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I'm A Sex Addict

Categories Fiction, Anal, Asian, Ass to mouth

Authror: cafelee12

Published: 20 March 2017

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Amber runs down the street she looks behind her to see if those nerds were still chasing her. Amber ran and ran when she saw the metro bus and she runs to try to stop the bus. Amber ran up to the front of the bus and the bus driver stop the bus. Amber gets on and pay her fee she walks to the back of the bus to see those nerds anywhere, so Amber closes her eyes when someone wakes her up and she was only five minutes into her nap. Amber look up to see those five nerds who was chasing her.
What do you want ?
"This bus driver going to pull over so we can fuck you" the tall dirty blonde Asian boy said.
What ? Amber said.
"Got it bro, I need my sleep anyway"'the bus driver said as he pulls into an empty parking lit.
Amber gets up and tries to run towards the back exited when this short dark black hair Asian boy then block her and Amber sits back down. "Were going to fuck you until you cry for mercy" the tall dirty blonde Asian boy said "and Greg the first to get his dick suck" the tall dirty blonde Asian boy added. "Now I know Greg dick is not the size of any dicks you had suck before, but bare with me" "I'm a virgin I only dated only one guy" Amber said "well that going to change tonight" the tall dirty blonde Asian teenage boy said. Amber then was force to lean forward and grab Greg dick "don't grab my dick so hard, now suck it bitch" Greg said in a harsh tone. Amber then licks the top of his dick then Greg dick goes inside mouth and she suck his dick when she felt a hand grab her ass "that a fat ass, I can't wait to fuck that ass" Jinwoo said. Greg dick then slide out of her mouth when her legs were lifted up. Amber ass cheeks was then spread open and some teenage boy started licking the inside of her anal.
"Ow" Amber moan in pain as the teenage boy slides his dick inside my ass. Amber was then slouch down and was force to suck Greg dick again. "After this you will be fucking my friend. Samuel dick" the tall dirty blonde Asian boy said. Amber kept sucking Greg dick when the dirty blonde tall Asian boy made me rub his dick. "Don't rub to fast I don't want to cum all over your hand, my cum should be inside your pussy". Amber then grab the bus rail when the short dark black hair Asian boy shot a big load in her ass. "Ah fuck" Amber moan in pleasure.
"Samuel get your skinny behind over here it's your turn to fuck Amber in the ass". Samuel walks over he looked like he had the biggest dick out of all the young men standing before Amber, but he didn't have the biggest dick someone else did and it wasn't Samuel. Samuel stood behind Amber and slide his nine inch dick inside Amber ass that was still full of the short dark hair Asian boy cum. Samuel fuck Amber ass reall good "shit" Amber curse. It didn't take Samuel that long to cum inside her it was like six minutes of fucking and Samuel blasted two loads of his sweet white cum into Amber ass then he slide dick out of Amber ass. "Bring that ass over here" the tall dirty blonde Asian.boy said Amber walks over to this tall boy.
"Meet Siwon your going fuck him on top of the metro bus seats cowboy style or if you don't I'll send everyone these pictures of you fucking us". "I'll fuck him just help me up" the tall dirty blonde hair Asian boy helps Amber stand on the seats and swart over Siwon dick. Amber never expected to be gang rape by Japanese guys, but but this is Japan. Amber then swarts down some more and Siwon dick slide into her pussy and it seriously hurted. Amber had never felt so much not pain and not even that time she almost lost her virginity to her brush.
"Siwon get your small fat cock out of me" that when the tall dirty blonde hair Asian boy pull on Amber ponytail, the pulling really hurted Amber neck. Amber then slides up and down she fucks Siwon while she sucks the dirty blonde Asian boy dick his dick was the longest, his dick was eight inches wow it was the same size as that african American foreign exchange student name Chris that Amber suck. Chris was in this exchange program where you live with a different family during spring break and the summer. Amber kept fucking Siwon when Siwon and the tall dirty blonde hair Asian boy both cum. Siwon quickly pull Amber off his dick before he actually cum and cum all over himself and made Amber lick his dick clean.
"Now we save the best for last" the tall dirty blonde Asian boy said as he lays on the floor. Amber fuck him cowboy style too. The dirty blonde Asian boy fuck Amber pussy while Samuel fucks Amber ass at the same time. "Fuck me" Amber moans as she lean her head back when Greg grab her tits and suck them and Siwon shove his dick in Amber mouth. Amber choke a little, but didn't care. Amber was amaze she just lost her virginity to a short teenage boy with a small dick and got fuck in the ass by three different guys actually four different guys. When dirty blonde Asian boy cum he shot two loads in Amber than shot two more loads on in Amber mouth and on her tits.
"Well Amber we have to go bye" the tall dirty blonde Asian boy said as he wave goodbye then him and his friends rush out metro bus back exited and that when the bus driver woke up and drives to the next stop. What happen to you ? one of Amber close friend ask as she gets on the bus. "I should get clean up my stop is next" Amber said as she gets off at the next stop with her cloths all mess up and cum all over the outside of her mouth.

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I'm A Sex Addict

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Comments (7)
Anonymous reader — 14 November 2014 01:55
My god you are wonderful writer! I love these story's you posted. I too bet your sexy! Wish I have a girl like you too enjoy!
Anonymous reader — 11 November 2014 02:13
You're story's are the best. I love you're dirty mind and dirty thought. God it gets me so hard thinking but it. Would love to lick you're cunt.
Anonymous reader — 02 November 2014 04:55
I don't see the point of those first two comments. Is being rude and nasty helpful to the author? I don't think so. Try constructive criticism instead of just being a dick. Anyway I like this story. It's actually quite hot as are your other stories here. Keep writing and don't listen to people who are just being mean.
Anonymous reader — 01 November 2014 02:20
Yeah don't listen to these rude fucking douche bags! Your stories are excellent girl! Please don't stop posting these wonderful stories
Anonymous reader — 01 November 2014 02:13
Your stories are awesome! These people complaining and down voting are just jealous assholes. Keep writing please! You're amazing and sound so damn sexy!
Anonymous reader — 28 October 2014 17:25
One of the WORST stories(?) ever posted on this site.
Did you EVER attend any school at all? Your IQ can't be into double digits. Your writing is awful, you cannot spell and your grammar is non-existant.
PLEASE stop posting on this site. Your inept crap just stinks it up.
Anonymous reader — 28 October 2014 11:26
Dude this is fucking terrible. Your grammer is shit. Its so god damn confusing reading this.
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