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A guy and his....?(7) (Judgement)

Categories Fantasy, Non-Erotic, Romance, Slavery

Author: pars001

Published: 21 October 2014

  • Font:

A guy and his....?(7) (Judgement)

The next day Jake was awakened by a booming gong sound. Reaching for Gen, he not only didn't
feel her next to him but also found that he had very little room to move. What the hell is going on?
Leaning back he could only wait till someone or something let him in on where he was. About an
hour later a man that jake could onld describe from out of the arabian nights tales came to get him.

Looking around as he was led out, the lavish walls also reminded Jake of something out of arabian
nights. He was led down a long corridor to a huge open air room with what looked like sultans or rulers
of ancient arabia sitting, no wait a second more like floating beside an oval table.
The biggest of the men motioned for Jake to be brought to him, Jake thought this had to be a dream.
"No young master Jake this is no dream" the man said his voice booming.
"May I ask...?" Jake started
"NO!" the man boomed out, "you may NOT ask but you WILL answer truthfully!" he said a look of scorn on his

The others in the room shook their heads in agreement.
"To start off, we are the Genie or Jinn council, we monitor each and every Jinn in the world past, present
and future." Again each man in the room nodded agreement. "We have been watching you and your Jinn, at first
we were extremely pleased, that is till the events of last night."
Jake was shocked for a moment then realised that these men were Genies also, so yeah he could believe it.
"The first question, did you know that you were photographed last night?" the largest man said.
Stepping forward Jake replied, "No sir, I did not," each man nodded .

"Did you know that a magical being can not be photographed?" The largest man said.
Jake looked shocked, "No sir, I didn't know that at the time but thank you for informing me" again each
man nodded though Jake could see a few of them slightly smile.
"As a sexual helper, Gen as you call her, must exercise her powers every day, even if it's a menial task
this is to help strengthen her powers and allow her to grow mentally. You have not been using her everyday
as a matter of fact you almost let her fade."

Jake could see the anger on the largest man's face and could only wait till the next question came.
"At this point we were going to take your Jinn from you, then we heard of something that we thought we'd
never see again. You don't treat your Jinn as a servantor a slave, it appears that you treat her as almost
an equal, tell us why."
"Yes sir, when I first saw Gen I thought she was a dream, when I found out different I still had a hard
time believing at first. When she told me of how other masters treated their Jinns not letting them out
of their bottles, I wished that Gen was free from that bottle."
An older man spoke up, "you wished her free from the bottle she was captive to, so you freed her but not
entirely, AH! very wise for one so young" again the others nodded agreement.

A new light shone in the largest man's eyes, "Is it true that when your Jinn was in distress that
you felt it and was actually sick?" the large man said looming over Jake.
"Yes, I was sick, I hurried home because Gen wasn't making sense, when I was "thought talking to her"
there was a gasp from the others in the room.
"Just how long have you been able to do this?" a wide eyed man said.
"I would say since about the second or third day" replied Jake.
Again another gasp rose from those present in the room.
Many of the men started whispering discussing this new turn of events.
Stopping the looked at the large man. "They want you to continue with why you treat her more like an equal"

Nodding Jake continued, "After I freed her from her bottle, I looked forward to seeing her each
morning I got up, she is very beautiful. I began to think of her more as a partner rather than a Genie.
I apologize for not having her use her powers each day, I didn't know she needed to. I thought if
I had her preform magic every day, I would exhaust her, as her powers are somewhat limited, again
thank you for informing me of my error." The men in the room eyes grew wide open they couldn't believe
what they had just heard. Even the large man's mouth was hanging open.

The men at the table were almost in shock they had waited for centuries for someone like Jake to
come along. There were still a few things they needed to know first but many of them were convinced.
"Please continue young master Jake," the large man said.
"It was when Gen told med that we had bonded to each other.." again a gasp went out from those present
Jake looked around at the shocked men what was the big deal?
"You bonded to ..to..to her?" a small man at the table said.
"Yes," Jake replied, "When she had started to fade I felt bad or sick as you said, that was when Gen told
me of something called the ever lasting?"
Again a huge gasp went up from all there.

"The ever lasting has only happened once well..... almost, the master was killed during a minor
battle." the small man stated bitterly, "His Jinn had tried to intervene but another Jinn had prevented her
from reaching her master. That Jinn was my daughter, she had loved her master very deeply. When he died she
had almost died her self she only lasted a year after that growing weaker each day till as her last
request she gave her powers and love to her much younger sister." Sighing he looked up at Jake, "I believe
you are well acquaintedwith her. That was many centuries ago, the legend he must be told of the legend."

"No Rasmir, not till we are sure." they all looked at Jake an almost hungry look. "The final
question, we know now that Gen as you call her is in love with you, the thing is are you in love with her?"
"To be completely honest as a man." Jake started, "Had you asked me a week ago I would have said no. Today
I can not say that, Gen said she looked in my eyes and saw the bond that had started, I ---- if I am
not in love with her now, I am most definitely falling for her. She is the kindest most understanding
woman I have ever met." thinking harder Jake's eyes flew open. "Yes, I am in love with her I don't think
I could go on without her." Again a huge gasp went up around the room.

"If you are truly in love with her, then you must undergo the test." The large man said, many
around the table nodded, Jake also noticed that many were smiling also.
"A test?" Jake had been worrying about Gen this whole time and was starting to get impatient, where was she?
Was she ok? He hoped they weren't apart too long. It was at that second that jake knew that he WAS in love
with her. Many around the room smiled even larger, to them they knew Jake would pass with no problem.
"When may I take this test? I am worried about Gen, if we are apart too long she will die. I can not let her
die!" The force of his voice knocked the others off balance as Jake tried to leave the room. The large
man was straining to hold Jake but was losing the battle the others reached out to also hold Jake.

Jake's desire to see Gen again was so strong that he was starting to drag ALL of the men in the room
with him out the door. Upon reaching the open doorway, Jake walked through, he was about 5 feet past the door
when he found that the weight of all the men holding with their magic was almost too much. Straining he
pulled harder hearing a sharp gasp, he began to struggle even harder he had to reach Gen! Finally with the last
of his energy he lunged forward not caring if they punished him, not caring if he died, he knew only that
he had to reach her, with that final lunge the weight suddenly slackened, a huge fanfare sounded along with
another gong sound.

Jake didn't look back he kept going forward on leaden legs. Where the fuck was she? Opening every
door he came to Jake was starting to lose hope when at the end of the corridor he opened one of the last
doors. There he found Gen hugged tightly to another woman her face and eyes red from crying.
"Gen! at last I found you!" A startled Gen looked up and straight into the eyes of the man she loved.
Running to him she flung her arms around him. "Master! you're alive! thank the great Jinn!"
Holding her as tight as he could he kissed her tear stained eyes and face, "I realized just a few minutes
ago that I love you." Gen's mouth dropped open as she began to kiss Jake harder.
The older version of Gen stood and smiled, "I am yasmen, your Jinn's mother," holding out her hand Jake
shook it, it was then that he felt the strain he had endured withdrawing from the room.

Sitting down Jake felt tired so suddenly, hardly able to keep his eyes open he heard Gen gasp.
"Father? Is that you?" Gen and Yasmen ran forward hugging the small man from the room Jake had had to
almost fight his way out of.
Slurring his words hardly able to look up Jake stated,"I take it you are here to give me the test? Give
me a few moments to rest, then you can test me all you want, I am sorry I left the room I had to make
sure that Gen was ok. I felt her pain and loneliness I do not care what you do to me as long as she is
ok." The small man smiled.
"You don't know what you have done, but..." with that Jake finally surrendered to huge wave of exhaustion
that finally overwhelmed him.

"Father, how many of the council are free besides you?" Gen asked surprised and elated at the same
"Take a look, I think you would be proud of your master." Gen and Yasmen peeked into the corridor, there
they saw the other 11 members of the council hugging and kissing their wives and daughters.
"When we first started the trial, we thought he was another undeserving master that needed to be punished.
As we asked him questions it was almost like someone was reading the legend out loud. When he mentioned the
bond we were shocked but the ever lasting? That fact floored all of us. When he wanted only to find you
BECAUSE he was worried and didn't care what we did to him I knew he was the one." Rasmir could only shake
his head.

Yasmen and Gen helped Rasmir get Jake into Gen's bed the other council members looked in smiling
"He made it this far?" The large man said.
"Yes," Rasmir said, "Till he saw that his Jinn was ok, they were talking when I entered. I was about to tell
him of the legend but the effort of breaking free from all 12 of us finally caught up with him."
The other councilors heard what he said, a collective gasp went up from them all. Sighing the large man
looked at the others, "he has fulfilled almost all of the legend but there is still one test he has to pass.
I too am convinced but we must make sure, we are only just released if we place trust and care in the wrong
man again we could end up there in the room again, I for one wish to continue the Jinn race."

Several of the wives giggled and eyed their husbands hungrily, they hadn't had any type of sex in a
long time they were more than ready to make up for it. The wives dragged the husbands off, the men each told
Gen to call them when Jake awoke. Gen nodded to each and closed the door locking it. Blinking both she and
Jake were naked and under the covers. Snuggling next to Jake, she was so happy that he had saved her father
and the others. Though she was worried about the last test, she was just happy that he was alive and they
hadn't made him forget about her.

Two days later Jake began to stir, reaching over he felt a bare breast, "uuuummmm good morning Gen,"
he said as he began to massage and rub her nipples.
"Oh Master! you always have the most pleasant ways of waking up," she said as her sudden gasp brought him more
awake, "thank the great Jinn you are alright, oh master that feels so good! I have missed you touching
"Speaking of Jinns," Jake started, "Where are all the men I saw yesterday?"
Giggling Gen looked at him and whispered," I suspect they are still in bed with their wives, it has been a long,
long time and you might say they were really hungry for their husbands."

"I am supposed to call them all when you awake, but it has only been 2 days. Though I am afraid they
are attuned to you now and probably will know you are awake soon." pouting Gen kissed Jake deeply, "I was hoping
that we could fuck but the wives have waited for centuries I have for only 3 days. I can wait, you are well worth
it." A little confused Jake just shook his head and got up to wash. About an hour later Rasmir knocked at the
door." The council wishes to see you for the last test, though I think it's unnecessary we have laws that even we
must follow." Leading Jake through the corridor but turning instead of going straight they came to a much larger

"Jake Freemon a name we are proud to speak today, by law you are cleared of any charges that were brought
against you, there is however 1 more matter we need to discuss." the large man said
"Yes sir, I would be happy to discuss anything with you, now that I know Gen is ok." Jake replied
"It would seem that you have fulfilled a legend from centuries ago. In it a regular human male would fall in
love with a Jinn. Everything that has occurred now was foretold in that legend. Including the releasing of the
Jinn council, and the two days of rest the human would need, during which time all of the wives of the
council would become with child. This has also come to pass. Now there is but one thing left, you and you alone
must face the Jinn who tricked the council into exile. What you do when you are with her will determine who
you are." The large man was hoping that Jake was the one, he was tired of the fighting.

Jake stood before them thinking, " I'll do what I can, I do not want to hurt Gen though, may I talk to her
before I start the test?" The men before him nodded yes. Jake walked to the room he had been in.
"Gen, I love you and do not want to hurt you, this last test I am a little afraid of. This Jinn that exiled the
council, if I have to fuck her I don't want it to hurt you. Nothing I ever do, do I want to hurt you. Please know
I love you but if I have to kill her or fuck her I want you to know, it is you I am loving and thinking of."
Gen smiled, "I know this always and I do not get jealous, I was created to help you with whatever you do.
Therefore if you are fucking another woman I am just as happy as I would be if you were fucking me, I feel
it through you."

Jake kissed Gen and told her that he loved her, walking to the council he stated he was ready. With
that the council started to chant, a loud thunder clap sounded and a young looking, dark haired slinder woman
appeared between the council and Jake.
Almost hissing at them she spoke, "What do you bunch of depraved old bastards want? Haven't you hurt me enough?
You almost killed me last time, that was why you were imprisoned. So I see the Master of the ever last Jinn
has shown up, a pity he won't live that long." With that she cast a bolt of lighting that turned back and struck
her! "What trickery is this?" she shouted, "you dare to break your own laws?"
"Had you bothered to check" the large man pointed out, "you'd have seen what's in his hand."
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It can't be! that was destroyed! cast into the endless abyss!" she screamed

"Not only is it possible, but you know what it means. He is now your master!" Rasmir shouted.
"any human that holds the bottle of the Jinn is his or her master."
Bowing down before Jake she said to the council, "I am well aware," Looking at Jake she sneered," what
the fuck do you want master!"
"First off," he growled at her, "you can drop the attitude!" this last louder, which shook her, looking
up she almost had a look of fear on her face. "Now, which do you prefer? to stay in the bottle till I want
something or to be out in the sun and wind free?" The dark haired Jinn looked at him strangely.
"You mean to tell me that you won't make me stay in there?" he face was a mask of disbelief.

"What I am offering you is a chance, that obviously no one ever offered you. I will allow you to
stay out, IF and I mean if you are more civil and stop with that fuck the world and I'm gonna be the fucker
attitude. Though if you'd prefer to be in the bottle then..." Jake started
"You have a deal" she said a slight smile on her face.
"Wow," said Jake." you should do that more often, you have a beautiful smile, I mean that, look in my heart
if you don't believe it"
Looking at him closely her mouth dropped open and she tried to hide another smile, "you are the first who has
spoken truthfully to me in many centuries, it is refreshing to say the least. ok, we'll try this out, also I want
to meet your other jinn."
"Sure," Jake said as he led her to the room he and Gen were sharing. Walking in Jake walked over to Gen.

"Gen I want you meet my other Jinn, the council made me her master, they said that she was the one
that exiled the council in the first place." Jake said.
Gen nodded and looked at the new Jinn hard for a few minutes, "You are very beautiful," Gen said
"As are you " the new Jinn replied.
"Do you have a name or do I have to give you one?" Jake asked
"Before I was called by the name Dreama, it is the master's decision as to what his Jinn is called,"
Dreama said matter of factly.
"Did you like the name Dreama?" Jake asked

"Yes I did master but it holds many painful memories," she replied a small tear escaping her
deep blue eyes.
"Would you prefer another name?" he asked. Dreama looked up at Jake not believing what she had heard,
he wanted to know what SHE wanted to be called. Damn! Just who was this man?
"If you are telling the truth, from what I can see you are, I have always loved the name Rosalinda,"
she answered not sure of how this new master was going to react.
"Ah! Rosalinda a beautiful name for a beautiful woman!" Jake said excited by the name.
Dreama now Rosalinda stared at Jake her mouth hung open she couldn't believe that this master not
only let her choose a name but let her keep it.

"I have a request," Jake asked, ok here we go she thought, there are going to be conditions
just as she thought, She was about to open her mouth to tell him to forget it when he spoke, "If
we are to call you Rosalinda, please wear it proudly as it is now yours, ok?"
Again he eyes grew large, her mouth hung open, there were no conditions? "Ok master, what's going
on? No master has ever let a Jinn choose her own name, let alone with no conditions"
"I want us to at least be friends while you are my Jinn, that means you get to be your self more
and make some decisions for your self." Jake replied.
"Is he for real?" Rosalinda asked of Gen.
"Oh yes, he is a very special man and master," leaning over to Rosalinda's ear, "He is a fantastic
lover also," giggling she moved back.

Rosalinda was feeling a little over whelmed, "I have a wish I need from you," Jake spoke up.
Uh huh here we go she thought, "I wish you to spend as much time as you can with Gen and me as possible
I wish you to see what love is ok?"
For the third time that day Rosalinda's mouth hung agape, "That is all you wish of me? Master I have
to ask just who are you? I have never seen, met, or even have heard of one such as you."
"I am just a simple man who does not like to see anyone even a Jinn enslaved. Have you noticed that
Gen has no bottle?" Jake asked.
"Yes I did," she replied, "I was going to ask her where her bottle was."
Smiling a huge smile Gen replied, "Master Jake freed me from it, I am still his Jinn but I have more
free will, uh... within reason."

"With in reason? Just what does that mean," Rosalinda asked a strange look on her face.
"I over stepped boundaries he set, he punished me by making me stay home, because of the ever lasting,
I almost faded away. Jake felt it and rushed home to save me," Gen stated matter of factly.
Rosalinda had to sit, everything she heard went far beyond anything she had ever heard.
"Am I to expect the same thing?" she asked
"No," answered Gen, "Master Jake loves me and I him," leaning closer Gen whispered in her ear,
"Though if he makes love to you, you might fall in love with him too."

"I will have to think about that, though it has been centuries since I have had sex of any kind,"
Rosalinda said blushing slightly.
"I guarantee that you will really like if not love it!" Gen giggled watching as once again Rosalinda
blushed again.
"Gen," Jake started, "how long will we have to stay here?"
"I am not sure master but knowing the council like I do, it will probably involve sex." Gen said
Sighing Jake threw up his arms, "Great! I'm going to have to fuck my way out of here!"
Gen started to giggle and Jake wasn't sure but he thought he heard a short laugh from Rosalinda.


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A guy and his....?(7) (Judgement)

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Comments (7)
Clover Ernest — 01 August 2016 09:09
i first started on your Sovereignty series, and I do believe that you are much more skilled at writing non-erotica rather than chapters full of sex. but keep up the practice - I cant wait for a chapter truly enjoyable, both sex and plot alike.

Semper fi, Clover.
justanotherslut — 07 May 2016 15:57
Another excellent chapter!
Anonymous reader — 22 March 2015 06:59
This is great, just started chapter one yesterday. The story is very interesting, cant wait to finish it
Anonymous reader — 14 September 2014 02:33
pars00101 September 2014 08:20
Thank you puppetmaster coming from you that is a great compliment,
I am glad that my writing has evolved as I said when I started a few months ago give me time I will improve.
Anonymous reader — 31 August 2014 17:22
Very interesting and enjoyable chapter. This is proof you do not have to flood the chapters with excessive amounts of pointless sex for them to be enjoyable, please keep up this good work. (PuppetMaster)
Anonymous reader — 31 August 2014 04:06
More please. Really enjoy this story
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