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A guy and his.......?(5) (Realization)

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Author: pars001

Published: 26 June 2014

  • Font:

A guy and his.....................?(Realization)
hope all have liked so far
Jake was in almost complete shock. Was he really in love with Gen? Looking over at her he took a deep breath and started, "Gen are you sure about this? That I am in love with you and I have bonded with you?"
"Yes master it's the only explanation I can think of"

Damn, Jake thought, never been in love before no wonder I am so unsure. He sat on the sofa trying to get his head around everything that had happened. It felt as if he was in a dream, nothing seemed quite real anymore. Basking in the love of a beautiful woman, and the after glow of their love making Jake thought on not noticing that Gen had moved closer and was starting to massage his cock again.

"Master" she said "I hope I am not angering you but...... I need you again could you possibly...?" as her ministrations began to breathe new life into his flacid member.
"No Gen, not angry not at all" he said as he sucked in a deep breath "I just didn't think I could again so soon after what we just did and as long"
Gen giggled as she gave him a peck on the cheek "Master did you forget that now you have great recuperation and regeneration so..........." as she started to stroke him faster "you not only last longer but you can keep going longer"

Jake just shook his head as he looked down at Gen as she took him into her mouth and started to bob up and down slowly and sensually. Her warm wet mouth molded to his cock the suction increasing as he began to get closer to his release. "UH Gen if you don't stop I am going to shot in your mouth"
"It's ok master" she said as she lifted off him "I can get you going again remember you can many times now" Gen smiled as she went back to work on his hard cock.

As he grew closer to release he reached between her legs at her junction and began to gently rub her pussy lips. Gen began to breathe faster as she felt the heat between her legs grow. Jake began to finger fuck her she began to move faster and fatser taking all of his cock deep in her throat, his fingers starting to make her pussy grasp as she thrust down on his fingers as he buried another finger deep in her and his thumb lightly rubbed her clit.
Gen knew she had to hurry as she felt her release quickly approaching. Sucking harder and faster she felt Jake aslo begin to plunge as deep as fast as he could.

Reaching her release she shouted out in joy as light exploded around her and Jake as she took him as deep in her throat as she could, him blasting spurt after spurt of his cum into her waiting throat. Falling down onto the bed with her they both panting spent after their mutual release, he thought you know I think I really am getting used to this.
"So you can make any Idea I have a money maker?" Jake asked
"Yes master I started that for you last week when I had your boss send the plans that you had given him" she stated as she took a deep breath.

Jake was about to ask her more as his phone rang, hmm that was odd there weren't many that had his number. Answering the phone he recieved a shook. "hello?" he said into the receiver, "Yes this is Jake Freemon," he listened a moment longer, "Yes those were my plans that I submitted, yes I could but I have to work then and..... really? so what time... ah ok yes I'll be there bright and early, my education? yes I have been taking an online corrospondence with the University here in the city and... how long? I just finished my second year I it was dealing in graphic design. He stopped to take a breath, "Yes I'll bring all my records, but... yes but... alright but they aren't really finished... alright thank you I'll be there"

Jake dropped the rsceiver as his mouth gaped opened he looked at Gen as she started to giggle "I told you master almost anything you do now will a success"
"I know you did Gen but I didn't expect it to be this fast or this much, they want to buy my plans that were submitted for thousands of dollars!" Jake was both stunned and elated at the same time as Gen giggled more as she saw the dumbfounded look on his face.
"Well master..." she started as she looked shyly at him, "you have been doing more than just taking care of me I thought that I would return the favor and as your jinn it is also my responsibility to take care of your needs and" again she smiled shyly as she looked at his now hardening cock "your wants, speaking of wants" she reached for his hardening member and began again to stroke it gently, "I think you might want some more"

He couldn't deny the fact that he wanted her again even after she just sucked him off, hell he was as horny now as he was an hour ago maybe more he wondered if it was her powers or if it was just her beauty that was giving him a raging hard on. Suddenly Jake didn't give a shit as he reached for Gen and laid her back, moving between her legs kissing then licking her inner thighs she began to thrash and moan, "Touch me master please!"
Denying her for a few moments he drew small circles on her inner thighs as he moved closer to her sex she began to thrash harder pushing her pussy towards his mouth. Slipping through her barely hair covered mound, he inhaled deep the scent of her womanhood letting it almost intoxicated him as he started lower to her clit there he breifly sucked on it as she gasped out and pulled his head tighter into her groin.

"Oh master, you always know what I want" she panted as he moved lower lapping furiously fast at the nectar that her sex released into his mouth. Delving deep within her hole he felt her spasm and her pussy try to grasp and pull his tongue deeper within, her his mouth flooded as she came and screamed out her desire and pleasure. Panting heavily her legs went limp as Jake started again lapping hungerly and greedily at her hole, her taste heady to him, as he again delved deep within her elictiting another gasp and shutter as he smiled into her sex. Yes he could definitely get used to this, he loved to make her cum.
After a third orgasm she gently pushed his head away as he moved up to lay between her legs and kissed her deep, she reached for his member and lined it up with her hole.

As Jake thrust forward Gen again wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him as deep as she could screaming as he plundged deep into her depths. "Oh god master PLEASE!!! Give me all of it I need your seed deep in me fill me up my dearest master!!"
Once again not one to dissapoint a woman or lady Jake got into a rhythm as he slammed deep withdrawing almost all the way only to slam back as deep as he could her gasps and sighs exciting him even more. He could feel her pussy start to massage and grasp more and he knew she was close so he kept going as her fourth release caused her to buck and thrash, he felt more like a bronc rider than a lover as he had to hold on til she rode out the waves of her orgasm.

As she relaxed again Jake began to pound harded into her as he started to pant now feeling the familiar churning of his balls as they neared his own released. Reaching his own release five minutes later he had a moment of clarity as his cum began to fill his cock then empty deep within her, hitting her cervix he shouted out, "Yes Gen I believe I do love you"
"Oh MASTER YES!! YES!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!" as she started to spasm thrusting up at him trying to get him deeper, "I love you master, I love you with all that I am I always will" as her orgasm ripped through her she and Jake climbing to the utter most top of ecstacy.

He couldn't believe that he had said that but he had to admit it was truly how he felt.
"Master you said it, dear master it IS the after lasting" she started her mouth agape she was almost beside her self besides the one time she had heard of it, this hadn't occured EVER! "Master you are truly a rare find for any jinn no jinn has ever had a master like you I have never heard of any other but the one I told you of earlier. We must be careful somewhat as this bond will grow we can not be that far apart anymore it seems but that is good now I can help you all the time!"

The next day Jake and Gen left for ther downtown offices of the company he had been working for. As they approached the building Gen went invisible
<I will be near you master> came her thought
<thank you Gen > he thought back
Walking up to the desk of the head office the blonde secretary eyed him intently, not used to being stared at he blushed slightly. The slender woman looked him up and down eyeing his crotch a bit longer than he thought she should as he grew semi-hard and she lightly licked her lips.
"I'm Jake Freemon I was told to report here today rather than the work site" he breathed out
"Ah yes" she started as she again looked at his now harding cock, "you are expected, I am Mary the ceo's secretary he has told me you have brilliant plans unlike anything he has seen in years, and personally I believe you have BIG ideas" as she had reached across the desk and had brushed his crotch to take his hand. "Please sit and I will let him know you are here" she said with a slight pant to her voice.

<Yes master is something wrong?> she asked in an innocent voice sounding in his head.
<Am I losing it or is this woman wanting to tear my clothes off and rape me right here? and if so is this a spell of yours or what, I know I that not that handsome>
<Again master I am afraid I forgot to tell you as long as we are together you will be extremely desireable to the opposite sex> giggling she continued <I will help you with this master it is also something I can do for and WITH you>
Jake was in shock he had never felt desireable to any woman but damn he didn't know now.

"Mr. Freemon?" Mary said as she arose from her seat "it will be an hour before he is free to discuss payment and another job." her small 36-b breasts shook as she stared once again at his crotch," would you like to CUM with me and have some lunch?" she smirked as she moved closer to him. "I can gaurantee that the food will be fresh and tasty" she said with a small pant to her voice.
<Go with her master this is what I meant when I said I was here to help you I love you and I want you happy please enjoy, I will be near by watching you>
<Are you sure Gen I don't want you jealous> he said as the shock began to wear off.
<Yes master as I said I am here to help you and now> she stopped for a second then in a low almost unintelligable thought, <to love you>

Jake followed Mary towards the building food court but as they turned a corner she grabbed his arm and pulled him into an almost empty room.
"Mr Freemon you might say I am your pre-interview" as she grabbed his belt and pants and practically tore them from his body. Quickly stripping herself she pushed him down on the floor and lowered her shaven pussy onto his now very hard member. Sinking all the way down upon him her pelvis now resting upon his she grunted as she began to withdraw and plunge as hard and as fast as she could.
"I had to have you as soon as I saw you" she panted out gasping as her pussy began to squeeze and grasp his cock each time she withdrew. "Oh god, take you big STUD!!" she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body.
Jake unable to take much more rolled them over and drove his cock back into the panting shivering woman a gasp escaping her lips as he started pounding into her as hrad as he could.

"FUCK me stud give it to me ugh! that's it fuck the shit out of me!!!!!"
once again Jake could feel his balls begin their familiar tightening and churning as he shouted "I'm coming mary, here it comes!"
"YES! YES! YES! give it to me big boy!!!" she screamed as he pumped his cum deep into her washing her cervix with a white cum bath.
Breathing easier Jake rolled off her and looked back at her.
"I think you will do well here Mr. Freemon," she said with a sexy smile "VERY well indeed" as jake heard a giggle in his head.
"I already think you do well master" Gen giggled as he felt a light kiss on his cheek.
to be continued

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A guy and his.......?(5) (Realization)

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Comments (9)
Anonymous reader — 22 November 2016 09:21
this is a great story change the name and story line and wirite another story
justanotherslut — 01 May 2016 18:30
Interesting twist that I did not expect. Onto the next chapter:).
Anonymous reader — 05 March 2016 09:16
A very nice read. I hope you continue the adventures of Jake & Jen. Looks like Jake's relationship with Jen is going to get him a lot of pussy other than Jen's. Oh well Jake, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
Anonymous reader — 27 January 2016 17:50


6 chapters and they don't yet know if they're in love or not even with magic oaths? .. freedom saving....and instant riches?
..does not compute
Anonymous reader — 26 December 2015 04:30
good stories all. how can we get thenn in order. it's hard to find the next story.
Anonymous reader — 30 September 2014 10:09
this is a complete knock off of the genie chronicles. the only difference is the hilariously terrible writing.
Anonymous reader — 30 September 2014 10:08
this is a complete knock off of the genie chronicles. the only difference is the hilariously terrible writing.
Anonymous reader — 23 July 2014 17:26
OK, time to change my panties again (giggles)
Keep up the good work.
Anonymous reader — 11 June 2014 05:09
What a fun series! Please keep it up.
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