tip of my tongue to excite the pearl tip then, it was hold on, she trembled and quaked as a massive orgasm flowed through her, her ejaculate must have crested at about a foot and a half and she kept squirting, two, three and a forth. I licked her clean then crawled up and took her, I forced her legs back over her head, she couldn’t have been any more exposed.

“Oh yes, fill Baby Girl’s cunt with your big cock Daddy, fuck me good.”

I did have a fairly large cock, eight inches and a half inches and she loved it. She was wet as a Louisiana swamp, I pushed into her and got a little grunt in return. I fucked her hard until she was screaming. She’s one orgasmic lady and the juices were in full flood when I bucked a couple of times, my cock jerked and I filled her hungry womb with my semen.

As I pulled out she said, “Wow, fantastic now come here and let me clean you.”

After I was cleaned she continued until I was hard again.

“You ready for me yet?” She asked.

“Always,” I replied.

“Where do you want me,” she asked.

“The horse, I think,” as I pulled the horse to the middle of the room.

It was built like an ordinary sawhorse, the legs had been cut down so it was just the right height for Suzette, the top and legs were heavily padded and there were Velcro restraints on each of the legs.

She bent over it and I affixed the restraints on each of her arms and legs then lubricated her with Astroglide.

When she was on the horse she knew I tended to play rough, she was aware she might be a bit uncomfortable sitting in the airport the next day waiting to pick up Annie.

When I entered her I powered forward until she’d taken all of me, I gave her a few minutes to enjoy her fullness then I gave her a good pounding. I’d just cum so I lasted. I must have been in her for over half an hour. She made cute sounds, “Unh, unh, unh, unh,” as I thrust into her. At last, I blasted into her, my cum deep in her bowels.

I pulled out and unstrapped her, she was a little unsteady, I started her toward the bathroom so I could clean her up but she veered toward the bed.

“I want to keep my bellyful of you, come to bed with me.”

“Let me clean up, I might want a serving of sweet redheaded pussy during the night.”

She pulled me toward the bed, “I’ll risk it and besides, I’m clean.”

She was, too, a part of her morning ablutions was a Fleet enema.

As it turned out it wasn’t a problem, we both slept like the dead throughout the night.

Next morning I fixed coffee but we skipped breakfast, we’d have brunch with Annie after we’d picked her up.

I drove, we found Annie and I nearly got a rupture carrying her bags, I thought she must be moving in permanently, them I remembered she’s a female, small scale one but still female. Suz can’t get away for a weekend without a steamer trunk.

In the car, the trunk was loaded and we still had one small case. Suz set it in the front passenger’s seat and said, “Ride in back with me Annie, I can point out the sights.”

Sights my foot, they chattered like a pair of magpies.

So, like a Pakistani cabbie with his passengers in the rear I set out for Paradou, a restaurant famous for it’s brunch.

We ordered and guzzled champagne cocktails, yes, all three of us.

Once home Annie unpacked and got settled in. We went out for pizza and salads for our dinner and split a bottle of Chianti, again, yes all three of us.

At home after a little TV I went to bed, I had to work the next day, the girls went to the guest bedroom that was Annie’s for the duration and had a hen fest.

Finally Annie said, “Aunt Suz, I guess it’s all the excitement of coming here but I feel kinda funny.”

“Funny how, Annie.”

“You know, the curse of us redheads.”

“You too, huh?”

“Ever since I started my periods.”

“What do you do about it?”

“Well, I know that Daddy gives Mommy a Xanax and a spanking.”

“Yes, but what do you do.”

She was plainly embarrassed about her admission but she said, “I don’t get the Xanax.”

“He spanks you?”

She whispered, “Yes.”

“Does it help?”

“For about two weeks.”

“Can you wait ‘til tomorrow, after Ryan leaves?”

“I guess.”

“I’m going to take you to the MOMA tomorrow, I think you’ll love it but we’ll deal with your problem first, okay.

“Thanks Aunt Suz,” she said.

Suz gave her a goodnight kiss then retired.

Ryan had coffee and a bagel and was out by seven thirty.

Suzette didn’t get up ‘til eight thirty, she looked in, Annie was still asleep; she went and had a cup of coffee that Ryan had made. When she checked Annie was stirring, she went and sat on the bedside.

“Good morning beautiful,” she said.

“’Morning Aunt Suz, I’ve gotta pee.” She vaulted out of bed and headed to the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing a tee shirt and a pair of panties.

“I’m ready.”

“You’re sure?”
Ryan and the Red Heads (Chapter two-Annie)

“I’ve got to or I’ll squirm out of these panties.”

“Okay, but lets go to my room.”

I sat in the spanking chair, I’d spent a lot of time with it but never as the spanker, always as the spankee.

I was surprised when Annie said in amazement, “You have your clothes on.”

She was wearing panties and a tee shirt, I said, “Well so do you.”

“You have to take your clothes off then you have to take mine off.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because that’s how Daddy does it.”

“Let me understand, you’re both naked when he spanks you.”

“Mommy gets naked for her spankings, too.”

“Mommy’s an adult. How long has your Daddy spanked you naked?”

“As long as I can remember, when I was little if I did something bad he spanked me that way.”

“Does he do anything else?”

“He holds me on his lap and rubs my bottom until I stop crying, sometimes, I can’t stop crying and he does things that make me feel good and I stop.”

“What else does he do?”

Annie knew it was wrong, I’m sure her father had told her not to tell anyone.

“Annie, what else?”

“He rubs me between my legs and puts his finger in my pee pee hole but Mommy knows, sometimes she’s there, she rubs me so he can put a finger in my bottom and my pee pee at the same time and she says its ok so long as I don’t tell anyone.”

I was nearly physically sick, I wanted to puke, my brother-in-law a pedophile and my twin sister was abetting him. Still, I had Annie’s problem to deal with. I stood up and took off my clothes then sat back down.

“How about you?” I asked.

“You have to take mine off.”

I took her tee shirt off, she had small budding breasts, then stripped her of her panties, I noted that she was developing pubic hair and took her over my lap.

The butt I was looking at looked like a miniature of mine, same milk white skin, same spray of freckles, I spanked it.

I’d never spanked anyone in my life, I found out it can be hard work, I’d worked up a pretty good sweat before I got tears.

I rubbed her back until she’d settled down then I said we needed to get showered and dressed, I wanted to take her to the MOMA, we’d get breakfast on the way.

She did enjoy our day at the Museum of Modern Art but on the way home on the subway she was squirming, I asked what was wrong.

“Oh Aunt Suz, it didn’t work, it wasn’t the same and I’m going crazy.”

“Yeah, I understand, a man’s hand, I need it, too.”

“What am I going to do, I don’t want to go home but Daddy can always help.”

I couldn’t help myself, I said, “Yeah, I’ll just bet he can help, we’ll talk about it when we get home.”

At home I told her what she was going to do.

“When he comes in I want you to ask Uncle Ryan to sit down and talk to you, I want you to ask for his help.”

She looked aghast, “I couldn’t do that, I’ve gotta be naked.”

“Not only can you ask, you will ask and, I can assure you he’s seen plenty of cute red headed girl.”

Suz told Annie that she was going out for a few minutes and left her alone in the apartment; she wanted to catch Ryan at the subway, she was waiting when he came up. She rapidly explained what she wanted, what Annie was going to ask for, how he needed to do it and she also let him know what Annette and her husband had been doing.

“Please help, will you Ryan.”

He agreed then told her to run ahead so they didn’t arrive at the same time.

The girls were in the kitchen when he came in.

He kissed then both, Suz on the lips and Annie on the cheek then asked, “Can a guy get a drink around here.”

Annie leapt up, “What would you like Uncle Ryan?”

“A glass of wine would be nice, Suz, do you want one?”

“Yes, a glass of the Chardonnay would be nice, Annie, do you want one, too?”

“Can I?” She asked.

Suz said, “Sure, pour three.”

We sat there in the kitchen and sipped.

I asked about their day, heard all about MOMA (I’d only been there about a hundred times but it was a new experience for Annie so I let her tell me all about it.)

After we’d finished our wine Suz said she had to walk up to the market. Annie asked to go but Suz said, “How about you stay her and entertain and TALK TO Uncle Ryan.”

Annie nodded her understanding.

Annie didn’t immediately broach the subject of her problem but finally she asked if she could talk to me.

“Of course Annie, you can ask me anything,” I told her.

I thought I was going to have to drag it out of her but finally she opened up. She said that like her mother and Aunt Suz she suffered form what she called the curse of the red heads and she needed the same thing that the needed.

“You want me to do it for you, are you sure?”

“No, I’m not sure but it’s like I have snakes in my panties, I need something.”

“Then let’s not hesitate, why don’t you get ready then meet me in my room.”

I was dressed in only a pair of gym shorts when she came in wearing a tee shirt and panties.

She held back but I encouraged her to come to me. I took her top off then bent her over my lap.

She stood back up, “You need to take the shorts off and you have to take off my panties.

“No, the shorts stay on and I’ll pull your panties down once you’re over my lap, you deserve a little privacy, now lay down here.”

She let me ease her down over my lap.

“Just relax honey,” I said as I lowered her panties and kneaded her bottom.

“Gosh you’re cute, you look just like a little Aunt Suz.”

“You really think so, she’s beautiful just like Mommy.”

“You’re beautiful, too. Are you ready?”

“Unh Hunh,” she uttered.

I began to spank, not violent but firm blows, alternating from one cheek to the other.

She began to squirm and her legs came apart, I could see her young genitalia displayed,
I squeezed her legs back together and continued to spank. I had a pretty good cadence going by the time the tears started to flow. I gave her another five for good measure then held her in place and rubbed her back until she got control.

Through tear stained eyes she looked up at me and said, “You can touch me if you want to Uncle Ryan, Daddy does.”

“Honey, I’d love to touch you, you’re a beautiful girl but you are a girl, a fourteen year old girl and I’m an adult, that isn’t right, wait ‘til you’re eighteen and if it’s ok with Aunt Suz I’ll touch you, ok with you.”

“Ok,” she jumped up and gave me a kiss, not quite a little girl kiss then ran to her bedroom leaving her tee shirt and panties. I left them there, evidence for Suz that I’d done my duty.

After Annie was down for the night Suz and I talked, she’d noticed the tee shirt and panties.

“So how did it go?”

I told her everything including Daddy’s molestations and Mommy’s assistance; she didn’t seem surprised, she already knew more than I did.

“The spanking, how did that go?” She asked.

Trying to be flip I said, “Well she does have a cute little bootie you know.”

“Of course she does,” Suz shot back, “It looks just like mine only smaller.”

“Daddy Is my ass to big?”

She’s a ninety-five pounder, I answered, “You know, that’s a question only a woman could ask. You’re cute as a bug and a perfect package yet you ask that silly assed question. If you met a man with a two inch dick do you think he’d ask, ‘Do you think my dicks too small,’ ‘No, if you asked, Who do you think you’re gonna please with that,’ he’d answer, ‘Me,’ then he’d fuck a rattlesnake if he could get it to hold still.’ ‘Your ass is perfect,’ satisfied?”

“My cute ass needs attention.”

“You scream like you’re trying to wake the dead when I fuck your ass, what would your young niece think?”

Suz pondered that for a moment then answered, “True.”

We did have a nice quiet fuck that night.

Tuesday Suz and Annie had a nice day, window shopping, an art gallery and a carriage ride through Central Park. Suz gave Annie the history of the park. It was designed along the lines of an English park up to and including the introduction of English birds, which is how we American’s got those miserable Starlings, the damned fool that designed the park introduced them.

Dinner that night was at Babbo, one of Mario Batali’s restaurants, the food was fantastic, unfortunately Mario wasn’t on premises that evening.

At home we splurged, splitting a very nice bottle of Valpolicella before retiring.

Suz and I had sorta sex that night, I gave her some nice cunnilingus but when she started to get warmed up I had to switch to a 69 so I could keep my cock in her mouth to keep her quiet. When she came I feared she was going to bite it off…good idea, poor execution…next time I use a gag.

Wednesday, aaaah, yes Wednesday; Suz had some business to attend to, she’d be gone most of the afternoon and, although it might be boring, did Annie want to tag along. No, she’d rather watch TV and listen to some music.

It turned out to be a wonderful day for voyeurism, Suz got home early, Annie didn’t hear her come in. In her bedroom Suz saw a cute little freckled white butt trying to figure out how to get into her butterfly.

“Ahem,” may I ask what you’re doing, Suz asked.

“Aunt Suz, nothing, I’m not doing anything,” she tried.

“Ah, if it’s nothing what is in your hands and why are you naked?”

“I just found these things Aunt Suz,” I promise.

“Yes, I’m sure you did ‘Just find them,’ at the bottom of my drawer where I keep them.”

“What are they?”

“My toys, toys for an adult woman not for a fourteen year old girl.”

“Aunt Suz, I’m not a baby, I know what some of them are but, I mean, how do you use them?”

Suz just starred at Annie for one minute then another and another.

Annie broke first, “What?”

“I’m contemplating, do I beat your cute little freckled ass that looks just like mine only smaller then send you back to your perverted parents in Totoville or where the fuck they live or do I answer your questions.”

Several of her toys were laid out on the bed.

Suz walked along and pointed each of them out to Annie.

“That one is a dildo, just a plain dildo, it was my first, you insert it in your vagina in lieu of the real thing. And that is an egg, you insert it in your vagina, feels nice after a hard day at the office. Next we have a strap-on, that’s for the girls, you can service your girl friend if you swing that way or your boyfriend, there’s nothing quite like bending a boy over and giving him a little of what he gives you. Annie’s jaw was hanging open.

“What’s the matter girl, am I shocking you?”

“You really do that to boys...men, I mean do you do it to Uncle Ryan?”

“Once in a while if he deserves it.”

“To continue, what you have in your hand is a butterfly vibrator, you wear it under your panties and your partner keeps a remote control then, at the most inopportune moments he gives you a charge, the bastard.”

Annie had to laugh, “You mean Uncle Ryan has done that to you?”

“You wouldn’t believe.”

“And that little one,” she asked pointing at an innocuous looking beige phallic shaped object with a broad base, I mean, it’s so little.”

“You don’t think it’s so little when you have it in. That’s a vibrating anal plug.”

“You mean it goes up your bootie and it vibrates, yuck, gross.”

“And the other stuff in here?”

“The horse is pretty simple, you get lean over it and get restrained by the Velcro straps.”

“He does anal sex on you then, right?” Annie asked.

“You know too much little girl.”

“Yeah well, I know, how about the other one?”

“Well the X, look at it, all of the arms are padded and have Velcro straps, why don’t you get up on it, I’ll show you how it works.”

Annie climbed on and laid on her back on the center of the cross.

Suz raised her arms to the top two bars of the X and affixed the Velcro straps securing her then strapped her body down with two Velcro straps, one just below her breasts, the second lower, near her abdomen finally she affixed her legs to the bottom two legs then she moved the lower two legs higher using it’s variable locking mechanisms to create the effect of a doctor’s female examination table, her bottom was at the very edge of the table and her genitals and anus were completely exposed.

“Figure out how it can be used yet?” Suz asked.

“I already know, Daddy has a real one in the basement.”

Suz shuddered, she felt she was about to learn more than she really wanted to know but she had to ask, “Have you ever been on his table Annie?”

“Sure, lots of times.”


“Auntie Suz, do you ever get on this for Uncle Ryan?”

A tentative, “Yes.”

“Then you know why, don’t you?”

“Your father has sex with you, is that what you’re saying?”

“Oh don’t be so shocked, he’s been fucking me, both my pussy and my ass since I was ten.”

“What about Annette, your mother?”

“When he started fucking me it hurt like fire, she would hold my hand and stroke my hair, try to make me feel better but she doesn’t have to any more, I like it, he makes me cum all over the place. She still stays with me when he wants my bottom though, it still hurts some so she plays with my clitty so I can cum, too.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“Want to check, you can if you want.”

“My God, how long has this been going on?”

“Like I said, since I was ten.”

“Get up on the table, yes, I do want to check.”

“Only if you’ll show me how your stuff works, fair enough?”

“Fair enough.”

Annie jumped up on the X.

“You don’t need to do my arms, just use the lower strap over my belly and the ones for my legs then lift me up.”

Once she had her legs elevated Suz got one of the surgical gloves Ryan kept for when he wanted to play doctor, with a little KY she slipped a finger into Annie’s vagina, then a second and finally a third. The girl was loose as a twenty year old whore.

“See, Annie said, you won’t be able to tell much in my asshole, I’m still real tight there.” Annie gave her a visual inspection, she was able to see old, healed scaring. Still Suz slipped a finger into her, Annie simple moaned a little moan and said, “Nice.”

“If you’ll put another finger in and pump me while you play with my clitty you can make me cum.”

“No way Sweetheart,” Suz said.

“I have a pretty pussy don’t I, Mommy and Daddy both say I do, you can kiss it if you want, Mommy kisses me there sometimes when I have the curse of the red heads and Daddy isn’t around and if she’s in trouble and Daddy isn’t around to help, I help her.”

Unstrapping her Suz said, “Enough, up, up, I need to get out of here.”

Annie let Suz help her up but then said, “You promised to show how your toys work, you did promise.”

Fuck she was right, Suz thought, she did promise.

“Ok, pick out the ones you want,” she said.

Annie picked the two remote controlled devices, the same two that Suzette had worn the night before Annie arrived, the night that now seemed about a hundred years ago.

She helped her into the butterfly and cinched the straps then assured that the bullet was properly against Annie’s little clit.

“Annie said, “What’s so great about this?”

Suz took it from low to a fast pulse.

Annie’s eyes looked like pie plates as she gasped, “Oh wow.”

Suz shut it down saying, “Let’s do the other one, Lie on the bed on your tummy.”

She lubricated the young teen then fed the small butt plug into her, made sure it was well seated and turned it on.

When Ryan had gotten home from work no one greeted him at the door and no one was in the kitchen. He heard muted voices from the bedroom then stood at the door and watched in amazement. Suz helped Annie into the butterfly vibrator, he saw her reaction when Suz turned it on, now Annie was laying face down on the bed, Suz had slid the little butt plug into her and turned it on, Annie lay quivering.

Finally Ryan cleared his throat, “Ahem, anyone want to explain what I’m seeing?”

Suz spun and Annie cringed.

“No, I don’t want to explain, I really never want to think about this day again but, you deserve it so I will.”

“Oh, lay still and enjoy it,” she said to Annie as she fired up the butterfly to maximum pulse and the butt plug to its fastest speed, “Just lay there and cum all over yourself, I’ve got some major explaining to do.”

Ryan had moved to the spanking chair and was sitting waiting to hear what Suz had to say.

“Take your pants off Daddy then sit back down, you’ll need to be sitting for this tale.”

Ryan obeyed, Suzette lay across his bare lap.

“I think that before I’m done I’m gonna have one of those curse of the red heads moments, you okay with that?”

Ryan couldn’t help himself, he already knew she was going to tell him the truth and it would be beyond belief, maybe some unappreciated levity? He patted Suzette’s cute posterior, gave it a rub and said, “Cute ass but hers is smaller.”

“Prick,” Suz said but she chuckled.

And then she started, everything, from the age of ten, her father, her (gag) twin sister mother, vaginal, anal from her father, on birth control since she gotten her period, oral with her mother, everything.

“Give me a swat Daddy, I need it after that.”

He swatted her then asked, “So what are we going to do, I mean with our little sex goddess?”

“Swat me again.”

He did.

“We can send her back to bug fuck Nebraska or wherever the fuck those miserable perverts live, we can turn over to Child and Family Protective Service or, no doubt the most profitable, we can sell her into sexual slavery.”

Suzette lowered her voice so that Annie couldn’t hear, “Or we could let her stay with us and you could satisfy her little girl needs.”

In the same lowered voice Ryan asked, “And please pray tell me, what are our young niece’s little girl needs?”

“Well, thus far they seem to be vaginal intercourse, sodomization and at least cunnilingus, I haven’t ascertained if she an accomplished fellatrix yet.”

“Suz, you’re out of your fucking mind,”

“Yeah, I know, I most certainly am; whack me again, I need it. But will you do it?”

“You know, anything for you Baby Girl, if that’s what you want.”

“Oh thank you Daddy, I’ll do anything for you.”

“Ah, Baby Girl, you already do anything for me.”

Suz gave a short pause digesting what Ryan had said then replied, “Yeah, there is that isn’t there.”

“Daddy, I need my spanking and I need it now, how about we call our wayward niece over here, let her watch as I get my spanking then you give her hers. When we are both suffering from blistered butts send us to bed without our supper, I’ll bet we can both find something to eat.”

“You’re going to have oral sex with your niece?”

“Why not, she probably tastes just like me only smaller.”

“Get her out of all your toys and bring her over here, it might work.”

Suzette went over to the bedside and shut down the toys.

“Let’s get these off, Daddy’s about to give me a spanking; I thought you might like to watch.”

“Too cool,” her oh so sympathetic niece uttered.

She pulled the second chair up closer, she didn’t want to miss a stroke and I knew, I already knew Ryan was going to blister me, a lotta pain and a lotta tears for my little niece’s edification; why, to set her up, hers would be twice what I got, I knew she wouldn’t be able to sit the next day, she might not even be able to walk.

He started on me, only his hand, over the knee but I knew his hand was like leather, it didn’t wear out and I knew his cadence, one cheek then the other. When he was serious, from the top of my cheeks down to the crease between my ass and thighs; if he was really serious, even on the back of the thighs and the soft skin of the inner thigh. Fortunately, he wasn’t that serious with me, my inner thighs remained unscathed. I would be willing to wager that my young niece wouldn’t be quite so fortunate.

When he’d finished with me I was no more than a sniveling, sobbing ball of snot, he helped me to the bed, lay me down and said, “ Be a good girl next time Baby Girl.”

From the bed, in spite of my pain I could hear what transpired, Ryan was gentle, he took Annie’s hand and said, “Little Girl, go get some panties on.”

She scampered from the room, she thought she’d gotten a reprieve, she had no idea, two things had happened, she’d gotten a nickname, Little Girl and he wanted her in panties, neither boded well for her. She came back in a tee shirt and panties, he took her arm and pulled him to her, he was still in the spanking chair, now it was my turn to watch.

“Little Girl did I ask you to put on a tee shirt.” She was obviously frightened, this wasn’t the Uncle Ryan she knew. She stammered, “No sir.”

“Then take it off girl.”

She peeled off her shirt and stood topless for his inspection. Even from where I lay I could see that she only had buds, small protrusions topped by nipples that would develop over the next few years.

Ryan rubbed her chest then tweaked her small nipples.

“Does that feel good Little Girl.”

“No Uncle Ryan, it hurts.”

“Do you like to get hurt Little Girl?”

“No Sir,” showing some spunk she added, “And please call me Annie, Uncle Ryan.”

He had to smile at her spirit, he said,

“Good, good, I won’t hurt your breasts anymore.”

“Take your panties off Annie,” Ryan asked.

She stood frozen, she’d seen what happened to Aunt Suz, that was his wife, what would he do to her?

She trembled, her bladder was about to fail her, she was about to wet herself. Ryan read the signs, he’d seen it before, he scooped her petite body into his arms and carried her to the bathroom, as he set her on the throne he pulled her panties down just nanoseconds before she let go.

As she flowed he said, “Annie you’re still getting your spanking, you understand that don’t you?”

“What do you want from me Uncle Ryan, I’ll do anything.”

“Annie, right now I want you to take the spanking you so richly deserve, tomorrow or the next day, when ever you’re ready we can talk again.”

When she’d finished he wiped her little slit and carried her back to the room. Suz was still on the bed, no one else was in the room of course, he positioned Annie across his lap, she realized when he took her panties off and then, Therwhack, his hand struck her tender bottom.

He spanked, oh how he spanked, Annie went through stages, first she screamed and cried then she moaned then she could only whimper and finally she mewled, when he finally stopped; she only wanted to curl up and make sounds that were inhuman.

He carried her to Suzette and asked, “Satisfactory?”

“Thank you Daddy,” she told him as he lifted her shirt and put Annie on her breast.

“You don’t mind,” Suz asked, “You know my body is yours Daddy.”

“For Little Girl I’ll share. Spend the night with her in her bed, I’ll see you in the morning.

Next day Ryan fixed the coffee, had a cup and looked in on the girls. He had to smile, both were sleeping on their tummies.

Suz and Annie awoke at the same time, both had tossled red hair, both had tear stained eyes and both had sore bottoms, “Suz asked, “How do you feel this morning?”

Annie winced, “Sore, how about you?”

“The same, sore.”

“Aunt Suz, I know you have plans for today but I’m really sore, could we just hang out here today, maybe we could play with your toys some more, I didn’t get to try them all.”

“Maybe, for now lets get up, I want my coffee. We can run around in just tee shirts and panties all day, okay?”

Clad thusly they gingerly sat at the kitchen table; Suz with her coffee and Annie with orange juice.

“Uncle Ryan can really spank hard, can’t he? Does he always spank you that hard?”

“No, not always but sometimes when I act up he gives me a blistering. I have some cream, if you like I can put some on you, it does help take the sting out.”


In the bedroom Suz took off Annie’s panties and had her lie face down on the mattress. She gently rubbed the aloe based cream on her niece’s abused butt.

“Better,” Suz asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s cooling and your hand feels nice, too.”

Suz hadn’t even been conscious that she was still massaging Annie.

“Aunt Suz, do you like sex?”

“Love it, crave it, want it every day, maybe twice a day.”

“I know I’m only fourteen but I’ve been having sex for four years, I like it too, maybe like you, crave it. Sometimes I lie to Daddy, tell him I need his help and then, in the basement I’ll climb up on his table. He knows what I want.”

“And you like that?”

“He tells me I’m his best girl, that I’m beautiful and that I’m precious to him then he always makes me cum, that is the best feeling, don’t you think?”

I couldn’t argue, I felt the same way, so I replied truthfully, “Yeah, that is the best feeling in the world.”

“Let’s play with your toys again, can we?”

“Why not, which ones do you want for our games?”

“The little one that goes in my bottom if you’ll turn it on, it made me feel quivery.”

Ryan had washed and put away my toys, I got the little anal plug from the drawer, holding it up I asked, “This one?”

“Un huh, that’s the one.”

“If we’re going to use this one we have another thing we need to do.”


“Annie, when we play back there it can get a little messy, you know?”

“I know, sometimes when Daddy, well, sometimes it does get messy.”

“Spoils the mood, doesn’t it.”

“And stinks, too.”

“Yes, that, too. You need to prepare yourself so you don’t have an accident.”

“Do you, I mean prepare yourself?”

“Every morning.”

“Should I do that? What do I need to do?”

“Two questions there, so, first I don’t think you need to do it every day like I do. Uncle Ryan’s favorite is anal sex, I’m pretty sure that almost every day I’m going to have his penis, his fingers or a toy in me; I stay ready. Second question, if you want to play with this (holding up the butt plug) I’ll show you what needs to be done. Since you seem to have gone through everything else I’m sure you’ve seen what’s on the floor in your closet, go get two of them.”

“Aunt Suz, those are enemas (Suz bought them by the case), I’m not constipated, sometimes I get constipated and Mommy gives me one with her little red ball, but I’m not constipated now.”

“I’m sure you’re not, now go get two and bring them back.”

Suz screwed the nozzles on each of them and got the Astroglide.

“Come over my lap Annie.”

As she lubricated the young teen, Suz told her, “This won’t hurt but when your tummy starts to feel flippy you need to head for the bathroom, okay?”


“Okay, here goes.”

Suz slowly and gently inserted the nozzle and squeezed the plastic bottle. After it was empty she rubbed Annie’s back.

“You are a pretty girl Annie.”

“Of course you’d think so, I look just like you only smaller.”

“Yeah, there is that,” Suz smiled.

“My butt’s smaller though,” Annie retorted.

“Careful girl, talk like that could make me want to spank that little butt.”

Annie slithered off Suz’s lap, “I’ve got to go,” as she raced to the bathroom.

When she came back she asked, “What’s the other one for?”

“You, it’s not ideal, what you really need is a through rinse to clean your colon but, with your and my sore bottoms we’ll put that off until tomorrow. Now, back over my lap.”

“Have you had yours yet,” Annie asked.

“No, I usually have mine just before I shower.”

“Can I give it to you?”

Suz thought, why not then she said it, “Why not,” as she squeezed the second bottle.

While Annie took care of her business Suz retrieved another Fleet enema, she was waiting when Annie came back.

Annie sat on the bedside, saying, “Over my lap young lady.”

Suz started to roll her panties off but Annie said, “Wait, that’s my job.”

When she got them down she stared, Suzette’s mons veneris was a flaming mass of curls. She kept herself neatly trimmed around the edges but other than that her pelt was full.

“Am I going to look like that when I’m older?”

“Just like that.”

“Okay neat but now, over my lap.”

Annie took her time lubricating Suz, she was giving all of her equipment a thorough inspection. She even took a little of the Astrolube on one of her small fingers and inserted it; then the nozzle.

Like Suz had done for her Suz got a back rub while she waited for her fizzy feeling.

When she came back out she told Annie that they needed to shower then she wanted to walk down to the little French bistro that was only a block away; she wanted coffee and a croissant.

“But what about my…you know?” Annie asked.

“Patience my child.”

They showered together. “We can dress casually for where we’re going, just shorts, tee shirts and sandals,” Suz said.

“But what about…”

“Over my lap,” Suz instructed.

She used more lube that she had for the enema and said, “Here goes.”

Annie gave a little groan as Suz seated the plug, she pushed on the base to assure it was completely in then said, “Ok honey let’s get dressed and wear panties, it would be most embarrassing if our little toy fell out.”

Annie laughed as she imagined it running around on the floor of a restaurant powered by its vibrations, “Yeah it would,” she answered.

Suz carried the remote in her handbag, she hadn’t turned it on yet. She noted that Annie was walking strangely and asked.

“It feels weird, have you ever walked around with something up your butt?” Annie retorted.

“Well yeah, lots of times now that you ask, live with it, you’ll get used to it.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“What, you question your aunt?”

“Well then you put one in, too,” Annie told her.

“I don’t think so, Annie.”

“What, are you chicken?” Annie challenged.

Truth be told, she was chicken, the only other vibrating, remote controlled, plug she had she called the anal destroyer. 5 ½ inches long with a diameter of 2 ¾ inches it felt like it was splitting her going in.

“Maybe I am a little chicken. If I’m going to do it, you’ll have to help me, I just can’t do it myself, Ryan always puts it in for me. But, come on, let’s go back to the apartment and we can try.”

In the bedroom Suz got it from the drawer. She tested the remote to see that the batteries worked then carried it to the bed where Annie sat waiting.

Her jaw dropped, “Gosh Suz, that thing is huge.”

Suz noted that things had gotten a little intimate, Annie had dropped the aunt.

“Yeah, it is; you’ll have to use lots of lube and if I cry just keep pushing, not fast but steady; I’ve taken it a few times before, I can do it again.”

She took her shorts and panties off and lay on the bed.

“Grease me up Honey and make sure you put plenty of lube up in me. When you think it’s enough double the amount,” I’m ready to start.”

Annie rubbed some of the gel on Suzette’s anus.

“No Annie, up in me; you need to go up in me, use two or three fingers so I’m stretched.”

Annie had been at work for over ten minutes, she was now quite familiar with the inner contours of her aunt, before Suz told her to start working the plug in.

“Grease the plug, too,” Suz told her.

As it began its journey Suz moaned.

“Do you want me to stop Suz?” Annie asked.

“No, just put the palm of your hand over the base and push.”
Slowly Suz accepted the invasion, the plug, she moaned the whole time. When it finally popped in she sighed, “Ungh, ungh,” and turned to look at Annie. Suz had tears in her eyes when she said, “We did it, now lets go have those croissants.”

Two pretty red heads, both walking a little strangely took seats at the restaurant’s outdoor patio.

“Sitting feels funny, like it’s getting pushed deeper, you know,” Annie said.

“Oh God, do I know, it feels like I’m being sodomized by a bull.”

They got their food and sat talking and enjoying the early summer weather.

Annie got quiet.

Suz noticed and asked, “What is it Honey, what taking such deep concentration.”

“I was just thinking, that thing you use sometimes on Uncle Ryan…”

“The strap-on, yes, I know what you’re talking about, why?”

“You could use it on a girl, couldn’t you?”

Suz saw where this conversation was going, she wanted to cut it off but she also wanted to be truthful, “Yeah you could Annie.”

She quietly whispered, “Would you fuck me with it when we get home?”

“I don’t think so Honey.”

Annie’s face fell in disappointment then finally brightened, “Then let me fuck you, I’ll make you cum, I promise.”

“Annie, this is crazy talk, I’m your aunt for Christ’s sakes, your mother is my twin sister.”

“I bet if Mommy had one of those she’d fuck me or let me fuck her, she already does everything else with me.”

“That’s all well and good, she’s your mother, what she does with you is her business, but I’m your aunt and I’m not going to do it.”


“That worked once, it’s not flying again, the answer is no.”

“Auntie, please, I really need it.”

Suz remembered the remote, she gave Annie a buzz.

Her eyes flew open then she said, “No fair, give me yours.”

Suz handed her the remote for the destroyer. She got an immediate charge.

They went back and forth, soon they were both laughing like school girls. The walk home was buzz, zap as they tried to “get” each other.

At home Suz said, “I want to take mine out it’s so big it begins to be a literal pain in the ass. You’ll have to help, it’s almost as tough to get it out as it is to put it in. You need to get a secure grip on the base and pull.”

Suz lay on her tummy with her panties at half mast, when the monster came free there was an audible pop, she heard Annie gasp.

“Suz your hole is wide open, I can see inside you.”

“Yeah, it stretches me but it’ll close up in a few seconds.”

Annie watched in amazement as Suzette’s sphincters tightened.

“Take mine out, will I be like that do you think?”

“Probably not, yours is pretty small.”

Suz rolled over, Annie laid down beside her. She rolled the young girl’s panties down to the bottom of her buttocks and pulled the plug.

“Annie, would you put them in the bathroom sink for me, I feel a little sore and tired, I’ll wash them later.”

“Auntie Suz, please do me, please, please, please.”

God, she’s bothersome as a gnat, no make that a horse fly, Suz thought. She didn’t answer her.

Annie got up and went to the drawer, she got out the strap-on.

“Show me how to put this on, If you won’t do me, I’m going to do you.”

“Oh hell, get over here,” she said, “Here. Step into this, she pulled the devise up and tightened the straps.

“Fabuloso, now I have my own penis and it’s bigger than Daddy’s. Is Uncle Ryan’s as big as this?”

“Uncle Ryan’s bigger, much bigger.” She thought, yeah, he’s hung like a horse, over eight inches and fat, I mean fat.

“Wow, does it hurt when he has sex with you?”

“Sometimes when he does my bottom if he’s not careful he can hurt me.”

“I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

Suz thought, how the fuck did I get into this?

“Come on, treat me like your bitch.”

She shimmied out of her panties and guided Annie between her legs.

“I’ve never done this before Aunt Suz, what do I do?”

Amazingly, Suz was lubricating, she said, “Scoot up close to me, find my vagina, my hole and guide it into me.”

Annie watched transfixed as the faux phallus slid into her aunt.

“Does that feel good Suz?”

“It will if you give me a good pumping and play with my titties while you’re doing me, it will.”

Annie rubbed her breasts through the tee shirt.

“No, pull my shirt up and play with my nipples…That’s right, just like that.”

After a few minutes Suz said, “Get your butt into it girl, pound me, I like it hard and fast.”

“Oh yes, that’s the way, fuck me girl, fuck me.”

Annie was grunting with her effort and Suz was moaning with her result, Suz circled Annie with her legs and pulled her tight to her bottom.

“Faster, harder, faster, faster, Oh God fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee,” she wailed as her climax washed over her.

Annie continued to pump for a few minutes then said, “I made you cum, see I told you I could make you cum. Did it feel good Auntie Suz, did it?”

“God yes, now let me help you out of that thing.”

She unstrapped Annie then stood up and put it on herself.

“Up on the bed Honey, on your back. I think you’ve earned yours.”

Suz had strapped the dildoe on, , slopped a little Astroglide on the shaft and got between Annie’s legs.

She pushed Annie’s legs back saying, “Hold your legs up like this for me.”

Suz looked her over, she had a light covering of red hair on her pubic mound and, even though she was sexually active she was still a young teen, her vulva was a light pink, she had a sweet fragrance, and her little rosebud was light tan.

“My you have a cute little pussy,” she said.

“Of course I do, it looks just like yours.”

“Only smaller, yeah, I know.”

Suz moved up and guided the head of the strap-on into her. She pushed in.

Annie gasped, “Wow, it sure is bigger than Daddy’s.”

“Do you like your titties played with, too? She asked.

“I don’t know, no one’s ever played with them.”

Suz lifted Annie’s shirt and gently massaged her budding breasts as she started to pump her. She took it slow and easy letting her grow accustomed to the larger size.

When Annie’s breathing began to grow ragged Suz sped up and stroked deeper.

“Auntie Suz, oh Auntie Suz, Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes,” she chanted as she built toward her orgasm. She began to tremble and quiver then , she released a flood of her ejaculate and screamed, “Yesssssssssssssssss.”

After she’d settled a little she said, “Wow, double wow, that was mind blowing, you fuck a lot better than Daddy, I’ve never cum like that with him.”

“Yeah well if you think I’m good you should try Ryan…or not.”

“Want lunch?”

“What, you’re gonna cook.”

“Wash your mouth out with soap, of course not, what do you think take out is for?”

“No, I’m not really hungry, I just want to lay here like a satiated lady of leisure.”

Annie flopped over onto her tummy, “Rub my back for me, would you please Suz.”

I’m Suz again she thought then commenced rubbing.

God she does have a cute little butt Suz thought, just like mine only smaller, right?

She lightly patted Annie’s bottom, asking, “Still sore?”

“Not so much, you can rub it, too if you like.”

After a few strokes and caresses Suz said, “I think I’d like a little more of your sweet pussy, why don’t you get up on your hands and knees for me.”

Annie was scared, “Please Auntie Suz, my bottom’s too small for that.”

“Honey, I’m not going in your bottom, it’s just another position, I think you may like it.”

Annie got up and Suz moved up behind her.

“Spread your legs a little more for me Honey,” she said as she guided the tool to her opening and pushed in.

She gave her a few gentle strokes then grasped her narrow hips and rode her harder.

Annie was panting and wailing as Suz gave her a serious fucking. After about ten minutes Annie trembled then came. Suz was astounded, she’d never done it herself unless Ryan held her right at the edge several times but her little niece was squirting, fluid it was spewing from her vagina, wetting Annie, Suz and the sheets. God she was vocal, a steady wail until finally she simply collapsed, Suz rode her down to the mattress, the rubber cock still filling her.

“No more Auntie Suz, no more,” I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Slowly Suz eased out.

“God that was intense, what did you do to me?” Annie rasped.

“I think you could say that I fucked you, your pussy was squirting your juice all over the place.”

“I feel drained. Please lay down with me, I want to rest a little while.”

Suz understood, sometimes when Ryan really gave it to her it exhausted her.

They napped together.

When she woke up she saw that time had gotten away from them, Ryan would be home in about five minutes. She shook Annie awake.

“Come on Honey, get your tee shirt and panties on, Ryan will be here in just a minute or so.”

So, both were clad in tee shirts and panties when Ryan walked in.

“Cute,” Ryan said.

“Unh, we were both a little sore, this is comfortable.”

“Oh, and what did you girls do today to entertain yourselves?”

“Just a little of this and that, you know.”

“Well how about pouring us some wine while I get comfortable.”

Ryan came back out in gym shorts and a tee shirt, he was barefooted.

“Girls, I don’t know how to put this but my bedroom smells like a Sapphic bordello, care to explain?”

“Ahhhhh, errrr.”

“How about you Annie, you want to try?”

“Un unh, no.”

“May I ask, now don’t hesitate, either one of you can answer, but did your this and that have anything to do with the toys in the sink?

“Ah Christ,” Suz exclaimed. She just realized she hadn’t cleaned and put away the toys.

“Ryan, I can explain,” she was afraid she might be across his lap again and her poor little bootie wasn’t up to it, Annie’s either.

“Let’s sit in the living room, I’m looking forward to this story.”

All three of them took seats, Ryan in the chair and the girls on the sofa.

“I’m waiting,” he said.

“Where to start,” Suz said.

Ryan helped her along asking, “Do the three empty enemas in the waste basket have any part in this story.”

“Well kinda sorta, remember yesterday when you caught Annie and me playing with our toys? Well, she wanted to try the little butt plug this morning and you know what a stickler I am for internal cleanliness for that kind of play, so I gave her two enemas; the other one is mine.”

“Ok, that explains the enemas and one of the butt plugs, want to continue.”

“Well we were going to walk up to the bistro for coffee and croissants and I laughed at her because she was walking funny.”

“She had the plug in, right?”

“Right, and then she, well any way she challenged me to wear one, too and the only other remote controlled one we have is the monster. She helped me get it in then we both walked funny going to the restaurant. Then we kept buzzing each other, it was kinda fun and funny.”

“Ok, only MY strap-on left, what about that?”

“I don’t want to tell you.”

“How about you Annie, anything you would like to add?”

“I don’t want to tell you either.”

“And I don’t want to spank two cute milk white, freckled bottoms but I will, now anyone want to talk?”

They talked over each other but Suz won out.

“I let Annie fuck me with the dildoe then I fucked her, and, unh I fucked her a second time.”

“Sounds like you two had quite a day and it also explains why the room smells like female vaginas and anuses, I have but one complaint…you didn’t save anything for Daddy, you wicked wenches.”

“There’s plenty more for Daddy.”

“I don’t know, one looks too small and the other looks worn out. Finish your drinks then, please change the linens on the bed and open a window, we’ll think of something appropriate.”

Ryan heard whispering from the bedroom, he couldn’t make out what was being said but he’d bet his ass that they were trying to figure out how to save their asses.

“Auntie Suz, what are we going to do?”

“I’m not sure yet but conniving read heads that are as cute as we are should be able to come up with something.”

“Well what does Uncle Ryan like?”

“Golf, poker, good Scotch whiskey, good restaurants, and sex, especially sex.”

“Well which one can we use?”

“No question, some panties are gonna have to come off, I think its gotta be sex.”

“God Auntie Suz if he’s as big as you say he’d kill me.”

“ He’s bigger than that. See, looking like me, only smaller isn’t always advantageous, is it.”

“He’s gonna tear my little pussy up, isn’t he?”

“I’ll try to protect you. He just loves anal sex, I’ll give it up, take one for the red headed team.”



“Can I watch?”

“God girl.”

“Well can I?”

“Oh why not, sure, if it’s ok with him.”

“How’s he going to do it?”

“He’ll let me choose, I’ll take the horse, you’ll be able to see better when he’s sliding in and out of me.”

They finished up changing the bed, opened the window and, with Suz picking up the Astroglide went back out to face the music.

Ryan was still in his chair, he asked, “Figure out something.”

Suz walked over with a big smile on her pretty face, plopped down in his lap and set the Astroglide on the arm of the chair.

“Yep, that would get you off the hook, what about your miniature?”

“Wouldn’t that be enough Daddy?”

“Nope, you were co-conspirators, she’s gotta give up something.”

“Ryan, you’d kill her.”

“How about a little cowgirl, she can take as much as she can handle. I could use that to loosen her up and then do her on the X?”

“Annie?” Suz asked.

“What’s cowgirl?”

“You get to be on top, it’s my favorite and I think you could handle it.”


“Suz why don’t you order some Chinese delivered, we can eat then get started.

Suz called in the order.

Over supper Suz asked if Annie could watch.

Ryan had no problem with that.

After they’d eaten, refrigerated the leftovers and tossed the empty containers they trooped to the bedroom. Suz shut the window and drew the curtains.

Ryan asked how she wanted it. She told him on the horse.

“Do you want to keep your top on?”

She took it off. Her small breasts stood high, her nipples swollen then she rolled her panties down.

Ryan set the Astroglide on the side of the horse then bent her over it and Velcro strapped her arms and legs in place.

He spread her cheeks and liberally applied the lubricant, pushing plenty up into her then he slathered some on his cock and moved to her.

Annie just stared, thinking God damn he’s huge then she moved forward so she’d have a good view when he put it in.

“Push,” he said to Suz, as he penetrated her.

When the head popped through her sphincters Suz gasped then moaned.

Annie watched fascinated as Auntie Suz was stretched open, Ryan was taking his time, she could see as each inch slid in.

“God, give me a second,” Suz asked.

Ryan stopped then rubbed her back, sides and bottom for a few minutes then pushed forward again.

Suz started groaning nonstop as he filled her completely.

He stopped again, the best part, the part Suz liked the most was the incredible feeling of fullness she got. Ryan let her enjoy it for several minutes then started to pump her.

Annie listened, with each of Ryan’s thrusts Suz grunted. She could see the strain on her aunt’s face. She was sweating, glistening from the exertion.

As she watched, Ryan sped up and was pumping her harder. Suz was moaning loudly when Ryan roared, pumped really fast for a few seconds then fell over Suzette’s back.

When he pulled out Annie could see her aunt’s distended anus leaking cum. Ryan unfastened her restraints and helped her to the bed. Both of them, Annie and Ryan lay with her until she was feeling a little perkier.

It was Suz who asked, “Ryan are you reloaded yet?”

Suz got up. “Ok Honey, your turn, I’ll help you get ready. Ryan, why don’t you get comfortable, I can see that Annie’s a little afraid.”

She retrieved the lubricant from the horse and brought it to the bed.

Annie stood at the bedside quivering with fear.

Suz gave her a hug and told her she’d be in control. If it was more than she could handle, just stop, but it was important that she relax.

“Let me take your tee shirt off, he likes breasts to play with on cowgirl.”

“But I don’t have any breasts Auntie Suz,” Annie lamented.

“You’ll be fine. Now let’s get the panties off and let me give you a little lube.”

Annie stood at the bed side, panties gone and Astroglide in her vagina. Suz slathered some of the gel on Ryan’s erection then helped Annie straddle him.

“Ok, now squat down until you can touch his penis.”

Annie did as directed, Suz helped her to hit her target, she felt his immense cock head probing her.

“Ok Annie, lower yourself slowly. That’s a girl.”

She felt the head penetrate her then lowered herself a little more, she knew she only had a couple of inches in her but he was so fat it felt like more than she’d ever taken, her Daddy was only about four skinny inches and even the strap-on wasn’t nearly as fat. She could feel herself being opened, stretched.

Ryan held her by the hips and stopped her.

“I want you to cum as many times as you can but when I’m ready, I’m going to lift you off. I want to cum in either your mouth or on your cute little titties, which?”

She knew she couldn’t get his monster in her mouth so she answered, “On my titties.”

He released her and let her try to take more.

Suz helped. “Bounce up and down, more will get in you but if it hurts to much, just stop bouncing.”

Ryan massages her breasts, “They are cute little things, aren’t they,” he said.

Then he made it a little more fun for her. He slid his hand under her and let her clit ride his fingers.

She bounced a little harder, got some more cock in her and enjoyed the sensations his fingers were giving her.

She was working so hard, Ryan appreciated her effort. He smiled at her.

“Ride um cowgirl,” he said to her.

“Suz would you mind helping under her, I want to feel those fine young titties.”

Suz replaced Ryan’s hand with her own, she asked Annie, “You ok?”

“God, he’s huge isn’t he. He’s stretching me, I can feel every time I get a little more in me.”

“Maybe you won’t always be like me only smaller.”

“Funny Auntie Suz, real funny.”

“If you’ll put a little more bounce in the cute butt, I’ll help you get off,” she said as she picked up the pace of the attention to her niece’s clit.

It worked, Annie quivered and released, her ejaculate let/caused her to fall a little further down Ryan’s shaft until she gasped.

“Take all you can and work him faster, he wants to cum, too,” Suz whispered in her ear.

Annie did speed up, Suz did too, still working her clit and Ryan was fondling her budding breasts.

“God, it feels so good,” Annie thought as she reached a second climax.

She was bouncing pretty fast now when Ryan told her he was ready. He lifted her off and laid her on the bed next to him, he straddled her torso and, with a stroke or two came.

She was coated, her Daddy only had a teaspoonful or so, Uncle Ryan flooded her with what seemed like a quart, then he rubbed in on her breasts.

“Growth tonic,” he winked at her, taste it, as he took her finger, dipped it in the mess that covered her breasts then took it to her lips. It was warm and salty.

Suz stood by, she’d gotten a warm washrag and cleaned Annie when Ryan dismounted.

He sat on the bed beside her and asked, “How was it for you?”

“It hurt sometimes, I’m little down there but sometimes it felt great, how about for you?”

“Best I’ve had today,” he said.

Annie started to smile then realized it was the only pussy he’d had that day, he’d taken Aunt Suz in her bottom.

“You’re going to fuck me again, aren’t you?”

“Well, I am going to fuck you, this I would say it was you fucking me, wouldn’t you?”

“Whatever, is it going to hurt?”

“Maybe, probably some.”

“You’ve got a really big cock and I’m a little girl, that’s not fair.”

“You didn’t seem to mind playing with my toys earlier, don’t you think I’m entitled to something for that?”

“Please Uncle Ryan, you’re gonna tear me up.”

“No little miniature cutie, I’m not gonna tear you up, I’m going to open you up.”

“Will I cry?”

“I’d be surprised if you didn’t, but Aunt Suz will be there for you the whole time.”

“Are you going to put me on the X?”

“I think that would be easiest and best, so, yes I am.”

“Uncle Ryan, I’m scared.”

“Let’s go out with Aunt Suz and have a little wine, okay with you?”

He took her hand and led her to the living room, “Suz could you pour all of us a glass of wine?”

He led her to his chair, sat and lifted her onto his lap.

“Annie, I won’t hurt you on purpose but I am going to have sex with you, understand that, okay?”

“Uncle Ryan, I’m scared like I said.”

Neither she nor Ryan had put underwear on, he maneuvered her so that her slit was riding his cock then he worked her back and forth a little.

“Feel good?” he asked.

“Yeah, it does.”

“Rock on me a little, let’s get you nice and wet.”

When Suz came in with the wine Ryan gave her a grin, “Practicing,” he said.

“Suz, I want you to be there for her, okay with you?”

“Sure, I’ll do everything I can.”

“Mostly support, she’ll need it.”

Annie had finished her wine in a single gulp. Suz went to the kitchen and brought back the bottle in a cooler; she refilled Annie’s glass.

After having finished the bottle and most of another with Annie getting the lion’s share it was Suz that suggested they should continue.

“Give us a couple of minutes would you Ryan, I’ll let you know when she’s ready.”

She led Annie back to the bedroom.

When she called Ryan in Annie was strapped to the X, her arms were above her head so that her tiny breasts were amply on display, she was strapped just below her breasts and across her abdomen, each leg was restrained, the lower legs of the X had been adjusted so that Annie’s legs were bent in a more comfortable position though they were elevated to the maximum, she was held at the edge of the table with her pudenda totally exposed. Ryan could see that her vagina had been thoroughly lubricated and she look scared to death.

He walked to the head of the table, bent, kissed her and said, Tonight you’re going to become my little lover.” Then he walked back to the bottom of the table, lubricated himself, moved to her and penetrated her.

He talked to her, told her she was fabulous, such a beautiful young lady, so sexy, oh so sexy; all the while he was leaning into her, going deeper. He had about four inches in her before she cried out. He stopped .

“Uncle Ryan you’re hurting me.”

“I’m sorry cutie but I’m probably going to hurt you more. Remember, you asked if you’d cry. If you feel like crying go ahead.”

He pushed in a little further accompanied by Annie’s moans.

He knew he was now in uncharted territory, she’d become incredibly tight, she was squirming under him, Suz was holding her hand and stroking her hair, she was sweat soaked and groaning with pain. He pushed a little deeper, she WAS going to take all of him tonight.

Ryan started slowly stroking into her, forcing himself deeper by millimeters with each stroke. He had around six inches in her.

Annie’s eyes were scrunched shut, her face a rictus of the pain she was suffering, Ryan thrust forward and she screamed.

“Ryan, please, don’t you think she’s had enough,” Suz pleaded.

“Daddy, I’m Daddy at times like these but now that you mention it, my right hand is craving milk white, freckled bottom, or my cock wants lightly furred fiery red pussy, which am I going to enjoy tonight?”

He thrust forward impaling Annie, he was all the way in her. She wailed once then was silent, she’d passed out from the pain.

“She really had a tight cunt didn’t she Suz?”

“Ryan, you’re a pig.”

“Want to divorce me?” He asked.

“No, you pervert, I want it as much as you want to give it you fucker, you know that.”

“She really does have a cute ass, looks just like yours…”

“Yeah, I know, only smaller.”

“Put one of the medium sized butt plugs in her tonight, she can sleep with us, keep a plug in her except when she’s getting her enemas then, when you think it’s time butt fuck her with your strap-on, do her a few times, open her up, I want some of that.”

Ryan only had to pump Annie’s inert body a few times before he spewed his load into her. He pulled out and asked, “Can you take care of her Suz?”

“Yeah, I’ll do that,” she said as she released the straps. Annie had come around, “Oh Auntie Suz, I hurt so much, God is it over.”

“Yeah, that part is over, come on let me give you a warm bath, you’ll feel better.”

“What do you mean, that part’s over, is there more?”

“Come on Honey, let’s get a bath.”

Suz drew a hot tub full, added a little scented oil, started the Jacuzzi jets and helped Annie in then followed her. Both of them reveled in the frothy jets.

“Auntie Suz, you didn’t answer my question, when you said that part’s over. Is there more?”

Suz couldn’t lie to the girl. “He wants you to wear a butt plug, sleep with it in, have it in all the time except when you need to move your bowels and he wants me to give you an enema every morning just like I have to do. Then I have to use the strap-on you, do you understand?”

“Why do you put up with it?”

“Oh Honey, Ryan’s not just my husband, he’s my master, I do what he wants.”

“Even with me?”

“I’m sorry Honey but, yes even with you.”

“Come, let’s get out and dry off then we can go to bed.”

After they dried Suz told Annie to get a fresh pair of panties, they’d keep the plug from totally slipping out.

Suz already had her selection and the lube when Annie came back with her panties in the hand.

“Lie on the bed for me Honey.”

Annie gave out a little moan when Suz slid the plug in. She pushed to assure it was seated then helped Annie into her panties.

They all slept together on the big king sized bed. Ryan nude, Suz in just her panties same as Annie.

Periodically throughout the night Annie’s thrashing would waken Suz, She’d cup her bottom and push up to assure Annie wasn’t losing her plug then she’d hug the young girl and hold her until they had both recaptured sleep.

The next morning sitting, Suz with her coffee and Annie with her juice, Annie asked, “Should I go home?”

“Is that what you want to do?”

“No, I guess not, I love you to pieces and Uncle Ryan is trying to make a woman out of me, isn’t he?”

The next day the question became moot. Annette and her doctor were involved in a horrific auto accident, little dick doctor daddy didn’t survive but Annette’s injuries, though painful were relative minor, aside from painful bruising and abrasions her most serious injuries were a sprain of her ankle and wrist. The next morning Annie and Suzette flew to Kansas to be with Annette.

Ryan and the Red Heads (Chapter Two-Annette the Twin)

They stayed a two months, helped with funeral arrangements then brought Annette home with them; she was mobile, a brace on her wrist, nothing on her ankle though she was on crutches. Ryan had never met her before, he immediately felt like he knew her, she truly was a clone of Suzette, even down to the way her hair was styled.

He’d rented a bed, it was set up in the guest room, she and Annie would be room mates.

Although he’d never taken advantage of the fact, he could work from home, communicating by computer. He set up his office to accommodate. Although Suz and Annie would be there, he felt his being available would help.

Annette’s medical records had been forwarded to a local orthopedic surgeon, Suzette drove her (always a frightening thought for Ryan, Suz was not the world’s best driver), while Annie stayed home with Ryan.

Ryan asked how she felt, the loss of her father and the relocation; she told him that she was pleased to have moved to the city and wasn’t particularly unhappy about her father’s demise, living with him had not been pleasant for her.

Then he asked the questions he really wanted answers to; any problems with the curse. Annie sort of chuckled, “No, no problem there, it seemed her last “treatment” had taken, it had been nearly three months and the snakes in her panties were still at bay.

He knew that Suz hadn’t had time to give Annie her first big enema before they had to fly to Kansas. He asked if she was still on her daily Fleet regimen, no, she wasn’t. Ryan asked why not.

“Uncle Ryan, with the travel, the funeral and everything else I just didn’t.”

“Hummm, I think we need to get you back on schedule, come on,” he led her to the bedroom.

After putting a waterproof pad in the middle of the bed, he fixed a two quart enema, explaining that she’d get one a month, other days it would be a little Fleet, then told her to take off her shorts and panties and get up on hands and knees on the pad.

By the way, lose the shorts when you’re home, I’d like you in just panties and your tee shirt, I’ll let Suz know she needs return to dressing that way, too.

“What about Mommy?” She asked.

“We’ll see,” was all he could answer.

He was surprised, he was able to get the full two quarts in her. Oh there was cramping and moaning but she took it. When she came out of the bathroom he said,

“See, not so bad, was it?”

“Uncle Ryan, it was terrible.”

“Well, the good news is it’s only once a month.”

“Thank God,” she exclaimed.

“Get a shower then come back and bring fresh clothes,” he told her.

When she returned she was naked carrying fresh panties and tee shirt.

“You can put your top on now, if you like.”

She did. She noticed that the Astroglide was beside his spanking chair.

“Come over my lap Annie.”

“I don’t need a spanking Uncle Ryan.”

“You’re not going to get one, I’m going to put an anal plug in you. It’s a little larger than the one you used with Suz and it doesn’t vibrate but I want you to get accustomed to the feeling. I want you to keep it in all the time except when you’re using the bathroom or getting your enema, even at night while you’re sleeping, okay.”

“Do I have to?” She asked.

“What’s the matter?”

“You’re getting me ready for you aren’t you?”

“I won’t lie to you; yes, one of these days you’ll get to ride the horse, but that time is a long time in the future, now, over my lap.”

It stretched her but she took it without too much histrionics.

When the girls got home neither commented on Annie’s attire, in fact Suz went and changed, dressing accordingly, only Annette retained her shorts. The doctor’s prognosis was excellent; he said that the only thing she needed to do was to limit the time she spent on her feet. Then they had a family conference, Annette really didn’t want to return to Kansas, she’d never really liked rural living and now the doctor was gone she had no reason to stay. She had no family in the area, Suzette and Annie were her only living relatives. Annie seconded her suggestion that they relocate to the city.

She and Annie were to stay for a while, time frame undetermined, if they got on well they would find a larger apartment. Nanette had come into a relatively large sum of money, the doctor had been well insured. She would also sell her home. She suggested a house in the suburbs. Ryan put the kibosh on that idea, no way was he moving “out there,” he was a city boy and liked the amenities of city living; the proximity of restaurants and shopping, the night life, and, of course the easily available public transportation.

Later in their room Suz commented on Annie’s altered gait, saying the girl walked like she had a cob up her butt.

“Ryan smiled, “It’s not a cob.”

“You gave her an enema and put a plug in, didn’t you.”

“Which reminds me, I didn’t get mine while I was in Kansas, I’ll take one before we go to bed,” she added.

School would be starting soon and Annie needed to be enrolled. Nanette phoned the school in Kansas and asked that Annie’s records and transcripts be transferred to the high school she’d be attending.

Big day, school clothes shopping. It would be an event; Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s then some specialty shops wrapped around lunch. They’d be gone all day. Annette had declined an invitation to go, she didn’t think her ankle would hold up.

After they’d left Ryan was in his office working when Annette came in, she was in her nightie and robe. She sat and said, “I wish I could have gone with them, I’m going a little stir crazy, I’d just like to get out for a little while.”

“Think you can walk two blocks? He asked.

“Yeah, two blocks isn’t all day on my feet.”

“Get dressed, casual’s fine, shorts and a top and let’s walk down to the little bistro, we can sit on the patio and have brunch, what do you say?”

She still had a slight limp, Ryan gave her his arm on the walk.

They’d finished a light brunch and were sipping Mimosas, it was a pleasant day, it would heat up later but now it was in the 70’s with a slight breeze and Annette was squirming in her chair.

“Ryan asked, “You seem a bit fidgety, is something bothering you.”

“No, it’s nice here and I’ve enjoyed getting out; it’s just that it’s been three months.”

“Do you miss him?”

“At times like this, yeah, I guess I do.”

“Times like this?”

“Yes, at times like this, he could help me.”

Ryan understood. He asked, “The curse of the red heads?”

“You know about the curse?”

“I live with the curse.”

“I suppose you do.”

“I’ve even had to treat Annie; would you like to go back to the apartment now?”

Annette understood the invitation and it’s implications yet she answered, “Yes, I think I would.”

Once home he asked her to get fresh underwear and a tee shirt then come to his room.

When she came in she was still in her shorts carrying her change; she stopped and looked around.

“Ryan, what are these devices.”

“Toys, Suzette’s and my toys.”

“How do they work.”

Enigmatically he answered, “When it’s time I’ll show you.”

Ryan walked to his chair and sat, “Come over here, it’s time for your treatment.”

She gave a nervous chuckle and walked toward him saying, “Interesting euphemism, treatment. You’re gonna beat my ass is what you’re going to do.”

“Right, I’m gonna beat your little ass.”

He stood and helped her out of her shirt then sat and unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, letting them drop to the floor. Then he slowly rolled her panties off.

Same flaming red muff although not trimmed the was Suz kept hers.

He lowered her over his lap then massaged her bottom. Milky white with it’s spray of freckles, he commented, “I think I recognize this cute little bottom.”

“Of course you do, mine looks just like Suzette’s and Annie’s although Annie is…”

Ryan interrupted, “Yeah I know, smaller.”

He continued to rub for a few minutes before, without further preamble gave her her first whack. Annette jumped; then she got her next one.

He got in his rhythm, one cheek then the other, top to bottom, bottom to top, on and on it went. Annette began to snivel, then the tears came. He continued until she was squirming helplessly trying to escape, her eyes were filled with tears, mucus was running, her body sheened in sweat, her hair disheveled and matted when he gave her ten strokes to the backs of her thighs, spread her legs and struck her five times on the soft tender flesh of her inner thighs.

She was sobbing uncontrollably, he massaged her back as he crooned to her, “You’ll be better now, you’ll be ok, you’ll be ok.”

After she’d regained a semblance of control he helped her to the bed where she laid face down, he got a warm wash cloth and wiped her face then said, “You’re beautiful Annette, absolutely beautiful.”

She replied, “I’m a mess.”

“Well, you’re a beautiful mess.”

“Make love to me Ryan, please, make love to me, I need it.”

He kissed her, she responded to his lips but then said, “I don’t need the romance, I want you in me, breed me Ryan.”

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs. He got the Astroglide from the bedside stand and rubbed a little on her then on himself.”

“I’m a full grown woman, I don’t need that.”

“I think you’ll appreciate it,” she’d never seen his penis.

He entered her, pushing forward. She gasped then groaned, “Yeah, I see what you mean.”

He kept up constant pressure, inching deeper into her he was in about five inches when tears welled up in her eyes. He started to slowly stroke, getting a little further with each one.

“Annette, this is going to hurt, I think I’m unexplored territory, I’m going to give it to you all at once.”

“Give me a second Ryan, you’re right, no one has ever been where you are now, certainly not my doctor, neither one, husband or gynecologist.”

He gave her a few moments then lunged forward, Annette shrieked, moaned and sobbed as he began to vigorously pump her.

To him she was tight as a virgin, her vaginal walls stretching painfully to accommodate his girth, he’d slid under her cervix, she took all of him.

“Annette, I’m going to cum in you, are you protected?”

She managed to gasp out a, “Yes…the pill.”

He continued and she began to respond. Her little ass was moving, her pelvis pounding back at him, she pulled her legs up giving him unobstructed access, he drove a little deeper into her.

Again she groaned but now she was really moving, she wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him to her.

With trembling flesh, her tummy muscles rippling, she exploded in climax. Her vagina was contracting, squeezing him, masturbating him, he poured into her, gush after gush he flooded her vagina with his semen. She continued to pound against him arriving at a second, smaller orgasm then she seemed to relax. He pulled out.

“God Ryan, that’s the most painful pleasure I’ve ever had.”

“You liked?”

“It’ll take some getting used to but, yes, I liked, I liked a bunch.”

“You want me to continue to take care of you?”

“Very much so.”

“I have some specific rules particularly about hygiene, specifically internal hygiene, we’ll start on that now.”

He got the waterproof mat, asked her to move over then put it in the center of the bed and got the enema equipment assembled.

She looked at it wide eyed, the IV stand, the tubing and nozzle and especially the bulging bag.

“What’s that for?”

“You, get up on your hands and knees on the mat.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Not at all Annette, you’ll get one of these big ones once a month and will have a small Fleet enema each morning as part of you’re a.m. ablutions, now, get up here.”

“Ryan, I’m scared, I’ve never had one, I gave a Annie a few with a little red ball thing but I’ve never had one myself, will it hurt?”

“When the warm water starts to flow it will feel nice but as you’re filled with more fluid you’ll probably feel some cramping. If it gets too bad let me know, I’ll stop the flow and help you relax.”

He lubricated her anus, inserted the nozzle and started the flow.

She took the first quart easily but then was hit by a cramp with nearly a quart remaining. Not until she was moaning did he cut off the water then he massaged her belly, working the water up into her colon. He resumed the flow, having to stop several more times to massage her and let her rest.

Finally he removed the tube and patted her cute bottom, “Hold it for a few minutes then I’ll help you to the bathroom.”

Stooped, cradling her distended abdomen, Ryan helped her, got her seated then asked that she take a shower when she’d finished and left her, closing the door behind him.

Once out he took the pad off the bed and, from the drawer selected a plug slightly larger than Annie’s. Annette was mature, better internally developed, he imagined she’d get to the horse before Annie.

Annette came out any natural modesty having been overcome, she was nude.

She walked toward her clean clothing; Ryan’s voice stopped her; he was seated in his spanking chair, “One more thing, come here please, Annette.”

“Yes Ryan.”

“Lie over my lap if you will.”

“Please Ryan, don’t spank me anymore, I can hardly sit as it is.”

“No, not another spanking, now come.”

She folded herself over his lap.

“There are a couple of things, first, the panties and tee shirt you brought, that’s how I want you to dress anytime we are here at home. You, I’m certain, have noticed that’s what Annie and Suz wear.”

“She nodded her understanding.”

The second thing, like Annie I’m going to fit you with an anal plug, you know what one of those is?”

“No, not really.”

“Ok, I’m going to insert it in your anus, it is wider in the middle than at the base so your anal sphincters will hold it in place. I want you to keep it in at all times except for using the bathroom or when you are receiving your enemas, any questions.”

“Only one, why do I need it?”

“In preparation, it will help to stretch you, I’ll use progressively larger as time goes by.”

“You intend to sodomize me, do you do that to Suzette and Annie?”

“Suz, yes; Annie’s in training just like you’ll be.”

Ryan was lubricating her as they talked, he began the insertion.

It was tight, she begged him to stop but then it was the wide part, it popped in and was clamped by her sphincters.

“There, that’s not so bad, is it.”

“It hurt going in but now it just gives me a full feeling.”

“You’ll grow accustomed to that, come on now, let’s get dressed.”

He helped her into her panties and tee shirt then donned his own T and a pair of loose gym shorts, they went to the living room.

Annette had gone to her bedroom when Annie and Suz arrived home with arm loads of shopping bags.

“You’ve got to see my new clothes,” Annie said as she stepped out of her shoes and shorts, Mom, come on.”

Suzette had also shed her shoes and shorts; Annette came into the room, Annie noticed her altered walk and clenched buttocks, she recognized the cause, she’d done it often enough herself. She glanced at Ryan, he gave her a positive smile and a wink.

They all sat through Annie’s modeling session with oohs and aahs at the appropriate places. Annie took her new wardrobe to her room and put the things away.

Suzette went to the kitchen, got four glasses and a bottle of white wine and brought them back to the living room. When Annie returned she poured.

Ryan asked for dinner suggestions, they settled on a laid back sea food joint close by, no one wanted to have to get dressed up, shorts, tops and sandals were fine.

Then Ryan said he had a little work to do and went to his office, Annie went to her bedroom to finish putting her new things away.

Annette was on the sofa, she looked a little uncomfortable she patted the cushion beside her inviting Suzette to sit.

“You know what Ryan did to me today,” she whispered.

“I’ve got a pretty good idea.”

“We went to that little bistro down the street and had brunch, the curse had me fidgety, I guess I was squirming in my seat, he knew the symptoms; he brought me home and gave me my spanking. Then we had sex before he gave me a great big enema and told me to take a shower. After he put this thing in me, in my bottom and it’s uncomfortable.”

“It’s a butt plug.”

“I know Annie has one, too, why don’t you?”

“Oh I used to wear one all the time but I don’t need it anymore.”

“God, he’s huge isn’t he and you take that in your bottom?”

“You will too, in time.”

“He’ll let me take it out when we go out to dinner, won’t he?”

“No way, only to use the bathroom or for your enemas, I’ll come in tomorrow morning and help you and Annie.”

“He’s really going to make us keep them in while we eat?”

“Yeah, would you feel better if I had one, too. Come on, learn something, you can help me put mine in.”

Suz picked out a fairly large one, not the monster of course but bigger, she knew, than Ryan would have started Annette with. She handed it to Annette along with the lube, lowered her panties and lay face down on the bed.

“Lubricate me, getting some up inside then grease up that fake dick and stick it in.”

“Won’t it hurt, this is pretty much bigger that the one he put in me.”

“Oh hell Annette, just push with steady pressure, once you’ve got it started put your palm flat on the base and gently push ‘til it’s seated.”

The pop was audible as it seated, Suz got up, put on her panties then got a top and a pair of shorts, strapped on her strappy, low heeled beige sandals and led Annette out of the room. Come on, you need to get dressed.

In their bedroom both Annette and Annie pulled shorts and footwear on then met Ryan and Suz in the living room.

Realizing what Suz had done Ryan asked, “Everyone ready?”

Agreement all around, the headed out at an odd paced walk, Ryan hung back a little, admiring his handiwork, he enjoyed the show, envisioning three cute, milk white asses, freckle flecked, and filled.

When Suz dropped back to walk with him he asked, “So what’s with you, your walk’s so cute.”

“Yeah, right, I got your cute. It’s just that Annette is a little more comfortable with this with me as a co-victim than a co-conspirator with you.”

“Thanks,” he said.

“Yeah but I want some real appreciation when we get home.”

“And what would that be?”

“The girl wants to be Daddy’s dessert so skip the tiramisu, you get red muff on the bedstead instead.”

“Oh wicked woman.”

“Want me to get the other two in with us, check out how much twins taste along with a mini-clone?”

“You couldn’t?”

“Any thing for Daddy but, yes, I think I can, do you want me to?”

“Give me time, maybe an hour when we get home, I need our room, I think I can get them to come around, stay in your office ‘til I let you know it’s cool to come in, can you do that?”

“Sure Baby Girl, I can do that.”

It was fun watching the three of from behind as they walked home, once back he told them he had some work do and went to his office.

“Come on in the bedroom, let’s have a little girl time,” Suz said.

When she was in the room she unstrapped her sandals, stepped out and dropped her shorts, saying “dress code.”

Both followed.

She walked them both to the bedside and encouraged/insisted that they join her. She laid down, they both followed. Then she asked, “How goes so far.”

Her sister was closest to her, she began to massage her breasts. At first Annette resisted then she laid back and reveled in the attention.

“You have soft hands,” she said to her twin.

“And you have soft breasts; can I lift your top?”

Annette raised her top, Suzette admired her breasts, the same creamy white with blue veins showing, the same tan areolas, the same small swollen strawberries crying for attention, Suz sucked.

“What are you doing to me, “Annette rasped.”

“Fixing my dessert,” Suz answered as she ran her finger up and down Annette’s lubricating slit through her panties.

“Annette trembled, “What are you doing?”

“I told you,” Suz answered as she lowered Annette’s panties, “Fixing my dessert.”

She fingered her twin while enjoying her soft breasts. Annette was squirming under her tender ministrations, Suz kissed down her body, over her taut tummy, through her curly mass before splitting her with her tongue. She reveled in the oh so familiar scent and flavor, she’d tasted herself with her fingers, they truly were clones, no difference.

When she came up for air she told Annie to put on the strap-on then dove back in. She tasted every juice her sister had to offer except her bottom, that was filled and Suz kept a palm over it so Annette wouldn’t expel it with contractions.

When she settled in on Annette’s clit, sucking and flicking it with the tip of her tongue she exploded, Suz kept on her until she begged for mercy, she was just to sensitive for any more.

She slid up along her sister and said, “Roll onto your tummy, I have a special treat for you.”

When she was belly down Suz tugged her butt plug out telling her that she’d get it back a little later then she helped her up onto her knees and motioned Annie to come forward. With a handful of the Astroglide she lubricated Annette’s anus, slathered the remainder on Annie’s strap-on and whispered, “Fuck her Annie, fuck your mother.”

Annie moved forward and guided the latex Lothario to Mommy’s portal, pushed forward and impaled her. She wasn’t slow and she wasn’t gentle, she plunged into Annette’s depths on her first thrust.

“I wanted you know what it will be like, only Ryan’s more than twice this size.”

Annie rode her mother for over ten minutes, listening to her moaning, groaning and heavy panting, Annette didn’t cum but Annie did, it was just erotic, exotic to be fucking her mother. When she pulled out Annette fell face down on the mattress.

Suz laid beside her. “How do you feel?

“Like I’ve been totally fucked.”

“Want to taste me and fuck me,” Suz asked.

“I’d rather fuck that little witch that just nailed me,” she replied.

“But you’re already tasted her, haven’t you, why not leave her for me?”

“Ok, if you say so.”

“I do, now hold still and relax, I need to put your plug back in.”

Suz rolled onto her back saying, “It’s your show but I’d like it if you’d suck my beasts a little.”

Annette did then she kissed down over Suzette’s body, sampling her flat belly, nosing through her crimson curls and finally getting to the promised land. Suzette’s scent and taste were so familiar, the aroma the same as she left in her soiled panties, the taste exactly what a finger dip brought to her lips; she slid two fingers into her vagina and pumped her while she vigorously licked and batted her clitoris. It was with satisfaction that Suz shivered then flowed, she’d brought her to climax, Annette licked her, swallowing her flow then rolled her onto her tummy and took out her plug.

Annie had already taken off the apparatus, she helped her mother into it, cinched the straps and handed her the lube.

She wanted Suzette crying for mercy, she lubed her then grasped her hips, pulling her to her knees. One thrust, one violent thrust, Suz ground out a moan of agony as Annette bottomed out in her and started stroking.

Suzette knew Annette was trying to make her pay but Ryan was her guy, no way Annette’s mind could yet conceive what Ryan had taught Suz to handle. In fact, she liked the rough treatment she was receiving.

“Oh yeah sis, fuck me, harder, faster, come on, give me a big girl’s reaming, come on, girl I wanta cum.”

Big sister’s revenge (Annette was about four minutes older), Suzette thought. The reaming continued for quite some time then slowed, Annette was tiring.

Annie watched bug eyed, she didn’t want the rough treatment her mother was giving her aunt, God she thought, it would split me.

Suz wasn’t gonna cum, Annette couldn’t hold the pace long enough. Finally she simply sank to the mattress and Annette slid out.

“Put my plug back in, would you please Annette.”

In a frightened, quivery voice Annie asked, “Am I next?”

“Up to you Annette, what do you think?”

“Only if you want to.”

Suz thought for a moment, “No, maybe next time,” then to Annie, “Guess you’re off the hook for now.”

Annie breathed a sigh of relief.

“Ryan wants to visit with us, will you go get him Annie?”

When the two of them came into the bedroom both Suzette and Annette were both on hands and knees on the bed, their bottoms displayed.

The only discernable difference; the base of one plug was red, the other purple.

“I think I’d like to see the smaller version, too. Annie, why not get up there between them?”

She crawled onto the bed.

“Yep, looks the same,” to a chorus of three voices adding, “Only smaller.”

Ryan walked along behind the exposed ladies, dipping his tongue into each, “Pretty much the same taste, though the little one is milder. And I might add, it’s an exquisite flavor.”

He opted for Annie and asked the other two to make room, then took her orally as her mother and aunt watched her writhe under Ryan’s tongue.

In less than five minutes he’d induced a screaming orgasm, he kept on her until she begged for mercy.

While Ryan walked Annette and Annie back to their room, Suz took her plug out and washed it and the strap-on, then waited ‘til he came back.

He sat beside her and said, “Wow, guess one’s never to old to learn.”

“And what did you learn?”

“I thought you had the most fantastic pussy in the world, now I’ve learned it’s a three way tie.”

Suzette gave him a pouty look and punched him lightly in the shoulder, “Mean Daddy, now you’ve hurt your Baby Girl’s feelings.”

“But I can give you something neither one of them can yet,” she taunted.

“What’s that?”

She crawled up on her knees, wiggled her bottom and handed him the lube.

Morning came, Ryan needed to go to the office so he was out the door by seven thirty, Suz waited until eight then she readied herself and went to awaken Annette.

She rubbed her back and tossled her disheveled hair, “Wake up sleepy head.”

As Annette slowly rejoined the world Suz said, “Roll over on your stomach for me, I’ll take your plug out and, in a few minutes give you your enema.”

After Annette had complied, Suz helped her to her knees and lubed her.

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

Suzette had already eased onto the bed and had the strap-on she was wearing poised, as she entered her sister she said, “Until you’re ready I’ll do this each morning.”

Ten minutes of vigorous exercise, Suz pulled out and told Annette to get over her lap for her enema.

She told her that she was to come back to get her plug after she’d finished in the bathroom. The fizz in her tummy started, Annette rushed to the bathroom.

Annette commented as Suz slid her plug back into place, “That damned thing feels bigger.”

Suz didn’t tell her but it was, up a size from yesterday’s.

They moved over to Annie’s bed.

“Are you going to do her, too?” Annette asked.

“No, I don’t think so, she is after all smaller, I want to take her along slowly.”

She took the sheet from Annie and was rolling her panties off as she awakened.

“Good morning beautiful,” she said, “Time for your morning enema.”

She took the plug out, took her over her lap and filled her with fizz.

Once Annie was back and replugged, Suz said to them both, “Put some shorts and shoes on, we can walk up to the bistro for croissants then I want to do a little shopping.”

Suz went to her room, dressed and was waiting in the living room when they came out.

In chairs on the patio of the restaurant, they were having their breakfast, Suz noticed both of them were squirming in their seats.

She asked, “The curse?”

“No, just getting used to sitting on these darn plugs.”

“Poor babies,” She said, “Come on, let’s go shopping.”

“Is it far, my leg still tires easily?” Asked Annette.

“No just a couple of blocks.”

They entered a shop called Aphrodite’s Delight; it had everything for the sexual connoisseur. The clerk took note of Annie’s and Annette’s manner of walking and smiled, he recognized the gait.

While the girls looked over the merchandise Suz made her selections, two large and one medium sized remote controlled anal plugs. The large ones for Annette and herself the medium for Annie. Both of the girls would be moving up in size, Suz wanted a big one but a lot smaller than the monster so she could join them in games. She asked the clerk if additional controllers were available, she wanted enough so each of them would have one for the other two. She paid for her purchases then rounded up her carrot topped flock.

They’d only just gotten back when the phone rang; it was Ryan. Something had come up, he had to fly to Chicago that afternoon, he’d be gone a week or more, and could she pack a bag for him, he’d be home to pick it up within the hour.

Damn she thought, she wanted him with them when they all tried out their new toys and, in addition to that, Annie was starting school, Oh I’ll deal with it, she thought then went to pack for him.

She told Annie and Annette of Ryan’s plans then said, “Well we’ll just have a hen and chick party.”

He breezed in, kissed everyone, told Suz he’d call that evening to let her know where he was staying and was off, he’d take the subway to the airport.

They lounged around, watched a little TV and relaxed. Suz asked what they preferred for dinner.

Sea food was the choice; she thought of the restaurant where she and Ryan had gone, they had a patio, they’d be seated there so they wouldn’t disrupt the other patrons. She expected some surprised outbursts and some giggling that evening.

When it was time to get ready she suggested that they wear dresses, light summer dresses, it would be a balmy night. She really wanted pantied bottoms directly against their chairs for their mutual entertainment.

They both wanted to shower before dressing, Suz offered to remove their plugs and did so , then asked that they come to her room before dressing. While they showered so did she then washed the toys and got out her new ones.

She was nude and so were they when they came in.

“I bought us new toys, they’re remote controlled. We each will have controls for the other two of us. Will you put mine in Annette?”

She handed hers to Annette along with the lube and lay on the bed.

Annette commented on the size, lubricated her and worked it in.

“Ok, you’re next, would you prefer on the bed or over my lap?”

“The bed, I think.”

She sprawled on the bed and opened her legs.

“Annie would you hold your mother’s hand, she may need some support,” Suz said as she lubricated her sister.

Slowly she worked the larger device deeper, when she got to the widest part Annette’s eyes teared and she groaned, “Take it out, it’s too big, it hurts.”

Just one more small push, it seated and her anal ring tightened around the thin base. She gave her a buzz and patted her bottom, “You made it sis, congratulations.”

Annette only groaned.

“Ok Honey, you’re next, bed or lap?”

“Lap,” Annie replied as she crawled over.

She lubricated the teen, asked Annette to hold her hand and began the insertion. It was a medium sized plug but quite a lot larger than she’d had and getting it in was painful. Annie tried to squirm away from the invader, wailing about the pain. Suz kept constant pressure on the base and finally, with a moist pop it seated.

They took a taxi to the restaurant, ordered, finished their meal and were enjoying the last of the wine, they’d played their own particular brand of grab ass through the meal, maybe buzz butt was a more apt term, a lot of surprised looks, a little spilled soup and giggling that wouldn’t stop. They decided to walk home so they could continue their games.

At home Annette put Annie down for the night then went to Suzette’s room.

“I’d like you to fuck me, my pussy I mean, I want to cum and cum and then cum some more, will you?”

Suzette mused, I’ve had people tell me, “Go fuck yourself,” this would be as close as she’d ever come to accomplishing that impossible task, her identical DNA matching twin; “Sure, let me get out the fantastic faux phallus.”

She undressed and strapped it on.

“Want me to undress you?” She asked.


Suz lifted the dress over her head, sat her on the bed and took off her sandals then laid her back and asked her to lift her hips so she could remove her panties.

“Suz, I need a little more and I’m afraid to ask.”

“Would you like me to make love to you,” she asked, sensing her feelings, after all they were identical twins.

“Would you?”

Suzette lowered herself to the bed and took Annette in her arms before kissing her passionately. The smell and taste of her breath; tongues entwined and the redolence of her arousal, so familiar, so exciting. She moved down to her breasts, her nipples were swollen, she circled her areolas with the tip of her tongue then took one of her lush berries into her mouth, sucking. Then the other and on down, tasting the salinity of her perspiration of her tummy, then down, nuzzling through her scarlet pubic locks then down. Annette was already lubricating heavily, almost as heavily as Suzette was when she split her with her tongue and tasted her for the first time. It was lovely, luscious, her warm nectar, ambrosia, the juice of a beautiful fiery haired Goddess. Then her inflamed clit. As soon as Suz took it between her lips Annette stopped. Like Ryan could do with her she wondered? Could she give Annette a massive squirting orgasm?

“Don’t stop,” Annette pleaded.

Suz took her to the edge, and stopped.

Annette’s pleas for relief, fulfillment continued as Suzette took her to the brink five times.

Then, sucking hard and fast, she switched Annette’s vibrator on. Bucking, swearing, crying out, Annette was walking the sky as her version of a geyser erupted spewing prodigious amounts of her sweet juices nearly two feet into the air, drenching herself and Suzette’s face. Suz drank from her well, licking her, cleaning her as she came back to earth.

“My holy Christ, that was fantastic,” Annette finally got out.

“I’ll say, it was the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen,” her sister enthused.

Her vibrator was still running on high when Suzette entered her. Annette switched Suzette’s on to high-pulse grinning, “Just to set the pace.”

Later, Suz took off the tool and they slept, muff to muff entangled in each others arms and legs.

Morning came, Annette didn’t stir but Suz cleaned the strap-on and put it on. Gently waking Annette, she removed her plug and, laying over her partner’s back, entered her as she lay on the mattress. She fucked her for about fifteen minutes then pulled out and asked her to lay on her lap, she gave her her morning enema.

Annette used Suzette’s bathroom. When she came out she was freshly showered.

“You’re getting me ready, aren’t you, For Ryan I mean.”


“Will it hurt?”

“Probably but you’ll be as ready as I can make you and I’ll stay with you while you experience it.”

“What will he do?”

“I’m going to insist that he put you on the X, you’ll be on your back with your legs elevated and your bottom exposed when he enters you, I’ll be there to hold your hand and do anything else I can do to help.”

“How long? When?”

“I’d like to have you ready by the time he gets back.”

“Oh God Suz, I’m scared, I mean, I don’t like pain at all. Just getting my plug in makes me feel like I’m being split.”

“Love, the most important thing is to relax. If your muscles are tense it hurts and burns like fire. I think I can help you get relaxed and loose, I’ll be with you all the way, I remember what it was like for me. Now let’s get your plug back in.”

This time Annette wanted to be over Suzette’s lap, to feel that she was surrendering, ceding control, because, in truth she was.

She used the big vibrating one, slowly working it in. It was a little easier today but still Annette begged for mercy as the broad part passed through her sphincters. There was a define sigh of relief as it popped in. Suz gave her the control, “If you feel like a little buzz.”

Let’s go take care of sleeping beauty.

They accompanied Annie to school, had a late breakfast and window shopped a little before going home.

Annie took the subway home then walked the half block from the station. She stripped to her panties, put on a tee shirt and told them all about her day.

Suzette was sleeping, it was late, after midnight, Annette awakened her as she slid under the covers, “Will you hold me Suz, I’m frightened.”

They cuddled and kissed then dozed off.

Their routine continued for the week, morning Annette getting some vigorous training, enemas for all, school for Annie and lolling away the day for Suz and Annette then Annette climbing into bed with Suz for comfort.

Ryan was due back the following day, Annette asked, how long?

Suz told her it would no doubt be the following evening.

“Please don’t let Annie watch, at least this first time, I may break down and I don’t want her to see that.”

“Suz would you put me on the X so I’ll know what it’s like,” Annette asked.

Suz helped her up then pulled Annette’s plug out and lubricated her. She put on the strap –on.

“Love, I’m going to start with your legs, Velcro straps to hold you in place, then the two around your body and finally your arms. That way your breasts are nicely displayed and your bottom, vagina and anus are available for anything he wants to do. I’m going to lift your legs now.”

Once Annette was positioned, Suzette penetrated her. Her morning workouts allowed her to take the strap-on with very little discomfort. As Suz stroked her she began fondling her clitoris saying, “I’ll do this for you while Ryan is in you, it may help take your mind off what’s happening.”

“You know Suz, with your fingers on me this feels kinda good.”

And the next evening came, through dinner and beyond Annette was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. Around nine Suz told Annie, “bed time, tomorrow’s a school day.”

“Come tuck me in Auntie Suz.”

Suz tagged along, Annie was waiting at the bedroom door.

“Mommy’s getting it tonight, isn’t she?”

“You don’t know, now, to bed,” she said as she gave Annie a little smack on her pantied bottom to prod her along.

Annette stopped in her bathroom, got a pill from the medicine cabinet, retrieved a bottle of white wine from the kitchen along with three glasses and returned to the living room.

She poured the wine, gave one glass to Ryan and another to Annette along with the pill.

“Here, take this, it’ll help you relax.”

“What is it?”

“A .50 mg Xanax.”

Annette smiled, “Haven’t had one in a long time but I like Xanax,” as she tossed it into her mouth and emptied her glass in a single gulp.

Annette drank the lion’s share of the wine and was slightly slurring, Suz knew it was time.

“Let me get her ready, Ryan, I’ll call you to come in a few minutes.”

She walked Annette to the bedroom, took off her tee shirt and panties and removed her plug.

“Let me give you a hand up,” she said as Annette climbed up on the X.

Even through the Xanax and wine Annette was trembling, “I’m scared.”

“You’ll be ok Love,” Suz assured her, “Put your arms here,” she took one arm and pulled it above her head then affixed the Velcro strap then repeated the action with the other.

Next she fastened her legs in place. Finally she helped her scoot down the table so that her bottom slightly hung over the edge and fastened the two body straps.

“Comfortable?” she asked.

“As much as can be expected, I guess.”

“I’m going to adjust your legs now,” she said as she elevated her legs to the table’s maximum elevation and lowered her feet so she was bent at the knees.

“I’m going to lubricate you and I’m going to use a lot of lube so you’ll feel my fingers up in you, don’t be alarmed.”

Ten minutes and about a half a jar of Astroglide later, she deemed Annette as ready as she’d ever be, she opened the door and called to Ryan.

He walked in with his erection at full staff; he’s been anticipating this Suz thought. She slathered some of the lube on him and walked to the top of the X.

Ryan stepped up between her splayed legs.

Annette begged, “Please be gentle with me Ryan, you’re just so big.”

“I’ll do all I can but I need your help.” He was gently massaging her tummy and hips as he talked.

“Most important, relax, just relax. I’m going to move up against you, you’ll feel the head of my penis press against you. When I say “push,” I want you to push down like you were going potty, that will help to relax your sphincters.”

“Ready? Now push.”

Annette pushed out as Ryan pushed in, his massive head invaded her and she screamed.

Annie cringed at her mother’s plaintive wail, unbeknownst to the others she had sneaked from her bed and was listening at the door, her day would come and she wanted to know what to expect.

“Please Ryan, take it out, take it out, you’re splitting me.”

Stroking her hair and cheeks Suz said, He’s only got about an inch and a half in you, just relax love.”

After waiting while Suz tried to calm her sister, Ryan, with a constant gentle pressure inched for forward.

Once about three inches were in her, Annette started whipping her head from side to side, flinging her hair wildly about and moaning like she was in mortal agony.

“You’re doing great Annette, just great,” Suz crooned to her, she began to softly massage her breasts.

Four inches, slowly, ever so slowly five inches were in her, she’d stopped wailing, just a sobbing whimper. He pressed forward.

Suzette sympathized, she’d had to endure the same thing when Ryan broke her in, she knew it hurt but she’d done it; she knew Annette could, they were the same after all.

“Go limp, get as relaxed as you can,” she whispered, “Because I can tell you, he’s going to get all the way into you then he’s going to fuck you ‘til he cums.”

At six inches Annette’s eyes flew open, “Let me up, I’ve gotta go, oh don’t let me poop myself, I’ve gotta go.”

“No you don’t Love, you know you’ve had your enema, that’s him. Your rectum is completely full, but not with poop, that’s Ryan filling you.”

“Can you give her a minute, let her feel you filling her?” She asked Ryan.

He rested. He was sure he was already through her rectum and was into her sigmoid colon, he also knew every thing from her poor beleaguered sphincters clear up into her bowels she was being unmercifully stretched. He’d lose about half an inch of penetration because of her butt cheeks, so, she had about two inched more to go.

He pushed forward a little more, Annette saw the movement in her abdomen and asked, “Ryan, can I loosen one of her arms, I want to let her feel something.”

He nodded his approval, Suz unfastened Annette’s right arm and brought her hand down to her abdomen.

“Push a little Ryan,” Suz instructed.

“Feel it Annette, feel the movement, that’s Ryan’s cock way up in you, feel it?”

“Annette could only nod her head in acknowledgement and croak out, “My God.”

Patience wasn’t Ryan’s greatest virtue, he’d been at this for over fifteen minutes; he wanted to get completely in her and he wanted to cum, he powered forward, he was in, eight inches of fat cock was buried in her.

It was more than Annette could take, she wailed then bawled like a baby. He began to stroke into her.

As he started his motion Suzette slipped a hand down and let her sister ride her hand. Her fingers flew over Annette’s clitoris like a concert pianist, it gave her little to no relief as Ryan began to seriously fuck her, thrusting hard, deep and fast.

Oh fuck thought Annette he’s eviscerating me, tearing my guts out, yet the pounding not only continued but became more violent.

After what seemed an interminable period of torment Annette, though in only a semi-conscious state heard Ryan, “I’m gonna cum in you Annette, oh I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

She felt his cock jerk several times but she wasn’t fully aware as he flooded her bowels, jet after jet of his ejaculate filled her, he was roaring like a bull as his seed poured into her then miraculously, the worst of the pain was gone, he’d pulled out.

“Thank you Baby Girl, with the exception of you that’s the best coming home present I’ve ever had. I’m going to celebrate with a dram of my single malt, would you join me?”

“Let me help her to bed, then it would be my pleasure.”

Ryan went to the bathroom to clean up, saying I don’t think you need to plug her tonight, do you? Suz unstrapped her supine sister, helped her to her feet and, providing support walked her to the door. As she opened it she got just a glance of a panty clad bottom dashing around the corner; there’d been a spy.

She helped Annette stagger to her bed, returned to her bathroom and retrieved two hydrocodones and a glass of water and had Annette take them before leaving her.

Suzette wasn’t a real scotch drinker but, if Ryan wanted company she wouldn’t refuse.

He’d poured four fingers for himself and two for her, it was Islay Laphroaig Single Malt, and they sipped.

“Need a little advice and guidance Daddy, have something I need to deal with and I need to do it tonight. I sent Annie to bed before you started with Annette. When I came out with Annette I saw her little butt streaking down the hall; she’d been eavesdropping outside our door. Should I spank her or what?”

“No, I don’t think so. Consider something more apropos, put her over the horse and use your toy. I know she watched us but evidentially she wanted to know what it is like for the uninitiated, show her.”

“Wonderful idea, I depend on you for sound counsel; wanta watch?”

“Are you gonna make her cry?”

“I’d be amazed and disappointed if I didn’t.”

“Then of course I want to watch.”

“Serious question before we get to that, would you consider a baby?”

“Suz, you’re thirty-eight, should you?”

“Oh hell, do I ever know it, the biological clock’s ticking rapidly toward midnight. I always thought I’d have babies, little red headed girls, handsome boys that looked just like their handsome father, you know, all that Norman Rockwell stuff, bucolic setting out from the city, mutts and kids romping? I’m nuts aren’t I?”

“You want kids and you want me to move out to bum fuck Egypt, you are nuts?”

“Will you do it, we’ll get a big house, you can even have a party room, you can demonstrate your structural engineering skills (Ryan had designed and built the X and the horse), we’ll put it way apart from the kid’s room and keep it locked. Whatta do you say.”

“How about sister and the niece?”

“Hell, we take them too, you can knock up Annette and in a few years you can fill Annie’s womb, sound like fun?”

“And how do we afford this harem on Hudson?”

“We get Annette to pony up the down payment, she’s got plenty of money then we make the payments; it would work, we could make it work.”

“And I’d get to knock up both of you cute twins and, later the miniature?”

“Well, I can only promise me but Annette and I have talked, she always envisioned herself the mother of a brood, at least thee or four and I’m game for at least a couple, what do you say?”

“I say it scares the hell out of me…you’d have to drive.”

“Yeah, there is that but Annette’s accustomed to driving through corn fields and pig shit, country stuff, you know? She could drive…get her a pick-up truck.”

“Suz, if you can make it work, make it work, I’m game.”

They clicked glasses, toasted then finished their drinks.

“Why don’t you wait in the bedroom, maybe hide just a little, I’ll go drag our little sinner to the closest I can give her to an Auto de Fe, we won’t see her burned completely but I am gonna burn the witch’s cute little ass.”

“Oh, don’t play games with me, I know you’re awake,” Suz said as she shook Annie.

“Wha…, wha…what,” Auntie Suz?”

“Yeah, yeah, what Auntie Suz. Did you enjoy the show?”

“What do you mean, I don’t know what you mean.”

“You know exactly what I mean you little spy.”

Annie realized she was busted, “I’m sorry Auntie Suz, but I wanted to know what it’s like.”

“Annie, don’t you think if it was appropriate for you that I wouldn’t have invited you; after all I let you watch Uncle Ryan and me, didn’t I?”

“Yes but…”

“There is no yes but, Annie. I gave you specific instructions which you disobeyed, I won’t accept that, come with me.”

“Please Auntie Suz, not a spanking, I’m still sore.”

“No, not a spanking, roll on your belly first.”

She did, Suz pulled the back of her panties down, pulled her plug, replaced her panties then pulled her from the bed and led her down the hall to her bedroom.”

Having been out of the room for some time she realized what Ryan had commented about previously, it was like a miasma, female estrogen, male testosterone, male semen and sperm, vaginal discharge from the females and well fucked vaginas and anuses, you could damned near cut it with a dull knife. She was going to add the scent of a young bottom to the redolence.

“You know Honey, I hate doing what I’m going to do but I expect you to obey me and you didn’t, did you.”

“I’m sorry Auntie Suz, really sorry,” the teen plead.

“Honey, I know you are,” she said as she led her toward the horse, “I was always sorry when I got caught, too.”

When they got to the horse, Annie was too short. Suzette picked her up and laid her so that her belly was on the padded surface then strapped her arms in place. She was kicking her legs, trying to escape and pleading, “Please don’t let Uncle Ryan do this.”

It looked ridiculous, the horse wasn’t built for midgets. She unstrapped her, helped her off and walked her to the bed.

“Get up there on your hands and knees,” Taking a pillow and laying it under her face.

She pushed her head down getting her positioned then she gave her a slap, “Of course Ryan isn’t going to do this, he’d kill you. I am, now be still. She lowered the poor girl’s panties to mid thigh. “Cute,” she commented, looks just like your mothers.”

Neither of them added, “Only smaller,” it wasn’t the time for a joke, Annie knew she was in trouble and Suzette knew she was going to give the young girl some pain. She inserted the lubricant.

“Hey, you listened, you know what to do,” Suzette said as she brought the head to make contact with Annie’s anal ring.

“Push, cause here goes,” Suzette cautioned as she pierced her young niece then pushed forward, burying at least four inches of the six inch plastic penis in her cute derriere, the adolescent wailed, her cry piercing her aunt’s ears. She really didn’t want to hurt her but she knew she was going to.

“Please Aunt Suz, don’t do this to me, I’m a little girl.”

“No, you’re a little sneak, a spy,” Suzette said as she pushed forward burying all six inches of latex in the youthful anus.

She did give her a vigorous fucking, nearly ten minutes until Annie was pleading, crying and sobbing; she let Annie sink to the mattress then she pumped her several time as she lay face down.

“Come on,” Suzette said, “Let’s go to bed,” as she supported Annie back to her bed.

“Better be a more obedient child next time,” she said as she placed Annie belly down on her bed and gave her a kiss, saying, “I love you Honey, but be a good, obedient girl in the future,” she replaced Annie’s plug.

Once back in the bedroom Ryan said, “Nice show, when do you think she’ll be ready?”

“Not before Christmas,” Suz answered,

“You know, I could have you and Annette knocked up by then. We could already be living out it the sticks building my harem.

“One at a time Big Boy, the small one isn’t ready for my Daddy yet. One big red head with a big belly then, maybe six months later. Alternate us ‘til the little one is legal then, pop, pop and pop, whata do you think?”

“Sell big sister and I’m on board.”

Ryan and the Red Heads (Chapter Three-The Harem)

After Annie had left for school Suzette asked Annette to brunch at the bistro, both were sitting on their toys when Suz asked, “Annette, how do you like living with Ryan and me, I mean truthfully, don’t pull any punches, this is important.”

“Suz, I’ve experienced things that I didn’t even know existed, maybe didn’t even want to know about. I was a Kansas housewife, plain and dull but getting by with no excitement in my life. I had a daughter that I was always worried about, I just knew she wanted more than Kansas cornfields, well, wheat fields, too. She came to the big city, I came to the big city and we both love it but that’s really not what you’re asking is it.”

“No, I guess, not really, so what do you say, how are you with Ryan and my lifestyle?”

“Different, absolutely different; you know I was a small town doctor’s wife, the high points of my life were church socials, political fund raisers and the occasional medical convention in Kansas City or St. Louis, sometimes I was close to suicidal.”

“And here?”

“Little Sister, I have been beaten, butt fucked, nearly eviscerated by the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and sodomized by my twin sister, and, truthfully I couldn’t be happier.”

“I’m hurting Annette, I’m thirty-eight, I’ve never had a baby and my biological clock is about to sound it’s alarm. Have you ever considered another child?”

“I wanted three, four maybe five but needle dick the doc shot blanks, he never guessed but Annie is the result of a little liaison I had with a high school sweetheart.”

“Still want them, the three, four or five.”

“Suzette, sometimes my womb clenches, nearly cries from it’s emptiness. I felt most like a woman when my breasts were full of colostrum and my womb was filled with baby.”

“I get to go first, I’ve never had one.”

“What are you suggesting Suz, ‘you get to go first,’ you want us both to have children?”

“Yeah but we can’t both be pregnant at the same time, we need to take care of each other, you know?”

“Alright, tell me your crazy plan.”

Suzette laid it out, Ryan their stud, breeding them both, the lapse in time between each pregnancy, even including Annie in their scheme when she was legal, the country home up the Hudson, the need for her financial assistance to make it work, the whole magilla.

“Sis, the only thing I’d add, why not both of preggers at the same time, I can afford to hire some help for a few months.”

Ryan and the Read Heads (Chapter four-The Realtor)

“So really how would it work?”

“We’d co-own the property, joint tenancy with right of survivorship to protect everyone’s interest. Fifty percent ownership to you, fifty percent to Ryan and me.”

“Easy enough but how about the relationship?”

“I don’t understand your question?”

“Simple, you’ve got Ryan, I don’t have anyone. Sure he can knock me up but who do I snuggle with on cold winter nights?”

“What do you really want?”

“Just to be taken care of, to be treated like a woman and to have my desires as a woman realized.”

“Any complaints since you’ve been here?”

“No, none, even with the pain I’ve never been more satisfied but he’s you’re husband, you’re just sharing.”

“I don’t think you’ve really grasped out relationship, have you? Yes, I’m his wife but he’s more than my husband, he’s my master. I do what he tells me to do and if I don’t my poor freckled milk white ass gets turned shades of red you can’t imagine. I’m not quite a sex slave but that would be close.”

“And he’d treat me the same way?”

“Oh, rest assured, he’d teach you things you can’t even dream about.”

“Suzette, you’re making my panties wet; I’ve always wanted a strong and dominating man but would you share?”

“Him, me, him you, me, you, oh yes, I can share.”

“Does that mean you want me too?”

“I thought is was wonderful when you were in my arms, didn’t you?”

“Unbelievable, fantastic.”

“Wanta start shopping for a place? Suzette asked.

That night she told Ryan what they were going to do, then they drove along the Hudson north from the city and, yes, Annette was behind the wheel, they visited real estate offices in each of the small towns they encountered; there only demand aside from the property they were interested in was easy access to a train to the city.

It was October before one of the realtors phoned with what, she thought, would be perfect. They scheduled a showing the following day.

The woman who greeted them was of early middle age, attractive in a business like sort of way, tall and willowy, wearing a sheath skirt so tight it demonstrated a panty line, tight blouse showing a bit of cleavage, and three inch heels. The home she wanted to show them still had all the furniture there, the owners had been transferred to the West Coast and would be more than happy to sell the home furnished.

There were a total of ten acres, not on the Hudson but a creek that led to the river that comprised the back boundary of the property, there was a stable accommodating six horses, a covered pool and a hot tub for entertaining.

There was a patio with a spectacular view over the property and down to the creek.

Annette and Suzette put their heads together, they came up with a plan. They assumed the realtor was trying to get maximum price, after all her commission was based on the selling price but that would only be a small percentage of the total price and the gal had looked at them like they were candy. She was obviously either gay or bi. Annette was elected to seduce her, then Suzette would fuck her; she was far more adept with the strap-on. The contract, with advantageous terms for the buyers would then be offered.

Why had she even bothered to bring her toy? She’d wondered, was it because of the looks the sales woman had given them or was it just wishful thinking. The woman was at least a foot taller than the twins, nice breasts and an ass to die for, tight and compact.

The realtor’s name was Yvette, she’d been selling homes for less than a year and this was the biggest listing she was working. She’d had to join the workforce after her, miserable, mother fucking, cheating piece of shit of a husband had divorced her for a twenty-one year old slut. Yvette was forty-two. Suzette suggested that they share some wine, this was the house they wanted and she had a cooler with two bottles of a delightfully crisp Chardonnay therein. Yvette gulped like a guppy, she had her first sale and she was stoked. By the time she’d finished the third glass it was evident that she really wasn’t much of a drinker.

Suzette and Annette had done some due diligence, it seemed, as best they could ascertain she wasn’t representing them, her allegiance was to the seller, not to them, they wanted the contract they had offered to be accepted.

Oh, no, poor middle aged realtor lady you really may regret this sale but you will, at least make a great commission Suz mused.

Annette asked Yvette if she could show her the upstairs master bedroom once more, on unstable legs Yvette climbed the stairs, the wine was affecting her. In the bedroom Annette helped her to sit on the bedside.

“So what do you think? Yvette slurred.

“Annette eased her down onto her back, she kissed her and said, “You are a beautiful woman, that’s what I think, why would some miserable bastard ever leave you?”

“I don’t know Annette, I don’t think I’ll ever know.”

“You’re so pretty, may I kiss you again. Annette didn’t wait for an answer, she sucked the breath from Yvette’s mouth then fed her tongue.”

As she kissed Annette’s hands sought out Yvette’s breasts and, as she kissed her she massaged and kneaded her.

“Please don’t, please stop,” Yvette asked, her mouth and body weren’t co-coordinated, she was thrusting her breasts forward inviting attention.

Let’s see where she’s willing to go, Annette thought as she unbuttoned her blouse and lifted the cups of Yvette’s brassiere, then she massaged her as she continued to taste her mouth.

“May I suck your beautiful breasts, Annette asked?”

Yvette thrust forward, saying, please don’t while offering them like a sacrifice, Annette sucked and Yvette squirmed.

“You are unbelievable, utterly spectacular,” Annette opined.

“I can’t, not even with such a fantastic person, woman, Annette, I really never considered a relationship with a woman but you are beyond spectacular.”

As Yvette talked Annette massaged her, her breasts, her tummy and finally down, stroking her through her clothes. “I want to feel you,” Annette told her.

Yvette lay back, Annette took her blouse off and completed the removal of her brassiere. She was now topless but Annette knew the next part would be the toughest.

The sheath skirt, Annette didn’t just want it up, she wanted it off, she slid her hand up until she could feel her, her moistness.

“Kiss me,” she said, make love to me, as she worked her skirt down. Finally Yvette was in just her panties and brassiere.

As Yvette ground her body against Annette, Suzette unfastened her bra and let it fall.

“Oh my God,” Annette enthused, “ You truly do have the most spectacular breasts I’ve ever seen.”

Annette rolled onto her back and opening her blouse, offered her small white breasts to Yvette; she fell on them like a child to her mother, her bottom was elevated, her attention was completely on Annette’s tits, when Suzette rolled her panties off she was completely nude.

Suzette paused for a few moments, it became evident that Yvette wasn’t aware she was completely exposed, she was so intent on Annette. Suz quietly made her way to the bathroom, stripped and belted on the strap-on. She lubricated the tip, this was for Yvette’s vagina; her bottom? Maybe another time.

When she reentered the room, Annette was squirming on the bed, “My shorts Yvette, take them down, please, please hurry.”

As Yvette fumbled with the button and zipper Annette shed her blouse.

Once the other woman had gotten her shorts off Annette took her hand and placed it on her groin.

“God, you excite me Yvette, feel how wet I am, get my panties off, I want you to touch me, please.”

Yvette rolled Annette’s panties off, she opened her with her fingers, the aroma of Annette’s arousal filled her nostrils, her own vagina was flowing she was lubricating so heavily.

“Kiss me Yvette, make me feel good, kiss me.”

Yvette hesitated momentarily but she was aroused beyond caring, she kissed then tasted.

Suzette let Yvette get totally immersed in her cunnilingus before creeping onto the bed.

“Take care of my big sister Yvette, I’ll take care of you,” as she stroked the other woman’s vulva then moved up behind her, parted her labia and slid smoothly into her.

She heard a slight moan; holding Yvette’s hips Suz began to stroke.

Annette went off first, a trembling, moaning orgasm. She squirmed up where she could kiss Yvette, taste herself on the other woman’s lips.

Suzette was kneading her buttocks, fingering her tight rosebud and pumping her, Yvette broke the kiss with Annette, threw back her auburn tresses and wailed as she climaxed.

Suz stayed in her, she took her to the mattress and turned her so she was on her side. Annette attended to her breasts, sucking and fondling them, Suz massaged her cheeks, kneading and rubbing.

“God you’ve got a wonderful bottom Yvette, so small and tight; do you enjoy anal sex?”

In a quivery voice she replied, “I don’t know, I’ve never done it.”

“Ummmmm, a virgin,” Suzette whispered in anticipation, “Next time I’m going to sample.”

“What do you mean, sample.”

“I mean I’m gonna fuck your tight little ass ‘til you cry, Darlin’”

“There isn’t going to be a next time.”

“Of course there is, present our offer. When the seller’s accept, my husband Ryan and I will come up to sign and acknowledge acceptance.”

She pulled out and rolled Yvette onto her tummy, stroking her bottom she added, “Wear something that makes it easy for me, maybe a little sundress, ok?”

On the drive back to the city the twins had a grand time recounting their adventure.

“You should have seen her face when you told her what you’re going to do, her eyes looked like pie plates, big blue pie plates. Are you really going to do it?”

“If she shows up in a sundress, I’m going to flip it over her back, take her panties down to mid-thigh and give her a reaming she’ll never forget, sis.”

Ryan couldn’t believe the audacious behavior. He said, “You fucked this woman and really told her you intended to butt fuck her? No way, even you’re not that outrageous.”

“Ah yeah Ryan she did, I was right there sucking on her titty,” Annette added.

“Ryan, you’ll love the place, it’s even furnished, so we won’t have to buy much.”

The call came three days later, the seller’s had accepted our offer. We all drove up, we were all going to live there, I needed Ryan and Annette for the paperwork but Annie wanted to come, it would be her new home, too. We were to meet Yvette at four, I told her a little celebration was in order, I’d bring the wine. So we set out, four bottles of wine in the cooler, lube and plastic penis in my purse.

She was waiting, I introduced Ryan and Annie then commented on Yvette’s cute little sundress, it was a pastel print, she was wearing white sandals.

We signed where appropriate then broke out the wine. Yvette seemed nervous, she gulped her first two glasses. I sat beside her hugged her and rubbed her back, “You’ll be ok,” I told her.

“Suzette, I’m scared out of my mind. It’s crazy, I’m terrified but my panties are wet in anticipation. I aughta just run.”

“Yvette, you’re a delightful beautiful woman, I like you; want to spend some quality time with you. You want to be Annette’s and my friend, don’t you?”

A shy, “Yes, I do want that, you know, that other time was wonderful, but this, Suzette, it scares me.”

“I totally understand, my first time I was terrified.”

“I mean, will it hurt, I don’t handle pain very well.”

“A little, when I go into you, it may hurt a little.”

“Come upstairs with me, show me the master bedroom again,” I said as I took her hand and led her to the stairs.

In the bedroom Suz asked, “Do you want to undress or would you like to keep your clothes.”

Yvette looked startled, “I can keep my clothes on?” She asked, “What about my panties?”

“I can just lower then a little, you can keep them on.”

“I do want to keep my clothes on,” she answered.

Suz was tickled, that’s how she wanted her.

“Just sit here on the bed, I’ll get ready and we can get started.”

She kept her top and wore the strap-on over her panties.

“See, just like you, I’m still dressed, too.”

Suz positioned a pillow then coaxed Yvette up on her knees. She lowered her head to the pillow and asked, “Comfortable?”


“It’s important to relax and follow my instructions.”

Suz laid her dress up over her back and brought her panties down; she admired her work.

Perfectly framed, dress on top and sides, panties on the bottom, her luscious bottom centered. She stroked her.

“You truly are exceptional, the prettiest, tight pert bottom I’ve ever seen.”

Suz had begun to lubricate her, “Don’t be disturbed by my fingers, I want this to be good for you; by the way, when I ask you to push, use your muscles and push down like you were going potty, okay.”

On Suzette’s instruction to push, Yvette complied and Suz popped in.

It felt as though the girl had shoved a hot poker into her, Yvette screeched, “Noooooooooo, Noooooooooo, ugh, take it out, oh please take it out, no more, no more.”

Suzette rubbed her back, “Settle down, just settle down, bite on your pillow; I’m going to leave it in and push further up you then I’m going to fuck you for a while, so just try to relax.”

Below Ryan heard Yvette’s cries and said, “I think the show’s started upstairs, anybody want to watch?”

Annette knew what was happening but Annie didn’t, she asked, “What show?”

Ryan replied, “Unless I miss my bet I think our Realtor is being sodomized by your aunt.”

He led the way, the three of them creeping up the stairs. Three heads peeked around the bedroom door. What a sight that greeted them.

Yvette’s lanky body was compressed nearly into a ball. Her face was buried in her pillow, her dress raised and her panties at half-mast. Suzette had her dildoe buried to the hilt and was pumping. Yvette was no longer in tears; just grunting each time Suz thrust into her.

Suzette recognized the sound but didn’t turn, from this angle her face was obscured, she wouldn’t be recognizable from the cell phone photographs that were being snapped.

They could all hear, Yvette, too. Suz was asking, “Do you like this, doesn’t it feel good; your belly full. You like me fucking you don’t you Sweetheart. You like my cock, don’t you. Would you like your pussy filled, I could get Ryan to fuck your pussy, would you like that?”

With a hand motion she called Ryan over, with a second motion she indicated she wanted him to slide his hand under Yvette; play with her clit as Suz rode her.

“That feels good doesn’t it Sweetheart, Ryan’s gonna fill your pussy when I’m done.”

Ryan continued to finger her, with his second hand he stroked her hair, “You’re a beautiful woman Yvette, I do want in you, will you let me.”

With an almost imperceptible nod Yvette accepted.

Suzette rode her for another five minutes then told Ryan, “I’m going to pull out now, she wanted to keep her clothes, can you get in her like this?”

“I’ll take her from behind, no problem.”

Suzette pulled out and rolled off the bed, Ryan smoothly replaced her, rubbed the head of his cock over her anus to pick up some of the lube and cleaved her labia.

There was some moaning but she took him with relative ease, as easily as Suzette could take him.

“Yvette, I want to cum in you, is that okay?”

Though a bit disjointed she got out, “IUD, I’ve got an IUD, aaaah, God you fuck good, so big, so fat, aaaah yes, faster, faster.”

Ryan thrust hard and fast, Yvette nearly shook out from under him, her orgasm was massive, contractions wracked her body, she wailed, “Yesssssssssssssssss,” as Ryan joined her, roaring like a stallion he pumped his seed into her; he continued to stroke as he slowly shrunk.

As she lay on the mattress Yvette said, “Now that was fantastic, Christ how I love a big cock in me and Buddy, yours is big.”

“Always happy to please,” he grinned at her.

“Well that pleased this gal.”

Ryan and the red heads decided to have dinner locally before driving back to the city, they asked Yvette to join them.

They followed her to her house then she drove. Her big Cadillac seated five better than Ryan’s smaller vehicle. She drove to a little steak house, informal enough that shorts or her sun dress were fine.

After a couple of cocktails, they split two bottles of Cabernet with their meals then Yvette drove them back to her home. She invited them in for a nightcap.

Once indoors Yvette wanted to change, she said dinner had been just a little uncomfortable, her bottom was sore and she, she chuckled, felt squishy “down there.”

And no wonder, she had an anus full of lubricant and a vagina overflowing with semen.

She poured drinks all around then went to her bedroom.

Suzette sat beside Ryan, “I think she wants a little more, do you want to give it to her or do you want me to, Daddy?”

“Let me, maybe you could give Annette a jolt while I service her?”

Suz moved over to Annette and whispered Ryan’s plan. Annette agreed though it meant that her sister would be sodomizing her again but she’d go along.

When Yvette came back she was wearing electric blue lounging pajamas with satin slippers. She took up her drink and sat by Ryan.

Clicking her glass to his, she toasted, “To new friends.”

Ryan answered, “To new friends and I think we’ll all be great friends, don’t you?”

By the time a second drink was poured, Yvette was running her hand along Ryan’s thigh.

After the third she was a bit giggly, leaning against him, letting her hand brush against his growing erection.

“You feel nice, “she said.

“Let me feel you,” he answered as he lowered her tummy down across his lap and began massaging her ass.

“Fantastic, just fantastic, so small and tight; how was it earlier, with Suzette I mean?”

“It hurt at first, God when she first took me I thought I was going to die but it got better, especially when you put your hand on me.”

“Do you want it again? Suzette wants you again.”

“No, I want you silly, your big cock, God that was so good, I do love a big fat cock.”

He’d lowered the seat of her pajamas and was caressing her bared bottom, “Here’ would you take me here?” He asked.

“Oh no, Suz was more than I wanted, you’d tear me in half; no, I want you in my cunt.”

“Ok but if we’re to be fast friends, we’ll need to do it. Maybe after we’ve moved up here you can visit, we’ll fix up a guest room just for you and Suz can start your training, I’ll adopt you as an honorary red head.”

“Training?” She asked.

“You’ll learn,” he answered as he raised her PJ’s and lifted her to the floor.

She took his hand and led him toward the bedroom. As he passed he whispered, “Your cue,” to Suz.

She told Annie to give them a few minutes then come to the show.

In the time it took Annette and Suzette to disrobe and for Suz to put on her tool and grab the lube Ryan and Yvette were already in a passionate embrace, she on her back, he mounted on her in the Missionary position.

She was moaning an erotic sound as Annette climbed onto the bed.

“Thought you might like some company,” Annette said, then she moaned and lurched forward as Suzette thrust into her.

Suz caught Annette by the hips and held then mounted and began to ride, her sister’s moans and groans in accompaniment to Yvette’s creating their own sexual symphony.

On the ride home Suz teased Annette, “You and Yvette certainly make sweet music together.”

Annette’s only reply was, “Bite me.”

The twins were in the back seat bickering, Ryan was driving with Annie riding shotgun, he said, “You’re awfully quiet tonight.”

“Everyone got to have fun, I feel left out.”

He turned to the back seat and asked, “Suz do you suppose you and Annette can occupy yourselves for a couple of hours so I can use the bedroom, midget’s got herself in a pout, I want to help her with it.”

Once home Ryan led Annie to the bedroom.

As he slowly undressed her he asked, “You’re sure, you want to do this?”

She nodded yes.

He picked her up and placed her on his lap. After lowering her panties he took her plug out, he rolled over on his back, his erecting jutting up and after applying a small amount of lube said, “Ok gal, ridem Cowgirl.”

She bounced and flounced her way to three orgasms, she was exhausted, spent by the time her ride ended, she collapsed on his chest then whispered the question she most want and feared to know, “Uncle Ryan when will it be my time?”

“What do you think?

“Not close, not even close, my plug still hurts a little going in.”

“Think you could take a little more, a little bigger?”

“Is that what you want? For me to take a little more?”

“If you can, yes; but I don’t want to force things, all at your own time.”

“Maybe just a little bigger for you then.”

“Get your cute body across my lap midget, let me replug you.”

She went out of the room exalting, “I’m a cowgirl, I’m a cowgirl.”

As Annette and Annie retired, Suz came to the bedroom asking, “What was that all about?”

“She likes cowgirl, I gave it to her. Now, tomorrow after her enema I want you to give her a bigger plug, big enough that she feels it going in, after all, I do want her for Christmas.”

“So, the day, what did you think of the day?”

“It’s kinda been a “WOW” day, don’t you think?”

“I mean, watching you rogering our Realtor’s tight little bottom, getting into her twice myself, watching you with your sister and taking care of our midget, yeah I think that qualifies as a WOW, how about you, you’re opinion.”

“Only thing missing is this red head getting her ashes hauled, you up to it Daddy?”

Rolling her onto her tummy, he dipped a little lube, and, splitting her milk white cheeks he covered her, entering her as she gasped, “Oh yes, big Daddy.”

Next morning after assisting with Annette’s morning ritual, Suz asked her to help.

“I’m gonna up the size of Annie’s toy, it’s gonna hurt some, how about you hold her hand and help while I fit her with her new one.”

After giving Annie her morning wash-out she had Annette take Annie over her lap, lubricated her and forced her new and expanded toy into her. With only a few tears she got it seated home.

Annie had a bit of a different stride as she left for school.

The time passed rapidly, the final contract was accepted by the sellers and a closing was scheduled for Friday, it would be done at Yvette’s office at eleven in the morning. The deed had been expressed to the sellers and had been returned, Yvette was holding it in escrow until the mortgage was closed. Annette, Suzette and Ryan were there to sign the documents, a junior attorney would be there to close the deal and Yvette and a young Afro-American woman, Leticia, who worked in the office would serve as witnesses. The closing went off without a hitch.

“Congratulations on your new home,” Yvette told Suzette as she handed her the key.

“We’re going up to the house, have a couple of things to drop off then we’d like to buy you and the other girl lunch, kind of a mini-celebration, you good with that?”

“Love to and I’ll touch base with Leticia, I’m sure she’d like a free lunch.”

Before they parted Suzette asked for a private moment with Yvette, inquiring, “You going to take Ryan up on his offer, become an honorary red head, I mean?”

“It sounds like a lot of fun, I’ve never been a red head before,” Yvette joked.

“Are you free for the rest of the weekend, I’d like you to stay over if you can.”

“Not even a cat to keep me home, sure I can stay, why not.”

“Well bring a few things with you, make-up, meds, that kind of stuff but pack light, maybe a pair of shorts, a couple of tee shirts and fresh panties, two or three pairs.”

They agreed to meet at the restaurant a couple of hours later.

As they drove to the house Ryan asked, “Is she coming?”

“Oh yeah, she’s gonna be there and she sure wants to be cumming. I thought she’d salivate or wet herself just thinking about a night with you.”

“But you intend to start her training first, don’t you.”

“You bet.”

Once home they all went to work, the house contained five bedrooms, Ryan and Suzette got the master, Annette and Annie had nice rooms with good views out over the pool, one was left unoccupied, it would later be converted to a nursery and the last, the guest bedroom, also like the master had it’s own bathroom; Annette wheeled the IV stand into it and stocked the bottom of the linen closet with a supply of Fleet enemas. A jar of Astroglide was left on the nightstand.

Ryan had brought in the champagne and chilled it. Annie was in charge of the music.

Ready, they left for the restaurant where they met Yvette and Leticia.

Dinner was Italian, not bad but not up to the standards of the city. Afterwards Suz spoke to Leticia telling her that they were planning a housewarming party once they were completely moved it and how much she wanted her to come.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” she replied as she left for home.

Back at the house Annette and Annie went to their rooms, Suzette took Yvette to the guest room.

Shedding her skirt, shoes and blouse Suz explained, “We dress very casually when we’re here, I’d like you to do the same.”

Yvette was wearing a cream colored skirt and matching jacket and a chocolate brown top. Suz was already unfastening the skirt, she smiled at her and told her, “Now the training begins.”

The skirt fell to the floor, soon followed by the blouse and brassiere. Suz instructed her to remove her shoes, barefooted was the accepted style.

Yvette was trembling, sexual tension and some fear tickled her bladder, she said, “I have to tinkle.”

Suz pointed her to the bathroom.

When she’d finished and came back, Annette and Annie had joined Suzette; Yvette’s eyes were big, “What is that apparatus in there?”

“It will be part of your training and continued maintenance.”

“Annie, would you be so kind as to get the small remote controlled plug from my room and, Annette, will you fix up the equipment; no Annie, let’s make it the medium. Like yours, she took my strap-on ok.”

After both had left to see to their assignments Suzette walked Yvette to the bed, she was still quivering.

“Don’t be afraid, we’re not going to harm you; you’ll be ok,” as she helped Yvette onto the bed.

“You’ve got a tee shirt in your little bag, would you like to put it on?”

Yvette DID want the shirt, truth be known she wanted her blouse, her skirt and her shoes but she wasn’t going to get them she didn’t think.

Suz got a white T from her bag, helped her on with it and eased her back down, on her tummy.

She began massaging Yvette’s bottom saying, “You really do have the cutest bottom, Ryan wants you more than anything, you want to have sex tonight with Ryan don’t you.”

Hesitantly, Yvette whispered, “Yes.”

“He wants you, too but he really wants your fine tight bottom, do you think you can handle Ryan here,” she said as she gave Yvette a pat.

“No,” the same low voice.

“We’re going to help you get ready for him; do you want that?”

Another quiet, “Yes, what are you going to do?”

“We subscribe to the idea that internal cleanliness is even more important than external cleanliness.”

Yvette now understood what she’d seen in the bathroom, she asked, “You’re going to give me an enema, aren’t you?”

“Yes, that’s how we’ll start. Let me help you out of your panties then please get up on your hands and knees.”

“I haven’t had one in years; my mother, rest her soul, used to give them to me until I left for college.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Suz said.

Yvette gave her a whimsical little smile, “No I’m not afraid, I was just remembering my mom and her wonderful hands.”

“Let’s get undressed, you’ll want a shower afterwards.” She helped out of the tee shirt and her panties, Yvette assumed the position.

Suzette had Annette administer it, she coached; it was part of Annette’s ongoing training, too.

When the cramping started Suz massaged her abdomen, as it increased Suz asked Annie to rub between Yvette’s long legs.

Annette helped her to the bathroom after she was filled. She was bent at the waist, holding her distended abdomen and moaning when Annette seated her. “Finish and shower, we’ll be outside.”

Annette took her hand when she reentered the bedroom, “Feel better?” She asked.

“I feel empty, like I left everything in there,” she replied, motioning toward the bath.

“Come, maybe we can refill you,” Annette guided her to the bed and laid her down tummy first.


With plug and lube Annie stepped to the bedside; she lubricated her and began working it in.

Yvette moaned as the broad portion split her.

Annette rubbed her back, “You’re ok, try to relax, just relax,” she said.

Annie seated the device.

With tears in her eyes Yvette looked up, “Why this?” She asked.

“You’ll appreciate it when you’re with Ryan for the first time. I hated it, too, until he took me a few weeks ago, but I know he’d have split me if Suz hadn’t gotten me ready.”

She let her eyes wander to Annie asking, “You, too?”

“I’m still in training, I have mine in now, too.”

“Come on,” Suzette said, “Let’s get some panties on and go drink some of that champagne.”

“Annette, would you please pour, Annie give me a hand.”

She took Annie into her bedroom. I want you to put my plug in too then everybody gets someone else’s and Ryan can have one of each.

Back in the living room they played “Buzz the Bootie,” trying to catch someone just as they were taking a sip of the wine or at other inopportune moments.

As Yvette neared, Ryan pulled her onto his lap. He placed a hand under her pressing her plug deeper.

“Having fun,” he asked as she got buzzed.

“This feels weird but we are having some laughs, aren’t we?”

“We are, anything in particular you’d like to do?”

“Yeah, I’d like to get laid and I’d like to pay Suz back for the reaming she gave me.”

“Which first?”

“Oh man, I’d love to feel your big cock in me.”

“If we wander off we’ll probably have an audience follow us, that a problem?”

“Ok, let’s go.”

He took her to the bedroom and got his lube.

“Come over here, let me get those panties off.”

“And the plug,” she said.

“No, I’m gonna leave it in, let you feel what it’s like to have two men at once.”

He bedded her in the Missionary position and entered her.

He pushed forward, Yvette was straining to take him. Both could feel the dildoe filling her rectum, her tissues didn’t have much room to stretch with that added volume, then one of them, one of the red heads flipped Yvette’s plug on high; no one would later take credit or confess as the case may be but all three were laughing their fool heads off as they watched the gyrations they had caused.

Yvette was squirming like she had a wild squirrels in her panties and Ryan was pumping like a madman. He came with a roaring gush, cum pouring from him, she pounding her hips up, meeting his thrusts in a wild screaming orgasm. The switch was cut off, they both lay wasted, spent side by side on the bed.

“Fuck me, that was intense,” Ryan finally managed.

“I’ll say, I can’t remember every cumming so hard,” Yvette added, “By the way, who’s the guilty party.

Three red heads stood mutely like the three monkeys, here no evil, speak no evil, do no evil, then all three laughed, “Great show.”

They traipsed back to the living room for more champagne, still chuckling.

Later Suzette and Yvette were on the sofa together, they were chatting, getting to know one another. Suz learned Yvette was 42, college educated and just really learning real estate sales, she’d had to go into the work force after her divorce. She’d come out of the marriage with her modest home on which the mortgage exceed the value, the Cadillac and not much else.

Suz asked about children. Yvette said it was her one regret, she’d wanted kids but it just had never happened, although now, because of the divorce she was glad.

“Would you consider children if you remarried or found the right guy,” Suz wondered.

“Suzette, I’m 42.”

“Yeah I know, you told me but no one would believe it, you look like a young 35.”

“Well, I jog, ride my bicycle, work light weights and watch my diet pretty closely.”

“God, what an inspiration…no, I’m serious, in the city we eat almost every meal at a restaurant, it’s not easy to maintain a strict diet that way and, well the city can be scary, I don’t think I’d feel comfortable running alone.”

“I can understand,” Yvette answered, “I cook almost everything myself, that way I know what’s going into my body.”

“Ah, yeah, there is that, too. Ryan says I can’t even boil water and he’s not far wrong, he even fixes the coffee in the morning and that is the extent of his culinary expertise; we’re pathetic, aren’t we?”

“Ah, no, not pathetic, I can cook but you guys now you can COOK, if you see the difference.”

“Yvette, you’re an honorary red head so I can say some private things to you. Nothing prosecutable but things, like why this city bunch is moving to the country, stuff like that if you want to know.”

“So tell?”

“I want kids, two, maybe three and Annette wants at least two more; we want a nice place where they can grow up, riding horses, swimming in the pool, the rural life but still close enough to the city; we can go in for a show, a fancy night out, you know.”

“Yeah, I know, that’s what I’d hoped for.”

“Why not Yvette, why the hell not? Do it, get what you’ve always wanted, go for it.”

“Well maybe, let’s see, I don’t have a man, who takes care of the baby while I work, I’m still 42, am I missing anything here?”

“Are you?”

Whimsically Yvette replied, “No, I think that covers the spectrum.”

“Let me ask you, would a man like Ryan meet your requirements as the father of your children, now I want you to know, that is a hypothetical question, but what would say?”

“Let me think, he’s tall, trim, unbelievably handsome and has a cock like a stallion; would I like my child to be sired by someone like him? I envy you.”

“If you could have free and I mean absolutely free child care, what would you think?”

“I’d think you were overindulging in illicit pharmaceuticals, that’s what I’d not just think, I’d know.”

“Yeah, I know and, of course you’re still an old broad, I mean, after all you are 42.”

Yvette started to flare up, “How dare you…”

“Ooh and the juices still flow, do they?” Suz asked.

“Oh yes girl, the juices certainly do flow. I’m gonna get the chance, one of these days.”

“How about tonight, Ryan told me what you want to do with me; your room after lights are out?”

“You’re kidding, why?”

“Well, if you ARE gonna be a red head, we give and we get, understand? Now let’s have some fun.”

“Some fun? What’s next?”

“I’m feeling it tonight, I mean I’m feeling it. Girlfriend, you’re gonna join the club, you, me, Annette and, on down the road Annie our midget. We’re all sorta Ryan’s harem but I and, I guess really only I can make the call. He just like the rest of us gives and gets and I’m gonna tell him tonight he has to give if he wants to continue to get, you understand?”

“Ah, no, not really, what?”

“Tonight our man gets to ride the horse.”

“I’m sorry Suz, I still don’t understand, I mean you haven’t got any horses yet, have you?”

“Oh yeah, we’ve got a horse, one he’s gonna get to ride, come on, let’s go talk to him, but before we talk, what do you think, you could stay here with us, I mean your house is upside down, right? We’re gonna have babies around her, Annette and me, you can, too. We’re gonna have a nurse to help then, some of us can work, like you with your real estate and the others will take care of the child care.”

Yvette felt a womb rattling shiver, “You’re serious aren’t you.”

“Yes Yvette, I’m serious, have your baby, you could be first. Annette and have to go off birth control pills, our hormones have to get back in whack, you could get your IUD out Monday and immediately be fertile. Want a bellyful of baby by next week?”

“Yvette’s knees got week; a decision, a momentous decision…the biggest of her life…You’re sure Suz, I mean I could really do it?”

“Yeah, you can do it, just say yes.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Yvette exhaled.

“Ok, come on, let’s the other red heads and talk to Ryan.”

Suzette grabbed a champagne bottle and rapped on it with a knife, “Got an announcement, listen up.”

“Yvette is, as of now officially a red head by proxy or, at least until she can get her hair dyed (a chuckle), she’s decided to stay here with us and make babies, her IUD is coming out Monday, so you stud (pointing at Ryan) may start with nightly sperm injections immediately, Annette and I are going off the pill and will procreate as soon as possible and you, Annie, when you’re eighteen, if you want to can join. Everybody cool with that?”

“How come I can’t, you know, join it?” Annie asked.

“Oh you can join, just no babies ‘til you’re of age.”

“So I do get to play, right?”

“Oh yeah Honey, you get to play.”

“And Ryan, my beloved husband, I’m making the call, tonight, now.”

“Suz, I’m not ready, you know what I mean.”

“Not to worry Annette and Annie will help you get ready.”


“Why not go in and wait, I’ll let Annette and Annie know what to do.”

It wasn’t what he was expecting for the night but she was right, it was the price he paid for all of his fun, he went to the bedroom.

“Annette, Annie, here’s what you need to do while I get ready.”

They went to do their job, Suz went up to the guest room, her plaything was there; Yvette went with her.

“You want me, I’m yours later but, for now watch, here’s how you put this thing on.”

Suzette stepped into her strap-on.

Downstairs she let things take their course then she and Yvette descended the stairs and walked to the bedroom.

“Ready,” she asked.

“Ready,” they replied.

Ryan was strapped to the horse waiting as she moved behind him and thrust forward.

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Ryan and the Red Heads

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anonymous reader — 30 May 2012 19:03
Absolutely an amazing story, nicely written. A man's dream come true
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