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  1. Two Mothers (Part 2)
  2. Two Mothers (part 3)
  3. Two Mothers

Two Mothers (part 3)

Categories Fiction, Anal, Cum Swallowing, Incest

Author: maryme

Published: 16 December 2014

  • Font:

Chapter 11 - Visitor

Patty put her hand on her steaming pussy, feeling the cum juice seeping out of the slit that her son had deposited. The next thing she knew, she was finger-fucking herself, rubbing her fat little clit, thinking about how good it felt when her cunt stretched around that nice big cock.

It was one o'clock in the afternoon when Patty began her finger-fucking. She sprawled on her living room sofa, staring blankly at a TV show droning on in front of her. Her terry robe was open, exposing her huge tits and her wet, hairy pussy. Patty wiggled her ass on the couch as she moved her hand between her thighs, rubbing and stroking her hard, aching clit.

"Unh, unh, unh! Oh that feels good! Oh yes! Unh, unh, need to cum!"

The doorbell interrupted her. "God, I just can't get a break today." She thought.

Patty considered not answering it at all. But the relentless ringing was annoying. Reluctantly she rose, tied her robe together, and went to see who was at the door.

She peeked through the peep hole to see a boy about Walter's age or maybe younger. Clad in kaki cargo shorts and a T-shirt, Patty surmised that he might be a boy-scout. She squinted, wondering why his face looked familiar.

"Very good looking." She thought. "I should see what he wants."

Although her robe was pulled tied tight around her waist, Patty loosened the belt revealing some cleavage.

"This should be fun," She thought as she opened the door.

"Hi," the boy said. He smiled. "My name's Henry. Are you Mrs. Anderson. Patty Anderson?"

"Yes. Can I help you?" Patty nodded inquisitively.

You know my mom, Margaret Kelly?"

Patty flushed instantly with a feeling of trepidation. "What reason could Margaret have for sending her son to visit her?" She thought.

"Yee-yes, I know her," Patty stammered. "What about her?"

"Well, it's hard to talk about." Henry smiled, seeming very calm.

"Well come in then and we can talk. Henry? Right?" Patty said. She had noticed that he had all his attention focused on the "V" opening of her robe.

He walked past her, casually entering her home. Patty shut the door and followed him into the living room. Henry took a seat on the couch. Patty eyed the boy immodestly. "God, what kind of slut had she turned into?" She thought.

"Wow!" Henry exclaimed as he jerked his hand off the couch. Patty could see the wet spot on the cushion where her flowing cunt-juices had puddled moments before. The boy had just put his hand in it and was now sniffing his fingers. She knew he was picking up her odor.

"So what did you want to talk about Henry?" Patty asked. Watching Henry sniffing her pussy juices was making her wetter.

"I'm not sure. Mom just said I had to stop by to help you out with your problem." Henry explained.

"Really?" Patty said curiously wondering if Margret told Henry about her and Walter. The thought had her aroused and curious.

"Mom said I could help you if you wanted." Henry explained. "Mom said you'd know what to do."

Although the conversation was very vague, it felt very sexual. Patty watched his crotch bulge grow. She could feel her own wetness building stronger. Her cunt juices were flowed as she eyed the young man.

"Well Henry," Patty said as she crossed her legs letting the robe open wide. "What do you think she had in mind?"

"She said to just tell you I can help."

"Henry, did your mom send you here to offer me sex?" Patty asked directly. "That is very sweet of you Henry."

Then, Henry shocked her. Standing up, he calmly unzipped his shorts and dropped them to the floor. He was naked from the waist down except for his tennis shoes. His prick was enormous and stiffening rapidly, swelling with blood and jism in little jerks. Henry took his cock in hand and stared intently at Patty.

"Mom said I should show you to help you decide."

Patty had always professed that, "Size doesn't matter." But right now she was thinking that this monster boy-cock was going to matter. It was both scary and exciting. It was longer than her son's massive cock and with a thicker cock-head. Her breathing quickened as she stared.

Henry wrapped his fingers around his enormous fuck organ and stroked. Patty stared with disbelief and growing passion as the meaty prick grew bigger.

"So, Mrs. Anderson. Do you need my help?"

"You know Henry," Patty said with a false calmness. "I think we could help each other."

Patty stared at Henry's big boner, watching it pulse as he jacked it with his fist. Her pussy tingled as she thought of fucking this strange cock. She craved prick-meat. Patty wanted to fill herself with a nice, spicy bellyful of spunk.

Patty dropped to her knees. After all, she was the adult, it was her duty to take the lead.

"Little boy?" She thought. "He is anything but little."

Was her craving for hard cock so strong that she would suck off anyone who would just show up at her door?. Henry smiled, stepping closer wagging his big cock was in front of her face. Patty wrapped her fingers around the shaft, fascinated by the cum juice was already leaking from the tip. She sighed as she jacked the huge cock, making the piss hole open up further, oozing more jizz.

"That feels good, Mrs. Anderson."

Patty popped the cock knob into her mouth and started sucking. It was a good, tasty prick to suck, with cum sap nearly as rich and delicious as her own son's. Patty made gurgling, slobbering sounds as she nursed contentedly on the giant cock, shutting her eyes, concentrating on the taste and feel of the prick between her lips.

Patty thrust her tongue onto the piss slit as the jizz oozed out plentifully. She tightened her right hand around the base of his cock, and beat his meat, fast and hard, whipping her right hand up and down from the root to her stretched, hungrily sucking lips.

Henry stared down at her, sighing as he enjoyed the torrid cock-sucking. He held her head with both hands, curling his fingers in her thick blonde hair, rocking his hips lightly. Patty felt like a complete whore now, happy to do absolutely anything for Henry as long as he'd let her suck his cock.

"Suck it!" Henry panted. His face contorted in pleasure as his orgasm grew nearer, as the heavy load of cock juice congested in his balls.

"Oh, wow, you suck good!" He pulled her hair, rocking his hips, making the cream-starved mom gag on his thick prick. "Uhhh good, Mrs. Anderson! Unggh, Ohh you are good. Yes, suck it! I'm gonna cum! I'm . . . cumming!"

Henry's giant surging semen pump filled her mouth with jiz. Too much to swallow, cum streamed from the corners of her mouth.

"Swallow it, Mrs. Anderson! Suck my cock, suck it! Ungggh! Cummiiinnnggg!"

More hot, milky white jizz spewed forth, squirting across her swirling tongue, coating her palate and draining down her throat. It wasn't as delicious as her son's cum, but Patty was so starved for the taste of cream that Henry's gushing seed satisfied her totally. Hungrily she clung to the juice-squirting boner, tirelessly jacking and sucking it, determined to nurse out every drop of cum. Her efforts were rewarded. Henry's cock kept spewing out juice for over a half-minute, and Patty's belly felt warm and full with all the cream she'd just sucked from his balls.

"That's enough. That is so good!," Henry said abruptly. " I can fuck you, if you want Mrs. Anderson. Mom said you'd really like the feel of my cock."
Patty was puzzled. "How would Margret know what her son's cock feels like?"

Patty sat back on her heels, gasping, her cheeks bright with a mixture of humiliation, lust, and boy-cum. Henry was stripping off the rest of his clothes, never taking his eyes off her body. Patty hesitated, her fingers on the belt holding her robe loosely together. Then she pulled it open, exposing her spectacular, big-titted nakedness, knowing that her mature body would inspire Henry to give her the savage fucking she needed.

"Do you want to get on your back?"

Chapter 12 Doggy

"Honey that cock is so long, I think I want you doggy style." Patty said. "Do you know what that means?"

Patty stretched out on her hands and knees wiggling her ass at Henry as she crawled across the floor. Completely naked now, her full round tits hung free as she positioned herself into a good humping position. Henry stared at her as she raised her ass into the air, completely opening her drippy pussy hole for the first thrust of his cock.

"Fuck me," she panted as she wagged her ass. "Hurry, Henry. My cunt is so wet for you sweetie. Get back there and I'll show you."

Henry dropped to his knees, his giant, spit-slickened cock lance pulsing over her ass. Patty looked back and took his cock in her hand, aiming his cock tip at the pouting, curly-haired lips of her cunt. The horny blonde felt the cock going into her, stretching her tight pussy open, making her glistening cuntal walls spasm and suck as they forcibly accommodated the belly-probing length of his cock.

"Oh, fuck me! Ungggh! Feels good, Henry! Unhhh, you've got a big cock! That is the biggest cock ever! Fuck my cunt, fuck my horny cunt Henry!"

Henry sprawled on top of her, squeezing her enormous, stiff-nippled tits, and sinking his cock farther into her cunt. His lean young ass up heaved and down, aching in and out of the creamy tightness of her cunt. Patty pushed to meet his strokes, excitedly bouncing her ass, fucking her wet, glove-tight pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his cock.

"Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my cunt hole!" She screamed as his thick cock-lance sank further into her pussy.

Henry fucked hard and very deep. Patty grunted as the stiff prick rammed to her belly, reaching the depths of her womb.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy, Henry!" Patty chanted. Her cunt was throbbing uncontrollably, gripping and sucking the skewering shaft of his cock-meat. Again and again the big fuck organ rammed into her, stretching her furry cuntslit, penetrating to the depths of her cunt.

Henry slid his hands down, gripping the sides of her hips. He loved how she talked dirty just like his mom.

"Unngggh! Oh, Henry!"

Now Patty felt the cum welling up deep inside her, making her gooey pussy suck around his cock. She grimaced, her face contorting with lewd passion, twisting her head dazedly from side to side on the floor. Henry was humping in a frenzy of fuck need, abandoning all control, pounding shaft of his prick into her soft, sucking pussy.

"Fuck me Henry, fuck my horny pussy!" she gasped. "Ungggh! I'm cumming, Henry! Fuck my cunt, I'm cumming, cuuummiiinngg!"

Her pussy spasmed violently in orgasm, the juice nearly gushing out of the ravished cunt-slit, the fur-fringed lips throbbing with almost painful intensity around Henry's racing cock-shaft. Henry kept fucking, guiding her through the force of her orgasm. Orgasm after orgasm, spasm after spasm. The wide cock-head was taking her to multiple orgasms. Patty's back arched as her pussy contracted around the massive tool inside her. Sweet cunt juices flooded her love-tunnel, surrounding Henry's cock, and poured to the floor.

But still he didn't lose his second load into her pussy, and suddenly Patty realized exactly where she wanted to feel his big cock next.

Henry paused for a moment, grinning, as if to show his appreciation for how quickly her true colors had emerged. Then he pulled his huge, throbbing prick out of her pussy hole, the giant shaft of fuck meat twitching obscenely up and down with its need to shoot its load of cum. Patty stared at the boy's big cock, resisting the urge to pop it back into her mouth for more sucking. Instead she rolled onto her back, reached up to take his cock in her hand, displaying her hard reddened nipples.

"It's all hot and horny, Henry," Patty whimpered, as her itchy little hole throbbed obscenely in and out. "Hurry, sweetie, please fuck my tits for me! Shoot your cum all over me, Henry."

"Wow, Mrs. Anderson! Mom was right about you!"

Then Henry mounted her body, straddled her belly, and leaned forward to gild his wet prick between her tits. Patty took great pleasure in the swollen cock that nestled between her breasts. Grunting and biting her lip, she squeezing her tits around his cock, aiming it at her pretty face.

"Fuck my tits, Henry, fuck them good!"

Henry fucked slowly, sliding as he squeezed her tits together over his cock. He grunted, then nailed his big prick all the way in again. Patty shuddered with need, finger-fucking herself wildly as Henry's cock slithered between her tits.

"Ahhh, yesss," Patty hissed.

"I'm cumming, Henry!" she panted. "Unngggh! Oh, shit, so horny, so fucking horny! Fuck my tits Henry, fuck my horny fucking tits! I'm coming now! Unggh, ungggh, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Patty's words stirred Henry's hormones and his cock grew harder. The cock-head pulsated, enclosed by her ravished tits. Patty knew she was about to receive a milky load of cock cream onto her body.

Henry's prick started cumming. The sticky white stuff sprayed out of his cock head, gushing across her face, basting her creamy skin with a soothing tide of cum. Patty gasped as she lay submissively beneath him, flexing her cunt, making sucking sounds, wanting to suck the jizz out of his prick. She knew she didn't have any control anymore. She was just too horny. If Henry wanted, he could fuck or suck her any time.

Chapter 13: Stop?

They were in her bedroom now. Patty was on her back, naked, her long legs cocked high, her ankles bouncing on Henry's shoulders as he rammed his huge cock lance in and out of her cunt. It was late in the afternoon and Walter could come home at any time. Henry kept ramming his prick into her willing pussy.

"Ungggh! No, Henry, we have to stop. Please Henry, stop fucking me! Patty cried. "I love it Henry, but we have to stop now! My son's going to come home! Walter can't catch us fucking. You know?"

"I guess I better get out of here," He mumbled as he pulled out and got off the bed. He grinned at her over his shoulder. "You are so hot, Mrs. Anderson. I guess you must be pretty glad I came over after all, huh?"

Patty stared at his cock, watching the long, meaty pole disappear from sight as he zipped up his pants. Patty was astonished by the intensity of her sexual craving, the continued throbbing in her pussy, and her lewd reactions to young Henry's fat cock.

"Don't go, Henry."

Henry stopped dressing, looking at her. Realizing that she had descended to the very depths of degenerate sexual behavior, Patty slid off the bed and knelt on the floor. Henry grinned at her knowingly as she stripped of his pants for him again, freeing his already stiffening prick.

"Still horny, Henry," Patty whimpered. "If I suck your cock for you again, will you give me another good fucking?"

Henry just smiled. Patty wrapped her fingers around his cock root, staring at the knob as she rapidly started beating his prick meat. His big cock smelled strongly of pussy. It turned her on to slurp on a long, fat hard-on that had just finished fucking her tight cunt.

"Put it in your mouth, Mrs. Anderson!"

Patty opened her mouth, shuddering with her need for cock-
sucking as she shoved over a third of the prick between her lips. The well-fucked cock wasn't completely stiff yet, which meant she could suck and chew on it more easily. Patty shut her eyes and commenced the frantic cock-sucking, slurping and gurgling, dragging her lips hungrily up and down the quickly swelling trunk of fuck meat.

"Oh, Mrs. Anderson!"

Henry dropped his hands, curling his fingers in her blonde hair, looking down to eagerly observe the cock-sucking. Patty sucked prick so hard that her whole face reddened with the effort, and it was impossible to hear herself panting through the noise - over the loud, constant smacking and slurping.

Chapter 14: Four

"Well, I can see that you're having a good time," Margaret purred. "Is my Henry keeping you happy, Patty? He's good, isn't he?"

Patty just lay there, her eyes shifting rapidly from Margaret then to Walter as she tried to understand what was going on. They didn't give her time to think. Margaret crossed the room, sat on the edge of the bed and shamelessly caressed Patty's naked body. By then Walter had already begun stripping off his clothes.

"See? There's nothing really wrong with you, Patty," Margaret whispered. "You're just horny, that's all. You need a lot more fucking than average. That's why I sent my darling Henry over to visit you. I know what he can so with that wonderful cock he has."

Henry raised his hips, grimacing as he slid his enormous cock out of Patty's mouth with a lurid plopping sound. Then he stood in front of his mother, looking at her expectantly. Patty watched intently as Margaret dropped to her knees, facing Henry's gigantic prick. The boy's massive, twitching hard-on was moist and sticky from Patty's saliva. Henry's pubic hair was matted in thick cum from multiple fuck-sessions. Margaret obviously didn't care at all. She opened her mouth wide and thrust her head forward, stuffing her own son's giant cock lance between her lips.

"That is so hot!" Walter moaned.

She does fuck her own son, Patty thought. The blonde looked on in disbelief seeing the hunger with which Margaret's lips clasped around Henry's cock. She skillfully wrapped her fingers around the base of Henry's cock and began to jack her son's big prick a she sucked and slurped on the tip.

Standing in front of the door, Walter was now completely naked. He held his own huge prick in hand, jacking it slowly as he watched. Margaret sucked loudly and wetly on Henry's hard-on, enjoying the taste his cock acquired from fucking Patty. Soon the blow job had cleaned every trace of juice from Henry's organ, leaving it glistening with spit from base to tip.

"Look, Patty." Margaret took the big boner out of her mouth, looking mischievously at her blonde friend. "I got his cock nice and clean for you again. Now Henry can fuck your pussy, while Walter fucks your mouth! I want to play too."

Patty remained where she was, her stiff nipples tingling and her pussy getting wet again, gradually understanding the kind of incestuous foursome that Margaret proposed. The last remnants of her conscience told her to get out of the room immediately. She glanced back and forth at the two huge boy-cocks and then back to Margret. Patty never had two at once before. The thought of letting Henry and her own son double-fuck her while Margaret watched was triggering her craving to fuck.

Patty said nothing. It was the same as a "YES". Henry smiled at her, then joined her on the bed again, this time stretching out on his back with his enormous, spit-dripping boner pulsing obscenely over his stomach. Patty shared a long, knowing look with Margaret. Then she submissively did what they all wanted her to do; She mounted young Henry, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips, taking hold of his giant cock and directing the rosy knob into her cunt.

"Doesn't Henry's cock feel big going in, Patty?" Margaret whispered, then looked over her shoulder at Walter.

"Look, Walter. Do you like watching your mother's pussy stretching around another boy's prick?"

Walter was watching, jacking on his own prick, watching for the moment when he could bury its throbbing stiffness into his mother's mouth.

"What the fuck, mom." Walter exclaimed. "His cock is bigger than mine."

Patty grimaced, feeling Henry's big prick filling her pussy, the glistening walls of her cunt sucking and gripping around its breadth. She clutched Henry's shoulders tightly, wiggling and thrusting her pink-flushed ass cheeks, making his stiff cock drive all the way up her buttery cunt.

Henry started thrusting, ramming his mammoth boner into her pussy. Patty felt it disappearing into her, gooshing deep inside the innermost depths of her pussy channel. She shuddered, banging her thighs on Henry's hips as she forced his prick all the way in. Then she started humping again, fast and hard, rapidly banging her tight, juice pussy up and down on Henry's enormous prick.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Ungggh! Fuck my cunt, Henry, fuck my juicy cunt! Oh, ram it in, Henry! My pussy wants your prick!"

With every word Walter's cock pulsated.

Soon the humping unison fell into a fast needy rhythm, with Henry clutching Patty's hips and Patty holding onto his shoulders, her huge tits jiggling over his chest as she slammed her hairy pussy onto his cock. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder, and realized that her son had joined them, standing next to the bed as she rode Henry. Patty quickly sat up and turned her hungry mouth's attention to her son's stiff cock.

"Mmmmmm, Mom!" Walter groaned. "You are so fuckin hot."

Patty knew what her son wanted. Her lips trapped the head of his cock, sucking him deeply as she rode Henry's huge fuck-pole. She glanced to her right, noticing that Margaret was now squatting against the wall and finger-fucking as she watched.

Feverishly she started humping and sucking the two hung studs, thrusting her cunt onto Henry's cock one moment, then eagerly sucking Walter's prick. Patty was totally immersed in pleasing the two young cocks.

"Oh, Walter!" She gasped pulling his cock from her lips. "Fuck me Henry! Oh fuck, you've big! How can two boys have such huge cocks?" Walter was already humping at his mom's face as he watched his mother's cunt devour Henry's cock.

Walter grunted, moving his ass, forcing his giant, cum-laden cock all the way into his mother's face. For a moment he lay still, letting his big prick soak in the constant, pressurized warmth of her mouth. Then he started fucking again, rhythmically drilling his mammoth, aching cock-lance through her beautiful lips.

She wanted to scream out the words now, her whole body aching with intense kinky pleasure. The sweat dripped from her body as she humped frantically, her tit melons jiggling, lips wrapped around Walter's cock-head, desperate for as much hard cock as she could get.

"Don't shoot off in her," Margaret instructed. The naked brunette was finger-fucking herself into a frenzy, ramming her fingers in and out of her cunt as she watched Patty getting fucked at both ends. "Save...unh...save it for me, boys. "Don't shoot your cum in her. I need to get fucked too!"

Then Patty felt herself starting to cum. She knew instantly that it was going to be a big, hard one, as her mouth sucked uncontrollably around her son's pounding prick, as her pussy spewed cunt oils onto Henry's cock. The blonde grimaced and whipped her body in a frenzy of passion, desperately trying to take in even more of their pricks.

The sounds of her orgasm were muffled by her son's cock. "Mmmmm, Uhhhh . . . . . Mmmmp . . . uhhhh . . . uhhh . . . uhhh!"

Her ravished fuck channel spasmed violently, gripping the giant cock, holding Henry deep inside her body as cum spurted again and again. The orgasm lasted for nearly a minute, then began again. Henry and Walter kept fucking her violently through every second of her climax. When her spasm subsided, Patty was on the verge of unconsciousness. She offered no protest as her son pulled his huge prick out of her mouth, then sliding off of Henry's cock and crumpling on to her back.

"God, I need cock!" Margaret hissed. "My turn boys!"

Henry was still lying there, his giant prick pulsing over his belly, now waiting eagerly for another chance to fuck his own mother. Margaret swiftly straddled him, taking Patty's place, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips. She reached down, taking hold of his stiff prick, directing the fat knob into her cunt. Margaret held onto Henry's shoulders and wiggled her ass in a downward spiral, shuddering and panting as she felt her pussy being stuffed with the thickness of Henry's prick.

"Now fuck my ass, Walter!" she gasped. "Hurry, hurry!"

"What?" Walter questioned.

"Fuck my ass!" Margret demanded. "Get behind me Walter."

Margaret was sprawled forward, crushing her tits on her son's chest. She reached behind her back, shamelessly displaying her pink, puckered asshole to Patty's son. Walter climbed onto the bed again, his prick throbbing harder than ever.

"See my empty hole Walter!" Margret instructed. "Put your cock in it!"

Looking up at them from the floor, Patty watched in amazement as Walter pushed his swollen cock tip into the puckered gateway of Margaret's bowels.

"Ungggh! Feels good, Walter!" Margaret cried. "Fuck my horny ass now! Oh, please, please, please fuck my horny asshole!"

Walter started humping, grimacing with pleasure as he sank his prick into the narrow, spasming muscles sucking around his cock. Margaret wiggled her ass to help, her pussy still throbbing rhythmically around Henry's cock. Half of Walter's cock plowed up her ass, then two-thirds. With a grunt, Walter fucked down hard, drilling every inch of his enormous, cum-laden boner into the sucking grip of Margaret's ass.

It felt incredibly good. Margaret had sampled nearly every sexual variation known, but she had never really had her fill of double-penetration. Two inside her at the same time felt incredible, filling her completely with hard, throbbing cock meat. Margaret grimaced and flushed, her face contorting with the intense pleasure of fucking. She started humping fast and hard, feverishly fucking both of the big pricks.

"Fuck me, fuck meeee!" she gasped. "Unh, unh, fuck Mommy's pussy, Henry! Oh, please, Walter, fuck my horny little ass! Oh, yes! Do it hard, do it! I need to cum. I need to cum so fucking bad!"

Walter pulled out, withdrawing until only the plum-shaped crown of his hard-on stretched her anal lips. He paused, then rammed his cock deeper up her ass. Then he started fucking the naked, horny brunette with a quick, driving rhythm, tirelessly spearing his enormous prick in and out of her horny, aching hole.

"Fuck Mommy's pussy, Henry!"

Henry responded, humping his ass to meet Walter's rhythm, drilling his cock in and out of his mother. Walter fucked harder, his prick swelling progressively stiffer in the rubbery grip of Margaret's ass, growing close to showering her insides with jizz. Soon both of the hung young studs were thrusting hard, taking Margaret to the peak of ecstasy. Her horny, writhing body was on the edge.

Margret went silent as she meditated on the sensations inside her. Closing her eyes and letting go, she momentary entered a state of tantric pleasure.

"Unnggggh! Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass! Oh, ohhh, ohh god! Cumming now boys! Unh, unh, cuuummmiiinnnggg!" Margret screamed, unable to maintain deliberation through her climax.

Henry cried out, fucking his hips as high off the bed as he could, slamming his prick to the hilt in his mother's cum-throbbing, juice-spewing pussy. Even in the middle of her orgasm, Margaret groaned with intense satisfaction as the milky-white cock juice started spewing out of Henry's cock, flooding torrentially deep inside her cunt. Henry fucked harder than ever, draining his load into his mother, feeling the sappy white goo running out of her furry cunt-slit and puddling luridly on his stomach.

Then Walter started cumming, shooting his load of cock juice deep inside the brunette's pulsing ass. Margaret's shameless smile widened as she felt her rubbery anal tunnel being showered with more cream. Eagerly she kept bucking and humping between them, now flexing to drain the last gooey droplets out of Walter's cock.

And, watching from the floor, Patty had already begun methodically finger-fucking her torrid pussy. She knew that the boys were always hard, ready to fuck day and night. There would be no more resisting the passion for boy-fucking.

Margret's mind drifted to the thousands of boys that obviously were in need right now. Thousands of hard penises crying out for help. Thousands of boys that could use her brand of therapy. "Mmmmmmmmmm," She purred.


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Two Mothers (part 3)

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Terrired — 23 July 2016 04:14
A yummy finish! Thank you!
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