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A guy and his...?(11)Family ties

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Male / Female, Masturbation

Author: pars001

Published: 21 January 2015

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A guy and his...?(11)Family ties

Jake stared at the misty shawdow, now what? According to Rasmir he was the only one who could defeat
the evil what ever it was. Then again as Rasmir had said, the legends weren't that clear, especially the side
part of it. "The fact that I can see you means you are magical with the talking and all," Jake was getting a
little miffed why the hell wouldn't they leave him alone? He'd just had sex and they were wanting to fuck with
him already. Growling Jake watched as the mist got smaller, tighter, a screaming was starting to assail his
mind? The more it sounded the more pissed he got, <No please stop! You're killing me!> it screamed.

Jake calmed, the mist expanded a little, "Look you pissed me off, I haven't had a moments rest, go tell
all your nasty, evil, friends I don't give a shit about their plans. They want the same fate fine, come fuck
with me then!" This last he shouted blowing the mist away across the yard out of the sight. Both Jinns were at
his side in a moment, "Master we felt an awful evil but then just as suddenly it was gone! Are you alright?"
Both looked him over concern evident on their faces.
"I'm alright but I need to talk to Rasmir," rubbing the little bottle he thought of Rasmir who was there
moments later.
"Yes Master Jake," he smiled.

"I believe I just saw the evil but I'm not sure," here Jake could see the look of concern of Rasmir's
face. Jake went on to describe what he saw, what it did and said, then what happened when he got mad. This last
part somewhat shocked Rasmir but it wasn't completely unexpected.
"You see as I said, you don't have power but you don't need it, your Jinns love won't let anything happen to
you," Rasmir stated.
"Rasmir I'm still unsure of what this evil is. I am just hoping it isn't like the last time, an evil that
trapped the council but lo and behold it wasn't all evil, just grieving and under a spell. You guys have got to
get me better information, now, did what I see sound like the evil?" Jake looked at Rasmir and the look
uncertainty on his face, throwing his arms up Jake wanted to scream didn't these fuckers know anything?
"I've been talking to the rest of the council, plus they have been listening they aren't completely sure but
one of the elders says it sounds like a Jinn that has been missing for 5000 years back when he was first made a

"Ok, now we're getting somewhere, I just need to know what this evil wants to do and I'll need more
knowledge to fight it." Rasmir waved his hands and Jake suddenly knew everything the council did about this
evil. Shaking his head, it took a moment for Jake to get a handle on the thousands of years of information that
they supplied. "Finally! Hmmm I see that your information isn't as complete as I thought it might be," sighing
Jake would have to think on this more, "I also want to know the legends concerning lost and missing Jinns it
might also shine a little light on things," Rasmir looked at jake for a minute unsure how to proceed.
"Master Jake," Rasmir started, "are you sure you can take that much information? This last bit I granted you
took a while for you to grasp, I know you have alot of capacity for the knowledge but the council and I are
unsure if you can take it right now," the concern apparent in Rasmir's voice.

"According to what you've given me, there are well over 1000 Jinn's missing, 3 times that many killed
or destroyed. All this has been within the last 10,000 years? Damn you guys go back a ways," here Jake smiled
at Rasmir, "I see also, that Rosalinda is the first Jinn that was missing that has ever been found. Are you
telling me that I have to find and release all of the missing Jinns?"
Rasmir's face lit up with joy could Jake actually do it? there was that other legend that...
"Don't even think it!" Jake suddenly shouted, "Alright, give, what's this new legend?"
Huh? How did he know? Rasmir reached out but couldn't feel any powers within Jake.
"Not actually a new legend, one of the oldest that is known. It states that all missing Jinn would be returned
one day, with the help of the one of magic but with no magic," Rasmir quoted from memory.

Well that certainly sounded alot like me Jake thought, Damn, as if I didn't have enough to do! Jake was
lost in thought, a look of deep concentratiom on his face, Rasmir was a little frightened, Master Jake never
got this quiet unless something bad was about to happen. Sure enough, as he watched a dark misty shadow
appeared nearby, both Jake's Jinns and Rasmir collapsed leaving Jake unaware that the mist was advancing upon
him. Suddenly, Jake came out of his stupor just as the mist began to envelope him. Almost unable to move Jake
was at first angry, causing the mist to pull back a bit, then several other misty forms joined the first almost
overpowering Jake. Within the darkness caused by the shadows, Jake heard several voices. Many of the voices
were male almost as many were female but the male voices stood out more.
"Unless you want to anger me, I suggest that you release me NOW!" Jake shouted, causing the shadows to retreat
somewhat, Jake could feel the pull back toward his Jinns.

A kind voice sounded in his mind, <please master Jake, many of us need your help, we are the
disembodied ones.>
<I am not understanding what you mean> Jake thought, at least he was used to this now.
<Obviously you only have a small part of the knowledge you need, about 7 to 8 thousand of your years ago there
was a Jinn war. Many Jinn were killed, many more had their bodies destroyed but their... spirit? Yes that's it,
lived on, though even we Jinn can not exist forever, without a physical form, it's a living death. You are the
most powerful non-magical being we have ever seen. Only you can help us, we banded together to sustain what's
left of us but even that is failing. We've lost 10 in the last 1000 years and may lose another soon.> The voice
sounded weak Jake wished it was stronger so it could tell him more. <OH! by the great Jinn! What did you just
do? I feel as strong as I did when my body was destroyed!> The voice sounded, almost a joyous shout in his
<I just wanted you stronger so you could explain more> Jake replied.

<What you've done! If you could strengthen the other weak ones till we are released, then we might make
it. By strengthening me you have given us another year mine added to the others will extend us for a while. Can
you feel the others?> the kind voice asked.
<No,> replied Jake, <I am not magical, even when you were touching me I couldn't feel you or any others.>
Jake could feel, huh? He could feel Gen and Rosalinda struggling to reach out to him. Jake wanted them both to
be with him, when suddenly he was back with them, both were laying prone on the ground trying to reach him when
he appeared. Stooping, Jake checked on both his Jinns, both began to move easier as soon as he touched them.
"Master are you ok?" Gen asked as soon as she sat up, "I've never felt that weak before, it was like I was
being held down."
Rosalinda rushed to his side looking him over, it seemed she was looking through him though knowing her she
actually was.
"I feel no injury to Master Jake," Rosalinda said causing both Jinns to smile and breathe a sigh of relief.

The mist was hovering nearby almost seeming to be afraid to come closer.
"What is it?" Jinn asked, looking past Jake at the ominus mist.
"While I was in it they spoke to me, they said that they were the disembodied ones," Jake said nonchalantly.
A gasp rose from Ramir as he was finally able to stand, "the disembodied ones! We were told that all of them
were destroyed thousands of your years ago."
Jake looked at Rasmir as if he'd lost his mind, "Tell me something I don't know," Jake said, "They said that I
had strengthened them just cause I wanted the one I was talking to be stronger. They said that they had enough
strength to last longer now because of it."
Rasmir was staring at Jake his mouthg hanging open, "I think I understand now about the evil," he stated, "when
their bodies were destroyed and they banded together, I am afraid that a few of the stronger, evil Jinns went
with them. You have to be careful whatever you do Master Jake, the evil is there waiting for you to release

Jake shook his head how the hell was he supposed to know what was and wasn't evil especially if it hid
as well as this apparently did? "So just how in the hell am I supposed to bring them back? The females maybe
but I ain't screwing no males no way no how, plus I don't think you have a chance in hell of me falling in love
with the males either." Jake could see by the look of horror on Rasmir's face, that he was way off, too he was
glad that Rasmir thought it was a horrible idea also.
"Master Jake I..I have no idea you are the only one who can bring any of them back. Just like Rosalinda we knew
you could, we just didn't know how," Rasmir confessed.
Jake could only stare at Rasmir for a few minutes, what the hell? Did they expect him to be a miracle worker?
Thinking on it for a while nothing really came to mind, Jake sighed how to free them and get their bodies back
was beyond him.

Gen and Rosalinda walked up to Jake the worry once again drawing them as close to him as they could
get. "I have to get back to work, I know the time slow won't last much longer you two need to go and let me
think about this problem. Rasmir I'll call you as soon as I get an idea," Jake walked back to the shed a little
lost on the problem. The shadowy mist started to follow but seemed to know better and drifted off fading to an
almost invisible gas form. Jake finished the day out, having corrected almost everything that the last
engineers had screwed up. Tired to the point of exhaustion Jake headed to his newer looking truck. His Jinns
were there waiting for him both with huge smiles on their faces, "We were good master we waited as you
instructed but Master?" Gen asked, "We're so horny, may we please each other when we get home?"
Jake was a little shocked but remembered that his Jinns, were of course ALWAYS horny. "Yes, and of course I may
join in given I have the energy," Jake said, this of course drew soft giggles and lustful looks from both Gen
and Rosalinda.

Arriving home his Jinns didn't even wait for him to get out blinking him straight to the bedroom. As he
expected he was of course naked, they were already tangled in a 69 busily lapping at each other's sex. Jake
just shook his head watching them, god they made him so horny just watching them. Watching Rosalinda on top of
Gen get his heart pumping, staring at Rosalinda's open pussy and ass breathed new life into his cock which was
now rising to the occasion. Stepping forward he sunk into her, Gen smiling and waiting as she watched his cock
slide balls deep into Rosalinda. With a sigh, then a scream of delight Rosalinda pushed back trying to get more
in her hot tight hole.
"Oh Master! Fuck me hard please!" she begged Jake, with that he began to pound her as hard as he could.
Gen was now licking his cock as it slid in and out enjoying the mixed taste of her 2 loves.

Gen could feel Rosalinda's tongue thrusting harder and deeper into her sending her sences into
overdrive. Jake could feel the tight pussy grasping his cock hardly allowing him to withdraw only to thrust in
again as hard as he could. "Master! Yes! Yes! Please don't stop you feel so good!" Rosalinda grunted feeling
her release near the surface. Between her legs, Gen could feel Rosalinda begin to nip at her clit causing her
to feel sparks of electricity up and down her body. Her own release was near as her breathing began to match
the heavy breathing of Rosalinda. Jake's cock was being squeezed, Rosalinda pussy was suddenly tighter then
he'd ever felt it before, the added heat was driving him close to the edge faster than he'd ever experienced.
Both Rosalinda and Gen started to cum at the same time their screams filling the room, just then Jake began to
blast his load holding his self as deep as he could get, causing Rosalinda to scream louder feeling his release
deep in her. Gen also began to scream louder with Rosalinda screaming into her pussy the vibrations sending
even more shocks into her system.

All three were coming down from their high when they all heard wimpering crys outside the bedroom
doorway. "What the hell was that?" Jake asked.
Gen and Rosalinda both were weak to the point of falling asleep which was strange, usually they were full of a
hell of a lot more energy then he had afterward. Walking out the doorway he found 2 young women and a young man
all three slumped against the wall crying, all three were naked, hardly able to move. Shocked Jake stared at
the three, not really sure what to do he moved as if on auto pilot, grabbing blankets for the three to cover
with, they soon stopped shivering though it was very warm in the house.
"Ok, I don't know who you are but does this have to do with magic?" Jake asked still naked not really caring at
the moment. The woman nearest him looked up, a surprise on her young unblemished face, still weak she could
only nod. "So are you three Jinns?" again a nod, "Uh huh," Jake just rolled his eyes now they were appearing
during sex!

Grabbing the little bottle by the bed Jake rubbed it thinking of Rasmir, as soon as he appeared Rasmir
was a little shocked averting his eyes. Jake grabbed a blanket and faced Rasmir, "we had just finished having
sex when three people appeared outside our bedroom door," here Rasmir had a curious look on his face, "when I
asked them if magic was involved and if they were Jinns, one of them just nodded I think they are very weak, by
the way they appeared naked so I didn't have time to dress."
Rasmir's eyes flew open, "you say they are weak and naked?" Jake just nodded. "Praise the Great Jinn!
Running from the bedroom Rasmir's shouts of joy echoed back. Both his Jinns had recovered and rushed out
blinking clothes on all three of them.

"I know you," Rasmir was saying, "I thought you were destroyed in the last battle of the war," the man
could only nod still apparently too weak to speak. "You 2, I remember you when you left for the battle years
before the last battle," they also could only nod. Rasmir looked at Jake tears rolling from his eyes.
Jake wished the girl in front of Rasmir was stronger so he could find out what was going on.
A shocked look appeared on her face, "It's you Master Jake!" with that she bowed low, "Thank you for saving our
lifes." Jake at once recognized the voice as the one he'd heard in the mist, now tears were filling her eyes
Gen drew close something about the young woman was familiar, "Do I know you? You seem so familiar," Gen asked
The young woman shook her head no but now she was also staring at Gen.
Rasmir stepped up looking at them both, "Gen my dear, I would like you to meet your niece Rashala, your
sister's daughter."
Jake just shook his head christ they were coming out of the woodwork now.


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A guy and his...?(11)Family ties

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Comments (9)
Anonymous reader — 26 August 2016 01:58
I whis all the stories were together I have problems finding them in order and I still cant find 8 9 10
Clover Ernest — 02 August 2016 07:18
much like the very first 2 commenters, im wondering what role these new 3 will play.
justanotherslut — 15 May 2016 18:27
So many twists and turns...I need to keep reading, I want to know where the story goes:).
BoBo0050 — 14 November 2015 19:01
I've been away for a while. Came back and saw Chapters 11-14. Just got done w/ 11, and I am very glad I came back. Looking forward to reading the other chapters.

Keep it coming.

Anonymous reader — 25 January 2015 07:02
Hey pars001 I got a beef with you. What took you so long to write again. I almost miss this story of yours, luckily I have a habit of checking back dated updates just to see if I miss any interesting stories. I happened to find chapter 12 and check all your posted stories and found I miss this chapter by at least 4 days. Next time you took this long I'm going to wring your neck...... LOL!!! Just kidding! Thanks for continuing I loved your stories including this chapter and will start chapter 12 soon!

Dino Aris
pars00121 January 2015 19:00
Oh but this is FAR from the conclusion lol (evil laugh)
Anonymous reader — 21 January 2015 18:33
Anonymous reader — 21 January 2015 16:49
Hmmm Love the little twist at the end there, makes the reader ponder what her roll will be in the future. (joining his harem, draining him of *something*, being the said Evil... or harbinger of more doom legends?) Nicely done once again loved it!
Anonymous reader — 21 January 2015 10:03
Keep it coming bro nice story
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