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  1. nine inches and counting part 1 of 3
  2. nine inches and counting part 2

nine inches and counting part 1 of 3

Categories True Story, Fantastic, Anal, Gay

Author: estaban

Published: 19 January 2005

  • Font:

" Hey..."

"What's up? What you into?"

"Oral, anal anything. "

" Man you got a big beautiful cock. I would like to meet you some time."

" I can meet you any time today, tomorrow...you decide."

Did I make a mistake getting on the gay internet site? I am so horny;but I am married. I love sex; especially anal with toys. But to do it with a real cock and a real guy mmmmm...I do love getting fucked by toys.

I bought a huge dildo for my wife but she didn't like it. So I thought I would try it just once. I measured it 9" long and 6" around. Almost bigger than a coke bottle. Back then (as now) I was so horny for sex of any kind that I thought I would try fucking myself; at least once to see how it felt.

The next day after my wife went to work I got out the lube and my pink rubber cock and went down to the basement exercise room and stripped. My skin tingled with excitement as my pants dropped over my smooth muscular thighs exposing my rigid 7" cock and my bubble ass. When I unbuttoned my shirt I brushed my hard erect nipples sending shivers down my back into the crack of my smooth shaved ass. I stood and looked at myself in the wall of mirrors. Tall, good looking, smooth and muscled from years of training to race bicycles, My nipples stood out and I nearly swooned as I pinched them and rubbed little circles around them. My thimble sized nipples love to be pinched and kissed and sucked. I decided to to get two tiny clamps to pinch my nipples. All that I could find were two alligator hair clips.

I opened the alligator clips and let them bite into my sensitive nipples. Ooooh...they hurt. Pinching numbed to pleasure. With my nipples screaming with painful pleasure I began to lube the big cock. Every time I moved, the pain in my sensitive nipples sent ripples of pleasure across my chest speeding my already heavy beating heart to near explosion. I spread lube over the tip of the massive cock. It shined waiting to fuck me. As I put lube around and in my anal hole I put one, two and finally three fingers in my tight ass thrilling me.

I got down on my hands and knees and prepared to insert the dildo in my ass. The cock didn't make head way at first but as I started to push harder and harder the big tip began to break into my virgin ass. and Ooh it began to hurt. The feeling was indescribable. A huge cock entering a tiny ass isn't easy, Finally..I gasped as it finally plunged into me. Slowly I pushed it all the way in to the hilt. Faster and faster I rammed it into myself like a rapist violently fucking a defenseless victim. Hammering away I began to lube my hardening cock. I rolled over on the cock sitting down on the giant shaft buried deep in side me. Ohhh it felt good. My cocks sensitive mushroom head filled with blood and began to leak pre-cum down the sides and over my hand. As I sat down hard on the cock and jerked my cock I experience the super emotion of a prostate orgasm. It began in my thighs and deep in my ass and spread in to my belly to my tingling nipples. My legs began to shake and I bent to balance on the dildo and pushed it deeper in my ass as I came shooting a jellied load all over my belly and up over my shoulder. I spasmed several times and my heart seemed to stop...I laid down spent and out of breath. The turgid cock still floating in my guts pushing deep inside me. As I recovered I began to pull the slurping wet cock from my ass. It came out painfully but still sending pleasant shivers through me. Oh my I loved what had just happened to me.

I want to feel the pulsating of a real man cock buried inside me. the bigger and longer the better.I want to see how big a cock I can take but I need a test first ...at least nine incher... anyone interested ? (see part 2)

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nine inches and counting part 1 of 3

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Comments (24)
Anonymous reader — 28 September 2014 18:14
This is a perfect cock! The llovey color. The beautiful foreskin. The fat flared head. Perfect! It might take a couple of hours, but I would drain that beauty of every drop of sperm it has. Squirt loads on my face. On my chest, and back. In order to expose my hot, buttery, tight butthole, first, he must take down the little white cotton panties. Pull them off my slim hairless body, and work the head in. Hard to fit at first, but as it gets used to the large size, and loosens up, it will start to slowly slide in. After the whole head is inside, let it stay still for a moment, while I savor the feelings. Then, slowly push the first bit in. Then some more, until it bottoms out. I feel it throbbing, and then you pull back, leaving just the head inside. Then, in and out, in and out, until you shoot a load of hot cum, lubing my chute up, so you can really begin to fuck me in earnest! Yes, fuck me Daddy!
anonymous reader — 12 September 2010 17:35
how is that alien?????????
cuffman — 27 April 2009 17:38
Never tried a cock up my arse, would give it a go though, always wondered what it be like sucking a cock till it was nice and hard. Any offers guys
READER — 21 January 2008 22:50
I'll fuck u just name a time and place
READER — 17 November 2007 08:37
fuck me
READER — 22 September 2007 13:00
yes i lov cock in my ass. then fuck his ass just as hard.
READER — 21 September 2007 20:56
Yah, what's up with alien?
pretty good story, but watch your spelling:
headway (one word)
inside (one word)
cock's sensitive mushroom head (possessive)
i sat down... i experience(d)
spread into my belly (one word)
and so forth.
I'm not going to proof the whole thing.
READER — 25 June 2007 22:37
great story but alien?
READER — 21 January 2007 16:56
fuckin great
READER — 10 December 2006 19:11
don't mind the sex toy, the gay everythiny but like a rapist violently fucking a defenseless victim?? your an ass
READER — 30 October 2006 01:52
Hey,those "pretended str8", be nice to your same-kind, cos who knows one day u may beg for a 9' to fuck u in your pussy!
READER — 04 July 2006 02:37
danm this one made me cum
READER — 03 March 2006 20:52
Okay, for all of hte stupid fucking assholes out there it says GAY and ANAL don't fucking read it you pisants if you don't like the genre. And thank you for that short bit of erotica Esteban. Keep writing :)
READER — 25 August 2005 15:59
Just stating the facts James. I have taken a fat purple dildo 14 of 18 " up my ass. And I loved it!!!
READER — 17 August 2005 19:34
You are talking a load of fucking "SHIT".
A virgin taking a 9 ins by 6 ins dildo,
and "Faster and Faster" Do you think
people are stupid to believe that!!!!!
READER — 11 June 2005 17:25
wow....just wow never write again you sick homo
sex toys +guy = fucking gross and wat ever shit dick bastards out there who like this go flirtiusly fuck yourselfes with a pineapple
READER — 23 May 2005 08:56
large cock where are you? I am waiting...
READER — 20 April 2005 03:48
ill put my 10" in you any time ;)
READER — 02 April 2005 11:21
i would love to give you a test as long as you give me a test as well and i would love it to go on for at least loads of hours :D
READER — 16 March 2005 22:41
wow .............. no comment
READER — 21 February 2005 11:20
READER — 19 February 2005 21:04
fucking bulllllllllllshittttttttttt...
READER — 01 February 2005 18:29
Hopefully part 2 is better I have to admit that lacked in detail and plot, next time take your time and dont rush into the sex scene
READER — 31 January 2005 16:11
that was ummmmmm shiiiiiiiiiiiiit
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