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A Guy and his...?(9) Life Saver

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Author: pars001

Published: 21 October 2014

  • Font:

A guy and his....(9)Life Saver

Jake and his Jinns were back home getting ready for Mary's party. While his Jinns were
dressing Jake was trying to also, problem is they kept running into the room naked every time he
tried to get dressed. With his cock a little bigger each day, it was getting harder to stuff it
in his pants with all the naked female flesh exposed.Damn and here he thought that they wanted to
go they kept this up and he didn't think they'd be going anywhere.

Finally after almost two hours he managed to get his clothes on and his almost stiff cock
stuffed into his pants."Damn you two, I thought you wanted to go tonight" he breathed out.
Laughing at his discomfort, the paraded around in front of him.
"But master we thought you liked seeing us naked" they both said again laughing at his discomfort.
They finally managed to get loaded into his truck, with that they were off for Mary's place.
Again as they neared the address, they found that she also lived out of the city. Buzzing in
they drove a few minutes up to the front door.

Stopping at the front Mary walked out her self, behind another butler and a valet, Damn
Jake thought they sure go all out. As Mary and the butler led them in, they could see that Mary was
wearing a sheer evening dress and not a whole lot more under it. They could see she had no bra on,
her breasts standing proud with no sag. Entering the foyer Mary smiled, they looked around but
couldn't see any other guests.
"I thought you were having a party tonight," Jake said,
"oh, we are," Mary whispered, "but I didn't say we were having a big party, just us," Mary smiled a
sexy and hungry smile, "I have never felt as alive as I did the other night, I NEED to feel that way
again. It was an experience that I dreamed about all last night."

Jake stared at her though he wasn't surprised, Gen had told him the day before and though
he wasn't surprised he was still a little shocked.
"So Mary," Jake started, "just what type of party are we having tonight?"
"Well, after yesterday," Mary shyly looked at Jake, "I thought we might have a repeat of it only
this time we'd have soft beds instead of the floor and carpet."
"Well," Jake slowly breathed out, "maybe Gen and I, but Rosalinda I'm not sure, she hasn't had
an easy time of it, I won't force her into anything. You remember yesterday also, that you were
worked up, as was Gen and that in turn got me horny as hell."

Sighing Mary was disappointed, she was hoping that they could pick up where they left off.
"I think I understand," Mary said as she slowly started to rub Jake's crotch, "Oh, I think I might
be able to get you worked up,"
Jake couldn't help but notice that his cock was rapidly growing, hell it was almost to the point
that he was in extreme pain!
Gen had moved closer and was rubbing her own and now Mary's crotch. Gen could feel Mary starting to
get wetter and wetter, she her self had been wet for while now, she was very hot wanting her master.
Slowly Gen reached her hand down into Mary's panties eliciting a moan from her. Rosalinda could
only watch for a few moments then she walked into the sitting room and waited for them, to get

Sighing, she had to admit what she had seen had made her wet between her legs but
she didn't feel like sex with an audience she felt it was a personel thing and she wasn't
ready to share her master. She knew that maybe one day, that wasn't today, after what she,
Gen and master had shared though only a blow job, was something that she wasn't going to
share with any one else. Sitting down she could hear Mary as she started to moan, next
Gen started oh god!The sounds were about to drive her crazy! She was able to sit in silence
till she heard both May and Gen start to pant, that pushed her to a breaking point.

Lifting her skirt she quickly dug her fingers into her panties, they were in the
way and she quickly removed them. With a quiet squeak she drove her fingers as deep and
fast as she could into her opening. Trying to not make noise she started to thrust faster
and faster, the sounds of Gen groaning and the wet slapping of skin on skin drove her to her
first orgasm. A moment later she heard Gen almost scream into her orgasm. Trying to calm,
Rosalinda covered her sex with her skirt but continued to gently and slowly rub her clit.
Mary was in heaven this was better than last night.

Gen's orgasm from Jake fucking her had driven her over the edge, Gen's tongue bringing
Mary into her orgasm right behind Gen. God! she had to have Jake in her she could swear
his cock was getting longer and wider each day. Still hard after blowing a load in Gen Jake
was ready again, Mary was already between her legs sucking the cum from Gen's pussy. Jake
got between Mary's legs and drove his cock into her pussy hitting bottom in no time. Mary
felt Jake when he moved between her legs yes, yes! This was what she had been waiting for.
She felt his hard shaft drive deep into her and she screamed out in pleasure.

Rosalinda heard Mary scream, her fingers in a quick quiet rhythm, finally unable to
hold it back she clamped her lips shut as her second powerful orgasm washed over her.
Rosalinda's orgasm was the most powerful she had, had in a very long time taking her by
surprise. As the waves washed over her she thought it must be even more wonderful with master
it was then that the world went black, a man rushed to her then into the next room.
Jake had just shot his second of the night when the butler rushed in and informed him
that Rosalinda had fainted. Quickly disengaging from Mary he rushed naked to the next room.

Kneeling beside her Jake gently rubbed her arms and face. Coming round she stared
into the face of love and worry, smiling she looked down at what was poking at her arm.
Seeing that it was Jake's cock she blushed and whispered, "excuse me master Jake but is
all that for me?"
Whispering back he replied, "any time you want it Rosalinda, any time," with that he helped
her to sit making sure she wasn't going to pass out again, then went to the other room to
apologise and get dressed. Mary wasn't too happy but she had, had her orgasm and waved
them off knowing Jake was too worried about Rosalinda to do much more that night.

Driving home Jake talked to Gen in his mind asking if there was a doctor for Jinn's
where the council was, when she replied yes, Jake told her to get the doctor here but not be
gone long, just as soon as they got home. Arriving home Jake took Rosalinda in and told Gen
to go and hurry, then he laid Rosalinda in the bed and waited. When he had lain her on the
bed he noticed that she had no panties on, that was odd he was sure she had some on when they
"Rosalinda," Jake started, "just where are your panties?"
Looking down she replied, "I was listening to you pleasure Gen and Mary tonight. I got a funny
feeling between my legs and I noticed that I was wet. It got worse when Gen started to moan so
loud, I started to rub my self but found that my panties were in the way, so I took them off."

Looking as if she were going to cry, Rosalinda continued, "it felt so good master, I
kept thinking it was you buried in me, your shaft throbbing deep inside, your seed bursting
forth filling me to overflowing. I am sorry master," tears streaming down her face, "I await
your punishment of me."
Oh my god! She sounded just like Gen when he first found her, "stand up Rosalinda, I will
never punish you for wanting to do something that will bring you joy and pleasure."
A look of surprise and shock was dominating her face, " but master you punished Gen wh...."
"That was one time, when she broke rules I set not many but I still have a few. As I said.
I will not punish you for doing something, as long as it doesn't break Jinn or my rules,"
he broke in.

Rosalinda was speechless, Gen wasn't lying Jake, really was that way but still
had it been any other master she would have been forced to the solitude and loneliness
of her bottle. By the great Jinn she hated that bottle, she had been so happy when it had
cast into the bottomless abyss. She was about to tell him how grateful she was when Gen
appeared with Doctor Hime. Rosalinda wouldn't let Gen or Jake leave the room, the
doctor wasn't too happy but it was her wish, so he didn't push it. After an hour the
doctor finished, he told them that it was extremely unusual for a Jinn to faint. As far
as he had seen in all the centuries, he had working on Jinn's as a doctor, he only knew
of three things that could cause it.

"The first is that she is with child, I determined that this is not true. The second
from a very strong bond such as you and Gen share, during sex, it's a transfer of energy," he
took a deep breath he hoped they were ready for this," the third I believe we have in your
case, after being in another body for so long, your own is weak the stimulation alone
wasn't what did it. I believe you are developing feelings for your master. It's the only
explanation I can find." Looking at Jake he continued, "she is afraid to approach you but
you need to have sex with her or she will fade, she is a sex Jinn not unlike Gen, today helped
her in the short term. Master Jake she needs sexual contact to strengthen her or she will
fade and be gone."
Shocked Jake was almost at a loss for words, "Doctor I can not force her, I will not force her
there has to be another way."
Shaking his head sadly, "no I wish there was if she weren't a sex Jinn, I might be able to
save her, but for her, only the act it's self can save her."

Thanking the Doctor, he was gone just as quick, looking at Rosalinda he spoke, " I
can not force you into sex, master or no master, That would make you a slave and I do
not believe in slaves. I still think that when you are ready you will let me know."
tears of joy feel from her face, leaning into Jake she locked her arms around him and
kissed him long and deep.
Leaning to his ear she whispered, "thank you master, I feel honored that you are allowing me
the choice. No one has ever offered me this chance." Kissing him deeply again as fresh tears
fell, Rosalinda moved away, followed by Gen who wore a worried look on her face.

Jake went and sat at his desk not dure what his next move would be. He had to admit
that Rosalinda was a beauty. Hell if he had to choose between Gen or Rosalinda he knew that
he would never be able to do it. Gen's lithe body, her light brown hair, her perfect breasts,
ah! the things she could do. Jake had seen all of Rosalinda (when he walked in on her shower)
her flaming red hair, her shaply body and breasts, even her ass was enticing to him. Yup
it was official there was no way he could pick between them.

Gen walked out of the next room a look of great concern on her face.
"Master I can not get a answer from Rosalinda. Is she well? Did the doctor say anything was
wrong? I am sorry for asking so much master, I am worried about her, I consider her my sister
Jake wasn't sure what he should tell her but he had decided, when this all started that he
wouldn't lie to her. Jake then went into all that the doctor had said, he had known that she
was afraid, it didn't take a mind reader to see that. He felt he had to wait is all.
"Gen," he started, "I told her that I would not force her and I never will, I told her that
when she was ready she would let me know, I felt it was her choice."

Gen's eyes opened wide, her master had given Rosalinda a coice! Much as he had given
her one! Now she didn't care, he was such an oddity of a master but she didn't care. he was
their master, the saviour of the Jinn race and she would do anything for him, Thinking about
she felt that soon Rosalinda would also. Sighing she hoped that Rosalinda decided soon, Gen
was loving her like a sister and didn't want her to fade or go away.
"Master?" Gen asked, "I am thirsty for your touch may I?"
Jake just nodded, not really thinking clearly about what Gen had asked till her felt the cooler
air of the room. Then he felt something wet and warm around his cock.

In the next room Rosalinda heard Jake groan, then the slurping sounds of Gen. Again
she felt a throbbing between her legs and drove her fingers deep into her soaking wet pussy.
Oh my god! It felt so good! Why was she afraid of master seeing her naked? He had already
seem everything and was obviously turned on liking very very much what he saw. She had
even walked up to him naked but now she felt like a scared child afraid to let him see her.
Maybe the doctor had been wrong maybe she was sick, he said that ...ugh! her orgasm erupted
through her, it was satisfying but still felt somewhat empty as did her pussy even filled with
three fingers.

Her orgasm through she felt a smal boost to her failing powers, she had to get over
this! There was something wrong! She couldn't talk to master, it was too embarassing, Gen was
too much in love to be of any help. She needed her mother but even with the boost would it be
enough to reach her, plus she needed master's permission.
An hour later Rosalinda walked in the next room , "Master may I ask my mother to visit?" she
prayed he let her.
Thinking about it a moment, he said, "Yes, but a room needs to be prepared for her,"
"Oh! thank you master," Rosalinda said throwing her arms around him and kissing him deeply.
Rosalinda left the room with Gen close behind, "I am going to need your help, my powers
are weak I had another slight boost but I don't think I can call mother and do the room."

"Oh my! By the great Jinn, you need master and soon. You can't go away, I have just
got you for a sister and I will fight to keep you alive, as I am sure master will." Gen
said almost in tears with a blink an extra room was added while Rosalinda concentrated
to call her mother. There was a boom then a flash, then before her stood her mother.
"Mother," Rosalinda said as she flung her arms around her.
OH! little one it is so good to visit you out of the realm" her mother said
"Mother I need your help, I am so weak, the doctor said I must have sex with master or I
will fade, I think I love master but I am so afraid of him. Even though he is unlike any
master I have ever seen or heard of, I am still afraid and he left the decision up to me."
With that she began to weep in her mother's arms. For the next hour her mother asked her
questions till she finally smiled, she knew what she needed to do to help her daughter now,
she hoped master Jake wasn't upset by it though.

Jake was feeling dirty he hadn't had a shower in what felt like days, stepping into
the bathroom he stopped short when he saw Rosalinda standing there naked.
Startled he could only watch her step into the enclosure. After a moment she looked up and
saw him.
"I'm sorry, Rosalinda once again I intruded on you," he said as he started to turn.
Rosalinda knew this was her only chance and spoke quickly, "don't be master but before you
go can you help me with this?" she said indicating the shower controls, "I am unfamilar
with the way this works."

Stepping into the shower past her naked body did nothing to help the fact, that his
cock was steel hard and threating to bust a hole in the front of his pants. Turning the
handles nothing happened, that's odd thought Jake. Taking off his shirt, Rosalinda almost
groaned at the appearance of his naked chest. Looking over everything Jake was about to step
out when the shower started with more pressure than it should have, had. Falling against the
wall Jake then hit the floor, Rosalinda fell on top of him. His face between her breasts
Jake enjoyed the their softness on each side of his face. Her breath coming faster she began
to press her breasts to his mouth. Taking a nipple as it was offered he suckled each in turn.
Reaching down Rosalinda freed Jake's cock from his pants eliciting a groan at the release of
his confined member. Standing Jake shucked his pants, "We need to wash quickly," Rosalinda

Washing and rinsing quickly, they hardly dried at all almost running to the bed, Jake
laid her down and slowly kissed his way down her body. Upon reaching her navel, Rosalinda
squealed with delight, then he even slower inched his way to her opened sex. Taking in her
rich musk scent he began to lavish kisses and deep licks closer and closer to her opening.
Once there he began to drink deep of her woman's juices, the heady scent of her sex making
him want to go deeper as he got his tongue as deep as he could and then tried to go deeper.
Screaming she had her first orgasm, oh my god! it was so much better than her fingers,
oh god her master was so good, screaming she had another experiencing her first ever multi-

Jake had never given any woman a multi-orgasm before, he was almost afraid he had hurt
her somehow. Pushing his face away she tried to pull Jake up to her, Jake slowly kissed his
way up paying special attention to her nipples suckling each and lightly licking the tips of
each. Rosalinda sighed in contentment but she wanted more finally finding his lips she tasted
her self feeling his cock head start to lightly poke around her opening. God damn it! He was
about to drive her crazy! "Master Jake, Please! no more teasing take me!"
With that Jake plunged in, filling her, sliding all the way in till his scrotum rested on her ass.

Screaming out in pleasure Rosalinda felt so wonderfully full! Master's cock was perfect
oh! by the great Jinn why had she been afraid? This wasn't painful it was glorious! Jake settled
into a rhythm that was slow at first, it seemed that with each passing moment Rosalinda was
thrusting back at him trying to take Jake deeper than he already was. He could feel her
vaginal muscles trying to grasp him and not allow him to withdraw, he felt her suddenly tense
up then started bucking as her third orgasm hit her. Jake was starting to thrust harder now
Rosalinda was meeting him with each stroke. He could now feel his own release nearing with each
stroke, trying to hold back he soon fekt her start to stiffen again. Suddenly thrusting in hard
he began to flood her with his seed. Rosalinda was so excited master was cunning in her! With
she felt her fourth orgasm bigin to ripple then wash, till it was as powerful as anything
she had ever felt. At that very moment she knew she had fallen in love and was her master's


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A Guy and his...?(9) Life Saver

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Comments (12)
Anonymous reader — 28 August 2016 23:28
please keep writhing this type of store it if fantastic you are very good at this writing my I can find 6 7 8 9 10
Anonymous reader — 15 May 2016 17:45
That was the most exciting yet! Onto the next chapter!
Anonymous reader — 09 January 2016 15:48
Nice one wanting a big(8")cock post your number right here
Anonymous reader — 19 September 2015 14:06
have a good fantasy
Anonymous reader — 26 October 2014 00:11
Keep writing
Anonymous reader — 09 September 2014 20:52
Very good
Anonymous reader — 09 September 2014 20:52
Very good
Anonymous reader — 08 September 2014 22:22
looking for the next part
Anonymous reader — 07 September 2014 01:07
Damn good when is next one
Anonymous reader — 07 September 2014 01:07
Damn good when is next one
Anonymous reader — 06 September 2014 20:22
I was really enjoying this series, but unfortunately the first paragraph of this chapter really made me stop reading and now I'm not sure I will ever become interested enough to attempt to continue reading. Between the two jinns suddenly becoming annoying prick teases and the whole issue of the monster cock that apparently will keep growing and growing until he will be to monstrous to even be able to function normally. Oh well, I can always enjoy re-reading the first 8 chapters, thank you for that much. (PuppetMaster)
Anonymous reader — 06 September 2014 16:11
this is good, keep it going
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