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Paul the Elder

Categories Fiction, Black, Erotica, Interracial

Author: Gail Holmes

Published: 30 November 2004

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Gail Holmes

Paul was the elder of the family, having a brother and younger sister, although near reaching twenty-five he’d never lost his virginity. David, you couldn’t meet a hornier guy; he’d only to look at a girl and she’d become wet at the thought. But Kerrie now there was a girl who knew how to please.

Paul’s trouble was that he was shy, okay he’d buy all the girlie magazines, and he’d even brought movies to play, trouble was he’d be on edge whenever he watched them in case any of the family came home, because of his constant masturbation, his cock had a prominent bend to the right as happens only to often with prolonged masturbation. To a girl this curvature can be quite painful, depending as to how acute it was, as it would have a tenancy to rub one side of her inner pussy. He’d tried to portray himself as uninterested in sex. The rest of the family other than Kerrie knew of his dilemma, feeling sorry for him, she’d found out one Friday night when she’d brought a fella home, he was as black as the ace of spades, and supposeively one hell of a fuck according to her friends. Kerrie thought she was home alone; her parents were staying with friends David would be at the nightclub until the early hours, Paul had gone to a meeting somewhere up north. She’d not realised that Paul was outside the lounge door as she and Omar sat on the settee.

Kerrie had been teased in her office at work, they’d nearly all told her that she must try Omar, at least five of them already had. Telling her of his lovemaking and as to how they’d enjoyed him themselves, it wasn’t until one of them fixed her up with a blind date that she took up their recommendation on his sexuality. She’d be the first to admit with his physic and looks; he came across as extremely hansom.

Omar was more than ready to take advantage of the situation, Kerrie was a good looker, he’d often seen her out, the blind date had worked out well, he’d taken her out for a meal, wined and dined her, she wasn’t over the top by a long chalk, Omar wouldn’t do that, he’d only have her should she wish it. They’d been in the house about thirty minutes, Kerrie knew she’d have to stir his feelings if she was going to get as to what she wanted, he was to much of a gentleman to take her by force. The film on the telly was rubbish, offering neither of them any attentiveness toward it.

Her friends at the office had really wound her into submission with him, in fact she was looking forward to him, hoping that he’d come up to their standard. She leaned across him snuggling up to his chest; Omar placed his arm around her shoulder. Kerrie placed her hand down onto his leg and leisurely starting to draw it upwards, when she got to his private regions she was somewhat taken aback, she couldn’t believe that what she felt was for real? Turning her head she looked up to him, he smiled then pecked her on the cheek.

“Is that for real?” She smiled, squeezing his cock gently in her hand.

“I’ve been told so?” Omar grinned without looking down.

Kerrie started to undo his fly’s, He wasn’t wearing any form of underwear so her hand went straight to it, as she slipped her fingers around the shaft it started to thicken rapidly, she’d just managed to get it free before it became rock-hard. For moments she could only but sit and stare, it was more like that of a donkey than a mere man, if felt so silky as she fondled it.

Omar sat upright when she went down on him, females weren’t normally this fast, he sensed a form of urgency with her sudden movement; it was as much as she could do to get her lips over the huge bell end. As she leaned over him she sensed his hand nibbling across her body then up under her dress.

His probing fingers soon found their target; Kerrie lifted one leg permitting him more sovereignty his finger soon established contact with her pussy, it slid in like a knife through butter, she knew she’d be wet before he’d started, the sight of the huge organ had done that to her as soon as she’d cast her eye on it.

Paul watched from the crack in the doorway, trouble was what he’d seen wasn’t as it should have been; it’s rarely that a girl makes a start on a man it’s usually the other way around. His mind was not on such formalities, his eye was up under Kerrie’s dress, but his hand was on his cock. This was his first full view of pussy his eyes glued between her legs, he’d not really noticed as to the size of Omar’s majestic cock, even now most of which was buried within Kerrie’s mouth.

This was the first time that his sister had ever brought a fella home, he wondered if this was going to happen more often, he could handler this sort of performance. He’d never known his cock so stiff, he wanted to pull it out and do the job properly, and trouble was if she got up he’d have to dive back into his bedroom snappishly, that he didn’t want.

Omar was pulling her over to lie back along the settee, it was then that Paul got a glimpse of his cock, Omar was hovering above his sister at this stage, his head down kissing her on the lips, his cock, not only was it long but furthermore it was very chubby. Omar didn’t seem to be in any hurry, as soon as he’d finished kissing her he moved lower down her body, then to her breasts holding each within his hands, as his lips went over them each in turn. He’d crouched now between her open legs, one hand between them the other manipulating her breast, his cock now resting along his thighs as it could not be seen. Paul decided that now it was safe to pull his own cock out, it was no sooner thought than done; he looked down at it, Omar’s certainly put it to shame, he couldn’t understand it Omar wasn’t any older than himself in fact he could be even younger.

Omar edged back then went down on Kerrie, Paul’s own nostrils twitched as he imagined the aroma Omar was enjoying, be it his sister or not he’d give his eye-tooth to be in Omar’s position at this present moment, she certainly was a stunner, even though he’d never seen this much of her body for years. She seemed to be enjoying Omar’s tongue, for she was wriggling and sighing as he tongued her. From his position behind the door Paul could see everything, although the sight of Omar’s backside didn’t appeal to him that much, Kerrie had now pulled her legs up to her breasts, in doing so Omar lifted himself spreading his knees apart, Paul had a birds eye view of not only her pussy but that of his shaft, it swayed to and fro until Omar’s hand could be seen clasping it.

This was more than Paul had ever dreamed of, his sister pussy looked slightly puffy, he’d wished he had his mother opera binoculars, he’d have been able to see it close up then. Omar was lifting his cock up toward her pussy, rubbing it into her juices. Paul saw the head of it vanish, and then he stopped not moving.

“Christ that feels hefty!” Kerrie stated whilst Omar held his position. Paul could see her hands gripping his wrists, as Omar appeared to be leaning heavily onto his cock.

“You are alright for it! Aren’t you?” Omar smiled down to her, wondering if he was her first, although Kerrie wasn’t a virgin, she wasn’t at it most of the time like her friends, so she would seem tight to him.

“I’m fine, just a little shocked that’s all” She grinned up to him. Her friends hadn’t informed her as to his size, and she thought nothing of it when she went down on him, it was only now that she sensed the strain.

Gradually Omar eased himself into her, he could see that Kerrie was gripping her teeth, he withdrew slightly then back in again little by little.

Paul hand was going ten to the dozen, he knew he’d have to stop soon or he’d blow his load, he’d wanted to watch when Omar blew his before he himself cum. He could tell now that his sister was taking enjoyment for him, her inner pussy walls were pulled out each time he withdrew the skin gripping the sides of the huge shaft, and then doubling back as he eased back inside her. The noises his sister was making she’d have surly woken him should have been asleep in his bedroom. He couldn’t believe the pace that Omar was fucking his sister at, surely he’d have to blow soon he considered. However, Omar had good staying power, this was one of the advantages of being fucked by him, Kerrie’s friends knew of this, and without doubt Kerrie was enjoying him tremendously, she was giving him as much help as was needed by lifting her hips to meet his, her cries dumbfounded Paul, it was almost as if Omar was hurting her, but then she wouldn’t be clinging onto him like she was if her was hurting her would she, he presumed.

Paul was getting angry now, he needed to blow, not understanding Omar’s staying power, and if it had been him he’d have blown ages ago. His balls ached with the want of release, he took his hand away from it, using will power to hold back, and he’s eyes went back to the crack in the door. Omar was now up onto his toes and really slamming into her, Kerrie’s head was going from side to side with the sheer enjoyment of it all. Her hands reached up to his face pulling him down to her, their lips met; even then he never faltered his pace.

Paul looked down at his own manhood, it was nothing compared to Omar’s, he felt humiliated, was it due to use, or in his own case ill use, why was it leaning to one side, Omar’s appeared to be dead straight, was it’s thickness due to his colour, did the colour of a man’s skin dictate as to how big his manhood was.

Paul turned quickly toward the door; Kerrie had given out a loud squeal whereas Omar gave a low moan. Paul looked toward her pussy Omar had withdrawn his cock, thick goo was seeping from her pussy, its lips now quite spread. As the cum advance from within, large bubbles seemed to form, air was also being expelled. Paul stepped to onside heading for the bathroom, he could now finish in peace, sitting on the edge of the bath and continued pulling at his cock.

Kerrie was amazed when she entered the bathroom; Paul was just blowing his load into a piece of toilet tissue. He’d not even sensed the door opening, he just sat with his eyes closed, assuring that he’d pumped every last drop into the tissue. Kerrie closed the door and stood with her back up against it.

“I didn’t realise you were at home!” She implied as he finally opened his eyes. “How long have you been here?”

“Not to long!” Paul replied quickly pushing his cock back into his trousers.

“I suppose you’ve been watching from the lounge doorway? I never would have thought you’d the nerve. I would never spy on you, should you bring someone home!”

“I’m sorry, I was just passing the door, I couldn’t help myself” Paul stated pulling on the zip.

“I can only suppose you saw everything?”

Paul looked up to his sister, he knew he couldn’t lie, knowing he should have left and gone back upstairs once he’d seen that she was entertaining someone.

“I’m afraid so, I just couldn’t help myself, I found it was a real turn on!”

“So I can take it that all that, that in the tissue was meant for me?”

“I suppose you could say that!” Paul said looking up to her.

Kerrie reached down taking the tissue from him, then dropping it into a bin beside the toilet. “Would you mind leaving so that I can use the toilet?”

He would have dearly loved to put his hand up underneath his sister’s dress knowing that she was panty less. Kerrie knew she’d not long or she’d have it all running down her legs.

“Can you leave now, we’ll talk later!” She mused standing with her legs almost crossed.

Once Paul had left she immediately sat down on the toilet, pushing down onto her tummy muscles as to squeeze the thick cum from within her, she felt the bubbles as they popped as the gooey substance tricked out. Reaching toward the bin she recovered the tissue, unravelling it gently in her fingers; by the looks of it, if he had been thinking of her he’d certainly came buckets of cum, even though the tissue had absorbed the majority of it. |She dropped the tissue into the bowl as she flushed the toilet.

When Kerrie left the bathroom to rejoin Omar, Paul was in the lounge talking to him, it took her by complete surprise, she could only hope or assumed that Omar had not realised that he’d been watched.

I was just going to the bathroom when I met your brother!” Omar smiled toward her.

“Would you both like a drink?” Paul mused not feeling that his sister wanted him in the room.

“Now that’s an idea, my brother always was the perfect gentleman when we have company” Kerrie turned and smiled toward Omar. “Omar will have a beer, and I’ll have one of the alcopops!” She implied turning back toward him with a sneer on her face.

Paul was glad to get back out of the room; the last thing he’d thought of was bumping into Omar as he’d left the bathroom. He had to get him back into the lounge for fear that he’d realised that he’d been in the bathroom also.

“I’ll go and give him a hand!” Kerrie implied turning toward the door. Omar just nodded his understanding.

“What the hell we’re you doing in the lounge!” Kerrie quizzed. “He’s supposed to think there is no one in the house but us!”

“As he said, he was coming out of the door as I was walking up the hall! What else could I do, but talk to him?”

“What were you doing watching us anyway; what are you some kind of depraved being?”

“It wasn’t like that, I just happened to pass the door, I heard a noise so I looked in. I’m can only assume that my being there didn’t eliminate your enjoyment. By the sounds you were making it was enough to turn any man on!”

“You needn’t have stood there that long to make yourself aroused, what would a girlfriend of yours think if it had been me watching?”

“That’s the point! I don’t have one and never have!”

You jest?” Kerrie smiled. You’re having me on?”

“Why would I do that, it’s the truth!”

“You’ve never had a woman! You’re telling me that you’re still a virgin at your age?”

“Have you ever seen me with a girl?”

“Point taken, no I haven’t, but I mean at 25. Christ, Paul there are heaps of girls out there just waiting for someone like you. I can understand it in a girl, but a fella; well that takes the biscuit. If I weren’t your sister I might consider you myself?”

“I wish you meant that, after what I have just seen, well! I’d do anything for the chance?”

“You really mean it don’t you?”

“T’would only be us that knew?”

“I’ll consider it; as you say we’d be the only ones that would know. I’ve never had a virgin!” Kerrie chuckled.

“There’s no need to make fun of me!”

“Believe me I’m not, I really do mean it! It would be our little haven, Christ I wouldn’t need to make a date just for a guy to have his leg over. Sounds like fun to me?”

“Now who’s jesting?”

“I’m deadly serious; I mean it!”

It was like music to his ears. “When then?”

“Well it would be pointless tonight; you’d feel nothing after Omar. We’ll have to make a date for it, one night or day when every one is out of the house!”

“You have a deal!” Paul smiled kissing Kerrie on the cheek.

“Can you take these drinks in, I’ll have to go and change these panties or I’ll be making a mess everywhere?”

At this time Paul didn’t realise as to what she was talking about. “Yes, you go ahead, I’ll see you in the lounge!” He replied, picking up the tray and heading back to the lounge.

Paul was as pleased as punch, she’d let him have it and they’d be more to follow, no more pulling his pudding, it would be great.

“Everything all right?” Omar quizzed as Paul came into the room with the drinks.

“Yes, sorry it took so long, we got chatting. Kerrie won’t be a minute she’s just popped upstairs!” Paul replied putting the tray onto the coffee table.

He reached down taking up the can of beer and offering Omar a glass.

“No, the can will be fine: I take it that your Kerrie’s brother then?” Omar remarked with a smile.

“Yes there are two of us, I’m the eldest”

“Haven’t seen you around?”

“No I work away, so I’m not here all that often!” Paul lied, knowing that he never went out that much.

“Sorry to leave you like that, had to pop upstairs. Is Paul looking after you?”

“Yes, we’ve just been talking, I told him that I’d not seen him around town. He informed me that he’s away a lot working.

Kerrie realised as to the implication that he’s spun to Omar, but didn’t inquire as to what.

Monday morning the girls were all over Kerrie at the office, wanting details of the date.

“Well what can I say, yes it went fine, nevertheless, I’d have thought at lest one of you would have enlightened me as to his size?”

No one appeared to have wanted to disclose this information, although many had experienced the dilemma, but only to their advantage, they we’re familiar with the gratification they’d got from his lovemaking, some more than others. And as to the size of his manhood, they all thought they’d had bigger, but were not in the mind to say!

“Still, on the other hand I do have one up on all of you!” Kerrie smiled into there mist.

“And what might that be then?” One of the elder girls questioned.

“How many of you have had a virgin them?” For moments no one gave out a hint of an answer. “Well I’m about to have mine very soon!” She continued.

“If he’s a virgin; then he’ll still be in nappies!” The girl who’d spoken before sniggered.

“On the contrary, he’s twenty-five!”

“Twenty-five and still a virgin! That’s very hard to believe. I mean where has he been all his life, your lucky these days if you can find one over fourteen?”

The girls quizzed Kerrie for the rest of the day as to find out who this new guy of hers was with no avail.

It was the following Friday night that Kerrie decided to take her chance with Paul, her parents would be out, as would David, he was always out on the pull Friday nights it was seven o’clock before she’d had him to herself, the first thing to do was take a nice shower, then she’d be dressed for the occasion in her birthday suit.

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Paul the Elder

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Comments (8)
anonymous reader — 11 February 2012 19:54
7Kz6d8 Every time I come back here again and don`t get disappointed..!
READER — 01 January 2007 14:24
what was with the necrophilia label?
READER — 10 November 2006 23:48
That had no necrophelia in it at all.. learn to fucking label please, and could have at least added some details about it..
READER — 25 April 2006 11:32
that sucked
READER — 09 June 2005 13:41
This story was awful. I couldn't finsih reading it!
READER — 26 February 2005 16:55
Nicely written and interesting. A pretty good story overall. You could have used spell-check, though; obvious spelling errors diminish interest for many readers. Additionally (and i don't think you Brits care overmuch about this) the many colloquial slang expressions used tend to leave those from other countries a bit in the dark. We have to guess, sometimes, what you mean by certain phrases. That, too, makes the 'enjoyability' facto of a story lower.
READER — 26 January 2005 20:35
zzzzzzzzzzzz... huh? Oh! is it over already? I must've fallen asleep. I wish 60's Pervert had been there too; something interesting might have happened. Next time, include a recipe or something.
READER — 03 December 2004 10:40
Good story again, Gail. Wish i'd been there as well.
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