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Lonely Julie Chapter 11

Categories Masturbation, Male / Female, Water Sports/Pissing, Young

Author: terrib9

Published: 19 April 2013

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General 11

11 year old Timmy and his school matron, 29 year old blonde Julie and her friend also 29 but a brunette Sally were lazing in chairs in the hot garden , waqiting for the new additions to their house party to arrive. It was about 5pm when they heard the school van at the end of the path leading through the woods to the cabin. Timmy wore swim shorts and the women had on loose T shirts and bikini bottoms. They strolled towards the sound of voices and met the newcomers – two boys aged 14 and the young sister of one of them aged 11 – the same as Timmy.

Terry led the group – wearing sandals and shorts and followed by Hank and his younger sister Mandy also wearing shorts ! Mandy was a beautiful girl with long blonde hair and – as yet – no breast development, although she had seen a couple of almost invisible hairs on her pubis.

Julie and Sally introduced everybody and explained that the cabin was small and rather intimate and that everybody slept in one big bed. Little Mandy did’nt mind but the two boys minds began to imagine how six could sleep in a bed without touching – or more.

Sally got drinks in the cabin and suggested that Timmy and Mandy went on down to the beach while she and Julie got to know the boys a bit better.

Timmy took Mandys hand and they ran on towards the sand.. On the beach Mandy said “where is the toilet – I couldn’t see it in the cabin?”

“There isn’t one!” Timmy laughed “We all do it anywhere and there is a bowl in the cabin if it is raining – we hold it for each other !”

“You mean everybody sees us doing it – I mean even a big one?” Mandy was wide eyed.

“Yeah its no sweat – actually its sexy to watch each other – and we do a lot of other things too”

“What kind of things?”

“Do you know what Fucking is?” Timmy asked her

“I saw a picture once but it wasn’t very clear – but I’ve seen Hanks willie sometimes and I even secretly watched him pee and it gave me this funny feeling so that I almost wet myself” Mandy giggled.

“Oh yeah – and what else have you done with Hank then” Timmy asked

“Once I saw him on the bed playing with his willie and he didn’t see me – and then suddenly some white stuff spurted out of the end and he groaned and then went to sleep”

“Did you enjoy watching him masturbate” Timmy asked.

“Yeah I put my hand down to my little pussy and I was all wet again and then I rubbed it and went all funny”

“That’s an orgasm Silly” Timmy said and we call it CUMMING. Men shoot out semen and girls go soaking wet and kind of shudder.” He paused “are you feeling wet down there now just talking about it”? The he laughed “ Actually I can see you are cos your Bikini is soaking”.

Mandy squeezed her legs together and said “ Timmy once Hank put his hand here on my pussy and rubbed me and rubbed himself with his other hand until it came out again”

“Wow –you two are quite sexy arnt you “ Timmy said “Its making me horny too and now my dick is getting hard.”

“Can I see it?” Mandy said it without thinking and watched open mouthed as Timmy eased his penis out of his shorts to show her. “Wow its quite big isn’t it” she mouthed, feeling her own virgin twat getting even wetter.

“We go mostly naked here actually “ Timmy said casually – and he took his shorts right off – his penis now sticking out in front of him.
“Will you let me watch you play with yourself” Mandy asked “OK but only if you do it too” Timmy replied.

“Only Mum and a couple of times Hank has seen my pussy” Mandy said looking shyly at his stiff prick. But she dropped her shorts and Timmy gazed on her beautiful silky smooth pubic skin and the crack of her vagina. He almost Came on the spot.!

“Come on” he slid onto the sand in a little dip and Mandy dropped by his side her eyes glued to the stiff – and now experienced penis by her side.

“OK” Timmy said “Now you stroke your cunt while I jack off watching you and maybe we will both Cum together”

The two 11 year olds began to masturbate – Mandy finding the right way to touch herself and gasping as she rubbed her clitoris, sensing what was going to happen.

They were both quiet as they masturbated but It quickly got beyond their control. Timmy felt his semen ready to spurt out and Mandy had her eyes closed and then open watching Timmy until his cock erupted semen straight onto her stomach and then her cunt crack, as four jets followed each other and Timmy swore” FUCKING PISS I’M SHITTING CUMMING” and suddenly – so was Mandy.

Her virgin 11 year old vagina burst into her first body shaking orgasm, and she involuntarily pissed as her body contracted and she almost passed out with an uncontrolled “ARGGGHHH OOOHH GOD”.

They lay for minutes lying against each other with semen and urine mixing on their naked bodies.

Mandy spoke first “WOW I guess I know how to CUM!!” Timmed laughed “ I guess you do and pretty soon you’ll know what its like to be fucked too!”

“Will you do it Timmy – will you be the first to fuck me?” Mandy wanted reassurance and Timmy laughed again. “Don’t worry – the first time it hurts a little bit but then its fabulous – no worries”

Suddenly, with the awareness of her first orgasm and seeing Timmy shoot spunk and wondering what was coming next – Mandys stomach heaved and churned.

“Oh Wow Timmy I have to Poo – like NOW”

“That’s OK just do it we’re on our own” Mandy was a bit shy but it was too urgent. She raised herself a little up and squatted close to Timmy who was still lying down – and she let go with a sigh of relief.

Timmys cock went hard immediately as he looked into Mandys pink cunt and hanging behind it her tiny anus which explode with dung straight away. “Oh my God” Mandy could’nt d stop her shit pouring out, each bit it seemed getting softer . The pile grew in front of Timmys face and then Mandy farted and a speck of dung splashed onto his face and he instinctively licked at it and to his surprise quite liked it.

Her urine was still dribbling out and Timmy moved his face a couple of inches so that she was pissing on it and the taste was mild and slightly acrid.

Mandy farted again and said “ what can I wipe my bum with?” Timmy reached over and wiped her anus with his fingers and then rubbed them in the sand. “ Timmy Ive never seen a boy poo – can I watch you?”

“I cant go right now but you can watch when I do, little Mandy” Timmy said and you’ll be able to see all the others crap too.

Mandy was ready ! She had her first orgasm, she had shit in front of Timmy and even on him and she couldn’t wait to join in with the others. They kids began to stroll back to the cabin – wondering what had been happening – as well they might because the boys were over the moon discovering sex with two beautiful women of 29.

More in Chapter 12

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Lonely Julie Chapter 11

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anonymous reader — 07 October 2013 08:59
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excellant I await no.12
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