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Son win's Prize but He really wants his Mom

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blackmail, Blowjob

Author: fitwithbigcock

Published: 05 July 2012

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My name is Luke and I’m your typical 21 year old guy living in the UK. I live with my girlfriend Becky who is the same age and we have been together for 3 years.

The story starts just after I won a university award in my field of maths (sounds boring I know!). Anyway, as the university advised me of my winning presentation they told me the prize I had won. A long weekend at a luxury hotel in Paris. They advised me that the trip was for 2 people as I would not know anyone there as it was for the other winners around Europe and other universities. I was ecstatic and accepted the trip there and then and gave my girlfriends name as the other guest.

It was only when the trip agenda arrived through the post I realised the problem. It was for a time when Becky was already away with her family on holiday. She was going on a sightseeing trip that was being paid for by her parents so I had not been invited – a good job now! However, I started to think about who could come with me to enjoy the free trip as the agenda looked pretty good. It was a posh hotel, a nice dinner and presentation ceremony on the Friday night and then you got the rest of the weekend to enjoy the hotel facilities and Paris which seemed pretty cool.

The next evening I was talking it through with my best mate but he said he was already booked up that week with his girlfriend that he couldn’t get out of. I was running out of options. Then Becky and I were invited round to my parents for dinner the following day as obviously my parents were very proud of my achievement and were celebrating with a decent meal and plenty of wine. That’s when dad mentioned that mum had always wanted to go to Paris but they had never been able to go. The conversation carried on for a while about how I thought it might be better for mum to experience Paris with him and that this wasn’t probably the right occasion for Mum to join me.
“aww, Luke, I’d love to go to Paris, plus I’d love to be there to see you collect your award, you know we’re both very proud” Mum challenged
“Plus, I’m not really that bothered about going to Paris son so you would be doing me a great favour if you help your mum see the sights” Dad continued
“But this will be the first time I’m meeting lots of new people in the field I want to work in, it won’t look very professional or grown up if I am there with my mum!” I complained “I would love to go with you mum but I would feel really embarrassed and awkward if they all knew you were my mum”.
“She doesn’t have to be your mum son, she could be a colleague or a friend, she’s not that old!” my dad joked
“Oi!,” mum said “what do you mean I’m not THAT old”
“Mike does have a point Luke” Becky butted in “your mum does look a lot younger than she is, they won’t think she is your mum at all” she said trying to get into my parents good books.
“But your name is down on the guest list Becky” I proclaimed, full well knowing it was in vain.
Anyway after a further few minutes I caved in and accepted the fact mum was joining me in Paris. But only the agreement the words Son and Mum were never used and she would pretend to be Becky when in public. Becky was also very pleased as felt it was safer than me going to Paris with a mate on the drink for a long weekend. So effectively that was that and we had set the plans in place for the trip in a few weeks time.

I had never really thought of my mum in any other way than ‘my mum’ up until that point but as I thought more and more about the trip my mind started to take a turn to the dark side. The thought of being in Paris for a few days with another woman other than my girlfriend was really getting me horny. The fact was I was spending 3 nights in a hotel with an attractive 45 year old who would have been drinking, the fact it was my mum was irrelevant, well to be honest that started to make it more of a turn on. However, the extra horniness was also the major problem. I’m sure my mum would not have been that forward about any advances or in fact very receptive, I’m sure she would think it was wrong and disgusting. So I had a few weeks to devise a fool proof plan to make this work, to make my long weekend into a dirty weekend and hopefully experience all the things Becky is either too young or too shy to try. The days counted down and the plot became clearer and more devious the closer the trip came. I was getting so horny the more I thought about it and so by now I was quite regularly sorting myself out numerous times a day.
The time arrived, I sent Becky off with her parents and told them all to have a good time, I packed my stuff and went to collect my target (I mean mum). She got into the car, ever before had I noticed every curve of her figure in her jeans and top as she got into the car.

“Hi mum, you all set” I asked
“It’s Becky to you young man this week remember” she replied “But, yes I’m doing great thanks, really looking forward to it”
“You look after her son! “ Dad said forcefully “She’s bought a new dress for the posh event this evening and she looks hot, you’ll have to guard her for me!” he said while winking at my mum.
“No problem dad, I’ll do my best, they’ll probably mostly be maths geeks anyway so don’t think you have too much to worry about” I reassured him. And with that we set off for the airport for the short flight to Paris.
The conversation on the trip was not too flowing to be honest, mainly as I was nervous about my plan and mum noticed.
“You ok Luke?” she asked “You’re really quiet”
“I’m ok mum just really nervous about tonight, I’ve never received an award before”
“it’s ok hon, you’ll be great, I’ll be there” as she put a reassuring hand on my leg “and you better keep calling me Becky from now on in case anyone else we meet is going to the event” she whispered.

We had a glass of wine on the plane that seemed to relax us both a little and following a short taxi ride we arrived at the hotel. It looked really impressive from the outside and when we walked in the door it got better, really palatial with a grand stair case and huge chandeliers.
“I could get use to this” mum exclaimed as we wandered over to check in.
“Welcome sir” started the receptionist “and congratulations on your award” she added “here is your room key and we will see you at the champagne reception at 7pm”
I said thanks, took the key and we walked up to the room.
“That was really good of them to know who you were and have everything ready” mum said surprised “it’s like being a celebrity, I could get used to this young man”
We walked into the room and it was almost like a suite, very well decorated, a huge bathroom, 4 poster bed and to top it all a bottle of champagne in the room on arrival.
“This keeps getting better” I added “although I was hoping for a sofa so I could kip on that” I said, lying as that certainly wasn’t part of the plan!
“It’s ok hon” mum said “it’ll be fine in there together and by the time we’ve finished the champagne I think we’ll both be ready for sleep anyway!” she added. “Would you like a glass?”
“It’s ok, you get unpacked and I’ll get the bottle open” I said. This will help my plan even more I thought cunningly.
“Here you are Becky” I said with a grin as I handed mum a glass of champagne. “So we have a couple of hours before we have to be downstairs, do you want a relaxing bath?” I asked “if you’re anything like Becky you will need almost the 2 hours to get ready if you’re washing your hair”
“That would be great, looks a really nice big bath and with a glass of champagne it will be even better”
So I popped into run the bath and put plenty of bath foam in to hide our dignity (for now!).
“I’m just going to lie on the bed and watch some TV while you’re in the bath then, but leave the water in and I’ll jump in quickly once you’ve finished.”
As I crashed out on the bed. Mum unfortunately shut the door to get undressed and have her bath. I lay there and went through my cunning plan again, I started to get hard almost straight away and had to turn my focus to the TV to avoid suspicion. I took my champagne sipped half of it and poured the rest into the plant pot in the corner. This was all part of the plan, to pretend to drink so much and pretend to be very drunk later on.

I waited about 20 minutes and then called to see if Mum wanted any more champagne. Surprisingly I got a yes. I grabbed the bottle and waited at the door “are you decent, can I come in?”
“Yes hon, come on in” she replied
I entered the bathroom and she had used the foam very tactfully to cover up and just raised her glass for a refill. It wasn’t quite empty.
“You slacking Becky?, I finished mine a while ago” I commented
“Ok you” she replied “we can’t all drink as much as you, but just you be careful as you have got to receive an award later on”
I smiled and made my way out of the bathroom. Pouring a bit more champagne into my glass and pretending I had drunk it all. Mum got out of the bath, dried herself off and wrapped up in a towel and came out into the room.
“Now that’s what I call a bath” she said “and great champagne, this is a great prize you got here young man”
“It is indeed” I replied and headed for the bathroom. I stripped off and looked in the mirror, I wasn’t a ‘muscle man’ by any stretch of the imagination but I was pretty toned and had broad shoulders so was looking in good shape. Not bad, I thought as I looked in the mirror. The other point to mention was that I was about 6’3 in height and was well in proportion if you know what I mean. I wasn’t a monster but certainly bigger than anything else I had seen in any of the changing rooms. My girlfriends had previously called me donkey boy which I guess is an indication. In truth I was about 9” long and very thick, about the size of a red bull can. It also hung pretty well went soft, about 6” in length and nice and fat. My girlfriends used to joke that I was bigger soft than most of their previous guys. Anyway, I admired my physique and swinging appendage in the mirror one last time and then stepped into the bath. I poured my remaining champagne into the bath, covered myself with bath foam and called out for some more.
Mum wandered in with the bottle “here you go Luke but please be careful, you’re drinking this very quickly” she added. But she topped up her glass and went back into the room as I heard the hair drier be used for 10 minutes or so. While this was happening I inspected my crown jewels and took the razor to make sure I was completely shaved down there. I loved it when I was shaved, everything felt so smooth and made me look even bigger, my girlfriends also preferred it so I was hoping mum would too. I finished up, got out of the bath and wrapped a towel round the waist, deliberately picking a smaller towel that only just fitted round me. I wandered out of the bathroom..

“Looks like you took the only big towel” I said cheekily as I stood there with my rippled torso and broad shoulders on view with just a towel covering my hips to my knees.
Mum looked round “oh yes, so I see, that only just makes it round you” she smiled “someone’s looking buff aren’t they, Becky is a lucky girl, shame the towel is that big” she laughed, by now obviously the champagne was taking effect and she was flirting in that way that older women tend to do to younger guys.
I laughed and then deliberately stretched to reach my glass as I knew the effect it would have. In full view of my mum’s eyes my towel slowly became untied and slipped to the floor. There I stood, completely naked with my cock looking even bigger after soaking in the hot water for a while. My mum’s eyes widened immediately.
“Oh my goodness” she gasped “I wasn’t wrong when I said Becky is a lucky girl, look at the size of that thing!”
I acted all embarrassed and quickly grabbed the towel and covered myself up “sorry mum, that wasn’t meant to happen” and took my trousers into the bathroom to put on. I smiled to myself in the bathroom as the plan was working perfectly so far. I slipped my trousers on deliberately with no boxers as that was part of my later plan. Luckily my tuxedo trousers were pretty thick and so my member swinging free was not visible I just had to avoid getting hard!
I came out of the bathroom with my trousers on and apologised again.”Sorry about that mum, I feel a bit embarrassed now” I said shyly,
“Don’t worry about it Luke, it’s not a problem, plus not a lot to be embarrassed about is there!” she laughed “let’s say no more about it” she added as she topped up our glasses with the last of the bubbly.
It seemed as though the drink had loosened mum up a little as this time when she went into the bathroom she did not shut the door completely so I got a bit of a view as she was getting dressed. First she removed the towel while facing away from me so I could almost see of her from behind. I have to say for a 45 YO she had a pretty nice ass. It was big, yes, but nice and pert and round with just a bit of a wobble that was asking to be spanked. She bent over to slide on her knickers. The shiny satin thing slipped up over her peachy as like a stripper on rewind. This was some show I was getting. I was starting to get hard and so had to lean on my front on the bed so missed the rest of the show unfortunately, although this was probably wise otherwise I would have been difficult to get soft again. Mum emerged a few minutes later dressed in a tight navy dress that hugged her more than ample breasts and her ass so tight you could just make out the panty line. This was even better than I had hoped, she looked really hot!
“Wow mum, I mean Becky, you’re looking great, Dad wasn’t wrong, you’ll be fighting them off tonight, I’m in for a tough job” I joked

“Aww, thanks honey, but you are looking dashing too so I think they’ll keep their distance but you may have more than a few admiring glances from the ladies, I better help Becky out tonight!”
With that note we grabbed our stuff and headed down for the reception. Everything started well and another glass of champagne later we made our way to the table. We were sat a table of 8 people, another couple (a geeky bloke and rather ordinary girlfriend, a relatively attractive lady and her friend and a rather chunky girl and her friend. So it was a table of 6 women and 2 blokes. It was overall a small gathering with only a handful of tables but that made even more intimate and everyone seemed to having a great time.
The meal progressed with plenty of wine and lots of good chat and I collected my award successfully. Following the meal mum and I made our way to the bar for the band and dance. Mum asked me to look after her bag as she went to the bathroom. I ordered us both a drink, I ordered a coke for me and more wine for her. I then got intrigued, I knew mum talked to her best friend about everything and I saw her phone in her bag. I opened the text messages. I saw one to Di (her closest friend that has been a family friend all my life). I knew I shouldn’t but I had to read the text. I opened it up.
“Di, you will never believe this” Started the text from mum “you know Luke and I are away in Paris on this trip, well Luke just came out the bathroom and his towel came off accidently! Wow, oh my god – it is huge! I know he’s my son but Jesus – it was much bigger than his dad’s and he was still soft! It was also completely shaved, it looked awesome. Can’t get it out of my head”
I smiled to myself, the plan was coming together perfectly, I had implanted the thought of my big cock into my mum’s mind to make her want to see more. I then saw a reply from Di.
“Oh my god Julia, I can’t believe it, you lucky bitch! I want to see it, I don’t care if he’s your son, you got to send me a picture as I’ve never seen a huge or shaved one before. I knew there was something special about that boy”
Perfect, I thought. I needed to carry on with the plan and quickly put the phone back in her bag as she arrives back at the bar.
“What are you drinking honey?” mum asked
“Vodka and coke, need a break from the wine” I added with a smirk.
Mum was starting to get quite drunk now and was becoming more and more flirty, there was a lot more touching between us. I was acting quite drunk too even though I had not drank too much, I couldn’t believe it was working so well. I asked mum to dance as I knew that would let her know I was really drunk as I never usually danced. She was surprised but couldn’t wait as Dad was the same so she never usually got to dance. It was a fairly slow band so the dancing was fairly basic but we were very close. Our arms wrapped around each other as swayed across the dance floor.
“You are quite the centre of attention tonight Becky” I whispered in her ear “have you noticed all the guys ogling you all night. Good job I am here to look after you as otherwise you would have had to fight them off” I winked
Mum smiled and was starting to look slightly glazed with her eyes “Well thank you young man for protecting me” she laughed “but I think it’s the other way round, these girls obviously don’t see a hunk of a guy at these events very often as they are all drooling, it’s a good job I’m here to fight them off” she squeezed me slightly as she said it “and they don’t even know what’s in those trousers” she laughed.
By this point I could tell she was now very drunk and obviously her inhibitions and limits were reducing I waited until we swayed so my back was facing the crowd, I couldn’t resist it I gave her ass a little spank and added “Becky, you naughty girl” and winked. She looked a little shocked by the spank but then smiled and held me a little closer. My hands were on her lower back but as she pulled me closer they naturally slid down over her round ass. It felt so good through her sheer tight dress. She started to sway more provocatively, I then panicked, I could feel a stirring down below, the slow gyration of our groins and the feeling of her bum really started to take its toll. Within seconds my now rigid cock was starting to turn my trousers into a tent and started to press against mum’s thigh.
“I’ve had enough dancing now” mum said “shall we go for a sit down or take a drink back to the room?” she whispered in my ear.
“Errm, I’m not sure we can, I think we have a problem” as my eyes looked down.
“Oh yes, so I see” mum winked “Don’t worry, we’ll stay here til it dies down young man” with that she held me a little closer and my fully extended dick pressed between her thighs, I think she was enjoying this as much as me as I started to feel a warmth against my groin as she held me tighter. We danced for another 10 minutes but it still was not subsiding.
“oh my word young man” she whispered “I forgot what young men are like, that thing is not dying down in a hurry, especially after so much drink”
“I’m sorry mum.... I mean Becky, I wish it would just die down so we could get out of here” I apologised
“don’t worry hon, I used to have a trick” she winked “though I haven’t used it for some time as it’s been a long time since I had a problem with it being up for too long” she laughed. And with that the reached in between her thighs briefly and gave my cock a solid flick of her fingers, just under the head on the underside. I wasn’t too sure what this would do but within minutes it had subsided.
“You never lose it” she smiled “are you ready to go now?” she asked
“Sure am, I hadn’t realised how much I had drank, I may need your help up the stairs” I commented and pretended to walk very drunkenly and slurred my speech a little.
“Ok young man let’s get you to bed to sleep this off” she said kindly and we got the lift to the room.
We entered the room, I took off my jacket and I flopped onto the bed, lying on my back.
“Do you need the bathroom?” mum asked
“It’s ok” I slurred “you use it first
“Thanks dear” she replied and made her way into the bathroom. By now she was really drunk too and so did not shut the door. She quickly cleaned her teeth and then starts to peel off her dress. Her arms lifted up and slowly the dress came up over that sexy round ass, revealing the sexy knickers she had so sexily slipped on earlier. She bent over to pick something from the floor, I was in heaven I just wanted to go in there and bury myself into her from behind. But I had to stick to my plan otherwise it could come unstuck. She removed her bra and 2 mounds of flesh dropped into view. She was not huge up top but certainly looked like a D or DD cup and were surprisingly pert for her age. She looked at herself in the mirror and then quickly put on a small t-shirt that I have often seen her around the house in at home, it must be her night shirt I thought.
By now the image of her changing had got me hard once again. It was not too visible as it was pointing straight down into the crotch of my trousers. Now the next part of the plan. As mum started to walk out of the bathroom I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing pretending to be asleep.
“You’re turn Luke” she commented but there was no reply “bathrooms free” she added. Still nothing came back from me.
“Shit” mum said “he’s fallen asleep and taking up most of the bed, what do I do”.
I then heard her take her phone from her bag.
“Hi Di, sorry it’s so late, but I thought I better call you” she started “Luke has crashed out on the bed and I’m not sure what to do”
The room was so quiet and like all of the older generation all sound settings are set to maximum and so I could clearly hear Di’s response.
“Julia, its midnight, you’re lucky bob’s not around otherwise I would have been in trouble” she replied. “So tell me about it what was it like? I can’t believe you you lucky cow”
“I can’t go into it now, what if he hears” mum said cautiously
“If he has passed out after drinking a lot Jules then he’s not waking up for a while, trust me. Plus you haven’t sent me a picture! you keeping it all to yourself?” she asked greedily
“Di, he’s my son and I haven’t had an opportunity as I only saw it briefly” she said in repost
“Well you can’t let him sleep in his suit can you? He’ll ruin it. You need to get him undressed” Di said with a great deal of self interest. The fact they were talking about me like this continued to make my cock rock hard, it was throbbing in my trousers needing to get let out.
“Ok, you’re right” said mum “hold on”. She put the phone down on her side of the bed and walked over to my side. She started to undo my tie and slowly slipped that off and then one by one she undid my shirt buttons until she pulled the last bit of shirt from my trousers.
“I have unbuttoned the shirt but not sure I can get it off as I’m sure I’ll wake him” she said to Di
“It’s ok. If he wakes now there’s no issue as you are only taking his shirt off aren’t you? He can then get the rest off himself. And if he doesn’t wake then you know you can take the rest off without fear of him waking up” she laughed “Now do it!”.
Mum came round to the side of the bed again, and slowly lifted one shoulder and peeled off one arm of the shirt. She then became a bit more forceful rolling me onto my other side to remove the other arm. This was done without me even flinching which assured her I was fast asleep. She then removed my socks,
“Done” she said confidently “he’s definitely a goner, he always has been a heavy sleeper bless him”
“Sod bless him Jules, get those trousers off, I want my pic! Ever since you sent that text I’ve been dying to see it, I’ve been horny all night because of you getting to spend it with a hung young man” she added
Mum did not need too much encouragement, she put the phone down once more and walked to the bottom of the bed. I felt the bed sink either side of me as she must have straddled me with her kneeling on the bed to start with the belt, it came off in seconds. She then undid my top button and slowly undid my fly. She grabbed a hold of the waistband on either side and started to pull my trousers down, they struggled initially as they started over my ass, my cock straining, pushing upwards still on the crotch dying to be freed from the constraints. Then all of a sudden they became free as she tugged on them and they shot down to my knees. My now big, thick, solid cock sprang from the prison of the trousers and slapped me in the stomach.
“Holy shit!” mom exclaimed “wow!” I was trying not to smirk as my plan was working better than I could even have imagined. I then heard a voice from the phone
“What? Tell me, tell me!!” Di ordered
“He’s fucking hard” mum said “ I took the trousers off and it sprang at me like a snake” she laughed “you have never seen anything like it, so big, thick and so shaven and clean it’s like something out of a porn movie” she gushed “where has he been hiding this all these years”
“Enough of the description, send me a photo” Di ordered once more. I felt mum sit back on her haunches a little and heard the snap of the camera on her phone. Then again and again. A few seconds of silence passed as she obviously sent them over to Di.
“Daaammmnnn!” came the response “that is one fucking cock. I have never seen anything like that, you lucky mare, if I was there I’d be riding that already” she said.
“Di, he’s still my son...even if it is the best cock I’ve ever seen” she laughed
“Well go on, touch it!”Di said “You know you want to feel it and I want you to too as I want to know what it feels like”
Mum waited a few minutes to almost think it over and then reached out her hand I felt the flesh on flesh contact as her hand made its way around the base of my shaft. She closed her grip almost to see how hard it was.
“Oh my god” she whispered “it is soo hard, it’s like a granite pole, but the skin is so smooth without the hair, I really want to touch his balls they look so big, soft and inviting”
“Well what’s stopping you, you know he’s dead to the world so you can have a bit of a play before going to sleep can't you? A quick feel of them, then a quick stroke of his length and that should be enough for you to frig yourself off all night while he sleeps. He’ll never know” Di tried to explain
“Ok” mum said “but this is the last thing, he may wake up and I’ll never forgive myself” she added and with that comment I knew I needed to enact the next stage of my plan.
She started to run my balls though her hands, cupping them in each hand, she was telling Di how good they felt and then started to move one hand up to my shaft and slowly stroked the full length of my cock.
“Jesus” mum said “I’m not sure how Becky manages all this, it’s so long and thick but god does it feel good” she added. But just as she was taking her hand from my cock I started the next phase of the plan, I stirred slightly, pretending to be in a drunken stupor but never opening my eyes.
“MMM, Becky that feels so good, you always know how to treat me” I slurred almost in a trance
Mum froze not sure what to do
“Shit Di, now what do I do?” She whispered “He’s stirring” she said with a bit of a panic
“I know I heard” replied Di “I’m thinking”
“MMM, don’t stop Becky, it felt so good” I uttered to speed up their decision making
“you’re going to have to do it Jules” Di ushered quickly “if he wakes now you’re in trouble and so you can only hope that if he thinks its Becky he will drop off back to sleep soon and then you will be fine” she justified
Mum thought for a few seconds and then conceded “You’re right Di, if he wakes up now if he thinks something is odd then I will be in big trouble. Thanks for your help” she whispered and was about to put the phone down.
“what do you think you’re doing Jules, you’re not hanging up!” she ordered “I’ve helped you out so far, I want my reward, I want to listen to this” Di ordered “I’m home alone with images of that cock and I want to hear what’s going on”
“Ok Di, you did help, just stay quiet, this is dodgy enough as it is!” mum whispered back and with that she reached out her hand to place it once again on my still rock hard cock. She started to slowly move it up and down my full length.
“That’s it Becky, keep going” I slurred
Mum had gone very quiet, she was concentrating on keeping me happy and trying not to wake me from my stupor it could not be going more to plan. I then started to test the boundaries a little.
“Mmm suck me Becky, you know you love it, I love the way you suck me” I ordered not quite sure what would happen next. There was a hush around the room even from the phone for the first time as I’m not sure Di knew what mum was going to do. Then I felt a soft warmth surround the tip of my eager cock.
“Mmm, that’s it babe, just like that” my comments alerted Di to know what was going on
“you go girl!! Suck that monster! I would if I was there” as a slow humming started to come down the phone.
“Shhhh! Di” mum ordered briefly removing her lips from my cock for 2 seconds. “And I can hear your vibrator on the phone”
“You’re not the only one getting some fun out of this”.
Mum continued to suck my cock for another few minutes but I really wanted my balls sucking so that was the next test. “MMM Becs, you suck me so well, now you can do your favourite and suck my big balls, mmm”
By now mum was following every order she dropped down the bed slightly and started to lick my balls, her tongue swirling around each one before putting each one in her mouth while still gently wanking my cock.
“That’s it baby, god you’re soo good” I muttered
“God they feel so good Di. I’ve never had shaved balls before but they are so soft and big I can’t stop sucking them. I wish his dad’s were like this”
The whole scenario of tonight had kept me horny all night and the wanking, sucking and ball licking was starting to take its toll. I was about to cum but I didn’t want to end it here, I was debating coming all over her face while she sucked my balls but I wanted more than that and this may be my only chance. I almost wanted to slide down the bed and pound her from beneath but I needed to cool off and get a second wind. I started to make some incomprehensible murmurings and then turned onto my side and went quiet as if I had gone back to sleep. Mum waited a minute or so to check I was still not moving and slowly removed herself from above me and made her way round to her side of the bed. She squeezed into the side of the bed and due to my position in the bed almost had to adopt the spoon position although still a small distance from me.
After a few minutes a voice broke the buzzing from the other end of the phone”what’s happening Jules?” Di asked as if disappointed if her voyeurism had been cut short.
“I think he’s gone back to sleep Di” she commented “god, that was good, I’ve never played with anything like that before”
“I bet it felt so good Jules” Di answered back, still blatantly using her toy on the other end of the phone “Do you wish it had gone further hon?” she asked
“well I’m kind of glad it didn’t due to the complications but I have never felt so horny, I’m virtually dripping over here and there’s not a lot I can do about it now” she added a little frustrated.
“Well get to the bathroom and get yourself off love, you must be used to doing that after years of marriage” she laughed. “And I will look at those pics and finish myself off this end”
I started to panic, I wasn’t expecting this, if mum got to the bathroom her horniness would go and I would be without a finish tonight. I had to think quickly, my cock was still almost hard but the urge to come had subsided significantly. I started stirring again. “Is that you Becky? Is that you?” I asked
There was a long silence until Di told mum to say yes in a very unclear voice.
“Uh-huh” mum mumbled.
I reached out my arm and felt her hip and her ass, “mmm, there’s my baby, come here” I pulled her slightly towards me as I inched towards her. Just as we started to get closer my now hardening cock reached her thighs. Her thighs were together and I wasn’t sure what to do. But by now my cock was still covered in mum’s saliva and my precum and was quite lubricated. So with one push I forced my thick cock through her thighs and let out a nice groan.
“mm, that feels good baby” my cock brushed against the soft smooth fabric of her knickers and I felt the warmth from her now hot pussy, I started to slowly slide back and forth as the friction built up between my cock and her pussy the heat increasing.
“Oh you feel so hot Becs, it feels like you’re ready for me” and with that I tried to push the head of my cock deep into her, I could feel my wide tip start to part her lips and almost enter her warm wet hole. She let out a small whimper as she tried to keep quiet. The thong was stopping me going any deeper and needed to be removed.
“Oh baby, you need to lose those knickers if you want it” I said sleepily although by now I had my eyes open so I could see my mum from behind. She had her face away from me so she could not detect this. A voice came from the phone “get em off quickly!!” Di ordered “You lucky bitch!”
Mum’s hands went quickly to her thong and slip over her ass and down over her knees. Just as she was still leaning forward to get them over her feet she was in a perfect position so I grabbed her hips and forced my cock deep inside her.
“Oooh holy mother of god” came a muffled response “that is fucking huge” mum’s voice was low but clearly audible to both me and Di.
I was surprised how easily I slid deep into her with how big she thought I was but she was so lubed up and warm it felt so good.
“Mmm, oh yes baby, you feel soo good, so warm and tight” I added “you like that baby?”
“”Uh-huh” came the low response again “love it baby” trying not to say too much to cause me to wake up. I could not believe my plan had worked, I was now balls deep inside my mum’s juicy pussy and she was loving it. To top it off we had an audience.
I continued to slide in and out pulling her hips towards me as I wanted to try to get deeper and deeper, I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock and stretching as my balls reached her ass.
“Oh my god Di, it is so deep, it’s stretching me, I’ve never felt anything like it, I’m about to come” she whispered into the phone
“You go girl, get it inside you, you may never get another chance, I’m nearly there too just by listening to you”
“You like it harder baby?” I asked but knowing she really didn’t have a choice.
Her hand reached out behind her to ease me in gently but it wasn’t working I was now pumping into her hard and deep. “Oh that’s it you like it like that don’t you babe, like it hard and deep” I groaned
“Oh god, oh god, yes, please don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop” came my mum’s cries as I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock. “Oh shit, oh shit oooooohhhhh shhiittt”” she grabbed my ass and held me deep inside her as her body pulsated all over my cock.
“I think it’s safe to say you came then” Di said “sounds like you’re a convert to a big cock now honey”.
“oh my god Di, I have never felt anything like that before I came in waves, my body is still shaking, the problem is he hasn’t shot his load yet so I don’t know what to do” mum sounded worried. I took that as my hint and started to gently ease out of her now sodden pussy.
“I hope you’ve saved some energy for your favourite baby” I said being very vague
“Uh-huh” came the standard reply.
“Oh good honey as I can’t wait to bury myself in your ass” I said confidently.
“Holy shit” mum said out loud “Di, what do I do, I can’t take that thing in my ass, I have only let that happen once and that hurt” she sounded really worried. This didn’t stop me as I slid my huge throbbing dick to rest against her now twitching entrance to her ass.
“Jules, I’m not sure there is anything you can do, you’ve come this far and saying no will wake him up. I’m spry hone but you may just have to suffer for a couple of minutes. “
With this I started to ease my head into her ass. With the amount of precum and her juices on my cock it started in quite well. I could tell she was tense and trying to fight it a little,
“Just relax Jules, it’s the only way” came Di’s voice again. Mum tried and this eased me in some more. I was now over half way in and could feel her whole body stretching around me. I was enjoying this so much and was not causing mum as much pain as I had thought, she must have been so horny and wet that her ass relaxed completely.
“Oh you feel good honey, you know I love your ass” as I entered further and deeper into her.
“Ooh god. I feel like I’m being split in 2 Di. But it’s not as bad as I remember,”.
“You must be soo fucking horny you dirty cow, god I’d love that thing up me” came Di’s response.
I reached all the way in and left my cock impaled in her ass for a few moments to allow her to accommodate my size before gently easing back out and then in again once more. I was so close to coming, being buried in her ass was proving too much I just started to quicken the pace once more and began to slowly fuck my mum’s ass.
“Oh yes baby, it feels so tight in your ass. I am so close to coming” I added
“Oh that’s it baby, it feels good too, don’t stop, please don’t stop” mum replied. I couldn’t believe it after her initial protestations I could feel her body starting to quiver with excitement again, she was going to come through me banging her ass. This got me so horny and I quickened the pace thrusting deep into her. I gave one final thrust as I left my cock deep as it could go into her and my huge load started to spurt from my cock, filling her ass with my cum.
“ooohh god baby, there it goes, that feels so good” I uttered still somehow pretending to be in a semi conscious state, once more her hand reached round and held me deep inside her as she squirmed on my cock.
“Oh god you cumming in my ass feels soo good, ooohh yeessss” she yelped as she once again shook with pleasure.
She removed her hand from my ass and I rolled back onto my back as if pretending to be back out of my trance and fast asleep again.
“Di, I think he’s gone back to sleep” mum picked up the phone “I can’t believe just what happened. “It feels so wrong what just happened” she started to regret her actions
“Look honey, I would have done exactly the same thing but you have to tell me how that felt. Please!” she begged.
“Like nothing I have felt before babe, I was stretched so far in both my pussy and ass I came almost immediately, it was so pleasurable and a lot less painful than I had expected. I’ve never come that hard before, I didn’t know where I was”
“oh dear hon, how are you going to manage with a normal size one now” she laughed “plus you need to get me a go on that thing as it’s not fair just seeing and hearing it I want some!” she went on. “But remember you better clean him up otherwise he’ll know that something happened” she said wisely.
At this point my mum went into the bathroom to let the cum ooze from her ass and clean herself up she then came into the bedroom to wash my cock clean with a flannel. I drifted off to sleep with a huge grin on my face as my weeks of planning had really worked and I was one happy guy.
The next morning came round pretty quick and I awoke with morning glory as I normally do, I opened my eyes and my mum was nowhere to be seen, I got out of bed and wandered, hard on bouncing in front of me into the bathroom. Mum was lying in the bath.
“Oh shit. Sorry mum. I didn’t mean to walk in on you” as I tried to cover up my cock with a towel
“that’s quite the impressive bit of kit you have there young man but I wouldn’t worry about hiding it” she laughed “you were sleeping out of the sheets a lot last night in a pretty similar state, I guess the problems of being young and virile” she smiled.
“Shit, sorry mum” I said again “didn’t mean you to see me like that. I think I was having a really good dream last night though. I just hope I didn’t talk aloud like Becky says I do sometimes” I added.
“And why’s that young man?” she probed
“Its private mum, it was about me and Becky” I said shyly.
“Well, sorry to say honey, but you uttered quite a lot of your dream, she sounds quite the naughty girlfriend” mum joked.
“What do you mean mum?” I said pretending to be embarrassed
“Well it sounded like her favourite things were a little naughty” mum replied “you honestly don’t know what you were talking about?”
“I can’t remember all of it, please tell me” I said trying to get my mum to talk dirty to me while we were both sober.
“well, ok, but don’t judge as I didn’t really have a choice but to listen... you said she loved sucking your testicles and also liked anal sex” mum said very diplomatically
“Yeah, I guess so” I replied “but that’s why I can always tell it’s a dream.”
“Why’s that?” mum asked looking a little worried
“Because she never sucks my cock or balls mum, says it’s too big for mouth and hurts it. And as for anal, she won’t let me anywhere near her”. I said rather bluntly. At this point my mum’s face looked a little shocked
“But... but.. You said.....” she was trying to think back to last night about what she had been forced to do. I let out a little smile and at that point she knew she had been played.
“You bastard, you little shit Luke!” mum yelled “How could you do such a thing, and to your own mother?” she argued
“Look mum, you were the one who started playing with me, you couldn’t keep your hands off it, and tell me you didn’t enjoy it, tell me you wouldn’t want to do it again”
“Luke” stop this, I’m your mother it shouldn’t have happened, I was just curious, I couldn’t help it” she tried to act innocent.
“Look mum, we both wanted it, it happened get over it, the problem now is you know how good it is and you won’t be able to say no given another chance”” I said cockily
“Look son, yes it was a very pleasurable experience but it can’t happen again, it won’t happen again”” she insisted.
At which point I walked over closer to the bath, my still rock hard swaying in front of me. I reached into the bath, grabbed one of her hands and placed it on my cock.
“Remember how good it feels?” I said looking at her in the eyes. “Now suck my cock”
Mum looked appalled at what I had said, as if a son could never talk to his mother that way, she lay there for a few seconds as if to try and fight the longing she had. Then with one smooth motion she climbed out of the bath got on her kneed, dripping wet and started to suck my cock like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. She devoured it trying to fit as much in as possible while playing with my balls and wanking my cock. I leant over and gave her ass a good spank and said “you like that cock don’t you, you want that cock” I said shoving it down her throat
She removed her lips from my cock to nod and say “I’ve never had anything like it before I fucking love it! It’s so huge and I can’t stop wanting it”
“Well. It’s all yours you dirty little slut. You can have it whenever you like as long as you do what I want when I want it” I said forcefully
“Yes darling, anything you want, just don’t make me go without this again”
“Right, well as you came twice last night, I think you owe me one, so suck me til I come in your mouth”
She quickened her pace and was almost like a porn star going to work. “cum for me baby, give mommy that huge load of yours in her mouth” she carried on.
It wasn’t long before I shot another huge load inside her. This time all down her throat with a little bit dribbling down her chin. She looked up into my eyes as she swallowed every last drop as if to say ‘I’m yours now’.

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Son win's Prize but He really wants his Mom

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Anonymous reader — 18 January 2017 06:44
I fucked my sister
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I fucked my mom too....after its inspiration
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I came twice
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Very exciting story, wish that I too got such chance like luke
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INCEST is awsome
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Nice story
FantasyCamp1980 — 08 January 2016 03:54
I just couldn't believe it. I had to stop reading.
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This reminds me of what my brother did to me a few years ago. I've sat on his fat cock every day since.
Anonymous reader — 01 August 2015 21:38
We need a sequel.
Anonymous reader — 16 July 2015 03:00
That was great you should write one with the mom and the friend with him
Anonymous reader — 27 March 2015 04:30
Best story I've read in awhile. My pussy is still dripping wet. Thanks
Anonymous reader — 23 July 2014 20:42
one of the most enjoyable ive ever read are there more of the same type
Anonymous reader — 10 May 2014 23:01
My GF is just like this cock loving mom.!!! One night my best buddy was hanging around my place and the talk was his big cock . She asked me if she could see it. I said sure ,,, he pulled out a fat 9 inch cock...she looked at me ,,,, I said get it slut! And wow,, did she ever! She still gets it at least once a week!!!!!
Anonymous reader — 22 January 2014 05:56
I hoped this mom would struggle a bit, and had to be blackmailed by her son. step by step to the whore state
Anonymous reader — 07 January 2014 22:18
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Anonymous reader — 21 December 2013 15:11
anonymous reader — 30 November 2013 19:39
keep it going and we dont know whats in the store untill we see it
anonymous reader — 24 October 2013 13:16
He should continue back fucking the friend. A three way would be awesome.
anonymous reader — 02 September 2013 23:03
fuk u little shit I hope u burn in hell oh yea I told becky what happen bitch ur father us really piss off Butch
anonymous reader — 02 September 2013 23:02
fuk u little shit I hope u burn in hell oh yea I told becky what happen bitch ur father us really piss off Butch
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What's funny is that I'm also fucking the second wife's sister and the first husband's sister. They both stopped by while I was fucking the wives and decided they wanted to try my almost ten inch cock.
anonymous reader — 01 November 2012 21:31
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I am thinking about boy wins my wife, and blackmails me. Text me 8505702722 if you think you can blackmail me. My wife does not know I like young meat.
anonymous reader — 13 July 2012 16:48
Would love it if you can write something about a father in law having an affair with his daughter in law. Not much of that type of genre around.
anonymous reader — 11 July 2012 04:16
I Love XNNX Stories And The BlackMail Title I Fucking Love This Fuck Secured Thing And Private Things

anonymous reader — 09 July 2012 14:07
wow i.m a 48 yr old mother and wet as hell, and will try my son with his big cock I saw to-day, really need that cock now
anonymous reader — 08 July 2012 22:52
To the comment below mine.......wtf
anonymous reader — 08 July 2012 17:26
it is rare indeed that a mathematician is featured positively in a sex story. Thanks for that, fitwithbigcock, you could have made it a football prize or something more stereotypical and predictable. Let's hear it for calcucunnilinglus.
anonymous reader — 08 July 2012 09:02
Mmmm made me so hard, great story hope you have more
anonymous reader — 07 July 2012 09:48
That was the best make another one. You kick ass!
From SMS
anonymous reader — 06 July 2012 19:19
More for the love of god .... more !!!!!
anonymous reader — 06 July 2012 11:01
Good story hope you do the next part soon
anonymous reader — 06 July 2012 09:17
Have him do his mom and her friend
anonymous reader — 06 July 2012 08:37
Wow! Nice, I think am starting to like anal sex
fitwithbigcock06 July 2012 05:35
sure, message me with any ideas
anonymous reader — 06 July 2012 05:12
very good story is there going to be a part 2 perhaps with your mums friend ?
anonymous reader — 06 July 2012 03:04
Good story. Reminds me of the first time I fucked my mom. It was after a dinner and some dancing. I was only 14 at the time. I was great and we eventually had 4 children.
anonymous reader — 06 July 2012 00:39
Not bad are you thinking about continuing itinerary want to know how things are when they get back.
anonymous reader — 06 July 2012 00:36
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Anonymous reader — 05 July 2012 19:50
good story but could have been better if he would have "woke up" during the encounter and then treated her like at the ending. I still liked it though. Good job!
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